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THE NEWS SUPPLEMENT Pope to religious: Your hearts must be open 24-7 Caritas appeals for tent materials to aid Mayon CBCP pastoral guidelines for discerning
OF COUPLES FOR CHRIST evacuees the moral dimension of the present-day
moves for Charter change

‘Is Charter change really necessary?’
By Roy Lagarde

WILL Charter
change solve the
country’s pressing
Catholic bishops weighed
in on proposals to revise the
Constitution and stressed the
need for sincerity in fostering
genuine change.
The bishops did not
make a categorical stand
on the matter but called
for a “transparent” process
that would bring solution to
poverty, economic equality,
corruption, and human
rights violations.
The church leaders
also suggested the full
implementation of the 1987
Constitution, including
provisions on political
The bishops did not
identify any political clan
but they repeatedly said
that domination of dynastic
families have been a serious
threat to maintaining real
political democracy.
“Without conversion of
mindsets, the new political
wine of Charter change will
remain in old political wine-
skins, and merely end up
bursting the hope for a new
political culture,” they said.
Charter / A6 Catholic bishops arrive at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral to celebrate Mass at the start of their bi-annual plenary assembly in Cebu City on January 27, 2018. ROY LAGARDE

CBCP chief calls for end to ‘waste of lives’ Pursue the common good, Cardinal
tells diplomats, religious leaders
AS the police relaunched
its controversial anti-drug
operations, the head of
the Catholic hierarchy
appealed that it won’t
lead to further “waste” of
human lives.
Archbishop Romulo Valles
of Davao, Catholic Bishops’
Conference of the Philippines
president, urged the police
operatives to always follow
the law in dealing with drug
“We pray that the police
follow the prescribed
Papal Nuncio Archbishop Gabriele Caccia and Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle greet leaders
steps in implementing the of different faiths at the opening of the World Interfaith Harmony Week in Manila, Feb.
law… steps that should be 1, 2018. ROY LAGARDE
done in exercising their
responsibility as policemen,” DIPLOMATS and religious different faith groups and
Valles said. leaders share responsibility started the celebration with
“Let us inspire them to to work toward serving something very simple—a meal.
Davao Archbishop Romulo Valles, CBCP President, delivers his homily during the closing Mass of the National Conference for the
follow the necessary steps Promotion of the New Ratio in Cebu City, Jan. 26, 2018. ROY LAGARDE others based on the common For the cardinal, it is a “very
when they need to apprehend good, Cardinal Luis Antonio profound” way of developing
and as much as possible, we with revamped guidelines, guidelines, measures will of people dead. Tagle said. harmony.
make sure that we do not and the chief assured it will be implemented to prevent In one of their statements, Speaking to some “That’s why for the
waste any lives,” he said. be “bloodless” this time. human rights abuses. they appealed for an end to dignitaries and faith leaders Christians, our memorial of
The Philippine National PNP chief Director The CBCP sharply criticized the unabated killings while on Thursday, he said that Jesus is connected to a meal.
Police (PNP) relaunched General Ronaldo Dela the government’s war on calling for the country to “start a commitment to dialogue That’s where family is always
recently its “Oplan Tokhang” Rosa said that the new drugs that has left thousands healing”. (CBCPNews) must be the hallmark of every regenerated and the wider
institution with a view to the family is being called again,”
Church leaders tell PNP: Stop Nuncio to consecrated persons: well-being of everyone and
peaceful coexistence.
he said.
“Maybe during the week,

theatrics, just follow the law ‘Bring Christ to everyone’ “Let’s all work for the
common good for it will
in meals and different forms
of coming together, we will
serve our individual interest celebrate the love of God
CATHOLIC officials made a “Resolving the countless and good,” Tagle said during and how the love of God
clarion call to the police to ‘deaths under investigation’ the celebration of the 2018 could transform us to love
do away with and “theatrics” might be more necessary World Interfaith Harmony neighbors,” added Tagle.
and “exaggeration” and than providing bodycams Week (WIHW) in Manila. Proclaimed by the UN
rather focus on addressing in a relaunched ‘Tokhang’,” “But if we just focus on our General Assembly in 2010,
alleged abuses in its anti- said David. individual good and neglect the WIHW is an annual event
drug campaign. Cops who conduct the the common good then we also observed during the first
Bishop Pablo Virgilio government’s anti-drug suffer individually,” he said. week of February starting 1
David of Kalookan said the campaign will be clutching The Catholic Church in as a way to promote harmony
Philippine National Police Bible and rosaries, the the Philippines has joined between all people regardless
needs to do more to resolve Eastern Police District said. the global community in of their faith.
cases of extrajudicial killings. Authorities are hoping celebrating the WIHW with “If there’s any resource
Papal Nuncio Archbishop Gabriele Caccia arrives to celebrate Mass for the World
“They need not exaggerate bringing religious items Day of Consecrated Life at the Manila Cathedral on Friday, Feb. 2, 2018. ROY LAGARDE this year’s theme “Celebrating that could be tap for the
it. We’re just asking them to would help anti-drug the Transforming Love for promotion of common good,
abide by our laws,” David, operatives to convince POPE Francis’ envoy to the Papal Nuncio Archbishop God and Neighbor for the religion is one of them. And
who is also the Vice President drug suspects to surrender Philippines challenged the Gabriele Caccia said that Common Good”. the celebration of the World
of the Catholic Bishops’ peacefully. country’s consecrated men everyone, especially the In the country, the event Interfaith Harmony Week
Conference of the Philippines Fr. Jerome Secillano, and women to bring Christ men and women religious, brought together members strives to achieve that,” he
(CBCP), said. Theatrics / A6 in the midst of the people. Consecrated / A6 of the Diplomatic Corps and also said. (CBCPNews)
A2 WORLD NEWS February 5 - 18, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 3 CBCP Monitor

Vatican Briefing Conference addresses Catholic journalism,
fake news, and a ‘post-truth’ era
Don’t let technology replace real encounters,
LOUDES, France— Hundreds of
Francis says on Candlemas
Catholic media experts from all over
Pope Francis told consecrated men and women the world recently gathered to discuss
that they are called to have real encounters with the problem of “fake news” and the
their brothers and sisters, and that technology challenge of reporting in what has been
should never have a higher priority than time spent dubbed by some as the “post-truth” era.
with God and others. “Today’s frantic pace leads With the advent of the internet and
us to close many doors to encounter, often for fear a sharp rise in the number of media
of others,” the Pope said Feb. 2. “Only shopping outlets going online, competition to be
malls and internet connections are always open.” the first to report a story is becoming
“May we never look at the screen of our cellphone more and more fierce.
more than the eyes of our brothers or sisters, or The result is often a mass production
focus more on our software than on the Lord.” The and consumption of information
Pope’s homily came during Mass for the Feast of with few adequate systems of checks
the Presentation of the Lord, which also marks the and balances to verify what is being
22nd World Day of Consecrated Life. (Hannah published. Pressure is high to
Brockhaus/CNA) compromise fact-checking for the sake
of staying on top of a rapidly changing
Pope: It’s blasphemy to commit crimes in news cycle. Some entities intentionally
the name of God offer misleading information to promote
Pope Francis met with participants in a conference a certain agenda or sway public opinion.
on violence committed in the name of religion, Fake news can be hard to recognize
emphasizing that to use God as justification for because it often contains elements of
sin is one of the worst blasphemes, and something truth, but is mixed with inaccurate or Stack of newspapers. CBCPNEWS
religious leaders must work to combat. “The partial facts. This has led to confusion
religious person knows that among the greatest and a mistrust of information and the talking about fake news right now “is echoed Govekar’s sentiments. With
blasphemies is to invoke God as the justification for institutions providing it, experts say. central because the panorama of media the rise of digital media, she said,
one’s own sins and crimes,” the Pope said Feb. 2. An analysis of this malady and has changed.” information can be spread more quickly
Speaking to around 50 participants in a conference proposals for a possible remedy were With traditional newspapers in crisis, than ever before, but “the challenge is to
titled “Tackling violence committed in the name precisely the topic of discussion during he said, news is increasingly being spread provide quality material that people find
of religion,” Francis said that religious leaders this year’s Saint Francis de Sales Days by “a plethora of people who think of useful and helpful in their lives.”
need to “unmask any attempt to manipulate God conference, which took place Jan. 24-26 themselves as authoritative interpreters Osman spoke to the conference about
for ends that have nothing to do with him or his in Lourdes. of contemporary life on the internet.” state of both secular and Catholic media
glory.” (Hannah Brockhaus/CNA) The conference, titled “Media and This phenomenon, he said, “confuses in the United States, highlighting a
Truth,” was co-organized by the Vatican’s presence, at times very widespread, with decrease of trust in journalists. This,
In February prayer video, Pope urges global Secretariat for Communications and pertinence.” Because of this, addressing she said, is largely due to the fact that
French organization the Federation of the problem of fake news “means having journalists are perceived to be out of
leaders to resist corruption
Catholic Media (FMC). Other entities, the journalistic profession at heart.” touch with their audiences, and can also
Pope Francis in his latest prayer video places a
including nonprofit media organization Natasa Govekar, director of the be attributed to social media being used
spotlight on the problem of corruption, saying that
SIGNIS and the French bishops Pastoral Theological Department of to promote “yellow journalism.”
it is the root of most societal evils and praying that
conference, also participated. the Secretariat for Communications, “There’s this growing acceptance
those in power would be able to resist its allure. Speakers at the conference, who hold said that while technology may appear or reference for conspiracy theories
The video, released Feb. 1, opens with the dramatic various positions in Catholic media, to make communication easier than in or concepts that aren’t even factually
image of a young girl with dirty face and clothes discussed the topic from philosophical, past generations, “in reality it’s harder… accurate,” Osman said, explaining that
holding an infant, and who appears to be part of theological, political, economic and because we are inundated with images, in her experience, she finds that this
a group of migrants or refugees. “Corruption,” journalistic points of view. but without an education on images.” trend is often due to fear.
Francis says, “is not countered with silence. We Typically an event for French speaking “We don’t realize the power that they As Catholic journalists, “we know
must speak about it, denounce its evils and try media, this year the conference was open have and we perceive them as if there what answers those fears,” she said, so
to understand it so as to show our resolve to to international media and coincided were just illustrations that accompany “why are we not presenting that in a way
make mercy reign over meanness, beauty over with the Jan. 24 publication of Pope a text to make it more interesting,” she that makes sense to people and helps
nothingness.” Francis then closes his video asking Francis’ message for the World Day told CNA. “We don’t realize that they them sort through this?”
viewers to join him in praying “that those who have of Social Communications, which was arrive much faster and much more Other speakers also noted that the
material, political or spiritual power may resist any dedicated to the topic of fake news. directly than words,” and often words Catholic media have not been exempt
lure of corruption.” (Elise Harris/CNA) In comments to CNA, Msgr. Dario aren’t able “to ‘correct’ the choice of a from the troubling trends plaguing
Edoardo Vigano, prefect of the mistaken image.” modern journalism. (Elise Harries/
Find good readers for Mass, Pope says Secretariat for Communications, said Helen Osman, president of SIGNIS, CNA)
On Jan. 31, Pope Francis spoke about the
importance of the Liturgy of the Word, and the
resulting importance of having lectors who can
Catholic bishops join with rabbis, imams in Canadian religious liberty fight
proclaim the readings and the Responsorial TORONTO, Canada— abortion access. belief, and allows religious funds. This clarification of
Psalm well. “We must look for good readers!” he Interreligious leaders “An organization that organization to stay true to the new policy emphasizes
said, in off-the-cuff comments during the general from across Canada came has the explicit purpose of their communal identity and a distinction between the
audience. Good readers and psalmists understand together Thursday to sign a restricting women’s rights by beliefs. The new application activities and the beliefs of
what they are reading and can convey it well, statement urging the national removing rights to abortion requires each organization an organization when the
he continued, explaining that they need to be government to respect their and the rights of women to to give non-negotiable and government determines who
prepared by reading over the text before Mass. freedom of conscience by control their own bodies is unqualified affirmation of will receive funding.
When someone reads well, not “distorting the changing controversial new not in line with where we certain beliefs held by the The statement also
words,” this helps to create “a climate of receptive requirements to qualify for are as a government, and government.” includes five example of how
silence,” he said, which is important, because “it is federal funding of youth quite frankly, where we are Cardinal Thomas Collins eligibility is determined,
not enough to hear with the ears, without receiving summer jobs. as a society,” said Canadian of Toronto was among the with a hypothetical “faith-
“The changes to the Canada Prime Minister Justin speakers at the statement’s based organization with anti-
in the heart the seed of the divine Word, allowing
Summer Jobs guidelines and Trudeau when he discussed release. abortion beliefs” among its
it to bear fruit.” (Hannah Brockhaus/CNA)
application not only violate the Canada Summer Jobs “Many organizations examples.
the fundamental freedoms program Jan. 10. will be deemed ineligible “Example 1: An organization
Pope taps Scicluna to probe Barros
of faith-based organizations, Trudeau continued, because they are unable to whose primary activities are
accusations they also significantly impact “Women have fought for or unwilling to attest that focused on removing, or actively
After recently affirming his support for a Chilean the broader communities generations for the right to their core mandate and undermining existing women’s
bishop accused of covering up sexual abuse, served by their programs, control their own bodies, to be beliefs align with the current reproductive rights, applies
Pope Francis has named a delegate to examine often the most vulnerable able to choose for themselves government’s self-identified for funding. This organization
information that, the Vatican said, has since been in Canadian Society,” reads what to do with their bodies … values. These groups, though would not be eligible to apply,”
brought forward. According to a Jan. 30 Vatican the interreligious statement There are organizations that their views and actions are begins the list.
statement, “following some information recently signed Jan. 25 by 87 religious couch themselves in freedom accepted by law and by The next example
received regarding the case of Juan de la Cruz leaders, organizations, and of speech and freedom of the Charter of Rights and differentiates a situation
Barros Madrid,” the Pope has asked Archbishop institutions. conscience … when those Freedoms are being denied in which “a faith-based
Charles J. Scicluna of Malta to travel to Santiago Signatories included beliefs lead to actions aimed access to a government organization with anti-
“to listen to those who have expressed the desire representatives of the to restrict a women’s right benefit solely because of abortion beliefs applies for
to submit items in their possession.” In addition to Catholic Church and on what to do with her body, their religious beliefs or funding to hire students to
overseeing the Diocese of Malta, Scicluna in 2015 Orthodox Churches, as well that’s where we draw the conscientious objection,” serve meals to the homeless.
was named by the Pope to oversee the doctrinal as the Protestant, Jewish, line.” said Cardinal Collins. The organization provides
team charged with handling appeals filed by and Muslim communities of Diverse religious leaders The Canadian Conference numerous programs in
clergy accused of abuse in the Congregation for Canada. came together in Toronto of Catholic Bishops originally support of their community.
the Doctrine of the Faith. Scicluna served as the Federal funding the afternoon of Jan. 25 raised objections to changes The students would be
congregation’s Promoter of Justice for 17 years, requirements for the Canada and released the following in the federal funding responsible for meal
beginning in 1995. He is widely regarded for Summer Jobs program statement: requirements for the Canada planning, buying groceries,
his expertise in the canonical norms governing were added Dec. 19, 2017 “We … call on the Prime Summer Jobs program in a serving meals, etc. This
allegations of sexual abuse. (Elise Harris/CNA) stipulating that “both the job Minister and the Government Jan. 11 statement. organization would be
and the organization’s core of Canada to amend the In response, the Canadian eligible to apply,” according
Pope to Rota: There’s an ‘urgent’ need to mandate respect individual Canada Summer Jobs government issued to the Employment and Social
form consciences on marriage human rights in Canada,” guidelines and application “supplementary information” Development department
In a speech to the Roman Rota, Pope Francis including “reproductive process so that it does Jan. 23 about what situations of Canada. (CNA/EWTN
said there is a need to develop better means of rights,” or the right to not compel agreement or would warrant a denial of News)
forming the consciences of the faithful in the
Church, especially those preparing for marriage Vatican-China bishops deal is ‘imminent’, sources say
and family life. “How precious and urgent is
VATICAN— Several sources familiar
the pastoral activity of the entire Church for the
with a proposed deal between the
recovery, safeguarding and protection of Christian Chinese government and the Holy See
conscience, illuminated by Gospel values!” the have said the landmark agreement is
Pope said Jan. 29. This “long and difficult task” not only a possibility, but an “imminent”
requires bishops and priests to work untiringly certainty that could come to fruition as
“to enlighten, defend and sustain the Christian early as this spring.
conscience of our people,” the Pope said. Pope While no specific timeline has been
Francis spoke during his annual audience with given for the agreement, “I’ve heard that
members of the Roman Rota, at the inauguration it is imminent. And in China, in many
of the court’s judicial year. The Roman Rota is one areas and environments, it is already
of the three courts of the Holy See, the other two taken as a done deal,” Henry Cappello
being the Apostolic Penitentiary and the Apostolic told CNA Feb. 2.
Signatura. (Elise Harris/CNA) President of the “Caritas in Veritate
International” organization, Cappello
Vatican-China / A6
CBCP Monitor February 5 - 18, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 3 NEWS FEATURES A3

Pope to religious: Your hearts Stop loan sharks with fair
lending options, frugal
must be open 24-7 lifestyles, pope says
VATICAN— Usury is a grave first.
sin that must be fought “Human dignity, ethics,
by building more just and solidarity and the common
humane economic and good must be the focus of
financial systems as well as economic policies,” he said.
by teaching people to live Measures should be enacted
within their means, Pope to discourage practices that
Francis said. then push people to turn to
The practice of usury unethical lenders, such as
-- lending money at legalized gambling, which is
exorbitantly high interest “another scourge,” the pope
rates -- “humiliates and said, that “grabs you and
kills” just like a snake by kills you.”
“strangling its victims,” the “Usury is a grave sin; it kills
pope told members of an life, tramples people’s dignity
Italian association dedicated and is a vehicle for corruption
to fighting usury and loan and impedes the common
sharking. good,” he added.
“It is necessary to prevent According to studies
it, saving people from the on payday lending in the
illness of debt incurred for United States by the Pew
subsistence or for saving Charitable Trusts, 58 percent
one’s business,” he told the of those who turn to payday
delegation at the Vatican lenders have persistent
Feb. 3. difficulties in paying their
But prevention also should monthly expenses rather
include teaching people to than find themselves facing
live a more frugal lifestyle, an unexpected temporary
he said. emergency.
People need to be able to Severe financial
tell the difference between desperation drives 37
what is “superfluous” and percent of borrowers to
Nuns from different religious congregations attend Mass for the feast of the Presentation of the Lord and the World Day of Consecrated Life at the Manila Cathedral, February what is absolutely necessary, accept whatever terms are
2, 2018. ROY LAGARDE he said, while learning to offered while the majority
never take on debt for things of borrowers -- 78 percent
VATICAN— Lift up your eyes from your women and men belonging to religious must never “toss aside” the elderly that one could live without. -- are unaware of the huge
smartphones and see your brothers and orders, began with the traditional members because “if the young are “It’s important to recover cumulative costs and time
sisters, those who share your journey blessing of candles and a prayer that called to open new doors, the elderly the virtue of poverty and required to pay back such
of faith and those who are longing for God would guide people toward his son, have the keys.” sacrifice: poverty, to avoid loans, which often results in
the Word of life, Pope Francis told “the light that has no end.” One’s brothers or sisters in the becoming a slave to things, repeated borrowing, the Pew
consecrated men and women. In his homily, Pope Francis focused on community are a gift to be cherished, and sacrifice, because one studies said.
“Today’s frantic pace leads us to close a series of encounters: between people he said before adding a plea: “May we cannot receive everything in An average payday loan
many doors to encounter, often for fear and Jesus; between the young Mary never look at the screen of our cellphone life,” he said. carries an annual percentage
of others,” the pope said in his homily and Joseph and the elderly Simeon and more than the eyes of our brothers or The pope praised the rate of 300 to 500 percent
for the feast of the Presentation of the Anna; and between individuals and sisters, or focus more on our software association’s work in saving and is due in a lump sum
Lord and the World Day for Consecrated members of their religious communities than on the Lord.” more than 25,000 families on the borrower’s next
Life. “Only shopping malls and internet or their neighborhoods. Pope Francis said strengthening the in Italy from loan sharks, payday, according to the Pew
connections are always open.” “In the Christian East,” the pope intergenerational bonds in a religious thereby helping them Charitable Trusts.
Yet believers’ hearts must be open explained, “this feast is called the community also is an antidote to “the save their homes or small Approximately 12 million
as well, because every believer receives ‘feast of Encounter’: It is the encounter barren rhetoric of ‘the good old days’” businesses and recover their Americans use payday
the faith from someone and is called to between God, who became a child to and the only way “to silence those who human dignity. loans annually, spending an
share it with others, the pope said at the bring newness to our world, and an believe that ‘everything is going wrong At the root of every average of $520 in fees to
Mass Feb. 2 in St. Peter’s Basilica. expectant humanity.” here.’” economic and financial crisis, repeatedly borrow $375, it
The feast day commemorates the The pope, himself a Jesuit, told the Religious life, with its vows of poverty, he said, lies a worldview that said in a 2015 report. (Carol
40th day after Jesus’ birth when, religious that their own journeys were chastity and obedience, always has puts profits, and not people, Glatz/CNS)
in accordance with ancient Jewish “born of an encounter and a call” which, been countercultural, he said. And
practice, Mary and Joseph took him to while highly personal, took place in yet it is the source of true freedom ‘Rambo’ the hero: Dog saves nuns from fire
the temple and presented him to the the context of a family, a parish or a because while “the life of this world
Lord. The feast’s Gospel reading from St. community. pursues selfish pleasures and desires,
Luke recounts how the aged Simeon and Members of religious orders must the consecrated life frees our affections
Anna, who were praying in the temple, realize that they need each other—young of every possession in order fully to
recognized Jesus as the Messiah. and old—to renew and strengthen their love God and other people.” (Cindy
The Mass, attended by thousands of knowledge of the Lord, he said. They Wooden / Catholic News Service)

Caviezel to play St. Luke in upcoming St. Paul biopic

Virgen de la Candelaria Chapel burns on Jan. 20, 2018. DIOCESE OF VILLARICA, CHILE

SANTIAGO, Chile— A dog of the neighbors they were able
named Rambo lived up to to keep the fire from spreading
his “action hero” name, when to the nuns’ convent.
his barking alerted sleeping The Panguipulli fire
religious sisters that a chapel chief, Rodolfo Zúñiga, told
next to their convent was on Cooperativa Radio that the
fire. electricity to the church was
In the early morning hours shut off at the junction box, so
of Jan. 20, a fire destroyed the the fire was probably caused
Virgen de la Candelaria Chapel by a third party.
in the town of Calafquen, “Unfortunately for
Chile, next to the home of our town, as residents of
the Franciscan Sisters of the Panguipulli, [arson] is
Sacred Heart. Police suspect already becoming routine,
the fire was caused by arson. the situation is lamentable,
Fr. Alejandro Gutiérrez is but once again today we had
the pastor of San Sebastián one of the most beautiful
Parish, which includes the chapels in the area reduced
chapel. The priest told Radio to rubble,” the fire chief said.
Bio Bio that the sisters’ house The Franciscan superior,
DENVER, Colo.— It has been more centers on forgiveness and merciful While the release of “Paul” is still a “is attached to the church. A Sister Maria Daniela, told
that a decade since Jim Caviezel played love, a message relevant today, and he month away, Caviezel is also excited much greater tragedy could Radio Bio Bio that she believes
Jesus in the “Passion of the Christ.” This recalled a powerful scene in which Paul about another movie, the sequel to “The have happened there. If the the fire was intentional,
spring, he’ll play St. Luke in another restrains Luke from calling for justice Passion,” again directed by Mel Gibson. dog’s barking hadn’t alerted though the sisters had not
major religious film, “Paul, the Apostle on the Roman oppressors. Caviezel has not disclosed the sequel’s them, the fire would have received any kind of threats.
of Christ,” opening in theaters on March “Forgiveness starts with not just love, tentative schedule for the filming date, spread to the convent and “We are women of peace.
28. but ardent love,” Caviezel told USA but has hinted at some surprises in the we would be grieving over a This is an oasis of peace,” the
Unlike the “Passion,” Caviezel will Today. “It’s really easy to love people retelling of Christ’s resurrection. much more serious incident.” religious explained. “I never
not be the main actor in the film: James who think like you think; it’s very hard “There are things that I cannot say Gutiérrez explained that would have imagined that
Faulkner, star of HBO’s “Game of to treat someone with a polar opposite that will shock the audience,” he said. the chapel was 80 years old, people would come and do
Thrones,” will portray Paul. view with the same dignity and respect “But I’ll tell you this much: The film [Mel and the sisters there worked something bad.”
“James Faulkner is to Paul as you would treat a friend. That’s this Gibson’s] going to do is going to be the mainly in education.” Sister Maria Daniela sent a
Christopher Reeve is to Superman. … movie’s core message.” biggest film in history. It’s that good.” “This just creates a new message to those responsible:
This guy was born to play Paul. When Since Caviezel played the role of Christ, Mel Gibson has talked about the opportunity to continue serving “you need to place yourselves
he was walking around, it was in his he has received offers for parts in other movie in the past. He has said it has Jesus Christ and to strengthen in the presence of God. It’s
behavior. You couldn’t find someone religious movies, but is picky about the taken time to develop a script that sheds our faith,” the priest said. sad to know that there are
else who organically nails it like this,” movies that change scriptural stories. a new light on Christ’s resurrection Sources told ACI Prensa people dedicated to doing
Caviezel recently told USA Today. “It’s like, ‘We want to change this, pull without making it “weird.” that around 3:30 in the evil, because the world does
The movie follows St. Paul in the that out,’” said Caviezel. “I’m like, ‘This “The resurrection. Big subject. Oh, morning, a group of masked not progress with evil.”
last days of his life, facing Roman book has been around a lot longer than my God,” Gibson told USA Today. arsonists broke a window in Two other churches in
imprisonment for preaching Christianity any of us in Hollywood.’” “We’re trying to craft this in a way the rear of the Church, and Panguipulli were also recently
while waiting execution under Emperor “‘I have the faith to believe it’s still that’s cinematically compelling and threw a fire bomb inside. attacked and two received
Nero. Luke, a physician, is able to visit good for us now.’ That’s one of the enlightening so that it shines new light, Four companies of threats, including the town’s
his fellow Christian in jail. greatest things about [“Paul.”] You don’t if possible, without creating some weird firefighters arrived on scene to main church. (ACI Prensa/
Caviezel said the movie’s theme realize it, but it’s actually scriptural.” thing.” (CNA) fight the flames. With the help CNA)
A4 OPINION February 5 - 18, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 3 CBCP Monitor


Could this Cha-cha be worst?
AS the conversation gets louder on proposed changing of the
Philippine Constitution as a way to adopt Federalism as a
new form of government, real issues, some disturbing ones,
come to fore. Retired Chief Justice Hilario G. Davide, Jr., calls
the bold move “a lethal experiment, a fatal leap, a plunge to
death, a leap to hell.” That may sound an overstatement, but
Davide raises valid arguments that call for more and deeper
discussion, beyond the haphazard and careless threats of the
Speaker of the House and the President.
A former party-list congressman, Neri Colmenares said in a
recent forum that “This is the worst cha-cha ever. This is the only
cha-cha with pork barrel enshrined in the Constitution.” He also
raised fears that charter change may lead to a much too powerful
president, “It centralizes repressive powers in President Duterte.”
The Council of the Laity of the Philippines, which is the

umbrella organization of major lay Catholic organizations in
the country, thinks that the Duterte cha-cha is “a threat to our
democratic system and our aspirations as a free and progressive
nation.” In a statement they further said, “We are disturbed
that this exercise is being viewed by many as something that
we cannot freely argue about anymore, because doing so will
put the lives and well-being of those resisting this initiative,
at risk…We are disturbed that instead of implementing the
excellent provisions of the current Constitution, majority of our
legislators appear to be in a hurry to supercede these, with an
Role of priests in a Living Mission
agenda that will disregard the hard-earned gains of the Filipino,
such as social justice, human rights and democracy.” Vatican II Church Fr. James H. Kroeger, MM
The Association of Major Religious Superiors of the
Philippines (AMRSP) called on their members and all
concerned Filipinos to discern well in face of this impending
political exercise because “reckless decisions will surely THE Church in the Philippines is on its to the Christian community. These desired renewal of the whole Church
lead our nation into chaos and a bleak future. In a recent nine-year journey to 2021. Through principal duties are: (1) announce depends to a great extent on the ministry
statement, they said, “We are deeply bothered by the a series of yearly focused themes, a the Gospel by preaching, teaching, of its priests. It proclaims the extreme
partisanship that has not taken over the reins of charter profound renewal is envisioned for the and inviting all to conversion; (2) importance of priestly training and lays
change and federalism. A shameless proposal to extend terms Church. This year (2018) focuses on the assist people to fully participate down certain basic principles….”
of office has been inserted to the legislative draft at the lower Clergy and Consecrated Persons. This in the liturgy, since the Eucharist The decree emphasizes that every
house. Threats have been lured at local government units who certainly does not imply that the laity, and the sacraments are central to aspect of a seminarian’s formation
will not toe the line. This does not augur well for a free and who comprises the vast majority of the priestly ministry; and, (3) build up should be developed with the “pastoral
informed discussion on the issue at hand.” People of God, are viewed as “second the Church by encouraging people needs” of the faithful in mind. As
The Catholic ishops of the Philippines during their plenary class” Christians; recall that the entire to strive for Christian maturity and expected, many concrete, practical
assembly held in Cebu in January 2018, did not categorically year 2014 was dedicated to the laity. by forming communities that are guidelines are enunciated; they include
state their stand on charter change and federalism. But one Because of the gift of our Baptism prayerful, charitable, and missionary. areas of ministry such as catechetics,
can easily infer that they too are disturbed. Coming up with into Christ, everyone is equal in dignity Priests are to develop healthy preaching, liturgy and worship, works
pastoral guidelines for discerning the moral dimension on the in the Church, though we may have relationships in their ministry, in of charity and pastoral duties.
moves for Charter change is obviously not a simple lecture to differing talents, roles, and functions. particular, with their bishop, other This Vatican II decree emphasizes
a congregation on an ordinary Sunday. It is a careful selection One can validly say that we all share in priests, and lay people. Priests are the urgent duty of fostering priestly
of fundamental moral principles that are at risk in the way a “discipleship of equals.” All are equal to be helpers and advisors to the vocations. This responsibility belongs
this Charter change issue is unfolding. in dignity as Jesus’ missionary disciples. bishop; together they are to develop “to the whole Christian community,”
The building blocks that this Administration has constructed Yes, there is a diversity of ministries, but fraternity and community life. Pastoral principally to families and then to
leading to the Charter change is not very encouraging, nay a oneness of mission. Everyone (laity, collaboration among priests themselves parishes. Teachers as well as all
impressive. Some are suspicious, others are getting chilling clergy, and religious) are all called to is necessary, since “no priest can on priests and bishops “are to manifest an
signals. Are we heading for the worse? holiness and to live the spirit of the his own accomplish his mission in apostolic zeal in fostering vocations”
beatitudes in their lives. a satisfactory way” (PO 7). Finally, (OT 2). This can be accomplished
A test of charity Ministry and Life of Priests. The priests should promote the dignity and through prayer and penance, preaching
Second Vatican Council issued two involvement of the laity, accepting their and catechetical instruction, use of
CHRIST himself has commanded us that we have to love our documents related to the priesthood. insights and competencies. All these social communication, and systematic
neighbor, that is, everyone, as he himself has loved us. He One focuses on the life and ministry of priestly functions demand genuine programs of vocational recruitment.
even went to the extent to telling us that we have to love our priests; the other deals with the training holiness, achieved through a balanced, Final Questions. All of us in the
enemies. This commandment, of course, can be obeyed in and formation needed for seminarians personal, spiritual life. Church (laity, religious, and priests)
many ways. But one good way to see if our love is as Christ as future priests. Priestly Training and Formation. can seriously ask ourselves: What am
has commanded us is to see that we make ourselves as lovable Presbyterorum Ordinis, the Vatican The Vatican II decree on priestly I personally doing to promote priestly
as possible to everybody even as we try our best to love all,
II document on the Ministry and Life training, Optatam Totius, opens with and religious vocations? How am I
including the most unlovable.
of Priests, describes the priest’s three these remarkable words: “Animated by promoting the renewal of the Church in
This is how Christ has loved us. For him to be lovable to us,
major functions; all are centered the spirit of Christ, this sacred synod this year of the Clergy and Consecrated
he being the son of God became man and adapted himself to us
around the services that he is to render [Vatican II] is fully aware that the Persons?
all the way to making himself like sin without committing sin if
only to save us. For this, he emptied himself just to be close to
us and even to identify himself with us. And as a consequence,
he adapted himself to our ways, teaching the great mysteries And That’s The Truth An open letter to my
of our faith, for example, in easy-to-understand parables.
He also had to pay taxes and followed the local customs and Teresa R. Tunay, OCDS daughter, the nun
practices. He was like anybody else, except committing sin.
Christ personified what St. Paul once described how we
should be—that we be all things to all men for the sake of
human redemption. That was how Christ made himself lovable MY dearest daughter: Let do not know how it happened the budding young woman a nun creates expectations
to everyone, even if there were some who could not love him. me begin this letter with but after you had gone and we had hoped to give us in others, whether you like
But even with these people—the Pharisees and the scribes—he a plea for pardon. I am life went back to normal, bits brilliant grandchildren in it or not—expectations
in the end asked his Father for their forgiveness, finding some aware that what I am about and pieces of those holiday time, and the radiant “bride which, by the nature of your
excuses for them: “For they know not what they are doing.” to say may sting you, and moments with you would of Christ” crowned with roses vocation, you may not just
Christ’s love was and continues to be universal in scope. And it yet in conscience I believe flash back to mind, very on her “wedding day.” As take for granted. The public
involved everything in his power—from showing basic affection that my silence might hurt much like a silent movie the women’s lib generation expects you to be different—
and compassion to offering forgiveness. It was a love that was you more. I have spent trailer challenging me to would say: “You’ve come because they believe you to
and continues to be gratuitously given. And that is also the love countless nights turning listen to what was left unsaid. a long way, baby!” Maybe be several notches above us
that he expects us to have since we are patterned after him. We these thoughts over and Strangely I would catch your mom is just getting old in virtue or holiness. You
are meant to be “alter Christus,” another Christ. “Without cost over in my head—specifically myself seeing you not just as and worrisome, but I cannot are aware of this, as your
you have received, without cost you have to give.” (Mt 10,8) since last Christmas when a nun but also as a daughter help singing to you along numerous anecdotes about
While we cannot deny that we are subject to all kinds of for a few days we had the I had given up for good, with Diana Ross your own receiving special treatment
conditionings that would lead us to have preferences and biases, privilege of having you at for God. In fact, I would favorite song, “Do you know from strangers reveal. We,
likes and dislikes, we have to learn how to go beyond those home with us and enjoying see through your religious where you’re going to?” your family, have our own
conditionings, not allowing ourselves to be trapped by them. all those family reunions habit the tomboyish grade- Where you are going, my expectations, too, that in the
Everyday, actually, offers us a lot of opportunities to develop and parties—agonizing over schooler, the spunky papa’s daughter, is my rightful spirit of fairness must not
this Christian love by making ourselves as lovable as possible how I could share with you girl, the teen-ager beginning concern, too, in spite of the be ignored. Like all others,
to everybody, and by loving every one, including our enemies my observations without to notice boys and scare security you enjoy within the rightly or wrongly we do
and the unlovable. We have to understand that every event sounding like a meddler. I them away with her high IQ, convent walls. Your being And That’s the Truth / A7
and situation in our life, no matter how they are considered
according to our human and natural standards, should be an
occasion to love God by loving everybody!
Turning distractions Candidly Speaking
into enhancers
CBCP Fr. Roy Cimagala

ESPECIALLY in our prayer that plays and heart with the vain hope that assured and locked, when prayer is
PROTAGONIST OF TRUTH, PROMOTER OF PEACE a crucial role in our life, we need to perhaps some inspiration will come our truly felt, and not just lingering in the
learn how to turn distractions into way. We have to realize more deeply that intellectual level.
Pedro Quitorio enhancers. We cannot deny that very inspiration can come to us more readily In fact, what would also help to a great
Editor-in-Chief often our prayer is hounded by all sorts if we are prepared for prayer. extent is when we are physically fit as
of impertinent and stray thoughts that Of course, we have to understand that well, not tired and burned out. That’s
Nirva’ana E. Delacruz Ron Ramos would practically annul the effectiveness preparation for our prayer should be simply because prayer requires not
Associate Editor Design Artist
of our intimate conversation with our both remote and proximate. Remote in only spiritual strength but also physical
Father God. the sense that we are always referring stamina. If we feel physically weak, most
Roy Lagarde Mercedita Juanite
News Editor Circulation Manager Perhaps one immediate thing we can things to God all throughout the day. likely we cannot go the distance, and we
do to address this problem is to make Proximate preparation can mean would easily be carried away by all kinds
Kris Bayos Marcelita Dominguez sure that we have a clear topic to take stirring up the proper dispositions of distractions.
Features Editor Comptroller up in our prayer, together with relevant just before our prayer time. Physical fitness would very well
materials—bible, some spiritual book, Those should help us to have focus support our mental and psycho-
The CBCP Monitor is published fortnightly by the Areopagus
Communications, Inc. with editorial and business offices at novena and other devotional items— and concentration when we pray. Just emotional faculties in our prayer. It
Ground Flr., Holy Face of Jesus Center & Convent, 1111 plus a list of intentions to pray the same, we also need to elicit in us the facilitates the mobilization of these
F. R. Hidalgo Street, Quiapo, Manila. Editorial: (632) 404 -
2182. Email Address: cbcpmonitor@areopaguscommunications.
for. appropriate feelings, if not, passions. faculties.
com, Business: (632) 404 - 1612. ISSN 1908-2940. We should go to our prayer truly Prayer becomes more effective and Since not all days are good and
prepared and not with an empty head focused, our connection with God better Candidly Speaking / A6
CBCP Monitor February 5 - 18, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 3 OPINION A5

Is fake news necessary?
By the Roadside Collection Box
Fr. Eutiquio ‘Euly’ Belizar, Jr. SThD Fr. Jerome R. Secillano, MPA

A HIGH government official, the for the freedom of speech and the free gospel truth, spreading them wrapped
presidential spokesman to be exact, was expression of ideas. Point well taken, in hate or snooty language intended Federalism and its limits
recently quoted to the effect that in his Mr Secretary. for its critics online are a classic case of
advocacy for a “free market of ideas” But I believe we need to examine your falsehood-enslaved minds. POLITICIANS favoring federalism argue that a shift
“fake news” may not only be expected basic assumption that without fake news, Let me go back to the first part of from the unitary form of government would tilt the
but could also prove helpful in arriving “we wouldn’t know what’s true news” and that last sentence. The problem we balance of power from “Imperial Manila” to other
at the truth. that we “wouldn’t know the lies, we also often stumble into these days is the regions. But what does Manila have to do with power
To quote some of his words in point: wouldn’t know the truth”. That, in effect, phenomenon of fake news dressed and when in truth it rests in the hands of politicians who
“Mayroon mang fake news...sabi nila amounts to arguing for the necessity presented like truth. Ordinary untrained control our nation’s affairs? Whether you accept it or
sa isang kaso—kung walang fake news, of fake news. It’s like saying we need citizens such as you and me are often at a not, “Sovereignty resides in the people’’ is just an empty
hindi natin malalaman kung ano yung the weeds to be able to distinguish the great loss when it hits us from otherwise slogan in the country.
true news. Hindi natin malalaman kung real rice, or that the tares (of the gospel trustworthy sources. Remember the Having Malacañang in Manila and other major
ano’ng kasinungalingan, hindi natin parable) are a must presence so true supposed foreign bank account numbers government offices does not in itself make Manila
malalaman kung ano’ng katototohanan. wheat could thrive. That simply defies allegedly belonging to a certain senator “imperial.” The way funds are distributed - from
So let there be a free market of ideas... logic. critical of the administration that were Manila to provinces - should not also be viewed as
(Even though there’s fake they Not that I am against the “free market actually “made up” by someone in the ‘’imperialistic’’. Look, senators and congressmen are
said in one case—if there’s no fake news, of ideas”. That is the ocean where human highest office, by his own admission? each given funds to finance projects of their choice.
we wouldn’t know what’s true news. We dignity swims. Nor am I for the scrapping Was it a necessary fake news so that, for The provincial government and Local Government
wouldn’t know the lies, we also wouldn’t of the freedom of expression, for that instance, the fake claims of the senator Units (LGUs) are also allotted budgets in the form of
know the truth. So let there be a free is like denying my right to say what I could be exposed? In the first place, Internal Revenue Allocations (IRA). The process to get
market of ideas (Quote and translation saying now. My point is that truth does who would have known it was fake news these funds may be long and tedious but at least under
from Rappler).” Naturally these words not need falsehood to be itself. It is truth had it not been shown to be so by the the current system, provinces and LGUs are still not
ignited an uproar both in mainstream that liberates us, it is truth that liberates senator’s own sleuthing expeditions with financially deprived. Only when a politician is not allied
and social media. To many the statement even itself from the clutches of falsehood, media representation in a foreign city? with the administration does he receive zero budget for
was nothing short of not merely justifying however long it takes. When truth is The lie did not help expose the truth; it his office and constituents.
the proliferation of fake news from both suppressed at one time; at another time, was exposed to be a lie by a “cornered What is imperial in this context is the expansion of
non-government and government- it resurrects itself. On the other hand, admission” and by simple truthful PDP Laban, the once irrelevant and obscure political
connected sources but also encouraging falsehood enslaves human minds; an reporting. To quote Miguel de Cervantes party of Pres. Duterte, whose membership has grown
such proliferation. In the aftermath, enslaved mind further multiplies itself (Man from La Mancha): “Truth may be by leaps and bounds and is now poised to shove up
the spokesman denied any intent by in other minds it wins to its side. The stretched, but it cannot be broken, and our mouth whatever inglorious plans they have. The
government to espouse fake news. He phenomenon of social media “trolls” that always gets above falsehood, as oil does likes of Speaker Alvarez and other government officials
defended his statement as really a push gobble up fake news and present them as above water.” with dictatorial tendencies are “imperialists” who take
advantage of the public’s naiveté and inability to go
“How is the date of against their inordinate wishes.

Easter determined?” Duc in Altum Proponents of federalism argue that government will be
closer to the people once the shift happens. Truth is, these
Atty. Aurora A. Santiago politicians, who jumped on the Duterte wagon not for the
noblest of principles but for greener pastures, should be
faulted for not making government closer to the people.
They live in Manila while their constituents languish in
IN two weeks, the Catholic and not fasting. In Genesis, Candelaria or the blessing of days after she gave birth to poverty in the provinces. Instead of filing laws that will
community will observe God rested on Sabbath, the candles and the Feast of the Jesus.” pave the way for more infrastructure and development
Ash Wednesday, the first 7th day. “However, Christ rose Presentation of Jesus Christ at *** projects, they instead focus on renaming streets, schools,
day of Lent, the start of from the dead on a Sunday, the Temple. It occurs 40 days Our dear readers, our family and other buildings. Many do not care to even consult
the preparation for the the first day of the week, after Christmas. As our Parish is so happy and elated for our their constituents on what laws, policies, and programs
resurrection of our Lord Jesus and the original apostles saw Priest Fr. Bong Gino stated in two young boys, so please allow are beneficial to them. They oftentimes make decisions
Christ on Easter Sunday. Christ’s Resurrection as a his homily, “in the Gospel, we me to congratulate them—my not on the basis of their constituents’ needs but on the
But why does Easter Sunday new creation, and so they see the infant Jesus presented nephew Romarico “Rome” urging of higher political power in exchange for generous
or Ash Wednesday never transferred the day of rest in the temple and the Holy Santiago and grandnephew rewards and yet they are bold enough to claim that with
fall on the same date every and worship from Saturday Family’s encounters with Charleroi Guillaume “C2” federalism there will be wider citizen participation and
year? Research shows that to Sunday.” Simeon and Anna. This day Rosales Castro. greater democratization. Such a hypocritical stand is
the Council of Nicaea decided The full 40 days of fasting is also known as the Feast Last January, Kumon San downright condemnable and should be exposed.
that Easter must always be on before Easter is counted of the Purification because Fernando Valley (Panorama Change in the system of government does not mean
a Sunday because Jesus rose backward from Holy we celebrate Mary’s return City, California) Pre-K an automatic shift for politicians to exhibit a greater
from the dead on a Sunday. Saturday, skipping 6 Sundays, to the Temple. According School awarded Rome Silver degree of commitment to public service. Our country’s
Easter was set on the first so Ash Wednesday falls 46 to the Mosaic law, mothers Trophy for Mathematics and politicians have always shown an amazing propensity
Sunday after the paschal full days before Easter every year who had given birth were Bronze for Reading. Last to find holes in every system leading to opportunities,
moon (the full moon that - 40 days plus the six Sundays. considered unclean after the year, Rome was also awarded prospects, and occasions for thievery, corruption, and
falls on or after the vernal or *** birth of a child and were by the same school Silver in abuse of power.
spring equinox, which was set The Pilgrim Relics of St. not permitted to enter the Mathematics. As of press In theory and principle, federalism provides a good
at March 21). Passover fell on Therese of the Child Jesus Temple to worship. This time, Rome is celebrating his prospect for a better Philippines. But people should not
the date of the paschal full visited the Diocese of was 40 days after the birth 4th Birthday; he is the son be misled by it because reforms, peace, development
moon in the Jewish calendar, Kalookan from February 8 of a son and 60 days after of my brother Dr. Roy and and the eradication of poverty are still contingent on
and the Last Supper (Holy to 10. Welcome, Veneration the birth of a daughter. At Jinky Santiago. so many factors, foremost among them is the caliber of
Thursday) occurred on the and Enthronement Rites were the end of the 40 or 60 days, Last week, C2 and his politicians who will manage their region’s affairs.
Passover. Therefore, the very celebrated in the 3 cities of the the mother was brought to partner Maisie Macalagay The alarming part is, establishing political dynasties
first Easter Sunday was the Diocese – San Jose Church the Temple or synagogue and were the Grandslam winners and the lifting of term limits are not far-fetched under
Sunday after Passover. That in Navotas, San Bartolome ritually purified. The mother in Magis Academy, Marikina a federal system. With changes in the 1987 Constitution
means Easter is always the Church in Malabon and San had to bring at the temple a City school competition - already underway, our “dutiful” congressmen may
first Sunday after the first full Roque Cathedral in Caloocan. lamb for a holocaust and a Little Mr. and Miss Best in easily fashion a provision that each federal state/region
moon that falls on or after Catechesis, Taize Prayer and young pigeon or turtle dove Talent, Little Mr. and Miss will be responsible for determining the term limits of
March 21. Eucharistic Celebrations for sin; the priest prayed for Photogenic, Little Mr. and their governors and other officials. With a high degree
The date of Ash Wednesday highlighted the visit. Bishop her and so she was cleansed. Miss Peoples’ Choice Award of political machination and manipulation, this can
is determined by the date Pablo Virgilio David presided (Leviticus 12:2-8) Now she and the overall award, Little practically happen, especially since they know that a
of Easter Sunday or by the the Diocesan Eucharistic can go to religious services Mr. and Miss Altius 2018. region is a good prospect for establishing a fiefdom with
length of Lent. Lent is 40 days, Celebration and concelebrated again, and generally go out C2 is 6 years old and son of an even greater possibility of turning it into a “thiefdom”.
Sundays are not included in by the Kalookan Clergy. in public. So we celebrate my niece Gretchen (daughter Supporters of federalism are selling it to the public on
the count, since it is the day of *** the ritual Purification of the of my sister Ate Violeta and the basis of its perceived advantages. President Duterte
resurrection, a day for feasting February 2 is the Feast of Virgin Mary, the specified 40 Kuya Cel) and Charlie Castro. acknowledges that it will bring development to regions,
it will foster peace in Mindanao, and it will distribute
political power by decentralizing it.

Whatever The upper room It’s hard to argue against the third one, on account
of the fact that federalism is really about division of
power between the central government and the regional
Fr. Francis Ongkingco government.
The first two, however, are not direct and immediate
consequences of federalism. They are goals which the
government wishes to achieve through federalism. Having
“THE Clergy and Consecrated Persons” The Upper Room isn’t so much is the only Priest, and we participate in said that, people need to realize that federalism won’t
is this year’s CBCP theme for the the place itself but what transpired His priesthood by no merit on our part operate in a vacuum as in like a ‘’tabula rasa’’. The presence
Catholic Church in the Philippines. It is a within. There our Lord instituted two but only when we allow Him to take of corrupt politicians, the practice of patronage politics,
historical-spiritual milieu to prepare our very important sacraments: the Holy possession of us: we disappear and only and the weakness of our laws to exact accountability from
journey towards the 500th anniversary Eucharist and Holy Orders. Through Christ shines. Sacramentally, this occurs erring public servants are sure to undermine whatever
of the arrival of the Catholic faith in the these Sacraments the Church would be when the priest is no longer his own, strength or advantage federalism has.
Philippines, in 2021. built upon and spread. However, in this upon praying the words of the liturgy in The failed experiment in ARMM, the continuing
I then pondered on how the clergy room I wish to focus on Jesus’ humble the Person of Christ: this is MY Body… armed struggle of both Moro rebels and Communists,
and consecrated persons – including gesture of washing the apostles’ feet. this is MY Blood….” rampant corruption, the complete disregard for rules,
all the faithful who are called to become St. Peter protests, “Lord, you shall not Moreover, this lesson has a mission: enormous poverty, and the widespread abuse of power
disciples of Christ – can delve deeper wash my feet!” Perhaps, Simon thought our capacity to wash other people’s feet are gigantic burdens leading many experts to say that,
into their identity and mission within that this reaction would further mark is fruitful and enduring insofar as we ‘’Federalism is not a panacea to everything afflicting
the Church. Naturally, one’s spiritual his conviction and commitment to his allow Christ to constantly wash us. He the nation’’.
identity stems from his intimate discipleship. Moreover, it was neither has already washed us once through To put it best, federalism will simply allow regions to
encounter with Christ who constantly customary nor proper for a servant’s feet Baptism, then anew in Confirmation, fend for themselves and to deal with their own problems.
seeks us out and asks us to follow Him. to be washed by his master. constantly when we confess, through In a study of American federalism, experts and
But is there, so to speak, a common Jesus, however, replied compassionately, the Eucharistic celebration and through scholars observed that the system, “Makes it difficult
point where all callings converge? “If I do not wash you, you have no part in other numerous sources of grace. to cope with many problems that are simply too big for
Or a spiritual wellspring to return to, Me!” He teaches that being His priests and May we, as priest or consecrated state and local governments to handle properly. It fosters
nourish, and strengthen ourselves in? A consecrated disciples doesn’t depend on persons, learn to avoid Peter’s external harmful competition among the states and uneven
specific place or event where our identity our personal knowledge or capability but reaction rejecting Jesus’ gesture of distribution of wealth. It confuses and inconveniences
as priests or consecrated persons may in allowing Jesus to play His part which converting love. And may we reject the citizens who face different laws as they do business in
be spiritually renewed and revitalized? ultimately incorporates us to Himself. temptation to be like Judas, who may different states or move from state to state. It requires
Obviously, there is no one episode in Jesus wants to see if we will allow Him have hypocritically allowed his feet to an excessive number of governmental units, leading to
the Gospel that exhausts the notion of our to work in us and through us, even when be washed but not his heart. increased costs and inefficiency’’.
calling and mission. The whole Gospel what He requires is not easy to understand We will not fall into either reaction if If really forced on us, the Church should be prepared to
is a rich portrait of Jesus’ invitation, or accept. we learn to frequent our personal Upper deal with regional laws on abortion, same-sex marriage,
encouragement, and formation of His The gesture of “washing their feet”, Rooms of prayer and examination death penalty, and divorce because regions will now be
disciples. But I believe there is one place thus becomes the “mission-icon” of asking ourselves: do I always allow Jesus competent to enact them, especially with strong regional
that merits our attention: the Upper Room. the priesthood or discipleship. Christ to wash my feet? leaders who can stand toe to toe with Church authorities.
A6 LOCAL NEWS February 5 - 18, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 3 CBCP Monitor

Cardinal Tagle calls for ‘everyday Caritas appeals for tent materials
martyrs’ of God’s love
to aid Mayon evacuees

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle celebrates Mass on the feast day of Blessed Justo Takayama Ukon at the
Manila Cathedral, Feb. 3, 2018. ROY LAGARDE
The Diocese of Legazpi’s social action center and the Order of Malta distribute aid to hundreds of families sheltered at Tabaco National High School in Albay,
THE world today needs believers but he remained faithful to Jesus. Jan. 28, 2018. PHOTO COURTESY OF SAC LEGAZPI
who witness each day to the love Like Blessed Takayama, Tagle THE social action arm only will diseases spread, marine plywood (#1/2). and Employment’s cash-
of God, who also sacrificed His life said Christians are called to bear of the Catholic Church is protection and security For a duplex tent, for-work program,” he
for others, Cardinal Luis Antonio witness and suffer for the love of appealing for donations of women and children Caritas would need at added.
Tagle of Manila said. Jesus even if this world of sin and of building materials may also be a problem,” least Php13,000 to set up As of the latest
But witnessing heroism doesn’t injustice calls them “foolish”. amid fears that shelter Caceres Archbishop everything. estimates, the number
always mean sacrificing “by “But now, his foolishness is is starting to run out as Rolando Tria Tirona, The archbishop of evacuees has already
blood,” said the prelate, inviting wisdom for us, his weakness is thousands more evacuees Caritas national director. also asked the local swelled to nearly 90,000.
the faithful to proclaim the Gospel strength for us,” he added. flee the erupting Mayon To address the government and Caritas Philippines
despite opposition and hostility, Also present during the Mass volcano. problem, Caritas will the Church to use said donations may
and detached from the material were a number of Japanese bishops, Caritas Philippines be constructing tents available open spaces be deposited to the
world. priests, and lay pilgrims. said there is an urgent and provide dignified as temporary shelter for Bank of the Philippine
“We are invited to be martyrs Takayama is one step closer to need for temporary temporary shelters to at those displaced by the Islands (BPI) branch in
and witnesses every day. We don’t possible sainthood after being shelters as more families least 500 families. calamity. Intramuros, Manila under
wait for martyrdom by blood,” beatified in Osaka, Japan on Feb. are expected to arrive at Initially, said the “Communal water account name “CBCP
said Tagle in his homily during 7, 2017. evacuation centers set up archbishop, the agency and sanitation facilities CARITAS FILIPINAS
the Mass to mark the feast day of The Archdiocese of Manila first across Albay province. needs at least 750 plastic will be the counterpart FOUNDATION, INC.”
Blessed Justo Takayama Ukon, a proposed Takayama for sainthood “If congestion sheets (4x6m), 7, 500 of other partners while with account number
Japanese martyr, at the Manila in 1630, only 15 years after his will continue in the pieces of timber (2x2x8), labor will be from the 4951-0071-08.
Cathedral. death. evacuation centers, not and 1,000 pieces of Department of Labor (CBCPNews)
“Every day in our lives, we are In 1986, an alumnus of the UST
asked by Jesus, ‘be with me, witness Graduate School was commissioned Charter / A1
to My love, give yourself to mission to study the Cause after the petition
The bishops’ statement was issued life principles enshrined in the leaders, educators, and civic society
for others,’” he said. for Takayama’s beatification was
following their plenary assembly Constitution “are mostly likely to be to take the lead in providing the
The cardinal said Takayama, who revived.
held in Cebu City on Jan. 27 to 29. overturned” under a new Charter. necessary voters’ education to
died in exile while in Manila in To ensure that the movement had
It was also their first meeting the people on the issue of Charter
1615 after refusing to renounce his roots, the UST established the Lord
under the leadership of Davao Threat to democracy Change.
Christian faith, is a manifestation Justus Takayama Professional
Archbishop Romulo Valles who Earlier, a group of Catholic lay “(This is) so that the results of any
of the power of the love of Christ. Chair in Philippine-Japanese
officially assumed the CBCP people said they are disturbed by plebiscite for this would truly reflect
“He blessed our soil with a Studies in February 1989.
presidency in December 2017. the ongoing moves for Charter the sentiments of an informed and
testimony of faith and heroism,” A month after his beatification,
The shift to a federal form of change, calling it “a threat to our responsible citizenry,” she noted.
said Tagle. the university also built a historical
government is among the Duterte democratic system”.
The Japanese Catholic samurai, marker to memorialize the first lay
administration’s top priorities Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas Partisanship
according to him, was given the Japanese Christian martyr in the
intended to address certain President Julieta Wasan particularly The country’s religious
chance to turn away from his faith Philippines. (CBCPNews)
issues particularly in strife-torn criticized the haste and manner by congregations which run leading
Mindanao. which proposal is presented to the universities said they, too, are
Consecrated / A1 At the same time, the bishops people by the administration’s allies “deeply bothered by the partisanship
are called to serve God in the a gift”. expressed concern that the pro- in Congress. that has now taken over the reins of
presence of others, particularly “…Religious men and women life principles enshrined in the “The manner by which Charter charter change and federalism”.
those in “difficult and unjust should be somebody who brings Constitution “are mostly likely to be Change is presented to the Filipino The Association of Religious
situation”. in his arms always the presence overturned” under a new Charter. people by the Administration, Superiors in the Philippines
“We cannot claim to love God of God,” he added. Consistent with its previous stand, especially the House of (AMRSP) chided the “shameless”
who we don’t see if we don’t love During the Mass, priests and the CBCP stressed the need for a Representatives, is with undue haste attempts to extend the terms of
our brothers and sisters who we nuns also washed the feet of 12 “widespread” public participation” and without much consultation and office of legislators by using Charter
do see,” said the prelate during people from different sectors of in the process, hitting plans to dialogue,” she said. change.
his homily at a Friday Mass at the society including a mother of an convene Congress into a constituent The organization then called on “We are concerned that the push
Manila Cathedral. alleged victim of extrajudicial assembly. Filipinos to “relentlessly search for for charter change … will divert our
The liturgical service celebrated killing, a former drug addict and “It would be totally rash for the truth” on the current Charter legislators and peoples’ attention
the feast of the Presentation of the a Muslim woman. members of Congress to presume Change moves. from the more pressing problems
Lord and marked this year’s World For his part, Archbishop the reasoned approval of their “It is our duty to let the people of poverty and a humane quality of
Day of Consecrated Life. Romulo Valles of Davao, the constituents on so grave an issue as know what is happening, help them life,” it said.
The nuncio urged the religious to president of the Catholic Bishops’ the move to overhaul the nation’s form their conscience, seek the The organization warned that
always look at Jesus who sacrificed Conference of the Philippines, Charter,” they said. truth and do what is right,” said “reckless decisions will surely lead
His life for others “out of love”. called for renewal of the clergy and At the same time, the bishops Wasan. our nation into chaos and a bleak
“A good father and a good consecrated persons as servant expressed concern that the pro- She also urged government future.”
mother sacrifice for the good of leaders for the new evangelization.
Vatican-China / A2
the children and even more,” “Renew your values, mind-
added Caccia. sets, behavior, and life-styles by travels to China on a one of which is Ma, whose Many Catholics in China in July 2017,
The archbishop also spoke about following the example of Christ, regular basis to offer excommunications have parishioners and priests confirmed the news on
the important role of religious life, the Good Shepherd,” he said. training to the country’s been explicitly declared who have rejected the bishops’ proposed
describing it as “a gift” from God. “Truly become servant-leaders, bishops, and has strong by the Vatican. government control approval, saying “if the
According to him, to be religious who care most especially for the ties with both those Most notably, the new have been imprisoned, Vatican is going to accept
means to testify and witness to least, the lost, and the last,” said approved by the Holy See deal would also apparently harassed and otherwise them and an accord be
His presence, “not as duty but as Valles. (CBCPNews) and those backed by the outline government and persecuted. reached, it’s going to be
communist government’s Vatican roles in future Currently every bishop for all of them. ”
Theatrics / A1 Chinese Patriotic Catholic episcopal selection. recognized by Beijing Figueiredo, who lives
Association. Reportedly, the details must be a member of the in Rome, travels to China
executive secretary of the bishops’ The priest urged the law enforcers Cappello was in China of the deal would have patriotic association, and several times a year with
Committee on Public Affairs, also to strictly adhere to standard police two weeks ago, where the Vatican proposing many bishops appointed Caritas in Veritate, said
called on the PNP to focus on issues operation guidelines with or without Joseph Ma Yinglin, the names and the Chinese by the Vatican who are not he has worked closely
that matter most to the public. religious items at hand. government-backed government having the recognized or approved by with the seven bishops in
“Bringing those religious items “Let the police do their jobs with bishop of Kunming, final say over Vatican- the Chinese government question, and “they have
during police operations is good high regard for standard procedures explained the proposed vetted candidates. have faced government desired this communion
only for theatrics. They are not and the legal rights of suspects,” deal to him. Cappello said the persecution. for years.”
essentially necessary,” he said. said Secillano. CBCPNews Without the Vatican’s proposal has already been Many of the Vatican- He personally delivered
consent, Ma was discussed in China, and approved bishops in China a letter from the bishops
Candidly Speaking / A4
tapped by the patriotic he believes “this is the are drawing near to the to the Pope in 2016, which
conducive to prayer due to our that the effectiveness of our prayer association to head the direction that things are age of 75, when they are he says told the Pope they
changing conditions, we need to can only come from God himself. diocese in 2006. After his going.” required to submit their wanted communion with
realize that a certain discipline and We have to humble ourselves to episcopal ordination, Ma’s In 1951 Beijing broke request for retirement, Rome.
forcefulness is necessary to have always ask for his grace even as excommunication was official diplomatic ties and many others have “They didn’t propose
focus in prayer. We just have to be we apply force and discipline on declared by the Vatican, with the Vatican. Since the died, yet few successors the deal, certainly not
game in this respect. It’s not all the ourselves. because he was ordained 1980s they have loosely have been named, raising in the letter they gave
time that we would be euphoric and If in the end, in spite of all our a bishop without approval cooperated in episcopal questions as to whether me, because that’s what’s
ecstatic in our prayer. There will be efforts, distractions would still from Rome. In 2010 he appointments, however, or not a deal might be come afterwards,” he said,
plenty of times when we will feel hound us, it may be because God was appointed president the government has also drawing near. noting that the Vatican has
dry, but we just have to go on. wants us to use those distractions of the Chinese patriotic named bishops without Regarding the seven on several occasions sent
This is actually true in all aspects as the very material for our prayer. association’s bishops’ Vatican approval. bishops who will be a delegation to Beijing to
of our life. And Christ somehow Before God, we can actually bring conference. The result has led to a recognized should a discuss the details of a
articulated this need when he said: up anything as long as we are aware As part of the agreement, complicated and tense new agreement come possible agreement.
“From the days of John the Baptist that we conversing with God. which has been widely relationship between to pass, Msgr. Anthony Figueiredo said the deal
until now the kingdom of heaven The distractions can actually reported in recent days, the patriotic association Figueiredo, who has could come within the
has suffered violence, and men of shed light on things that we need the Vatican is expected to and the “underground worked with the seven next few months, saying
violence take it by force.” (Mt 11,12) to know. They can point to some officially recognize seven Church,” which includes bishops in question “I think it could well come
At the same time, we have to be important things that we tend to bishops who are out of priests and bishops who through the Caritas in this spring, absolutely.”
always humble in our prayer in the take for granted. The important communion with Rome, are not recognized by the Veritate for the past (Elise Harris / CNA /
sense that we should always realize thing is that we are praying. including 2-3 bishops, government. several years and was EWTN News)
CBCP Monitor February 5 - 18, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 3 DIOCESAN NEWS A7

Legazpi diocese has hands full with Mayon evacuees
LEGAZPI City – Almost to immediately respond to He likewise disclosed that
overnight, it’s suddenly the disaster victims’ needs,” a local mall operator, Liberty
Legazpi Bishop Joel Z. said the 64-year old bishop. Commercial Center, also
Baylon’s responsibility to Baylon was a former parish honors the plastic cards worth
help feed 84,000 evacuees priest in Bigaa, Legazpi City Php1,000, even reducing
in this city, especially as two years after the disastrous their prices to factory-level
Mayon’s eruptive stage 1993 Mayon eruption. costs.
continues. According to him, whatever During Mayon’s last
“Most of the evacuees donations the diocese receives eruptive stage, Baylon said
are farmers and would not – mats, mosquito nets, the diocese did a skills-
have anything to augment blankets, food items – are inventory survey among the
their needs such as viands brought to evacuation centers evacuees and offered their
to enhance rice, noodles, with a matching evacuee head findings to both government
and sardines handed count. “If they’re only for 85 and private agencies, who
out by government and persons, then we look for may need manpower through
non-government relief an evac center that holds at food-for-work programs.
agencies,” shared the most 85 persons…. and not He said this could be
prelate in an interview early more than that,” said Baylon, implemented these days to
Friday morning, the 25th saying things get out of hand help address the income
anniversary of the fateful when not all evacuees are losses of farmers and other
1993 eruption. given something. skilled evacuees.
According to Baylon, Science and Technology “These days you’ll see
both the government and Undersecretary Renato U. women who brought their
the Catholic Church in Solidum, Jr. said when they sewing machines to the
Albay province have been explained possible scenarious, evacuation centers and
in constant coordination as they use the 2000 scenario. Mayon volcano is expected to continue its eruptive stage, Jan. 30, 2018. BISHOP JOEL BAYLON continued their work,” he
to the numbers of evacuees “The current eruption may said.
that need to be served and the be similar to that in terms of help “with minimum finance project in the city goods and dried fish because He added President
kind of response required. the eruption style of the first capacity,” meaning basic that helps farmers plant they’re in disaster mode, but Rodrigo Duterte recently
phase, Strombolian, followed food requirements. and engage in agribusiness. feeding them the person the visited the city and addressed
2000 scenario by a Vulcanian phase,” he The diocese needs more The products sold by its same food will not be good,” the concerns of the local
He said the Legazpi explained in a text message funds to be able to feed and beneficiaries are redeemed by explained the bishop. government officials and of
diocese’s Social Action to CBCPNews. assist a greater number the evacuees who have been Evacuees can get eggs, the evacuees.
Center has been responding of evacuees, said Baylon. issued color-coded cards by vegetables, sweet potatoes, “The Catholic Church in
to various needs since day 1 Going beyond relief goods “Otherwise, if they stay in the Diocese of Legazpi, which and more, using the color- Legazpi will continue to do its
of the eruption because Albay Should Mayon volcano the centers for some more will pay for the products. coded access cards. Baylon share to help,” he said. (Melo
is prone to many forms of continue its eruptive stage, weeks or even months, our “No doubt the evacuees described the set-up as a “win- M. Acuna with reports
disasters. the prelate said the local help would be very limited.” would survive on noodles, win” program for both the from Nirva’ana Ella
“We have devised ways Church would be able to There is an existing micro- sardines and other canned producers and the evacuees. Delacuz/CBCPNews)

From the sea to Ilocanos’ hearts: The discovery of ‘Apo Badoc’ ‘Dinagyang’: More than pageantry,
LAOAG, Ilocos Norte –
The image of the Virgin
of the Lady for the Sinait
Church. When the Badoc
image could not be set
on fire, recounted Josue.
Vivar, OSA which is kept in
the Augustinian archives a ‘call to imitate Jesus’
was described to be fishermen took hold of the Hundreds of years later, in Valladolid, Spain.
delicately hand-painted image of Christ, recounted numerous people continue Following the issuance
holding the Holy Child the priest, they could to flock to Badoc to invoke of decree on Dec. 6,
and the Crucified Christ not carry it. The same the maternal protection 2017 by the Vatican
she was found with was with the Sinait men, who and intercession of “La Congregation for Divine
made of dark wood. Today, could not lift the image Virgen Milagrosa.” Worship and Discipline of
the “La Virgen Milagrosa of the Madonna. They It is presumed that these the Sacraments, Cardinal
de Badoc,” which was eventually exchanged religious images came from Robert Sarah, its Prefect,
“discovered” in the 15th images. Surprisingly, the the persecuted Christians granted “La Virgen
century is recognized as men from Sinait were able of Japan. Fr. Danny Laeda, Milagrosa de Badoc,”
the “patroness of Ilocos.” to lift the dark Crucified known as the “Historian patroness of Ilocos Norte,
According to Fr. Ericson Christ easily and same of the North,” echoes in the privilege of being
Josue, historian and with the Badoc men with a Facebook post that the crowned as mandated by
archivist of the Diocese the Madonna. “discovery” happened papal authority.
of Laoag, the image of For them, this indicated around the same time as The pontifical The faithful venerate the image of the Sto. Niño de Cebu in Iloilo during the religious procession from
the port area to San Jose Church on Jan. 26, 2018. PHOTO COURTESY OF VINCENT VALENCIA
“La Virgen Milagrosa de that the Crucified Christ the martyrdom of Lorenzo coronation, as announced
Badoc” was retrieved from wanted to be enshrined Ruíz, Paul Miki, and their in a Jan. 13 pastoral letter ILOILO City– As thousands of “As we look at and pray before
the sea by fishermen of in Sinait while the Lady companions. He said: by Laoag Bishop Renato devotees and visitors congregated the small image of the Child Jesus,
Badoc and Sinait in 1620. preferred the chapel of the “To avoid incriminating P. Mayugba, will be on in this city over the weekend for the let us do a serious examination of
It was found in a box “Visita” of Badoc. Since evidences, Christians May 31, Feast of the world-famous festival celebrated conscience and ask ourselves: ‘Up
together with the revered the discovery, numerous jettisoned their religious Visitation. He noted the every fourth Sunday of January, to what point am I succeeding in
image of “Santo Cristo miracles were attributed articles into the sea. By significance of the date as an Augustinian friar reminded the imitating Christ in my life?’, ‘What
Milagroso de Sinait.” to both, including the stroke of luck and Divine the “…moment when John people that the are some of the things that hinder
Accounts say the end of an epidemic in the Providence, these articles the Baptist (“in utero”) “Dinagyang” is, above all, a me from imitating His poverty,
fisherfolk of Badoc capital town of Vigan when found their way to our LEAPED FOR JOY!” The challenge to imitate the Señor chastity and obedience?’” the priest
wanted the Crucified the images were brought shores.” Parish of Badoc is under Sto. Niño – “the poor, chaste, and challenged the faithful.
Christ brought to their there for devotion. The earliest extant the patronage of St. John obedient Son of God.” According to him, all the faithful,
chapel in the “Visita” There was an attempt chronicle on the origin the Baptist and the Lady “As we celebrate the Dinagyang in not just consecrated persons, are
(peripheral mission) of by pirates to burn the and discovery of the of Badoc is also known honor of the Sto. Niño, we too are called to follow Jesus, living out
Badoc while the ones from Madonna sometime in sacred artifacts is the 1764 as “Cause of our Joy.” reminded of our calling to imitate the “true spirit of poverty, chastity,
Sinait wanted the image the 18th century, but the Chronicle of Fray Pedro de (CBCPNews) Jesus and try our best to become and obedience” according to their
And That’s the Truth / A4 worthy of the name that we bear – capacity and state in life.
that of being ‘Christians’, followers To bring home the message of the
believe you are somehow morally between that young nun and the posts would make you an even of Christ,” Fr. Edsel Raymund Dinagyang, the Augustinian friars,
superior to us, after all, you have 45-year old “Superiora” you are better story-teller, enriching our Alcayaga, O.S.A., exhorted the the faithful of San Jose Parish, and
“given up everything” for God. As a now. What bothers me is you seem lives and drawing people closer to faithful as the main celebrant and other devotees of the Sto. Niño,
consecrated person, do you not feel unaware of the effects your ways the Lord, but last Christmas I saw homilist of the concelebrated High celebrated the festival not only
obliged, for love of God, to be what now have on others. Or, do you that it did not happen. At one point Mass in San Jose Parish Church on with the usual novena Masses,
people expect and believe you to be? care at all? you even expressed dissatisfaction Jan. 28 for “Dinagyang@50”. fluvial parade, processions, and
And does not God have expectations Take, for example, that time over the homily of a bishop. If the “Religious Sadsad”. Programs
of you as well? when, besides the lechon paksiw I had been blind (and therefore Teaching the faithful to be in favor of the “little ones”, such
I hope you will not take offense at and other holiday take-home food could not see your religious habit), I poor, chaste, and obedient as the “Arroz Caldo ni Niño” – a
my temerity, but for now I do not you had been given, you asked for could swear I was just listening to a Alcayaga highlighted the religious feeding program for street children
want to call you “Sister”; instead I the unopened bags of chips and college professor who may not even aspect of the festival and invited -, medical and dental missions,
just want to think of you as Nina, chocolates. Did you not notice the be Catholic at all! I felt sad. devotees to learn from the life of the catechism for barangay children,
my daughter who happens to be a furtive glances from those at the I as a mother also felt sad for Christ Child. livelihood seminars for fathers and
nun. I as the woman who brought table as you—loading them into a your siblings when you acted “The Dinagyang festival has [a] mothers, and a healing Mass for
you to this world feel morally huge bag—were saying “Walang disappointed since none of them much deeper meaning to it than the aged, sick, and abandoned were
obliged to speak out now, for I do ganito sa kumbento eh!” I was quiet could accommodate your request the street dancing competitions, also held.
believe God has expectations of me, lest you think I was depriving you for a ride back to your convent. the stage shows, the revelry and
too. I may not have a Ph. D. as you of a little luxury, but I was thinking, I know they had done that for the partying, or the hundreds and Dinagyang@50
do, but child, if your two doctorate “My child, if they don’t give you you willingly before, but people’s thousands of tourists flocking Dinagyang traces its origins to the
degrees teach you to dismiss as junk food in the convent, there must needs change, and so do their [to] Iloilo City for the colourful late Rev. Fr. Ambrosio Galindez,
grumblings the observations of one be a good reason for it.” It alarms priorities, and it upset me that you, pageantry. O.S.A., parish priest of San Jose
who has given birth to and raised me as your mother to realize that Sister Nina, were too insensitive “The Lord, the second Person Church at the time, who introduced
six children, then I will not think your appetite for such “goodies” to empathize with them. They of the Most Holy Trinity, who in the devotion to the Señor Sto. Niño
twice about twisting your ear so you has made you forgetful of your now have growing families, with the fullness of time became man, to Iloilo City in 1967.
can hear your mother ask, “Do you doctor’s warning about the threat countless familial duties to cope assuming the form of a child – our In 1968, a replica of the original
know where you’re going to?” of diabetes—and your very own with, but because they—not even Señor Sto. Niño – did not only teach image of the Sto. Niño de Cebu was
As a much younger nun, you were concern about weight gain. your kuya—could not directly beg us to be poor, chaste and obedient. brought to the Queen City of the
a perfect blessing to us, I’d dare say. I also noticed something in off and risk displeasing you, they He Himself put His teachings into South by Fr. Sulpicio Enderez as a
You were much easier to get along your conversation. While it was had to rely on me, your mother, to practice,” stressed the priest. gift to the Parish of San Jose.
with, for one. You were a model of good that you sounded very well plead for your consideration. When The theme of the Dinagyang The devotees, led by members
congeniality and humility for all of informed about world news—and I suggested you take a taxi instead, festival on its 50th year highlighted of Confradia del Sto. Niño de Cebu
us; your nephews and nieces adored your nieces and nephews said you and you snapped, “Such a small three essential traits that – Iloilo Chapter, gave the image a
you and listened eagerly to your were “cool” to be abreast of internet favor to ask, and no one can help? characterize the life of Jesus during fitting reception starting at the point
bible stories; your cousins sought trends and social media—I missed You know I’m afraid to take taxis!” His earthly ministry – a life lived in of arrival, parading down the streets
your advice; even our house help the way you used to make us see I seethed inside and managed to a spirit of true poverty, chastity, and of Iloilo, until it arrived at the San
revered you as you would always mundane affairs in the light of the stifle a curt “Afraid? So where is obedience. Jose Church.
volunteer to do the dishes, sweep gospel. It was something only you your God?” That night I couldn’t This became a tradition that
the floor or change the curtains in the family could do—lead us to sleep. I wondered what traumatic Personal conversion has been celebrated annually
while vacationing with us. Your the Lord through your insights as thing you had suffered that made The Augustinian preacher as the “Iloilo Ati-Atihan” and,
father and I secretly felt very proud a daughter of the Church. Years you dread taxi rides; you used to asserted that devotion to the Sto. from the year 1977 onwards, as
of you as we did not have any doubts ago I had felt sure your higher take taxis, jeepneys, buses, and Niño should not only strengthen the “Dinagyang”, taken from the
anymore that you were in the place studies, your travels abroad, your tricycles without fuss before you faith but should also lead to deep Hiligaynon word “dagyang,” or
God had called you to be. But last interaction with anointed men, entered the convent. personal conversion towards the “merrymaking”. (Fr. Mickey
Christmas, I sensed a disconnect and your assignments to important And That’s the Truth / A8 imitation of Christ. Cardenas/CBCPNews)
A8 PEOPLE, FACTS, AND PLACES February 5 - 18, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 3 CBCP Monitor

New PH envoy to Vatican ‘Patroness of Ilocos Norte’
to be pontifically crowned
embraces ‘ora et labora’

The pontifical coronation of “La Virgen Milagrosa de Badoc” was granted through the Decree of the
Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments with Protocol Number 495/17.

LAOAG, Ilocos Norte– In a decree of Laoag, Bishop Antonio Mabutas.
issued Dec. 6, 2017 by the Vatican This would only be realized by his
Ambassador Grace Relucio-Princesa attends Mass to celebrate the World Day of Consecrated Life at the Manila Cathedral on Feb. 2, 2018. ROY LAGARDE Congregation for Divine Worship second successor, Bishop Edmundo
and Discipline of the Sacraments, M. Abaya on Dec. 8, 1980, who
MANILA— A product of wants me to do,” said on Appointments in a bid Unknown to many, she is Cardinal Robert Sarah, its Prefect, mandated a diocesan coronation.
the Benedictines, a long Princesa, who is currently to secure congressional also a member of the Regina granted “La Virgen Milagrosa de This served to jump-start the
time envoy nominated the assistant secretary of approval on her Rosarii Contemplative Badoc,” patroness of Ilocos Norte, devotion to the Virgin of Badoc.
as ambassador to the the Department of Foreign appointment. Association, the Catholic the privilege of being crowned as Thirty-seven years after the
Vatican understood and Affairs’ Legislative Liaison “We pray for a smooth Women’s League, the mandated by papal authority. The episcopal coronation, in preparation
had embraced the spirit Unit. confirmation and, God- Handmaid of the Lord and pontifical coronation is set on May for the bicentennial anniversary of
St. Benedict, whose motto The envoy made her first willing, approval of the the Light of Jesus Family. 31. the establishment of Ilocos Norte
was “ora et labora,” – public appearance after Vatican,” said Princesa, If confirmed, Princesa This was granted in response as a civil province, the present
“prayer and work”. her nomination as the who had served as the vowed to help improve to Laoag Bishop Renato P. Bishop of Laoag, Bishop Mayugba
For 31 years of serving Philippine ambassador first female Philippine the Philippine-Vatican Mayugba’s petition requesting started working for the granting
in the diplomatic service, to the Holy See at the ambassador to the United relations “since we have papal recognition of the image’s of the pontifical coronation of “La
Ambassador Grace Manila Cathedral during Arab Emirates. some commonalities on importance through a pontifical Virgen Milagrosa de Badoc.” This
Relucio-Princesa said Mass for the World Day She also had previous the issues on migration, coronation. was granted through the Decree
the two are inseparable, of Consecrated Persons postings in Iraq, USA, climate change, and The pontifical coronation, as of the Congregation for Divine
adding that prayer acts as on February 2. Egypt and Switzerland. interfaith” and assist announced in a Jan. 13 pastoral Worship and Discipline of the
the core of all her work. Princesa said she was Princesa is an alumna of the Filipino religious letter by Mayugba, will be on the Sacraments with Protocol Number
“I always pray, discern, humbled by her appointment the St. Agnes Academy, a community in Rome. Feast of the Visitation. He stated 495/17.
and contemplate to seek although she has yet to face Benedictine-run school in (Roy Lagarde/ the significance of the date as the “… The Diocese of Laoag is expecting
what God and country the powerful Commission Legazpi City, Albay. CBCPNews) moment when John the Baptist (“in Manila Archbishop Luís Antonio
utero”) LEAPED FOR JOY!” It must G. Cardinal Tagle as the crowning

Archbishop Palma joins Dominican Order be remembered that the Parish of
Badoc is under the patronage of st.
John the Baptist and the Lady of
prelate and Cotabato Archbishop
Orlando B. Cardinal Quevedo, OMI,
a native son of Ilocos Norte, as the
CEBU City— Another prelate has Badoc is also known as “Cause of preacher for the Mass.
joined the Dominican community, our Joy.” The presence of the Apostolic
becoming the first novice of a newly In a Facebook post, Fr. Danny Nuncio to the Philippines,
erected chapter of the Order of Laeda, known as the “Historian Archbishop Gabriele Giordano
Preachers in the country. of the North,” recalled that the Caccia; the president of the
Archbishop Jose Palma of Cebu attempt to seek a papal mandate Catholic Bishops’ Conference of
was admitted to the Order Priestly for the coronation of the sacred the Philippines, Davao Archbishop
Fraternities of St. Dominic in image of the Virgin started during Romulo G. Valles, and other
a solemn ceremony held at the the foundation of the Diocese of Philippine bishops are also expected
archbishop’s residence on Jan. 23. Laoag in 1961 by the then Bishop to grace the event. (CBCPNews)
No other than Fr. Napoleon
Sipalay, Prior Provincial of And That’s the Truth / A7
the Dominican Province of the
Philippines, presided the rite of Your religious habit opens many you are? Nina, my child, forgive
admission. doors for you—you know how me if I have been too harsh on you,
In March 2015, Archbishop our people hold priests and nuns but I only wish to let you know that
Socrates Villegas of Lingayen- in high esteem. People believe with what I have seen and heard of
Dagupan and the late Bishop you are “malakas kay Lord” and you now, I am missing the young
Rodolfo Beltran of La Union also count on your “hotline to God” nun we all knew many years ago
joined the Order. to obtain favors for them. But who by her purity and simplicity
The Chapter of St. Vincent Ferrer not all of those whom you help spoke to us of a divine reality to
is one of the nine newly established Photo. Archbishop Jose Palma of Cebu becomes the first novice of a newly erected Chapter of Priests are poor, and those who are not strive for in this life. I have a few
local fraternities of priests in the
in the Philippines. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE ORDER OF PREACHERS have rewarded your friendship more years left before I join your
Province of the Philippines. Fr. Simplicio Pugasan Jr. of the The former president of the and intercession with gifts only father in the afterlife. I pray you
The new chapters were established Archdiocese of Cebu, and it has Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the the well-off can afford—like iPads, will look for that young “bride of
on Sept. 23, 2017, at the Convent of currently around 20 members. Philippines completed his Licentiate gadgets, branded bags and shoes, Christ” and find her still alive in
Santo Domingo in Quezon City, In his thanksgiving speech, degree in Theology at the University etc. Has this gotten into your the core of your being, because
on the occasion of the visit of the Palma affirmed his affinity with of Santo Tomas, Manila, and his head? Subtly ignited a sense of when I am finally reunited with
Master of the Order, Fr. Bruno the Dominicans under whose Doctorate degree in Theology at the entitlement in you? Or am I just your father, I am sure he will ask
Cadoré. institutions he obtained his higher Pontifical University of St. Thomas guilty of inordinately taking your about you; I do not want to have
The chapter’s current prior is education. Aquinas in Rome. (CBCPNews) religious vows more seriously than to tell him, “I am sorry I lost her.”

Bible Study resource website launched in Bacolod
BACOLOD City– In celebration a non-profit animation studio from Roots of National Bible Week/
of National Bible Sunday, the Portland, Oregon, which granted Sunday
Diocesan Commission on Biblical permission to CBLE to embed their According to the official Episcopal
Apostolate (DCBA) of Bacolod animated videos on the Bible study Commission on the Bible Apostolate
launched on Jan. 27 a new website lessons of the CBLE. (ECBA) website, “the annual
dedicated to providing resources The CBLE was developed in celebration of National Bible Week
related to the Bible. partnership with the Philippines for the Catholic faithful held every
The Center for Biblical Literacy Association of Catholic Religious last week of January became official
and Education (CBLE) website Educators, Inc. (PACRE), which when President Corazon C. Aquino provides Sunday is a professional organization issued Proclamation No. 44.”
reflections, updates on events of Catholic religious education President Fidel V. Ramos’s PP
related to the Bible apostolate as teachers based in the University 1067 further strengthened this,
well as online Bible study lessons. of Negros Occidental – Recoletos recognizing that: “national attention
(UNO-R). be focused on the importance of
‘High-tech’ initiative Hoping that this new project reading and studying the Bible in
Explaining the timeliness of the will benefit many, the Biblical molding the spiritual, moral and
latest “high-tech” initiative for the of resources online by gathering Word apostolate director encouraged social fiber of our citizenry.”
New Evangelization, Fr. Deogracias credible and useful materials in The priet also pointed out that Catholic teachers, catechists, These two Presidential
Aurelio V. Camon, Ph.D., director of one portal. the website aims to reach out to and those involved in religious Proclamations were actually an
the Diocesan Commission on Bible “For this purpose, the CBLE Catholics who want to study the education in Catholic schools to affirmation of the late President
Apostolate, said: “We are hoping will serve as a kind of a ‘curator,’” Bible for free in their own time and use the resources of cble-online. Ferdinand E. Marcos’s PP 1923
that through we can he said, “that will select the best at their own pace. “The Center for org. issued Oct. 27, 1979, in recognition
provide Bible study materials in an resources, crafting them into short Biblical Literacy and Education Camon announced that the of the Bible as “an excellent source
easy-to-understand and relevant but meaningful articles or posts that (CBLE) hopes that it can answer the website is now online while the of principles for the development
manner.” the registered member of the CBLE need of those who are thirsting for downloadable mobile application of moral and personal discipline”,
According to him, the website can access anytime, anywhere.” the Word of God.” of, for easy access the ECBA website indicated.
is an attempt to help the faithful According to the priest, the Bible to the site, will be available by (Fr. Mickey Cardenas/
shift through the great number For those thirsting for God’s Project is made possible thanks to February 2018. CBCPNews)
CBCP Monitor February 5 - 18, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 3 PASTORAL CONCERNS B1

Catholic bishops pose for a group photo after the opening Mass of their 116th plenary assembly at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral on Jan. 27, 2018. SAMMY NAVAJA

CBCP pastoral guidelines for
discerning the moral dimension of the
present-day moves for Charter change
“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” (2 Cor. 3:17)

Beloved People of God: for “No-El” (no elections) and pushes for an Convergence of the Moral and Political Moreover a major objection to a federal
extension of terms of office, it is to be expected Critique system that devolves power to the Federal
Introduction that citizens would react with suspicion, as- If the Constitution is to be revised at all, States on an equal basis will not satisfactorily
To change or not to change the Constitu- tonishment and exasperation. the process should lead to a greater defense address the aspirations of the Muslims and
tion, that is the fermenting political question In addition the feeling of a creeping dictator- and promotion of the above-mentioned moral Lumads in Mindanao for self-determination
of the day. The move for Charter change is, ship is conjured by past experience. Moreover, values of human dignity and human rights, and respect for ancestral rights.
and has been, the proposed vehicle to adopt political dynasties are really and factually integrity and truth, participation and solidar-
Federalism as a new form of government. becoming a dominant factor in our country’s ity, and the common good. Gift of the Spirit – Freedom to do Good
But ignored in the welter of political opinions political life. These are the moral translations of the and not Evil
regarding Charter change is the fundamental political critique on Charter change, to wit, St. Paul speaks of freedom that is a gift of the
moral dimension of this human political act. 3. The Principle of Participation[6]  and the broadening and deepening of the dif- Holy Spirit. It is a freedom towards life and not
Today, encouraged by the Social Doctrine Solidarity[7] ferentiated institutions of democracy, the towards death, a freedom not to do evil but to
of the Church, as articulated in the teachings Participation is at the heart of democ- enhancing of the separation and distinction do good. Political authority is God-given and
of many Popes,[1] as well as in the teachings racy. Clearly, a move for Charter change of various forms of state powers, the foster- is designed to defend, promote, and ensure
of PCP-II, we wish to make our moral stand that involves transforming the Congress ing of social justice, the resolution of issues what is good.
clear and forthright. into a Constituent Assembly is bound to be of massive poverty, corruption, patronage When political power is exercised for this
deficient of widespread peoples’ participa- politics, political dynasties, centralization of task, it fulfills what God intends with this gift. 
A Long-Standing CBCP Position on tion, discussion, and consultation. It would power in the  so-called “imperial Manila,” and There the Spirit of God operates and there the
Charter Change be totally rash for members of Congress the blatant disregard for human rights (e.g., in freedom of God’s children flourishes. When
On the matter of changing the 1987 Consti- to presume the reasoned approval of their the campaign against illegal drugs). political authority fails to do what is good,
tution, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the constituents on so grave an issue as the It is hopefully with these aspirations in mind there the spirit of God is absent. We should
Philippines has declared its moral stand not move to overhaul the nation’s Charter. that the members of the consultative com- not then be surprised when properly formed
only once but at least five times since 1987. When such a situation arises, the prin- mittee recently appointed by the President consciences declare in the manner of Peter and
We began with a moral judgment in 1986 de- ciple of solidarity is patently violated. Soli- to review the 1987 Constitution carry out the the other apostles, “We must obey God rather
claring that, though imperfect, the provisions darity is the “persevering determination to task expected of them. than men.” (Acts 5:9)
of the draft 1987 Constitution were consistent commit oneself to the common good” for
with the Gospel. we are responsible for one another.[8] This Alternatives to Charter Change Conclusion:   Discern, Decide, and
In subsequent attempts at Charter change principle summons us to protect one As servant leaders, we have listened to many Act with Mary our Mother
by our legislators,[2] our moral stand was and another’s rights and to work together for others who believe that the solution to these We call upon you, dear People of God, to
remains consistent, namely: the good of the family, the community, and problems is not a revision of the Constitu- form or reactivate circles of discernment and
Amending the fundamental law of the land, of the nation. tion, but a full implementation of the 1987 use your freedom as God’s children to discern,
so carefully crafted for the common good after Constitution (e.g., on political dynasties & on participate, discuss, and debate. Have an in-
years of dictatorship, requires widespread 4.  The Principle of the Common freedom of information), and a revision of the formed conscience and decide in the light of
peoples’ participation and consultation, unity Good[9] Local Government Code, originally designed Gospel values. Do what is necessary. Persuade
of vision, transparency, and relative serenity The principle of the common good is linked to devolve power from central authority, fol- our legislators to do only what is genuinely for
that allows for rational discussion and debate. intimately with social justice. To work for so- lowing the moral principle of subsidiarity. the good of all on this issue of Charter change.
cial justice is to strive for the common good. We have also heard the views of those who We entrust this urgent moral task that seri-
A Moral Critique of the Charter Change Without social justice, the common good believe that the solution we seek is ultimately ously impacts the future of our nation to the
Movement is not attained. The thematic framework of the transformation of our political culture, intercession of our Blessed Mother, the Virgin
From the moral teachings of the Church, the 1987 Constitution is in fact social justice, the eradication of a political mindset of per- Mary, Reyna ng Pilipinas.
four principles stand out as bases for moral as one framer of the 1987 Constitution has sonalities, pay-offs, and patronage—a culture  
judgment on this current move towards Char- rightly asserted.  Apparently, the intention of that is entrenched in our present political
ter change. some legislators to revise the 1987 Constitu- structures and practices. Without conversion For the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the
tion might indeed be the common good. But of mindsets, the new political wine of Charter Philippines,
1. The Principle of Human Digni- lack of participation, lack of transparency, as change will remain in old political wine-skins,
ty[3] and Human Rights[4] well as perceived promotion of self-interests and merely end up bursting the hope for a new  
Human rights flow from the God-given dig- contravene this intention. political culture.
nity of the human person. Men and Women Moreover, a full understanding of the com- +ROMULO G. VALLES
are all created in the image of God. The human mon good goes beyond mere political, social, On Federalism Archbishop of Davao
person is sacred, bearing the imprint of the or economic good. Our moral teaching de- The reported objective of Charter change is President, CBCP
Divine. In the 1987 Constitution are enshrined scribes the common good as “the sum total of to shift from a unitary to a parliamentary form January 29, 2018
fundamental human rights that correspond to social conditions which allow a people, either of government in various shapes that would Mandaue City, Cebu
Christian values based on the Gospel. as groups or individuals, to reach their fulfill- govern federal states. It is often claimed that
Given present developments and trends ment more fully and more easily”.[10] Thus there is a necessity of devolving powers from
in legislation where pro-life principles are the common good would include defense the central government to Federal States. ---------------
even now being undermined, we are deeply and promotion by the State of fundamental We ask the question: is it necessary to [1] Cf. for instance Pope Paul VI, Pope St. John Paul II, Pope
concerned that such principles, which are moral values regarding human dignity, human change the Charter in order to devolve power? Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.
consistent with the fundamental nature of rights, and religious freedom—necessary Many constitutional and legal experts do not [2] In 1997, 2003, 2006, and 2017.
marriage and the family, and which are now paths to full human life. A rash move for a seem to think so. What is truly needed for [3]Cf. Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church [CSDC],
enshrined in the 1987 Constitution are most  new Constitution places these moral values a genuine devolution of power according to # 109, 111, 132.
likely to be overturned. in extreme peril. them, is a full implementation of the Constitu- [4] CSDC #153
Of significance is the fact that PCP-II listed tion, the creation of enabling laws, and some [5] Catechism of the Catholic Church [CCC] # 2468
2. The Principle of Integrity and the following as the first two requirements revisions on the Local Government Code, and [6] CSDC # 190-91
Truth[5] for lay participation in political leader- a more decisive effecting of the Indigenous [7] CSDC # 193
This moral principle requires total transpar- ship:[11] “that the basic standard for participa- Peoples’ Rights Act. Only these, they believe, [8] Pope John Paul II, Sollicitudo Rei Socialis, #38
ency and accountability, clarity and purity of tion be the pursuit of the common good; that can ensure that self-determination and de- [9] CSDC # 164, 168
motives. When the move for Charter change participation be characterized by a defense centralization of powers, both political and [10] Vatican II, Gaudium et Spes # 26
becomes self-serving, such as when it calls and promotion of justice.” financial, are in fact realized. [11] PCP II # 351
B2 UPDATES February 5 - 18, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 3 CBCP Monitor

What makes a Catholic school:
By Fr. Jaime B. Achacoso, J.C.D. imparted in private—ecclesiastical
or otherwise—or public (state)
My attention has recently been Canon Law considers the
called by two friends—separately— transmission of Catholic values
on what apparently is a scandalous as an integral part of education.
controversy raging in the diocese Such transmission of values is
of Bacolod. Before the Christmas considered as primarily the work
break, an old friend from my UP of persons—i.e., parents, the
years approached me regarding community, pastors, educators, etc.
the conflict between the Board But in the context of Canon Law, it
of Trustees of the SJI-Huaming needs institutional expression and
School in Bacolod and the Diocese. support—e.g., parishes and religious
With the Christmas break and institutes, or Catholic educational
my teaching engagements in the institutions.
interim, I had temporarily shelved b. Catholic educational
this matter. But as soon as I got institutions. What makes an
back, my attention was called, this educational institution Catholic?
time by a fellow canon lawyer, This topic has been the object of
regarding the position paper of the extensive discussion, but for the
President of the CEAP regarding the purposes of this article, we shall
aforementioned controversy. As a limit ourselves to two dimensions
judicial vicar, he had been asked by of what the law considers to be the
the catholic school community in his Catholic identity:
own diocese regarding that paper. 1) Internal Dimension of
I would like to contribute towards Catholic identity. The latest
the resolution of this matter, since juridic Church document on the
obviously the only one benefiting matter, Ex corde Ecclesiae,
from the conflict is the devil, who lists four essential characteristics
foments division in the Mystical for a university to be Catholic
Body of Christ. (art.13). Mutatis mutandis,
1. Catholic education we can assume the same
vs. Catholic educational requirements for other Catholic
institutions educational institutions: St. John Institute – Hua Ming. PHOTO COURTESY OF SJI
Education includes not only the i) Christian inspiration
transmission of different fields not only of individuals but of the and to its formal relationship with the requirements of Catholic consequences of this right-duty:
of learning, but also the effort to university community as such; the Catholic Church, particularly identity. Reserving a more thorough a) Right-duty of parents to
inculcate the virtues that form part ii) Continuing reflection in to the Catholic hierarchy. Given a discussion of this point for Part II of foster Catholic education in
of the fully developed human person. the light of the Catholic faith Catholic educational content, an this article (vid. infra), we can say at schools: The Christian faithful are
Thus, for education to be considered upon the growing treasury of human educational institution can formally this point that Catholic identity to strive so that in civil society the
Catholic it must not only transmit knowledge, to which it seeks to (officially) use the name Catholic has many aspects. It may refer to laws which regulate the formation
religious doctrine in accord with contribute by its own research; only with the permission of the the actual transmission of Catholic of youth provide also for their
the Magisterium of the Church, but iii) Fidelity to the competent Catholic authority (cf. values in and by a school, or to a religious and moral education in
must also strive towards the integral Magisterium—i.e., to the cc.216 & 803, §3), which is only public perception that the school the schools themselves in accord
formation of the human person and Christian message as it comes to us given when the Hierarchy—and the is truly Catholic, or to an official with the conscience of the parents
be oriented to his supernatural last through the Church; Church—is in some way committed commitment of the school to the (c.799).
end (cf. c.795). iv) Institutional commitment in such institution. These can be of Roman Catholic Church. b) Right-duty of parents to
a. Catholic education. to the service of the People of two different types (cf. c.803, §1): a. Rationale for Catholic provide Catholic education
Education can be called Catholic God and of the human family in i ) Th o s e e s t a b l i s h e d a n d Schools to their children: Parents are
based on its content and the their pilgrimage to the transcendent directed by the Hierarchy or by a The establishment of Catholic to entrust their children to those
formation given, independently of goal which gives meaning to life. public ecclesiastical juridic person. schools finds its rationalization in schools in which Catholic education
whether it is given by educational In short, the identity of a Catholic ii) Those recognized as Catholic the following principles: is provided; but if (the schools)
institutions of the Church or by University—mutatus mutandis, of a by the competent authority through 1) Right-duty of parents to are unable to do this, they are
the Catholic faithful of their own Catholic school--is essentially linked a written document. educate their children: Primary bound to provide for their suitable
initiative. It would be Catholic if it is to the quality of its teachers and to 2. Catholic schools education is tied in with the Catholic education outside the
imbued by the Christian spirit with respect for Catholic doctrine. By Catholic schools we understand fundamental right-duty of parents schools (c.798).
which, on the other hand, all the 2) External Dimension of those educational institutions in the to educate their children in accord The Code even goes further,
faithful should inform their actions. Catholic Identity. This refers to the first (elementary) and secondary with their own religious and moral typifying the opposite of this as
Such Catholic education can be institution’s public image as Catholic, (high school) levels, which meet principles. The Code reflects several Catholic / B7

(Father Edward McNamara,
Kiss of Peace
everyone briefly gave the kiss of Risen Lord continues to give even of receiving Holy Communion: it to another place, with a view to
professor of liturgy and dean of peace to the person beside him. At today to his Church as she gathers ‘By its nature the Eucharist is improving the understanding and
theology at the Regina Apostolorum that time, the gesture of the kiss for the celebration of the Eucharist the sacrament of peace. At Mass carrying out of this gesture. After
university, answers the following was more a mark of respect than in order to bear witness to this in this dimension of the Eucharistic further reflection, it was considered
query:) of affection. Hence, the gesture everyday life. mystery finds specific expression in appropriate to retain the rite of
adopted today should be what local “2. In the Roman liturgical the sign of peace. Certainly this sign peace in its traditional place in the
Q: The Sign of Peace is custom considers as a gesture of tradition, the exchange of peace is has great value (cf. Jn 14:27). In our Roman liturgy and not to introduce
positioned at the worst part of the respect. placed before Holy Communion times, fraught with fear and conflict, structural changes in the Roman
Eucharistic celebration. It should We should also consider the nature with its own specific theological this gesture has become particularly Missal. Some practical guidelines
be at the introduction part, prior of the peace that we are giving. The significance. Its point of reference eloquent, as the Church has become are offered below to better explain
to the Eucharist, I believe. — G.W., rite is preceded by the monition, is found in the Eucharistic increasingly conscious of her the content of the exchange of
Bahamas “The peace of the Lord be with you contemplation of the Paschal responsibility to pray insistently for peace and to moderate excessive
always.” This is both a signal for mystery as the ‘Paschal kiss’ of the the gift of peace and unity for herself expressions that give rise to disarray
A: It might be just a tad excessive the rite of peace and an indication Risen Christ present on the altar as and for the whole human family. in the liturgical assembly before
to say that the kiss of peace is placed that the peace we exchange is not in contradistinction to that done […] We can thus understand the Communion.
at the worst part of the celebration, merely a benevolent feeling for our by other liturgical traditions which emotion so often felt during the sign “6. Consideration of this theme
especially considering that it has neighbor but the peace that comes to are inspired by the Gospel passage of peace at a liturgical celebration. is important. If the faithful through
probably been in its current position us through Christ and the unity and from St. Matthew (cf. Mt 5:23). The Even so, during the Synod of their ritual gestures do not appreciate
since Pope St. Gregory the Great harmony that derives from sharing rites which prepare for Communion Bishops there was discussion about and do not show themselves to be
(590-604). the Eucharist. constitute a well-expressed unity in the appropriateness of greater living the authentic meaning of the
Perhaps our reader’s difficulties After the synod on the Eucharist in which each ritual element has its own restraint in this gesture, which can rite of peace, the Christian concept of
stem from the fact that rite is 2005 there was some discussion and significance and which contributes be exaggerated and cause a certain peace is weakened and their fruitful
sometimes carried out in a confused widespread consultation regarding to the overall ritual sequence of distraction in the assembly just participation at the Eucharist is
manner, which is not the mind of the possibility of changing the sacramental participation in the before the reception of Communion. impaired. Therefore, along with the
the Church and is not how the rite moment of the sign of peace. The mystery being celebrated. The It should be kept in mind that previous reflections that could form
developed in history. majority of experts recommended sign of peace, therefore, is placed nothing is lost when the sign of the basis for a suitable catechesis by
The kiss, or sign, of peace was keeping the traditional position between the Lord’s Prayer, to peace is marked by a sobriety which providing some guidelines, some
already part of Church practice before communion. which is joined the embolism which preserves the proper spirit of the practical suggestions are offered to
from the earliest times, perhaps Finally, on June 8, 2014, the prepares for the gesture of peace, celebration, as, for example, when the Conferences of Bishops for their
inspired by St. Paul’s invitation Congregation for Divine Worship and the breaking of the bread, in it is restricted to one’s immediate prudent consideration:
to the Corinthians: “Greet one published a circular letter “Pacem the course of which the Lamb of neighbors.’ “a) It should be made clear once
another with a holy kiss” (1 relinquo vobis,” on “The Ritual God is implored to give us his peace. “4. Pope Benedict XVI, further and for all that the rite of peace
Corinthians 16:20). Expression of the Gift of Peace at With this gesture, whose ‘function than shedding light on the true sense already has its own profound
The rite is mentioned in ancient Mass” (Prot. N. 414/14) with the is to manifest peace, communion of the rite and of the exchange of pace, meaning of prayer and offering of
sources such as the “Apostolic conclusions of the inquiry: and charity,’ the Church ‘implores emphasized its great significance as peace in the context of the Eucharist.
Constitutions” and the sermons of “1. ‘Peace I leave you; my peace peace and unity for herself and for a contribution of Christians, with An exchange of peace appropriately
St. Augustine. I give you.’ As they gathered in the the whole human family, and the their prayer and witness to allay carried out among the participants at
At first, the kiss of peace was cenacle, these are the words with faithful express to each other their the most profound and disturbing Mass enriches the meaning of the rite
considered as an important, and which Jesus promises the gift of ecclesial communion and mutual anxieties of contemporary humanity. itself and gives fuller expression to
even obligatory, preparation for peace to his disciples before going charity before communicating in In light of all this he renewed his call it. It is entirely correct, therefore, to
those about to receive Communion to face his passion, in order to the Sacrament,’ that is, the Body of that this rite be protected and that say that this does not involve inviting
but was later extended to all. After the implant in them the joyful certainty Christ the Lord. this liturgical gesture be done with the faithful to exchange the sign of
year 1000 the kiss of peace gradually of his steadfast presence. After his “3. In the Post-Synodal Apostolic religious sensibility and sobriety. peace ‘mechanically.’ If it is foreseen
became a far more formalized rite resurrection, the Lord fulfills his Exhortation Sacramentum caritatis, “5. This Dicastery, at the request that it will not take place properly
and later the exclusive preserve of promise by appearing among them Pope Benedict XVI entrusted to of Pope Benedict XVI, had already due to specific circumstances or if it
the clergy, except for some special in the place where they had gathered this Congregation the competence approached the Conferences of is not considered pedagogically wise
occasions. for fear of the Jews saying, ‘Peace of considering questions about Bishops in May of 2008 to seek to carry it out on certain occasions,
Thus, the sign of peace, as be with you!’ Christ’s peace is the the exchange of peace, in order to their opinion about whether to it can be omitted, and sometimes
described in the present missal, fruit of the redemption that he safeguard the sacred sense of the maintain the exchange of peace ought to be omitted. It is worth
roughly restores the rite to the form brought into the world by his death Eucharistic celebration and the before Communion, where it is recalling that the rubric from the
it had in medieval times in which and resurrection — the gift that the sense of mystery at the moment presently found, or whether to move Kiss / B7
CBCP Monitor February 5 - 18, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 3 Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons B3

Filipino priests encouraged to study in Rome
CEBU City— A top Vatican official “They will also acquire better
exhorted Filipino bishops to send formational skills and educational
more priests to Rome for further methods to help the youth discern
studies. their vocation, guide seminarians,
Cardinal Beniamano Stella, and accompany their fellow priests,”
Prefect of the Congregation for he added.
the Clergy, said that studying in The CBCP has a center in Rome
universities in Rome may allow where priests and seminarians can
priests to discover wider horizons finish their studies.
for their work of evangelization. To date, there are about 27
He particularly encouraged the Filipino priests residing at the
priests “to undertake, in a unique Pontificio Collegio Filipino (PCF)
way, ongoing human, spiritual, and are studying in the different
intellectual and pastoral formation”. ecclesiastical centers in Rome.
“This is in line with the desire of But of the 86 Philippine dioceses,
the Ratio Fundamentalis: to better PCF rector Fr. Greg Gaston said
prepare our seminary formators, that only 20 have student-priests
as they interact with brother in Rome.
priests from different regions of the These include three from Bacolod,
Philippines,” Stella said. two each from Caceres, Capiz,
The cardinal made the suggestion Cebu, Lipa and Manila, and one
in a message to the Catholic Bishops’ each from Bayombong, Calbayog,
Conference of the Philippines on the Cotabato, Davao, Gumaca, Jaro,
occasion of its plenary assembly in Laoag, Lingayen-Dagupan, Lucena,
Dumaguete City. Marbel, Palo, San Fernando in
His letter was read by Mexican Pampanga, Tagum and Virac.
Archbishop Jorge Patron Wong, “It is hoped that more dioceses
secretary of seminaries at the could send at least one priest for
Vatican’s Congregation for Clergy. further studies at least every five
The plenary assembly was preceded years to man their seminaries,
by the National Conference for the tribunals and other specialized
Promotion of the New Ratio where ministries,” Gaston said.
Wong served as its keynote speaker. He also said that the Collegio
Stella said it would also be “most tries its best to help dioceses send
advantageous” if priests would priest to Rome in terms of finding
attend the “Course on the Practice scholarships, encouraging local
of Priestly Formation” that is held funding counterpart and urging
at their dicastery. benefactors to help priests from their
“This course will help them, first dioceses of origin. (Roy Lagarde/
of all, to deepen their own vocation,” CBCPNews)
Mexican Archbishop Jorge Patron Wong, secretary of seminaries at the Vatican’s Congregation for Clergy, speaks during the CBCP’s plenary assembly in
Dumaguete City, Jan. 27, 2018. ROY LAGARDE
he said.

Papal nuncio urges greater attention
to seminary formation
CEBU City— Papal Nuncio
Archbishop Gabriele Caccia has
said the Church must pay greater
attention to the new generation
of seminarians in their formation
Speaking before the bishops
gathered for their plenary assembly
in Cebu City on Jan. 27, he
encouraged for continued efforts to
provide minor and major seminaries
with the “best formators”.
“All our efforts in the formation
in faith will ensure good results not
only for the seminarians themselves
but for the Church at large, wherever
discernments of their vocation will
lead them,” Caccia said.
This is the first time that the
new Vatican envoy, who only
assumed his post last November,
attended the biannual meeting of
the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of
the Philippines.
The plenary assembly was preceded
with the National Conference on the
Promotion of the New Ratio attended
by the nuncio and hundreds of
bishops and seminary formators
from across the country.
The four-day conference was
also graced by Mexican Archbishop
Jorge Patron Wong who came all
the way from Rome as secretary
for seminaries at the Vatican’s
Congregation for Clergy.
The gathering was among the
activities as the local Church marks
the ongoing Year of the Clergy and Papal Nuncio Archbishop Gabriele Caccia is flanked by CBCP President Archbishop Romulo Valles and Vice President Bishop Pablo Virgilio David as he delivers his message for the 116th bishops’ plenary assembly
Consecrated Persons (YCCP). in Dumaguete City, Jan. 27, 2018. ROY LAGARDE
Bishop Gerardo Alminaza,
chairman of the CBCP’s Commission implications on their approaches to aid the CBCP agency in the task of the YCCP also concerns the bishops good to stress the necessity of the
on Seminaries, said the event was formation. coming up with an updated “Ratio as its “it presents us an occasion for ongoing formation and renewal for
to familiarize formators with the According to him, it also helped Nationalis”. the renewal of our life and ministry”. all priests, including bishops,” he
content of the new Ratio and its in generating more ideas that will Archbishop Caccia also said that “In this year of the clergy, it is said. (CBCPNews)

Relics of Saints of Vocations to go on a free tour
AS the celebrations for the Year of stigmata of St. Pio of Pietrel- “Relics mean remains. Relics are
the Clergy and Consecrated Per- cina, Patron of civil defense sacred because it belongs to and
sons continue, a Marikina-based volunteers and known for came from Holy People. Relics are
reliquarium organized a tour of the piety and charity holy because God uses these remains
relics of three saints for vocations • A stone from the site of the as his instrument – a channel – of
and is accepting tour-venue registra- apparition of Our Lady of blessings, healing, and miracles,
tions for free. Lourdes. “As we venerate the Relics, we
The Blessed Ivan Merz Center are being reminded that we are
and Reliquarium has allowed three This event, according to tour coor- called to be Saints, because Saints
of their relics to be exposed and dinator and reliquarium administra- are ordinary people like us who did
exhibited on registering parishes, tor Jorge Kevin Ison, will not only be ordinary things extraordinarily with
institutions, offices and even homes an avenue for promoting the above- love,” he wrote.
in hopes to “enrich and sanctify mentioned saints but also of the Interested parties may contact the
the celebration of communities” life-vocations of the Filipino people. reliquarium through office hotlines
through their presence. Ison also wrote that the veneration (02) 621-2230 and 09561253804
The three relics are as follows: of the relics of these saints and devo- or may connect directly to Tour Co-
• A bone of St. John Mary Vian- tions would be a great opportunity ordinator Kevin Ison at 0915-636-
ney, Patron of Priests. for “deepening one’s discernment 1533 for schedule and/or inquiries.
• The gauze with blood from the of vocation.” (Niceforo Balbedina)
B4 FEATURES February 5 - 18, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 3 CBCP Monitor

“Because of the increase of iniquity, the love
of many will grow cold” (Mt 24:12)
DEAR Brothers and Sisters, for life in God. Fasting wakes us up. It makes
Once again, the Pasch of the Lord draws us more attentive to God and our neighbour.
near! In our preparation for Easter, God in It revives our desire to obey God, who alone
his providence offers us each year the season is capable of satisfying our hunger.
of Lent as a “sacramental sign of our conver- I would also like my invitation to extend
sion”.[1] Lent summons us, and enables us, to beyond the bounds of the Catholic Church,
come back to the Lord wholeheartedly and in and to reach all of you, men and women of
every aspect of our life. good will, who are open to hearing God’s voice.
With this message, I would like again this Perhaps, like ourselves, you are disturbed by
year to help the entire Church experience this the spread of iniquity in the world, you are
time of grace anew, with joy and in truth. I will concerned about the chill that paralyzes hearts
take my cue from the words of Jesus in the and actions, and you see a weakening in our
Gospel of Matthew: “Because of the increase sense of being members of the one human
of iniquity, the love of many will grow cold” family. Join us, then, in raising our plea to
(24:12). God, in fasting, and in offering whatever you
These words appear in Christ’s preaching can to our brothers and sisters in need!
about the end of time. They were spoken in
Jerusalem, on the Mount of Olives, where The fire of Easter
the Lord’s passion would begin. In reply to Above all, I urge the members of the Church
a question of the disciples, Jesus foretells a to take up the Lenten journey with enthusiasm,
great tribulation and describes a situation in sustained by almsgiving, fasting and prayer.
which the community of believers might well If, at times, the flame of charity seems to die
find itself: amid great trials, false prophets in our own hearts, know that this is never the
would lead people astray and the love that is case in the heart of God! He constantly gives
the core of the Gospel would grow cold in the us a chance to begin loving anew.
hearts of many. One such moment of grace will be, again this
year, the “24 Hours for the Lord” initiative,
False prophets which invites the entire Church community to
Let us listen to the Gospel passage and try celebrate the sacrament of Reconciliation in
to understand the guise such false prophets the context of Eucharistic adoration. In 2018,
can assume. inspired by the words of Psalm 130:4, “With
They can appear as “snake charmers”, who you is forgiveness”, this will take place from
manipulate human emotions in order to en- Friday, 9 March to Saturday, 10 March. In
slave others and lead them where they would each diocese, at least one church will remain
have them go. How many of God’s children are open for twenty-four consecutive hours, of-
mesmerized by momentary pleasures, mistak- fering an opportunity for both Eucharistic
ing them for true happiness! How many men Pope Francis is pictured during his general audience in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, Jan. 31, 2018. PAUL HARING/CNS adoration and sacramental confession.
and women live entranced by the dream of During the Easter Vigil, we will celebrate
wealth, which only makes them slaves to profit to cool? ing remedy of prayer, almsgiving and fasting. once more the moving rite of the lighting of
and petty interests! How many go through life More than anything else, what destroys By devoting more time to prayer, we en- the Easter candle. Drawn from the “new fire”,
believing that they are sufficient unto them- charity is greed for money, “the root of all able our hearts to root out our secret lies and this light will slowly overcome the darkness
selves, and end up entrapped by loneliness! evil” (1 Tim 6:10). The rejection of God and forms of self-deception,[5]  and then to find and illuminate the liturgical assembly. “May
False prophets can also be “charlatans”, his peace soon follows; we prefer our own the consolation God offers. He is our Father the light of Christ rising in glory dispel the
who offer easy and immediate solutions to desolation rather than the comfort found in and he wants us to live life well. darkness of our hearts and minds”,[7] and
suffering that soon prove utterly useless. his word and the sacraments.[3] All this leads Almsgiving sets us free from greed and enable all of us to relive the experience of the
How many young people are taken in by the to violence against anyone we think is a threat helps us to regard our neighbour as a brother disciples on the way to Emmaus. By listening
panacea of drugs, of disposable relationships, to our own “certainties”: the unborn child, or sister. What I possess is never mine alone. to God’s word and drawing nourishment from
of easy but dishonest gains! How many more the elderly and infirm, the migrant, the alien How I would like almsgiving to become a the table of the Eucharist, may our hearts be
are ensnared in a thoroughly “virtual” exis- among us, or our neighbor who does not live genuine style of life for each of us! How I ever more ardent in faith, hope and love.
tence, in which relationships appear quick and up to our expectations. would like us, as Christians, to follow the ex- With affection and the promise of my
straightforward, only to prove meaningless! Creation itself becomes a silent witness to ample of the Apostles and see in the sharing prayers for all of you, I send you my blessing.
These swindlers, in peddling things that have this cooling of charity. The earth is poisoned of our possessions a tangible witness of the Please do not forget to pray for me.
no real value, rob people of all that is most by refuse, discarded out of carelessness or for communion that is ours in the Church! For
precious: dignity, freedom and the ability to self-interest. The seas, themselves polluted, this reason, I echo Saint Paul’s exhortation to From the Vatican, 1 November 2017
love. They appeal to our vanity, our trust in engulf the remains of countless shipwrecked the Corinthians to take up a collection for the Solemnity of All Saints
appearances, but in the end they only make victims of forced migration. The heavens, community of Jerusalem as something from Francis
fools of us. Nor should we be surprised. In which in God’s plan, were created to sing his which they themselves would benefit (cf.  2
order to confound the human heart, the devil, praises, are rent by engines raining down Cor 8:10). This is all the more fitting during
who is “a liar and the father of lies” (Jn 8:44), implements of death. the Lenten season, when many groups take [1] Roman Missal, Collect for the First Sunday
has always presented evil as good, falsehood as Love can also grow cold in our own commu- up collections to assist Churches and peoples of Lent (Italian).
truth. That is why each of us is called to peer nities. In the Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii in need. Yet I would also hope that, even in [2] Inferno XXXIV, 28-29.
into our heart to see if we are falling prey to Gaudium, I sought to describe the most evi- our daily encounters with those who beg for [3]“It is curious, but many times we are afraid
the lies of these false prophets. We must learn dent signs of this lack of love: selfishness and our assistance, we would see such requests of consolation, of being comforted. Or rather,
to look closely, beneath the surface, and to spiritual sloth, sterile pessimism, the temp- as coming from God himself. When we give we feel more secure in sorrow and desola-
recognize what leaves a good and lasting mark tation to self-absorption, constant warring alms, we share in God’s providential care for tion. Do you know why? Because in sorrow
on our hearts, because it comes from God and among ourselves, and the worldly mentality each of his children. If through me God helps we feel almost as protagonists. However, in
is truly for our benefit. that makes us concerned only for appearances, someone today, will he not tomorrow provide consolation the Holy Spirit is the protagonist!”
and thus lessens our missionary zeal.[4] for my own needs? For no one is more gener- (Angelus, 7 December 2014).
A cold heart ous than God.[6] [4] Evangelii Gaudium, 76-109.
In his description of hell, Dante Aligh- What are we to do? Fasting weakens our tendency to violence; it [5]Cf. BENEDICT XVI, Encyclical Letter Spe
ieri pictures the devil seated on a throne of Perhaps we see, deep within ourselves and disarms us and becomes an important oppor- Salvi, 33.
ice,[2] in frozen and loveless isolation. We all about us, the signs I have just described. tunity for growth. On the one hand, it allows [6]Cf. PIUS XII, Encyclical Letter Fidei Do-
might well ask ourselves how it happens that But the Church, our Mother and Teacher, us to experience what the destitute and the num, III.
charity can turn cold within us. What are the along with the often bitter medicine of the starving have to endure. On the other hand, it [7] Roman Missal (Third Edition), Easter
signs that indicate that our love is beginning truth, offers us in the Lenten season the sooth- expresses our own spiritual hunger and thirst Vigil, Lucernarium.

Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, RIP
A Tribute
By Orlando B. Cardinal Quevedo, OMI
TODAY the 6th of February 2018 we In compassion for those who were considered
celebrate what would have been the 87th in grave error, he was generous. Such was
birthday of the late and much beloved the case of former Presidents Marcos
Ricardo Cardinal Vidal. He was truly a and Estrada. He went out of his way to
saintly prelate. approach them even when such approach
Media people have asked me about was interpreted by many as misguided
his legacy. His legacy to the Church in rapprochement.
the Philippines is his personality and This was simply the summons of his kind
character. Not anything that he has achieved, and compassionate heart.
though his achievements have indeed been It was Cardinal Vidal who introduced me a
considerable—for the Church in Cebu and young bishop to the work of the Federation
for the Church in the Philippines. of Asian Bishops’ Conferences. I remember
He is someone whom I have quietly a meeting of the FABC planning committee
admired as a model bishop. in Singapore in the first half of the 1980’s. Catholic bishops pray in front Cardinal Ricardo Vidal’s tomb at the mausoleum of the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, Jan. 27, 2018.
He was the President of the Catholic As moderator of the meeting he requested
Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines me to synthesize the long discussion in
(CBCP) during the critical events that led to order to find out what direction the planning to bring a black cassock to Rome, he lent me that the word is used today, it would be no
the 1986 People Revolution. Courageously committee should take. It was a request one of his cassocks and then afterwards gave other than Cardinal Vidal.
he defended the position of the Bishops of out of the blue. I had taken any notes. I it to me. I shall treasure that cassock all the It is a blessing that I was not asked to
the Philippines. He was the acknowledged had simply listened to older Asian Bishops. rest of my life. A holy man he had generously give a message at his funeral in Cebu City.
leader. But he let others speak. And when But the wish of Cardinal Vidal was for me given me a possible relic. He was a model of I would surely have broken down in tears.
he spoke it was with calmness and kindness. a command. So I tried my best to do the generosity. I do not have a third eye that is able to
This was the language of his heart. He was synthesis with circles, triangles and arrows Cardinal Vidal was a mentor by his deeds, a see spirits. A few have that gift from God.
very humble. He preferred to stay away on the board. Cardinal Vidal was one who mentor for me on how to wear the mantle of If some can see Cardinal Vidal here today,
from the limelight. For this reason his inspired, encouraged and evoked instant high responsibility and honor with simplicity let me greet him, “Happy 87th birthday,
contribution to the moral and political life confidence in younger people and humility. A Prince of the Church, he wore our beloved Cardinal Carding! May the
of the nation is much less known. To me he was not only an elder brother, he that mantle of honor lightly on his shoulders. Lord gaze and smile at you most graciously
In defense of the truth he was courageous. was a very kind father. Knowing that I forgot If ever I would have an “idol” in the sense in heaven!”
CBCP Monitor February 5 - 18, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 3 STATEMENTS B5

Message of Archbishop Romulo G. Valles at the Opening
of the CBCP 116th Plenary Assembly in Cebu City
January 27, 2018
And so much sadness was upon us he himself was swallowed up by the we take a second look at how to
when we lost Bishop Rodolfo Beltran fire. Or the story of Bp. Edwin dela further strengthen the capability
of the Diocese of San Fernando La Peña, where in the terrible situation of our Social Action Centers and
Union, and Bishop Leopoldo Tumu- in Marawi, Muslims and Christians Caritas offices as they participate,
lak of the Military Ordinariate. With worked together to serve all people not only in bringing aid to victims of
so much grief, we bade farewell to in evacuation centers. These are calamities, but also in strengthening
Cardinal Ricardo Vidal of Cebu, a stories that truly make our hearts our communities in their disaster-
very noteworthy priest, bishop and hopeful and “joyful.” preparedness capabilities and in
cardinal of the church here in the And in the days ahead, we, as their awareness of tangible acts of
Philippines. We mourned the pass- bishops, will take a major part in the mercy as rooted in the Gospel.
ing away of Bishop Juan de Dios preparations for the jubilee of the It is in such a complex situa-
Pueblos of Butuan, the death of 500th centenary of the beginnings tion, with my very poor attempt
Bishop Christian Noel of the Diocese of Christianity in the Philippines; to describe it, that we situate our
of Talibon, and the death of Bishop and as part of our nine-year prepa- ministry. And with this, I remember
Elenito Galido of Iligan. ration for this jubilee, this year is what Pope Francis, in his Apostolic
But joy was in our hearts when, proclaimed as the Year of the Clergy Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium,
in January of last year, two bishops and Consecrated Persons. This year said: “I dream of a ‘missionary op-
were ordained and installed in their also, I believe, is a great opportunity tion,’ that is, a missionary impulse
respective dioceses: Bishop Alberto for us bishops to deepen our sense capable of transforming everything,
Uy as Bishop of Tagbilaran, and of appreciation and gratitude for so that the Church’s customs, ways
Bishop Victor Bendico as Bishop the priests and religious in our local of doing things, times and schedule,
of Baguio. In February, Bishop Churches, they are truly gifts to us. language and structures can be suit-
Socrates Mesiona was ordained and A few of them have brought to the ably channeled for the evangeliza-
installed as Bishop of Puerto Princ- Church pain and shame; but many tion of today’s world rather than
esa. And Archbishop Gilbert Garcera of them, countless of them, are re- for her self-preservation” (E.G. no.
was installed as Archbishop of Lipa ally our source of joy, pride, and 27). And Pope Francis continues,
in April. In July, Bishop Danilo Ulep inspiration. “The bishop must always foster this
was ordained, and in August he was Also, the recent Seminar on the missionary communion in his di-
installed as Bishop of Batanes; and Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis ocesan Church, following the ideal
in November of last year, Bishop Mel Sacerdotalis has pointed out to us of the first Christian communities,
Rey Uy was ordained and installed the big and important task before in which the believers were of one
as Bishop of Lucena, and just recent- us: the crafting of a new Ratio Na- heart and one soul (cf. Acts 4:32).
ly, in January of this year, Bishop tionalis. To do so, he will sometimes go
Rex Ramirez was ordained Bishop in And in our national socio-political before his people, pointing the way
Palo and a few days later installed as situation, we have this big issue of and keeping their hope vibrant. At
CBCP President and Davao Archbishop Romulo Valles speaks at the opening of the 116th CBCP Plenary Bishop of the Diocese of Naval. And the proposed change of our Con- other times, he will simply be in
Assembly in Cebu City, Jan. 27, 2019. ROY LAGARDE in November of last year, we joyfully stitution; and mainly related to it their midst with his unassuming
welcomed Archbishop Gabriele Cac- is the move to change our form of and merciful presence. At yet other
WELCOME to our CBCP 116th Ple- Soc, our sincere thank you. cia, our new Apostolic Nuncio. And government to a Federal one. times, he will have to walk after
nary Assembly! And while looking at the recent on this, a trivia: I believe that Arch- But I cannot help myself but men- them, helping those who lag behind
I also asked permission from the past, it was a year of both joys and bishop Caccia is already familiar tion this—the great opportunity for and—above all—allowing the flock
good Archbishop of Cebu, Archbish- sorrows, of smiles and tears. Last with the Philippines. Because he is our local Churches—that those deep to strike out on new paths” (E.G.
op Jose Palma, to say this: Maayong year, in this context of looking at the a classmate of our own Archbishop in addiction of illegal drugs can no. 31). Let us keep hope vibrant, be
Pag-abot dinhi sa Archdiocese sa past, I can mention our sad realiza- Barney Auza, the Holy See’s Perma- come to us, the Church, as a mother truly unassuming and merciful and
Sugbu! Viva Señor Sto. Niño, Pit tion of the gravity and seriousness nent Observer in the UN! that welcomes them home, to their open to new paths!
Senyor! of the widespread use and menace of And also many acts of witness of home, with open arms (see E.G. nos. Needless to say, we go forth with
And since we are still in the first illegal drugs in the country, and our faith in the lives of our lay faithful 46-49). From my experience, they our people facing these challenges
days of the first month of this year, deep sadness and very serious con- bring inspiration and profound joy are most comfortable and confident ahead but always ever mindful of
let me say to all of you, Happy New cern over the many deaths related to our hearts as bishops in the midst to accept and bring themselves to be the “grace of office” that the good
Year! to the anti-illegal drug campaign of of pain and sorrow. Allow me to helped through the initiative and Lord will certainly shower us. While
This is my first time to address our government, and other deaths share with you a very particular and work and programs of the Church. we are challenged by Pope Francis
you in this way; never in my life did related to the drug problem. Then, local experience of mine in Davao, a It is an opportunity for us once again telling us that: “Pastoral ministry in
I ever think that I would address who can forget the painful and story of generous self-giving in the to proclaim that each and every life a missionary key seeks to abandon
you in this way!! Thank you for your tragic war in the City of Marawi? A midst of our people’s pain and sor- is sacred. Each and every life is to be the complacent attitude that says:
vote of confidence … And as I was war that escalated us to an interna- row, and hopefully such a story will loved and treasured. We do not want ‘We have always done it this way.’ I
thinking of what to say to you this tional issue with ISIS. And recently, let you see similar ones in your life. anybody to be killed. invite everyone to be bold and cre-
afternoon, my thoughts brought me up to the end of last year, we had In the terrible fire in one of the shop- Another thing I want to mention ative in this task of rethinking the
to the recent past of our life together typhoons Urduja, Vinta, and Aga- ping malls of Davao City during the is that the long series of natural goals, structures, style and methods
as the Catholic Bishops here in the ton that brought the loss of many 8th day of the Misa de Gallo, 38 lives calamities, which a good number of evangelization in their respective
Philippines, and while my thoughts lives, and destruction of homes and were lost, and 37 of these were all of times were made worse by man- communities” (E.G. no. 33). Let me
were on the past, I could not help properties. More than a hundred employees of a Call Center located in made mistakes, were occasions end with this simple and profound
but mention to all of us this after- families celebrated their Christmas the building of that mall. The 38th when our local Churches’ Social reminder of Pope Francis in Evan-
noon my sense, and I don’t doubt attending to their dead, and with the fire victim was an employee of the Action Ministry and our Caritas of- gelii Gaudium: “The important thing
our sense, of gratitude for and rec- loss of their homes, they celebrated mall who went back many times into fices made wonderful witness in the is to not walk alone, but to rely on
ognition of the wonderful work of Christmas in evacuation centers. the fire to rescue people, and he was work of bringing help and comfort each other as brothers and sisters,
Archbishop Socrates Villegas, our Now we have the eruption of the able to rescue about 80 people until to those who suffered in these situ- and especially under the leadership
immediate past President. And so, Mayon Volcano with reported initial his last attempt into the burning ations. I propose that as individual of the bishops, in a wise and realistic
let me say again to you, Archbishop evacuation of about 40,000 people. building to rescue more people when bishops in our respective dioceses, pastoral discernment” (E.G. no. 33).

Message on the Feast of the Completely implement
Presentation of the Lord, World Day the Constitution,
not Charter Change
for Consecrated Life / Religious Life THE Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas perceives the current
chastity and obedience. Becoming proposal for Charter Change as a threat to our democratic
missionary disciples of Christ by system and our aspirations as a free and progressive nation.
following him is a unique way to The present Constitution has been said to be the best in the
help us all to follow him, too. Renew world with its provisions for social justice, human rights, local
your values, mind-sets, behavior and autonomy, and it being pro-God, pro-people, pro-environment,
life-styles by following the example among others. Therefore, we have always been vigilant that any
of Christ, the Good Shepherd. Truly Charter Change should not compromise our sovereignty and our
become servant-leaders who care national patrimony.
most especially for the least, the lost In the past, attempts to change the Constitution have been
and the last. rejected by popular sentiment because it was very obvious, that
Your consecrated life is for the the object of the exercise is to extend the terms of those occupying
good of the whole Body of Christ. As the highest position in government.
Pope Francis has said: “Consecrated Today, the manner by which Charter Change is presented
life is a gift to the Church, it is born of to the Filipino people by the Administration, especially the
the Church, it grows in the Church, House of Representatives is with undue haste and without
and it is entirely directed to the much consultation and dialogue. It does not seem to answer the
Church.” important questions of:
Nuns from different religious congregations line up to take communion during Mass presided over by May this day for Consecrated 1. Is there a real need to change the present constitution to
Papal Nuncio Archbishop Gabriele Caccia to celebrate the World Day of Consecrated Life at the Manila Persons lead us all to praise the Lord achieve the objectives as outlined by its proponents?
Cathedral on Tuesday, February 2, 2018. ROY LAGARDE and to thank him for the great gift 2. Is the Constituent Assembly with both Houses of Congress
of consecrated life, which enriches the best way to have Charter Change, instead of a Constitutional
DEAR Brothers and Sisters in renewed servant leaders for the the Christian community. May it Convention wherein elected by our people which is more
Consecrated Life, new evangelization. Let us not lose promote knowledge of and esteem representative and non-partisan?
I take joy in greeting all of you sight of the fact that this year is in for the consecrated life by the entire We are disturbed that this exercise is being viewed by many as
Consecrated Persons here in the preparation for 2021, the 500th People of God. May we be aware of something that we cannot freely argue about anymore, because
Philippines, during our Year of the anniversary of Christianity in the the work you do and the witness that doing so will put the lives and well-being of those resisting this
Clergy and Consecrated Persons, on Philippines. We envision a renewed you give. May your joy in following initiative, at risk.
the Feast of the Presentation of the and evangelizing Church. Christ fill the whole Church. As lay Catholics, we are disturbed by the aggressive stance of
Lord, which is the World Day for I urge you particularly to be this administration to change a constitution that has not been
Consecrated Life established by St. renewed during this year, for your thoroughly understood and studied by 73% of the population,
John Paul II in 1997. This year, this sake, and not just for your own + ROMULO G. VALLES, D.D. according to a Pulse Asia survey.
day takes on a special meaning for sake, but for the sake of our Church Archbishop of Davao We are disturbed that instead of implementing the excellent
the Church here in the Philippines. where you offer a shining example of President, Catholic Bishops’ provisions of the current Constitution, majority of our legislators
This is a year for the renewal of the a life dedicated to following Christ Conference of the Philippines appear to be in a hurry to supercede these, with an agenda that
clergy and consecrated persons—as more closely by the vows of poverty, February 2, 2018 Completely / B7
B6 REFLECTIONS February 5 - 18, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 3 CBCP Monitor

Can we create a society that accepts Jesus, the leprosy buster
everyone, including social outcasts? 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B (Mark 1:40-45)
February 11, 2018
6th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B (Mark 1:40-45)
February 11, 2018 By Fr. Sal Putzu, SDB

By Msgr. Lope C. Robredillo, SThD AIDS is the terror of so many people that Jesus felt for the man featured
these days. Those affected by it are in today’s Gospel was stronger
often avoided and condemned to than the horror which the purulent
isolation. This rejection by society limbs most likely aroused in him
makes the suffering of the AIDS as a man. Jesus’ power, pity, and
victims even bitter. And one can only love had their day. Thanks to them,
wish that such a terrible illness never a man was cured. A man was saved.
existed . . . And he and all the others gave praise
In the time of Jesus, leprosy was to God.
one of the most dreaded misfor- Leprosy is no longer so wide-
tunes that could befall a person; it spread and dreaded in our time.
was the AIDS of those days! While Modern medicine has done a lot to
other types of patients were pitied curb and cure it. But another type
and attended to, lepers were avoided of leprosy—the spiritual leprosy
by their own relatives. They were called sin—is still with us. It affects
forbidden to approach a healthy not only a few but all humans. It
person. If they ever tried to do so, affects all of us. Its effects in us are
they were chased away with stones even more destructive than leprosy
. . . They had to live in caves and or AIDS.
ravines, away from ordinary hu- Surprisingly—and sadly so—many
man settlements, cut off from any seem unaware of its devastating
form of social life. (See today’s First effects. Others simply deny the
Reading.) existence of sin or call it by other
Leprosy meant hell already in this “sanitized” names. Pope Pius XII
life. A person in an advanced state of lamented that one of the tragedies of
leprosy was a terrible sight. People our times was the loss of the “sense
turned away their sight from them of sin.” But ignoring or denying it
in horror. does not prevent its spread or its
Jesus did not follow the prevail- destructive effects. If anything, it
ing attitude toward lepers. He makes things worse . . . . Such is the
wanted everyone to have life, and “strategy” of the devil!
AS the first reading and the Gospel men be saved from all forms of evil many ways, they are the alienated,
life to the full. (See Jn 10:10). He had Who will save us from such a
today indicate, the leper had an ap- (cf 2 Pet 3:9). It is not his desire the unwanted in our contemporary
come in a special manner for the sick plague? No progress in science or
pearance that easily distinguished that anyone be lost; rather, it is world. We normally discriminate
and the outcast, and he remained technology can offer the cure. Only
him from others, and gave him a his plan that all form part of the against, if not exclude, them from
faithful to his mission. Even when Jesus can. We, the spiritual lepers of
bad identity: his garment was rent, community of the saved, where the respectable society. We erect
the most outcast of all – the lepers our time, have only one hope: JESUS.
his head bare, and his beard muffled there is acceptance, togetherness, various walls to keep them out, in
– approached him, he did not back The only cure is his merciful LOVE
(Lev 13:45a). He was ostracized, wholeness and happiness. Which is much the same way that the Jews
off in horror. Not only did he wel- and his GRACE. Our humble prayer
and unable to talk with others why Jesus was angry at the misery put barriers between those within
come them, but even “stretched out is the one of today’s Gospel: “Lord if
who were unlike him. He had to (pain, loneliness, ostracism [Mark and those outside the respectable
his hand and touched them.” (See you will to do so, you can cure me!”
shout from a distance, “Unclean, 1:42]) which accompanied the Jewish society.
today’s Gospel.) The merciful love (Mk 1:40).
unclean!” (Lev 13:45b), as a warn- disease, and took pity on the leper. But if the Gospel (Mark 1:40-45)

Called to live a life
ing for people not to approach him. He healed him of his leprosy. The has any lesson, it is that we are in-
Wretched and ritually unclean as consequence was of course more vited to accept such people to the
he was (Lev 13:46a), he could not than just the restoration of the sick Christian community where no one
participate in religious activities. man’s health. Even more important is excluded on the basis of money,

of discipleship
He lived as an expellee from the to Mark was the fact that he was morality, and gender: “There is
normal community (Lev 13:46b; socially and religiously made whole neither Jew nor Greek, there is
Num 5:2). Of course, all these again. He returned to his family, neither slave or free person, there is
stipulations served to protect the to his circle of friends, and was re- not male and female; for you are all
community, and considering that stored to the normal religious com- one in Christ Jesus”(Gal 3:27), for
medicine was primitive, they were munity. People could now associate our vocation is to be one: “to pre- Ash Wednesday Year B (Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18)
justifiable. Still, these could not with him, and he could participate serve the unity of the spirit through February 14, 2018
hide the pain which the victims of of the sacrifice in the Temple . the bond of peace: one body, one
Hansen’s disease felt. Indeed, they Of course, today, we have few lep- Spirit… one Lord, one faith, one By Fr. Sal Putzu, SDB
suffered not only physically, even ers, but we have a number of modern baptism; one God and Father of
as their bodies rotted away. Even counterparts whom our unkind soci- all…” (Eph 4:3-6). So as Christians,
more painful for them was their ety normally rejects. We can think we have to make every effort that
being unwanted, their loneliness, of moral lepers: prostitutes, guest all people, no matter the kind of
since, social outcasts as they were, relation officers, calls girls and crim- leprosy they have, should have a
people avoided them. It is not an inals. We also have physical lepers: place in our Christian community,
exaggeration to say that many of HIV and AIDS victims, tuberculars, where humanity, justice and dignity
them would have felt themselves neurotics and psychotics. And to are restored, and where they will
worthless. some extent, we have social lep- be accepted, and treated as fellow
However, the experience of such ers: dockworkers, squatter settlers, Christians. We have to make every
pain and suffering is contrary to barkers, hold-uppers and small-time effort to support them, and uplift
God’s will. Far from wanting that thieves (big-one ones, ironically, are them from misery through our love
they live in misery, he wills that often honored in high places). In and concern for them.

Jesus as the righteous one who undid the fall of Adam
1st Sunday of Lent B (Mark 1:12-15)
February 18, 2018
By Msgr. Lope C. Robredillo, SThD

THAT the forces of wickedness Today’s Gospel (Mark 1:12-15), goodness has begun its triumph
seem to prevail is an impression however, asserts that God has begun over the forces of wickedness, we
we get from observation of what is to bring to an end the triumph of the are assured that the peace of God
happening in our midst. Corruption, forces of wickedness. It began with will achieve its victory on earth. In
for example, is endemic in our the Spirit sending Jesus out toward fact, early in his preaching, Jesus
country. Not a single branch of the the desert (Mark 1:12). That the claimed that the Kingdom of God
government is free of it, not even the Spirit seizes someone and drives was making an advance (Mark
uppermost rung. But the problem him to a certain place is common in 1:15). Today, we continue to claim
of corruption in the country is the Scriptures (1 Kgs 18:12; Ezek 8:3; territory on behalf of the Kingdom
not simply that it has seeped into Acts 8:39). In Mark, the evangelist of God, because we have the power
the psyche of many people in the portrays God sending Jesus into the given us by Jesus. That power
government; the bigger problem is battle with Satan. This harks back to was given to us in baptism. In the
that it has become institutionalized. the battle which began in paradise. second reading, which advises the
This institutionalization of During the battle with the Serpent, early Christians to suffer nobly in
corruption, from the point of view Adam was defeated. He believed in imitation of Jesus, Peter preserved
of faith, shows how the power of what the Serpent said about God’s for us a creedal formula: “he was put
sin works. Whereas the sin of the command of not eating the tree of to death insofar as fleshly existence
fall affected Adam, it continues knowledge of good and evil (Gen goes, but was given life in the realm
to affect not only individuals but 3:6). Because he succumbed, the of the spirit. It was in the spirit also
also institutions. Indeed, sin has result was devastating: man, whom that he went to preach to the spirits
become institutionalized that even Adam represented, was not only at in prison… He went to heaven and
LENT should not be a season of some extent dis-oriented, we have to
if a new comer in a government enmity with his fellowmen (Gen 2:8- is at God’s right hand, with angelic
sterile mourning over an irredeem- re-orient it by redirecting it to God,
office begins with good intention 16), but also with the environment rulers and powers subjected to
able past characterized by sin and without uncertainties and without
and good behavior, he ultimately (Gen 3:14-15). him”(1 Pet 3:18.22). According to
failure. Rather, it should be a time delays. We are expected to turn
becomes like the rest—a basket of Unlike Adam, however, Jesus this confession of baptismal faith,
for honest self-evaluation and dis- away from the dark paths of spiri-
bad eggs. Because of the power of was victorious in the battle with the death of Christ, which we share
cernment, a time for prayer, and a tual death or ailment, and to start
sin, every day there is a reenactment Satan in the desert. He was the in baptism, produces life.
time for action. walking the highway of a virtuous
of the experience of Adam—we righteous man who triumphed over That is to say, when we are
This Lent will necessarily include life. In short, a life of vibrant and
succumb to temptations. The effect the forces of evil. As a consequence, baptized, we participate in the
a reflection on the futility of an aim- fruitful DISCIPLESHIP.
of this seeming triumph of evil is he was not harmed by the animals paschal mystery: we share in his
less life and of a life of sin. It will Lent, therefore, is a call to both
that wicked acts seem to go on with in the desert (Mark 1:13b), and suffering, we continue to battle with
also include a sincere meditation on repentance and commitment. Prob-
impunity, and doing good seems to was protected by the angels (Ps the forces of evil, but because Christ
the sufferings which Jesus endured ably, for most of us, our “conver-
go without reward. This observation 91:11-13). As the Testament of triumphed over death, and in fact
because of the sins of mankind, sion” will be just a matter of calling
is reflected in the Scripture itself: “It Nepthali says, “The devil shall flee angels, authorities and powers are
which include our sins. But our basic a halt to a life of lukewarmness,
is vain to serve God, and what do we from you, and the wild beasts shall subject to him, we are assured that
orientation must be a positive one: half-heartedness, or indifference
profit by keeping his command, and flee from you, and the angels shall in being one with his new life, we
a yearning for a fuller life of faith, to religious and moral values. But
going about in penitential dress in cleave to you” (TestNaph 8:4). It will also be victorious against the
hope, and love, expressed in dif- it will not be enough to focus our
awe of the Lord of hosts? Rather appears therefore that, in Mark, forces of wickedness. The new life
ferent forms of service to God and attention on these shortcomings
must we call the proud blessed; for the evangelist presents Jesus as the that began in the resurrection will
neighbor. and seek to eliminate them from
indeed evildoers prosper, and even righteous man who undid the fall have such an effect that, ultimately,
If we find out that our life is to our life. We are also expected to
tempt God with impunity?” (Mal of Adam. we will see the Kingdom of God Called / B7
3:14-15). Because in Jesus the power of established among us.
CBCP Monitor February 5 - 18, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 3 SOCIAL CONCERNS B7

Fighting poverty through fair trade
By Fr. Shay Cullen they are too poor to stop working
in their mountainside farms. The
community project providing toilets
PEPITO Alvarez, 57 and with his and wells is on-going in 8 villages.
wife Conchita are among one of It has so far provided eight toilets
the thousands of small mountain and five hand pumps and steel pipes
subsistence farmers who have lived for making a well to pump clean
just below the poverty line all their drinking water. The community
lives. He and his villagers in the will avoid cholera and diseases from
Zambales mountain range just keep dirty contaminated water. These
their family above the poverty line. projects are in addition to the fair
When there is a mango harvest, they earnings when the farmers get high
do much better with the Fair-Trade prices for their pico mango harvest.
price they get from Preda Fair Trade These are processed and turned into
project for their mangoes. But there organic mango puree for making
has been no big mango harvest for many products when exported to
two years. Is it because of a natural Germany.
cycle or is it because of climate In recent years, they have achieved
change and the untimely rains that through the farmers association
wash away the mango blossoms? organic status. They are certified
“Bahala na,” says Pepito. “That’s by the prestigious certification
the way of nature, we accept it.” organization Naturland of Germany.
They do accept reality, harsh and It is the first certified organic mango
unkind as it is, and they work harder product in the Philippines. The
planting vegetables and camote, the earnings from sales help the farmers
sweet potato that is their survival and also support the children who
crop. But poverty is the way of life were sexually abused and exploited
that they have endured all their by the local and foreign pedophiles
lives. They live day-to-day without and their mafia supporters.
running water or electricity and The Aeta farmers are resilient in
hardly heard of the internet. The the face of hardship and poverty.
only technology they know is an old However, in recent years, economic
model cell phone shared by many growth has helped as many as 3.7
in the village and they hike down million Filipinos get out of extreme
the mountain to an electric point to poverty. There are still 5.1 million
recharge it. Filipinos in extreme poverty and
They are members of the many more below the poverty line.
i n d i g e n o u s p e o p l e kn o w n a s That’s unacceptable. Any kind of
Aeta. They are wise, experienced poverty in this wealthy country is PHOTO COURTESY OF PREDA FAIR TRADE
survivors of some thirty thousand unacceptable. But the wealth is
years perhaps and they live in small not shared with the millions still in higher fair price and a bonus of two of humanity got nothing.” The swell the profits of corporations and
bamboo houses with grass or nipa dire poverty in rural villages and in pesos a kilo, we now harvest every report explained that as many as billionaire investors.”
roofs. These are not strong dwellings teeming urban slums. single mango fruit.” 3.7 billion people saw no increase Pepito and Conchita are among
in a typhoon. Once hunters and There was a time when Pepito The distance and imbalance in their wealth. The rich got it them. The Fair Trade project that
gatherers but with the loss of the and Conchita and the villagers between rich and poor has continued they say. In the report, Winnie is paying a higher price for their
rain forests to the mining and allowed the mango fruits to fall to and increased in 2017. There were Byanyima, Executive Director of mangos is a big help but not enough.
logging corporations, they became the ground and be eaten by pigs 14 Filipino billionaires (in US Oxfam International, said: “The If the climate will allow them to have
subsistence farmers. and the children. “When I went to dollars) according to Forbes list. billionaire boom is not a sign of a a harvest, it will help them improve
Presently the Preda Fair Trade the town and offered my mangoes This follows the trend in the growth thriving economy but a symptom their lives but they need much more.
project is providing them with all to the local traders, they only paid of wealth among the world’s richest of a failing economic system. The Government intervention is needed
the cement, hollow blocks and steel me four pesos a kilo,” he said. “We people. The recent report from people who make our clothes, and a small share of the national
bars needed for making several cannot live on that so we did not Oxfam had the headline “Richest 1 assemble our phones and grow our wealth in an expanding growing
community toilets. Labor is paid harvest the mangos. But when the percent bagged 82 percent of wealth food are being exploited to ensure economy that ought to be for all, not
also in some village projects when Preda Fair Trade offered us a much created last year—the poorest half a steady supply of cheap goods and just the few.

Catholic / B2 Kiss / B2
a crime: Parents or those who education: If schools imparting removed if it is required for reasons Missal states: ‘Then, if appropriate, congratulations, best wishes or
substitute for parents are to be an education imbued with the of religion or morals (c.805). He the Deacon or the Priest, adds: “Let condolences among those present.
punished with a censure or another Christian spirit are not available, should be concerned that those who us offer each other the sign of peace”‘ “7. The intimate relationship
just penalty if they hand their the diocesan bishop is to see to it are assigned as religion teachers in (emphasis added). between the lex orandi and the lex
children over to be baptized or that they are established (c.802, §1). schools, even in non-Catholic ones, “b) On the basis of these credendi must obviously be
educated in a non-Catholic religion b. Canonical regulation of be outstanding for their correct observations, it may be advisable extended to the lex vivendi. Today,
(c.1366). Catholic Schools doctrine, their witness of Christian that, on the occasion of the a serious obligation for Catholics in
c) Right-duty to foster Catholic 1) General regulatory living and their pedagogical skill publication of the translation of the building a more just and peaceful
schools: Among educational competence of local Ordinary: (c.804, §2). third typical edition of the Roman world is accompanied by a deeper
means the Christian faithful should The diocesan bishop is competent c. Vigilance over Catholic Missal in their own country, or understanding of the Christian
greatly value schools, which are to issue prescriptions dealing with education in non-Catholic when new editions of the same meaning of peace and this depends
of principal assistance to parents the general regulation of Catholic schools Missal are undertaken in the future, largely on the seriousness with
in fulfilling their educational task schools; such prescriptions are In public schools and those private Conferences of Bishops should which our particular Churches
(c.796, §1). The Code goes further also operative for those schools schools under the free initiative of consider whether it might not be welcome and invoke the gift of
stating that: The Christian faithful which are directed by religious, the faithful, the oversight function fitting to change the manner of giving peace and express it in the liturgical
are to foster Catholic schools by with due regard for their autonomy of the ecclesiastical authority is peace which had been established celebration. Productive steps
supporting their establishment and regarding the internal management reduced to a desideratum in the earlier. For example, following these forward on this matter must be
their maintenance in proportion to of their schools (c.806, §1 in fine). Code: The local Ordinary should years of experience, in those places insisted upon and urged because
their resources (c.800, §2). 2) Oversight function of the be concerned that those who are where familiar and profane gestures the quality of our Eucharistic
2) Freedom of parents to Local Ordinary: The diocesan assigned as religion teachers... of greeting were previously chosen, participation depends upon it,
select schools: It is necessary bishop has the right of vigilance be outstanding for their correct they could be replaced with other as well as the efficacy of our
that parents enjoy true freedom over and visitation of the Catholic doctrine, their witness of Christian more appropriate gestures. being joined with those who are
in selecting schools; the Christian schools located in his territory, living and their pedagogical skill “c) In any case, it will be necessary, ambassadors and builders of peace,
faithful must therefore be concerned even those schools which have been (c.804, §2). Among the possible at the time of the exchange of peace, as expressed in the Beatitudes.
that civil society acknowledge established or are being directed concretizations of this desire could to definitively avoid abuses such as: “8. In conclusion, the Bishops
this freedom for parents and also by members of religious institutes be: – the introduction of a ‘song for and, under their guidance, the
safeguard it with its resources in (c.806, §1). The Code stipulates the 1) Ecclesiastical certificate peace,’ which is non-existent in the priests are urged, therefore, to
accord with distributive justice extent of this oversight function to of aptitude for religious Roman Rite. give careful consideration to these
(c.797). The State has the duty to give include the following: instruction - which the competent – the movement of the faithful observations and to deepen the
juridic protection for the effective a) Academic standards: The ecclesiastical authority could from their places to exchange the spiritual significance of the rite of
exercise of this right—e.g., providing directors of Catholic schools, expedite for those who meet the sign of peace amongst themselves. peace in the celebration of the Holy
the sufficient financial assistance under the vigilance of the local requirements of c.804, §2. – the departure of the priest from Mass, in their spiritual and liturgical
to private schools (Catholic or ordinary, are to see to it that the 2) Diploma for religion the altar in order to give the sign of formation and in appropriate
otherwise) to make it economically instruction given in them is at least teachers- which could be acquired peace to some of the faithful. catechesis for the faithful. Christ
feasible for all families to send their as academically distinguished as by taking an ecclesiastically approved – that in certain circumstances, is our peace, that divine peace,
children to those schools that they that given in the other schools of the course in basic Christian doctrine such as at the Solemnity of Easter announced by the prophets and by
reasonably choose, so that private region (c.806, §2). in an ecclesiastically approved or of Christmas, or during ritual the angels, and which he brought to
schools do not become too expensive b) Appointment and tenure educational institution. celebrations such as Baptism, the world by means of his paschal
due to lack of state support for the of religion teachers: For his 3) Church-State agreements-- First Communion, Confirmation, mystery. This peace of the Risen
cost of education. own diocese the local Ordinary either at a local level or national level Matrimony, Sacred Ordinations, Lord is invoked, preached and
3) Right-duty of the Church has the right to name or approve (through concordat between the Religious Professions, and spread in the celebration, even by
to safeguard the parental right teachers of religion and likewise to State and the Holy See)--regulating Funerals, the exchange of peace means of a human gesture lifted up
to give their children a Catholic remove or to demand that they be this matter. [To be continued.] being the occasion for expressing to the realm of the sacred.”

Completely / B5
Called / B6
will disregard the hard-earned gains plebiscite for this would truly reflect
commit ourselves to doing good as Such an Exodus/Pilgrimage will Such are demands of a life of dis-
of the Filipino, such as social justice, the sentiments of an informed and
much as we can, and with joy-filled necessarily entail a “break away.” cipleship – a life characterized by
human rights and democracy. responsible citizenry.
enthusiasm. It will demand self-denial, not for the constant effort to follow in the
We are therefore calling on all On our end, LAIKO recognizes its
Lent has a dynamic character, an its own sake, but for the sake of the footsteps of the Divine Master.
people of goodwill, all our brothers responsibility to initiate education
upward orientation. Therefore, it is greater good: the holiness which we Having this in mind, we shall
and sisters in Christ, to relentlessly on the current Constitution and
a call to change for the better, but intend to attain. proceed in our Lenten pilgrim-
search for the truth. It is our duty to expose the dangers of a hasty
also to aim high and soar higher. It God does not so much delight in age, moving resolutely toward
to let the people know what is decision to change it.
is like an invitation to join a pilgrim- our sorrow, not even in our tears Easter, our final goal and greatest
happening, help them form their
age to the sacred shrine of God’s over our past sins, Rather, He aspiration. If we are faithful to
conscience, seek the truth and do For the Sangguniang Laiko ng
intimacy. It is like an Exodus: our delights in our regained correct such an ideal, we shall be given
what is right. Pilipinas Board of Directors,
personal “rising” from the marshes disposition and consequent actions. the grace of experiencing, already
We enjoin our government
of mediocrity and the lack of spiri- He delights in the efforts we make to now, a foretaste of our “personal
leaders, educators and civic society
tual alertness, and to march forward remain faithful to our commitment Easter” – a joyous reflection
to take the lead in providing the MA. JULIETA F. WASAN
toward the promised land of the to Him, and in our refusal to revert and fruit of the Resurrection of
much needed voters’ education President
freedom of God’s children. to the sinful situation of the past. Christ.
first, so that the results of any 27 January 2018
B8 ENTERTAINMENT February 5 - 18, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 3 CBCP Monitor

Buhay San Miguel Brothers Matias

Maze Runner: The Death Cure Lolo Kiko Bladimer Usi


DIRECTOR: Wes Ball LEAD CAST: Dylan O’Brien, Kaya
Scoldelario, Ki Hong Lee, Will Poulter, Ami, Ameen, Thomas Brodie-
Sangster, Blake Cooper, Jacob Latimore, Dexter Darden, Rosa
Salazar, Patricia Clarkson & Giancarlo Esposito SCREENWRITER:
T.S. Nowlin PRODUCER: Wyck Godfrey EDITOR: Dan Zimmerman
MUSICAL DIRECTOR: John Paesano GENRE: Action/Sci-Fi
Fox LOCATION: South Africa RUNNING TIME: 152 minutes
Technical assessment: Moral assessment:
CINEMA rating: V14
Staging a daring train machine guns and foot patrol.
rescue operation, Thomas Acting and characterization
(Dylan O’Brien) and are adequate, with the
companions Newt (Thomas exception of Scodelario’s
Brodie-Sangster), Frypan somewhat robotic Teresa.
(Dexter Darden), Brenda Janson (Guillen, Game
(Rosa Salazar), and Jorge of Thrones’ Little Finger)
(Giancarlo Esposito), brave should have been given
death to free young people more screen time to show
from becoming guinea pigs bigger and meaner fangs
in the organization WCKD’s as the villain. Throughout
experiments to find a cure the dystopian milieu, the
against the Flare virus. They characters project flashes
discover, however, that their of vulnerability, justifying
fellow “Glader” Minho (Ki the plot’s twists and turns.
Hong Lee) is not among those However, (spoiler alert!) the
they have rescued. Feeling too frequent resorting to deus
certain that Minho has been ex machina as a salvation
taken by WCKD—led by Ava device diminishes the story’s
Paige (Patricia Clarkson) credibility and realism.
and her sinister right hand Maze Runner: The Death
Janson (Aiden Guillen)— Cure’s redeeming factor is
Thomas decides to leave the innate goodness of the
their base camp and go on young people in the story.
his own to search for Minho. The greater good is the glue
Newt and Frypan join him; that binds all those young
soon they encounter Gally people together in spite of
(Will Poulter) whom they had past offenses and misgivings.
thought to be dead, but who Friendship, forgiveness,
helps them enter the Last loyalty to ideals, repentance,
City. Gally tells Thomas’ that and courage in the face of
his love interest Teresa (Kaya danger are values highlighted
Scodelario) is now one of the in the film. Aristotle once
WCKD scientists; captured, wrote, “He is courageous who
Teresa reveals to them that endures and fears the right
Minho is indeed being used in thing, for the right motive,
WCKD’s experimental search in the right way and at the
for the “death cure.” right times.” It is the kind of
Based on James Dashner’s courage that the characters
novel The Death Cure the displayed here, and the script
movie—the conclusion of is clear enough about how evil
the Maze Runner trilogy— deeds are dealt with in due
features heart pumping time. The ending implies that
chase scenes that almost it is these young people who
never stop—whether the will populate the earth anew,
chaser is a giant beetle, the inspiring one to hope they
zombified characters called will create “a new heaven and Parehong nagdududa na masaya ang mga asawa mga detalye ng mga ginagawa ay buo ang loob at isipan
Cranks, or the enemy’s flying a new earth. sa pagkalalaki ng kani- nilang bakla samantala ng mga asawa nilang bakla na sa pagpasok dito. Kung

Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes
kanilang mga mister ang sila ay miserable. Gagawa magkalaguyo. Maganda rin may isyu sa pagkatao, hindi
dalawang Mrs. Reyes na sila ng mga paraan para ang mga kuha ng kamera dapat magpakasal ang
sina Lianne (Judy Ann magkahiwalay ang dalawa sa isang festival sa Taiwan. isang tao dahil siguradong
Santos) at Cindy (Angelica katulad ng pakikisabwatan Sa kabuuan ay maayos ang madadamay ang iba. Sa
Panganiban). Sa kanilang di sa isang macho dancer, mga teknikal na aspeto at pelikulang ito biktima ang
inaasahang pagtatagpo ay pagbubuking sa biyenan at nakakaaliw panoorin ang mga babae na nagmistulang
makukumpirma nila na bakla pagpo-post ng open letter na pelikula. desperado at miserable
nga ang asawa ni Lianne na magba-viral sa social media. May kasabihan na sa samantalang nagpapakasaya
si Gary (Joross Gamboa) at Kumplikadong kwento na pagiging totoo sa sarili at ang mga dahilan ng pagka-
asawa ni Cindy na si Felix ( binigyan ng mahusay na pagkatao nagiging malaya miserable nila. Sa gitna ng
JC De Vera). Matutuklasan trato ang Ang Dalawang Mrs. ang isang tao. Subalit may kumplikadong sitwasyon ay
din nila ang mas masaklap Reyes. Mabigat ang tema kaakibat na responsilidad unti-unting nagkaroon ng
na katotohanan na pero naihatid ng magaan. ang pagiging malaya. Ito pagtanggap, pang-unawa at
magkarelasyon ang mga bakla Magaling ang direktor at ang ang hindi isinaalang-alang pagpaparaya sa parte ng mga
nilang asawa. Sa tuluyang mga artistang ngsiganap lalo ng mga karakter na bakla sa biktimang babae. Maselan
pag-iwan ng dalawang Mr. na sina Santos at Panganiban. pelikula. Sa halip ay ginamit at seryoso ang kabuuang
Reyes sa kani-kaniyang Bagamat maraming ang pagpapakasal upang tema na tinalakay sa pelikula
pamilya ay magsasanib eksenang nagpatawa sa mga subukang makapagtago sila katulad ng adultery, deceit,
pwersa sina Lianne at manonood, epektibo din sa katotohanan. Sa kulturang investigative scheme, at
Cindy at uupa ng private nahugot ng pelikula ang iba’t Pilipino na malaki ang same sex marriage. Pawang
invetigator upang malaman ibang reaksyon at damdamin pagpapahalaga sa kasal at may mga negatibong epekto
DIRECTOR: JUN ROBLES LANA LEAD CAST: JUDY ANN SAN- ang mga plano at ginagawang ng mga manonood katulad ng bilang bansang Kristiyano ang mga nabanggit na tema
TOS. ANGELICA PANGANIBAN. JOROSS GAMBOA, JC DE VERA magkasama ng mga asawa galit, paninisi, awa, unawa at na sagrado ang turing dito, sa pamilya at sa lipunan.
DIRECTOR: JUN ROBLES LANA SCREENWRITER: ELMER nilang bakla pati ang balak na simpatiya. Nakakalibang at Ang Dalawang Mrs Reyes ay Nakababahala na tinalakay
GATCHALIAN PRODUCER: CHARO SANTOS-CONCIO pagpapakasal ng dalawa sa nakaka-relate pakinggan ang salungat sa pagpapahalagang ang mga ito sa tratong
GENRE: COMEDY DRAMA DISTRIBUTOR: STAR CINEMA Taiwan. Magkahalong sakit mga diyalogo. Kuhang-kuha ito. Ang pag-aasawa ay nakaaaliw at maaring isipin
LOCATION: PHILIPPINES RUNNING TIME: 120 Minutes at galit ang nararamdaman naman ng kamera ang mga isang panghabambuhay ng mga taong may murang
Technical assessment: Moral assessment: ng dalawang Mrs. Reyes emosyon ng mga karakter ng na pagtatalaga ng sarili sa isipan na katanggap-tanggap
CINEMA rating: V14 lalo na kapag nakikita nila dalawang Mrs. Reyes pati ang isang relasyon kaya dapat ang mga ito.
CBCP Monitor. Vol. 22 No. 03 February 5 - 18, 2018 C1

By CFC Global Comm
JANUARY is always a special month for Homily of His Excellency
Couples for Christ top leaders. Aside from Archbishop Jose Palma
the fact that the community is coming
from a much needed break during the TODAY’S gospel reading reminds us of the
Christmas season, the first weeks of Janu- calling of Levi and the calling of Matthew.
ary is the time when CFC leaders come This is a reminder that before the Lord calls
us, we have nothing to boast (about).
together to receive directions for the new Like Levi and Matthew, we are all im-
year that is beginning. It is a time for perfect human beings. And yet, the joyful,
seeking inspiration from God's message, consoling and wonderful truth is - God
usually revolving around the theme for loves us. How beautiful it is to know that
the year that had earlier been discerned we are imperfect human beings and yet we
are loved. No wonder our Holy Father has
by the International Council. chosen as his motto: “Miserando atque eli-
Thus, in keeping with tradition, CFC leaders gendo” - “Miserable sinner and yet chosen.”
from the Metro Manila, Philippine and Inter- My dear brothers and sisters, the first
national Missions gathered for the Rekindle wonderful truth I share with you this day
Conference at the SM MOA Arena on January is that all good things come from the Lord.
13, 2018, during which time the directions and Many times, we believe we don’t deserve
inspiration for the year were given, and then (the gifts), but God in His goodness has
motored to Baguio City the following weekend given the gifts to us, out of pure love, out
for the annual retreat, this year called the Solemn of pure goodness. Good things are therefore
Charge Weekend Retreat. gifts from the Lord and if you think of that,
On both weekends, the leaders received pow- then you will have a better understanding
erful messages and mandates from the Lord of your theme, to “Rekindle the Gifts” that
through the sessions. you have received.
Twenty years ago, exactly on this day, I
Rekindle Conference was ordained bishop in Iloilo. So you may
The SM MOA Arena in Pasay City was packed wonder why I am here, and not in my dio-
with 13,000 CFC leaders from Manila, the prov- cese where some feast in celebration of my
inces and from the USA, Canada, Australia, the sacerdotal anniversary has been prepared.
Middle East, South America, and Europe, all Because I owe a lot to Couples for Christ!
eager to listen to the directives from the Inter- All good things are gifts from the Lord
national Council. and therefore today, I’d like to invite you to
His Excellency Jose Palma, DD, Archbishop recognize the many good things you have
of Cebu, was the main celebrant during the received because that is the basis for your
afternoon Mass, concelebrated by Msgr. Allen “Rekindling of the gifts”.
Aganon, Fr. Joel Jason, Fr. Carlos Macatangga, My dear friends, recognize the gifts. I
Msgr. Von Dito Parilando, Fr. Marco Coloma, Fr. say this again because we are now pre-
Ruber Martinez, Fr. Bruno, Msgr. Jay Bandojo, paring for a grand celebration in 2021
Fr. Cosman Siantury, OSC, Fr. Yusef Setiawan of the gift we received almost 500 years
and Fr. Ed Abaño. ago -the coming of Christianity to our
There were two talks during this confer- country. And so we thank the Lord for
ence—“Rekindle the Gift” delivered by Mi- the gift of faith. We thank the Lord for
chael Ariola, CFC President and “Fulfill Your the gift of Mama Mary. There are many,
Ministry” given by CFC Chairman Ermelo many more blessings we need to thank
Villaroman, Jr. The year’s theme—Rekindle the Lord for.
the Gift. Fulfill Your Ministry—is anchored Today as we reflect on the theme, we
on 2 Timothy 1:6 and 4:1-5 which state: are reminded by Peter, “Put your gifts at
"For this reason I remind you to rekindle the service of one another.”
the gift of God that is within you through the I know that’s what you’ve been doing
laying on of my hands." through the years. You have different
'Solemn Charge. I charge you in the presence gifts that you put for the service of the
of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the community, whether you’re teaching,
living and the dead, and by his appearing and his forming leaders, serving the church,
kingly power: proclaim the word; be persistent building houses, and many, many more.
whether it is convenient or inconvenient; con- In today’s Mass, we are asked once
vince, reprimand, encourage through all patience more to know our gifts and to continue
and teaching. For the time will come when people putting those gifts in the service of one
will not tolerate sound doctrine but, following another. HOMILY, p4
their own desires and insatiable curiosity, will
accumulate teachers and will stop listening to the
truth and will be diverted to myths. But you, be Photo credits: Arthur de Rio, Joey Tomas, Jerry Tanigue, Allen Manimog, Ian Talisic, Andrelene Veloso
self-possessed in all circumstances; put up with
hardship; perform the work of an evangelist;
fulfill your ministry.
“All of us in CFC are bearers of that gift, of that
Light,” Ariola exhorted. “And we have a mission to
CFC Evangelization and Missions
Ariola spoke of the gift of Light, Jesus Him-
self who is the light of the world, and proposed
fulfill. But somehow, the intensity of that light has
diminished. And so we ask, What is the communal meeting for 2018 held
ways by which each CFC member should act in gift which God gave Couples for Christ that needs
response to this gift from God. to be rekindled?”
Ariola explained that the Father offered Ariola continued, “God does not mince words
His only Son as a gift to mankind. However, when He calls us to REKINDLE THE GIFT. How
the offer came with the freedom to accept the do we respond? We look to 2018 and ask God
gift or refuse it. For CFC, the gift was offered for the grace to be able to prioritize and balance
and was accepted when each member, during our time with God, family, work and our role as
the Baptism of the Spirit, accepted Jesus as his evangelizers in building the church of the home
personal Lord and Savior. and of the poor.”
But for the gift to indeed bring transforma- He enumerated three areas in CFC’s jour-
tion to the receiver, each person must let go of ney of faith that will enable every leader and
vanities, pride and personal plans and allow the member to help rekindle the gift: personal
grace of God to work in his life, to in turn be the conversion, family transformation and leaving
bearer of the gift. a legacy to witness. CFC LEADERS, p3

Spirituality of the heart LEADERS from the different ed the leaders to always feel Office Head George Campos
areas where CFC is present ‘blessed but not boastful’. (on the roles of CRO); and Fam-
THE MISSION Core of Metro Manila convened gathered to discuss updates Msgr. Allen Aganon, CFC ily Ministries Director Law-
on the third Tuesday of January, the 16th, to once and directions for 2018 at the Spiritual Director, concele- rence Quintero (on the 25th
again listen to valuable insights relating to the Evangelizations and Missions brated the Mass with guest year celebration activities of
community’s spiritual journey. meeting held on January 14, priests from the international the Family Ministries). Small
On this particular teaching night, IC member 2018 at the Unilab Bayanihan missions. Relating to the gospel break out groups for dialogue
and Pastoral Formation Office Director Rouquel Center, Pasig City. of that day which was about and consultation ensued to ad-
Ponte related and tied together the Rekindle Deng Lara, CFC Rizal Provin- following Jesus, Msgr. Aganon dress the concerns and answer
Conference of the previous weekend and the cial Area Head, led the open- affirmed that being a disciple the queries of the leaders from
Solemn Charge Weekend Retreat scheduled on ing worship. Afterwards, CFC and being a missionary are the different areas.
January 19 to 21, 2018. Ponte directed the CFC Chairman Melo Villaroman Jr. basic gifts that the community After the fruitful sessions,
Mission Core towards one’s identity and the welcomed the participants and has received from God. Pastoral Formation Office
spirituality of one’s heart. then gave the floor to Arnel Board of Elders member Director Rouquel Ponte led
Ponte began his talk with the story of St. John Santos who expounded on the Bong Arjonillo led the after- the empowering worship
the Baptist who asked Jesus, “Who are you? CFC International Statutes. noon worship, followed by which also served as an en-
Are you the Messiah? Are you the one who was Echoing the talk of Villaro- various updates and presenta- thusiastic reminder for the
prophesized? Are you the one who’s going to set man at the Rekindle Confer- tions from IC member James missionaries to continue to
us free?” These questions play an important part ence held the previous day, Solano (on CFC Chapters); IC persevere in the calling they
in realizing one’s purpose, meaning, direction, and Evangelization and Missions member Lito Tayag (on CFC have received from the Lord.
even one’s own identity. Director Arnel Santos remind- Finance); Church Relations (Yvonne Grace Dolorosa)
C2 February 5 - 18, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 03 CBCP Monitor

PSALM 50:21
IN THE bitter U.S. political campaign lay the charge before you.” (Psalm ard Clarke, S.J., explains clearly the pricks and poisons the ear of those who name of the person slandered by “pub-
of 1884, Grover Cleveland was at- 50:16-21) Church’s teaching on slander: “He who hear him, and the reputation of him licly retracting his words.” All these are
tacked and slandered as an immoral God hates slander (Proverbs 6:16- has injured his neighbor’s reputation who is slandered.” necessary because, as Pope Francis says
man. Having suffered himself so 19). Slander is a restless evil. That is is strictly bound to restore his good St. Francis de Sales further explains in his April 2013 homily, “there is no
deeply through slander, the great why St. Paul considers it as a behavior name; either by apologizing, if this of- very clearly: “He who unjustly takes doubt whenever there is slander, there
American writer and preacher, Henry of those who hate God (Romans 1:30) fense was committed in private, or by away his neighbor's good name is is Satan, Satan himself.”
Ward Beecher, resolved to defend and why St. James calls it demonic publicly retracting his words, if they guilty of sin, and is bound to make A good name defines a person’s
Grover Cleveland with all his ability. behavior (James 3:15-16). were spoken before others. Those who reparation, according to the nature character. It is the most valuable thing
Thus on 22 October 1884 at Brooklyn Slander occurs whenever someone do not endeavor to repair the harm they of his evil speaking; since no man about a person’s identity. A good name
Rink he eloquently declared: “When says something untrue about someone have done by slandering their neighbor, can enter into Heaven cumbered determines who we are in the judg-
the gloomy night of my own suffer- else that results, intentionally or unin- cannot obtain pardon from God, nor with stolen goods, and of all worldly ment of others. Accordingly, a good
ing I sounded every depth of sorrow, tentionally, in damaging that someone absolution from the priest.” possessions the most precious is a reputation is an extremely precious
I vowed that if God would bring the else’s reputation. As such, slander is a In his book Introduction to a Devout good name.” asset. Thus, if we damage a person’s
daystar of hope, I would never suffer sin against justice and truth. And when Life, St. Francis de Sales, Doctor of the The Catechism of the Catholic Church reputation unjustly, we steal that
brother, friend, or neighbor to go it occurs, particularly in a religious Church, writes: “Slander is a kind of is very clear about the absolute need for person’s good name. And this causes
unfriended should a like serpent seek community, it becomes a divisive, murder; for we all have three lives—a reparation in order for the sin of slander very real and often long lasting injury
to crush him. This oath I will regard discouraging, and confusing element spiritual life, which depends upon the to be forgiven and that “those who do not to people because it is very difficult to
now because I know the bitterness of that often affects numerous people. Grace of God; a bodily life, depending endeavor to repair the harm they have restore a devalued name. We cannot
venomous lies. I will stand against in- The Catechism of the Catholic Church on the soul; and a civil life, consisting done… cannot obtain pardon from God fully know what love, joy, comfort,
famous lies that seek to sting to death (No. 2487) teaches: “Every offense com- in a good reputation. Sin deprives us nor absolution from the priest.” and opportunities we take away from
an upright man and magistrate.” mitted against justice and truth entails of the first, death of the second, and As summarized in the Catholic En- people by slandering them.
The psalmist expresses nearly the the duty of reparation, even if its author slander of the third. But the slanderer cyclopedia, the only adequate way for But God knows fully. That is why
same sentiment: “To the wicked God has been forgiven. When it is impossible commits three several murders with the sin of slander to be forgiven is “to God abhors slander. And God will
says: “Why do you recite my com- publicly to make reparation for a wrong, his idle tongue: he destroys his own retract his false statement,” “to declare hold us totally accountable for every
mandments and profess my covenant it must be made secretly. If someone who soul and that of him who hearkens, as that he has made a mistake,” and “to slander we commit. There is therefore
with your lips? You hate discipline; has suffered harm cannot be directly well as causing civil death to the object unequivocally take back his untruth great need for us to “put away all
you cast my words behind you! When compensated, he must be given moral of his slander; for, as St. Bernard says, even at the expense of exhibiting malice and all deceit and hypocrisy
you see thieves, you befriend them; satisfaction in the name of charity. The the Devil has possession both of the himself a liar.” and envy and all slander” (1 Peter 2:1).
with adulterers you throw in your duty of reparation also concerns offenses slanderer and of those who listen to Not being able to obtain pardon from This is why, having suffered the bit-
lot. You give your mouth free rein against another’s reputation. This repa- him, of the tongue of the one, the ear of God or absolution from the priest, the terness of venomous lies like Henry
for evil; you harness your tongue to ration, moral and sometimes material, the other. And David says of slanderers, slanderer, as St. Francis de Sales clearly Beecher, we courageously “stand
deceit. You sit maligning your own must be evaluated in terms of the dam- ‘They have sharpened their tongues like states, “cannot enter into heaven” un- against infamous lies that seek to
kin, slandering the child of your own age inflicted. It obliges in conscience.” a serpent; adders' poison is under their less he/she restores the good name and sting to death any upright man.” And
mother. When you do these things The book The Catechism Explained: lips.’ Aristotle says that, like the forked, honor that he/she has “stolen” by com- this is why, like the psalmist, we ask,
should I be silent? Or do you think An Exhaustive Explanation of the two-edged tongue of the serpent, so is mitting the sin of slander. The slanderer “when you do these things, should we
that I am like you? I accuse you, I Catholic Religion edited by Fr. Rich- that of the slanderer, who at one dart is “strictly bound to restore” the good be silent?”


CFC-OSM COLLABORATES WITH Defining spirituality formed in relation to the CFC core values:
Pro-God, Pro-Family and Pro-Poor. CFC
Ponte described spirituality as the attention to
PNP CALABARZON the life of the spirit in the people and to contem-
plating the unspeakable beauty of the Lord. He
Chairman Melo Villaroman Jr., translated
these values thus:
also emphasized that it is important that one’s C -hrist our purpose, mover and center
identity be based on the calling that the Lord has H -ome (Family as our special gift and calling)
given in baptism, because that is something that R -espect for life
cannot be taken away from anyone. I -nternational (our calling is global)
Referring to leaders in Couples for Christ, S -alvation (serving the poor)
Ponte said that the role of every person or one’s T - ransformation to holiness is a journey, not
service can change and may even be taken a one-time experience
away, but he reminded the congregation about
one truth that is constant: “Our being sons and “When you put all of these together, it is a
daughters of God will remain because God con- beautiful way of illustrating what CFC is all
tinues to love us.” about.” Ponte underscored.
Spirituality therefore, looks at life by seeking
to experience and understand the movements of The Movements of the Heart
one’s own heart and the heart of Jesus. Ponte pointed out four points that allow a
In order to elaborate the spirituality of one’s person to grow in spirituality:
heart, Ponte explained and shared the three steps
to truth according to St. Bernard of Clairvaux. • Encounters with God or God-experience,
where one experiences scriptures, sacra-
1. discovering the truth about oneself, ments, prayer and meditation through
which begins with the virtue of humility; other people.
COUPLES for Christ’s Order ment Team, discussed “My were requested to provide as- • Deepening our intimacy and friendship
of Saint Michael (CFC-OSM), Brother’s Keeper”, the pro- sistance to cover the Values 2. moving through compassion, which
St. Bernard describes as the lens with God - a reminder that God’s love is
forged a partnership with the gram conceptualized by P/ Coach for every group. unconditional and we are loved because God
PNP Police Regional Office CSupt Ma. O. Rañada Aplasca, Volunteers from the CFC through which one discovers the
truth about others; chose to love us.
for Region 4a (PRO4a-CALA- incumbent PNP Regional Chapter within the vicinity • Conversion and transformation through
BARZON) in support of their Director, to reinforce the ICP. of the PRO4a were quick to 3. resting in the silence of attentive word-
less prayer, where one opens oneself to accepting God’s love
initiative on the Internal Pastor Adiel provided the answer the call to serve as • Transformation that impacts our re-
Cleansing Program (ICP). overview of the associated im- Values Coaches, and will join God's truth.
After a series of meetings, plementation plan (ImPlan) the other volunteers from the
and after agreement of both for the said program which different religious denomina- Ponte continued, “St. Bernard alludes to an
expanded heart, a heart that has given itself to “We only grow by taking up our cross and
sides, a joint orientation pro- is embodied in ImPlan 149: tions as well. Last January, following the Lord because this is the way to
gram was held last December Squad Time Enhancement “My Brother’s Keeper” was the love of God. It is an overflowing heart because
God’s love, by its very nature, gives itself away. It’s discipleship,” Ponte reiterates.
2017. The orientation was Program (STEP) of the “My extended outside the PRO4a He reminded CFC that life is a series of long
hosted by the PNP-PRO4a Brother’s Keeper” initiative. regional headquarters and not seeking for one’s own benefit but its intent
is to always give it away.” ‘letting go’ events and what is important is to be
in their headquarters. Forty This initiative is composed implemented at the Sta. Rosa prepared, to wait until the Lord comes to trans-
participants from various of a group of seven personnel, City Police Headquarters. form every person’s life. “For transformation to
chapters of CFC Laguna Prov- one of whom acts as the Val- By February, the directive Formation in Our Journey of Faith
Formation in one’s journey of faith begins with happen and for us to be instruments of salvation
ince and 20 participants from ues Coach, another acting as a would have been released and transformation, we need to deepen our rela-
Metro Manila CFC chapters Squad Leader and the remain- by the regional director for grace, centers on conversion and transformation,
and eventually, leads to holiness. Part of the chal- tionship with the Lord,” he said.
attended the orientation, ing five personnel as Squad implementation all over At the end of his talk, Ponte reminded ev-
together with the leadership Members. The said grouping the areas of operation of lenge of formation is learning to be patient with
the process. eryone of this year’s CFC Theme: Rekindle the
of the CFC-OSM Core. had been established since late PRO4a CALABARZON. Gift… Fulfill Your Ministry. “Rekindle the gift
The program started with a 2017 at the regional office with Despite the very full plate of Ponte revealed, “Beginning with God’s grace
which we receive in our baptism, and in our God offered, accept it, open it, use it and share it.
joint keynote address, with Col the vision of implementing it CFC-OSM, the program plans Fulfill your ministry by shining bright the light
Arturo Alabanza PAF (Ret), to all the different police offices to do more Spearheads training renewal movement, CFC, we realize that grace
of being loved by the Lord, and the beautiful of Christ, to transform and grow in holiness,”
CFC-OSM Program Head, under its jurisdiction. to assist the Values Coaches all Ponte recapped.
providing the overview for P/CSupt Aplasca has already over CALABARZON. experience. Because of this grace and one’s open-
ness to allow grace to work, then conversion and He ended his talk with a quote from Evan-
the CFC-OSM, followed by P/ issued a directive making According to CFC OSM, gelii Gaudium: “…all of us are called to mature
Supt Elmer B. Sillador PNP, every Tuesday, 11:30 - 12:30 this is a small price to pay, transformation happen.”
This ongoing conversion is an essential element in our work as evangelizers, We want to have
PRO4a’s chief for Regional AM, as “Squadding Time” considering the opportunity a better training (formation), a deepening
Police Community Relations for the entire police force to share God’s love to the men in spirituality. It is important to recognize that this
kind of holiness is really a quest, an aim and a goal love (a heart of God and God’s people), and a
Division (RPCRD) who provid- at the PRO4a headquarters. and women in the uniformed clearer witness to the Gospel (a life of holiness).
ed the overview of the Internal Being an inter-faith activity services, particularly in the in our day to day life, moving towards the future.
Cleansing Program (ICP) to be which pretty much tackles police force, and in shaping Ponte further shared how CFC can be trans- (Andrelene Veloso)
piloted at the regional office. the character enhancement them to become responsible
Pastor Adiel De Torres of a person, CFC-OSM can law enforcers of the country.
ThD, the Project Manager for perfectly complement the (LTC Roland J. Ong INF (GSC)
PNP-PRO4a Squad Manage- said program and thus, they PA (Res))

The News Supplement
of Couples for Christ

Michael C. Ariola
IC Oversight
Zenaida A. Gimenez Alma M. Alvarez Andrelene D. Veloso
Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Editorial Assistant

Yvonne Grace J. Dolorosa Deomar P. Oliveria Evangeline C. Mecedilla
Staff Writer Layout Artist Circulation Staff

The Ugnayan News Supplement is published by the Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation, Inc., with editorial offices at 156 20th
Avenue, 1109 Cubao, Quezon City. Editorial trunk line: (+63 2) 709-4868 local 31 Direct line : (+63 2) 709-4856 The CFC Migrants Program, in its advocacy to uphold the family, not only includes spouses, but now also invites parents and siblings in the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminars (PDOS), as practiced by manpower providers like JM International, Inc.
CBCP Monitor February 5 - 18, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 03 C3

ANCOP USA Meets with VP’s Angat Buhay ANCOP USA goes on mission to
Talibon Diocese
ACTING on the request of Arch-
bishop Bernardito Auza, D.D,
Permanent Observer of the Holy
See to the United Nations, AN-
COP-USA Executive Director
Roger Santos assembled a team of
CFC doctors, dentists and nurses
from the United States to con-
duct a medical-dental mission in
the Diocese of Talibon in Bohol.
The municipality of Talibon,
OFFICIALS of CFC ANCOP USA, led by Roger poor families around the Philippines, in the areas where Archbishop Auza was
Santos, met with the staff of Vice President Leni of food and nutrition, livelihood opportunities, patients or a grand total of 2,721 patients.
born and raised, is where the Most Holy Trinity The mission ended with a fellowship night
Robredo to discuss the VP’s Angat Buhay initia- classroom construction and teacher training, water Cathedral Parish, the seat of the diocese, is located.
tive. The meeting, held on February 5, 2018 at pumps and clean water systems. sponsored by the LGU and CFC Bohol as a sign
The 39-member team, led by Elizabeth Macaraeg, of their gratitude to the dedicated volunteers.
the VP’s office in Quezon City, discussed possible During the meeting, the team from ANCOP USA arrived on January 31, 2018. Their first order of
areas of collaboration in addressing the needs of also turned over boxes of medicine for an infirmary CSP scholars and Cornerstone tutees sponsored
business was a Holy Mass presided by Most Rev. by ANCOP USA/ Canada performed different
poor communities. in Calabanga, Camarines Sur, following its inaugu- Daniel Patrick Parcon, D.D., Bishop of Talibon.
Angat Buhay, a pro-poor program, was launched ration recently. Santos likewise proposed to the VP’s intermission numbers for the volunteers.
On the first day, February 1, a short program The LGU gave each volunteer a certificate
by the Office of Vice President Robredo in 2016 and office the donation of hospital equipment for the preceded the start of the actual mission. Talibon
parallels ANCOP's poverty alleviation initiatives. community health center later this year. ANCOP of appreciation for their love and service to
Mayor Restituto Artiaga, SB member Junith the people of Talibon. Leftover medicines
According to Johnahkirza Aglupus, Program USA hopes to conduct medical/ surgical and dental Loma (chairperson, committee on health), Di-
Officer of Angat Buhay, after one year of imple- missions in the municipality in the near future. and supplies were turned over to Dr. Mike
onisio Neil Balite (CFC ANCOP-Bohol head), Jayoma, CFC Talibon cluster head, and Hospi-
mentation, the program has helped over 83,700 (ANCOP USA Communications) Lorenzo Flores (CFC - Bohol Governance Team tal Administrator of the Pres. Garcia Memorial
member and event head), and Macaraeg wel-
Provincial Hospital.
comed the team and the beneficiaries. The mission team expressed its gratitude to
On the first day alone, the volunteer doctors CFC in Talibon, as well as CFC Bohol for making
SEN. ENVERGA MARKER and nurses attended to a total of 1,018 patients
(Medical - 898; Dental - 120).
On Day 2 (February 2nd), people from the
the mission memorable, enabling them to help
uplift the lives of those in need through brotherly
love and care.
ON JANUARY 22, 2018, the nearby towns, hearing about the mission of the The medical-dental mission was made possible
Philippine Canadian Charitable day before, started to come early, just after the through the support of Bishop Daniel Patrick
Foundation (PCCF) team, repre- team had said their morning prayers. Many of Y. Parcon, DD, of the Diocese of Talibon, Rep.
sented by its President Romy the patients were senior citizens from far and Erico Aristotle C. Aumentado, Atty. Dionisio
Rafael and Rosemer Enverga, nearby barangays. Dajalos Balite, PhD, Mayor Auxtero and Vice
Executive Vice President, and The total medical patients attended to on Day 2 mayor Cleto Garcia of LGU Talibon, Dr. Mike
widow of Senator Tobias En- were 520 adults and 224 children for a total of 744 Jayoma of CPGPMH, and the Buhing Inambitay
verga Jr, came all the way from patients. The dental mission treated 289 patients og Tinabangay Foundation, Inc.
Canada for the unveiling of carried over the previous day and an additional 46 Last year, ANCOP - USA also sponsored a
the marker of the Sen. Tobias patients, for a total of 335 patients. Total patients surgical-medical-dental mission for three days
Enverga Jr. multi-purpose hall served for the second day was 1,079. in the Diocese of Tagbilaran, also in Bohol, par-
(MPH). Sen. Enverga, a Filipino- All in all, the two-day mission benefitted a ticularly in the municipalities of Maribojoc, Loay
Canadian, was a staunch sup- total of 2,266 medical patients and 455 dental and Panglao and Tagbilaran City. (Neil Balite)
porter of ANCOP Canada. COP Tala Community for five Teen Philippines Canada 2017),
In her emotional message to consecutive years. Together Raeshan Saeed (PCCF Miss Phil-
the home partners, Mrs. Enverga with ANCOP, and other ANCOP ippines Canada 2017), and Laila
mentioned the kindness of the
late senator and how he champi-
partners like Fr. Paul Foulon, the
Holy Rosary Parish, and the Dr.
Elcano (PCCF Mrs. Philippines
Canada 2017).
Tele-Edukasyon launched, pilots in Quezon
oned work with poor, especially Jose N. Reyes Memorial Hos- Ricky Cuenca, ANCOP Can- ANCOP USA Executive Di-
in the Philippines, through pital, the institution has been ada President and member of rector Roger Santos and Fr.
his untiring support for the trying to battle the social stigma the CFC International Council, Martin Mroz of the Payatas
programs of CFC ANCOP. Mrs. brought about by leprosy. said, “This is a great day for us Orione Foundation recently
Enverga pledged to continue the Aside from Rafael and Enver- to honor and glorify the Lord. signed the Memorandum of
work by providing more houses ga, the PCCF entourage included And this is a great day for us to Agreement for the ANCOP
for the families in need. the winners of the PCCF beauty give back to the community.” Tele-Edukasyon Tutoring
PCCF, which funded the near- pageant - Marian Barcase (PCCF PCCF pledged to build 15 more Program. The program was
ly-completed multi-purpose Little Miss Philippines Canada houses by the end of this year. (Di- launched during the inau-
hall, has been visiting the AN- 2017), Jenna Ramos (PCCF Miss ana Mendoza & Romy Medina) guration and blessing of the
newly-renovated St. Rafael
DON BOSCO TVET, ANCOP SIGN MOA Parish, Dalahican, Lucban,
Quezon on February 4, 2018.
According to Santos, the
reduction in the country. ANCOP Tele-edukasyon tu-
Through the TVET Center, the students’ skills and toring program is one way to
capabilities will be honed through proper training help the CFC-ANCOP schol-
and hands-on practice, giving the students excellent lessons with accompanying Vice President Leni Ro-
ars who are in the elemen- videos,” Santos said. bredo was not able to at-
skill sets that will make them readily employable tary, secondary and collegiate
in a shorter amount of time. CFC ANCOP hope to He added, “The students tend the event, but sent a
levels. This program aims to can also post their questions video message for the schol-
establish wider networks among institutions with provide academic support
TVET programs in order to create opportunities in related to their assignments ars and sponsors of ANCOP
through tutoring/coaching and get help through the USA in Dalahican. The Vice
aligning towards that direction. and reinforcing concepts
Some of the courses offered in Don Bosco TVET teacher or tutor volunteer as- President encouraged all the
and subject matter learned signed for that subject area.” stakeholders of the Tele-Edu-
are Office System Management, Hotel and Restau- in schools.
rant Management, Automotive Service, Electrical The ANCOP Tele-edu- kasyon Program— benefac-
“The students will be able kasyon tutoring program tors , implementors, as well
Installations and Maintenance, and Refrigeration to access an on-line address
CFC ANCOP, fully embracing programs that will and Aircon Repairs and Maintenance. is manned by volunteer as the scholars—to continue
that would link them to the teachers/educators from the work of empowering the
support the development of skilled individuals, One of the ANCOP scholars from Don Bosco ANCOP TELE-EDUKASYON
partnered with the Don Bosco Technical and Vo- TVET, John Henrich Malazarte, expressed his CFC-Maryland who are youth through quality educa-
website. From this, the stu- certified and are expert in tion and values formation.
cational Education and Training (TVET) Center gratitude to both organizations for helping him dents can proceed to the
to cater to scholars who will take up technical and and promised to do his best in studying. Later on, their respective subject areas. After the launch, ANCOP
various subject areas that Initially, the subject area/ USA distributed gift packs
vocational courses. Malazarte intends to pay it forward by sponsoring they need help and receive
Don Bosco TVET rector, Rev. Fr. Gaudencio a scholar as well. contents are Math, English, to their scholars in the area.
on-line modular or topical Science, and History. (A. Alvarez)
Carandang Jr., SDB, CFC ANCOP President Rudy Fr. Carandang extended his gratitude to ANCOP
Gaspillo and ANCOP Education Program Head Canada for the sponsorship, highlighting that the
Efren Tompong forged the partnership via the sign- support in education can change the lives of poor CFC LEADERS, p1
ing of the Memorandum of Agreement on January families after the scholars have graduated and
26, 2018 at the Don Bosco TVET Center in Tondo, become employed. Ariola challenged CFC, “Let us examine our for reflection and for renewing commitment to
Manila. ANCOP Canada President Ricardo Cuenca Aside from the existing program, CFC ANCOP hearts and ask God to enable us to wisely use the the mission.
and wife Irma also graced the event. is looking at catering to the education of parents gifts He has bestowed upon each and every one.” Tribu de Cristo, a boho-themed fellowship,
The MOA embodies the commitment of ANCOP through TechVoc education. The project, named followed. After the party, it was time for quiet re-
Canada to increase the number of scholars to 50 TVETP (Technical and Vocational Education Shine bright! flection the following day, Saturday. But first, as
from the 16 existing scholars in the center. Training for Parents) will be offered to the parents While Ariola’s talk was inspirational, Villaro- is usual with all CFC conferences, the day would
CFC ANCOP sees the TVET Center as a tool for of ANCOP scholars, whether CFC or non-CFC mem- man’s talk was directional as he spoke of the great not begin without the recitation of the Holy
productivity enhancement, and ultimately poverty bers, aged 40 years old and below. (Diana Mendoza) responsibility that rests on each leader’s shoulders Rosary and the celebration of the Eucharist. The
as a modern-day apostle. He urged everyone to keep Saturday Mass, as well as the Mass on Sunday, was
the light alive by preparing the next generation of celebrated by Bishop Wenceslao Padilla of Mon-
Vickar Family visits leaders and to indeed charge forth to be a light to
all nations.
golia, together with the priests from Mongolia,
Indonesia, Ecuador and Peru who had gone up
ANCOP site in Bulacan Citing St. Paul, Villaroman reminded the
congregation “to stir into flame the gift of God
to Baguio with the CFC delegates.
The weekend featured five talks, four on Sat-
that is in us.” urday and one on Sunday, all of them given by
He said, “All of us may be falling short of God’s members of the International Council.
bright glory, but something is at work in us that The message of the first talk, given by Ricky
is much greater than our weaknesses, our blind Cuenca (“The Gift Within Us”), revolved around
spots, our guilt, our regrets!” the gift given to each member through the
The fire within each person is the fire that Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Baptism, which
transforms even the toughest, the fire that over- opened up for each one the door to spiritual
comes suffering and persecution, the unchanging life. Cuenca exhorted everyone not to let the
fire that will shine the light of Christ brightly. gift remain within but to give the gift to others.
How then, can one rekindle this fire? He also reminded the delegates that CFC’s re-
Villaroman exhorted, “We must honor God’s sponse to the gift is gratitude for the gift-giver,
vision for us, stand firm in our values, do what God Himself.
the Lord asks of us, and express love and kindness The second session, “Called and Chosen”, was
in all our personal encounters.” given by James Solano, who explained that a
Christian’s first calling is intimacy with Christ.
Solemn Charge Weekend This intimacy opens each person to the gifts
Recharged from the Leaders Conference, the available to him, and enables him to strive not
Metro Manila Mission Core, joined by delegates only for personal holiness, but to build up the
from the provinces and abroad, motored to body of Christ, the Church, and community.
ANCOP donors Larry Vickar Before proceeding to the site, their excitement as to what the Baguio City for the Solemn Charge Weekend Solano explained that being called and chosen
and his wife Tova, together with the Vickars paid a courtesy call outcome of the project would be. Retreat. The retreat was held at the CAP Conven- means each CFC member has the mandate to
their family, recently visited on Mayor Ferddie Estrella at After the site visit, the Vickar tion Center in Camp John Hay. keep the fire in his heart burning and to mentor
the rising ANCOP Site in Bgy. his office. The mayor thanked family visited a nearby orphan- The Friday activity began with the celebration the next generation so that the mandate remains
Piel, Baliuag, Bulacan and met the family and CFC ANCOP age, the Bethlehem House of of the Holy Eucharist, presided by Rev. Fr. Bene- fresh. Solano used the example of the mentor-
with some of the home partners for helping build homes for Bread Orphanage. They inter- dict Jason P. Lopez from the Diocese of Baguio, mentee relationship between the apostle Paul
in the community. The said site the poor families of Baliuag. acted with the children, shared and concelebrated by Fr. Ronald Magbanua, and the young Timothy.
will house 145 families and He said, “I believe that this is gifts and had fellowship with CICM, from Mongolia, Fr. Marco Coloma from “Regardless of age, we have to set a good ex-
will be named the Larry Tova the continuing work of Jesus the people supporting and Ecuador and Fr. Rober Martinez of Peru. Fr. Lo- ample and witness to our members. Let us be
Vickar CFC ANCOP Winnipeg through CFC ANCOP”. working for the said orphanage. pez’s homily was a fitting reminder that the next salt and light to them,” he emphasized. Solano
Starville IV. The family could not hide (Diana Mendoza) two days would indeed be a holy retreat, a time likewise reminded CFC LEADERS, p4
C4 February 5 - 18, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 03 CBCP Monitor

YFC Oceania Sets Sail for a Great Adventure
TWENTY-FOUR young people from Christ in the ANCOP Taysan Com- attending the CFC Leaders Conference
Oceania, members of Youth for Christ, munity. Each GAT-ter was hosted by at the Mall of Asia Arena where the
came to the Philippines to experience a family with whom they lived for the team witnessed first-hand the bigger
the Oceania Great Adventure Tour (OC- entire week, soaking up local culture. mission they belong to.
GAT) 2018. The two-week Jesus Experi- The young people experienced pump- The GAT-ters, still bearing the new
ence ran from January 5–19, 2018 and ing water from the deep well (poso) for fire in their hearts, flew to Iloilo on the
saw the GAT-ters immersing themselves their bath water, washing their own last leg of their tour, where they shared
in ANCOP areas in Manila, Albay, and clothes, washing dishes, cleaning the the love of Christ with the elderly at
Iloilo. During their immersion, they house, eating with their bare hands, Asilo de Molo. It was a heartwarming
underwent training from, and bonded and embracing the simple lifestyle, afternoon, with young people serenad-
in fellowship with, the CFC community with Mt. Mayon providing a majestic ing the lolas and lolos and listening to
and YFC ministry in the areas. and glorious backdrop to their day- their stories.
OCGAT heads Ira Juntereal and Mac to-day life. It was not all work for the team as
Quinto did the orientation and setting of The whole week also saw the youth they also saw the grand beauty of the
expectations at the CFC Global Mission conducting a Kid’s Assembly at the Gigantes Islands and other famous
Center in Cubao, Philippines together ANCOP Community, attending the tourist spots in Iloilo.
with YFC leaders Abi Halal, Alvin Gen- Mission with the Poor Weekend Re- As a fitting end to their tour, upon
ese, Dar Manalo and Jep Calumag. treat, getting engaged in various team their return to Manila, the GAT-ters
After their GMC orientation, the building activities, prayer sessions, were treated to a surprise farewell kid-
team organized a fellowship night at and getting to know His Excellency die party at Jollibee.
the Pastoral Center of Pinaglabanan Bishop Bong Baylon of Albay. The With the theme Novus Ignis, a Latin
Church, with performances by YFC delegates also did a G-Project immer- term that means “New Fire”, the 24
Central A Band and Chorale. sion through a tree planting activity at delegates of the YFC Oceania Great
The great adventure tour continued Sto. Domingo, seven kilometers from Adventure Tour 2018 experienced a
with a week-long ANCOP immersion the foot of Mayon. rekindling of the fire in their hearts,
in the province of Albay, made all the The Manila leg of the tour included making them grow further in their
more memorable because of the ten- meeting the YFC Fulltime workers spiritual life and giving them renewed
hour bus ride which strengthened the and Metro Manila YFC Leaders and vigor for the mission ahead. (Text by
group’s bond and geared them up for Couple Coordinators, experiencing Sarah Abigail Halal; photos by Ken-
a week of sharing and experiencing other YFC advocacy immersions, and neth Santos)

New Mission Appointments
IN A memo issued last January 18, 2018, the CFC • Jun Waga - Davao
International Council announced the following
appointments, effective February 1, 2018: International Missions:
Regional Coordinator:
Philippine Missions: • Steve Maningat - South Asia
Regional Head:
• Bong Bautista - Western Mindanao Country Coordinator:
• Caloy Subang - Southeastern Mindanao • Alan Baiño - Australia
• Noel Dacalos - North Central Mindanao • Rhodie Nidea - Austria
• Pempe Deguilmo - South Central Mindanao • Dodong Banaynal - Bahrain
• Hector Simplicio - CFC Northeastern Min- • Heiko Junge - Germany
danao • Cesar Cardenas - India
• Danny Simangan - New Zealand
Provincial Area Head: • Raffy Ballesteros - Thailand
• Bobby Mercado - Camiguin • Eric Bostre - Vietnam

On 26 January 2018, CFC Greece leaders met with the New Papal Nuncio to Greece, His Excellency Archbishop Savio Hon Tai-Fai,
who is also currently Vatican Secretary of Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. The CFC leaders informed the nuncio
about CFC Greece activities and mission work. During the meeting, the nuncio accepted CFC Greece’s invitation to celebrate the
Alan Baiño Bobby Mercado Bong Baustista Caloy Subang
Thanksgiving Mass Celebration of the community on February 25, 2018.
everyone to rediscover the fire of passion and underwent many hardships but endured every
not let the passion cool down. suffering, confident that God will give him the
Passion was the highlight of Session 3 titled strength to go on.
“Proclaim the Word” delivered by Reggie Rago- Yamamoto encouraged everyone: “The pain
jos. He emphasized that evangelization is passion and suffering might be difficult to comprehend,
but this passion must be proclaimed to the whole much less accept, but in the end, with God’s grace,
Cesar Cardenas Danny Simangan Dodong Banaynal Eric Bostre world. “In order to continue to proclaim amidst that sacrifice will be meaningful to each one of us
the challenges, one should be witnesses by being a and becomes bearable because we are beginning
good Christian, by witnessing through action, not to understand. And when we understand, we
simply words, and not just within community know that we are not far from the face of Christ.”
but even outside it.” The session ended with a pray over ceremony
Ragojos underlined that no matter how dif- of the ‘Timothy Generation’ or the next genera-
ficult the mission becomes, one should continue tion of CFC leaders, symbolizing the preparation
to serve, whether convenient or inconvenient, of the front liners in the battlefield.
and rekindle three things: In the last session on Sunday morning, Arnel
Santos reminded, “The journey continues—new-
Hector Simplicio Heiko Junge Jun Waga Noel Dacalos • Rekindle the love for God. “We should ness itself must be renewed. May it be in our lives
rekindle our love for God, so that we can as an individual, in our families or in the Church.”
share His love to others,” Ragojos empha- He called the next generation of CFC the
sized. ‘Timothys’ and exhorted them that “The call is to
• Rekindle the 'What'. CFC proclaims journey some more. Let us pray to the Lord that
the beauty of faith through community. his journey may happen in every minute of our
Ragojos said, “The beauty of our commu- lives. The empowerment that we need is written
nity comes from our household where we in 1 Peter 4:10: ‘As each one has received a gift,
love and care for one another. CFC is not use it to serve one another as good stewards of
Pempe Deguilmo Raffy Ballesteros Bong Nidea Steve Maningat a fading community, but the community God’s given gifts.’”
becomes more beautiful through time.” The session ended with the Solemn Charge
• Rekindle the 'How'. “We proclaim with rites, with Santos reciting the Solemn Charge
joy—this is our ‘how’,” Ragojos explained. for the Mission Core, citing the annual themes
SCHEDULE OF CFC EVENTS FOR 2018 He added, “Christian joy is not simply a
pursuit of an emotional satisfaction, but it
is a profound joy born out of serving others.”
as clear directives from the Lord to CFC.
Responding to the solemn charge, the Metro
Manila Sector Heads led the assembly in
proclaiming the new Mission Core Covenant,
The next session—Put Up with Hardships— taking to heart “this deeper commitment to
given by Joe Yamamoto, expounded on the dif- CFC’s vision and mission, dedicating myself
ficulties every missionary must face in trying to to the Lord, to my family and my life and
proclaim the Word to all, including distractions service in CFC.”
coming from community leaders themselves. Almost to a man, the delegates expressed their
Yamamoto cautioned: “Do not be distracted thanks to the speakers for the powerful messages,
by the imperfections of your leaders. Focus on commenting that these sessions were among the
Christ and you will never fail.” best they had ever experienced. Everyone drove
The session, actually a refresher on leadership, back down to Manila exhilarated and indeed
provided a few pointers for leaders, all of them refreshed and renewed by the solemn charge
culled from the example of the apostle Paul who they had received.
My dear friends, this year’s of Sienna said, “Be who God The Lord will rekindle the
theme in preparation for 2021 - meant you to be and you will gifts that we have received so
the year of priests and religious set the world on fire.” that even in our little ways, we
persons - means that all the We ask ourselves, “What does can use the gifts for the service
servant-leaders, including all of God want me to be?” When we of God and the Church.
you in Couples for Christ, must know, when we recognize what This year and for the years
put your gifts at the service of God’s desire is for us, then we to come, Couples for Christ will
one another. We are leaders, strive to live up to that desire. continue to rekindle the gifts.
but we are servant-leaders. One of the great lessons I May you truly become God’s big
“Rekindle the gift.” How learned when we hosted the family that will spread through-
beautiful these words are! The International Eucharistic Con- out the world to proclaim that
fire is already there (in you) gress has to do with our receiv- even if we are imperfect human
because of the laying of hands ing communion. When the beings, the love of God and the
and because of your com- minister says “the Body of mercy of God are so great. He
mitment, and because of the Christ” and because we know calls all of us to holiness. He
sacraments you have received that this little bread is the body calls all of us to mission. He
through the years. of Christ, we say “Amen.” When calls all of us to spread His mes-
As the great St. Augustine we say “Amen”, we are also say- sage of love.
reminds us, “You touch me ing, “Yes, this is the body of Praise God for this gathering!
and I am set on fire.” It is when Christ, but yes, we are also the May the Lord indeed rekindle
the Lord touches us that we body of Christ because we will the gifts that we have received
understand what St. Catherine become what we receive.” for His glory!