Michael Kurtianyk, Frederick County Board of County Commissioners, on the issues: http://michaelk2010.

com/site/the-issues/ September 9, 2010

Representing the voice of the people As a small business owner and a father, I have felt the highs and lows of the business climate this decade. I have had to adjust expenses in my business and at home, while trying to increase revenue. I understand what people go through as they fight to keep their jobs, and hope taxes aren’t raised. I know. I live it daily. Just like you. Leadership isn’t about who is right and who is wrong Michael believes that we need elected leaders who will work with our municipalities, not against them. There’s a way to reach a common ground on most issues and Michael will work tirelessly to improve the County’s relationship with all levels of government and the citizens of Frederick County. Isn’t it about time we elect a leader like Michael? Michael on the Issues The Budget The MOST important issue facing Frederick County now and for the foreseeable future is the budget. We need to continue to shrink the size of our government AND increase revenue through broadening the commercial tax base by being business-friendly. In addition to raising revenue in this manner, we must also look for ways to cut expenses. These cuts must partner with all entities, State/County/BoE and Local. My responsibility as a County Commissioner

will be to ensure that citizens continue to receive high quality essential services, such as law enforcement, fire and rescue and education. We must continue to look at every budget line item and see where we can reduce expenses. I propose that each division adopt a zero-based budget approach in which all expenditures must be justified and approved, rather than just the increases. Budget partnerships, specifically with the State and Municipalities, should constructive and not destructive. Every level of government serves the same people – the citizens of Frederick County. Anything less that cooperative dialogue is a disservice and disrespectful to our citizens. Economic Development Job retention, job expansion and new job recruitment are essential for economic development. If every company in the County added just ONE job per year, we’d be adding over 8,000 jobs in the County annually! As Commissioner, I will continue to promote Frederick as a great location for doing business with a strong, educated workforce available to employers. We need to foster an open dialogue between the business community and the educational institutions in the County so that we have students who are prepared to enter the workforce with appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities. We must understand our workforce. A large majority of the Frederick County workforce is in the Government Industry Area. That means we need to work with Federal and State Authorities and get more Government Agencies here in Frederick. That will allow for more high-paying “live here, work here” jobs and reduce traffic while improving quality of life and the environment. We must know our strengths and develop towards them. Education I am proud to be married to a wonderful Frederick County Public Schools teacher. The teachers do a great job teaching our children, who represent our future. We can do more as County Commissioners to “sell” Frederick County to prospective teachers. My vision is to have the BOCC, Chamber, OED, and the Tourism Council work together on speaking directly to college graduates about all that Frederick County has to offer. I would work closely with the Board of Education on reducing expenses where they can, while still maintaining high quality education for our area students.

Charter Form of Government Soon after being elected to the Board of County Commissioners, I will make a motion to form a committee to draft a charter form of government. I hope to have the support of two other commissioners for this important issue. The change to a charter form of government will allow Frederick County to speak with one voice to Annapolis, our municipalities, and other governing bodies, like the Board of Education. The Charter form of government allows for a more complete representation of the citizens of Frederick County. Waste-To-Energy Facility The current Board of County Commissioners has already approved moving forward with the waste-to-energy facility (WTE). When I first entered the race, I advocated for a “stay of execution” on the current waste to energy plan because of my concerns about the financing of this project, and the location of the facility at the McKinney site. However, after meeting with many experts on this topic, the most logical course of action is to proceed with the plans that the current Board of County Commissioners voted for. After extensive research, I have not been able to identify a viable, alternative solution on my own or with the help of others. We cannot just ignore and do nothing about our trash problem in hopes that a better technology will emerge. The Board of County Commissioners recently approved a motion to hire a consultant to study the financial effects of the approved Waste-to-Energy Facility. I approve this decision, as it will provide a third-party review of the most compelling argument against this facility, which is the future financial cost. We must act in a proactive manner so that we are prepared now, and in the future, to handle waste disposal for Frederick County residents. Michael Kurtianyk, Frederick County Board of County Commissioners, on the issues: http://michaelk2010.com/site/the-issues/
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