DISGUISE: People say You are losing disguises but I´ve never seen them.

Have you cried enough to make the crowds believe in your ghosts? You are actually sucking from a mirror all those images the sultry pages of chains and horror so we pretend to buy You´re The Messiah The One supposed to be. You do say “I have no faith in those crowds” You use them To lift yourself to the clouds, You´d rather face the facts Can´t you see You don´t know What it takes to be free?


You are a disguise in disguise Can´t break free, can´t realize: What a death in life. Written on February the 15th, 1988, in Santiago de Veraguas, Panama Reviewed on April 26, 2009, in Panama City, Panama


THE VERY SHIT OF IT ALL: The Monster inside the person the dark side you never show the impulse that explodes when Anger takes on. The piece of Trash that turns to Ash your deepest thoughts, your brain itself and sinks them down the well to override them, empty minded. The Expressionless face Expressing so much SHIT Expressing desires of FURY Ever since you were a KID The side of yours Destroying all the GOOD Making you fall: THAT´S “THE VERY SHIT OF IT ALL.” Written on October the 13th, 1988, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed on April 26, 2009, in Panama City, Panama


THE TOTAL WAVE Could I find myself safe If the world is an edge That cuts your immunity, Purs you right on the verge Of the total insecurity? YES, As a part of The “TOTAL WAVE” Which we are All part of. Written on July the 18th, 1989 in Santiago de Veraguas, Panama Reviewed on April 26, 2009 in Panama City, Panama



Tables with drinks, Smoke, Bolivian powder elsewhere, People dancing, Multiform heads moving, Weariness taking on you, Lights giving everybody Artificial shapes, Like semi-real characters Taken out from a fiction book. But the party, It´s got to go on And you, You got to let yourself Go with the flood, No matter how much you glut yourself Out of it: THE PARTY MUST GO ON.

Originally written in prose, in September 15th, 1989, in Santiago de Veraguas. Arranged for verse on April 23rd, 2003 in Panama City.


PSEUDO – KING: ACT I. A king with a crown So easy to be found. The delirious one who Pretends to be served The desperate obe who Longs to be observed. An individual much too obsessed Falling, wrapped into hysteria A SUBJECT: Pretensions over materia. NO OBJECT: Collective Non-criteria. A Pseudo-King, Neo-Complex: Posessed. All around him Completely stressed. ACT II. A Genuine King Comes to scene Who really knows What He means.


A death air blows Around the crown´d king All his obsessions, destroyed; His pretensions, annoyed. Propriety, sobriety Won over insanity, Genuine shown what´s false - It´s not about a crown. Written on November 11, 1989, in Santiago de Veraguas, Panama Reviewed on April 26, 2009, in Panama City, Panama


SUNSET (THE SKIN CUT): Like a deep skin cut, It opens, stretches All of your body sketches In a pain of sin, but It shows you are really alive, Your living flood Runs in a tide of blood As you fuse with a steely knife. I feel a deep cut in my skin Everytime I see this fireball Surrender to the dark In a fall Such a fall of lust Waking up sin Its golden glamour Turns into a red of war And suddenly Its aggressive roar Turns into A saddened dark-grey colour. And my tissues are cut One by one And my flood it pumps out


but My life is shown In a mix of sin and light. Written on March the 3rd, and the 20th, 1990, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed on April 26, 2009, in Panama City, Panama


DEHUMANIZED (COMFORT): Wrapped inside walls, Trapped under malls. Comfort drowns your human nature, you become a creature The offspring of pawns, serving your own device, deserving a tide of vice. A cloud of cold hides the Truth, under the foot of the untold: FACE THE SUN, HAVE SOME FUN, as a creature proud of his HUMAN NATURE. Written on April 28th, 1990, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed on April 26, 2009, in Panama City, Panama


THE TOKEN (UNION): A love in itself So deeply found When you find yourself With your feet On the ground And still with that heat In your heart Widely unwound, Love without borders Sex without orders, When love means life There is not a lie When sex means union Of passion and respect, The Big Flame, The Huge Neon Token Will never be broken By the dirt-materia effect The so rue prostitution The so cruel desilution The arrival of the tragic The breaking of the magic That everyone deserves But If it´s willing to preserve It So


Keep the fire burning In the early morning Of the Cosmic Union. Written on September 10, 1990, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed on April 26, 2009, in Panama City, Panama


BREAK-OUT (THROUGH): Acknowledgements to Walt Whitman and Jim Morrison The all-time fire The never ending flame The never ceasing desire To overcome doing the same Makes the man “manner” Inside his humanity Rising within the banner Of amazing prosperity Procreating change Renewing the orders Becoming the strange Into breaking of borders. Written on October the 2nd, 1990, in Santiago de Veraguas, Panama Reviewed on April 26, 2009, in Panama City, Panama DIE – DREAM: Dreaming We live, On a dream We die. Written on October the 3rd, 1990, in Santiago de Veraguas, Panama


STILL (4 U): I try to reach for somewhere between heaven and hell, Polarized souls, Devils and Angels, Selling a way, a life, a goal, We are in Some kind of sold-out wishing well, Souls, next of kin, Frozen yells A horror To be in. Politic world, antagonic ideas flying in everyone´s brains panic, so near Carnage and blood: The Freedom stain. Mankind on the verge of “ne sais quoi”, Idealist souls suffer An Abelian death An unheard cry. Lust haunts us Love misses life The seeds of greed We cannot see


They sow doubt Blind without faith, Anxious of tragedy War cannot wait. Striving Halfway between Lust and affection We die Victims of SHOW BIZ What kind of reflection Is this? On this way to go Somewhere I have found I must stop And remain still The day is in agony And the night Shall be long. Written on December the 15th, 1990, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed on April 26, 2009, in Panama City, Panama


JUST CRAZE: People lonely, people waiting People living down in rating A secret side never shown Could somehow explain why They ever remain alone Just another try Until their dream be satisfied - their craziness justified Written on December 23, 1990, in Santiago de Veraguas, Panama Reviewed on April 26, 2009 in Panama City, Panama This text is linked to “An illustration”


(ARMONIA) THE REAR TIDE: All I ever wanted In this mutant life Is just a few things That I´d just describe As the very simple ones, Those, like wings, Take me higher, Above the fleshy fear To be alive Would you mind Finding out Those very simple things I have always looked for? Would you mind Tryin´ hard Just simply singin´ The song I always longed for? HEARING FEARING This grinding fear That shuts me up Everytime I look for somewhere Attempting to stir this desire To look for you Armonia Femme Without a face Without a name and dead –


Will my silence be eternal? In this violent life Scene drowned by the tide Of war, hunger, knowledgelessness, A cannibal reality Where we long for love While our Genesis is In agony This tremblong nature I call: ARMONIA. And still children die In our “N” worlds So Would you mind at all Trying to please me With those very simple things? All I ever need That Golden Wing Beyond our forces, remorses, Would you mind loving me In this chaotic life? Because WE ARE TIDE In the rear wind. Written on January 20th, 1991, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed on April 26, 2009, in Panama City, Panama


ART OF DEATH: Rising, decreasing Winds moving clouds Excited, they´re bleeding In the soothing crowd The flood starts to mix, The blood grabs the fix, And a bright red, Holy and living colour Makes vivid honour: ART AND LIGHT ARE SET. Red clouds, black and blue sky, Dead crowd back to the night. Death is set Like Life Blindness and Light. Blue, white And life in dead persons. Written on January the 25th, 1991, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed on April 26, 2009, in Panama City, Panama


THE FLIGHT (RELEASE): Flying Everywhere Spying Somewhere In your Very inner Corners Guilt pours From your deeper Borders. Corrosion Of affection Affecting My memories Explosion Of infections Reflecting My cowardice, Compulsively Obsessed, Running vicious Circles Round and round Explosively Posessed By a mysterious Whistle


Can´t get unwound: The whistlung of my very own Desperate by alienation Squeezes my brain to recover It before I´m very gone Just like feeding a SoulMind In starvation Fly, try before it´s over.

Written on April, 7, 1991, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed on April 26, 2009, in Panama City, Panama


AN ILLUSTRATION: We use to misconceive and judge persons too much. Sometimes we don´t know where everything comes from. Those people we call mad, gone, etc., are seen as “pariahs” of reasoning. But they´re Reason at its best. Have you ever thought that these people could have had a much closer encounter with RAW REALITY than we ever could imagine? And it´s turned out to be SO depressing, hopeless, so strong for our fragility – their fragility – that they´ve preferred, KNOWING IT THE WAY IT IS, to ignore it and build a world of their own , their very own microcosmos, expanded or shortened to their very restless fantasies and desires – even achieving that so desirable – FREEDOM Nah? THINK ABOUT IT --Written on May, 26, 1991, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed on April 26, 2009, in Panama City, Panama

This text is linked to “Just craze”


GLASSES: Eyes behind the glass Of transmuted purity I see no security On this heartless by-pass. Written on May the 30th, 1991, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed on July 17, 2009, in Panama City, Panama

AQUAE: This water I´m watching Watching its fall This water is nothing Nothing but all. Written on June 21st, 1991, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed on April 27, 2009, in Panama City, Panama


THE WIND PENDULUM Just like the still breeze, condensed and dense, intense and tense, all the spirits freeze, all the bodies melt down in heat, the old stories have found no beat to tell reality from mere fantasy. And shaking the eternal disease for this aching, no final ease, just unchainingless glances of fancy free: Lust meaningful dances pleasing me (pleasing thee). When the hurricane stops still the bodies wake up, the souls go ill, the final make up for the kill.

Written on June 27, 1991, in Panama City, Panama


MY VERSE (Word of Hand) My fingers trap the essence of the mustard seed, Got inside my hand the map to make my deeds, (And) the words almighty presence, so small and so tall. As I write I can change my world, your world, for better, for worse, make it all strange. Got in my fingers the eyes of the universe: IT´S MY VERSE. Written on July 14th, 1991, in Panama City, Panama


SWEPT AWAY: Acknowledgements to R.E.M. Money found me laughing Money found me weeping That´s nothing but The wrath in The evil world of sweeping. Written on July the 30th, 1991, in Panama City, Panama


A LOVE STORY: Acknowledgements to Jim Morrison and Ian McCulloch Lie that breaks and teases Love split into pieces But she always misses The sugarlike kisses Shared under unconscious nights Of stars, ecstasy and light Poetry, life, they got it right Until they were drowned by fire: Fights of Ego and triviliaty Hiding under masks their reality: Their magnetism carried within Fatality Of two fates made to be mixed in Vitality. Written on September the 4th, 1991, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed on July 18, 2009, in Panama City, Panama


ELECTION DAY: Skies in motion, Clouds come and go, push and give, My eyes, they have no notion About the battle between nature and its thieves. In a motionless, yet unstill state I wait for the drops to fall, to break the glasses, The shock of forces released, a faith, A certain belief, The Mob, the awakening of the Masses. Passed by with no perception Of the spectacle of the flesh and matter, There´s a Chosen One, “The Election” It is straight to the Emerging One to break the sketch and the pattern, In the Mass, HE is all they want. Written on October the 5th, 1991, in Santiago de Veraguas, Panama


HOUSES OF THE HOLY: Acknowledgements to Arthur Rimbaud and Led Zeppelin A song to be sung An endless tree A key, a writ, A House where to live. A House of the Holy A House of the Poets Where concrete dreams Are more than our hunger And this desperation of man To find eternal life. Written originally in French on October 5th, and 7th, 1991, in Panama City, Panama Translated into English on the month of June, 2005, in Panama City, Panama


PHOENIX: Special dedication to Nicole M. Pottier Lights turn to ashes nothing tangible remains but the sign and the memory something glorious and magnificent altering my banality, the mysterious and magical confidenciality within the secret of the released Souls, What will it be? Written originally in French on October 5th, and 7th, 1991, in Panama City, Panama Translated into English on the month of June, 2005, in Panama City, Panama


PRISON: The queen inside her cage Is stroke upon her endless rage Of putrid suburbs evaporating And sullen resistance Crystal devours that amazing World of aristocratic ostracism She gets rid of each and every criticism Unbelievably shameless Wrap nothing but Her never expressed desires Never-satisfied appetites And in her soul it´s like a cut In her wound there burns A deep fire In an astonishing painful rite She might seem perfect, clean and cute A nice queen The masses Hungry ones for everyone they´re only used Living under no roof her wings survival

Weary, greyish people In the common misery town


But they´re the genuine expression Of what the princess lacks At its best At her worst True feelings And the balls to change the world Let´s go, make a revolution. Written on June 26, October 23 and 25, 1991, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed on July 18, 2009, in Panama City, Panama


FALSE APPEARANCE: Drunk Drowned Like a microscopic fly Inside a megascopic glass Of whisky The whole fluid Sinks into my anatomy And some eyes are watchin´ me Clearly Nearly I got a nightmare everytime I imagine about the ways To make you know I am not the quiet lamb You used to play with I seldom feel a hero Suddenly got fear of The things you will tell me When you see the real face I got for you Take me out All this fluid And my sting And I will spill right into your face I will dig


Right on the verge Of the edge Of your heart Inside our hopelessness. Written on December 23, 1991, in Santiago de Veraguas, Panama Reviewed on the years 2003, 2005 and 2009, in Panama City, Panama


TREASURE: Inside a dark dark box

The darkest box I´ve ever seen, You hide that sweet tasting spice: The Spice of Life. All you do is showing your conformity in a world of material ferocity. Turn the box to pieces! Spread the sweet disease of the Aquarius Era, Thousands of Souls breakin´ the unease of conventionalism and non-sense existence. Written on January 7, 1992, in Panama City, Panama


EVOLVE TO SOLVE: It was in a quiet place not like the town where you used to live but in that stillness, still strange there beats the heart of the greatest convulsion, a logical contradiction but nobody can see a shit Suddenly the forces keepers of the order, the dead religious manifestations, the lords of each and everything, the opium of the masses, they wake up much too violently ´cause the order they kept isn´t it anymore and the blood as well as the rain and the fire in this land are the only ones that will wash the stains of this reasonless order, kept under no concept. So, everybody die now! To resurrect and to be born again. Written on April 8, 1992, in Panama City, Panama.


MATRICIDE: In the soil Something boils Hot, dying oil Centre of Earth Heart of the Mother We´re killing mercilessly By degrees By decree Fear fulfilling endelessly A part of another Tender herd Of sacrifice-going sons The Suicide Generation WE DON´T WANT TO LIVE FOR EVER. Written on May the 3rd, 1992, in Santiago de Veraguas, Panama


W.B.T.L. (REFLECTION): Dedicated in special to “El Lago del Ingenio” (*) in the Sugar Cane County, Santiago de Veraguas, Panama Lake Of the crossing snakes Of Hermes and Mercury. The stars are reflected Like pieces of jewelry On the blue crystal water. The sacred weeds of Yellow and purple and Red flowers Wild ones Real ones Fall like towers In the shore´s sand. And your spirit watches Your simple flesh Feeling at home For the first time In years. The moon lets the White and green Clouds pass by And an orange halo Sends its fertilizing rays On the sleeping land. Your inner forces


Wake up! And The Voice of God Reflected on the lake Of the crossing snakes Becomes YOU. Written on November 16, 1992, in Panama City, Panama (*) A lake used by the Sugar Refining Company, called “Ingenio La Victoria”, which later became a touristic spot


IN A MANNER OF PRAYING: Acknowledgement to Saúl Hernández (Caifanes) Slow Savage As You And your movements Of Goddess Love, Life and Death To be born again It´s the stream of Mountain air Into the cave containing Each and every thing It´s YOU The monument of Your sweet mystery You are the Mountain I am the pilgrim Eager to breathe your breeze


To die and to be Born again Written on December 19, 1992, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed on July 18, 2009, in Panama City, Panama


BLACK SPOT IN THE SUN: For you, Muse born in 1969, of Arab name and French surname You are like a black spot in the sun Where the sun is the whole thing I want from life Its splendour, the light of lights That sometimes Pretends to blind me To look inside you You are the little spot The undescribable mystery I can´t figure out I try to get into you and

All of a sudden I get lost But this spot ties me Attracts me And until I´m completely blind For the outside And able to look inside YOU


Then I´ll find the key to open your soul Forever Written on February 23, 1993, in Santiago de Veraguas, Panama Reviewed on the year 2003 and on July 18, 2009, Panama City, Panama


AWAKING UP (The Transition): Mastering the forces of nature On each and every creature I stand at the dusk Of my prior stormy lives Awaiting at the dawn Of the spring I almost see There´s a door opening for me And my old skin is leaving me With no cover Like a snake which skin Starts to grow all over. Then my Being is turned Upside down, Like a deep wound I can´t get unwound Before I reach the door. I open my heart So the sun can burn All the thorns Causing my sorrow This is when I feel I have released The last trace of darkness:


Morning coming And I feel at Home At last Written on March 21st, 1993, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed on the years 2005, 2007 and 2009, in Panama City, Panama


CAVE DIVING: Acknowledgements to the Aussie divers, Rasa and Apas, Lords of Water Mid-day diving In crystal clear waters Deep into the Reign Of Neptune and Lunara Submarine forests A thousand meters below And everything is so That our eyes and senses Are blinded by the light Annoyed by the stillness Where the sun and the sky Pass through the Cosmic Water Exploring like children Among the wonders Of each and every Reign Now we´re out of the waters Back on the ground Wishing the sea to turn still Thus turning Back our conflictive waves to the original days All around us the surface still, clear and pure


Of peace

and purity

Written on November 6, 1993, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed on the years 2003, 2005 and 2009, in Panama City, Panama


WOMAN MOTHER GODDESS (Vimatcos): Ever since The world is the world And beautiness Is expressed I am positive and certain That you express In this Fest As a Goddess Out of so much Beautiness We see you Yet you seem So unreal to us! Even when we fall Down on our knees Before everything That is unreal. Eyes for the gutter Heart for the glitter This is why You are declared Invisible and unexpressed yourself of Creation


Yet for me, humbly You are visible And fully expressed


Originally written in Spanish on July the 1st and the 6th, 1994, in Panama City, Panama Translated into English on February the 2nd, 1999, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed in the years 2007 and 2009 in Panama City, Panama


DELIBERATION: Acknowledgements to Stephane Mallarmé Deliberation On the Rocky Beach High on untamable blue waves The sea wind brings me The shiny stardust My eyes Beaming under a black-grey Cloudy sky, Unable to see the stars These eyes Open themselves To the experience of existence Even though I´m unable To see the stars The blowing sea wind Makes me Breath them touch them feel them


This stardust Within its shine Has got all of the wisdom I ever needed for myself TONIGHT Right here, right now Written on October 22, 1994, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed on the years 2003, 2007 and 2009


THAÎS Acknowledgements to Jules Massenet Let me completely stir myself out, until a big and empty hole allows me to BE. Written on May, 1995, in Panama City, Panama APERTUS: As I mould My life-sketch My views start To stretch And the pressure Within Is sinking into The Absolute lack of resistance.

Written on September the 1st, 1995, in Panama City, Panama


SPEAK OR SPELL: For you, The Favorite Muse for 15 years (1987-2002) Muse born in 1975. It was heavenly while you were there.

There were times When I woke up With my mind made up And a burning flame In my heart, Eager to reach you With all these things Which I never spoke of To you, My all-time love. And if it´s about speaking Or about spelling, My heart day by day In your eyes Has been dwelling For my soul has always Been seeking For the sign of at-one-ment. How could I tell you Everything By saying nothing?


You are the mirror Of my fears, The shining star that Lights my way But I helplessly go astray Because of my terror To have you near. And if by following My heart I open myself to your Charms What kind of harm Would be there? It will be just the start Of the blooming of my True Being. For it has been Only now That I left myself Be consumed by this flame That bears your name, My fears have fled They can´t be seen This blind man can See clearly now,


I had to let you know My all-time Love. Written on November 20, 23 and 28, 1996, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed on the years 1998, 1999, and 2009, in Panama City, Panama


MENTAL CANVAS: An idle custody Of an idle mind Comes to find an empty universe And no verse can fill A blind vision of life If the mind is not set With a right yet mighty Full colour viewer He who lives on complaints Shall never paint Life Turning This empty black canvas Into a White Table The able man-of-arts´ Work of Fable: A Fabulous World. Written on December the 30th, 1996, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed on July 18, 2009, in Panama City, Panama


BACKYARD: Bullshit in my backyard Cowhide in my brain Reflex down and backwards Am I going insane? At the threshold of my bakyard I see the Will-o´-the-wisp I hold back three yards Until I´m caught in bliss. And I set all of my deadmen Over the pile of firewood They burn: a dolmen of good omen I´m born again to see the truth. Once they fade away I don´r have anything I am the empty soil Of the New House all of my deadmen anymore the basement the new door TO ETERNITY Written on October 13, 1997, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed on the years 2005 and 2009, in Panama City, Panama


CONVERGING POINT: Special dedication to Carlos A. Bonilla P. (1971-1997), a True Brother of the Ages According to each one´s point of view One is the self-evident point It is the point of conversion Where there converge All those who diverge In their evolution. From each one´s individual view Each one has its particular vision Such a mission, it´s extended In its projection In full ignition From the very point where it´s exploded. The souls are the light The world receiving them, the Prism The bodies, multicolour reflections Of the soul arriving to the world. It is not a profound mystery It is the magic of life From which you unveil its cloak As soon as you explore it. Originally written in Spanish on October 21, 1997, in Panama City, Panama Translated into English on November the 1st, 1998, in Santiago de Veraguas, Panama all-together


KOSMOSURF: I was standing on a curved Moonlight ray, high, far and away, on an absurd understanding of forces beyond definition, a Life´s munch a Lime punch o´ fire in ignition oh, Poor Faith… - Clouds in motion, furs rather blue wrap me ´til I´m set still and dive into a deep Pan-Ocean where I swim down and down ´Til I see a Golden Shrine and I swing round and round ´Til I see the Sun Shine. Written on November 24, and 25, 1997, in Panama City, Panama. Special dedication to Patrick Calinescu (Petre Calin)


LIGHT AND DEEP: My life extends itself So simple, so clear As much as a mountain creek Running straight and sheer Nothing stops it, The thirsty life waters here Now I throw myself Before that life And I have to deprive Myself from everything To float accordingly So life doesn´t throw me Back into the shore Complication is the mud That´s washed away In the flow down The Land opens lovely At the passing of my Firm yet subtle flowing I descend from the heights But I am not hurried By the wonderful promise To be one with the ocean Faintly visible before me before me


At this point At the expense of the sun I go up to the sky Once again So in some other Place and time From another mountain I can come down Alomg with the wind My river stream Increased completely Each time more Force and Love in Control. Originally written in Spanish on January the 3rd, 1998 and May 15, 1998, in Santiago de Veraguas and Panama City, Panama Translated into English on October 8, 1998, in Panama City, Panama


THE ACCEPTABLE DAY: I´m born everyday I pass away every night I use to forget about I don´t worry about My life´s the eternal Moving like a flying And flaming chariot Elevated upon human If each today is a rise-up And I close it in It works for me to die I don´t need nor yesterday hi-fi and to be born neither tomorrow. as it is rage. yesterday tomorrow. today

Originally written in Spanish on February 19, 1998, in Panama City, Panama Translated into English on October the 8th, 1998, in Santiago de Veraguas, Panama


FOR A SILENT POETESS: Inspired by and dedicated to My Genie (Jeannie) Silence is golden silence is sacred for if it`s broken the doors are open for violence and hatred. Poetry is art deep from your heart the expression of life taking you up to the skies. My love and my Life have been surrendered to your Silent Poetry; In your Altar I`m rendered like a pilgrim in the country where his longing is satisfied. Your silence speaks so loud I am walking on the clouds You are a most beautiful poem shaped on Eyes of Fire charging all of my wires In your arms I feel at home. Written on November the 1st, 1998, halfway between Aguadulce and Santiago de Veraguas, Panama


A LANDSCAPE: A cloud tail Embracing the Colossus A 10,000 feet mountain, Mountain air caresses Our faces The sun traces Light rays of light Black ground Life fluorishing All around These people These people So simply they live A Divine blessing At this pointed hill (*). Written on January the 5th, 1999, in David, Chiriquí, Panama (*) Cerro Punta, a town in the mountains of Chiriquí, Panamá. so rich so humble


IN THE GARDEN OF BARÚ: Inspired by my hikes in the slopes of “Volcán Barú” (Barú Volcano”) in the province of Chiriquí, Panama Wild flowers, weed flowers Seeds at my feet Invisible geniuses Of the Earth, Sorcerers of Colour, Transform those seeds In Violet, Mustard, Fucsia, Christian-brown Smells of Eden Sacred Wild Gardens. Aristocratic Sun Democratic Breeze Absolutist Clouds A Crystal balance That astonishes me Completely Speechless and conceptless Absolutely Open to be filled With this Divine Balm. Written on January 7, 1999, in David, Chiriquí, Panama Assisian Woods – Chinese green, Swedish yellow,


HOLY PAGAN Pagan window, divine courtain. What`s the difference when you see the essence of all the landscape such a weaving web? You uncover the external in order to see the eternal, the wall is tumbled down, the window is breaking down; You keep the courtain for yourself like a divine fence for the expansion of a design for a Reign ruled by the Ideal of Perfection... Written originally in Spanish on January 7, 1999, in David, Chiriquí, Panama Translated into English on January, 17, 1999, in Santiago de Veraguas, Panama Edited on June 5th, 2005, in Panama City, Panama


WEB, WIND & GRASS: A spider´s web Dancing over Bach´s Wachet Auf A still sunset Closing on Beethoven´s 6th A pastoral, peaceful Wind Keeping traces of Graceful herons The ground opens To the seeds of grass Like a book To the neverending Wonder of life And it goes on And on and on… Written on January the 12th, in David, Chiriquí, Panama Reviewed on June 2005, March and July 2009, in Panama City, Panama herself


SIGNS: Suspensive periods In my heartbeat… Comma holding my breath, CAPS on my brain No sign around My emotions Just a white line To pour my soul´s Rain of roses I say and thorns GO!

Written on January 17, 1999, in Santiago de Veraguas, Panama Reviewed on the years 2005, 2007 and 2009, in Panama City, Panama


COFFEE & BEAN HILL: Inspired in the highlands of Chiriquí, Panama A song is sung Between minibushes of bean Two year old´s tunes Like a dance of elves Beating around the bushes Down the hill The sun shines bright Mighty water streams Come down the hill To lovely embrace The rafty river Up the hill Centennial oaks, maples, Eucalyptus, pines, Rich gross woods Covering generously With a motherly shade A beautiful ring Of little red dots Between green leaves Coffee bushes, Dewful, delicate, Begging for a poem


To delight us in the morning. Mahler and Debbussy Are little elves Covered with yellow flowers On their heads Singing a Coral Arabesque Which gives birth To a Paradise Presently at our sight. Written on January 17, 1999, in Santiago de Veraguas, Panama


ATTACK: Attack Is the lack of the spark Of the love from above And the light from inside Written on January the 30th, 1999, in Santiago de Veraguas, Panama

SHIFT: Shift is a gift That lifts you When you´re Set adrift. Written on February 10, 1999, in Panama City, Panama