I am Sean Faria; I am 22 years old and I have a younger sister named Melissa.

I was born in Trinidad and Tobago it is the only twin island in the world. It is located off the coast of Venezuela but we don¶t speak any Spanish. I live with my mother she is a single parent and her name is Debra Lashley-Faria. My parents split up when I was five years old, it was hard on me and my little sister but I guess you can say life moves on. In Trinidad I was closes to my grandmother her name was Sylvia but I call her granny. My mother was always working so I was a granny¶s boy everything I learned from my grandmother. In Trinidad I went elementary school called Sharon¶s elementary school. After that I went to middle school called Rosary Boy¶s R.C., but in Trinidad they are called primary school. Lastly I went to a High school called St. Anthony¶s College and graduated. I had lots of best friends because most of my friends continued on to the same school as me. I came from an abusive home my dad used to beat my mother and me, before they got divorced. So that made me very protective of my family. I moved to the United States in 2003, with my mother and my little sister. My mother, my little sister and I was brought over here by Baptist Hospital it was a program they had to recruit nurses from other parts of the world. I met a family from South Africa, from Barbados, and others from Trinidad like myself. I had to attend high school again then I when to Killian Sr. High school and graduated for the second time. I am glad I went to high school for the second time because it was complete different to when I expected. In other words I got culture shock. This is where I learnt that people are so different and everyone changes so drastically in personality and path of life. We got our own apartment and then I got a job as soon as I graduated from Killian. I worked at Chicken Kitchen as a chef. Then I started attending Miami-Dade College Kendall

campus. Then I quit Chicken Kitchen and was hired at CVS as a door greeter. I moved up in CVS to a pharmacy technician and the got Florida licensed to be a pharmacy technician. Yet when I moved to the United States my family disappeared, we no longer get a long and it gets harder every day. Couple years later I meet a girl named Vanessa Marcelle, she became my girlfriend and help me along the way. After some time being with this girl her help me put my family back together slowly. My mother and I get along now, and my little sister and I at least can speak to each other. Now I know in time my family and I can only get better. My goal is to become a pharmacist also I am doing this to be a role model for my little sister. I am about to graduate from Miami-Dade College in a Pre-pharmacy. Then I am going to attend FIU to get a bachelors¶. Then get go to Nova or FSU or West Palm Beach Atlantic for my pharmacy PHD.

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