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MAY 2017 U/ID 14831/UCAH

Time : Three hours Maximum : 100 marks

PART A — (10  2 = 20 marks)

Answer ALL questions, each in 50 words.

1. Importance of diet

2. Proteins

3. List down five yoga centers

4. Vegetarian food

5. Tamastic food

6. Carbohydrates

7. Butter

8. Food

9. Salt

10. Pulses
PART B — (5 × 6 = 30 marks)

Answer ALL questions, each in 250 words.

11. (a) Explain the importance of diet in your life.

(b) Explain the benefits of yogic diet.

12. (a) Explain the importance of vegetarian food.

(b) Write the components of food give example.

13. (a) Explain the importance of fruits and


(b) Explain the importance of butter and ghee.

14. (a) Describe the role of fruit juice in diet.

(b) Describe the role of minerals in diet.

15. (a) Explain the purpose of food.

(b) Explain the constituents of food.

2 U/ID 14831/UCAH
PART C — (5 × 10 = 50 marks)

Answer ALL questions, each in 500 words.

16. (a) Describe the role of yoga centres preparing

yogic diet.

(b) Explain the role and importance of diet
healthy life.

17. (a) “Food by gift of nature” – Discuss.

(b) Prepare a food chart for obesity women.

18. (a) Explain the effect and characteristics of

Rajastic food.

(b) Discuss about Tamastic food.

19. (a) Discuss about the treatment through diet-

briefly explain.

(b) What is protective food? Explain with

3 U/ID 14831/UCAH
20. (a) Write short notes on :
(i) Yogic diet
(ii) Fruit juice
(iii) Germination of pulses.

(b) Write short notes on :
(i) Nuts and grains
(ii) Spinach
(iii) Herbs.


4 U/ID 14831/UCAH