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6:00 2:15 PM SPICEJET

Confirmation Number (PNR): F98SUW Booking Date: FRI 07 OCT, 2016 Status: Confirmed


1. Mr. KEYUR KAMALIA SG923 ( AMD- IXZ) Family&
2. Mrs. ARPANA KAMALIA SG923 ( AMD- IXZ) Family&

SpiceMax Meal Beverage Lounge Priority Check-in Pre-book Excess Check-in Baggage Seat Bag Out First

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Contact No: 9328053678 Email ID: KEYURAIM@YAHOO.COM


This is friends and familyfare.Cancellation in respect of the booking made under this fare shall onlybe
SPECIAL CONDITIONS permissible if minimum of four (04) passengers are retained in the booking.
(On date ranges: 03rd’ Mar’16 till 17th Mar’16, 24th Mar’16 till 25th Mar’16 and 29th Mar’16 till 13thApr’16 cancellation will be
permitted if minimumof 02 passengers are retained on the PNRfor travel)

Fare + CUTE Fee 83,400.00 INR Airlines Fuel Surcharge 850.00 INR
Service Tax@ 5.80% 4322.00 INR User Development Fee - Departure (UDF) 958.00 INR
Passenger Service Fee 778.00 INR Krishi Kalyan Cess 156.00 INR
Payment Type - Agency Amount Paid - 90,464.00 INR Total Price - 90,464.00 INR
Important Information
1. Cabin Baggage Allowance Domestic: Hand/ Cabinbaggageof maximum7 kg (whichwouldinclude Laptopanddutyfreeshopping bags) having maximumover all dimensions of: 1 5 cms. (L+W+H) on Boeing flights and
108 cms. (L+W+H) on Bombardier flights) handbag is allowedtobecarriedper passenger, freeof cost. Passengers withinfants areallowedtocarryanadditional pieceof handbaggageof maximum7kg., not exceeding the
sizedimensions, as mentionedhereinbefore Duetoairport securityregulations, nocabinbaggageis allowedonflights originating fromJammuor Srinagar airports.
2. Cabin Baggage AllowanceInternational: Hand/ Cabinbaggageof maximum7 kg . (whichwouldinclude Laptopanddutyfreeshopping bags), having maximumover all dimensions of: 108 cms. (L+W+H) on Bombardier
aircraft, and 1 5 cms. (L+W+H) on Boeing aircraft is allowedtobecarriedper passenger, freeof cost. Passengers withinfants areallowedtocarryanadditional pieceof handbaggageof maximum7 kg., not exceeding the
sizedimensions, asmentionedhereinbefore.
3. Checked-in BaggageAllowance: For domestic travel, SpiceJet allows freebaggageallowanceof 15 Kg ( 22Kg in casepassenger is travelling from Jammuor Srinagar) per passenger as checked-inbaggage. Incase
of international travel, freebaggageallowanceof 20 Kg (30 Kg incasepassenger is travelling to/fromColombo, Kabul, Dubai, Muscat) is allowed.
4. For passengers travelling on SpiceJet domestic sector to SpiceJet international sector or viceversa, thefreebaggageallowanceandcabinbaggageallowanceof International sector will beapplicable. Passenger travelling
on SpiceJet domestic Sector andhaving connectiononanother airlineto/fromaninternational destination, areallowed Free Baggage Allowanceof 15 Kgs per passenger per flight. (W.e.f 4th Nov,2014)
5. Domestic: Airport check-incounters will opentwohours prior tothescheduleddeparturetime. Passengers areencouragedtoreport at the Airport between1-2 hours prior tothescheduleddeparturetime. Check-incounters
for all our flights will close 45 minutes prior todeparture. International: Airport check-incounters will open3 hours prior tothescheduleddeparturetime. Check-incounters for all flights will close 60 minutes (75 minutes in
caseof Dubai and Kabul) prior todeparture.
Failuretodosocanresult inyour booking being cancelledandthefareretained. Webcheck-infacilityis, for all flights originating fromIndiaonly, but is not availablefor Group Bookings, Defense
Bookings, Student Bookings, Infant Bookings andflights originating fromSrinagar, Jammu.
6. Boarding gatecloses 20 minutes ( 45 minutesin caseof Kabul and 25 minutesin caseof other international travel) prior toscheduleddeparturetimeandfailuretoboardwithinthestipulatedtimecanresult indenied
boarding withfareretained.
7. Passengers doing webcheck-inshall beresponsiblefor ensuring their hand-baggagemeets thephysical dimensionlimits theweight limits, andmust payfor excess cabinbaggage(if any) at theairport check-incounter.
Therewill berandomchecks at boarding gates for handbaggagesizeandweight, andif foundoversizedor overweight, INR 300/kg will bechargeable, andadditionallythebag maybetakenfromthepassenger tobeplacedin
Payment by foreign credit cards:
8. For all foreign(Non-Indian) credit / debit cardpayments, thecardmust beproducedfor physical verificationat theairport check-incounter if thepassenger is thecardholder. Incasethecardholder is not traveling, it is
mandatoryfor thepassenger tofurnishtotheairport check-instaff aphysical copyof thefront sideof credit / debit carddulyauthorizedbythecardholder, along withcardholder's validproof of identification. Intheabsenceof
suchcredit / debit cardor copyand/or identitymismatch, wewill beconstrainedtorefusetheboarding. Youmayhowever paythroughacceptablealternatemodeof paymentat thetimeof check-inandcontinueyour journey.
Cancellations and Rescheduling Initiated by Passengers:
9. Changes/cancellationinthebookings canbemadeonlyupto 2 hour prior toscheduleddeparturetime( 4 hoursin caseof international travel) uponpayment of achange/cancellationfee(amount depends onthetypeof far
epurchased, as advisedat thetimeof booking) along withdifferenceinfare, if applicable. All promo/salefares arerestrictivefares andarerefundable(onlystatutorytaxes). Certainpromo/salefares donot permit changes to
theflight. Pleasecheckrestrictions onthefarewhilebooking
Passenger Handling during Flight Delays, Cancellations, and Missed Connections:
10. SpiceJet does not connect toother carriers; therefore, SpiceJet is not responsiblefor anylosses incurredbythepassengers whiletrying toconnect toor fromother carriers. SpiceJet will not beliableinanywayfor delays/
cancellations/ diversions whether duetobadweather, government regulationor for instances beyond SpiceJet's control. SpiceJet reserves theright, without assigning anyreason, tocancel or delaythecommencement or
continuanceof theflight or toalter thestopping placeor todeviatefromtherouteof thejourneyor tochangethetypeof aircraft inusewithout therebyincurring anyliabilityindamages or otherwisetothepassenger or any
other persononanygroundwhatsoever. SpiceJet alsoreserves to itself theright torefusetocarryanypersonwhomit considers unfit totravel or whointheopinionof SpiceJet mayconstituterisks totheaircraft or tothe
Customers onboard. For deniedboarding, delays andcancellationthe Civil Aviation Requirements under section 3 - Air Transport, Series 'M' Part IV, Issue I, dated August 1, 2016 shall beapplicable. Pleaserefer tothe
Termsof Carriageat details. Westronglyrecommend passengersto providecorrect phonenumber and emailaddressto enableusto informof flight delaysor cancellations
in unforeseen conditions.
Additional Terms and Conditions
1 . All passengersarerequiredto carryvalidproof of identification,includingfor childrenandinfants.For all international flights,onlyacceptableproofofidentificationwill bepassportwhichmustbevalidfor atleast6
months fromthedateof travel. Indiannationals travelling toandfromNepal arerequiredtocarryeither Passport or Voter's ID cardonlyas proof of identification. For childrenandinfants, Birth Certificateor School ID Card
(as maybeapplicable) will beacceptedas proof of identification
12. Excess baggagecharges will bepayablefor carriageof baggageover thefreebaggageallowancelimits. Excess baggagecanalsobepre-booked(at discountedrates) upto 12 hours prior toscheduleddeparturetimeof the
flight, bycalling at our Reservations +919871803333, +919654003333 or at our airport ticketing counters.
13. Revised Free Excess Baggageand Excess Baggage Charges for international sector(s) is applicableonbooking madeonor after 10thJuly, 2014.
14. Westronglyrecommendthat all valuables (e.g. camera, jewellery, cash, electronics, perishables items, etc.) andmedicationshall becarriedincabinbaggageonly. SpiceJet assumes noresponsibilityfor anypilferage/
damagetovaluables incasetheyarecarriedincheck-inbaggageandthepassenger shall bedoing soat their soleriskandconsequences.
15. For passengers arriving at Aizawl (Mizoram), it is obligatorytofill applicationformfor TemporaryInner Line Pass.
16. Passengers travelling to UAE/OmanfromIndiafor employment/tourist purposes shall berequiring an"OKTOBOARD" commentinthe PNR. Kindlyget intouchwithyour visaissuing agencyfor thesame.
17. All Foreign Nationals/ Non-Resident Indians aremandatorilyrequiredtocarrytheir Passport withvalidvisafor their travel.
18. Namechanges arenot permittedonyour booking. Pleaseensurethat passenger's booking namematches withproof of identification.
19. Anybooking madeusing special fares/ promocodes/ discount coupons etc. shall besubject toterms andconditions of respectivepromotioninadditiontothegeneral Terms of Carriage.
20. Passengers requiring wheelchair assistance, stretcher, or passenger travelling withinfants andunaccompaniedminors arerequestedtobookinadvancesincethefacilityfor thesespecial servicerequests arelimited. Please
refer to details. Youmayalsocall our Reservations +919871803333, +919654003333 for further assistance.
21. Shouldyouhaveanyqueries, pleasecontact us at our Reservations +919871803333,+919654003333or writetous at custrelations@spicejet.comandwewill behappytoassist.
22. This booking is governedbythe Fare Rules and Terms of Carriageacceptedat thetimeof booking andalsoavailableat
23. Flightschedulesaresubjecttochangeandapplicableregulatoryapprovals.
24. Certainfares couldcarryarestrictionrelatedtochange/cancellationandpolicy. Incaseyoudonot wishtoopt for restrictedfare, youcanbooktwoseparate PNRs for eachsector without thebenefits/restrictions of thereturn
25. Passengers areadvisedtocompulsorilyretaintheboarding pass until exiting theterminal for securityreasons. Passengers onviaandconnecting flights shouldkeeptheir boarding pass handyfor physical checkat transit
26. SpiceJet allows freecheckedbaggageof 15kgs per passenger for all domestic flights onall fares EXCEPT Hand Baggage Onlyfares promo/sale. For Hand Baggage Onlyfares promo/sale, thereis nofreechecked
Passengers onthesefares whowishtocheckbaggagewill becharged Fare Type Change Feeof Rs.400 at theairport for upto 15kg. Baggageinexcess of 15kg. is subject toafee(Rs.100 per kg. from16kg. to 20 kg. and
Rs.300 per kg. beyond20kg. witheffect from1st July, 2016) tobepaidat theairport at check-in.
Pleasenote: Salefareis for handbaggageonly. (Handbaggageof onepiecemaximum7 kgs. (whichwouldinclude Laptopanddutyfreeshopping bags) having maximumover all dimensions of: 1 5 cms. ( L+W+H) on Boeing
flights and 108 cms. (L+W+H) on Bombardier flights) is allowedtobecarriedper passenger.
27. Hand Baggage Onlyfarepromo/saleis Non-refundable. Changes arepermittedat applicablecharges
28. Carriageof Samsung GalaxyNote7 is prohibitedinchecked-inandhandbaggage.
29. Intheevent Spicejet:
a. cancels theflight; or
b. prepones theflight bysixty(60) minutes or more; or
c. postpones theflight byonehundredandtwenty(120) minutes or more,
theaffectedpassengers shall beentitledeither for:
i. full refundof theamount paidbythem; or
ii. tobeaccommodatedonalternateflight(s) for thesamesector for next or preceding seven(07) days fromtheoriginal dateof journey, subject toavailabilityand SpiceJet’s discretionintheevent SpiceJet.
30. Nocancellationand/or modificationof tickets is allowedon SpiceJet tickets bought using cashbetween 8th Nov.,midnight to 15th Dec., midnight at airport counters.