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Zoo Field Trip


I ___________________ will follow the below guidelines while attending the

Cincinnati Zoo on Friday, November 10, 2017.

-I will stay with my homeroom the entire time and listen to my teachers and other
staff members.
-I will be on my best behavior and follow all rules.
-I will follow all directions from zookeepers (and other zoo employees) and use
manners when speaking with them.
-I will follow all bus riding procedures (e.g. staying in my seat, low voice volume,

-I will wear uniform clothes.
-I will wear comfortable tennis shoes.
-I will wear heavy winter clothing and accessories in order to stay warm (e.g.
winter coat, hat, gloves, scarf, etc.).
-I will not be permitted to have my cell phone.
-I will not bring any money with me to the zoo. I will not be taken to the gift shop.

*I understand that failure to follow school rules prior to the field trip can result in
not being permitted to go to the zoo, even if I have already turned in my
permission slip.

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