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Abstract nouns 3

Select correct abstract noun for each gap to complete each


achievement 1. Congratulations! Cycling all the way around the Mediterranean is

a fantastic _________ .
2. Don't take your children to see that film. There's a lot of sex
appearance and _________ in it.

confidence 3. His _________ has increased since he went on that public

speaking course. He gave a talk to 200 people last week and he
didn't seem at all nervous.
4. I have a very good _________ with my boss. We get on very
experiment well.

invention 5. There is a _________ that I will be out when you get here
tomorrow. If I am out, you'll find the keys under the rubbish bin in
leadership the garden.

opportunity 6. In Biology, we did an _________ to see the importance of

light for growing plants.

quality 7. She's always worried about her _________ . She keeps

changing her hair colour and going on diets to lose weight.
8. She's been a teacher for fifteen years. She has a lot
unemployment of _________ with children of all ages.

violence 9. The two sides talked all day but they couldn't reach
an _________ .

10. I wanted to visit Josie in New York but I didn't get

the _________ . I had to go to meetings every day until late at

11. There is terrible _________ in this country. There are over

two million people without jobs.

12. These shoes didn't cost much but they are really
good _________ . They're leather and they're handmade.

13. To start with, Martin was in charge. When he got ill, Jill took
over the _________ of the group.

14. Which _________ of the twentieth century do you think has

changed people's lives the most?

15. 'What is the _________ from London to Edinburgh?' 'I think

it's about 350 kilometres, but I'm not sure.'