Embrace Dedicated to Nancy M. Popa Biscuits on the table.

Tender hands on you, Bright eyes on me: Show me the way to your soul. Written on September 2001, in Panama City, Panama The Point Northside of the World Southside of the Sky East End of Eden, West End of Man. Written on September 14, 2001, in Panama City, Panama


The Springtime of your Life: Inspired by Printemps qui Commence (*) of Saint-Säens Dedicated to M. From below the Earth Deep underground A meaningless seed Is lullabied by the warmth Of your motherly womb Called Earth While an unstoppable And irresistible impulse Comes from within the seed To go forth, up, Releasing its priceless Gift for all to see And making a lovely union A romance beyond description With the elements around Makes the seed grow Breaking the cold Expanding life: Facing the Sun! Green stem, bright leaves Morning dew dances


On this Fairy´s fair Known as The Springtime of your Life. Written on September, 2001, in Panama City, Panama (*) The Beginning of the Spring, an Aria from the Opera “Samson and Delilah”


In the Eyes of a Friend Inspired by Lulu In your faintless eyes It´s never too late For a comeback Or for starting Again Again and again You comeback And restart your life. In your faintless eyes I see myself A part of me Deep inside that I deny Yet I see myself I hear myself In your voice So crystal-clear Your laughter So transparent So whole, so deep Yet I see you again Of rise and fall After all these years Through it all In those eyes


And you look at me Hope comes from above Hope to bring myself Comfort from within To open up my window Let the light shine out. In your wholeheartness Your faintheartlessness Your tenderness And your strength To be free My inner well slows life I open my source to calm My inner drought My vital thirst. In your faintless eyes I´d love to lose myself And find myself Within you Now I understand It´s never too late To start Again My dearest friend. Written on January 31st, 2003, in Panama City, Panama


Internatural I. CORNERED SOUL In the vertices of time, my feelings nest, in the apices of space, my mind rests eager for the cobweb-breaking light: YOU(*) II. RELEASED SOUL The sun melts the cobwebs and the caterpillar flies the cocoon is empty now. III. PRODIGAL SON I already looked my soul in the eye and kissed goodbye evil in her lips: Now I am coming back home.(**) IV. GAS IN GLASS Your natural gas fills my radical glass reaching our destination.


V. RAINY DAY Under an overled sky animals wonder and wander, as purification becomes flood. VI. SURF DREAMS Easy as a bliss the sea-surf caress in my endless dreams... VII. AIR AND FIRE The spell of lightning the smell of night breeze fragrant and colourful airwaves. VIII. NATURAL EMBRACE The mist of my feelings embraces your mindful soil bringing forth the flowers of our love. IX. DREAM HOUSE Forest House, Water Dreams: Mind your House, Love your Dreams.


Written in the years 2003 and 2004. Additions on the year 2008, in Panama City, Panama (*) Inspired by “Pájaros de Barro” (Birds of Mud) of Manolo García (**) Inspired by “Regreso a Casa” (Back Home) of Moenia


Possibilities I´m fishing memories lying in the bottom of the ocean of my life Can´t catch the bird of my past days then it comes to me in a betraying flight to tear off my eyes, covering me with shadow. However, I can collect some dirty pages of my life and burn them down, Yet I am able to bathe in your river, where my memories lose use for a while May be it isn´t too late to sow new seeds in your fertile fields to feed my mortal hopes with your immortal faith. Written on February 20, 2004, in Panama City, Panama


The Streams of Oblivion With special thanks to Ida Puzone The wastes of remorse flow now in the streams of oblivion, while a dark sky anticipates a hard rain to be poured washing away all the hardships. Written on March, 2004, in Panama City, Panama


Jazz Variations on a Natural Theme Dedicated to Nancy M. Popa and Maru Caseiro I. Van Dam Broken levees, dead dams, dry, wasted reserves, energy under threat of extinction. II. Spring Heavenly chant, like a spring springing water from the mountain the lullaby for my foreign heart to drink and relieve its thirst. III. Avis Dance of fabrics, rainbow`s song shining feathers on the horizon whistling birds, masters of the auditive caress. Written on May 8, 2004, in Panama City, Panama


Aeolus Strummer Inspired by “O du mein holder Abendstern” of Richard Wagner I caress the softness of dusk gazing into my eyes; I lean my yearnings against cotton clouds undone By the Northern Wind. Located southside of the scorn, only its consequence comes to me such a ghostly gust, in my daily World, a threatening eclipse. Strumming strings of wind I discover your voice And in it, a thousand clues, I learn through your Air Caresses to give in to the ambush of the Mermaid`s Song. Originally written in Spanish on December, 13, 2004, in Panama City, Panama Translated into English on the year 2005. Reviewed on July 18, 2009, in Panama City, Panama


Strips: A discreet strip of sky appears clear and celestial before my eyes, in the middle of black clouds chaotically covering my mediterranean horizon; a fine strip of sea serene and blue, seeps through your mournful procession, threatening your cross and encouraging my march. Written originally in Spanish on February the 2nd, 2005, in Santiago de Veraguas, Panama Translated into English on February 24, 2005, in Panama City, Panama


Final Journey A journey lean of deceit, gross of reality, whereon my stoich maneuvers pretend to keep me safe, reach my yearned shore never to return... Written originally in Spanish on March 9 and 15, 2005, in Panama City, Panama Translated into English on June 2005, in Panama City, Panama Craterous Hibernation The ashes of my hopes, they fall upon the arid crater of your oblivion; below a seed throbs and awaits a rather improbable rain... Written originally in Spanish on July 17, 2005, in Panama City, Panama Translated into English on August 4, 2005, in Panama City, Panama


No Escape from Myself Dedicated to Carlos Wynter I mask my bones, however I search like a hound my dark corners only to limit that part of me that I want to escape from. You are there, blinding temptation, I re-make the escape being reborn in my torment, my reality is inside. Written on August 2005, in Panama City, Panama


Fat dogs, thin dogs:

Poverty bags, liberty rags, wealth compromised stealth and lies shed. Subhuman microcosmos of a rebel without cause, big mind up in space, thin body out in the streets. An inner yell at life, a claim against deaf ears. In the cyber era no one speaks your language. The Master of Babel tangles the versions, strangles the visions of simple bureaucrats. Tied up in ties, frozen over in his Bureau, thin mind in the closet, fat body at the City Club.


Eternal contradiction, mixed priorities, twisted budgets Bodies for lease, Minds for Sale The rebels shall starve. Written in Augut and September 2005, in Panama City, Panama


Racial Paradigm: Inspired by José Vasconcelos The One-Race Paradigm is already broken, inside the melting pot the Cosmic Race has been bred. The Mestizo Paradigm comes forth, brand new human beings sharing a Cosmic Dance like newly-weds: Are we prepared to receive such a New Man inside ourselves? It is already You: Euro, Mexican, Yankee, West Indian, Polinesian, Arab, Afro...? and so on... IT IS YOU. Written in August and September 2005, in Panama City, Panama


Weed In my nomadism, sometimes hedonist and often stoical, weed took over my chest. In the aridity of my soul weed turned into dry, sharp leaves stabbing my heart, wounded, I refused to succumb. Your eyes, crystals and your heart, the sun have consumed my weed my chest is burning, the fire forges something new within: A precious stone shines right where there once was a bleeding and undone muscle, out of infinite pain there comes forth a strange redemption. Written simultaneously in Spanish and English on October 19, 2005, in Panama City, Panama


About Blake and Jerusalem I. Blake caresses in his dreams strumming a harp of mist and wind, trying to build his Jerusalem in western land. II. I look at the generous sun Of the Near East, my dusty sandals and I see that Jerusalem Belongs to everybody And everybody Belongs to Her. III. Blake, wake up Take the sun with me, let us knock at the door. Written on November 2005, in Panama City, Panama


Crime Scene The fingerprints of a hybrid popular conscience hanging in the void stained by the bleeding of a lost identity The sharpened remains of the generational rupture clip Society`s hand... Written simultaneously in Spanish and English on November 29, 2005, in Panama City, Panama


The Four Horsemen Tie-dye heart Wall Street mind Vatican memories Copacabana body Follow you heart Relax the mins Cut your memories free Your body will follow suit Save your Soul. Written on October 21, 2005 and June 19, 2006 in Panama City, Panama


Telluric Dedicated to Gorka Lasa I. The Social Pangea creaks, gives away, wrecks itself, sinking into the waters of a particular massive autism. II. The delicate plates of tolerance were strangely fitted causing tremors of centrifugal telluric suspicion. III. The last remains of the Oceanic Garrett`s "Terra Firma"(*) lie scattered between autistic waters, separated by intolerant earthly fittings. IV. Insular realities of individual existence peeping up such pale memories


of Mythical Continents not even the Social Pangea. V. Inside the core, in the axis a revolution is boiled over low heat, the so-feared cataclysm will only be the refitting of a new centripetal order. Written originally in Spanish on June the 1st, 2006, in Panama City, Panama Translated into English on June the 1st and the 9th, 2006, in Panama City, Panama (*) “Dreamworld” by Midnight Oil


Met Dedicated to Eyra Harbar The flight of your imaginary bird crosses my actual skies, the crossbow of your imaginative eyes drove its luxury arrow into my frugal heart. Written simultaneously in English and Spanish on June the 1st, 2006, in Panama City, Panama Throb Slow hands on the willing heart; under a scarlet sky the ground opens wide... Written simultaneously in English and Spanish on June 5 and 11, 2006, in Panama City, Panama


The “Crash”(*) Factor:

I GREW UP IN A SMALL TOWN. The main feature of such life was the consideration towards your neighbour. For instance, I remember that everybody knew who my parents were. Going astray as a child was not a problem. In all cases a "bona fide" adult would take you back home.

When I graduated from High School, the town´s population had amazingly doubled. In less than 20 years we could see the first signs of FEAR, VIOLENCE and CRIME; however, the town was still manageable.

Now I live in a 2 Million Plus City, more than 150 miles from my hometown, still in the same good growing country. As the Cities (and countries) grow and prosper, we see how they "BABELIZE", people no longer know each other "the way it should be", they don´t care either ... they just don´t want to know their neighbour. Trust has been lost gradually, common effort vanishes, the community no longer works together, they leave it all to the government´s care. An increasing fear takes on when you


see more and more people who don´t look like your Parents, don´t speak with your accent, don´t eat what you do, don´t dance your dances:

You feel invaded by hordes of opportunist aliens who come to steal like locusts the fruit of your Parents´ work and Ideals.

Survival of prosperous, multi-ethnical urban centers (and countries) absolutely depends on MUTUAL:

- RESPECT - UNDERSTANDING and - INTEGRATION Is it impossible? I still don´t know, I´m figuring it out... Written on July 24, 2006 , in Panama City, Panama (*) “Crash”, movie from 2004


Exhausted Horizon (Overwhelmed skyline) Dedicated to my friends Eyra Harbar, Jairo Llauradó and José Luis Rodríguez-Pittí Special acknowledgements to Heghedus Camelia Overwhelmed skyline exhausted horizon a material saturation bred among empty souls. Concrete scrapes blue skies whilst cement steps tough on the soil. Virtual delusion gives away towards visual pollution. Some rare sort of senseless rush deceives inconstant souls, the automatic satisfaction becomes a collective slayer. Written on July 24 and October 23, 2006, in Panama City, Panama


The Invisible Menace Dedicated to Yo Soy Cliff and Marta L. Sánchez Prejudice outwitted a guard full of self-satisfaction under a disguised form of fear, a distorted sense of menace, a threatening Ghost of Hate, then an Amnesia is justified erasing that certainty which it was there at the outset and that a Houdiniesque Calendar has altered into Absolute Doubt under the sightless wakefulness of the outwitted guards. Written on November 6, 12, 13 and 16, 2006, in San Francisco de la Montaña, Veraguas, Panama and Panama City, Panama


Incidental Music "Everything is made in silence. Like the light inside the eye." Jaime Sabines Dedicated to José Luis Rodríguez-Pittí and Mario García Hudson This memory incidental music livening up ordinary days. that notion borrowed chorus unnamed glory from the oblivion of ages. A life is woven out of rap and sampling such a remnant´s spread But you, incidental music, have given sense to such a life. You are the Clock-of-notice Of


A death to the effect, to the evasion A return to the uterus find the root and your tonal key. Written on November 2006 and January 2007, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed on July 18, 2009, in Panama City, Panama


Caribbean: A Brief and Subjective Salutation "Ruge la mar embravecida rompe la ola desde el horizonte ... brilla el verde azul del Mar Caribe." TIBURÓN - RUBÉN BLADES (*) My pen is lifted and salutes the Great Caribbean, That one, as once J.J. ARMAS MARCELO said, extended from the Mississippi Delta to the Amazon Delta, plenty of the reflection of the sun in sands of extreme whiteness, fresh breeze sometimes wild, itchy heat, plains, sugar cane fields and every now and then a shy and introverted mountain range. There, where the "beautiful faces of my black people" drink rum, chop sugar cane, play the bongos, shake their hips. A melting pot of races, pre-colombines, europeans, africans, asians and every existing race in-between. Lands between waters, islands, peninsulæ and interinsulæ, bathed by carnivals, splashed by blood and sweat, permeated by happiness and scream, between hunger and the nonaccomplished dream, I recall tropical dreams from Panama, dreams of fast talk, as I say words full of oxygen and "riddim"(**).

Written on January, 2007, in Panama City, Panama (*) Translation "The stormy sea roars the wave breaks on the horizon


the blue green of the Caribbean shines." SHARK - RUBÉN BLADES (**) Jamaican for "Rhythm" (cadenza). Special Acknowledgements to Sonia Marcus Gaia


Terror Dedicated to Sofia Santim and Javier Raya In memory of all the victims of the gunmen worldwide The external terror is barely the reflection of the internal terror. JEREMY, like a macabre "a posteriori" prophet, echoes the signals sent by EDDIE VEDDER, words that tremble in my guts. The terror in the lost look of the gunman, who pulls the trigger perhaps looking "to be somebody", victim or victimizer, of Fear, Prejudice, Intolerance, a Society much too Consumist-Consumed by the Urge to SELF-SATISFY on Things, whilst the Empty Soul with a Nil Inner life: - Ignored - Forgotten - Swindled. An inconcluded message sent by the "Jeremist" messenger in turn, whilst Prejudice hunts for Ghosts of Terror outside; the terror inside goes out to hunt for prejudice. Originally written in verse in Spanish on April 18 and May 5, 2007, in Panama City, Panama Translated into prose in English on the month of May, 2007, in Panama City, Panama


Nirmanakaya Seven days in hell seven years in purgatory an eternal - and quittable Nirvana for Endless Love - Fire embraces me scorches me – Originally written in Spanish on June 7, 2007, in Panama City, Panama Translated into English on the month of June, 2007, in Panama City, Panama


Fearsome Dedicated to Salvador Medina-Barahona A lifespan wasted in fear. A quest for revelation, Only dim lights outside In the pilgrim´s night. Romancing the Stone Even when my dreams Seem to sink like paper boats. Written on November 2007 and April 2008, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed on July 18, 2009, in Panama City, Panama


Moon Song Dedicated to Eunice Shade Tonight The moon sings I drink its light Through my pores: Electrobroth. Wild I rise up In a Moondance Fertilizing dreams, A sort of drought Of the Old Souls. Originally written in Spanish on November 2007, January 14 and April 28, 2008, in Panama City, Panama Translated into English on april 28, 2008, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed on July 18, 2009, in Panama City, Panama


God Warriors Deluge of fire Cities under siege No church left remaining Only a desert Endless drought Where desolation dwells. Written simultaneously in Spanish, English and French on December the 4th, 2007, in Panama City, Panama Magnetism Dedicated to Poet José Córdova Within the urban labyrinths you find sharp corners fields charged of electricity ¿Treacherous Magnetism? ¿Electric Surprise? The sidewalk silently shelters the secret sacrifice of rubber and flesh. Written originally in Spanish on December 18 and 19, 2007 in Isla Colón, Bocas del Toro, Panama Translated into English on January, 2008, in Panama City, Panama


Pocket Gods (Vs.- Absolute Gods) I´m Soul and Sailor of allegory and voyage a compass of categories marks direction and change. I come from absolute gods of wrath and orthodoxy, masters of narrow roads only one direction and future. I see a horizon “a la carte” with pocket divinities a suitable salvation pay the toll and way so clear. Invisible but tangible a simple way shows no tolls, free way for all. - (Magnetic North`s marked by the heart beyond dependence and illusion) Written in Panama City, on February 2, 2008, in Panama City, Panamas


Twilight of Race Dedicated to Gorka Lasa Your dreams swim into heavy water Acid rain Fertilizes your stock. I summon for The Fire And its Ritual Cutting Time Free From its kidnapping. Thus a day ends And the germ Of Continuum Peeps out… Originally written in Spanish on May 19 and June 6, 2008, in Panama City, Panama Translated into English on June 17, 2008, in Panama City, Panama Reviewed on July 18, 2009, in Panama City, Panama


DNA Dedicated to Roxana Arra Egyptian smoke Of an Atlantis fire Ashes of mine: Mayan embers Still burning. Written simultaneously in English and Spanish on October 29, 2008, in Panama City, Panama