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- The theme of the app is a trial theme

- The images displayed are arbitrary images, so they will be modified in the future to
enhance the User interface.
- Any text displayed is arbitrary, adapted for this demo.

Figure 1: Screen waiter sees

Figure 2: Screen seen when user click on the text field
Figure 3: After the Table number is entered by the Waiter, Button can be clicked
Figure 4: This is the screen that is seen by the customer, after the Waiter has inputted the table number
Figure 5: Here is the main screen. On the tabs, we have the categories, and the list below shows the subcategories
Figure 6 : Navigation through the categories can be done by swipping left/right
Figure 7: User can search the sub categories
Figure 8: Overflow menu is supported. User can see faqs, call the waiter and give feedback, even though he has not yet
Figure 9: C licking on an item launches a new activity with a list of product. This is what I am working on. However, The necessary
information is already available, as shown in the toast below.