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Carillo, John Rey L.


Creating the wbs

What is a wbs?

• A work breakdown structure starts with a large project or objective and breaks it down into
smaller, more manageable pieces that you can reasonably evaluate and assign to teams.

Why Should you make a work breakdown structure?

• Estimate the cost of a project.

• Establish dependencies.

• Determine a project timeline and develop a schedule.

• Write a statement of work (or SOW, one of your other acronyms).

• Assign responsibilities and clarify roles.

• Track the progress of a project.

• Identify risk.

How to make a work breakdown structure?

• Determine the major deliverables or products to be produced.

Divide each of these major deliverables into its component deliverables in the same manner.

• Divide each of these work pieces into its component parts.

Rules when making a work breakdown structure

• The 100% rule

• Mutually exclusive

• Outcomes, not actions

• The 8/80 rule

• Make assignments

Work breakdown structure formats

• Outline structure- A text outline is the simplest WBS format. It is easy to put together and
shows the hierarchy of tasks.

• Hierarchical structure

This format is less visually intuitive but shows the hierarchy of tasks. Because it is a table, this
format fits easily onto a page.

• Tabular view

A tabular view is a more visually intuitive way to show hierarchy using a table.
Carillo, John Rey L. BSIT III-A

• WBS dictionary

What is a WBS dictionary? A WBS dictionary is formatted like the hierarchical structure, but it
includes a brief description of each work package