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Employment Procedure

Internal Hiring

Transfer According to the

demand of department

Refer to the
Intenal Hiring Promotion Organization Policy/
Performance Evaulation

Identify potential
Employee Referrals candidates from their
existing employees

Third-Party Recruitment


Public relations
groups (internal
or consultant)



External Hiring
•Estabish minimum qualification, Salary and benifit
1) Develop the Job •Make sure BOD/HOD's has reviewed and agreed upon all aspects of the
Description JD
•Include Pay/Leave

2) Develop the budget

•Establish budget accordingly level and position of the Job
for the position

3) Establish the •Decide which supervisor will be the point of contact during the candidate
application and search an who will be the main point of contact for the new employee
selection process one hired

•Prepare announcement
•Select a deadline for the applicant
4) Job Announcement
•Advertise Position
•Public advertised Social sites/Newspaper

•Select an interview panel and arrange a time amd place for interview
•Make sure the interviewer have a clear understanding of the JD and
selection process
•Develop standard set of interview questions
•Review application and select individuals to interview
5) Selection Process Examination if required
•Call individual for interview
•Conduct inverview
•Shortlisted candidates (Rank first, second and third choice)
•Check references

•Make a job offer to candidate

•Verbally and then in writing
6) Filling the Vacancy
•Receive written confirmation of Job acceptance
•Keep good candidate resume on file for the future job vaciencies

•Probationary peroid, Salary/wages of employment

•Compensation: comp time or overtime procedure
•Reporting HOD
7) Employment
•Performance evaulation protocol
•Anytime stipulation or notice requirement by either party regarding
termination of employment
•Orientation for the new one hire
Permanent Process
Should maintain the good
discipline or not having any
discplinary action
Duration of 2 years from the date of
Employment appointment

Performance Management
Performance management aims at building a high-performance culture for both the individuals and the teams so
that they jointly take the responsibility of improving the organization processes on a continuous basis and at the
same time raise the competence bar by upgrading their own skills within a leadership framework.


Development Performance
Plan And Objectives
Learning And
Activities Standards


Performance Appraisal Process

•Conduct appraisal meeting
•Define and agree SMART goals
•Describe role
Reward And •Person agree and competencies
Remuneration •Agree and conduct review
Strategy •Gather Performance data
•Performance summary for person
•Person responds with own
summary of performance
Disciplinary Action
A disciplinary procedure is a process for dealing with perceived employee misconduct. Organisations will typically
have a wide range of disciplinary procedures to invoke depending on the severity of the transgression.

Organization Discipline Policy Defination of Discipline Voilation of Organizational Rules

Progessive Discipline
•Counsel the employee
Investigation of employee •Verval
Discipinary interview
offense •Reprimand
•Witten warning

Due Process Just cause

•Approval from BOD •Suspension or demotion
•Approval from Executive Director •Terminate
•Forwarded from Medical/Admin

Grievance Handling
Grievances is a formal complaint filed by an employee following and established grievances procedure. Grievances
are formal complaints presented to management due to the dissatisfied feelings arises during of action. Grievances
are simple and complex of both types. Management has to take grievances positively and try to solve them promptly.

Formal meeting is held with the

The supervisor or a manager takes a employee
grievence from the employee. • The meeting should be held private
• Witnesses may be invited.
• Confidentiality is a must.

Document every steps of the

Further investigation is conducted Keep all communication lines open
grievance process.

Establish and implement good If the grievance is rejected, the

Decision is made and
policies on handling employee grievance may be taken to the next
communicated to the employee.
grievance level in the management hierarchy.

• Feedback
• Decision made by top level management will be
final solution
When an employee notifies the employer that he or she wishes to terminate their employment with organization,
you will want to ask for a letter of resignation or resignation letter.

Approval From Executive

Submitting a Resignation Forwarded through HOD/HR

Notice Period •Handover Final Settlement

•Working 1 month should be mandatory •A proper handover must be •Entitle to get Due payment
from the date of resignation. given to the HOD\employee •Experience Letter
• If employee leave before 1 month, they will •Exit Interview
not have entitled to get payment and other
before leaving the organization
•Exit Clearence
benefits as mention in the HR Policy
• Leave Balance

Employee has history of poor
performance\Disclipinary issue

HOD counsels Employee

documents poor

Employee falis to improve


Gather Documentation of
poor preformance

Discuss Termination with


Performance Base Disciplinary Action Conduct Termination

meeting with
Termination Process
employee Documentation of all the
Reason for position
Position Elimination
According to policies

Time peroid

Separation certificate

Exit interview and hand

Pay and Grading
A pay grade is a step within a compensation system that defines the amount of pay an employee will

Setting Payment System Accordingly To The

Level And Postion Of The Employee
Organization Salary Structure

Every Year Grade Will Be Upgraded With Plus 1 To

The Existing Grade.
•Note: Only permanent employee will get this grading
system Process Of Documentation\keeping Records
•During the year of promotion no grading surplus will be
added to that position.

Transfer Documentation To The Account


Job titles designate the employee positions or job responsibilities of the organizational hierarchy
including executive management, management, supervisory, professional, and employee positions or
levels within the job structure of an organization.

level 1-10 Level

Develop Job Description

/Responsibility Managerial


Associate Positions