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Jocelyn Gonzalez

Clinical Depression
1st Semester, 2015
12 December 2015
Jocelyn Gonzalez

Mr. Espinoza

Health 11

12 December 2015

Clinical Depression

The health issue that I chose is clinical depression, the reason I chose this is because

close family members of mine have been diagnosed with this, so I wanted to get a better

understanding of it. Clinical depression is the most severe type of depression which can lead to

both mental and physical problems, that may require long-term treatment. There are around 14.8

million American diagnosed with clinical depression, with women being more prevalent than

men. There are genetic disposition that results to getting clinical depression, the chromosome

3p25-26 can be found in families with recurrent depression, which links to depression being

genetic. The environmental factor is that if a person who grows up with someone with clinical

depression is more likely to get depression later in life, it is believe so because a child who may

see their parents frequently withdrawn, sad, etc, will not think it is unusual. Another

environmental factor are synthetic chemicals that are found in food additives and

preservatives,pesticides, hormones, drugs, and industrial byproducts, that can cause clinical

depression. Lifestyle factors that contribute to depression is abusing drugs and alcohol, poor diet

and lack of exercise, poor sleep habits, and lack of leisure time.

To prevent clinical depression it is recommended to exercise or do something active such

as yoga, walking, dancing, etc. This can help prevent depression because studies have showed

that regular exercise can be effective as an antidepressant, which can increase energy and

decrease fatigue. As well have a healthy diet that includes not skipping meals, minimize your
intake of sugar and refined carbs, eat complex carbohydrates, boost your B vitamins, and try

super food. To prevent depression through lifestyle modification is by doing things that you

enjoy, by doing so it can create a way for you to relax and give you energy. Another thing to do

is get at least 8 hours of sleep and expose yourself to the sun everyday for at least 15 minutes.

There are online test that help determine if you have any symptons of depression such as online test, however it is recommended to consult your doctor for a


Anxiety and Depression Association of America ( is a non profit

organization that is dedicated to finding cure and treatments for anxiety disorder and depression

disorder. As well finding ways on preventing these disorders, by educating people and improving

their lives. International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression (

is an organization that wants to shine a light on depression to eliminate depression through

prevention, research, and education, as well get those who are diagnosed with depression receive

the treatment they need. Freedom from Fear ( is a national non profit

organization that advocates for mental illness, anxiety and depression, since 1984. Depression

and Bipolar Support Alliance of California ( is an organization that

connects together support groups as well provides information and research to educate the

people. Families for Depression Association ( is a non profit organization

that helps family cope with depression and help them and prevent suicide.

Treatment options for depression is taking antidepressant, which works by altering

certain chemicals in the brain which can cause certain side effects to occur. Some of the common

side effects are nausea, fatigue and drowsiness, insomnia, dry mouth, blurred vision,

constipation, dizziness, anxiety, agitation, irritability, weight gain, and loss of sexual desire.
Alternative health treatments are meditation, yoga, guided imagery, music therapy, St. John’s

Wort and Hot Kava. Meditation is a way of relaxing by clearing your mind, it is seen as a way

get an attitude of openness and acceptance, which can be seen to have an antidepressant effects.

Yoga helps improve balance, focus, and strength, which may be beneficial for improving some

depression symptoms. Guided imagery is a type of meditation, where you envision a goal with as

much detail and Music therapy involves listening to music, other times involves singing, both of

these could help decrease stress and improve mood. St. John’s Wort is a herbal treatment in

Europe that is used for depression and treat mild form of depression. Hot Kava is the roots of the

Kava plant and is used in an ingredient for tea, studies show that it help ease depression


There are a few myths about clinical depression such as depression is just a small case of

the blues. However the truth is that it is much more a big deal, clinical depression can last for a

long time from a few week or more than a year, and can require treatments. Another one is that

depressed people are weak/lazy and they should stop feeling sorry for themselves and pull

themselves together. The truth is that depressed people can not just snap out of it and not be

depressed it is medical illness which involves chemical in our brains to play a part. Only women

get depressed not men. This is not true, men also get depressed however there is not many

reports known about it because they may not feel comfortable talking about their depression.

A legislation that is placed for people with clinical depression/ mental disabilities is the

American with Disabilities Act or the ADA. It came first into effect on July 26, 1992. This

legislation allowed for employees with a mental disabilities/ clinical depression to not be

discriminated for their employer for their disabilities. However, depending on the certain degree
the clinical depression does the ADA cover them, if they are able to do everyday activity they are

not covered by the ADA.

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