15th February 2010 To whom this may concern, This letter has been prepared with the intention

of providing a professional reference for Thomas Roger Walker. My name is Leigh Devlin. I am the Operations Manager of Clayton Enterprises; a multi outlet hospitality company based in South East Queensland. I hold a bachelor of Hospitality Management. Tom Walker was under my employment until recently, as the Assistant Manager of The Central Hotel Bundaberg. Tom’s role could be summarised as the co-ordinator of all front line operations of a market leading, well known iconic hospitality venue. Tom’s role included the professional management of over 50 well trained, highly skilled staff; many of whom we’re older than he. In addition, Tom was responsible for the safety, care, and enjoyment of up to 4000 patrons each week. Tom is an exceptional communicator. He has a natural ability to effectively communicate with staff & customers in a positive manner, resulting in his overwhelming popularity amongst our people. He is a driven and motivated young man, who demonstrates great determination in achieving success for himself and for his employer. During his time within my organisation, Tom played a leading role in ensuring consistent sales growth, profitability, staff moral & the positive public perception of our company. Tom has a positive outlook on life, whilst always fulfilling his employment role in a motivated and professional manner. He is highly regarded & respected in the local community. Tom has a large group of friends and acquaintances; all of whom look to him as a leader. My organisation has a policy to encourage health & fitness amongst its employees. Tom embraced this opportunity, attending the gym and other sporting activities on an almost daily basis. It is not often that I will agree to write a written reference for an employee. In this case, I am only too happy to commit to recommending Tom to the REX Pilot Cadet scheme. Tom is an honest and integral man. During the 4 years working with Tom, he showed me unquestionable loyalty and commitment. He is an inspiring young man, capable of meeting whatever challenge he is presented. With Tom having chosen to aspire to be a successful airline pilot, I have absolutely no doubt that he will exceed within your organisation, given the opportunity. In my 16 year management career, I cannot recall any one employee that has shown such commitment, loyalty and passion for his / her role. For this reason I offer you my unreserved professional recommendation to involve Tom Walker in your Cadetship programme. Yours Truly, Leigh Michael Devlin Bach. Hos. Man Dip Man. (Hos.) 1/62 Electra Street Bundaberg Q 4640 leigh@claytonenterprises.com.au M: 0423 489 234

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