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International Conference on Chemistry and Engineering in

Agroindustry 2017

Minimization of Machine Maintenance Cost based on Sparepart Reliability

(Case Study at PT. HB)
Rizki Alfia*, Isra Mouludib, Rizaldi Sardanib
Industrial Enginnering of Agro Department, Polytechnic of ATIP, Bungo Pasang Street, Padang 25171, Indonesia
Industry Agro Logistic Management Department, Polytechnic of ATIP, Bungo Pasang Street, Padang 25171, Indonesia


This paper aims to obtain the optimal time of preventive maintenance slab cutter machine in PT. HB. Slab cutter machine that
serves as a crumb rubber cutter makes this machine as the most functional asset and priority in the production process in the rubber
company. The critical components of the slab cutter machine are determined by the frequency of damage and costs incurred. From
the pareto analysis, the critical priority components are blade cutter component, clutch disc, and TG chain. Optimal care is based
on minimum maintenance cost criteria on each critical component by considering the ratio of cost of failure and cost of preventive.
Value of probability density, reliability, mean time to failure (MTTF) is determined first. The calculation resulted in a replacement
interval for 11 days blade cutter with reliability of 0.90097, for clutch disc components obtained 36 days replacement interval with
reliability of 0.68850, while for TG chain component obtained 37 replacement time intervals with reliability of 0.76905. Decrease
in costs obtained if preventive maintenance is applied is 27.25%.

Keywords: Critical component; Mean Time to Failure (MTTF) ; Preventive Maintenance; Reliability; Slab Cutter;

Peer-review under responsibility of the Polytechnic of ATI Padang