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Abstract nouns 2

Abstract nouns are nouns which we normally cannot see, hear, touch, smell
or taste. Complete these sentences with an appropriate abstract noun
formed from the word in brackets.

1. After dinner, she made an important ____________. (ANNOUNCE)

2. I'm afraid my English ____________ isn't very good. (PRONOUNCE)

3. If you want to achieve ____________ in the FCE, you wil need to study hard.

4. British Airways announce the ____________ of flight BA671 from Bangkok.


5. The ____________ begins at exactly half past seven. (PERFORM)

6. I had a terrible ____________ with my boyfriend. (ARGUE)

7. As far as I'm concerned, ____________ is more important than money. (HAPPY)

8. Do you think that there's too much ____________ on television? (VIOLENT)

9. If you can't stand the ____________, get out of the kitchen. (HOT)

10. I'm afraid I don't have much ____________ with lazy people. (PATIENT)

11. Do French, Italian and Spanish have any ____________? (SIMILAR)

12. He didn't show much ____________ when I told him I had split up with my
girlfriend. (SYMPATHETIC)

13. He always seems to have a lot of ____________. (CONFIDENT)

14. In all ____________ he'll pass the FCE. (PROBABLE)

15. The mountain reaches a ____________ of almost 6,000 metres. (HIGH)