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Screening is a mechanical separation process of heterogeneous solid

mixtures based on the size of particle. Solid particles are separated based on its
diameter, so that the particles with a smaller diameter than the diameter of sieve
pores will escape, while the larger will be restrained. Screening is applied in many
industries for many purposes, one of them is to obtain the desired particle size, for
example, in salt industry. Particles used in these experiments was silica sand.
The experiments were conducted to determine the characteristics of
particles that includes specific surface, sphericity, equivalent diameter, and
determine the effectiveness of the 70 mesh sieve. To obtain the data required in
the calculations, performed screening mixtures of particles in various size in a set
of sieves, 40, 70, 100, 140, 200 mesh and pan. Mass amounts used are 60 and 120
grams. The amount of retained particle mass analyzed to determine the
characteristics of the particles. At sieve for determining its effectiveness, sieving
is done by separating overflow and underflow. Each overflow and underflow then
sieved again with a set of standard sieve size.
There are 2 types sieve analysis for particle mixtures characteristics,
namely, differential and cumulative analysis. From the experimental results
concluded that the silica particles used, are not approach to spherical shape
because the value of it is sphericity between 0,3-0,7. Surface specific value for 60
grams of feed 239,298 cm2/gram and for 120 grams of feed 363,150 cm2/gram.
Equivalent diameter obtained from the differential and cumulative calculations do
not differ much. Sieving that occurs is not ideal because the value does not reach
100% effectiveness. Effectivity obtained for the mass 60 grams is 99,15% and for
mass of 120 grams is 99,95%. Effectiveness is influenced by the number of feed,
so the bigger feed, the effectiveness of a sieve will be smaller. Additionally the
effectiveness is also influenced by the particle shape, moisture content, strength
and frequency of vibration.