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Dry cell
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For the band, see Dry Cell (band).

A dry cell is a galvanic electrochemical cell with a pasty low-moisture electrolyte. A wet cell,
on the other hand, is a cell with a liquid electrolyte, such as the lead acid batteries in most

While a dry cell's electrolyte is not truly completely free of moisture and must contain some
moisture to function, when it was first developed it had the advantage of containing no
sloshing liquid that might leak or drip out when inverted or handled roughly, making it highly
suitable for small portable electric devices. By comparison, the first wet cells were typically
fragile glass containers with lead rods hanging from the open top, and needed careful
handling to avoid spillage. An inverted wet cell would leak, while a dry cell would not. Lead-
acid batteries would not achieve the safety and portability of the dry cell, until the
development of the gel battery.

A common dry cell battery is the zinc-carbon battery, using a cell sometimes called the dry
Leclanché cell, with a nominal voltage of 1.5 volts, the same nominal voltage as the alkaline
battery (since both use the same zinc-manganese dioxide combination). Multiple cells are
commonly connected in series within a single case or battery compartment within a device to
form a dry battery (or dry cell battery) of greater voltage than is provided by one cell. A
well known dry battery is the 9-volt "transistor radio battery" (PP3 battery) which is
internally constructed of a standard stack of six carbon-zinc or alkaline cells, seven nickel-
metal hydride cells, or three lithium cells.

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[edit] Modern alkaline battery (cell)
Lewis Urry developed the small alkaline battery in 1959, working for the Eveready Battery
Co. at their research laboratory in Parma, Ohio. Alkaline batteries use a different electrolyte,
and last five to eight times as long as zinc-carbon cells, their predecessors. At the time, this
was not considered patentable invention.

[edit] Rechargeable alkaline cell

A recent invention is the rechargeable alkaline cell [1]. This was formerly known as a RAM
(Rechargeable Alkaline Manganese) cell but this acronym seems to have been dropped,
possibly because RAM has many other meanings.

Dry cells are not normally rechargeable but rechargeable alkaline cells have some patented
differences in chemical formulation, material selection and hardware design that make them
rechargeable. A special charger must be used.

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1. ^

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 [1] A history of batteries

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