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Respiratory System Review

Part 1. Label the Respiratory Parts







Respiratory System Review
Part 2. True or False.

______________ 8. The left lung is smaller so that the heart can fit in your chest.
______________ 9. The teeth are part of your respiratory system.
______________ 10. The diaphragm allows you to inhale and exhale.
______________ 11. Chronic bronchitis can be caused by smoking.
______________ 12. There are about 600 million Alveoli in your lungs.
______________ 13. Cilia keep dirt and mucus out of the lungs.

Part 3. Matching
A. Relaxes and moves up
____ 14. The protective layer around the lungs?
B. Capillaries
____ 15. What is the waste product you breathe out?
C. Pleura
____ 16. What happens to your diaphragm when you exhale?
D. Exhale
____ 17. What word means to breathe out?
E. Contracts and moves down
____ 18. What allows oxygen to pass into your blood?
F. Carbon Dioxide
____ 19. What happens to your diaphragm when you inhale?

Part 4. Place the Statements in the Correct Order (A - I) for Inhalation

20. ________ A. heart pumps oxygen-rich blood to the body

21. ________ B. air moves through the bronchi into the bronchioles
22. ________ C. Inhale
23. ________ D. alveoli receive oxygen to pass to blood
24. ________ E. nose traps germs in air
25. ________ F. oxygen passes into the blood
26. ________ G. air moves down the trachea
27. ________ H. alveoli receives carbon dioxide from the blood
28. ________ I. oxygen-rich blood flows to the heart

Respiratory System Review
Part 5. Multiple Choice

29. When the alveoli fill up with air, the lungs get ________________.
a. smaller b. larger

30. The Respiratory system and Circulatory system meet here.

a. alveoli b. mouth c. diaphragm d. brain

31. Oxygen enters the blood in the tiny ____________

a. arteries b. veins c. capillaries d. heart

32. When you exhale, the diaphragm ______________________

a. relaxes b. moves up c. pushes air out of lungs d. all of the above

33. Exercise increases your breathing because your lungs need to deliver more
____ to the body?
a. oxygen b. carbon dioxide

34. The heart pumps blood with ________ back to the lungs.
a. oxygen b. carbon dioxide c. white blood cells d. chicken soup

35. The two large lightweight organs in the body responsible for respiration?
a. lobes b. lungs c. chest d. kidneys