Mentored by a King

Mentored by a King

by: John Benjamin

Mentored by a King


Mentored by a King

Introduction Have you ever felt like a prisoner of a circumstance? Hopeless? Afraid? or in survival mood? Mentored by a king is written with You in mind, the information is extremely riveting, real and very passionate so that big transformation will take place within your soul, it also very practical and intuitive so that it can serve as a companion, to help you navigate through life successfully. If you have lived for any period on the earth, there are times when you will face difficulties, and the challenges of life can be misunderstood and very unpredictable, how do you handle these tough times? What if you had someone who had all the answers that would take you by the hand and literally committing to never ever leave you? What do you do, when you face tough questions that need answers? Who do you call on? What guarantees that are reliable and trustworthy? Some of these and many more questions are imbedded within the contents of this book, and it is my goal that it serves to enlighten and give you a safe practical approach when facing a challenge or about make a decision. It is written for every one the husband, wife, single or young adult, older person, highly successful and underprivileged. After completing its contents you will experience the necessary courage, will power and reasons that will enable you to have the confidence and commitment to apply the principles outlined. We live in a very insensitive, fragmented and chaotic world, and our daily decisions are the basis why we are, what we are and where are. It is my prayer that this book brings fulfillment from here on. In it, we hope you will unfold the true navigation system that is already built within you to travel and overcome the tough times in life.


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But the reality is every moment is a new beginning and an exiting adventure. and hours to days and days to weeks and weeks to months and months to years. And there is also an ending. Life’s energy is in constant motion to indicate its potent cycle.Mentored by a King Gift of Life Chapter 1 I s there someone around you? Or do you know anyone? At this hour there are about 6. It’s a miracle because we were all conceived into the world in practically the same way. your seconds turns to minutes and minutes to hours. because new births are taking place. We share the gift called life to the extent that we are in a constant reproduction thrust moving forward. Your life has a wonderful purpose whether you are aware of it or not and therefore some of the information we will unfold will do just that I used to say that everyday is a fresh start. An embryonic stage. whether you are aware of it or not. It is the gift and privilege called LIFE. At this reading. a baby and therefore we all came in this world as designated. Let me reiterate that except for our other indigenous brothers 6 .5 billion others. and now is a great moment.

and are either conceiving a thought. you and I are in the spotlight. you will find that even in all these disparities of life great treasures are discovered. 7 . to emphasize the fact that as adults. As infants. the inspiration to achieve and to inspire is birthed on a constant basis. forming a habit that may yield a desired result. we take charge and assume control and make decisions however we see fit. each of us play a daily conscious or subconscious role in the results that we have achieved. we are influenced by peers and friends. somewhere along the path.Mentored by a King and sisters. The foregone is really important because as you read on. new industries and entities come to bear there is much hope and demands create desire. from birth to death. we all live and die by the choices we make. As youth. with extra ordinary birth challenges. about to make a decision taking an action. As adults. we all came here the same way. we are controlled by others. Therefore. In the various stages of life.

There is that farmer all he knows is to plant and cultivate crops but also depends heavily on that special excavating equipment designed by some one in another country that he needs to clear new land to grow food that has to be harvested by additional equipment so that it could be distributed to the masses. I think of industries like Microsoft who has helped changed the way business owners do business around the world. The doctor who has studied medicine for 12 years and up but also depends on power plants to power up his new piece of technological equipment that would provide help for that aged person with a rear traumatic health challenge and what about those who pursue careers in advance science and technology. 8 . those of us in society who are inventors of entities. that help us with communication systems that make staying in touch easier. In the natural sense we see the residual benefit that others enjoy by the end product. industries and things that make life better should be applauded and rewarded for the unselfish positive contribution to our community.Mentored by a King The Journey Chapter 2 W ithout coveting others.

9 . and anyone. and in any community where dictatorial restrictions are imposed on the people that force them to become co dependants on the self made institutions. In any community.Mentored by a King Therefore. individuals are more valuable than things. Some talk about their own personal lives and some talk about others. In the entertainment industry we see the rise of certain artist as they provide songs that appeal to the every day issues of life. as valuable as it is. is first in thought. Your input is not wasted. The masses are hungry waiting and willing to reward you if you are sensitive to a specific need. is held within the minds of the inhabitants. Wealth developed will be rewarded. is a society that is doomed to ruin. And in a society. there are problem makers and problem solvers. can you honestly say that others benefit from its purpose? Is it a shared dimension? The answers to these questions are held deep inside and most of these questions will be answered. including you. then acted upon. you are either a part of the solution or a part of the problem and that society. it must be concluded that the true wealth of a society. In your own life. who is willing to produce a tangible or intangible product that benefits the masses will be most certain be appreciated in one form or another. Your value is necessary and needed. overcoming obstacles with intent to benefit others will be rewarded. it is not the geographical location in which you live. In this book. every product. you learn the principles of less self that will cause you to see life through the King’s eyes. Your purpose will be redirected away from self. to serving others. Your motivation will be enhanced when you commit to be instructed with His ideas and methods for behavioral change.

we should try to create solutions that will help others. We emphasize three main changes that are 10 . would you make the decisions that you are currently making? Would they provide wholesome entertainment. seeing life through the eyes of a king is to see your self at a position of power and influence redefining the fact that you are not a victim of a circumstance but a victor in a situation. We live in a society filled with all kinds of backgrounds. a person who has evolved to a position of power. The instructions intertwined therein are to extend an olive branch to you so that you see life through the eyes of a King. Some of the changes necessary for real productivity may be a change of environment. because it threatens the comfort zone that you are used to. for example the things we hear and hang around on a continuous basis are extremely influential in the way we think the things we say and the decisions we make. Change then becomes necessary although it is not easy. and some times we are stagnated because of our deeply entrenched beliefs which are a comfort zone. the reality output is necessary for further generations. a change of relationships and a change of information. and consequently become a protégé. With an outgrown attitude. leadership or inspiration? Your habits should be a desired duplication for others to follow.Mentored by a King Although we face many challenges in life. Is your language the choice words that shape a better future. Let’s say you had an option to live a thousand years on earth. it is necessary for production because it is insanity to continue to do the same things and expect different results. Some of us are bred up in various geographical and cultural locations which eventually shape our thinking and lifestyles.

Your environment can be a place of pity. it is very remarkable that although the seed is pregnant with potential yet without the right environment it remains unproductive in its form so it is with you and your environment. the people or places you keep company with define your future. it is risky business to keep close company with someone whose belief system decries the moral conscience of a great community or who persecutes the body of Christ. if that same seed is in an environment that has none of the above it will not develop. and we mean those who are closest to you as within your inner circle and then how you relate to others those who are in your outer circle there is a saying birds of feather flock together. show me your friends and I will show you where you are going or who you are. or this one. water and time is allowed so that maximum reproduction take place. influences your behavior don’t think that your friends or what you allow to enter into your ears and heart do not influence you. as in the case of a seed planted in a nursery special care and attention is provided so that the seed receive proper nutrients in the soil. We will go into it in more dept later but we want to emphasize the importance of the quality of relationships that you keep. however. special lighting. what and who you hang around. or is not supporting or helping you to become all that you can become both mentally spiritually and physically fit The question is should I have friends? The answer is defined 11 . or potency.Mentored by a King crucially important as follows ENVIRONMENT. Do your self a favor: Take heed what you hear RELATIONSHIPS. it is best be described as an incubation.

you will get to the real pinnacle of life where you will see and live your life through your Kings eyes and ideas. It is critical. 12 .e. for those of you reading this book. it is the sounding board that reinforces your belief system it is what others told you when you were young i. the relationships that we keep and the things we hear. your parents or other trusted others. it is also what you hear on a continuous basis. We will talk more about that later on as well Key point: We become a part of the environment cultivated around us. it is for that individual in prison surrounded by negative circumstances and yet deep within their soul want a sense of belonging and acceptance. “Mentored by a King” is about lifting you from where you are and getting you to become what you were destined to become. because there is a King willing to help mentor you on a path of real productivity and direction and with a change of behavior and the ability to make some adjustments. for the individual overburdened by debt and needs relief. some things that you hear just one time may not necessarily sink in your heart immediately but if you hear it over and over again you may debate it for a while or even agree with it and some how it could become part of your personality or style or belief system. congratulations. we will show you how to get there. we believe that help has arrived. it is for the middle age adult who is exhausted and have reached a place of real fatigue.Mentored by a King by the out come you want. it is for the young adult who needs a sense of belonging and direction. INFORMATION.

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in your own life do you wish that you had made a different decision about your spouse? Your career? A major purchase? what is it about you now that you wish you had not done or could have done differently. some are categorized by race. so the question is who are you? How do others describe you? What defines your identity? What is your true worth and value? We live in a complex society. statistics. life is full of choices and every day we make one whether knowingly good or bad and every one with its own consequence. color.Mentored by a King The Invitation Chapter 3 H i! Welcome. some demonstrate a value system based on stereo types. geographical lodging locations. ethnicity creed. influential positions of authority. at the end of the previous chapter we described ten of hundreds of millions of people who would best described themselves as victims of a circumstance and it all became what it is because of a series if decisions made. bank accounts. yet all of these noble attributes are short lived and with all 14 . standards.

the banking and insurance institutions. but that the acquisition is not a stand alone barometer for defining your true worth and value. the question. what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world? seems almost redundant. historically it was asked “ what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Another question. how does one defined a person true value system? If this is not addressed and we advertently accept the foregone we could almost certainly or eventually developed assembly lines that create humans with no real recourse. the real estate. then what is more valuable than the acquisition of the whole world? Before we answer that question let us review. technology and all the medical facilities combined the but it’s worth could not be used as an exchange for your soul which 15 . so that the following statements will reinforce the importance the You factor.Mentored by a King these disparities of life. all the money. what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and yet looses his soul? in these two simultaneous rhetorical questions it seems to me that the soul factor (you and me) has advantages superior than the access or amalgamation of all possible tangible stuff put together. Therefore a person’s true worth and value cannot be defined by any outward tangible products but by the unseen capabilities held deep within their soul. not saying that there is any thing wrong with the acquisition itself. because one could asked what could be wrong with such an idea and having all of it at my disposal would it not add value to me the answer could be yes and no but let us go on to the next question so that we will clarify “ what shall a man give in exchange his soul?” it seems to me that the answer is within these two questions indicating that you could gain the whole world.

or race was. when I discover that truth years ago it changed my view from a pitiful to a powerful state of thinking. but rather we knew that there was something very unique and attractive about you that were far more valuable than things that money can buy. all of the above resources are there for the service of mankind and not for man to serve it. I know that I was repetitive here but I wanted to demonstrate to you as you read so that you understand the magnificence of the resources around you. I chose to title the book “Mentored by a King” because not only did I wanted to generate an interest to the 16 . when the president of the United States delivers the address at the state of the union almost every thing he says is about creating new industries in the coming months or years and some for life time. In the third chapter we wanted to extend to you an invitation to the luster and lifestyle of a King and we did not care what your background. There are some things note worthy about a King he is described as some one in authority a ruler of a nation or state. ethnicity. a man who is supreme or highly successful in some field. yet your soul is more valuable and more important. his words are generally spoken with authority and they affect the lives millions. the way you see yourself is critical it defines your attitude and your altitude.Mentored by a King means that your soul has a superior value than all of the world resources put together combined. when a ruler of a nation speaks his words are weighty even the tone in which he speaks is judged and every word carefully analyzed. This is to show the power of the spoken word.

it will also require me to commit to some core values and principles in order for me to benefit as a protégé. A historic statement would read like this “ except a man be born again he cannot see the King” and even though this statement is scorned and laughed at by some we will explain some of the benefits later on. but it is worth noting and imperative that to be mentored by the king you have to be born again into the family or through adoption. the life styles and the legacies of a King A proven historic statement that will demand your connectivity in order for you to reap the benefits as protégé.Mentored by a King masses but I also wanted to get you to see yourself being the one mentored by the King so that your life will go from where it is now to what it can become. You will learn the language. you either have to be born into His family or go through the process of adoption. THE PROCESS In order to be mentored by a king the requirements are two ways. and you will have to learn to deny yourself and follow the king The invitation extended to you is to ask you to come. however it goes far beyond that. for me to benefit. and although any one is invited the methods are the same. in order 17 . if and when I choose to be mentored by the King then I have an opportunity to visit with and observe Him however. it is also identifying the you that has been messed up and agreeing to be converted for change. In the following chapters we will show some of the intuitive mechanics adaptable for real behavioral change.

and yet it is this uniqueness that make the 18 . and then there are those who have not. we talked about being afraid and in survival mood and our opening statements. there are countless remarkable stories of both parents and children who have experienced great success through the complex intricate adoption process. for the sole purpose of providing homes for children who need loving parents to care for them. which were not meant to leave you exposed but to also provide a complete resolution out.Mentored by a King words you have to be willing to become like an infant again so that you can learn some new things and thus experience a new outcome. and since many of you reading may not have been born into His family the next best option for you is the adoption process In order for there to be changes you must be willing to become as an adopted child so that you can learn the language lifestyles and the legacies of the King The adoption process in our community has been established and regulated by local government agencies for the sole purpose of providing for the protection of the children involved. meaning that there were parents who adopted children from different races and backgrounds. the old you has failed miserably. I took note of some similarities even within this cross cultural phenomenon. for parents who wish to extend their families and for those cannot have children of their own In my own limited experience with others I knew s who were foster parents. the purpose of this analogy is to show the qualitative similarity and outcome in the adoption process because some may be asking the question how do I get mentored by a King As you may be aware the adoption process is in place in our civil society.

it important to take note. it was because of the physiological adjustments that had to be made. and sound environmental conditions. In the adoption process the various adopting agencies want to ensure that the parents are a good fit to nurture the children ensuring their safety through background checks. It is important that we share this with you because we talked about being born again and it means becoming 19 . some became very passionate about their new extended families with the ability to impart a part of their parenting skills to a child or children that needed parental care that they became very attached to them over a period of time that when the time was up to give up the child there was the painful emotional experience to part with the child. the emotional involvement in the child upbringing and the comfort that the child or children experienced during the period of time. The local government agencies ensure that food supplies and low cost medical treatment are available throughout the adoption process simply because they want to ensure that the adoption process is well suited for both the parents and the children involved.Mentored by a King process what it is. but now in their new environment they had to learn new languages and behaviors that are critical in the adoption process. because it is all a part of the reasons why that emphasis is so important. even though some of the adoption process may be for a short season. it was most gratifying for the parents I knew. In fact there are countless case studies of parents who express tremendous joy and fulfillment they experience in being a part of raising and adopting children in some cases children from across racial lines who had already adopted the language of their own biological parents.

the truth is we have all been invited to life. would you not invite persons who you thought were highly important to you? Yes! And in some cases the party really started when you showed up. certain habits like anger out bursts addictions and low self esteem that are detrimental to my health and wealth are carefully re evaluated. I then realize that I am no longer a victim of a circumstance but a victor in every situation. then that makes you very important to your friend. accommodations and languages have to be adjusted for the purpose of becoming all that you are destined to become. it is about being mentored by a king and seeing yourself functioning and living a lifestyle in your situation at a position of power and fulfillment This is all about you. the invitation is extended to you Let us say your friend was having a party and you were invited. and therefore I make choices that represent my best life. your worth your values and the invitation process but let us assume that it was all prepared for you but you refuse to participate think of all the good things you would be deprived of simply because you made a decision not participate . Let us do something great When I view myself as important to life there are some things I evaluate that are critical about me. or let us say you were having a party. I read an article about a penthouse in New York City that was presumably the most expensive in the world mainly because of its vast astronomical view of the entire City.Mentored by a King like an infant which means that new behavioral attitudes. This simple analogy shows how important you are in this life. Its value 20 . it is all about redefining the new you. it is at that point that I begin see to life from an illustrious view.

Mentored by a King is influenced by its stratospheric view. Your true worth and value is never hinged on your socio-economic or biological background nor the ivy league to which you belong or on the mass fortunes bequeathed to you by your fathers but rather your true worth and value is coherent to the truth that has already been established way beyond ancient history. If my perception is what I have concluded it is. then that is what it is with me. but the true reality is always your perception. when it was declared and recorded that “we should make man in our own image and in our own likeness’ Gen 1. What if you saw life from the king’s view? Or what if you were the President of the United States for one day? What would you do differently about yourself today? One of the main reasons why we get frustrated is because of how we feel or perceive things and are out of control. What you do and say in life is mainly because of your view or perception of life. you can always do things differently you can walk speak or act differently in every situation. but it is doable. and every day we have an option to either be miserable and cause misery or master the difficulties and help others because of our own personal fulfillment. You put this same structure in a valley and dwarfed by two mountains then its value changes. whether I am right or wrong.26 “Mentored by a King” is to bring you in relationship with yourself and identifying the real value attached to you and then bit by bit exposing you to that value system and elevating you to the place of supreme importance and choosing to see and function in life through the eyes of a king 21 . I am not saying it is always easily done.

that we are all here for the purpose of influencing and affecting others for the goodwill of mankind. do you know that this is exactly what you are attracting? However. what if you decide to be a trail blazer? To inspire promote and help others to find true fulfillment and a great reason for living. Your demands and output dictate what you expect so if you have expected the status quo and are living for the moment and are a complainer or gossiper and have a defeated and miserably mentality. so it is with you. a priest. because of the respect and honor that is rightfully designated to that person or position. a rabbi.Mentored by a King Value system one. an elected official. whether they are aware of it or not. temperance and restraint. Our community is largely appalled at the low expectations of people of influence in our community accused of some impropriety. I often read the biographies of great men and women who overcame the odds 22 . You are a superior product The theory of a superior product identifies the need to see value and self worth for what it truly is. that my words and actions are also of superior value and that they help make the world a better place to live in. there is the immediate shock and wonder that races through our minds about whether the allegation is true or not and in some cases we hoped that it would not be true or that it had never happen it is simply because of our trust and expectation of such a person in such a position. think of some one in your own community who has been regarded as a person of influence and distinction i. pastor or clergyman and was accused of some allegation. that other human species around me have a shared destiny. and because of its true definition my views actions and approach brings me to a higher place of service. positive influence exertive compassion.e.

I introduced the concept of a superior product. my confidence levels increases and I become more solution oriented that is why you are reading this book today. it has been tried and proven that His promises are guaranteed and the more I submit to follow his advice counsel and guidance for my life. In the kings world there is plenty of room for you and can fit right in. Let me stress here that life does have its challenges but I have learned that because of my superior thinking. in fact you can become first in line to be received considered and accepted and with great delight you will find the grand welcome experience.Mentored by a King and went on to achieve and lived and exemplified life and influenced a path for others to follow. You are extremely important to life. I must caution you that if your image has been tarnished by circumstance and you cannot see the real value attached yet let’s continue on because by the close of 23 . and in the next few moments we will continue to emphasize the importance of harnessing that theory for what it is. so. no matter where you are at this time in life we want you to see your self as an important superior and valuable product not because of academic education or success that you have achieved but because of the original intent and design. commitment and submission to my mentor I have learned to trust His discretion because He is trust worthy. your qualification is your acceptance not your birth place I may be repetitive here again but I am trying to make a significant point this book is written in such a way that you will leap frog from a mundane give up life to a more exciting journey toward achieving and becoming influential in your every day affairs responsibilities and relationships. it is a result of my association with Him.

set backs. the things that money cannot buy. You must begin to see your self as equally valuable as the King himself for there to be lasting and permanent change. defeat and danger but with a mind set engaged in submission and close association with your 24 . virtue. the experience becomes very magnetized. your approach to life will have new meaning. and the need to share that experience with others.Mentored by a King this book you will. a new perspective. taste and tolerance will go to new levels because your life is about what your king wants. that your worth and value is never measured in silver and gold or ethnicity. positive influence. not that there has been any physical changes but there has been an extreme mental change. lasting peace. Remember these empowering words “that we make man in our image and likeness” the ability to conceive that thought and to give birth to it is a courageous act of discipline and self empowerment. can you begin to feel the surge of power permeating deep within? Can you begin to see that real change is possible for you? When that truth is believed for what it is. but on the ideals and intent of your maker. road blocks. there is new joy now there is an abundance of laughter your soul becomes lighter. depression days are over in your world there is sunshine now. From time to time life will be met with difficulties. power. your state. that. what He advises. you will find a level of respect self importance. a new vision. in life you are supposed to win. excellence. a conquering spirit and more so. standards. Please take note: your worth and value cannot be minimized to any unfulfilled dreams or disappointments of the past.

your strength will be restored and new energy will thrive because He will not let you down. your hope will be ignited. 25 .Mentored by a King mentor you will be coached with the mechanics on how to navigate through the uncertainties. He has an eternal commitment and investment in you.

Mentored by a King


Chapter 4


entorship has its privileges. Have you ever seen the frustration on the face of a child at Christmas time with a gift that they were exited about but needs to be assembled? The instructions are usually enclosed all the pieces are in the box the end result is to have a complete working toy, but the frustration stems from the lack of knowledge or have you ever experience the same thing in your life when you have gotten frustrated about your own personal mismanagement? This chapter is filled with knots and bolts about you and how to take charge in discomforting situations when and where it seems that you are out of control that may not have been recognized. I want to start by with a historic ancient story about a young man who was informed by his father about his inheritance that he would receive at the age of maturity to do, whatever he’d wish, and he did, and at the age of maturity


Mentored by a King

he took his inheritance and went about his life, and with a little mismanagement here and there, made some bad choices and became a beggar, this summation is the story of the lives of millions of some of our brothers and sisters living in our community, lives who have made the wrong turn and desperately needs help. The wrong decisions are themselves are the summation of wrong thoughts, ideas, and influence around that boy. I introduce the principle of influence and affect and their relevance in the lives of each one of us, on a daily basis. “Life is choice driven, and we live and die by the choices that we make” -Dr I V Hilliard. Every decision is influenced by something or some one and mentored by a King is really about retraining you to have the highest thought patterns about you, others, and everything that you do because your realities of life is really about your perceptions, let us go on to imagine a world with no violence, stealing, adultery, murders, false witness, and so on. Let us reexamine the idea of having the highest thought patterns about you in a real life situation, because the reality is, you always have options at your disposal to execute, are they easy? not often always, are they achievable? With trials persistence and tenacity you will experience a difference, Let us give a reference point, about a relationship in the context of husband /wife or girl friend /boyfriend let me caution that You cannot control another person’s behavior, whether they are words or actions and therefore, you must free your self from that frustrating idea, however, what you can control is your reaction to it, yes, you have power over what you do or say in reference to someone else misfortunes about you, as you read on, and study the information that we are about

Mentored by a King

to share with you, we want to emphasize that they are often contrary to popular opinions and beliefs but the results are achievable that is why we have put the information together. I chose the structure of family relations because it is one of the most complex issues today, although it is the nucleus by which our society and communities are formed, identified, and recognized even by major institutions like governments and other influential entities including insurance companies, educational and medical facilities, and so indeed, the family component is the fabric of our society, in the case of husband and wife when the two becomes one; up to this writing this is still a mystery to me, but as I unfold it I recognize that there is so much to celebrate in this union, the idea of sharing your life with some one of the opposite sex is definitely a complex issue, but then it is also very rewarding because of the differences and compliments of fellowship, caring, sharing and the possibilities of reproduction of a second generation that is afforded in it, there are lasting and rewarding benefits that come from this union, I have made these small observations to bolster the reasons why so much has been said and written about family life, and yet this institution is under so much attack both from without, either by legislation instituted and the right of free speech i.e. the ballot box, and from within, the parties in the union who subrogates it. In this situation we will attempt to do a little diagnosis to identify the real problems and offer some powerful techniques for bringing a measure of hope and reconciliation. For the sake of being specific let us address the parties in a legitimate relationship, the man and the woman, the man is supposedly the head of the woman and this has long been established to give rise to the man so that he will assume the

Remember we all act based on our perception. because it should be an eye opener that will allow you to take some measure of responsibility for every decision that you make. but let us also reexamine what you are asking to submit to. as a man. knowing that I am a superior product.Mentored by a King responsibility of the relationship. let us look at the language selection to enact it. so there fore men be aware that the first responsibility of submission must be lead by you on a consistent basis in order to affectionately execute the request of others. for the sake and benefit of that relationship. because when I make the decision to conform to that reality. Having established this as the order for living in the context of family. and the reality is your request must be based on the fact the you are a superior product under authority yourself therefore it must be a calculative and sacrificial decision on display that has to move you. I must initiate what I want by speaking and acting to the situation as though it is real. in other words you cannot ask your wife to submit to you if you are not demonstrating your commitment to submit your self. your first obligation is to demonstrate your submission to the laws that cause you to serve. At this point I must use a reference that has proven to work in 29 . be it wife or children. As head of any organization all of the praise and persecution usually falls on the one in leadership. we can look at the union as a microcosm to a larger organization because it represents the amalgamation of more than one person in the group Being the leader does not abrogate you from all laws but rather makes you the first principal under law. There are so many reasons why you are reading this book. without that maverick ability to surrender you cannot lead.

Mentored by a King ancient history. that he was either crazy or had lost his mind about that thought. Key point: Your feelings always follow your words What would happen to Abraham is that. rather than the problem. as though she was. He had to see himself with the reality of the promise being fulfilled and enjoying it even though nothing had physically changed yet. and to appreciate her for what she would become. so Abraham was faced with the challenge of dealing with his wife inability to have a child at that age. and begin by literally calling (saying) Sarah what she was going to be. it was recorded that she had passed the age of child bearing. He had this intrusive promise of having a child with his wife. it was at that time he was inspired to initiate the language and attitude associated with that promise by beginning to call Sarah what she was going to be. this would allow him to express his energy on the possibilities 30 . he would have to focus on the promise. from feeling and being frustrated with her barrenness. His name is Abraham and rightfully so. known as the father of faith and father of us all. because his feelings or emotions would follow his words. although she was not. his attitude and language had to change both toward the promise giver and his wife. and when he communicated to his her. to her bearing children. accounting that the woman was barren. he and his wife were given an intrusive promise that they would have children and that promise was initiated to them at a time when it appeared that they had biologically passed the age of having children of their own on. she laughed at the idea as if to say.

before him whom he believed even God. and in this situation. his wife verbal and biological situation appeared as a non contributing factor. than magnifying the impossibilities of the situation. according to that which was spoken. As it is written I have made thee a Father of many nations. or he could have agreed with the promise giver. and you must understand that the promise he had. which is your heart. neither the deadness of Sarah’s womb. This spiritual law must be applied in your situation and will work each and every time for the person willing to commit to obey God’s word regardless of the difficulties that you face. despite of the circumstances.Mentored by a King of the promise becoming a reality. when he was a hundred years old. He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief but was strong in faith giving glory to God. Abraham had every reason and right to give up. He staggered not at the promise through unbelief but was 31 . Romans 4:17. is the determine factor. He was also old. So shall thy seed be. And being not weak in faith he considered not his own body now dead. the natural conditions he faced were very contrary to the potential of the promise. however. even though He had a great promise. and as stated he chose to agree with the promise giver by ignoring the natural challenges and laying claim to the promise by giving glory to God for it becoming a reality. he could have accepted the natural situation. that will allow it’s fruition. let us visit the text in question so that we can validate this truth. His spoken word is always pregnant with potential and the soil on which is falls. Who against hope believed in hope that he might become the Father of many nations. therefore. was the spoken word he had receive from God about his biological legacy. who quickeneth the dead and calleth those things which be not as though they were.

is what we hope. defeated mentality that has so often plagued and poison your thinking concerning the promises made to you. we are all subservient to some one. words and actions you choose in any given crisis that you face. There is a real you. because of logic. and it is a reflection of who you are subservient to. Therefore we suggest that you evaluate your decisions about the finest detail about your life. when it would seem that desires and dreams would be aborted. and the fact is. that is why we have introduced the concept that mentorship has it’s privileges. that is. you are always in control of your is a refined 32 . speaking agreeing and acting with the promise as though it is a reality. will be rekindled in you as you unfold the pages of this book because we will show how much of it is still residing in you at this very hour. or a belief system that transposes our decisions. That tenacity of faith.Mentored by a King strong in faith giving glory to God. that is a new you . We are talking about the attitude. That true spiritual practical leadership phenomenon has been the hallmark in many board rooms in major institutions and entities today. It must be understood that all the promises of God are received by faith. This profound truth must be imbedded in your heart soul and mind if your are going to conquer the dark. to begin and identify the areas that need adjustments. and challenges they would have to be averted and rekindled for the sake of bringing them to life. and are endeavoring to help retrain your thinking to believe that your tomorrows are a reflection of your conceptions today. disappointment. even though it would be normal to accept defeat.

a guitar or piano you would make inquiries from some one you thought had the answers to some of your initial questions. when it comes to making a decision to follow or get directions from someone who has gone that pathway you want. you have to be instructed. every one or every thing you listen to or whose drumbeat you dance to. Achieving results in any viable endeavor may be daunting at times. taste and smell. because deep within. your life decisions whether big or small are largely influenced by what you see. you would inquire for results from some one who you thought was trustworthy.e. and can be very contrary to the norm. coached or mentored to get there. to make inquires about that place of interest. and so it is with every other inquisition you might have. that would ensure a safe journey. 33 . which could include getting information from someone that you thought had the information that was reliable. what would be your first moves? Some of them would be. so it imperative that you find the will power and the tenacity to bring it to pass. hear. There are direct and indirect mentors. the fact is the principles are the same. Let us say you want to travel to a foreign country that you had never been to. or knew a thing or two about what you were looking for. Let us ay you wanted to learn to play an instrument i. but the end result is usually applauded even by the naysayer. could be an indirect or direct mentor or coach “take heed what you hear.Mentored by a King you that is not easily agitated by the mishaps of life. but being a superior product you have the ability to make a sound judgment with a definitive precision. The reality of the new you coming to pass is based on your submission and association to the King.

but if that person had a bad publicity report they would be pulled from that endorsement. career or family relationships. then their product could be a success. Key point: Your mentor mirrors the future you 34 . that would showcase or endorse their products. That emphasis. so that the company and the general public would be protected. show me your friends and I’ll show you how you are thinking. and it mirrors your value system whether in business. Products get their market support by the popular persons that they can get to endorse it. so that it would appeal to the general public. consumers are eager to spend their money for things that bring satisfaction or pleasures. you cannot hang with turkeys and fly with eagles at the same time. and as a result the advertising industries often find well known popular persons that they can identify. In the wide open market place. so that they can create a certain emotional feeling with that product. The rule of thumb is if the public have a good feeling about that individual. let us take a look at the commercial industries for a lesson or two. as the saying goes. is at the heart of your true self. places or positions that you associate with. Can you begin to think of who your mentors are? If you have any or who could be? Your habits and pleasures are a direct results of the people.Mentored by a King which affects or influences your behavioral output. and there comes a time when you may have to make an unpopular or controversial decision about your life for the sake of influencing and defending the moral good of humanity on a whole.

yet there lives were transformed and changed because at the height of the tumultuous controversy and contradiction they followed. we all live and die by the choices that we make. Peter go from fishing fish to be fishers of men? He had to be taught by the world most influential leader on the plight and need of humanity and hoped that they would accept change. coaches and mentors who influenced my own thinking. coach you. Who are you being mentored by? Now may be a critical time to do an emergency evaluation about your future and identify the persons that must be eradicated from 35 . and for every failed decision I made. influence and affect you) to become fishers of men. for others it takes tenacity and compassion.Mentored by a King As I write this book I often think about the teachers. and characterized their decisions by a person or entity who had already achieved that goal. and he tells Peter follow me and I will make you (train you. I think of the persons who had a positive influence. How would. Peter would become a fisher of men We are a product of the people or things that we hang around there is greatness in all of us and for some it takes tragedy and circumstance. I think of my wayward self and for every achievement. observed. He was a fisherman and was introduced by a compassionate caring and committed leader whose mission was to empower the people that he would make contact with. generation after generation. they lived in the same chaotic world like you and I. In the greatest book ever written there are countless reference points about those who chose to walk in the shadows of great men and women and who themselves became great. however the need of mankind is the same.

because. is not so much that you become great yourself. we’ll have a more detail answer to that question in a later chapter. and that is done by electing to serve in another man’s ministry or mission Why should I become subservient to another person’s vision? There are many ways to answer that question. because the essence of it all.Mentored by a King your life. if you are reading it outside of the USA there are spiritual mentors in your own community that you can begin to develop a relationship with. you may learn the art of commitment and submission you would expect from those who would follow your example especially when it is not comfortable. but the essential powerful opportunity is that. and the truth is we all have the time to do so. 36 . even those whom you had despised through your own ignorance and rebellion. those who may be able to guide you to a deep real and radical relationship with God. Luke 16: 12 If therefore you have not been faithful in that which is another man’s who shall give you that which is your own. with the understanding. now may be time to reconcile and begin to reconsider your position on these important life changing principles. that we are all here by design for the purpose of enriching the lives of our fellow man. Let us look at a great reference point. I did not want to get ahead of my self here but I wanted to drive the emphasis that you must resolve your commitment to faithfully serve in another person’s vision for the sake of getting promoted yourself. there are mentors throughout the country and around the world. and begin to emulate and submit to true spiritual authority. Although this book is written in Houston Texas we want to emphasize this important global principle. but that you show some one else the path to greatness.

because we shared with you the reality and the relevance of being born again and the conversion that takes place thus allowing you to learn new information that is life transforming. you will begin to see the need to help somebody else. there is a vast amount of intellectual treasure and wealth available in a local library and most require your reading time or your can subscribe to the minimal subscription available. and more so. you can still adapt to the change. that may be a great place to consider. and commit to these core principles and watch your life change and then you will look back at how a small decision has blossomed into influencing 37 . Another aspect of coaching can be found in your local library. which in most cases. it is actually free.Mentored by a King You may be saying I am old and set in my ways and that may be true. you can actually just go there and understudy the authors of great inventors builders and visionaries. as you desire to find help in seeking to build new relationships. you can request information from family friends or those in authority that may be granted to you. who despite the surmountable odds against them overcame their challenges and were able to set the trail for others to follow. because as you do. you will find that your will find courage and strength. Some of you reading this book may be confined to a prison cell and that means that there are demanding restrictions on your mobility. or if you have access to any media outlet that are serving in real and radical spiritual matters you may be permitted to request information from them and can become transformed as you renew your mind for service within your confinement. if within your confinement you are allowed to receive literature. at that time you can begin to initiate a group study with others.

because what you do is always a reflection of who you are subservient to. for those needing a why reason. however. which is based on your own perception. It is important that you embrace the mantle to become an example of the believers in word in conversation in doctrine thereby displaying the light that shines as a beacon of hope. this is where your life can go from the everyday beat down challenges of consumer survival to a life spring of beauty radiance and power with a strong determination that makes a difference. There is a powerful attraction about you. those who know your resolve might know how and what to do to overcome their own misfortunes. your worth and value has an eternal destiny that warrants you looking at life beyond the immediate discomforts of what to. And here is a real benefit to consider. like being involved in your local church not just as a nominal member but as someone that can be counted on for volunteer service at will. it is about becoming accountable to a leadership lifestyle that regenerates faith 38 . or not to do. that has led the Almighty God to invest His own Son to offer an eternal sacrifice for you. The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Then there are some who are out there in the free market place who need a sense of direction and purpose.Mentored by a King and affecting others. because life is really not necessarily what happens to you but how you react to what happens. Psalm 92:12-13. It will be reflected in the little things that you occupy your in. Those that be planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts our God “Mentored by a King” is really about bringing out the best in you and the best from you so that those who read or hear about your life resume’ may consider.

Mentored by a King that changes things. your mentor is actually living the lifestyle you want. so it becomes necessary to practice his/her principles for purposeful behavioral change. is to show you the new you that is deep within. but you would always hear him say “I am about my Fathers business” or he would say that I do the things I see my Father doing. and two. This information is really about spiritual change so it important that we identify the scriptural verbatim that establishes this pursuit. how do you 39 . He that is of God hears God’s words. this analogy simply means that shallow waters cannot contain ships but deep waters can. that is emboldened with power within. because of your deepness you will have a compassionate caring and concern about the well being of others. one. and then there is the deep water where ships and submarines navigate.” and that may true but you may want to debate that because the question is if I see you. it answers your questions because your security in life is never hinged on the things that money can by but on the values initiated in His commandments and the real you is not what is seen through visualization but by the unseen characteristics invested at the initial formation of man. and unites family friends and builds community. He was the greatest King who ever lived. it has eternal value. this is the new you. and why would you want to hear God’s word. but is also subject to true spiritual authority. Have someone ever said to you ‘you don’t know me. like the sea there is shallow water where humans swim and surf. The King for you. or he is where you want to get to. this is what the King in you will be when you discover that abundance of power in you. for two profound reasons.

but on vast eternal investments forecasted even before he was made. Until you truly agree with this truth. what if I was willing to connect to new information that would necessitate change. or your core value system which has been trained to think a certain way up till now. which is the indelible reason. but the things which are not seen are eternal. That pneumatic view. there is the need for him to be retrained to think differently about himself. the real you can be converted. 18. which is the real you to which this statement holds true. you cannot place the real premium value that is attached to man. that capitulates life decisions. Therefore. it is safe to say that there is more about a person than what is physically noticed. is the sole reason why within the landscape of this culture there is so much hope within the circles of 40 . for the things which are seen are temporal. When we talk about the real you which is not seen. so therefore. why a man should never be judged on the basis of his outward appearance. in order for him maximize his opportunities.Mentored by a King say that “you don’t know me’ and the fact is our bodies are simply a house that shells our invisibility. because change is the product of human effort sustained by divine help (Dr I V Hilliard) and all men can change. renewed and adopted. his thinking is based on what is right in his own eyes therefore. it is largely coherent to it’s environment which dominates it’s behavioral patterns. only the maker of a thing can define it’s purpose. While we look not at the things which are seen but the things which are not seen. 1cor 4. we are talking about your spirit the invisible part about you. there is more about you that is not known than what is visual. His decisions are largely based on how he thinks.

therefore he can be trusted 2. because we believe. it is to your best interest to get connected to the interest of the King. that the moral fortitude that enrich our lives is the price we pay in our eternal freedoms entitled by the right to worship the Almighty God. A profound promise that He will keep his word. the new is filled with optimism opportunities and opulence. A guaranteed plan of action that will yield measurable results As you can see. because when you do you will find faith purity family and a passionate caring for others that will display the true characteristics that make him what He really is. mistrust. selfishness. the benefits of having a positive spiritual mentor far out ways the alternative because it brings you to a place of accountability and responsibility. so what are the primary privileges you can expect to experience? 1. Your view of others will not be the same 4. with the added ability to lift others from perishable predicaments. the old is mired with the corridors of complacency comparison and contention.Mentored by a King Christendom. life is filled with mishaps. A safe and secure pattern that will effect change 3. When you begin to discover the new you. Your dependence upon your King will not be unrewarded 4. and fragmentation and there 41 . because you can mirror your own life by the core standards in your mentor that are achievable. it is impossible to compare to the old. In the opening words of this chapter we started by saying that mentorship has it’s privileges.

and analyze his thinking. a sorority.Mentored by a King is definitely a need to generate more mentors within our community. it helps identify the way a person thinks. This chapter cements the idea that we are not our own and that true power comes through association. because the thinking is that there is strength in numbers or that there is power in association. he would have to learn every thing possible about that new vision initiated to him by the Messiah. or even gangs. and cultivates an expectation so that you can achieve your desired goal. therefore it is imperative that you align yourself with the one who not only has your natural interest at heart but more importantly your eternal destination A scriptural spiritual mentor is a safe guide that will lead you in the way you should go. Let’s look at the reasons why some people form or become part of an organization. It meant that he would have to make some adjustments in his thinking. Let us revisit Peter one more time again. He or she is the mirror that foretells your future. but the truth is not that there may be a shortage of mentors but that there may be a lack of true scripturally based mentors that are brave enough to take the courage to lead in areas even across racial lines that bring new life and energy that benefits our society on a whole. like a chamber of commerce. he or she is a leader without which has no followers. by observing and believing that it is possible to achieve. he was a fisher man that would turn into a fisher of men. and I am sure that there were 42 . after all he knew how to catch fish as a profession crafted through experience. He or she is a visionary that initiates new energy. therefore He would have to become a tentative student to the one initiating it. an Ivy league.

but now he would be introduced to this new venture. “Mentored by a King” is written to help you see your self as an instrument that can be molded for the purpose of being used by God so that when you have passed this life you will be remembered as one who made a difference.” As I unfold the secret truth in this. Let us read this ancient truth: A mans life consisteth not in the abundance of things he possess. that he had no prior knowledge of. saturation and consecration he would become the catalyst for change. adaptation. real 43 .Mentored by a King times when he did not always experience a harvest. Key statement: You do not have to have all the knowledge of something for you to pursue and advance in that particular field. that they are tools for the use and service of man. The reality is that you have no real connection to things. we’ve seen how one man can make a difference and yes you can make a difference and we believe that the information in this book is to serve as an eye opener to see your value system to such level that you will begin to ask the question. I found out that there are things about me that are beyond me. Even though Peter’s lifestyle was more ingrown and this new venture was quite the opposite. that my real life is not sustained by grits and groceries alone. where and how do I start. not only his life but the multiplied millions of lives throughout past and present generations. and therefore it was worth the effort in finding more definition to this and evaluating what this other part of me is contained of and what it is sustained by. yet through conversion.

even though you may not be able to get in their physical presence. will ascribe praise to a person who helped them became what they achieved. you can make a commitment to be converted again. and watch your change and evolve. when you associate with a person or an entity you are able to glean and learn from them. every day that you wake up you realize the fulfillment that is afforded to you because of the other people whose lives you are able to touch. 44 . be it entertainment. For it is said “ It is more blessed to give than to receive. observe commit and support. and others the same way. Find a mentor and get as close to him or her as possible. it is simply because. Today. or career. sports. that you are important. that your life has both meaning and purpose.Mentored by a King value is best described by the one who makes it. even in the secular arenas. that you are a difference maker. these reinforcements are to help you not only see your self in all that powerful light but it helps you see children. that you can affect and influence others. get as much information you possible can listen to or read. you are never to old or to young your mentor is already existing find him or her and when you do. therefore your reasons for living is no longer what you can get today. if you can accept and go past that theory you will begin to realize the true value of your life and the potential investment in it. and that the King’s interest in you is to guide you to become a difference maker. When you adopt that lifestyle change. listen. but rather what you can give. business. your life will grow to new heights and new levels you will become king like because your true identity is kingship. become adaptable. you can be mentored from afar. young people. Most successful people.

you said no failures here. I will give definition to what I mean. and that is why this chapter is so important. Do you believe that? I am going on a limb to suggest that failure itself is tied or connected to success and you may disagree. 45 . Have you ever considered a life without failing even though as you look around and in your own life you may have experienced numerous failures! If I said that failure itself is all about perception. or you may be saying what are you talking about. or as it is ordinarily accepted as a signpost to success. you will discover the underlying promise that guarantees your success.Mentored by a King No Failures here chapter 5 I am writing this chapter so that in it.

and you are entitled to one. believed and applied therefore there are responsibilities on my part in order for me to get the benefit. the prestige. that benefit is not available to you. I want you to take a hold of them and imbed them into your heart. These four pearls are the key foundation for true success and with 46 . having said that. you purchased an item from a retail outlet and the manufacturer implies that there is warranty to this product. “Mentored by a king” promises no failures here in principle and I have to go into my treasure chest and present you to the priceless pearls required to lay the foundation for what you are about to discover. they are four pivotal reference points. but you must fill out a form so that the manufacturer can ascertain who the beneficiary to that guarantee is. notoriety and respect is worth noting. Let us look at an example. In order words without a full commitment in any thing for any thing to anything you will have miserable results. so within a set period of time you must send the information in so that the manufacture can assign the guarantee to the product. it is of no effect to you except you follow the instructions. Let us look at another example. but until one chooses to spend time in medical training and develops mental focus. until the consumer takes action and follow the specific instructions he cannot benefit form what is entitled to him. do you know that even though the manufacture has implied such guarantee.Mentored by a King Life has no real guarantees except what is implied applied. these pearls are proven to work for whosoever is willing to work them. the guarantee is void even though the purchaser is entitled to one. mind body and soul. there are many prestigious acclamations for a person becoming a medical doctor.

3. for then thou shall make thy way prosperous and then thou shall have good success 2. I have to do something. because when we say that there are no failures here. This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth but you shall meditate on it day and night that you may observe to do according to all that is written therein. but for me to benefit. but it is not. If you look at it from that perspective it becomes 47 . Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly nor standeth in the way of sinners nor sitteth in the sit of the scornful. I wish above all things that ye prosper and be in health as thy soul prospers. But his delight is in the law of the Lord and in his law he meditates day and night. we said that there are no failures here and that may sound paradoxical. Therefore I say unto you take no thought for your life saying what shall ye eat or what shall ye drink nor yet for the body what shall ye put on. we see that success has been promised in each of the text. so if you failed at something in the past it was not you who failed but the thing. Blessed is he who heareth my word and doeth it. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that bringeth forth his fruit in his season and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. 4. Beloved. we do not identify it to a person but an event.Mentored by a King a full commitment to these principles you should experience real success. 1. Let us look at the common thread interwoven within the foregone. But seek ye first the kingdom of God and all His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

because the reality is every moment is a fresh new beginning. In looking at the four. you’ll have to ensure that it lives in your being.Mentored by a King easy to restart your life where you are and begin fresh again as if to say you did not even experience failure at all. it is 48 . foregone pearls we see that there are guarantees implied but in order for me to benefit I have to do some practical thing. and this is explained more in detail. they are in constant repetition. and until I do what is required of me to do on a consistent basis the guarantees are void. the point is. We see the promises implied by the promisor but for it to be constituted to you. if you watch television lately there is something very rewarding for the producers. these compound truths are the bedrock within the fundamental body of Christ and works for the person who is wiling to work them Let us look at the practicality of what is implied to see how you could benefit. they are able to capture the minds of the viewers by the value of the commercials. in the second pearl we see that he is telling you do not have real close relationships with those who oppose righteousness. however when they are performed we are saying that there are no failures here. in the third one we see that He is describing a person whose heart is established and the outcome and in the fourth pearl we see the ablaze to the one who is committed in righteousness. or who are not thinking along the same lines. that is. but it is suggesting that the word of God becomes your internal commercial consistently. In the first pearl we saw that the King tells the protégé what he must do – Meditate in the word day and night. some are very funny I especially like the geico commercial.

the King wants you to have what he has. It becomes that through repetition. Moses was dead and the Israelites needed a leader so Joshua who lived in the shadows of Moses had to take the reigns in leading the people. all eyes is now on him. What happens to a person who hangs around something or some one you become it. The antidote for his success in leading the people was to take the word of God at face value and play it in his heart and mind day and night like a commercial. the brands you pay for and wear. the music 49 .Mentored by a King played over and over again so that it forms an image in your mind about the validity offer. because it is the fundamentals in this book. and it was what would establish his resolve. Let us visit Joshua. and in most cases it becomes what you generally accept as true or trustworthy. and want you to do what he does. so therefore Joshua had to see himself just as Moses saw himself. so he could not depend on him however the vision had to go on. yet you tend to believe it because of its repetition. it is so in your own life. and so his language his lifestyle and his legacy has to be adopted in place of yours. until he saw himself becoming what was promised in the Word. Moses had not completed the vision and there could have been elements of frustration. therefore in order for Joshua to succeed he needed to demonstrate his commitment to spiritual authority. Having established this let us see what it means in this context. although you might not know any thing about their validity. it was where his strength would come. wants you to see what he sees. like a commercial played over and over again you tend to believe it. Moses is dead.

He would not be able to extend to the height or level that he could become which is hidden within the whole commitment. would leap from the literacy and into his heart and mind and become all he was destined to become. in your life you are the end product of what you believe. Joshua’s success was tied to meditation in the book of the law day and night so that the profound reinforcements implied.Mentored by a King you listen to and the neighborhoods you live or want to live in. This text also gives you the picture of a tree bearing fruit. Again we see a guarantee implied but a requirement is necessary to bring it to pass. it is primarily based on what you hear and believed. and you acted on it and in many cases. and often time your resolution may be to go alone until you can find others who believe what you believe. Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful nor standeth in the way of the sinners but his delight is in the law of the lord — and he shall be like a tree planted by the waters that brings fruit in his season. however the end result is always about preparing you for the future. Let us look at another pearl. and the testimony of others stuck with you. what if you took the same commandment and do it. and so it is with you. but the things to note is that 50 . it is the reliance upon information you heard. We see that there is a guarantee that he would succeed but we also see a requirement for that guarantee to take effect. what would you become? Let us say that Joshua took the book of the law and did it for one full day and all day long but stopped.

although the fruit is what is enjoyed sometimes we fail to see what it is planted by. you have to commit to it. I like to say it this way those things are already in the ware house with your name on it. you lay claim to it by your obedience. Let us see two reference points. This ultimate guarantee is instructing you to put your priorities right. again we see the guarantee for fulfillment but a full commitment is required on your part so that you will succeed. but as that happens you will have the language and will power to make the claim that comes through association and submission to your King. that His will becomes your will. Two: Therefore whoso heareth this sayings of mine and doeth 51 . that you make His business your business as a first priority. but seek ye first the kingdom of God and all his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. I said that there are no failures here.Mentored by a King it is planted in nutritious soil that causes it to grow and blossom so that others can benefit from it’s fruit. and the residue will be you will be provided for. which is indicative of your full commitment to the foregone principles that will produce the desired results. The fourth pearl indicates that your success or prosperity is surged when your soul prospers meaning when you meditate in the word day and night you become the power house of force that cannot be shaken. One: He that believeth on me out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. Let us look at the third pearl Take no thought for your life what you shall eat drink or put o. The prosperity of your soul is a matter of your responsibility.

but He requires you to execute them by your allegiance surrender and obedience. when you do. are forecasted promises of success implied by your King. because in his kingdom there are no failures here.Mentored by a King them I’ll show what he is like. 23 He said Heaven and earth shall pass away but my word shall never pass away I know you want guarantees that are trustworthy. I encourage you to begin to see your life as an instrument in the master’s hand well equipped for service and as are a beneficiary of the commitments to righteousness as it is implied by your King. therefore we cannot judge or desire another person’s success by covetousness or jealousy but rather take your rightful place of true commitment and service in the King’s domain and let his word become the reality in your life. he is like a man who build his house on a rock and the floods came and the winds blew and beat upon that house and it fell not for it was founded upon a rock. 52 . and say to you. Within the passages outlined. and teach others he will take you by the hand.” well done thou good and faithful servant enter thou into the joy of the Lord” Mat 25. because he keeps his word. Your life total fulfillment and success is definitely tied to your commitment and obedience to true spiritual authority.

has many variations of emotionalism. the son has to learn discipline through obedience. the Father is well advanced and knows it all. 53 . and the son has to be retrained to think like the Father. these ambiguities can be strenuous in the relationship for a while in retrospect to the Father’s expectation. The Father has to have compassion and patience with the son because of the ignorance and naive ness of the son. the training and adaptation process has to go on because the Father a vested interest in the development of the son. because of the contrast involved in the relationship.Mentored by a King chapter 6 Like Father Like Son M entored by a King. you see the Father knows it all and the son has a road to travel.

when He said that I know that thou always hear me when I pray. they had heard or seen the many miracles that had taken place and so they held him accountable in part for their brother’s death by saying “if thou had been there our brother would not have died” with their requisition at hand. He faced the cross and asked that this cup passed but said nevertheless not my will but thine be done Let us look at the validity of the kind of relationship that was intact through this other story: The dead man sisters had close relationship with him. and at that time he says something very profound. and I know that thou heareth me always” John 11: 41b-42a although he was moved because of the relationship with that family.Mentored by a King Let us take a look at the relationship between Jesus and the Almighty Father and the teaching on prayer. that as an example He was extremely committed to his Father’s will being done. was also a friend to him. In his teaching he says when you pray say “Our Father to mean that you do have access to that quality relationship whether you are aware of. 54 . is to highlight the magnitude of the relationship between the Father and the Son. and asked one of his sisters to move the stone . “Father I thank thee that thou has heard me. or function in it’s accessibility. even when there were extremely difficult request made by the Father. but that dead man who was their brother. and his commitment to that relationship they went to the grave where he was laid. that opportunity was not available to humanity in it’s full understanding prior to it being introduced by Christ. the emphasis here. When he came to earth as the son of God the relationship was heavily guarded because of what he learned and understood about commitment.

why do people do the things that that they do.Mentored by a King imposes the fact is that relationship was heavily guarded and protected by both the Father and the son. spat on talked ill will about he did not again but committed himself to him that judge righteously. Your relationship to your heavenly Father is critical because of the people and places he wants to take you to. stoned. Like Father like Son is really about identifying the real truth about you so that you can make adjustments in your relationship with your heavenly Father. mentored by a King is written for the sole purpose of bringing you in a right relationship with God to the place where you will be elevated beyond the immediate discomforts of life and become a refuge to others. He was tempted on earth just like you and me. through your local church with a full commitment to your Pastor’s vision. for example when he was reviled. persecuted. It must be understood that this relationship had to be unequivocally secure in order that the request to raise Lazarus from the dead would be granted by asking. in this text there is a firm promise 55 . you shall ask what ye will and it shall be done unto you. Let us look at this text: if you abide in me and my words abide in you. and believe it or not we are living in a chaotic world and great questions are only answered by those who are committed to the principles found in a right relationship with Him. This chapter will also give illumination and definition about what contributes to certain behavioral patterns. prosecuted. Herein is the antidote for lifestyle change and the results you can expect. so that there would be no interference in the free flow of communication between them.

through a practical commitment to your local church because you may be reading this book and enjoying it but still feel you are on the outside. You may have done some horrible things in the past but if you confess your sins he is faithful and just to forgive you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness. In the following chapter we will go into more detail about the acceptance process but for now I want to introduce this grand invitation to you John 1:12 But as many as received him to them he gave the right to become the sons of God even to them that believe on his name.Mentored by a King and a commitment by the father to you. (God’s Word) when you make that commitment. however the son’s lifestyle must be under the watchful guard of the word. because there are many secret privileges afforded to you. 56 . believe it or not this open invite is for all mankind and you can do this through the process of adoption as we described in the previous chapter and you do not have to let any one talk you out of this grand opportunity of son ship. 1John 1:9 I must recognize that it is vitally important that I accept responsibility to ask forgiveness for the things I did deliberately or through ignorance so that I can lay claim to that perfect opportunity of representing him in the earth. you will experience an abundance of favoritism with your Father. but forgive you so that you can reflect the beauty radiance and newness of living. this about bringing you in alignment with a pure relationship with your Heavenly Father because although he has certain high expectations he is not going to condemn you. At this point I want to emphasize the extreme importance of cultivating and developing that relationship. Like Father like son.

and change you into the person you were destined to be. beauty and power in you than you are aware of. The real you has been created and designed to function at a maximum capacity with the ability to make a remarkable difference amidst your challenges thus bringing 57 . there are some who would differ with that assertion.Mentored by a King Let us look at this text: any man in Christ is a new creature old things are past away and all things are become new 2cor 5. By design you are a supernatural being. but I believe that because of my make up. The foregone is about emphasizing the fact that you have a true living and eternal King who is ready to receive you. just check your own fruit. Let me re-echo this again as have already been stated that we should make man in our own image and likeness that the reality is you are more like your Heavenly Father than you are displaying and that there is true greatness. help you. and when you can accumulate or have such and such you will be happy. The fact is you were created and design to be in fellowship with your King and to radiate his glory in the earth because there is a false sense of belief that is chipping away at your true value system that are appearing as true that is? If. however the purpose of this chapter is to illuminate the invitation process so that you will make a quality decision once you are exposed to proper information. and the reality is you are a son/ servant to some one right now. I believe that there is someone reading this book and finding new hope because this is about a total reconnection to the real you.17. a commitment on your part to discover that reality will definitely be overwhelming.

words and actions in your body. and it is that inability deep within that can impact the world you live in. By now you may be experiencing the surge of power. The real you is often influenced by the comforting things you hear and see which may be dangerous because everything you hear and see mat be short term. Your spirit controls your body. a response is an offense it is based on your enlightened spiritual perception. Let us look at an example. is controlled by your spirit. any decision that your body yields to is first decided on by your spirit. the good godly grand supernatural spirit and the evil or satanic spirit. the way you respond or react is determined by who you are influenced by. therefore everything you do. it is a calculated decision that shows who you are submitted to. Let us get deeper into the invisible you that is very powerful through association. I use the word respond and react because they mean two different things a reaction is considered a defense for example it is written in the past an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. how you react to is who you are submitted to Your body is like the glove your spirit is like the hand. you are a spirit.Mentored by a King others into discovering a real relationship with your king as well. and lives in a body which posses a soul. you have the ability to hear both at any given time. Lev. however the hand moves so goes the glove. 24: 20. have you 58 . There are two major forces influencing your spirit. without your spirit your body is dead. let us say that some one makes an abusive verbal statement to or about you.

Your regenerated spirit is already a grand happy. I remember when I met my wife one of the things I said to her was. this analogy is extremely significant because now you can focus on the things that are really important. powerful and hopeful character. 59 . right now. Remember it’s true worth and ability is designed by it’s maker it is full of splendor and beauty. the real you is a loving beautiful being and it is important that you are familiar with him because from time to time you will have many opportunities to put him on display when faced with real opposing challenges. 1Thesalonians 5: 23 And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly and I pray that your whole spirit and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of the Lord. fulfilled. but as we have discovered that this is not so. because the very thing that you want is already obtained by some one else and their happiness is not necessarily enhanced by it in fact have you ever gone to a garage sale? The thing to take note is that the very thing that they are practically giving away was at one time very valuable to them. I did not come into your life to take any thing away from you but to constantly create memorable experiences. today. forgiving. The fact is we have a right to celebrated by design. that the true value of a thing is defined by it’s purpose . in most cases most people are not aware of it. complete.Mentored by a King ever heard some one say when I achieve such and such I’ll be happy. what they are implying is that their happiness is going to be on hold now until that goal is achieved and the right to be happy is waived until such time when xyz is achieved. Jesus Christ. which is. and that we should use only high value statements to each other she liked the idea.

your spirit influences your body. Let us review statement and think. The above may have been repetitive and for some one who may not be aware of that component of you was worth repeating.That statement is widely used in all kinds of circles and now it is time to take it to another level in your life. well think. it is within that truth that we will be able to conquer all oppositions that stand in our way.Mentored by a King The principle feature here is that you are a spirit. it within the walls of that truth that we will show the language. and did you know that we all function at a the level of what we know. and that you live in a body and possess a soul. beyond what is physically seen or handled and that you need to be exposed to the (truth) information that can help transformed your thinking and thus your behavior. the truth is that he has come that you might have an abundant life. and you can always do the things you see him doing. whether it is a truth or a lie. you never see your self as a victim of a circumstance but a victor in that situation. Today is a new beginning for some of you and I want it to serve to remind some of you of the fine infinite stock that you are made out of and that you need to remind your self of such value so that when ever you face a challenge. what if you do not know the truth. the truth is your Heavenly Father loves you. and not to be conquered. The truth is you were born to conquer. because it where we will draw strength and power. you shall know the truth. the truth is you are a superior being. And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free John 8:32. the lifestyle and the legacy that makes the difference. and the truth is you can begin to make a demand at life 60 .

Once you elect to receive him into your life your life is no longer yours to do what ever you desire but to do those things that are pleasing in his sight it becomes time now to present your body as a living sacrifice and more so as an instrument that can be used by Him. and can elect to start the process. like Father like son is really about character and lifestyles Let us look at John 5:19 Verily. But you are not like that now you have been enlightened now and can see the magnificence of this great life that is available. where there is an abundant of life and a great reason for living life on the mountain top. you will find that to know him is to love him. verily I say unto you The son can do nothing of himself but what he seeth the Father do. remember we said for as many as received him to them he gave the right to become the sons of God. It is vitally important that you realize that you are a superior being and yes you may not be feeling it or seeing it or having it yet which may be the reason why countless millions of humans across the globe are so vulnerable and make horrible decisions. Discovering the real you is a fascinating journey because it puts you at an advantage in that you can do an evaluation and become aware of certain traits and characteristics or behavioral patterns that are not welcome any more. for what things he so ever he does these also the son does. what would be expected of 61 . Today you have options. for it is written he that believes in me out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. I like to present pictures so let us assume that you were a king in your community.Mentored by a King for the things that please your Heavenly Father. Welcome to the family.

fatigue. Mentored by a King is about developing environmental change.Mentored by a King you? Would you be highly respected? How would you make decisions? Do you think that others would look to you for answers to questions? What would you do differently? And that image is what I have tried to generate so that you never see your self at the bottom but at the top. no matter where you are because it is not so much about the environment outside but the high value factor inhibited within you. It is important. and that you are highly valuable to your heavenly Father. Take your place. 62 . laziness unproductivity. boredom. that high value factor. eliminates stress. and then life takes on new meaning. bad habits and it allows you to see everyone else through the same value system that you see your self. because like Father like Son your life has a compound purpose to live a victorious life and a perpetual desire to see others experience the kind of relationship that gives vigor power and the will to create lasting change.

Mentored by a King acceptance chapter 7 T oday starts a new day in your life. The beginning of a journey is usually very exiting. and 63 . I remember as a child under the control of my parents. and I also remember that we try to do everything possible to be good kids so that our parents would not get upset and they would keep their decision. some how the energy levels would be exhilarated at maximum height. it was always an exiting time when told that we were going somewhere on an outing. especially some where we had never been before. and like the day after a heavy down pour of rain the atmosphere teds to feel fresh and crisp and somehow there is that new burst of energy and a new feeling especially during the spring time. it generally feels like a fresh start. whether it was in the city or on some other leisure.

a coffee maker. Have you wondered why some of your fellow men are addicted to drugs alcohol pornography. it is a false sense that their image or self worth is not satisfied so these cravings or self sabotaging appetites take control. or How do I begin this new life. and our society is filled with 64 . You have an ability to believe that can and will cause that surge of power to come into your life and we will share more of that with you. so it is with mankind on a whole. a TV. The thing to note is that the event generates new energy and great expectation. the apparatus has a purpose but without being connected to an electrical outlet it is almost as dead. and then there is a long road to recovery that is often very painful isolated risky and miserable. robbery. like an electric iron. worth and value is severely diminished and destroyed for a lost cause. If you have read thus far I am almost sure that you may have questions or may be wondering what to do next. Let us look at the example of an apparatus.Mentored by a King often times as I recall the energy levels had more to do with what we would in the journey than the destination itself. gambling or just plain anger? It is because these traits and indulgencies are out of a desire to belong. without being connected to your Heavenly Father you are really living dead and the information at your disposal is to get you connected back to your Heavenly Father through your belief system. all of these appliances do have functionality but until they are connected to a surge of power they are ineffective. the important thing to recognize is that you may have been disconnected with the real source of power and energy. Your believing makes the difference All things are possible to him that believeth.

but it serves to enlighten the danger that so many of our fellow man find themselves in. Your life is not even so much about how successful or unsuccessful you are but about your eternal destiny and those lives you influenced as well. which is a regrettable lost cause because he has become a slave to it. pain. the end to which becomes a burden to the government or other authorities which is so vehemently despised. and true meaning because your life counts. the government. I know an individual who boasts his use of a control substance for over thirty years and the question I had was who else benefited from this useless habit? But then there is the debate or reasoning why he is subject to it like “ the evil system called “Babylon” big brother syndrome. V Hilliard) and as adults we are all where we are because of decisions that we have or are constantly making all day long. the foregone is not dispelled to magnify the ills in our society. notwithstanding there is hope and recovery and a grand open invitation with a strong arm to pull you out. You have a grand invitation extended to you by your King. restrictions by other influential forces so the blame justices the habit. who have mastered the complexities of life and now extends to you so that you to will discover the potential deep within to live a life filled with purpose.Mentored by a King anger. and here is the great other question let us say you lived a life on earth in great comfort you had all of the creature comforts and then you died where would you spend eternity? Or you might ask what do 65 . Life is choice driven we live and die by the choices that we make (Dr I. and fear that often overshadows the glimpse of hope. frustration.

Mentored by a King mean eternity? The following is very critical if we are going to make the invitation process fluid for it’s application because the real truth is you do have an eternal destination which makes you so unique and extremely valuable and your eternal destination supersedes your current physical anatomy. Mentored by a king is written and designed to help you accept this grand and exciting invitation to come to the Lord Jesus Christ and experience a great life change experience that lasts throughout eternity. so it will enable us to work from within rather than from without. life has new meaning. but to your amazement the person refused through ignorance. Let us say that you were a king that came to rescue some one in need of a life change experience. 66 . I can begin to evaluate my decisions based on destiny. It is important that we stress this truth. do you see why it is easy to understand that behavioral change can be very easy even though some may find it hard. you extended the offer. that is we stress the fact the that your worth and value is never hinged on the things that money can buy but rather by the intent and design of the architect of glory. you expressed the benefits of the opportunity. it is being dictated from above and not from beneath. the outcome of regret would simply be on part of the one refusing the opportunity and not so much the one making the offer. I become real busy now. now let us say you believe that. When I understand that. I become more conscious of whose I am and it is here that I realize that it not so much about what I can accomplish but it is also about life beyond here. time becomes valuable to me.

Mentored by a King He says “come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Key point: You may not be able to control all the things that come against you but you do have control at how you respond to the challenges you face. the compassion that we see in Christ is more about a good Samaritan extending his arm of favor to us than a just God dealing with our unjust and sinful humanity. have you ever found your self going somewhere and did not have no sense of direction or was just lost? There is usually a feeling of hopelessness that overtakes you simply because you were out of control. What man of you having a hundred sheep if he lost one of them doeth he not leave the ninety nine in the wilderness and go after that which is lost until he find it. And when he hath found it he layeth it on his shoulders rejoicing. and when he come home he calleth together his 67 . or out of control. take my yoke upon you and learn of me For I am meek and lowly and ye shall find rest for your souls” Mat 11: 28 The word “come” is both exclusive and isolating because although it is extended to all. The King says “come” There is parallel story about a lost sheep that is worth visiting for the sake of learning why you are so exclusively important to life and to the king. The truth is. and the reality is you were not meant to live your life lost. yet it requires your exclusive participation in other for you to experience the compounding results. wandering.

Mentored by a King

friends and neighbors saying unto them rejoice with me for I have found my sheep which was lost. I say unto you that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth more than over the ninety nine just which need no repentance. Luke 15 4-7. This is along abbreviation of what the general state of mankind really is, and that is why it is easy to forgive some one, once you are truly enlightened to this truth, because by reading it I see countless millions of lost sheep that are found every where in the market place, in the business world, at the grocery store, the salon and barber shop, in every affluent neighborhood, and the inner city slumps, in the prison system, and the free world and it is this trace of humanity that has led me to laboriously put this book together so that it will serve a means to lift our fellows brothers and sisters from perishing predicaments. This grand and exclusive invitation can be had, by exchanging your abrasive and callous lifestyle to a humble contrite acceptance by acknowledging the word; COME The word come means; to approach or to reach by or as moving forward toward. Webster’s new world college dictionary. A grand promise, in a chaotic world, that not only will empower you in your personal crisis, but will help you master the game of life successfully, in the midst of all your challenges. He knows, remember it was he who made man in the beginning and because of intent and design he says come and he knows that you have the ability to respond in kind He says come. One of the greatest experiences you can expect to have is the fact that this invitation is more about discovering who you are first, and then it is about

Mentored by a King

discovering who he is. Because in life we all function at the level of our knowledge, experience and ability, so what if you found out that you had more to life that you were currently dispensing? What if you were asked to walk on water? You see just because you have never done it or had never seen anyone in your family do it, does not mean that you cannot do it. I guarantee you when you choose to be mentored by Him through divine association you will see how amplified your life will be and then it will become your turn to look for some one to help. Mentored by a King is also about discovering a new spiritual environment that is largely influenced by the Holy Spirit and adapting to His direction for divine change and experiencing fulfillment as a result. Your life is worth more than all the world resources put together combined and therefore, it is not what well meaning but ignorant others say about you that matters, but rather it is what your Heavenly Father says about you, and it is imperative that you align your self with a continuous teaching that reinforces that truth. John 8:31 If ye continue in my word then are ye my disciples indeed and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Remember, we establish earlier that a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of things he possesses. Then what is the naked truth about its true value? it is eternal, meaning you will outlast every thing that you wish to have or is in your position right now, and therefore all of the creature comforts like houses, lands, blingbling, planes, boats, and so forth, are for the service of man, and the reality is while things make us effective in the execution of

Mentored by a King

assignments and transactions, they by themselves are of no value, in fact the real reality is, it is we who give things value, and not things, for example, what is wardrobe full of fine clothes and no one to wear it? What is a well built mansion with all of the fine furniture and great landscape with all of the amenities and no one living in it year after year? Or what is a fine automobile parked in a driveway and not being driven year after year? And what is a City that was once inhabited by tens of thousands but that everybody left? Even though I am repetitive here, it is to wash the old theory that have plagued past and present generations into thinking and believing that my value is increased when things are added to or is at my disposal, and that theory is what has plagued the multiplied millions into watching late night TV infomercials into believing that unless you are a millionaire your life is almost of no value, as if to say that it is a stand alone cure all for the challenges you face in life but let me reconcile this thinking, things like money houses cars credit etc, are simple tools, and they are servants which help make us more effective in the execution of assignments or transactions. This book is written this way, because we want you to adopt the principle into seeking first the Kingdom of God and all His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. Man is a spirit. Let us rediscover man and let us scrutinize this text “ Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” Mat: 4:4 ; Deut 8:3. So by definition man is not just a physical anatomy but spirit—infinite and your spirit is the biggest part about you When your spirit man is truly reconciled back to God

however when you choose to do so I must also caution you that there are going to be times discomforts. because when you begin to see your real value it becomes easier to reconsider the things you would normally tolerate in your body. we are all a product of the things we see or believe whether good or bad and each has its own consequence.Mentored by a King life changes in the physical realm. New behavioral patterns are adopted because of what is seen there. Your life is no longer directed by the information you hear on radio. but it is a time of pruning and discipline for 71 . television friends and family but on the supernatural information to which you now belong. from within Your happiness and victory in life is also influenced. You must commit to follow Him. therefore it becomes ok to adopt the language of the King. discouragements. Mat 16:24. The invitation process is open to all and it is a choice that you must make and the only optimized golden condition in the acceptance process is to deny yourself. If any man will come after me let him deny himself take up his cross and follow me. it responds to the things are heard in His Kingdom. we talked about the language I learned. and maybe even dissatisfactions. your attitude can even be obnoxious because some how your confidence level is not contained in the ordinary things that others recommend but now you take on the lifestyle that is superior than normal. Think of it. the language of the King says “all things are possible” your spirit man is the reception port and is the most dominant part about you because when influenced by the word of God you are in empowered to change.

Let us look at another witness Mat 10:1 And when He had called unto Him his twelve disciples he gave them power against unclean spirits to cast them out to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease. Gen 1:26 Let us make man in our image and likeness. to have dominion. and let them have dominion. it is then and only then you will truly begin to live because at that point your language will change. the emphasis is looking at the intent and good pleasure of your Heavenly Father.Mentored by a King the great journey ahead because you will need to be cleansed from the old way of thinking and living so that you can be infused with divine power so that you can deal with the mediocre circumstances challenges and chaos that you will confront. If you can get to this point where you can receive the Holy Spirit in your life. This has always been the heart and intent of the King that his son (you) would be just like him. Life is filled with tremendous challenges and yet we have all been placed here to rule. we have established that words are the expression of thoughts or thinking and it is written Proverbs 23:7 As a man thinketh in his heart so is he. The heart and intent of the King is to empower each and every one of his sons with the ability and power that makes a difference Acts 1:8 But ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you. We are endeavoring to take you to the place where you will see your self adopting the 72 . Luke 11:13 If ye being evil know how to give good gifts unto your children how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him.

and there is nothing wrong with that statement. Remember we are all a product of the things we see hear associate and cultivate A person who sets foot in an advance academic institution and chooses a specific discipline will adopt the language associated with it. and with that you have now become his voice in the earth his language is your language in the second chapter we talked about the adoption process. I remember as a young boy growing up my older brother had big dreams of become an electronics technician. so form time to time he would find and old radio and take it apart and at the same time because the was no technical schools on the island he would learn the theory of it through correspondence. 73 .Mentored by a King language of your King because of his commitment to you and the opportunity to be filled with his spirit. have you ever heard some people say that is how my mother or my father did it so I am going to do it this way. other wise you make your mother and father your mentor and that is why you may be having mediocre results. and with intensive desire almost every time he had an opportunity to speak on a subject he would talk about the components that make radios work from the direct current through to the speakers. but that was his desire. but it is equally wrong to assume that you cannot make changes for the better. and the emphasis was for the purpose of illustrating the rights and privileges of being adopted and experiencing true son ship Let me state here that mankind has fallen to such a low state that he thinks that where he is that is where he is supposed to be. in those days radios and television was a rare commodity in that part of the world.

it was in his heart mind and being. his will becomes your will. it begins with you first recognizing the new stock that you are made out of. So how do I develop the language of the king I have to associate with Him. The point. thus affecting and influencing others. saying not my will but thine be done. your language defines your attitude. Remember there is a language that is established and instituted for you. language defines your authority. This is about a lifestyle change. and a willingness on your part to make a real commitment to being associated with your king you will learn his language. that is in conflict with every thing that is natural and logical. that you and I recognize his Lordship representing the highest order of life.Mentored by a King what was he doing? He was adopting the language he had learned from what he was taught by the institution. and his confidence was being built up every time he shared in information. Words are the expression of the heart and they are what is formed in your spirit and is usually what is accepted as a description of something right or wrong. about the life changing and life transforming experience. 74 . you will have the answers to solve problems for you and others. and by design you were made and design to function in consort with his expectation. he later went on to Canada and did an advanced course of studies and later on became one of the country’s most proficient electronics technician and built a thriving business as a result. is he adopted the language associated with the profession and every opportunity he had he would share that to those who would listen. and your attitude will generate the results you will have. remember the king is always in authority and so will you.

there is something very powerful about the things you say. you go there and tell them laughing you are not a smoker anymore and you will see the results you will have in this small personal matter. old languages. It is so ironic that when you make the full commitment to be mentored by Him through divine association you will begin to live your life within the possibilities and not the defeat. old things are passed away. and that it is beneath you. 75 . You have to develop your own personal advertising campaigns about where you are going or what you want to be over and over again so that it becomes true to you so that every thing else becomes less tolerant to you. your own personal campaigns about your life begins. old definitions. and that if monkeys and dogs cannot share it. why should I? I am better than that and two tell everybody that you are not a smoker any more.Mentored by a King that is filled with joy peace and great expectation with the full support of His kingdom. but what can be and the reality of the new you For example. even the places where you used to purchase it. a new way of thinking a new passion for living. and all things are become new. let us say you are a smoker trying to quit. and other people begins to believe it and you victory is reinforced by the support of others. you van begin a new campaign now by doing two things one tell your self your body was not designed to practice this foolishness. and now you have successfully quit because you read this book and received the help you needed to change the course of your future. old thinking. The new language is not what is. and in this case because you tell everybody that you are not a smoker any more you begin to believe it. and so.

you have a relationship with your spouse and there are challenges or discomforting moments remember good always overcome evil so you must begin a personal campaign on expectation by calling your spouse blessed and anointed to prosper Begin to say my husband/wife is a son/daughter of God and I commit to treat Him/Her with the highest respect and honor. my attitude to him/her is of a servitude nature he/her is perfect for me.Mentored by a King Let me give another illustration in the case of a relationship. giving honor unto the wife as the weaker vessel as being 76 . therefore on purpose I began calling her princess and of course she loved it even though she did not always act as one I had to turn up the campaign to call her princess on purpose for two reasons because feelings follow words the description princess reminded me of who I was addressing and two in the kingdom of God real men treat their wives with the highest respect and honor see 1Peter 3:7 Likewise ye husbands dwell with them according to knowledge. it is important that you set safe guards in place to protect that interest. in the presence of God When you commit to this campaign and tell others about it. He/her drinks of my cup. and we are a big blessing to each other because we function as one. I remember when my wife and I got married I suggested to her that we should only use high value statements to each other. Therefore your behavior and language must be consistent toward this campaign to do everything possible to help it come to pass. is what is in your heart and you are declaring the possibilities as real by calling those things which be not as though they were. your contribution and expectation. when you are committed to this new you.

and believe those things which he sayest shall come to pass he shall have whatsoever he sayeth Mark 11:23b Your verbal campaigns coupled with your daily activity will cause you and others to leapfrog towards the desired results coming to pass. remember death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love either shall eat the fruit there of ---. and are not moved by what you see but by what you believe. Marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman and an honorable thing meaning that both parties are at an honorable state. This principle works whether you believe it or not. but there is a promise about your heritage Ps. 13:4 Marriage is honorable in all. therefore in conclusion let me remind you that your challenges are manageable and they are not out of control the next time you are faced with a challenge ask yourself this question. Today you can develop a campaign that your kids are doing well and that they are blessed. some go through what I call dumb days syndrome ask your self when you were young. 147:13 For he have strengthen the bars of thy gates he have blessed thy children. it may not be a reality yet but your campaign will generates an awareness that will cause you and others to believe it and make verbal contributions to your advertisement. or do I have an opportunity? 77 . is this an opposition. you choose your words based on what you believe despite of what’s going on around you.Mentored by a King heirs together of the grace of life that your prayers be not hindered Heb. Let us this same principle towards children.

so here is how to crush this killer giant when looking at the price. our mobility and independence is greatly affected by the price of gas. the moment you walked into your automobile and sees your tank full the price is not a factor any more. In summation remember this “Mat 9:29b: according to your faith be it unto you”. He always win and so will you!! When he faces a challenge it is not a time to panic through frustration but immediately he looks at his options which one to serve best. just keep your tank full as much as you can.Mentored by a King Your perception makes the difference. the moment you do the pain goes away. 78 . Remember you can leapfrog into your future by reminding your self who you are and where you are going. your personal campaigns are critical the outcome. Let me add an every day scenario. and that commodity is precariously very important to most of us living in a large city. Developing the language of the king is a must if you are going to experience victory. we live in an economy where we experience the fluctuation of gas prices going up or down. Your faith is always released by the words of your mouth. I just find that this little trick works every time.

there are some who function in the capacity of a would be role model but despise being called that because of the responsibility that is often required in the role which is in conflict with their lifestyle so they may function but yet refuse the acknowledgement. Webster dictionary describes the role model “as a person who is effective or inspiring in some social role/job and serves as a role model for another” This chapter will not only give you a description of the intimate relationship between you and your mentor but it will also show you the value of the role model for which you 79 .Mentored by a King The role model chapter 8 T here is plenty of talk about role model today.

legal. technology. and the architect of life knows the safe passage to the other side. and with a genuine commitment to his plan if you will take the initiative and come to him you will be given the ability to master the complexities of life. once they understand who the market gravitates to. Each and every day multiplied millions of consumers make their purchase decisions based on that decision. Would you constantly make bad purchases and be happy about them? I think not in fact most people like to make decisions that they are happy about. within industries like auto. in their effort help market their products. In the ever expanding global market place merchants are hungry for the next great personality they can put their hands on.Mentored by a King want to become. Luke 9:23 And He said to them all if any man will come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. that person is sought after for the sole purpose of associating their product with that him/her. Golf clubs and medical. in the next few paragraphs we will analyze the significance of the role model. and a lifetime commitment to follow a proven pattern of success is the buried treasure 80 . arts. it is the name that they trust. If you live long on earth there is a guarantee that you are going to face a challenge whether in yourself. because your life decisions cannot be constantly handled by misjudgment. We’ve established that life is choice driven. savvy buyers who can afford it often go for the best simply because they want to be sure that there is minimal tolerance for error in their decision. your children or a situation. we live and die by the choices that we make.

Heb: 6:12. As I write this chapter it gives me great joy to tell you that your life is really not your own and its success is tied to following proven leadership. ye be not slothful but followers of them. That. For a seamstress to be effective at dressmaking she has to follow a sequence of patterns for her to be effective. and it is fitting that you have one so that you can aspire to become like or even greater. not by comparison and competition but through submission and association. so it would save time and disruption when addressed initially. A role model is a must.Mentored by a King within this book and it is my hope that as you unfold it your life will be transformed so that those whom you serve in any category of life will find service beyond service and that they too will find you’re a mirror for their own. because you do not want to hit at nothing. it would definitely give you ammunition for what is expected. is who is your mentor? And even in the selection of a spouse this question is relevant. who through faith and patience inherit the promises of God. At the end of this chapter we will show examples of those who literally followed others. A role model is a pattern. I find that one of the most profound questions you could ask some one. A builder has to follow the blue prints of an architect in order to construct the building designed at the pleasure of the owner. because it gives you a picture of your future spouse. In the sports and entertainment industry most 81 . and they themselves became leaders and were an almost replica of the persons that they followed.

reactor. be careful whose advice you follow. lack of discernment. Your success in life is tied to those you follow and the cumulative reasoning is that you follow a leader so that you become a leader for others to follow. its capital value is worth more than you can dispense in your lifetime. It is extremely important to submit to proven leadership so that the outcome of life can be guaranteed. to a victorious happy fulfilled increasing lifestyle. now let us identify how to adapt and make changes. In industry these truths are engraved within their ideals that replicate their success. it has the potential to leapfrog your life from a mundane.Mentored by a King prominent and up and coming professionals will tell you that they give a lot of credence to some one who inspired them to achieve their success They followed a proven pattern of success. We have reviewed the fundamentals. Princeton there are certain expectations that society look for from its graduates why? Because they have been taught by the best presumably in their profession and so the outcome is to show the dual viability of the institution and the training received by the student whose purpose is to create leaders tomorrow. The foregone is simple yet profound. Man shall not live by 82 . dry. Yale. this book highlights who you are spiritually and because it serves a means to connect you to your spiritual Father. no vision. unfortunately there are those who follow extreme and horrible advice in our community that lead to destruction and yes they to will also attest to the fact that they followed some one. for example in institutions for higher education like Harvard. so it is important to stay focused on the spiritual aspect to effect change.

John 3:16. and what your significance is to God the spiritual reality is that you are precious to Him. what would you do differently? A great local church is a place that influences you to think different so that you can act different. it is important that you find a local church and other ministries that can teach you the uncompromising word of God so that you can be lead to discover who you are. Most of do what we do. For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoso ever believeth in him should no perish but shall have everlasting life. is the voice of God John 8:47 He that is of God heareth God’s words. Let us revisit the spiritual reality of you so that you will see the great reason why you cannot be a lone ranger in this exercise. in order for you to be led to God you must hear the voice of God. and we are largely influenced by what others have told us. “man shall not live by bread alone’ The make up of man is definitely three fold but in this instance we will dwell on the spirit and the body. the spiritual reality of the Lord Jesus and believe that God has raised Him from the dead and as a result we get to share in the eternal life of God. so what if you grew up in an environment that was perfect.Mentored by a King bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. just as the health of the body is determined by the quality of food intake the health of your spirit is also determined by the quality of word intake 83 . because of the way we think. the word of God. In order words we have been given an option to believe through a verbal acknowledgement from the heart. Your actions always display your thoughts.

remember this book is about the lessons learned. Let the (word of God) his language dwell in you richly and therefore seeing life through his vision. because when you go after it. and legacy left behind. however. you will notice the difference in style and output. and in this chapter we are talking about the role model and your language associated with him you may be adopted. if you look at certain television programs. Let us look at a physical reference point so that we can reinforce this important element to change. and get filled with it. and your life is longer yours but now it has become an instrument for divine use in the master’s hand.Mentored by a King 1 Peter 2:2 As new born babes desire the sincere milk of the word of God that ye may grow thereby. it is not just about you changing but it is also about you advancing the change with a cause to lead others to believe that they to can find the strategy necessary to navigate through life’s challenges. Col: 3:16 Let the word of God dwell in you richly in all wisdom. teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord The emphasis here is to let the word of God dwell in you. Change is inevitable. you can quickly identify the difference. and with a tweak of intuition. they function a certain way and 84 . you become it. which is all managed by a team with a specific vision. which implies that there is nothing automatic about it. I am literally taking you by the hand and leading you in seeing the fulfillment process. but now you have to adapt to new the language of the king which identifies the change. therefore your life is fully embolden with the truth. the language adopted.

almost every successful champion will tell you how they arrive at such level of attainment and in their repository you will always here them talk about some one who inspired them to become or achieve their goal. when that becomes fundamental it is easy to see the way you speak about some one who is where you want to be is crucial because in essence you are speaking about your future. in the sports or entertainment industry.Mentored by a King their difference is the language. Latin. Asian. In spiritual matters your local Pastor is your mentor. “Mentored by a King” is about you being influenced to manage and live your life at position of victory and authority. in essence we are a product of the environment we choose. it is also about you developing the language that makes and identify you as a brand. in the building industry most architects will produce a rendering of the proposed project before it is built and in some cases a picture is posted on the project site saying “future home of xyz” Who is your future you? If you can identify your mentor it becomes absolutely necessary to build and promote a genuine relationship between you and your mentor. This book is about helping you evaluate your life decisions and it is largely directed to your spirit man. or European community chances are you would speak or be influenced by the language. if you grew up in a French. A mentor is a picture of the future you. they also talk about their commitment 85 . Key point: they are know by their language You will find the same thing also applies within the various ethnic groups or cultures.

to take one’s model or pattern. it is very important that that you feel that way because that high standard is in place so that you can look at your own life progression. Who then is a faithful and wise servant whom his lord hath made ruler over his household to give him meat in due season? Blessed is that servant whom his Lord when he cometh shall find doing.Mentored by a King that brought them their success. and you must become accountable to their specific vision. to act the same as. to become like in appearance. you can still be mentored through books tapes and other correspondence. Verily I say unto you That he shall make him ruler over all his goods.mimic. then you must find a man of God on whom the spirit of God is. if your current condition limits your mobility or physical contact. to make a duplicate copy of. in every city and community there are spiritual community leaders that are available for this cause. In Webster’s new world dictionary the word imitate means to seek to follow the example of. Let us look at Mat 24: 45-51. impersonate . who is living holy according to His standards who you can imitate. but and if that evil servant shall say in his heart my lord delay his coming and shall begin to smite his fellow servants and to eat and drink with the drunken. When you find that special gem that God has placed before you. it may be difficult at first you may feel that you cannot measure up. If you are going to imitate God and he is a spirit. It is written in Eph:5:1 Be imitators of God. It is safe to say that we are a product of those we imitate. this was a mouth full but it is clear to see the importance of identifying your spiritual mentor. the lord 86 .

The importance of your commitment is to train you to develop the character necessary for your own growth. And shall cut him in asunder and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.Mentored by a King of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him and in an hour that he is not aware of. your faithfulness is measured by your commitment to it and it requires a denial to self and submission to the order Let look at Mat 25:21 And the Lord said unto him well done thou good and faithful servant thou has been faithful over a few things I will make the ruler over many things enter thou into the joy of the Lord. As we come to a close of this chapter I promised to show you a catalog of both historic and contemporary men and women who chose that path and became successful themselves The path for your spiritual success has already been paved you just need to find it and apply it Here is the list:mentored by Abraham David Solomon Joseph Jacob Jesus Melkisideck Jessie David Israel Isaac God the Father 87 . This text shows the opportunity in serving in some one else’s vision but it also requires you to be consistent to the end.

I ask you today to take the initiative and commit to follow good godly spiritual leadership and watch your life soar to the next level.Mentored by a King Peter Paul Timothy Elisha Benny Hinn Kenneth Copeland Creflo Dollar I V Hilliard Paula White Michael Freeman John Benjamin Joel Osteen Add your name Jesus the Christ Holy Spirit/Early Bishops Paul Elijah Catherine Colman Oral Roberts Kenneth Copeland Fredrick Price T D Jakes I V Hilliard I V Hilliard John Osteen Add your mentor And the list goes on. 88 . these truths are clearly defined and the results have proven to be successful.

Within western civilization much is at stake during the national political campaigns. We are all affected by the decisions of others. the repentance process will allow you to take inventory in your life and determine whose tree you are and what seeds are you bearing.Mentored by a King chapter 9 repentance process E very tree is known by the fruit it produces and it is duplicated by the seeds it produces each one of us is either a seed or a tree producing some kind of seed. because although it is. yet it is not all conclusively so. “Mentored by a King” is written to help stretch your thinking beyond your world and it also helps you see others of whom you are a part of. and for some who think that their life is a private matter beware. because those running for office have an agenda that they are passionate about and 89 .

he was impeached for his role in an alleged scandalous affair between another consenting adult. the outrage was much about the office that he represents than the act itself. the end result serves as an indicator at the legislative governing body. As I write this book I think of the late nineties. even though it may be politically correct. but after this the judgment. 90 . All of us who are here have been given an invite to life and it will be required of us to give an account of our stewardship to it. which can affect the moral of the people on a whole. The legislation. since it is considered the most powerful office in the free industrialized world. and in this country it is considered the voice of the people. the general American media expressed outrage at the immoral decision by some one who hold such a prestigious office. are law makers who introduce bills within their constituent. and in some cases these bills can become law with and without conscience. and the last few years of the Clinton’s Presidency. I am giving light to the fact that not every piece of legislation is a good one. it may not be an electoral one but it is one which we will all give an account Rom: 14:12 So then every one of us shall give an account of himself to God.Mentored by a King much of it depends at the ballot box. Heb 9:27 And it is appointed unto men once to die. they represent your core belief system right or wrong. accountability and a commitment to family and therefore everything about the events that led to the impeachment became a part of the public’s interest. the things you do in life are not just nothing. that the office represents a moral standard for integrity. it was about the expectations of the citizens. Each one of us hold an office in life.

They were a very prosperous community. industry was at an all time high. let us say you owned an axe. they made an ingrown choice about how they wanted to live. it attracted even the most notable neighboring communities for their social form of productivity. when you climb on your bed at night to sleep your axe has no use to you. Will my society be better for it. for example. the folly is to believe that you can be protected within the walls of natural provision. Remember this. the value of your things is defined by it’s purpose otherwise it has none. it is an office with an eternal value. 2 Chron:7:14 If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear form heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Does the forgone include me? And do I have any obligation in this? Our society is filled with the “instant gratification syndrome” that is fueled by self preservation we want it now. insinuating that their prosperity was their defense. the things that I do. you really can’t So they lived and gloated and were frivolous with 91 . it’s value is limited to its use.Mentored by a King The emphasis in this chapter is to give you an opportunity to revisit the obligation to be reconciled to God for the sake of what your life represents. they lived as they wished and were satisfied with their status. holding no premise and accountability for activity that bring damnation. it may be time to take inventory and rethink. are they productive behavior that are teachable to my children. and so it is with everything thing else. but that community was also known for its sodomy.

admitting and acknowledging that in all my ways I acknowledge Him that He may direct my paths. by saying not my will but thine be done. is in the past you can begin today in the path to beginning a right relationship with your king and allowing his will to become your will. I call that risky business. Proverbs 14:34 Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people. We were design to function under His authority to do what so ever He ask and that I should do every thing within my power to keep that covenant. and just like a fish was not design to function out of water we were not designed to exist outside the safety net of God’s divine protection and provision. some of the things you did would you have done them differently? 92 . we were made to function in consort with the all knowing and all seeing God. Your life counts whether it is the hidden villages of Giraudel and Eggleston or the affluent cities of Manhattan and Manchester what you do matters and it does count for the destruction or longevity of it. This chapter is designed to help shed light on the plight of men but it is also about getting you to see the importance of making the commitment to become what you are designed to become. Every day in life you and I have the opportunity to live a life of total obedience to the laws of God and buried within the heart of man is the ability to live a faithful and obedient life toward Him. your past. What if you could relive your life all over again.Mentored by a King their sodomite behavior until it rained fire and brimstone on Sodom and even destroyed the neighboring city of Gomorrah their most trading partner.

and these appetites are the core reasons why there are so many misjudgments and they will continue to occur until you submit to divine spiritual authority Ps: 39:1 I said I will take heed to my ways that I sin not with my tongue. Job 36:11 If they obey and serve him. We talked about the awareness factor earlier and the repentance process privilege allows you to experience life with an abundance of power and blessing that is reserved for 93 . behold all things are become new John 1:12 But as many as received him to them he gave the right to become the sons of God even to them that believe on his name. As I write this book I am thinking of the day I was given this assignment and in some cases I would debate with the idea. old things are passed away.Mentored by a King In the days of instant gratification and the lusts to fulfill our human appetites it seems that we are out of control. the rewards that come to bear are without explanation. and their years in pleasures. totally reconciled to God 2 Cor: 5: 17 Therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creature. then I shall not be ashamed when I have respect unto all thy commandments. because it shows that when you commit to do His will it is always about helping others find purpose in their own lives. but as I went on the journey in fulfilling the cause. I will keep my mouth with a bridle Ps:119:5-6 O that my ways were directed to keep thy statutes. We are highlighting the need to look at the repentance process as an opportunity to begin a new life. they shall spend their days in prosperity.

Begin to see your real value and purpose and make that decision to rise from that mire by accepting the repentance process as an opportunity to make a fresh start In the next paragraph I will attempt to rivet the importance of the repentance process so that when you accept it your life’s journey will take on new meaning The word repent means to feel such regret or dissatisfaction over some past action or intention etc. greed and self pity. your life is to important to live in anger defeat and complacency. I could not write a fairy tale or a fiction.Mentored by a King those who choose to follow proven guaranteed leadership. division. as to 94 . animosity. What shall I render unto the Lord for all his benefits towards me Ps 68:19 Blessed be the Lord who daily loadeth us with His benefits Ps 103:2-5 Bless the Lord O my soul and forget not all His benefit. I wanted to write a book that unfolds the infinite part of you that makes a positive difference by discovering your worth and value and identifying the same in others. violence. A great well known historic figure asks in Ps 116:12. In ancient times. every moment is a fresh start and you can begin to discover the new you that is already here and is looking to be discovered by you and others. who forgiveth all thine iniquities who healeth all thine diseases who redeemeth thy life from destruction who crowneth thee with loving kindness and tender mercies who satisfieth thy mouth with good things so that thy youth is renewed like the eagles We are introducing formidable reasons to believe that no matter where you are in life.

in the same way we want to shed light on the exchange factor. A sacrifice:. you are an extremely important person to God. now that you have discovered that there is a new person about you. in chapter three we shared the concept of friends having a party and we talked about if you were having a party you would invite the people who you thought were close to you at least those who shared your common values.the act of offering the life of a person or animal or some object in propitiation of or homage to a deity You the one needing that opportunity 95 . Let us talk about the new you so that you can see the bigger picture. You are important to God and in this chapter we will get you that perspective so that your self image will triple in size which should make the repentance process a welcome idea. Some of you reading this may be in or know some one who is incarcerated and even though you cannot change the past. The repentance factor involves more than one party.Mentored by a King change ones mind about. Most of us are where we are in life because of a series of decisions we have made in life and for all of us although those decisions cannot be reversed yet we can regretfully despise them as reprehensible mainly because of whose we are and who we are. and to others and mentored by a King is about helping you discover the undiscovered new you that is filled with potential power and purpose. to yourself. there is one important thing you can do in your predicament and that is begin a verbal personal campaign about the new you. it involves an advocate a sacrifice and you An advocate is some one who pleads another cause.

we are bombarded by an out of control media fueled by the act of free speech. Rom: 10:9. thou shall be saved. And if any man sin we have an advocate with the Father. he does not think of you as less than but rather as equal to. I will go on a limb and say that there is no 96 . it is a personal decision that only you can make. that you deserve the very best and when you accept it based on the value you place on your self then your life has a new definition about who you are Your eternal destination is not cheap and so is your sacrifice which gives you insight into why there is so much chaos around and the plight of humanity is in such turmoil. Jesus Christ the righteous Hebrews 10:12 But this man. This is an exclusive opportunity for every one of the 6billion people who now lives on the face of the earth. the fact is when you discover that your worth and value is the principal reason that this quality of sacrifice was offered then it will give you bold reasons to accept it as valuable to you. That if thou shall confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and shall believe in thy heart that God have raised him from the dead.Mentored by a King 1John 2:1b. every one of the 6 billion can make a decision that can define their eternal destination. The repentance process allows you to take away the blindness that cloud you into thinking that mankind has no real eternal value beyond here. let us dissect that for a moment because your king is really smart and thinks of you as part of him. after he had offered one sacrifice (himself) for sins for ever sat down on the right hand of God And now all you have to do is to accept the written word as true by agreeing with the promise.

but if it die it bringeth forth much fruit. the cocoon has to go through a process of almost disintegration and with much success it generally evolves into a butterfly with an ability to fly and cover much territory. by presenting new information to the masses through the grace and application of the repentance process The repentance process brings a certain newness about it. Let us look at the development of a butterfly. So it is with you when you have that metamorphic experience your life goes to new levels John 12: 24 Verily I say unto you Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die it abideth alone. It is vitally important that you see the grand picture of what you can become so that your decisions for change can be most exciting. The same process applies to a seed within the shell of a seed is a tree and change for the seed takes place within the confines of the proper environment. earlier we said it is about change and therefore it is about you becoming new.Mentored by a King such thing as free speech. in fact in most cases many of our brothers and sisters need to be bridled. 97 . As author of this book it is my desire to generate a new stimulation toward the things that are really important that together we can reverse the adverse cycle of co dependence on addictions and ill will and encourage personal responsibility for the next generation. in it’s preliminary stage it has limited mobility. because in its current condition it is fixated in a shell and in some cases it can die in that condition even though within that fibrous stage it can be developed to fly.

Mentored by a King Your life was not design to remain in a non progressive state but growing and ever increasing Jeremiah: 29:11 For I know the thoughts I think towards you. I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly. From thereon you can go from an isolated condemned individual to a lifetime of total freedom orchestrated and provided by your King. thus allowing you to become all that you were destined 98 . that no matter what you have done you can still make a personal commitment to him whether public or private and he will forgive you of your sins The sin issue has to be deal with. The King has the authority to make decisions that seems unfair and unusual but it is the beneficiary of that decision who has the privilege of enjoying it. So he says Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved He makes that bold statement even though he knows you could die in your state but now if you have read thus far you can make the claim for a life change experience. The repentance process is really about taking your life from a mess to a message John 3: 16 For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten Son that who soever believeth in Him should not perish but shall have everlasting life. saith the Lord thoughts of peace and not of evil to you give an expected end. it is what separates you from the total access to his wisdom however provision has been made an it is a settled issue. John 10:13. it is a mark of distinction.

and ye shall find rest for your souls. both in promise and principle In promise Isaiah 1:18 Come now let us reason together saith the Lord though your sins be as scarlet they shall be white as snow though they be red like crimson they shall be as wool John 11:28-30 Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. for my burden is easy and my yoke is light. We are made and designed to function in consort with the rules and disciplines that make him proud to say to us “in you I am well pleased” and can be trusted with the holy things of God and live a life in the highest order of life In principle The opportunity to regain our rightful place before our king is a well thought out one. the execution of the plan has made it possible for all mankind in the best and worst conditions. The sin issue had to be dealt with. Forgiveness follows confession 1John 3:8b For this purpose the son of God was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil. so that each and every one have the access of receiving the free gift this principle is foretold in Romans 99 . Sin is disobedience to the divine will and a work of the devil in all forms and it is always a calculated decision. Remember we said if we confess He will forgive.Mentored by a King to become. take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I am meek and lowly in heart. Although it is important to recognize the fact of sin it is also equally important to recognize the forgiveness for sin.

Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses even over them that had not sinned after similitude of Adam’s transgression who is the figure of him that was to come. But not as the offence so is the free gift. the gem that has to be discovered within the pages of this book so that human 100 . And not as it was by one that sinned so is the gift: for judgment was by one to condemnation. In principle all access has been granted and now you can take your rightful place at this great banquet. the king says “come” Heb:4:16 Let us come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace in time of need. The truth about you is in part.Mentored by a King 5:12-19 Wherefore as by one man sin entered the world and death by sin so death passed upon all men for that all have sinned For until the law sin was in the world but sin is not imputed when there is no law.Therefore as by the offense of one judgment came upon all men to condemnation even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men unto justification of life. much more the grace of God and the gift by grace which is by one man Jesus Christ hath abounded unto many. for if through the offense one many be dead. once you discover your real spiritual heritage you will be able to live your life differently because of the vast amount of benefits that is available and prepared for you. For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners. much more they which receive abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one Jesus Christ. For if by one man’s offense death reigned by one. but the free gift is of many offenses unto justification. so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous. By accepting the free gift by grace you have the exclusive right to come boldly because now you are righteous.

This chapter helps sought out the myths about erroneous beliefs that has plagued many in their approach to their rightful place to the things that are noble. and we establish earlier any man in Christ is a new creature old things are past away.Mentored by a King behavior and lifestyles can be changed. since we’ve identified the repentance process as simple. So let us say you are in the company of others and every one accepts the theory that they are all sinners. because of the deep sacrifice already administered through the death burial and resurrection of your King Jesus the Christ. This truth is designed to encourage you to realize that you have boldness and power to overcome challenges frustrations and misconceptions about your life. Therefore. Let us now accept the account what his righteousness has done which has given us a righteous heritage For it is written in 1Cor 15:22 for as in Adam all die even so in Christ all shall be made alive. claim it as yours and begin to declare and function in that authority and privilege. Human behavior is a reflection of who we are. The truth about you is that you have a righteous heritage that’s worth discovering and once you find it. but you have just read this book and you also read your bible and you saw the new you and also saw you worth and value it is at that point that you rise up and state your position that you are righteous. and behold all things are become new. John 8: 31b-32: If ye continue in my word then ye are my disciples indeed and ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. As I write this book I fell like having a Holy Ghost 101 .

I appeal to you today that you do not have to accept a less than lifestyle on purpose because your rights are empowered by your spiritual heritage. you are standing between limitation and potential. Although forgiveness is available. Please say this prayer. Many of us function within the our cultures or ethnic groups based on standards that we are influenced by. yet you have to acknowledge the sacrifice and accept the process in order for you to enjoy the benefits. Seed time then harvest. you can magnify your limitation and depend on some else’s 102 . you must remember that Gods agenda is always people.Mentored by a King party because I understand the eternal significance that is involved here and it is our intent that this will serve as a catalyst to help change your identity about who you are. I say to you again today. and behaviors are birthed by the dominance of the influential. Heavenly Father I thank you for the gift of righteous I ask you to forgive me from all unrighteousness cleanse me with your blood cause me to know you now and fill me with your presence I commit to live for you the rest of my life Amen. Remember if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. and it is a vicious cycle that is not going away any time soon. your boss is a big pay master and the assignment to which you commit to will be provided for. the fall of man has created an opportunity for you to get involved in the work of helping and causing humanity to come to saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and he has promised to be your reward.

Verily I say unto you there is no man that hath left house or brethren or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands for my sake and the gospel’s But he shall receive a hundred fold now in this time houses. 103 . your view. Here is the ultimate promise And every one that hath forsaken houses or brethren or sisters or fathers or mother or wife or children or lands for my sake shall receive a hundred fold and shall inherit everlasting life Mat 19: 29. and sisters. he kept it and today his name has become a major brand within the hallmarks of Christendom see Gen 15:1. and brethren. with persecutions and in the world to come eternal life Here is the ultimate guarantee! He was called out to become a beacon of light to the world even though he did not have all the information but was assured by promise that he would be rewarded for his covenant commitment. analysis and actions from here on will deliver the outcome. and mothers and children and lands. His name is Abraham.Mentored by a King potential or you can develop your potential and diminish your limitation. And Jesus answered and said.

The tools to become a success is in your hand make a party invite some friends your life has new energy now. you can make a decision now to become a success today. we believe that this theory is erroneous and imbalanced. either liquid or loaned capital and without it you are considered outside the league.Mentored by a King In conclusion In today’s society success is labeled by the expense or the access of outward things. today is a fresh start. In the ultimate promise we saw that things would be added to your life. because even though you and every one else could go on to achieve that kind of success and neither of you never had a saving knowledge of The Lord Jesus Christ and you and those in that group could lose your soul. because there are no failures here. so there is nothing wrong with the access or acquisition of things but what we are concluding is that they are not a stand alone barometer for defining true success and that is why we are suggesting that you can start now because true success is being in total harmony with your king being fully committed to his will and helping others get to know Him through the gospel and to believe that he has promised to be your exceeding great reward. Closing Prayer 104 . There are many books in the market place today however unless they lead you to the one who can mentor you to serve others through a life change experience that causes others to know him it is all short lived and worthless.

Mentored by a King 105 .

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