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District descriptions in short:


 The Doodkanaal, or Dead Canal, Ward is the most run down area of Marienburg though it
was once a thriving district where trade flowed freely. Slowly, as the canals and waterways
of the rest of the city changed, the currents of the watercourse through the canton became
sluggish. The canal clogged with waste and barges no longer travelled that way. In
Marienburg where there is no trade, there is no money. The district fell into disrepair as
merchants moved away, closer to the active trade routes. Those who could afford to leave
did so, leaving the poor and desperate behind. The Dead Canal district turned into a hub of
crime and villainy, a haven for those who wished to hide from the more civilised areas of the
city. Nowadays the Black Hats fear to enter and the ruling guilds ignore it in their bustling
city. Whilst seemingly lawless, some sort of civilisation still exists within shops and taverns,
as people attempt to claw their way out of the direst of circumstances. There is no City
Watch post in the Doodkanaal and the responsibility for maintaining law and order
theoretically falls to the Winkelmarkt Black Caps as the nearest barracks.