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MAY 2017 U/ID 14832/UCAJ

Time : Three hours Maximum : 100 marks

PART A — (10  2 = 20 marks)

Answer ALL questions each in 50 words.

1. Water care.

2. Sun care and colour care.

3. Diatic value of milk and diary products.

4. Herbal care.

5. Blood pressure.

6. Children’s disease.

7. Hysteria.

8. Importance of breast feeding.

9. Scorpion bite.

10. Drugs.
PART B — (5  6 = 30 marks)

Answer ALL questions each in 200 words.

11. (a) Write the history of nature care.

(b) Explain the role of water and sun on health

12. (a) Write in detail about Upanishads on food.

(b) Explain the diatic values of vegetables.

13. (a) Explain the diatic management of Asthma.

(b) Discuss the diatic values of milk and fruits.

14. (a) Write short notes on menstural disorders.

(b) Write short notes on feeding infants.

15. (a) Explain about muscic therapy.

(b) Snake bite and its management.

2 U/ID 14832/UCAJ
PART C — (5  10 = 50 marks)

Answer ALL questions, each in 500 words.

16. (a) Explain the principles of native care; cold

bath; spong bath.

(b) Discuss the origin of disease and preventive

17. (a) Discuss about the Bramacharya and health


(b) Explain the importance, benefits and various
methods of fasting.

18. (a) Explain the importance of Manathakkali

keerai; Pulichaikeerai; Thumbai and

(b) Discuss in detail about sun stroke; short
notes on vomiting therapy.

19. (a) Explain about Infant care and breast feeding

mother care.

(b) Write in detail about ten commandments of
pregnancy and facts regarding child bearing.

3 U/ID 14832/UCAJ
20. (a) Explain the treatment plan for Infantile
paralysis and heart trouble.

(b) Explain the treatment method for snake bite
and Do’s and Don’ts for health.


4 U/ID 14832/UCAJ