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Welcome Residents

This pamphlet is designed for residents of

the Puget Sound area familiar with the
A lane dedicated to trucks will smooth
traffic flow, by allowing each driver to drive
common scenario of driving adjacent to a comfortably with vehicles their own size.
large semi-truck. There is a common fear The comfort from separating commercial
of this scenario called Semi-ochophobia: vehicles from passenger vehicles also

the fear of driving next to semi-sized reduces interaction and, therefore, fatal
vehicles. This can increase the risk of accidents that occur.
accidents. In fact, 80% of all accidents

involving commercial vehicles are
caused by the passenger vehicle. Figure References
1 shows the number of fatal injuries “Large Trucks in Crashes with Passenger Vehicles by
Crash Type and Severity, 2015.” Federal Motor

involved with commercial vehicles and
regular, passenger vehicles. Carrier Safety Administration. U.S. Department
of Transportation. February 2017. Web. 19 Apr. BY: MICHAEL
Figure 1. Passenger Vehicles at Fault for
Fatal Injuries Northbound I-5 Traffic in 2010. It's Only Gotten
Worse. Digital image. KUOW News. Washington
State Department of Transportation, 17 June
Passenger Vehicle 2014. Image. 14 Apr. 2017.
Commercial Vehicle “Tips for Driving Safely Around Large Trucks or
Fault Buses.” Federal Motor Carrier Safety
51% Administration. United States Department of
42% Other
Transportation, n.d. Web. 16 Apr. 2017.

Source: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration “Trucking Statistics.” Trucking Info. N.p., n.d. Web.
14, Apr. 2017.
This brochure provides a solution with < >
multiple steps on driving next to
commercial vehicles. [word count: 580]
Be Aware of Blind Spots There are different rules depending on what
side of the commercial vehicle you are on.
If there is any confusion about where to stop
at an intersection with a commercial vehicle,
The size of commercial vehicles increases Table 1 shows the safe distance to keep from just make sure you’re behind the trailer of
the size of their blind spots. As a driver of a the commercial vehicle from each side. the commercial vehicle at all times to be
regular, four-wheeled vehicle, you need to safe.
know the areas to avoid when driving near Table 1: Safe distance to keep from
commercial commercial vehicle from each side
vehicles; these
Distance Front Right Back Left
are blind
spots. Feet 20 20 30 10
Relative 2 cars 2 lanes 3 cars 1 lane Source: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

One easy way

to know that If it is difficult to calculate the distance
For Motorcyclists:
you’re not in a through any sort of method, then make sure
commercial you’re behind the trailer the commercial Be Cautious
vehicle’s blind vehicle is carrying, or in front of it. As a motorcyclist, you must treat yourself as
spot is looking if you are driving a four-wheeled vehicle. In
at their side
mirrors. When
Give Space for Wide fact, the smaller the vehicle, the more
exaggerated space there should be between
you see the Turns you and the commercial vehicle. This
driver in the For regular drivers, when pulling up to an provides the commercial vehicle driver time
side mirrors, intersection, we pull up all the way to the to be aware of your position.
then they can appropriate line up to the crosswalk.
see you thus, However, in situations involving If it is challenging to find an appropriate
avoid any commercial vehicles, special maneuvers distance away from a commercial vehicle
blind spots. must be made. and their blind spot, then move yourself
away from the vehicle. This can be done by
When turning right with a truck on an either slowing down or speeding up just
If you can’t
Source: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
intersection, let the commercial vehicle go enough so that the commercial-vehicle
see the driver in the side-view mirrors, then ahead first. driver has visibility of you.
make sure that at least you can see the
mirrors at all time. When a commercial vehicle is turning left
from the right side of the intersection, then
Keep Your Distance make sure you’re behind the crosswalk line.
This provides the commercial-vehicle driver
Since commercial vehicles have large blind
enough space to not hit you.
spots, it may be difficult for the driver to see
you next to them. A safe way of making sure
you’re visible for the commercial driver is to
keep your distance.