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2nd Edition: 2018

Instructions for Drafting the Letter of Commitment

Dear Applicant,

As stated in the Call for Applications, each institution applying for the ITEN Workshops must include and submit a
letter of commitment with the application. This letter must:

1. Contain a header and/or footer with the logo of the institution, name, address and contact information

2. Be addressed to:
Maryse Robert
Acting Director
Department of Human Development, Education and Employment
Organization of American States

3. State that the institution will:

a) Carry out all activities outlined in the proposal within the projected time-frame and indicated schedule;
b) Express their interest in implementing, together with ITEN, the ITEN Workshops co-certifying the
participants who successfully complete the course (at least 40 participants trained directly by ITEN; and
400 teachers trained by the trainers);
c) Assign an official of the Ministry or Secretariat of Education as the ITEN local contact and person
responsible for the implementation of the workshops;
d) Select and nominate XX participants from their school districts to attend the ITEN Workshop, and who
will train XX teachers after the completion of the Workshop (Please note participants must have the
skills and experience necessary to train other teachers; and at least 40 participants to receive the initial
training must be assigned and 400 to be trained by the trainers);
e) Provide all the necessary on-site instruments for the success of the workshop, such as venue, materials,
projectors, etc., which may be partially covered with the financial support provided by ITEN as stated
in the Call for Proposals;
f) Carry out the monitoring and evaluation as planned, including observing the teachers being trained by
trainers, community projects implemented, etc.;
g) Prepare midterm and final reports of the activity as well as participating on interviews and surveys as
requested by ITEN;
h) Reimburse the OAS-ITEN, should the Ministry/Secretariat or Institution cancel the workshop after
logistical arrangements have been made, including the return of the grant and fees already paid for the
specialists travelling.

4. Be signed by the official representative for the Ministry or the delegated authority of the Institution under
whose authority the activities in the proposal will be carried out. Signature must contain clear name and

In case of any questions regarding this letter of commitment, please contact Nathalia Khayat at or
+1 202 370 0685.

The ITEN Team