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Elementary Workbook

oxroRD Kate Haywood

._r10 Welcome А Welcome В WelcomeC ]WelcomeD Welcome Е Welcome reading
Не lо Аrе you in а Нарру families . Friends The wоr d is а Lanquages
Ьа nd? vi lage
Р rоg ress сhёik'Р] 1,.] ], ] ]]., , .,.,.

:. Breakfast in space Briqht апd early British Schoo S Journeys to 5сПооl оп the road

]:] r That's life р12


Сус ing in the
Healthy l!ving l\4akinq music Superheroes Frее time
5сrееп time?
Ап lпfоrmа letter

Time out р20

:: otl .ir House of the Enjoy the view Underground Агоuпd town Going downl . А tourist guide

ъJ future City

Home and away р28

The naturalworld рзб
ltЪ wild1 What аrе you
WhаtЪ th."
weather ike?
Get activ-. Storm chasing Describing

Food matters School Traditlonal food Delrcious оr А description of а
food with а i disgusting? festiva l

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Fооd, glorious food р44

Progress check р51
Nearly пеw Cyber N4onday Black Friday ] can't ive without it The tееп notlnd А review of а

Material world р52

It's tough р60 ]
Different shapes Кеер it сlеапl The fiгst
What's wrong? \4edieva]



А etterofadvice I

а Life's ups and The human Great writеrs \4oments to The world of А паrrаtivе
ж downs Story r.оmеmЬеr Roald Dah
Life story р68

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а А пеw mode А пеw ife А new уеаr l А new business Youth in Actlon Ап informa] emai
Changes р76

Tolrists ,,. Who Adventure Travel USA тrапs-siьеrlап
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wants them?

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ý *"alphabet ..:i:],i:]:].]:;.]l]i::':]:i]:]]]l]':
4 Complete the sentences so that they are true for you.

1 ЖýýХ]l:]: Write the letters that you hear. What word
do the letters spell? Put the words in the correct
Sport Music coUntry
. ýа,разз

ý write the numbers.
'l l $c_rt,,,,.., 9з0
Ж Countries and nationalities 22 ]5

З Complete the table with countries or nationalities.
3 -lз ,1,1

421 12 lв
countries Nationalities 5 ,l0
Frапсе 627 14 ]l

712 15 11

Ро апd
6 Study the information in the table. CompIete the
Тurkеу 5 sentences below.
tta ly
6 l nterests
Name Nationality Age
7 footbalI mu5lc computerS
Са nad ia n
Dutch ;].1.1]lО).]] 9l?. l
Li sa BritiSh з0 i\.ra,: , \:/.]
. .о] :о.:, 'о: о
l0 l0
Egypt Pau о Brazi ian ','.ч.)
]']'9)..9_,', .lо lо, i a'о

lreland 12

Cheng Chinese l::l?\,l.,
..: .i,', ,9, :l
.i!, ||i:
К]а rа German 14 '
the Czech Republic 14

\-Z.], \:,a,]
slovakian о"о'. .о]. о: l
Anup nd ian 27
Argentinian ',.б,..'

1 I\,4y пагпе's Lisа.l'гп frоm_ttэ9 lJS l'm lhiуЗý.l like
Кепуа i*t* computers, t,ж **! tttt* footbalL.
iт}1}*э' апd |'m
New zеаlапdеr Д,,4у name's Paulo, 'm frоm., ,,.. ,,l'm ,
.l footba]l. l like
Зп 'tx
. ]'m поt into
I\4y name's Cheng. |'m frоm
i..l.'.,',щ ,тrr'..'].n
'т\ d

complters. footba

. l ]

Ь+.^ ":,I vr/ I\4y паmе's Klara, l'm frоm .,,.l'm
footbal. 'm into
,. and ]ove
l\ly name's Anup. l'm frоm
ffi Talking

|'m ..l r""iБ. r r

ý Choose the correct words to complete the sentences. music. l соп,]рUtеrS.

1 l{fuЪ don't like Г бтý6l, _}
7 Cý"ý&LLEýýýý! Complete the sentences so that they
2 like 'm not into lo,olp, '.-]
are true for you.
3 l like,/'m not into hip hop music. {*&
Д,4у name's |'m from
4 l love / don't like computersl 'l1.l ,,,,. l love .l'm into
5 l 'm into / don't like baseball. ldon't like

I + Welcome

good at sport at the same / we / school / аrе / ? бlt а great band. Nice to meet you. into music._.. Emily AhlYou б Frепсh| 3 We aren't / not into Sport. . 2 Caitlin and Jack isn't / aren't at the same school...с. Yапп .. а lloT Frапсе..ш 4 rb ..t cl. . you British? 4 Tom isn't..Е. we 17 goodI 3 I\4y home is in Nloscow х CHAL!-EГ{GE! Complete the profile for you. ..*т i]**1t !**'! Y4з"t. iп а band with : Аmу Rewrite the sentences using the negative form of Ье. ._ . Emily Hi! l 1 '*l Emily. ../ am not fourteen Emily No. Yапп . Emi у? 6 You are not / is not iп а band.. . t аlQ.u t t 4 They . .::|.l'hа7 . Wе rulф d No. Emily З. ? Complete the conversation with the correct form of Ье.". . .т 1 Complete the sentences with the affirmative form of Ье. :.YмЬ| В аgrел. Z i.Shela mуsister !. 18 ..:. l 1l . . . .... trom the UK. Nationality: Likes: 6 You're in а samba band.Й:..rg. 7 Scott ... arodcbM^d.1.. l9 . Emily l .. Iп t*й рlиtо. i... iп Ь No. he is.s lrоп^ roldol / 5 Аrе we iп the same class? 6 Are they Дгrеrirаг- а No. .Austraiarl. mу friend. f No. we 16 ! But..:.. 5 lt aren't / isn't а 9reat city.|t о Match questions 1-6 to short answers a-f. Yоu'rе 1п 8А апd l'm in ВВ. З ls Jack sixteen? оаdа. idi qood / Гvа / at boo...tиr6. What's your паmе? э Choose the correct Yann i\4y паmе 2... 5 You .Then write sentences with the correct form of Ье.. i\4y friends аrе at а сопсеrt.. ý Put the words in order to make questions.. ? fiftееп/уоч/аrе/? . you frоm the UK? l tisn't/@from Еurоре. you famous in Australia? 2 l'm Russian.. goodat/am/music/1/? 8 David and Liагп into football.::. South African. into hip hop music.. .Brltish.. words to complete the sentences.shеlЗ.. tve аrеп't. Name: wе'rе into samba mtlsic..'|М| i :.. she isn't...L / i( // 1:.. We9 _.о* /'. they aren't с@ _. Yann \о...:. Yапп.: :|. Yапп What аrе you into. Yапп Yes] And you? 7.::. Emily No.lto ro*t е Yes... t i. attl."r'ёL. 1] 1 уоч / into tennis / аrе /? 2 We._.... she your friend? 1 Му name is Таrа... . . Dislikes: Welcome 5. Агr чоu ifit* tcnt. :. Emily No.:is.:. 15 1 Аm l good at tennis? С aliй olbiamr еUЬ.j З Holly . 2 Аrе you into footbal ? a4/f. I don't like it. She's frоm Bristo .:::.еуl i. |'m basebc.

З 'ls Daisy your / its fr]епd?' 'Yes.. team \\ro]ffiFt L G R о J т Y р 1 The !.gry / hоt with mе Жý Colours because I'rn not чеrу good. а. . and mу dadl ] N/y sistel' is into music. happy. реrSоп . cold. grапdsоп People аrе sometimes О". ý 4 choose the correct words to complete the sentences.? 6 She's their / they're mоthеr. lt's our / their 7 Complete the sentences withthis. she's mу best friend] my 4 ']s this your dog?' 'Yes. Ьut I'm 9cold / exited and lothirsty / huпgry../ tired because brother 5 h. . Вut I'm 9 аUпt 'h"рру / bored becat_lse 10 I dont like hосkеу..4anchester United and l\4anchester City 6 The ]n the band are lйаrс.lsýý!. хх Are your family bored..... tired. it isn't his / mу bookl 7 '|'m iп а fооtlэаll team] 'What's your / its паmе?' . coUntry':l ПЭП :. .'s а great team|' tL . questions to help you.. 6 'ls this your book?' 'No.. Jake. . 4 ll's /lts паmе is Spot.:] biscuits. The two football .. etc.. After А т р Е L R в А 7cold / tired and'*gry / thirsty. N. аrе your biscuits. Jake is biscuit.4y grапdраrепts love footbal].that. аrе BeIgium. \4 т U о G Е U S G в R о Nr Y в о с р в к t в L Ж Rluratnouns Y Е L L о н А 6 Complete the sentences with the plural form of the а т Е U с н R с words below.. ls your biscuit. 1 This is they're /@computer. is his Гачоuritе couS] п CoUSl п sроrt. mу Ыоthеr is бhоt / cold. Му /@favourite musrc is hip hop. lts / lt's а great name for а dog! *g Who is iп the photo? 5 You're / Your books аrе iп my bag. He's always чеrу grапdfаthеr 6 7 2Ьоrеd / excited аЬоut 8 пlесе оur mаtсhеs. .. iS 5 This is my uncle and this is his / her son. . Write 2 You're / Your mу friends. а match. а. my grandmother and mу aunt. П u Welcome . Тhеп I аm 5sad i z Find nine more colours in the wordsearch.. 5 Look at the picture and choose the correct words. з daughter Му Ыоthеr is чеrу 4 'ФБЬ.. it's their / оur dog!' . Е N S L т t l Frапсе апd Gеrmапу.these and those. Ьrоthеr. use your answers to the 3 They're / Their iп my class. х CHALLENGE! Find а photo of уочr family.pý iп my family аrе my mum.. favourite sport... S А г р l N к . sentences about the photo. David 3 Choose the correct possessive adjectives. ffi Гаmilу Ж Гееliп9s adjectives 1 Complete the table with family words. Male Female Both Му hоthеr and I аге dad 1 {пцý 2 in а hockey team. о R А N G Е S U 2 frоrт the uk аrе British т Е D N к р З tucy is my sister...Ё.С . in my city аrе .. 2 N. my cousin. аrе my 'Newport t. and \Лаtt апd Тоm аrе rпу R Е D н R t L R i\4y favourite..

. 8l а big house.elts а laptop..hay?. She's into basebal]. .. &ý Арреаrапсе adjectives 6 His dad bought him а / ап expensive guitar.. she have/acat/they/gat/? No.. . The children are 9small big and / 1oyoung 11big / old.l .. Yes.зl . wоmап has got бstraight / tall hair.. / hаvе /уоur lэооk / gаt / ? thе p}roto is \о.... |'m iп the 1 We . . His hair is asmall / short and sdark / young. . .. 3 Непrу .. The 15us / them. ... you . / She's iп the team with 9my / mе. negative (Х) form of have got.Jo No. . She's really good at 8it him. Не piays а / the guitar every day./ а guitar / has / got / 2 l like а / the boys in mу class... like hair.. Her hair is 7big / fair and 8long / short. 1 We've got а grеаt music club at school.t ^ Replace the words in bo|d with object рrопочпs. She's а 9ood siпgеr.... У 3 This is Jessie. А / The cat is biack. сurlу hair..у* *.y..... .. Х l like MrJohnson and Miss Slade а Jot. У club.. alotand 5 9ot / we / have / а пеw teacher / ? 6 you / got / а mobile phone / have / ? Choose the correct words to complete the sentences. she has.... Га.r' 4 Our grапdраrепts аrе with mе and my brothers 7 Му oa.... 3 ? This is а / ап gгеаt bandl No.X Jessie. . а new teaСher. ... he 4 Have you got а / an apple? 5 They've got а / ап cat. аrеп't 2old / small. abrother.а mobile рhопе. . His паmе is N. Х today. У 5 That's Sophie! l'm iп the basebal] team with Sophie! put the words in the correct order to make 6 Jez lsn't а nice Ьоу...... Ьrоwп hаir? . He's got rasmaIl/ short. i} 2| а dog. questions.. 3 Choose the correct adjectives to complete the text. Jo There's а new girl in the class.. 1'm in а band with 5 Lry . 10Has Lucy / Have she got 11а / the Ьrоthеr? Jo Yes.J.l know hеr! ]s she 7tall / old? Jo Yes..д Wеlсоmе D Frýеmds t Complete the sentences with the affirmative (У) or ..]ohnson and N. ..4ark. ] don't ike Jez. 'l you /got/ adog/have/? L Complete the text with object pronouns.. 2 а cousin / Bethany/ got/ has/ ? Yes.. Lucy OhlWhat's'{i&Z rris паmе? Jo Ella. а пiсе bag... Then complete the short answers. 7 ] Jake. They аrеп't / fair! Welcome 7J .d. 4 Vou .. . ... l Choose the correct words to complete the dialogue..4iss Slade are my favourite teachers. Х 2 I\4r. No. . The mап has got 3fair / curly Jo That's right! i\4ark and El а аrе nice. 6 YоL_l . Lucy l knowl2him / herl l'm in а club with lзhim / it The mап апd the woman are lstraight @Тhеу music club. Havp чоч cot а doa? ... she ahasn't / haven't...... She s've / Ъ got бtall long. she is. а sister. ...... lсir Lucy Ah. 1 l've got а /фSоrапgе bag.r. th-. Lucy 2Has / Have she got Зshоrt / sma|l.

1 2\4 2 thi rtу-sеvеп ь б. lt's iп spring.h. опе huпdrеd and fiftv ý write the numbers.. 7 twenty third. 4 lt's the fourth month of the уеаr. . {i ]t . . lt'5 iп autumn.two 9з7 8 six thousand h .: patt tr. Haloween is in this month... 1 eleventh. 9 twelfth.000 зт з two hundred and fifty с82 4W 4 tеп thousand d 4.ж h*!{. 4 ]0 October. 10 lt's the ninth гпопth of the чеаr. .Jапuаrу 1 25 DесеmЬеr 2 21April 9 сн*ьLвшGЕ! Write five dates that are important in З 15 August your family.. it's the beginning of summer..... j ]... . ..000 extra month. lt's Christmasl з .l0. .. lt's in summer. 5 lt's gоtЗ1 days... 6 nineteenth. 2 second.000.000 Complete the crossword.. 1 the fifteenth of д/аrсh 8 lt's the е eventh month of the уеаr. ivalf!. 4 Match the words to the numbers. ... the twelfth of DесеmЬеr Write the seasons. Down з fifteenth. 7 t's the seventh month of the уеа r. 7 write the next ordinals. l d Ж Ouyr.-Ж Across 1 lt's got З1 days.r*r*ъ lы:. 2 1t's got З1 days..Ж Numbers 31+ 'ý Write the days.. З t's got 2В оr 29 days. Write why they аrе important.fu 2 Ы] Ji*ffi /fr 7 Ё*мьй* Ехtrа month: + fu". . 2 . .{} /.1 а million а99 5 и*d*1.000. Тhеп put the letters in 9 seventy one i71 the grеу squares in the correct order to write the 10 fоur thousand.000. 7 lt's got З0 days.. months and seasons &. Пв Welcome . 4 the thirtieth of ltЛay 5 ! the thirty-first of .. the twenty-fourth оf DесеmЬеr 9 ]t's got З1 days.000 Ж Tb"tir" & Write the times. 1з5 thi*. 8 thirty-first..000 7s 7 eighty. first. ffi Orainals and dates 6 ]t's the fifth гпопth of the уеаr... 8 put the dates in the correct order.. t'5 iп w]пtеr. 4 thiгd. lt's in autumn..f:. diý& 1 ff.ýl{ivý 498 256 5 з00 з7з 6 5.... 5 'l0 tenth.]50 5т 5 а billion е 250 бF 6 ninety nine f ]. . ]t's the second month of the уеаr.

Anil is short. his / hеr inteгests Raga is lradil onal lnd an Tusic his / hеr арреаrапсе u\tth*. you got а pet? iп his school footba tearT. sprlng. 6 Anil/ Mirat is good at sport. So . J 1 a doq v. whеrе Ruby They're 9[eatl Wel . too. 5 Неr mum is iп а raga group with Anil / her dad. whеп . 3 Неr birthday is iп winter / spring. 4 ' З.. . \Лirаt is tal ...qq 4ге _{qu fгоrп? Ruby |'m from 15heffield / Bristol. BUt l like my 7 is your birthday? brother's team. too! Presenter Thanks. 4 Неr mum / dad has got а sitar... She's in а rа9а grоuр with mе and my abrother / dad he plays the sitar. the апswеr is footba ]l 8 is yout паmе? presenter о Ruby No. бgrеу /brown hаir (and he hasn't got 2 .what l:. . She's got 5long / short. 4 "La -. is the dog. Ani] and l\4irat. b"i.. уоur fami у.О2 Listen again and choose the correct words to complete RчЬуЪ answers.d*ý3 Write а description of someone уоu know. al. but l haven't 2 Match the sentences in exercise'l to gaps а-9 in got опе. o-es l от а}ig small tz.. 1 R-oi. He's tall. old аrе you? got short. the dialogue. C}*&LLýr. There is опе sentence that you do They've got two cats and а dog. 2 Неr gгапdраrепts аrе lndian / British. presenter З2lst Ruby lt's on the / 2oIh Арril. Неr паmе rs i\4ilr. Ruby! З. presenter f 6 ls уоur favourite singer? Ruby 'm not into Sport| L don't like it. lnclude this information: his / her age presenter Today we're With RUby A|i! She's а rа9а singer. 5 . presenter Ruby Му mum.. 3 а регsоп with stгaight hаir . He's 4 . Their favourite not пееd.hеw what .l.eyoufrоm? straight hаir. have . She's my favourite. I\..4um is tall. presenter cescribe . IVу grandparents аrе frоm lndia and my family love lndian music! presenter ь Ruby Ym2зз / 2з. ltЪ lп my favourlte season. black hаir. . too. lt's а big city iп the UK. .. Rabinda! She's into music.02 Listen to the interview and check your answers in exercise 2.. .vho and l've got two Ьrоthеrs. He's got З . 2 wo iгgа. IVirat loves sport. l\4um and Dad have got three pets. Dad's 1 **и . ý Write the names of the people in the text.ho.. l haven't! l love 7cats / dogs.5 . Welcome 9Ж . l've got mу mum and dad. is уоur favourite sport? а lot of it]).+ Wе!соmе Е Yfuе wgrýd ýs ж ъяil!аqе 1 Complete the sentences with the words below. ý Choose the correct words to complete the sentences..delL 5 о реlt91 vr'th . .

000. а 50 is the same а5 50>.000 English as а foreign language.000 ь 50 is the same as <50. Esperanto is ап artificial language.000-years-old .aeil .000 languages in mу соuпtrу.000_10.. {} \ А.000 пtеrпеt. your country and Т. What country has got the most native English speakers? 1 Where are you frогп? а the United Kingdom lm [. 6 \4апdаriп Chinese writing uses over 50. эl. оVеr ]. *. Use the -ý internet to help you.000 ? about З.т your language.000 characters.га Ь English с Spanish JЯtэ5*" - . How mапу characters do N4апdаriп speakers use every day? 2 Approximately / Over 750 m]llion реорlе speak а 2. Ь approximately 9.]. ь 9. questions. around З75 million How mапу languages are there in Еurоре? а about 'l 50 Speakers of English as а foreign lапguа9е: Ь about З70 around 750 million с about 2З0 АБжгджж 4 How mапу characters has \т .|Gý!Write about you.000-years-old la пg uage. ]€ Pz qL ýJaMýuv 10 Welcome . the Russiatl alphabet got? а12 Jh$ } ir[-fuJk"'l Реорlе who use English оп the internet: around 72 million ь26 с &ki.200 different languages? а Asia Ь Africa с south America Speakers of English as а native /first lапguа9е: 3 А quarter of the world's population live iп Еurоре.l уеаr. ffabout 7.i 'l How mапу languages аrе 2 Con ploLe 1|g dеtiгit'о. Answer the questions.оUпd . а over 10.000-7.. 2. *t ^ €P{&Lý-ЁýI.000 3 Under / About 72 million people use English оп the с 6. there in the worId? аabout ].. Then do the languages quiz.{&хтрст уФхý&чеш ЗЗ Number of people who study English every 5 What language has got the уеаr: ] billion+ most speakers? а ]\4апdаriп Chinese iitъьхьэ[о .|-л чr :f.000 с approximately 1. people speak mу с uпdеr 7..000-years-old 3 How mапу реорiе speak уоur anguage? Ь over B. '' .000 З.е а approximately2.от Ь the USA 2 What's уоur nationallty and lапguа9е? с Australia М) ndliondIiTV i5 How old is the modern English lапguаgе? and my 'anouaoe . Use the words iп exercise 2. у: Welcome reading Laжgaxages 1 Study the highli9hted words and check the meanings 3 Find the words below in the quiz and answer the iп а dictionary.50О 3 Read the factfile./=-\ ] Over / Under З50 mi]liоп peopLe speak English as . What пumЬеr of speakers 4 How mапу lanquages аrе there iп уоur соuпtrу? has it got? There а.000.. Тhеп choose the correct words to 2 What place has got аlэоut complete the sentences. Under 1 What two words mеап dpproxtmately? лl.lь.500. Use а dictionary to help you. аЪ€+r+ l. i 4 Over / About l mi]lion people study Епg lsh every .000 еб ]8 q/ р9 рý ].lа 'Ve ldIgLa9e.

.. Progress checkWelcome 11 l . . 10 Write the plural form of the поuпs. 12 Write the opposites. 2 Weam/islareina сап use the аffiгmаtivе form of the vеrь Ье 5 Complete the sentences with the negative form of Ье 1 They in my class.ап identify countries.. 15 Writе the пumlэеrs as words.621 с 647 d 2. а Зl ь З. . 14 Complete the sentences with с. 'l lam/islareasinger. Giveyourself а mаrkfrоm l tоЗ Рrоglg.с New Year's Day l сап use ordinals and dates. lt's schooJ team.. 'lб Write the dates. з write the пumьеrs as wоrds. l 16and evaluate уоur lеаrпlпg.жh. ап аr the. а2З Ь12 с'lВ d14 еЗ0 сап write пumЬеrs l-З0 4 choose the соrrесt words. а Christmas Day Ь Halloween . 2 ] have some problems with this З l сап do this weI] 'l Name five nationalities. ап апd the.*.1]0 l can write numbers Зl+. а young Ь dark с sma]l d long е сurlу l сап use арреаrапсе adjectives 1З Name six object рrопоUпS l сап use olэject pronouns. l can use the negative fоrm ofthe vеrЬ Ье 6 Write questions and short answers 1 you /frоm the USД / ? V) 2 he / good at sport / ? (Х) сап ask questions and give short answers using the verb Ье 7 write the male fоrm of the wоrds below. l can use а. lr iderti17 nat ona]itieb. 2 Name five countries. а child Ь mап с nationality d wоmап l сап use regular and irгеgulаr plural поuпs.YЖ% Read How сап you imрrоче? 1 i can't do this. . а grandmother Ь aunt с sister d wife е mum сап identiflz members of the family 8 Write the possessive adjectives of the subject рrопоuпs. а he/a gчilаr/У Ь they / adag/X с youlabrother/? l сап use have qot. 11 Write sentences with hcve qlоГ. 2 | his sister. а you Ь she с we d they l can use possessive adjectives 9 Name three feelings adjectives l сап use feelings adjectives. Мах is in fооtlэаll team..

. .:a]]r:i:]l:.З0 ] ' .i ':.З0. 7 8 9 ý tz тhаtъ life ..' says go to lэed have а shower have breakfast Наппаh..} Llp. home.:.]::!i!iia:r. 4 lwatch d school at 9.00 and "'Yý. Choose'-' if по preposition is necessary....1..тс. .. . 3 f.З0. 8 l rеаd h fr ends з1 1Цg г... l 1 1*. help their dad оп their fаrm ЗЬеfоrе / in / оп 7. lwearaschool uпifоrm..З0. i.l]:] Ьаthrооm! lз.1a.]]::a]:]i:. school at 9.о * .поrmаl опе phrase that you do not need.. . 5 Choose the correct daily routine and prepositions of 2 Complete the sentences with the words below.d.&:Ж ýffi:ra.. Liam plays football.. .. Очr day 2l breakfast with mу family at home Adam and Наппаh 'ýфl watch / start up еаrlу 3] dгessed and go to schoo . . before my lэrоthеrs use the . з the evening.. I а Тv after diппеr.lоllз. day. Му lrfe is fun.00. 2 l watch TV . things! 'lt's great to help оп the farm rЗаt / iп / оп do hоmеwоrk get dressed get home g€+tр sрriпg апd summer. The animals have sbreakfast / lunch / dinner 6 l\4um and Dad the internet to watch before they бgеt / go / start school. l go to the ТV studio and l wоrk & c*t*g_lяr.ОО.]:у ýý.]]:s lýЖýý. There is homework апd l2watch i do / have ТV .:.00. get USe get have meet chai do Start get 1 Оп weekdays. .15. with mу family at 7. .00 5 sulr'lmer.. l up at 7. routine оп а school day and four sentences about at the studlo with the actors . 4 i]]: important to study. the weekend. 8Оп l. _..]:. 1 . .]:i]]'::]]]]:]]:a]]]:a:. .. at /. 7 We piay g mу homework.ОО Lo 9. we meet family and friends. j iii1 ... start 7iп l оп l а| 9. з Before dinner l do с abookbeforelseep. time. l9 .. Adam апd Наппаh help оп the farm phone. routines. They 2start i have / get dressed and 4 They .з0.':]::]si:'B] ýж ýре€8 ]. l 4. il .. Hil ]'m ]en. don't go home. 8 We go оп ho iday August.jfi*яжgж' Jr '* -яWL ffi Ouily routines ЖЖ Prepositions of time 1 Match'I-8 to a-h to make sentences about daily 4 Complete the sentences with prepositions of time. i like to go camping....00. Theyllget / have / do ý Complete the text with the phrases below. The 8 At weet onds.. l go to bed. at 9 00 and the first lesson ls at 9. Аftеr school. ] d 1 go Ьу taxi. animals аrе hungry а9аiп! They getloshower / |unch / home at 5. l'гп vеrу tired and l 2 l l .. 6 On Saturday.l Лt Monday and 7 Му sister апd hеr friends оп the Wednesday.. Yhý&'ý ýýffe VосаЬчlаrу ýreakýagt *:&i*i]i:W]trai:}:i:ir]:./.". r friends.we all your daily routine at the weekend.".ýl. 'm а sесопdаrу schoo student. Lessons films. 'But it's difficult have dinner meet friends start school L 'oat / iп / оп December watch ТV . 1 М1 Ь'оthеr a"d . every day. 7 Christmas. after school finishes 9on / iп / at the аftеrпооп. but it's not always easy. &t .+l 1 . э At thp wee or d. it's *i ]:i:: 6 ý We go to the сiпеmа оr the Shops.. 5 lirst . l meet f unch at school at ]2.'Г апd January" Its very l cold|'says Adam. l watch films. 4 Jake meets his friends Wednesday. 5 \4у friend апd chat е оп the phone еvеrу day 6 school starts 9. ia:". 2 l have ь football after schoo]. Оп а school day.a]il. .. immediately.30! 5l my homework after ] They help on their fаrm ain l * l before every .. like pizza! l 7 at l0. but l'm а so ýýу aTV асtоr.gGEi Write four sentences about your daily irom 6...

. . 1u. do feel . At the end of the schooI da1. 2 Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs be|ow. . 'We а Ethan and Lucas _ ..епt) / dt wo. 4 study / English .ji 5 IVum а lot of photos.v. Grammar ýrýgh* жжd ееуýу l М J&*is#й& @: . .4y cat at night. *Ж&. (go) there six days а week..i. 5 3 luпсh with mу family 6 4We . TV in the mоrпiпg. th" iпtеrпеt at work.n... is а ballet dancer at the Royal Ореrа House.'I чеrу speciaI sроrts Iessot-ls. 5 N/y sister sleeps а lot.000 people 7 (watch)a 4 iootball at the Academ.З0 in the mоrпiпg ьеfоrе thrее о'с ock in the afternoonl rvith а footbalI Iesson. З N/y fгiends and meet at the сiпеmа. All the bal et dancers t516rl) their mоrпiпg with lessons. . _л. 9о have. like play . L. Не . Use the verbs below and your оwп ideas. 5" About 2. he rvorks at dressed lог the Royal Ваl et's еvепiпg show \д/аtfоrd F. but mу..|.. З iike / pizza / Jеппу 1 get up еаrlу at the weekend. vегу happy at the Academy. Z .C. ballet at the Royal Opera House еvеrу evening.л. 1 chat 9о have meet sieep take use watch 2 'l Саmеrоп dopgn't "U". Start ."irr-. tiam. (geф Watford F..l е 'пtеrlеI Jчр / .tLýri!ýEý Write three present simpIe affirmative sentences and three present simple negative sentences that are true for you. but оп school day5.л_. Не r... 'lt's very d]fficu]ti he says.С..l. _ -i-.. 5 ..2l.ny оа._*. friends оп Sunday. 6 l like swimming. (finish) his dance at tеп at пight to поrmаl lessons. l .. 6 do ехеrсisе / every аftеrпооп / Ana 4 Nly cousins live iп London. .лiл..С. Ethan and L".iil]i]@ l. the bovs 5. -rЕa 6 They . 7 You . That's life 13 Ж Еi .l_-1 2 а ot / уоч / talk / in class 4 Rewrite the sentences using the present simple negative form. but they зlg also students at (have) classes at ]unchtimei Наrеfiеld Acadcmy iп London. .. (not work) оп Sunday..'s coach At trleel<ends... on the phone. З Complete the sentences with the present simple do go have study use watch negative form of the verbs below.'| 10 (not his homervork at а hometvorl< сluь at thc meet) fгiепds iп the eveninq.J Sp. -_. Liam б . 2 Dad urJ.оЬ is amazingl' Academy. . ý lъýr-]. (not have) lunch School з at 7.. ***i.. '] Write sentences with the present simple affirmative. """""""" оо to bed late з 4 2 IИу unc е the inte[net.t fог Watford F. The football tеасhеr is At six о'с ock. (get) home at about е]еvеп. ] lэefore breakfast / lisa / have а shower 8 N.. [iam After the footbal| class.у br"ir-l".. but Ethan 7 studying at home. teaСh Complete the article with the present simple affirmative and negative form of the verbs in brackets. Тhеir school explains Liam..

l'.. Then write answers that аrе . ICT l maths true for you...::ъ!lоvе rеаdiпg уоur dad / start work / does / еаrlу ? )/е ]ove Sam No.s ? Sam lhat sounds good. 4 rulеr . Libby Чllт|iЬЬу1 What's (lэе) your паmе? Sam 'r SaT. (want) уоur friепd / does / like / maths ? to meet me after school? Sam Yes. 5 Dt / уо. What questions would you ask him / hеr? Write eight questions. 2 Libby too Гпо] sП О. Complete the dialogue.ati*!:}.П ж* how mапу ж how old ж what ж* when lxх where жз who rerigiou:education scie. 16 calculator. 5 We study the past.'e"J: z haye / on WeonesOay / do ' CHALLENGE! lmagine there is а пеw student in your class... 1 blackboard * 10 poster 2 interactive whiteboard 1'l mар 3 Ьiп ]2 exercise book . 6 уоur scrooi / does Гiп sh 'at 4 ОО ? . 8 tеасhеr 'l7 сhаir 9 pen 18 репсil . is уоur favourite lesson7 6 We study religions.. geography. Sam Yes.l рrhу56дkgЬ€а+]Ъ..g. 3 We use rопарLlеr. у. Use the 4 Complete the present simple questions with the |ý words below. 14 desk 6 pencll case 'l5 репсilshаrрепеr 7 ruЬЬеr..2 (Ье) уоur Put the words in order to make present simple teacher? questions.. 7 We study different places in the wоr d. ] don't.6 . .. 2 We study lots of things. . mоdеrп languages . do you live? 1 We do sportl pttg*i*a! e. |'m in c]ass 8Р 1 study / do / Spanish / уоч Sam l'm in cIass 8W with N.That sounds grеаt.. Libby IVrs Potter. Use question words and the present simple form of the verbs in brackets. ? Libby (have) Епg ish поw? Do 1*u . history l:. .. .dp{. start school7 aIom5. e.?.. (Ье) it? 4 Libby . Libby тhеrе's а fi]m club after school todav З ОО Jqp l^p пlеrгрl / you / ir с a. brothers апd sisters do you have? 8 We ]еаrп new languages.. is your history tеасhеr? 4 we make calculations with пumьеrs..*r* . 13 pupil 5 clock .4rs West.. electricity and do vot.... question words below..i*ibh? пiс l dorr't. l do.. Тhеп write answers that are true for you.I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 14 ТhаtЗ life ..(e 1 Wlз.biuJ1 tp. l. animals. l like watching films.5 .. аrе you? Ж Cl"rrroom items 2 Which of these items belong in your school bag (В) and which belong in the classroom (С)? Write В or С. . п Tre l^al1. l* iý ffi Scbool subjects '! Write the school subjects next to the clues.

We. Open your textbook. Number the Dad goes to work.... phrases in exercise З in the order you hear them. 4 Sit z Don't sit dow n. Do you 9о Ьу bike to school? 6 Use / Don't use your mobile рhопе iп class. Then listen again and check. got а bike. 1 ок. Teacher Yes.жж *xжP* yJ [. Апd Сlаrа . Complete the second sentences so that they have the .Ve 9о Lo ccl-oo' а . . so l go оп foot. lt's а picture that heips us understand something.ý&LLEpc&ý! Write а sentence with classroom language for three of the photos in exercise 2. Doyou . 4 \. 2 Look at the pictures. Let's to the park g Don't use уоur mobile phone iп classl h What does'diagram' mean? i t^ecL yoL" a.. ::. 2 Look / Don't look at the Ьоаrd. good. 8 Let's ridе our bikes to the раrk! f Don't write in your textbook.ь. . to school? з Dad drives to wоrk 4 3. ...Ve go Ьу рlапе to the USA in the summеr.. Сап you say that а9аiп..please Clara Sоrrу.4r Lake.4 .lIр *#rжt _]! te n in g. з Teacher Diagram ... Yes.п'пQ. . ' 'l Answer / Don't answer the questions.. s p'. same meaning as the first sentences.SWe'S. . Then listen again and 5 we don't drive to school because there's а trаiп.. ОК.* rv y. Teacher ОК. Teacher сооо по.* kj g... Andrewl ]t's not lunchtime yet 7 C}. ОК.. . Llara Teacher Page 122. t's а diagram of а human skeleton.b . please 2 What does the diagram show? Clara Excuse me. i. Сlаrа? Clara 6 Whеrе is the diagrarT? l4] Теасhеr Page 122 that's the wrong lэооk.03 Listen to the dialogue. to schoo] because l haven't d Don t ео[ iг сlа. '] З Eat / Don't eat iп class. 1 2 That's life 15 ý . .. things in the classroom? lr З. l don't understand. . . go to school оп f**t 5 Work 'Don't work in Qci. Аrе you allowed to do these k Sоrrу.i s : |з ** : ffi:. please.. to the USA in the summer. . tick the phrases that you hеаr. .OЗ ] Read phrases a-k.ОЗ Complete the dialogue with the phrases in exercise 5. to the supermarket. 6 They go Ьу саr to the supermarket. j Sit down. . .. Look at the diagram and answer the questions. You сап wогk iп pairs to апswеr the qUestionS. Clara Oh. е Ореп уоur books оп page 122. ' З. please? ... ь l ook at lhe board 7 haven't got а bike.. с How do you say that lп Епg rsh? . lva k to schoo]. I1. . ý Trunrport 3 Choose the correct words to complete the sentences. They .this is а diagram. IИr Lake. 2 .

. 'l how to find work with lэands 2 а roadie's life 3 problems for roadies Answer the questions. 4 Roadies go to bed еаrlу. 2 \4att gets up еаr у iп the mоrпiпg.. ] Roadies find jobs on the iпtеrпеt. 1 (vеrЬ) to Ье sad lэесаusе you don't see а регsоп you like 2 (verb)to see а place (оr people) 3 (noun) the place in а theatre where actors and mus:cians реrГоr.]olt оо o-t-] с rо. 'l а rоаdiе 2 goontour . Choose the correct summary of the text.ч€. 5 ]Vlatt sees his fami у at the weekend. Jл Reading Фп the rФad Match phrases 1-3 to definitions а-с. Тhеп read the text about а roadie...__J.п 4 (ad. 1 Who iS ]\4att l\. Match the highlighted words in the text to definitions '1-8. а trave to ots оf different places ь someone who trаvеls wlth пlusicians and bands с sоtl. Ц: ioo' & Are the sentences true (Т) or false (F)? Correct the false ones.. З Mlatt trave s Ьу р апе.ecl.]еопе who contro]s specla equipment ) Read the text norma{ 5 (поuп) music show оr реrfоrmапсе 6 (поuг) work 7 (vеrЬ) to сопtrоl оr to use 8 (adjective) поt interestinq ffi to Tnat s life .Ьо. 2 Who is N4att оп tour with this summеr7 з fi/| о| doeb -.4o| 1...1". о lо_ . 6 \4att wапts to visit famous places. " .L? 7 ое. | -е ооо l t ioo 4 What school sllэ. I.. 3 а technician .ect heLps /Vatt iп his job? 5 Whеге is iVattton 9ni? 6 .4ason? "-.

) ю . Roadies get up еаrlу. my sister's school. but you 8 l\4y dad has а new .. l chat tо them оп the phone. whеп you have lunch. (Writе about the Ьапd or mustсiап. whеп you start work. He's оп tour with Coldplay this 2 On а day. We travel to thе пехt theatre in big tour buses. Fоr example. l ореrасе the lights аt the сопсеrt. 6 The actors аrе оп . whеп you qo to bed. oul. сjJ\ё al L]^ ver)ity. atch concerts еvеrу night! l worl< with grеаг 5l гпу Ьrоthеr.:. but l have а great life! have break{ost. Fоr ехаmрlе.) l miss youl See you in Decemberl ||ý:|. science helps! l use electronics f. e.ъ\ worl<. Не doesn't ive at home не'\ :зорlе. . n my worl< every day. llove it! l оц. ]t's vегу excitingl How do people Ьесоmе roadies? 7 ]'nr at а .iýý (Say wllat yotl like апd don't like about your jo[э. because we're alltired! We go to bed very late.. Europe when we're оп tour and the journeys аrе At the moment. lt's .. The (Describe your doily rautine..we опlу see theatres! l want to see some famous places.. e. ln the eveninq. 'I ln the summer.-] сопсеrts. '1оЬ with bands оп tоur.*j i\4y job is great. tonight we've got а сопсеrt (place').l don't like it.ý{ý.) put everything in the tour bus again.l'm оп tour with & п Paris and tоmоrrоw night we're in Brussels! (паmе of mugсtап оr Ьапd). Аftеr we arrive. Use the plan to hеlр you. lэut sometimes l'm tiгеd. This is mч favourite band. He's а teacher at еаrп а lot.. Е! on the road Words in exercise 5. we start ..З0. Ьеfоrе we go to bed. Write ап С}.]]mеr. l miss mу in the .eat to See thегпl г's а good start.g.g. whеп you hove dtппеr. l work all аftеrпооп. 9l..1 Аftеr the сопсеrt. Thrs isn't easy . :ýý' ьut sometimes l don't see thеm fоr months. we vi*!t . l]p.. ]ý. А roadie helps а Ьапd USA. You don't make mопеу.. whеп you get up апd з5 journeys аrе boring. the roadies аЬоut their musiс. What's а typical day fоr а roadie? н] dоп't have а typical day.|| Frопr (add уочr паmе) ТhаtЪ Iife 17 Ж .]о to а theatre and help small drаmа groups. .& .r.ж. so l put the lrghts 'у on thе stage. Use thе internet to find а 3 lmagine you are а roadie. Also. We travel а lоt in How аrе you? ý. . get up at 7. ]'m iп very Iong. l'm а lighting technician. :**] l That's difficult.'аit Mason is а roadie. . :оо..ebsites for wоrl<. Check diffеrепt bands' . Ьut we don't visit anything . we go to lots оf different cities. What don't you like about уочr job? :ýý1 . equipment iп а science \\zhat do you lil<e about уоur job? 4 This fi m is vеrу .ý-е-ýý&ýý email to your family. ап орiпtоп . whеп уоu have а breok.. lt's а good idea to study at school. 3 aunt t :-. IVу 1аЬоrаtоrу.

.'Ф.l.. .. I read it at night fut-lt-ly trrrd before I go to sleep.вsAnswer the questions and make notes. . Use your notes and рlап to help you. Опе of the 'I опе mоrе mistake in раrаgrарh А sentences is correct... Organize your ideas into paragraphs. Ж C**g*k Check the following points: soe liгq 9rаmmаr: рrеsепt simpJe affirmative апd negative punctuation . do you read it? we swim in the morning frоm nine to twelve Question 5: Why do you like the сhаrасtеr? Why аrе оЪIосk. Find and underline: Add capital letters to the sentences. you do? him.r.. 4 WhatЪ your favourite book? .. Tintin is belgian . .thаtЪ great! about it? What do you do iп that month? Question З: Why do you like that sеаsоп? What D I lоче swiming.1. 1ike April because I love spring. t for spelling ? for punctuation 7 Dad's паmе is David and mу mum's паmе is Сlаirе. I usually cycle Paragraph ]: What's уоur favourite sport? а lot in spring Paragraph 2: What's уоur favourite month of the because thе уеаr? weather is nice. . 10 . I meet mу friends swim Ж Т.... 9.. 5 Who's уоur favourite cartoon character? 8... questionnaire to the types of mistake. I also really like the films ý. . Write: 6 i playfootba]lon wednesday. 3 What's your favourite season? 6 . 5 опе mistake iп раrаgrарh Е 3 Have i got hоmеwоrk today? 4 Му friend's паmе is.. Ж Рýап Use the answers to the questionnaire as а ItЪ April... english апd maths today.. Sometimes we has а swimming they special? competition in the аftеrпооп.. . 'l .. exercise 2. I also model.... & for grаmmаr С for capital letters 8 cousin is frепсh. с Tintirrl НеЪ an old cartoon саrасtец but I think Question 'l: Who do you do the sport with? What do Му parents love he's greatl НеЪ very clever.. f" А l lore 11 Dicr... because mу birthday is in april. 2 two mistakes iп раrаgrарh В 1 l've got science.1Йжi**'@ в Spring! I also love summец because we hаче а long summer hoilday.. А-Е below..i 3 There are twelve mistakes in the answers to the questionnaire. Questionnaire 2.of в Wimpy Kld.. Perfect! ýý ý*ý*... 1 WhаtЪ your favourite sport? 3 .эsýqWrite your answers to the questionnaire in in the sea and go оп holiday with mу family. Paragraph З: What's уоur favourite season? Paragraph 4: What's уоur favourite book? Paragraph 5: Who's your favourite саrtооп character? Ж 1ýrЁýс} Write your answers to the questionnaire.. Question 4: What do you like about this book? When We аrе in а swimming team On Saturday.essica smith and she is gl-eat.. too! }ake... capital letters |Ж tB тhаtъ life . 2 WhаtЪ your favourite month of the year? 5... 7 . I meets mу friends Holly and makes it specia1? What do you do? Саmеrоп and we walk to the swimming pool. i\4y е Match questions 1-5 in the questionnaire to answers 5 correct the mistakes in the answers to the questionnaire.. 4.. 4 Match the mistakes in the answers to the 5 l\4y tavourite film is twillght.... 3 three mistakes in раrаgrарh С 2 iVy birthday is iп july mу Ьrоthеr's birthday is iп 4 four mistakes iп раrаgrарh D осtоh-.I2 l like the drawings. because it чегу . mу Ыоthец has got all the tintin Question 2: Why is it а good month? What is special books...

. 13 Which of the fo]lowing needs а capita1 letter? . l сап understand classroom instructions.. 1 Who's уоur favourite асtоr? 2 What's уоur favourite song? l сап complete а questionnaire. 11 Rewrite the sentences. monthS ::. рlасе пdпl€S l. 6 Rewrite the sentences iп the negative form. Start each new sentence with /go 1 l walk to school. Glve yourse f а mark frоm 1 to З.ап USe the present simple iп affirmative and negative Sentences. Progress check &-ýrзýt How сап you improve? 'l l can't do this. 14 Апswег the questions. 7 What's the difference lэetween а day school and а boarding schoo] ? ] сап understand а text about British schools 8 which school sub.L Read 1-15 and evaluate уоur lеаrпiпg iп Unit l.. 1 They watch fiJms at the weekend.. she and lr. 5 Whеп do we use the рrеsепt simple? _an identify when to use the рrеsепt simple.jects use the objects below? а calculator Ь Spanish dictionary с mар сап identiflz school sulэjесts 9 Put the words iп оrdеr to make questions.. З 1 сап do this well. l сап write а questionnaire Progress check Unit 1 19 r _ .аmе five things that you do every day. 2 l have some problems w]th th]s... 15 Writе thrее questions you want to ask а tеепаgеr frоm the USA..nderstand а text about а daiiy routine.'. 10 What question words do we use to find out about а things? Ь time? с people? d numbers? ] сап use question words with the present simple. S€эSопS :]:] dayS of the Week . ] can talk about transport апd journe 'l2 Give two affirmative and two ne9ative c]assroom instructioпs... 2 . 2 She 1ikes pizza . 1 study / do / history / yau ? 2 уоur friend / like / does / homework ? l can use the present simple to ask and answer questions. 2 l cycle to my friend's house. Writе short answers that аrе true for you.i hat do you do at the weekend / оп tridау / iп summer? use prepositions of time to talk about when l do thlngs 4 Name thrее things а friend does every day _: ll use the рrеsепt simple with he. :гпе three things astronauts do on the space station еvеrу day .. talk about my daily routine З . nationalities l сап use capital letters соrrесtlу.

... / enjoys n.. l I 1 ...1tз... hockey З t's somethinq you do with food.:ll::llllll:lll::::::l.ý:ý.?a' ::. 1 Jack enjoys skateboarding.. . but l like ... ж. .lý]::ý ýж.]usic..]]]]]].gbaltr.. . ltЪ artistic.. You go Теаm sports fast! .].]:a]].r] _*f.]]]]:]::]]:]]]]]]:]]]]i. _]osh ls 7interested in 7. Some 1 it's artistic. . . You use а pencil..rusiс. ý Complete the sentences with the words below...@ýL . .. ltЪ а sport.**'t *ф*1 **аtr. Dad dislikes mу music.rts: 3 Choose the correct words to complete the text. Не doesn't do а ot of 5 exerciseI He's not 5enjoy / interested in tennis оr footba .оу /\4у favouгite subject at We're interested iп photography. ЖЖ Likes and dislikes llndlivid...жlжжt .l Ж# Free-time activities 4 Rewrite the sentences..iT1. 2 lt's musical you don't need а musical instrument. school is drаmа 8 | like р aying tennis ý write the free-time activities next to the clues. Josh alikes / hates sport.'.Jасklф]Щ/ hates al 5portsl He's rеа у 2interested / 2 into cycling (he goes еvегуwhеr.. \4у friends and аrе into especially simulation 9ames like SimСiгу Kelly is into sport.. 6 You do this in special parks оr in the street. iп the mountains..:jJ ý*жýжlg..ý]]. .. ýaitiýý" CHALLEý{GE! Look at the free-time activities in the tabIe in exercise 5.. rосk climbing sw+mm+ng 2 l love dancing. . llýW cooking dancing dfawfilg ].и!*Е sports go in more than опе category. She likes and singing.. Do you like these activities? I I Write а sentence for eight free-time activities using love. W zo Timeout . Не 8loves / doesn't р aying the drums.. acting l. athletics badminton Ьа4tеtba]1 сапоеiпg cricket gymnastics. gаггаJ 5 l'm artistic l ove drаwiпg and 6 еп. раiпtiпg piaying computer game5 ýаgи d*e. but he бlikes / into skateboarding. Ье into. like. 8 He's also 9into / interested art and he roisn't interested iп / loves рhоtоgrарhу. З They aren't interes. *ir. George's fami у go to Scotland.:i l ! ýýlýý* ]:]]]. р aying the drums .. 5 You move to г. aerobics аrсhеrу .:]]:.!. епjоу or Ье interested ln in the affirmative оr negative. i. .. 1 l'm not rеаllу into sport. раiпtiпg &Ж Sports р ауiпg tennis singing skateboarding ý Complete the table with the sports below.. v*ýýa. use the words below.o.. They like .:]]r*i}iii]iiя]]ý]]]]]]]:]]'].. ln the holidays.]::}'*"r'.ýr]:.You use palnt. Replace the words in bold with their antonyms...'eý. Му favourite players аrе Rоgеr Fеdеrеr and BalI sports Andy N/urray ýза*КеtЬаtrt.^ оп his bike). don't enjoy plovi^o cor'loJTe. 6 .Ь_*rаrdj**.' Kitty is in а rосk grоuр.. апd he 3 Зdоеsп't like |ikes ауiпg tennis with 4 / р his fгiends at the weekend.lliп in the pool wlth mу

al llp 5оо. At this саmр 7 ...'0 sailing and .go.. l / / dоlсtthеиеоlеlо ' р_ýаý badminton 5 rugЬу .ео / оttрг / l / оrl arT / ч. :эliе *э*а!it чц}t r!i!!n.с basketba ll How often does she go ruппiпg in the morning? (usually / always) Ch{ДaLLýýýý! Write sentences that are true for you. olle lbal. Write answers and 1а .o"npt -npt ' playt 'dad / Tl-e 9u " ' .. r1 volleyball. 8 оо.i.е Westbourne Саmр is пек to thе sea. so you frequency.l do фЕ!ýФ karate аrсhеrу 2 play badminton сriсkеt canoei ng З 9о salling hockey sk! i пg 4 do aerobics gymnastics rug Ьу 5 9о ". gymnastics. уоu сап: 9 canoeing. can ]5 sl<iing..l.:i Use play. Yоu сап: 4 ечеr/hоmрwо.^r ir g rапое эut the words in order to make sentences. . to the questions below using the correct adverbs of New fоr this summer . ] :ften / go / after / cycling / schoo / Action Camps UK -a | i ***:з g* . p v ..t. go or do. go or do and adverbs of frequency. it *'ii*!i* *e%*1{{{&ý t l &* -& lъW ЕЁ rгпi " Ш Sportscollocations:play.y / l."g*iЭ*g *{ýеr *с"ýз**!. .з--- Vocabulary and grammar Же*ý&&зу ýýwýхзg ý. How often does she go to the gym on Sunday? 'l / dancihg / with / mу friends (пеvеr / sometimes) 2 my раrепts / skiinq How often does she go swimming iп the аftеrпооп? (usually / поt often) 3 ту оа l.. . 4 Wbicb sport in each group cannot Ье used with the verbs? .....лpp1r 'aflet r schoo / u>ual. lc . Неrе you can: 12. .ipno Ь"rЦ" ooll z at qc^oo How often does she go to the gym in the afternoon? 4 mv friends / karate / after schoo (пеvеr / sometimes) 5 ] / swimmino / at the weekend How often does she rе ах оп Sunday? (always / often) 6 Му -. athletics.* 1i. karate running 5 usua 1у / hungry / is / after / trainIng / Тоm cricket basketball hockey 8 aerobics 6 . 2 Jon't / often / we /ТV / watch З _iade/ does/ aerobics/always/Tuesday/on All оur camps hаче indoor and оutdооr sроrts facilities. аrсhеrу Study а triathleteЪ training indoor sl<i slope. 3 Complete the advert with pla|.l jзч Stапfоrd Саmр specializes in Olympic sports.9 ij!+j. ionoq c^d ...i]. Time оut 21 Ж .ег |r'.!. rЗ.

.,, ,
."{r*#1.,, .жр. ,l,,,,.':]

Vocabulary and grammar Making music

ý Musicalinstruments 6 Complete the article with the words below. Add
'l whicb instrument in each 9rочр is the odd опе out?
сап / can'tto the verbs.

1 saxophone clarinet dance ..] druгпs ,... not рlау not speak.,:l. play

.l,, ,:]., rеа:
2 vio in keyboards celIo , . sing ..l.u-пdегslаRd ,:,, violin wэtсh
guitar l.,,

З рlапо drums keyboards f] ute
4 fute guitar clarinet trUmpet
, ll;
lJ. l| а
/ \)t lO,\ --
write the instruments next to the clues. use the
words in exercise 1.

1 This instrument is similar to а violin, *qt!*
2 This instrument is simi]ar to а CIarinet, Jazz musicians
рlау this iпstruгпепt. ingy,giPI_q
з This instrument is simi]ar to а piano. lt's black and
4 Реор е п|ач these wlth the r hands оп у.
1пstrumепts _ ,-f-, \..,.J!

5 people play these iпstrumепts with thеir mouth
ha nds,

МаЬоu Loiвeau ib fiva-loaгB-old. ýha
r. Еаз,t ,ýФdtr*tar,td..,. aaven languageb - ftопсh,
3 Replace the words in bold with their antonyms.
Lreo\o, Ongtibh, ipanibh, Мапdагiп, АгаЬiс and
lt's а ways verylnoisy at оur saturday drаmа club. we
KubBian! ihe ьрааКь frопсh,9пgliвh апd Lrоо\о
Start \^/ith the 2usual aСtivity of wаrmiпg up оur voices
at homo Ьосzuье ilhеьо аrе hег
рагепtа' languagob,
- we singl Оur singing very Зgооd. we sing athe same
scngs еvеrу week Аftеr that we go оп Stage and we
but hог рагепtь 2,.,.. . tho оthаг
languagoa. МаЬоu hab lоьsопь in thobe languagoa.
practise acting. We'Ve got 5а new show to pгaСtise at the
mогпепt, lt's бeasy to rеmеmЬеr all the wordsl iho З 5оп96 in iрапiвh and bho
stогiеs iп KuBsian.
Mabou is аlэо а muьi.ian. iho 5
4 choose the correct words. musical iпаtгumепts. ihe plalb clasbical inatrumantB

] liKp tha piano and tho 6 . iho albo
Не can /@play the рiапо?
2 We сап sing / to sing. plalb tha guitаг. ihe plalB а noiвy iпьtгumепt, too -
З John сап to / сап speak Spanish, tho7 ! Нег mоihаг
4 You can't / don't сап ride а bike tho dгums, but hsг {аthоr сап
5 Can dance you / you dance? р\а1. ln tact,ho'b hаг dгums tоасhоr|
6 Д,4у sister doesn't сап / can't
рlау the 9uitar. Lotb о{ littla girlb оцо1 dancing. Mabou lovob
7 They сап swimming / swim.
бhо very ihо goea to ballot
8 \l u m са n't d rive / to d rive.
lobbonb ovary wеаК

5 Study the information and write sentences. tho'a а very unubual chlld and l thinK bhe's

Act Dance
i iпсгоdiЬlg!
Sing Cook Draw 1

Abbie ./ l/ х х х
CHALLENGE! Write about someone you know.
Ryan r' х a/ х r' Choose а famous реrsоп, а friend or а famity
Abbie/actlbut/sing member. Write аЬочt three things they сап do and
tа* *с!" bшi еhе **эзlt *!ng,
&.!эЬ;е three things they cannot do.
Rуап / sing / but/ Abbie / sing 1 ...

2 ....
Abbie/Rvan/cook 3 .....
4 Abtэie / dance / but / Rvan / danc-. 5..
5 Rуап / draw / but / Abbie / draw

ЬХ ,, Time out

jstening, speakin9 and чоGаЬчlаrу ýехреrýъсу&ýý

fi _.nguug",
Пatch 1-6 to a-f to make sentences. q. 3.04 Listen and match the dialogues to
| }п Рогtugаl and Brazil, people speak . .f_. pictures A-D.
2 l wоrk iп Egypt now. l speak,. ,, -,
3 l live iп Berjing, so l speak,..,....,
4 lп Argentina, Chile and Mexico, people speak..,, ,,.
5 lп New Zealand, people speak-,,-, ,,
е 6 His mother is frоm the Netherlands, so he speaks

.i а Arabic.
Ь Spanish.
с English.
d Dutch.
е Chinese.
f Portugt*ese

Complete the text with adverbs of mаппеr. Change
the adjectives below into adverbs.
Dialogue'l: Dialogue 3:
bad еа5у good hard quick quiet Dialogue 2: Dialogue 4:

Tick the pictures in exercise 4 in which the
responses to requests are'yes1

жж ; Рut the words in the correct order to make
Ё;;;ir. Match them to responses a-d. Then listen
again and check your answers.
1 you / mе, / please / help / Could ?

Leila Вахtег is а jouгnalist and she tгачеls to diffегепt
countries fог hег wогk. 'l lеаrп languages kitchen / mе / a/get/Can / frаm / drink/you/the ?

,.,,,, ,.ea*ilg , ,' she explains. At the moment, she

lives in Egypt. 'l сап speak АгаЬiс 2 ,Му а / Сап / qet / pizza, / mе / please / уоч ?
mоthег is Могоссап and we speal< АгаЬiс togetheг.'
'Му job is exciting. l {lnd out about people's lives and 1ou / l oJ,o [| iо'еа)е и пооw oper ?
wгitе герогts. l wгitе З А slow jоuгпаlist
isn't чегу useful! | have one ргоЬlеm, l spell
! l can't live without my diсtiопагу.
а Yes, of coul,se, Неrе you аrе.
'l wогk чегу 5, ,,
Ь No, sоrrу. ] сап't. lt doesn't ореп.
,, ,, , ,, . That's ОК because l love
б с Yes, of course. Whеrе's уоur саr?
my job, but sometimes I like to sit ,.,., ,,.,,. , , , , ,, ,, ,, and
геаd. ЕчегуЬоdу needs to геlах!'
d No, sоrrу. l can't. \л/апt to work. You сап get а drink.
7 c},ý"&ý-Lý}iiýýl Choose two pictures and write а
З Rewrite the sentences using the adverb form of the dialogue for each опе. Use requests and responses.
adjectives in brackets.
1 i\4y Ьrоthеr sings. (bad)
ioli tэr,6tlrсr lill*з bad!1,
2 l speak. (quick)

Do you play уоur vio]rn? (quiet)

l сап't рlау the keyboards. (good)

Arl'letes trd п е /е,у ос/ r|з,6l

You ruп. (slow)

Са. you l"о,. na* c]alL е,l reaSvl

Time очt В ý

Reading ýх*ее &ýgже ж ý€у8еm tirкe?
What are your favourite free-time activities? Put
the activities in order from 1 to 8 (1 = your favourite
activity, 8 the activity you don't like).
, listening to music

rпееtiпg friends
playing а musical iпstrurпепt
р aying computer games
doing sport Wwжж &&жкж
, ,., reading
д€Ё _ *ffi
., , using the internet
watching ТV ýý*ы*ffiýв ýýýýеffi"f,
Read the article. Match headings А-Е to
paragraphs 1-5.
А Sport is рорulаr, too
В DO оГ-рUIс,r Col Ilo| |рбпdgе, \р /
With computers and TVs in their
С А good mix
ьеdrооms, and the internet оп their mobile
phones, do today's young people spend all
D What оthеr activities do teenaqers ike?
Е Рагегts'vtоr"iеs
of their frее time looking at а screen?

Read the article again and choose the correct
А lot of adults wоrrу about their children
watching TV and playing соmрutеr games.
1 \4any раrепts
Some think that computer games stop their
а don't rnlant thеir сhi]drеп to use computers,
children doing sports, making new friends
(Б}think thеir chi dren аrе only interested iп
10 or doing homework.
computers and ТV.
с wоrrу about teenagers making friends on the
internet. Computers аrе раrt of everyday life. As
d think computers help teenagers with homework. well as playing соmрutеr games, teenagers
What is оvеr 407о of teena9ers'favourite activity? use соmрutеrs in their free time to buy
а using the iniernet 15 music, watch films and go on social-
Ь watching ТV
с meeting friends
d watching films recent study about European teenagers
What do almost 50% of tеепаgеrs like? SayS that going online isn't the favourite
а reading 20 activity of mапу teenagers - опlу 22%
Ь sport are rеаIIу into it. About the same пumЬеr
с meeting friends
- 20% - рrеfеr watching TV. Ноwечеr,
d walking очеr 40% of teenagers say their favourite
Many teena9ers activity is meeting friends,
а play ап instrument.
Ь sinq.
с buy music online.
d listen to music.
Д,4ost teenage.s

don'l often do lheir поmеwоrk.
ь do lots of activities in theirfree time.
с watch ТV with their parents,
d only spend time on their соmрutеrs.
The writer оf the article thinks
а computers сопtrоl teenagers'lives,
Ь computers can teach tеепаgеrs а lot.
с teenagers have а good mix of using computers
and doing other activities.
d people can't live without computers.

24 Time оut

чеrу important. l .8ý. go walking.i{1]:] ]]. 1 bu r '.]]]]ý]:]:]i]]ii]]. тhеп match the highlighted words to the words or phrases below. They like Не spends 25О/а af his tirTe playing computer games to go cycling. Frепс Do you think you spend your frее time well? Why / why not? ! { . But most teenagers spend What is уоur favourite frее-tiгпе activity? their free time doing different activities.iiv. 2 п ddd |iог |о 3 iL . blogs .{W&' ýж*""ý']*ýЕ':ý]lжж]ý.]:]:aýý*&ýФаi]ý{ýiiý].]' ]:" & study the highli9hted words in the article.аrрlе ý Rewrite the sentences usin9 the words in brackets.. (as we l as) Liam ]oves art. sФiтэхfiisý.. their parents don't need to panic! ... fоr the irrerneL every eve. Many teenagers аrе into music. . оr (а quаrtеф they play team games. .books.. but he can't paint. What do you use the computer fоr? How often do you watch ТV? Do уоur раrепts wоrrу about what you do iп уоur free time? Why / why not? .&r..o"t. About 60% (such as) love listening to music and about 5% сап sing or play an instrument. СЖ&LLýýЧýý! Write а paragraph about your free time.']]]:]:]::ýýýi::]. go swimming.:]. itз fa*i" i 1*_ч* lii 2 The children play footbalL and hockey. l love mоdеrп languages. .9. computers and TV аrе following questions. lt's true that l оvе itl (iп fact) И1 {аv*итi!е.-.]]. *р*rt i*. 'l lVly favourite sport is swimming. Use the phrases in exercise 4 and answer the Fоr some teenagers. football.].. magazines.( of teenagers.. (however) \Imost half of all Еurореап teenagers say sport is their favourite the favourite activity of ýýr8aiýý. truo thal 4 z5/o 5 using the lпtеrпеt 6 or е.]:.&. (go оп]iпе) Reading .l How often do you use уоur compute[? So.. ]]]|]ý&s*dý*]]]]]:]]ff]]:]]:]]. ýOCh'.1 / ъiтF Time очt 25 Ж .. .

Сýзесk Check the following points: spelling . different paraqraphs fог diffегепt topics 26 Time очt .. Paragraph ]: Write about Charlie's town / city.l:lEssex . ' it's not а vor1 big 3 Gemma's school 1/2/з school . М1 favourite films аrа the Tv.] Gemma 2 |'ve got а dog and / or а cat.]. l:.] ý!ýýýý*]:{w...i what аrе charlie's favourite films? Рý*rе Use GеmmаЪ letter as а model.l аll the information about Сhагliе or or.20]З .].... but апd or. Paragraph З. l usually play football or / but ьаskеtlэаll. The studpnts in m1 What information do you think is in СhаrliеЪ с|аьь aro чеr1 friendl1. 3 At the weekend. Whеrе does Chariie live? don't liKe ?Е.7oo studentB ib а lot! l go 2 Gemma's family 1/2/з to Pelfairs High бсhооl.:]1**&*ý*ffi:.thоrе are'I5o studentв. cit1? t live vrith m1 mum.{ ý Complete 1-7 in the letter with the words and З Choose the correct linking word to complete the phrases below... bur and or 2 Complete a-f in the letter in exercise 1 with опd. and / but l don't like painting.. Меgап... Ь. Remember to use the linking words апd. ы Writing &ж ýmfв*. М1 favourite subject at bchool first letter to Gemma? use the information in is mоdоrп lапguаgеэ. Раrаgrарh 2: Describe Charlie's school and favourite subjects.ri" .]'. m1 sistоr. punctUation l. SS0 9YH .ý ]::lýýffi ý*ýЖ:]]. 1 сап speak English.rоо. l 4 Do you рrеfеr acting but / or dancing? 2 5 l love cycling. 9rаmmаr .1. u \О filmв.. &Vritg Write СhаrliеЪ letter to Gemma. брапish. m1 dad ".1.... Цlе usuall1 go to the cinema. l haven't got а pet... schoo ha.8ýж:i]|.]ilý]:]::]a] :]::ý. Span _ and / but Frепсh.l]. 1inking words cnd. l not tsаm sportв What subjects does Charlie like? at sсhооl| Цlritе again soon! *. ýc**as Which paragraph has the information Тоьý:. l can sроаК English GеmmаЪ letter to answer the questions. l love cats| 1 Gemma's weekend 1 /2 / з Yоur sсhооl i5 чory big .&..mаý ýеttеr .24 осtоЬеr. i.'ёH.. Yоu'rа lucK1 to have below? а cal.]]:. Write СhаrliеЪ first а tоwп. ТhапК 1ou fоr 1оur lеttег.]|:]-l ]. sentences.. . Organize your ideas into paragraphs. l live in Yаsý* lmagine you are Charlie... sо that'b diffеrепt frоm 1ou! ls il nico in yоur letter to Gemma. l 1 Gеmmа llves in а town.ilight r. Does Сhаrliе qo to а big school оr а small school? At the r^reeKend. :] . l'm good at 1anguages.з haven't got а bike.].i].y Cemтa. l don't live in а cit1.. ý&ýtr.| l love drawing. Best wishes . too! Sometimea оп tunda1 l go вwimmiпg students go to Charlie's school? clcling r^rith m1 Ьеst friand.. l'm not very good at toam sроrts! iо uе аrе different! lt's grеаt that 1оu аг9 in yоur sсhооl What type of pet has Charlie got? football team.]:. How ra..ryж . but .:': WestcIiff:. and / but l can't сусlе поW becat-s= fl*g8. Dеаг Cha[|'e .. .i й. 'l2 l\4апсhеstеr Drive . family and pet{S). l аlsо ецiо1 ьсiопсо and mаths. Use your notes and рlап to help you. l liKe doing вроrt at the wесКопd. l liKo meeting m1 friепds. .1'l*. Describe what Charlie usually does at weekends.

6 Writе sепtепсеs with ссп in the affirmative (/). . З Name thrее team sports and three individual sроrts _ап talk about different sports 4 Add play go аr doto the following sports а r.ап use adverbs offrequency.:a:]*]]:i]]:Жý!ffi]a:i. .]9Ьу Ь аеrоЬ. neqative (Х) оr question fоrm (?).. 2 have some prolэlems with this. can make and respond to requests. Read 1-1З and evaluate your lеаrп пg lп Unit 2.]ectives.. da ncing. сап understand а text about frее time activities 2 Give three phrases to dеsсriЬе likes and three phrases to describe dislikes. .. l like watchlng it. 9 Change the ad_]ectives into adverbs and write а sепtепсе with each с rLгп гq :ап USe the соrrесt vеrЬ with Sport поUпS 5 Complete the table with adverbs of frequency always. а bad Ь quick с quiet d easy е hаrd f good сап change adjectives into adverbs of mаппеr 10 Writе а request with ссп and а request with could. Glrze yourself а mаrk from l to 3...les . .... Progress check ýJхъit 2 How can you improve? -| ]]:ýý{:]]]]:]::]:]]]. :ап ехргеss my likes and dislikes. а Nlia/rideabikey' Ь Adam/danceX с Alice/swim? :ап USe сап / сап't io talk about abllity. ]1 Answer the questions about iпfоrmаl letters.. '1 Whеrе do you put address апd the date? уоur 2 How do you start а letter? З How do you end а letter? сап write а lеttеr соrrесtlу. а noisy Ь usual с good d different е new f easy :ап recognize and use antonyms 8 Do the 1anguages fог the countries end iп -ish.. 'l Name six free-time activities. iоп.ese оr ch? а Frапсе Ь Egypt с China d Poland е ltaly :ап rесоgпizе spelling patterns. 2 i'm not into playing tennis. З What pet have you got? ls it а cat а dog? can use linkinq words in а sentence 13 WhattopicS сап you include in an informal letterto а репраl? i can plan ап informal letter. Progress check Unit 2 27 Ж .']&] 'l ] сап't do this. 3 can do this well.. sometilr. 12 Complete the SentenСes With ]inkin9 words. 7 Write the antonyms fоr the ad.

the iiving rооm is the dining гооm.Н" Ь. Have you got апу postel-s оп the wa]ls? What fuгпiturе have you got? .:]i. .'. | ]ive hеrе with mу раrепts. а toiiet апd Put the words below in the correct category.::]]]]i: Жgахsg gý &he fая*ьхуе ffiЖý*ж:lý-..тhе kitchen is зпехt to. 4 ..a]:9 ý'ý. 4 . . Answer the questions about the house in exercise 4...ЁЕlц1*у Е# ý ý ]. i..i"Г.. kitchen frееzеr washing mасhiпе dishwasher stail.s & сЖ*ьlС'ýýý! Write а description of your bedroom..r|./ :. lVy Ьеdrооm is upstalrs. Use the following questions to help you 4 Look at the picture. Ж the home What is opposite the door iп the kitchen? . the left is the living rооm. 'n 5 3 Wbich item in each group is the odd one очt? what is iп frопt of the desk iп the small lэеdrооm? 'l bedroom 6 What is opposite the bed iп the рагепts'rооm? wаrdrоЬе Цq9* bedside tab]e chest of drawers bathroom Й.a ffi tnside and outside the home T]]ýýJ} house. . 7Nеаr / |n / оп the bathroom. What colour аrе the wal s.-. З What is under the window in the kitchen? . use the words {д..... i. and the bathroom.2lп front of / Behind / Between . 2 You cook in hеrе ..ТhеrеЪ а big З You have а shower lп here.. ceiJing and fIoor? ."... .lОп / Under/ write the places next to the clues.]]].. we've got а table апd chairs outside .E ý..О lэidet washbasin mirrоr frееzеr ' 'n the раrепts'rооm? Iiving rооm 'оое сг.. ceiiing door floor rооf wa]l window I love our back garden.:]ýж***. Choose the correct prepositions plan your description.l Ьаthrооm Ьеdf€€{п ..lg" . а washbasin.'i.]]ý|ý.i i.ll. The Ьаthгооm is бпехt to / opposite.. . _j{j.д out of the window? @ zB Home and away . The lэасk gаrdеп is in afront 1 You sleep iп hеrе. lnclude prepositions of place and names of ЖЖ Prepositions of place furniture./ оп mу lэedroom.|i'91:_gеПе house is а smal| 9агdеп. of place to complete the description. .]|...... ltЪ а very sma]] rооm.. Is уоur Ьеdrооm big оr small? . .***. Whеrе is a]l the furnituгe iп уоur rооm? What is уолr favourite thing in уоur Ьеdrооm? .. What сап you sе.. пd 8 what is between the shower and the toilet in the Г'ер l Cdlpe| "се Гr bathroom7. .i].&'ýЖ!Wý l] W &# Vocabulary ý:]]ч]]ý:r. there is а shоwеr. cupboard 5оп / between / behind mу раrепts'ьесlrооm 4 You relax and watch ТV iп hеrе. . 5 Thisisoutside.Тhе first гооm оп below.. ж -*"" *. .they аrе 8near/ between / under а beautiful tree.]:]]:]]. Ь*dг**tэ:r of / next to / behind the kitchen..ý":' {З Ж H*rT}e апd ашfýъя ! Ёvl ' ltlF *-ir =rb. kitchen Iiving rооm behind / on the dining rооm. 1 What opposite the ТV? is ý}зе **{4 2 What is оп the talэ|e in the dining rооm?. 9аrdеп .

Amy TV? Bella No... there аrеп't| l'm iэоrеd! Amy .. but itЪ far away. s*i. . Use the words below or your shower? Х (There are bathrooms in own ideas.. Тhеrе аrе four beds апd . Amy Well. ' '::ch ]-6 to a-fto make sentences.Vhat's уоur campsite like? Use affirmative. tennis CoUrts.. there f а bath. 7 t. chairsandаtable. .в skiing r/ .ý. Р ease sit down а Тv iп the hotel rооm? 4 restaurant / ? е some good hote s hеrе..а fireplace Х щ \ саfё У lol restaurant Х д swimming pool Х Activiti es ..... there is.. Grаmmаr Enjoy the viеw lr.r]:]** 1 саfё/? .. 6 activities / ? ТhеrеЪ а DVD рlауеr in this rооm..". .. . games? Bella No. maybe your holiday isn't bad after а ]| [Э ЗО rooms У о Each rооm has а bed and some ice shelvesl Сý"{&ý-ý-ЕýЧýý! lmagine уоu are оп holiday here... 8 bed / in each Ьеdrооm / ? 5 Тhеrе isn't .. Аmу Heyl How аrе you? \. Не likes cycling and Rooms bikes we сап use.:ng ooor 'J 1€Ге IS *ъ.2 beach? Bella Yes. . lэoy the same а9е as гпе. shops open today? 7 Тhеrе аrеп]t. Write ап email to your friend... . negative and question forms of Bella Not goodI l Jilе. Describe what there toilet? Х is / isn't iп the wigwam..W ý@ж . .. & ]ъ..*":1 a. cei ing.) bath lэed .. 5 she veb / in lhp b. 8 ls there unusual place to stay? Bella HiAmy.l сhаir. ап. but there is а shower. different building. some or опу. lеrе аrе ) Ь апу rоогпs for five реорlе? toilets / in the Ьеdrооms / ? -lere isn't Ч.Б'.. nice саfёs пеаr the hotel Complete the telephone conversation with there is l isn't... -.?!r. З Hotel 0чеЬес lэus in the гпоrпiпg. -. li +{"-*" i:ar!i с.drooms / ? i Complete the sentences with о. swimming pool! there is lthere are.. о Аrе there... ovely beaches пеаr hеrе.Jg 'doe ц'пdоw ... but а . .. ..--. electricity f|691 ll199f .. Amy That's annoyinqIWhat's уоur саrаvап 1lke? Bella lt's ок.nice реорlе? Bella family пехt to us._ а апу cupboards iп this rооm... . Е. Amy Oh yes? s he friendly? Bella Yes. tп9fе lý. 2 Тhеrе аrеп't . .l .. hotel in this street.' Yё. bus iп the аltеrпооп. some or апу. ..Then write short answers.*..5. it's BellaI З Study the hotel information and write sentences.. ..... с а chair fоr you. .. he's nice...@ snowboarding У . Amy Oh dear.. there isn't! Amy . there are l аrеп't and о...ге }:1л]'Э { .ep асе / ? з ls thеrе раrk fоr children to play iп? l There аrе .@ walking У Home and away 29 Ж . .. =.. ..

8 What's opposite the police station? Mum Jake. l think it's Sara's lэaE. And look at the pl-. Harry Yes. _ of the school.. Зhеr Ьа9. .town / city have? 1s this good оr А Ruth Whose is this Ьа9 ? bad? Why? Jen l don't kпоw. What is уоur favourite рiасе in your town / city? Why? Son. Use eat a1l of 7my / mine / theirs! possessive З. Where сап you go shopping? I heSe с.Jim What about the giг s iп the skatepark? Аrе they 8their bikes? Brad Неу.. live..о. Use your answers to the following questions to lhis s help you рlап your paragraph.|. qirls! Lisa and Amy What? gyour Brad Аrе those bikes? Lisa Yes. can l have some of grandad / mine / 'l 've got а letter tоr [ео. who pizza is this? it's а mаrgаritа with ехtrа 7 What s .e girls.. everybody! ОК. of course.о What is your parents'favourite рlасе? . Claire Yes. Sally lt's боur schooll lt's very different! С Woman Excuse mе. ... h s shop s"l . 5 What's behind the theatre?. Jake.. right? 2 what's between the restau[ant апd the сiпеmа? Grandad Yes. l. Мum This is а great restaurant. bank Мор. What doesn't youl.i l . noop Ihe and the Waiter ОК. .. ''l 1 Wl cr . Freddie ls that Scott's house? . Answer the questions using the ] words below..swhose / who's / 6 What's пехt to the museum? .. .. ieisure centre . . l think it's Jake anc. But it's smalll Grandad Sma think the pizzas аrе very bigl l сап't l|? l in the same meaning as the first sentences.. Mum don't know. it is stheir house.] train Station Alice's house. Lily and Grace Тhеу'rе aours / theirs / mines. гпusеuгп restaurant . 4 What's in frопt of the theatre? ..п pa. is it Iyour bag? ЗО Home and away Р . 8's Jake \4um. that's right. Look. саfё .] ls there а раrk? ls there а liЬrаrу? How often do you go there? 3 Replace the words in bold with possessive ls thеrе а station? Do you often travel Ьу train? рrопочпs.: s thеrе sоmеwhеге you сап do sport? 6 These аrе the pictures of the children. here's our food. his pizza? |'ve got Le*. your pizza looks delicious 3 Complete the second sentences so that they have Jake lt does.. l've got а mаrgаritа p|ZZa . . Waiter Епjоу уоur meall Мum Тhапk you. Waiter Агd. Dad. CHA'-|-E[\ýGE! Write а paragraph about where you 4 This house belongs to my grапdmоthеr. .. tol Т^^ l орр.т | Vocabulary and grammar Lýyxdcrýre&ýyýd cýty &Ж Around town Adam No. lэoys. Mum lt's mу dad 3his / he / 's ptzza. it's бhis / you . is your pizza too big? Сап 2 Thls liЬrаrу tlcket lэelongs to Сlаrа. Waiter ОК. it is 1 Look at the map. В Sally Look at this o]d photo of оur town. Good ideal З This shop sells c]othes tоr mеп. а peppe. Wпоt . Whose аrе those bikes? 7our bikes Brad and Kai We don't know. shopping centre :. .* iоЗ}91. Jake have some of gyours / his / ours? l [.п9 centre? Ьuа tiо1> Mum Еr. it isn't ahis house.o1i p lla . Dad. . о-. 1|. Waiter Hello./ yours.. 5 \iаг sа fгiепd of m1 siъrеr. . that's 2yours / hers / mine.. they're roour bikes.. ? a leisure centre pizzas. Неrе you al. Неrе you аrе. And two mushrооm . .theatre Sally No. They аrеп't . . Adam. Мum That s lmy /Ф_ll]ф/ it's. thапk you. ham... So. it isn't 2mу Ьа9. 4 Choose the correct words to complete the is Grandad Yes. sir.

Follow the directions and draw the route.. but it is part of Sydney. .'" . SClENCt 5TADlUM HUS[Uп 1RдlN STATION Hil N4y name's Alisha arrd I live in Sydney.: suburb town . go past the раrk оп уоur l lo llT TJrn right down the High Street.l. Stay on University Street. 2 Complete the text with the places in exercise'l.?ща_{а*ж -. 'i.1. ]t doesn't have а lot of houses.l countгyside .] shopping сепtrеs. enjoy looking at Australian That's Summеr Street.plaieý is amazing. Тhеп listen again and check. The Science l\. speaking and vocabulary &rgжmd t*wm ]::]]::]'l]]l _. At the end of the street. Home and away il Ж ..dney Ореrа F{оusе! а I live outside the centre in а called \Ianly. Sydncy's hаs got lots of shops. . Тhеsе are Ьоth big areas.rlr . Cý. t-it1 2 t's big. Use the words 3... animals. libraries апd lots of flats and .. What's my favourite? ТЬе koala! Go straight up Summеr Street to the university.{&l-LEýýý! Write а dialogue with directions for а different route to the science Museum. еlsurе сепtrеs.... Тhеу'rе great for walking in. And the best thing about it? It's next to :hе seal Тhеrе are also two parks . called Helensburgb....l].ё. shopping \ entloc dld а \TdT:o. but not always. .:]]ý.thei. t's small.imming and surfing. I'm very lucky because Manly hаs got arr amazing Ьеасh! I 1оче sп. it'S opposite the restaUrant....'ffiйГ. lt often has а shoppin9 сепtrе.05 Listen to the dialogue and answer the "i эеlоw. Тhеrе's also the famous Sl.l]|]]l]]]::'i]l]]]]]':]]:]]]'.. I often visit the Park witlr order to match the route. city centre .:i'Я. restaurants and ]пusеulтs.:.'.ut Sydney is very big 2 а .':l:::]l]:]]l]. Тhеrе is one word that you do not need. пехt to the stadium... Thirty kilometres south of Sydney is the Royal National Park and fifty kilometres north are thе Blue \{ountairrs.. Тhе 5 in.]':]:]'.e. village 'I=t's vеrу lэig lt has universities. А ]ot of реорlе live Ь the High Street Ь the Science N4useum l^e.:1''\ъ' . . of Australia (tbat's СапЬеrrа). EI City to сочпtrу rite the places next to the clues. lt usua 1у has а station. а ieisure сепtrе апd а liЬrаrу. . . turп left опtо University Street.::':1sý. between the ро ice station and the сiпеmа. This is а gгееп рlасе. Тhеrе аrе usually опе оr two shops. It isn't thе r.4useum is in front of you. ]. . SSPlt*1 . Тhеrе аrеп't апу towns оr cities ] Whеrе ls Веп? 2 Whеrе does he want to go? а Green street а the University lt's аrоuпd the outside of а city.ý(/'е mу grandpal:ents.05 Read the directions and number them in library and some shops. I trачеl there Ьу train from Sydnelr It's got а 3.]]]. Take the first rоаd on the left. 4 Жýý' Listen again. с summer street с the Art Museum lп this part of а city there аrе usually banks.' I istening. questions. I\4y grandparents live пеаr thе Royal Nlational Park in а 6. oLses. ] Cross the rоаd. рагks.1ý- ]]]:]:]]]]':]].Hyde Park and :hе Royal Botanic Gardens.

м Ь Веп ... ] d nde the ga rdеп.. Reading ý*ýmg d*wа. ноmе and away а:-*ry** * т*:li:-l' -..о ап ехtrа bathroom in the attic of their house. \Ualk а -о SLer to musi.. ж эll liг.] -re --ýý. :lll В People need mоrе space! С Using the cellar !sn't а пеw's under the house and it сап Ье cold I с sleep. . . N/апу buildings have got windows d to share with his Ьrоthеr.'ý сеllаr. ]l1 се|lаrs into nice. wаrm rooms. d mоrе space.they also 9о б ln lVatt's пеw tооms. 3 Who doesn't shаrе а rооm iп the Dunsmore family? а l\4att *-*.. Ё families. l .&- . builders can сопvеrt d study. а vеrу пеw idea. l:]]]]]. il. . аrоuпd the suburbs of London and what Ь to spend time with friends.жý]--нl веdrооml li \ *} iLJ! . ь behind the house. d оп the house. *ý&жý. А One family explains their рrоЬlеm. ý do a]:. .. 'l Do you share а Ьеdrооm? * 2 Do you live in а house оr а flat? З Wжлж Do you want mоrе space iп уоur home? Match summary Sentences А-Е to paragraphs 1-4. с uпdеr the house. '': loi of them want mоrе space to live in. F L Ь а big family. is often а kitchen оr dining rооm. lz с пехt to the garden. he can't . ffi#Wч 2 А cellar is а 1е. уоur gаrdеп isl /р-=Цl Р ii liп1 й-"Ж. This isn't \ ]r. 1 I\Лапу people iп London want fu . :l' in their roofs because people often create 5 The Dunsmore family's new rооms are ]rж ап ехtrа rооm under the roof.. + Choose the correct options to complete the т SentenceS. . ':]' s сэп you see? Streets апd streets of houses с Iо оо готеwо. с to live iп а dlfferent city. . l to thp ho. iJ u r But people don't опlу 9о Up.L and damp..]' с l\lrs Dunsmore 1 d Sophie ''.1'.. and flats. D Rooms uпdеr houses are also possible.ll* down.]Se. but having а rооm under :1. Е Тhеrе аrе now three more rooms. there's а Ьеdrооm and sometimes Ь behind the garden..ж ] IJt_-'--_]]' 'J/I/ ж Ёж .. . а пеw house..' Eight million people live in London and а 4 \latt wants а place '1. ]l: '. Some old houses in London have а а cook meals.. The пеw rооm t ]r. There is опе summary sentence that уоч do not need. А сеllаr isn't usually а Vеrу nice rооm ь have а shower. W. . Ноwеvеr.iil .ЖЖ .l. ]l а Ж&. tоr lots of а ln the gаrdеп.зý Answer the questions.i1 1i :ri iili --.:]:.

а сооkеr and а fridge.. so he needs а . N/latt has got imроrtапt exams ж What is youl.... 'Оur house has description. .. Use prepositions of place and furniture рrоЬlеms in London. 4 Match the highlighted words in the text to definitions 1-6.. 'The пеw rооms аrе пеаrlу finished. She .. got thrее bedrooms and we've got three ** Where аrе the rооms? children . Sophie ('l 5) and Веп ж what is in the rooms? (10).Matt ('l7). Не doesn't want а 10-уеаr-оld with him.. Use the questions to help you plan your iп South London explain. 1 lwоrk iп the iЬrаrу because it's very 1ryЖс*il*! and l don't like noise. 5 This chi dren's robot iпtо а carl 6 Тhеrе isn't а lot of space in my bedroom.'And...i. how does N/att feel? '|'m happy.favourite room? Why? пехt уеаr. l :tq 2 Тhеrе's оп у опе cola iп the it fridge let's 3 Ou. . beautifu] clothes. 'l (vеrЬ) to use something wrth апоthеr реrsоп ....рёасеful place to study. Мr and Mrs Dunsmore words. There's а bedroom. lt's cool|' \ \ Ж =fi Home and away 33 . _ 2 (adjective) wet and cold 3 radjet "vёlquiet 4 1verb . Write а description of Uпdеrgrоuпd living is опе апswеr to space the house..' 4 !Иhose idea is it to build uпdеr the garden7 'Mine|'smiles Мrs Duпsmоrе.ra[e 5 (adjective) very smalland uncomfortable 6 (vеrЬ) change. The boys shЬге'а rооm. lt's vеrу п CHALLýNGE! lmagine you and your family live 3 in this underground makes me feel coldl 4 lйу aunt is а designer. but it's vеrу ж Who sleeps in each rооm? сrаmреd. trапsfогm Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words iп exercise 4. bath оот is tery . а toilet and а small kitchen with а sink.

ТЬеrе аrе мо universities in ВrigЬtоп and ] whеrе is it and what is it famous for? чеrу рорulаг with young people.. It is ж Yаs&* Write а tourist guide for а city you know. Look at thе BulIet 2: views of the citv views оГthе ciry the sea and thе рiег. different bullet points for different topics ЁП з4 Home and away . Thke а ride in ВrightопЪ whееl.... sometimes more than one answer is 2 first bullet В introduction to the city possible. Use your notes and exciting гidеs? This is the рlасе Гоr you! Тhе рiеr hаs plan to heIp you. Тhеrс аrе also а lot оГсаГеs so it's а gгеаt ::. Use in thе РачiliопЪ саfе . frоm his time.... itЪ got gгеаt views оГ thе the Day trip to Brighton tourist guide to help you. Remember to use sequencers got lots оГgаmеs and rides fоr you to enjoyl апd imperatives. then 5 fourth bullet Е typical British food 6 finalbullet F views of the city 3 Underline the imperatives in the bullet points in the tourist guide. 2 Аrе thеrе апу interesting buildings to visit? .l Пld 9 ГЭ ГТl l' place to hаче а snack and rсlах at the end оfуоur 1. 6 What rеlахiпg activities аrе there? living гооm and Ьеdrооms. fаmоus fоr its past connections to King Сеоrgе IV (1762-1830) and tbe beautiful and uпusцаl buildings ýdcas Choose а city.. D"y trip to Brighton ffi w*лтrэl** ýLjýDý Вrightоп is а city оп the sоцth coast of the UK.. Match the parts of the Ж S"qu"n... explore thе stгeets in Тhе Laines.Jry Writing А tCIurist gшide 1 Read the tourist guide..l. . 3 second bul]et С а famous building 4 third bullet D rеlахiпg activities :. Неrе . Tbday it is Ьоmе to а lot oГartists and musicians.] go to thе Royal Pavilion .1l. Have а drink and а cake Рýах"е Organize your ideas into paragraphs.]:.... BuIlet 5: relaxinq activities visit Brighton Pier! Do уоu like ý а iffyýt* Write the tourist guide.. Сýзе*k Check the following points: уоц can find interesting shорs and thеrе is а lot оf . fil-St ll: next. а 2 walk down to Вrightопs Гаmоus sea Introduction: information about the city Bullet ]: interesting buildings frопt.'.imperatlVeS l. Answer the questions and make notes. Bul|et З: where to eat find а rеstаurапt оп thе Ьеасh and hаче Bullet 4: exciting activities some traditional British fish and chips fоr luпсh. punctuation busy day. Pavilion gardens... 'l А exciting actiVitieS 2 Complete the tourist guide with the sequencers first раrа9rарh below. finally.. lunch and diппег? IVЪ holiday hоmе! Тhе outside looks like ап Indian 5 What exciting activities аrе there? palace. Inside you can see tbe КiпgЪ dining rооm. 'l"'. tourist guide 1-6 to the information А-F. spelling street агt.Gеоrgе 3 Whеrе сап you go to see views of the city? 4 Where сап you have breakfast.:l.]] after that :.... Se QU€ПС€l'5 l..ll."r.

r understand а text about houses ofthe future 2 |.Vhеrе do you build ап Earthship? _. Give yourself а mаrk fгоm ] to З Progress check Uпit 3 How сап you improve? 'l this. 'llt's the bedroom of mу Ьrоthег. 'l0 Describe how to get from уоur school to а shop. 2 l have some з l can't do рrоЬ ems with this. Progress check Unit 3 35 l _ . l can do this well. 2 They аrе the toys of the chi]dren.. aacity batown cavilage 1 сап identify places whеrе we ]ive. l сап ask iоr and give directions. _. 5 Y/rite sentences usIng the соrrесt fоrm of thеrе is / ore апd о / some оr апу. some апd апу. ll use prepositions of place to describe where things аrе 4 Give а sепtепсе оr question with the following words а some Ь апу с ап _:п use а / ап. 2 This is me and my fаmilуЪ house. сап USe the possessive 3 8 Replace the words in bold with possessive pronouns 'l lt's the girlЪ Ьа9.]аmе а rооm that has got а dishwasher. 'l] Name fоur sequencers. 6 Name eight places in а town -ап talk about places in а town 7 Rewrite the sentences using 's. '] '. 12 Which places сап you include in а tourist guide to where you live? l сап рlап а tourisi guide. l сап use sequencers in а touгist guide оr text. а sofa Ь she]ves с аrmсhаir d table _.. а sink and а cooker п it.. Read 1-12 and evaluate your 1еаrпlпg iп Unit З. Glve ап ехаmрlе of the following places. а shutteгs/? ЬТV / r' с shelves/)( -зп write sentences using fhere ts / there are with а / some / опу. З iiVhere аrе these things аrе in уоur living rооm? Use prepositions of рlасе. ] can use possessive рrопоuпs апd yyhose. talk about rooms and features iп the hоmе.

pig :: spidel tiger whale stays thеге. below. lt's аblg animal. fo]low . 5 CH&LLENGE! Research the answers to questions lhe 5да. they eat insects.:. lood in the dеsегt . look for ground.-. lt qives us eggs.-l 4 lт ves ]-8 оп the internet. This toad spends а lot of its lifё uпdегgгоuпd. You сап ski оп сап bui d castles dеsегt with high госkу \ц/ith it. 4 What do the females do after they lay their eggs? 5 Who саrгiеs the е99? 6 Do the males eat iп winter? 7 whеп do the females rеturп? 8 What do the ma]es do next? зо The naturalworld .i] S""". lt hunts. уеагs! Ь*iiагfl. ' and hot *t*qlрýа!tз*.. 3 Birds live in Lrep-o l/ee.]]]]1 ýа]]]]]]:i ж Farm animals ffi The naturalworld 9 11. . 9 The 9епеrаl паmе fоr а thing that groWS iп the .. саrrу . 6 lt's got o'ght Loo 1 Where do еmреrоr penguins ive? 7 lt's а Ьird. l 1 bite . j... . = . lt's brown and уе 1ow.. hеге about 45'С in the summen . 5 Rabbits hoJes to make homes Across their mothers 6 Young animals usua ly 1 People рlау football on this green plant.. 8 Adesertpant.. lt gives us milk I &Ж Animalverbs 3 Complete the sentences with the verbs below. lt's tal . Реорlе ride these animals. dig .. реорlе. lt's Ьrоwп. ]t gets its food from flowers.. а hole in the gгоuпd and hоrsе mопkеу . but it isn't а bird.. lt only comes out of its hole when thеге rs wild animals rаiп. {+оtfilьifгS sand Down The Sопоrап Deseгt is а typical 2 you сап find this оп а iэeach. 7 lйопkеуs food in trees and plants 6 Something white оr 9rеу iп the sky. t flies а ot and it hunts. t's vеrу big.. such as the 5 А very hi9h hill. from а tox. 'l0 lt's а bird. big '. 4 t'swhlte and cold..o"'a"r"ni""jY But then the а Ж япlmаts and it starts to гаiп. even sсогрiопsl 3 lt lives in Asia. lt is dгу and чеrу hot Руrепееs. ^oresl They eaTlTT ey 7 . cow : eagle elephant g raffe isn't апу wateц it 6. has typical dеsегt plants... 1 Complete the crossword. use the words The гаiп is also good news fЬг the Sопогап dеsегt toad.жýrýd VосаЬчlаrу ý*'s ъяяýýdý жý}ý.l { 'l1 1t eats qrass. Yhж rзж&ахrжý ý. оrапgе апd black. Write а paragraph about the 5 lt likes sitting iп trees. lt's grеу.o-p.Тhis means that it sometimes stays uпdегgrоuпd fоr ] ]t сап fly. You can find these in the Alps and . l .. Аftег the гаiп. 12 lt eats grass. What do the toads do when they come out of their 2 lt lives in Аfгiса.: i:]. оп the gгоuпd. ц5-дl|у 9 nL.Whеп thеге +эtJ++€f+Ы . .huпt. 3 Horses реорlе оп their lэасks. lt c]imbs and emperor penguin. 7 А beautiful and colourfuI part of а plant. lt doesn't fly а lot.Ж .i.rpsf.. sрidегs.. Lt isn't а Ьird. 2 How mапу eggs do females ау each уеаr? 3 Whеrе do females lay their e9gs? lt lives iп Аfriса and Asia. plants gгоw qulcl<ly and арреап з write the animals next to the clues. chicken . 4 Some spiders . Iook fоr ruп av/a lI Lll 1 Wоl". lt also . ý Complete the text with the words below. ] р 2 А chicken can't .рч h*Пt iг q. cactus c]ouds digs f]owers .

:l: What аrе you looklng at now? Ф Winter .гоt .... They swim and live in aquariums l сэrrу cook. lt's hоrriЬlе! Jen чf Tom Don't Ье silly lt's natura]l C'"{&LLýý\{ýý! lmagine you are in Australia on Study the information about polar bears. . (watch)TV l5. b€tow. Write а letter to your friend.J thi5 \еttег to 1ou frоm а sma\i town in thg 2 Complete the telephone conversation with the Anrrapurna ianctuary in Nepa\. Females sleep а lot. MaIe poIar Ьеаrs hunt for seals on the ice.. :е the pets next to the ] females / hопt / ? clues. these animals live in the desert. the words below and your оwп ideas.. G cubs how to hunt.. At th9 momant.::. Тhоrа isп'. Tom Hi N4ia!What]?r9 ýýе| _dqlsg (you / do)? а. ltЪ August.ogramme is about geography {ood оп thеir ЬасКа. оui о{ the v. They need ice to r.Тоrrо аrо sоmо hогьоs in tho эtгеоi..i an1 oloctгici\. What other animals сап you see оп уоur holiday? (r) . The deer :i' tiлл" t l0 l (bite) the deer. lt's September.valk оп whеп they follow / kапgаrоо huпt and thеrе isn't а lot of ice in summеr. lt vory di{foront..The forest is the home of the Вепgа l10 . Oulbido.... look. They can't hunt for 1... the other can 9о out 4 Complete the letter with the present continuous . with а voq {гiепd\ fami\ Wo (you / do) уоur homework? . .. H'Jl r-.... .. tеmаlе роIаr Ьеаrs eat а lot. . Use the following questions to help you plan your letter.wэtсh / апimа s seals. а \o. Cubs ([эabies) arrive.What аrе yoU and your family doing? lr .. Ф Spring drive / in Austra ia l- . ц]9 бtаl in а diffегопt placa очог. Use the words &ga }he {*r*6l*t hgl*tiэз_q? t!9_ liзqg дqgfl]!. = д ý* *##" !чiо(аЬчlаrу and grammar ý&ýk*ý еу8 wа*сýзýхзg? }яФеý ?@ ý&ý"& щ п ц ltЪ January. They also dig ..... Use the complete the questions and write answers. .. ] .lerest. The1 \. а ъl-dУ].rindour and | сап ьео mountaing \.. .е anima s live iп the qarden. My Ьгоthаг ib Ьоrеd toda1 Ьесаuвt ho ý (not make) апу noise. : пl€€t / реор е Summer ]: go / the beach . . lИiа t's amazing. . form of the verbs below.l...toda1 з. Lifo is tigеr.. .. to the mоthог of the {amil1. Ьесаusе по nood to гезt. \ \* ъ<Евr_/ -e. Роlаr lэears don't eat а lot. е \о1 of пalкing! uro present continuous form ofthe verbs in brackets. Аutumп .. . rimal isn't vеrу fast! l.:.. поt walk in the wild. Dad {ootball vriih the {amill's сhi\dгоп . . . -..n't an1 Цэ and (follow) а young dееr.J сulэs / рlау / ? '..: small animals solTetimes ]ive in а special home : people's houses 4 females / еаt/? ] .1.. Тhе cubs play together. Whеrе al-e you staying? G holes in the snow lo sleep in. r Ьв. 1. (еаrп) alэout the Sundarbans fоrеst Мum 8. .dgЁе * cat *к dog ж fish ж guiпеа pig яя hamster 2 Ьеаrs / eat а lot / ? r jzard Е mouse ffi раrrоt * rаЬЬit ** snake ж tortoise зге birds.. Use present continuous... .ali.1 n]ght. do lеаrп ..E#EF я \ '%. not watch р ау stay . . Then holiday. sо . i.. Wо'го on а tгeKKing holida1... ьо ]hele a19.ih 6 Tom But there's а 9еоgrарhу exam tоmоrrоw] ьпоv'r оп the top. Oh nol 'IV! Ноw эiil1l lоm fthe tlgеr / chase) the deer? Mia . L G . . З .1ia l knoW but this p1.t l ' El !i!]lJ!ill. talk l tд*-itе Hi Luc1l .when it wants to. | 5.-ýtý_/ .t aboui tho rла1 poople liva hега. Females teach their Stay / in са rаvа п |:. t thаrо'ь no iпlOгп9l. There's а tiger оп the TV now.:.. .'э {т- j. Foxes try to eat Спе goes walking with people.]i|.' l .nq \uпсh. (not ruп away) The Lovo ::] 9 No.. 1Ъе1 Tom l|"tsi.. not watch /TV not sleep / in а bed enjoy / the hoJiday ::: take / photos The natural world 37l .li. \nj9 .**ýgia lt's April..'::!]i]].

VосаЬчlаrу and grammar lltfhаtЪ the rмeather lýke?

ýý Describing weather 5 you / do / your homework / поw / ?

Match the adjectives to the temperatures below. 6 l / not enjoy / this film / .

хж cold хg cool ия hot ж warm
1 з5"с з ,lo"c
7 you i ,,uu" go, ) u о.г , ?


2 4 ]8"с
8 Zae / trаvе] / in lndia / this month /
= Write the adjectives for еасh weather description.
Тhеrе aren't апу clouds. lt'S hot, $uппV
6 Complete the interview with the present simple оr
2 There's thunder, it's raining and there's а lot of wind present continuous form ofthe verbs in brackets.
3 Гvеr) ll^iгq is wl^iLel
4 lt isn't rаiпiпg оr snowing, but the sky isn't lэlue

5 l he cIoudbald il-e llpe( ale mоviг9
6 People аrе саrrуiпg umlэrеl as, lt's wet.

j ffi Лdjective suffix: -у

3 Rewrite the sentences. Change the words in bold to
the form in brackets.
1 Тhеrе are sоmе clouds. (adjective)
lt '5 clouri1 Presenter Today we l ,rе, !рýК!пg (talk) about the
2 lt's snowy iп Prague, (noun) weather in the Philippines. l'm here with
l hеrе s Linda Тоrrеs, who lives hеrе. Linda, what's
З There's а lot of wind in the desert. (adJective) the weather usually l]ke hеrе?
lL _
Linda lt's usually wаrm and sunny, but at the
4 lt's rаiпу in the UK. (поuп) end of summer it's vеrу rainy and there аrе
l hеrе ь floods. Often реорlе 2 (not
5 t's stormy in California at the moment. (поuп) know) when the rain is coming. Реорlе
lheres d (not Ье) always rеаdу for the
6 Тhеrе's the sun! (adjective) bad weather.
its |,, presenter But there's some good пеws, isn't there?
Linda Yes. Now there's а new wеаthеr арр, for
Tobile рhогеs. t
people when а storm is coming. Eighty реr
Tick (r/) the correct sentences. Rewrite the
cent оf реорlе iп the Philippines
sentences that are incorrect.
,. (have got) а mobi]e phone,
'l l am swimming еvеrу Saturday.,
,.., ,

so the арр is very useful.

2 We're watching а film at the moment.
РlQsе,п!ёf1 what сап you see on the арр today?
3 lt's snowing еVеrу Winter in Russia..,.,.,,
[1'n46 Well, the rаiп 1, ,,,,, (come) nowl
4 аlцdу) cold il Alta,, lica,
:,l",,;,.,,, ,

Where ls your family?
5 lt rains today in London.
Llгida',l''l" ",," Му grапdраrегts 7 (stay)with
6 Kim and Dan do thеir homework now., , ,

us at the moment. They 8 (noi
7 We аrе Starting school at 9.00 еvеrу day
live) iп а safe аrеа - the water
8 N/um visits mу aunt this week.
(cover) their street еvеrу
t l *u,tisтl ач*,r"; *аlurdаg. уеаr,
Presenter Wnu,"'o , (уоur grапdраrепts /
Write sentences using the present simple or present do) поw?
continuous. Linda Trey11 (play)with my littie
1 we / 9о / to / trапсе / еvеrу Christmas / . brother and slster
,J rre !о Гrапсr еvеr{ сhгi*imаt, Presenter Апd where is your mоthеr?
2 the lions / sleep / at the mогпепt / . Linda She is at the shops, She

(buy) some extra food.
3 Paul / hаvе / lunch / now / .

CHALLENGE! Write а short weather report about
4 my rurT / wоrl^ z in а zoo / every ЙопС.у ard today. Тhеп write а report about the typical weather
Thursday / . for each month in your country. Write two or mоrе
sentences for each month.

38 The naturalworld

l-istening, s bulary

1 Choose the sports that need the equipment. 4 Жýý; Listentothedialogue.Whichclub do
I crash oad Аппа and Josh decide to go to?
tduldеЪb horse riding caving

2 water
surfing mountain biking rосk climbing
З helmet
caving surfing diving
4 rope
zоrЬiпg bungeejumping Ьоuldеriпg
h ill TENNlS BOOSTER Come аlопg
_,,.owboarding diving сапоеiпg and imрrоvе уоur game! ln the
sports hall at 4.З0 р,гп.
\vrite the activities next to the clues. use the words

n exercise'l. MOUNTA|N BIK|NG Аrе you rеаdу for
'] эu go under the ground. lt's dark. 'r."avin* adventure. N,4eet at the school gate
2 'эu jump frоm high places. at 4.ЗOрm. You must wеаr а he met.
З ,cu go up sma1l rocks without equipment
4 l'oU эl,€ оп а bike. You don't ride on the rоаd. Get iп training for the half marathonl

ou sil оп d hоrsе.
You аrе inside а biq ball.You rо l down hills.
CHESS CLUB Аll levels, соmе аlопg
and play, Дleet in the library at 4 р.m,
7 You sit in а special boat. .,
8 You do this in the sea. You need а special board.
5 ЖýМ: Listen again. Number the clubs in the
9 You do this оп the snow. order in which Аппа and Josh mention them.
10 You do this uпdеr the water. You can see fish.
6 Write S (suggestion) or R (response) for the sentences.
а 1'd рrеfеr to do something inside.
З Read the profiles and complete the sentences with Ь What about going mountain biking?
activities from exercise 1. Give reasons for your с l
даt .ounds grеаt.
choices. d Let's go to [Uппiпg ClUb!

Harry likes: swimming, looking at fish
е what about chess club?
dislikes:cycling ,?
, l, 3.06 Complete the dialogue with the phrases in

1 lt's good for Наrrу to choose diчitзg. exercise 6. Тhеп listen and check.
because hq q.,qia1* *biitTtтlnq ppd !*qKitlq q.! {_i_*&, Josh Oh, look. Basketba]l рrасtiсе is cancelled today.
2 lt's поt good fоr Наrrу to choose Аппа Oh по! l can call mу гпum and ask hег to come
because ,, and pick us up,
Josh No, look, thеrе а rе lots of оthеr clu bs today. Let's
Alisha likes: animals, being outdoors do something else.
dislikes: going to the beach, swimming ,

Аппа Cood ioea. 1

Josh , but ] haven't got my
3 lt'sgood fоr A]isha to choose
helmet with mе.
Аппа ОК, then ,..
З, , took, they
4 |tЪ not good fоr Alisha to choose
аrе trаiпiпg fоr а ha]f-marathon!That's cooll
Josh Look out of the window|
Nick likes:the mountains, winter ltЪ rаiпiпg!
dis|ikes:cold weather, the dark Аппа Right, inside ... Well, ,,,,,,,,,...,.,,.,.. Сап
]",: you play chess?
5 lt's good fоr Nick to choose Josh l сап, but lU рrеfеr to do а sport.
because Аппа Oh iook - thеrеЪ tennis iп the sports hall.
6 lt's поt good for Nick to choose Josh Fine, l love tennis. Let's go!
Ьеса u se
я CHALLENGE! Write а dialogue between two friends
choosing а сlчЬ. lnclude suggestions and responses.

The naturalworld 39I

Reading Storm chaslng
Read the blog and choose the correct answers.
Storm chasing in Tornado Alley, Nebraska USA
1 What is the blog about?
а the weather iп Тоrпаdо Alley
Ь scientists'reports on tornadoes

с опе mапЪ hobby
Storm chasers spend most of their time
а at home оп the internet.
%Ужуýýх *aýing
= ь in а truck оr а саr_ Y*rпаdс Аýýеу, ý{аhа"аgý<а &Jý&
с in а shelter.
!j Welcome to mу blog. l'm а stоrm сhаsеп
Read the blog again. Match sentences А-F to gaps What does this mеап? 'S*1!44}!1g. t {t!ý*ъ* *1*гti-lз
1-5 in the blog. Тhеrе is one sentence that you do lt's exciting! l do it еvегу sргiпg - sргiпg
not need. is tогпаdо seasonI some stогm сhаsегs
А Не thinks there аrе some storms 15О km away.
аге scientists. Оthегs, like me, just like the

г Вщ аdvепtuге, we do it in оuг fгее time.
iý С Wе'rе going home.
ц This month, l'm chasing stогms with my
; D The storm isn't here.
fгiепd, Joe. We don't see а tогпаdо with eve.,
р Е The sky is black,
stогm, but we often do!
: F We сап see the tornado.

Read the text again. Are the sentences true (Т) or
Day 1

false (F)? Underline the information iп the text that Wе'ге driчiпg thгоugh Тогпаdо Alley iп the
tells you which sentences are true. USA. Wе'ге stагtiпg оuг tгiр iп NеЬгаskа.
This is the writer's first trip as а storm chaser. We've got а соmрutец а video саmега and
2 Storm chasers аrе aIways scientists. , ,.,
iпstrumепts that tell us about the weather Joe
з Storm chasers watch wеаthеr [ерогts on TV to find ý
is Iooking at satellite wеаthег героrts оп the
О- rГее Го,г,l)d,р. iпtегпеt, Не uses iпfогmаtiоп iп the герогts tc
Stоrm chasers don't aIways see totnadoes when there calculate whеге the stогm is stагtiпg,
lS а Stotm,.
5 5ometimes stoгm chasers drive опg distances.,
Joe says we've got а long dгivе in оuг truck

6 t iSn't safe to stay in а truck whеп а tornado is today.
coming. So let's go!

Match the highli9hted words in the text to
definitions 1-7.
1 (поuп) objects реорlе use to ca|culate and measure
(поuп) smal pieces of ice that come from the sky

(adjective) апgrу, Ьоrеd, frustrated

(;;;;; . ,.Г" bL.l"

(adjectrve) very big

(;;j;:i ;;' :;;;;;d ; ;"'u,",
(adjective) amazinq; q rеаt

* Thenaturalworld

.. "аiгiг9 а lor.. 4 The is making hoies in the grass ....* 1еаrп about the weather ..:. wе'ге пеаг Tulsa. апd find а shеltег to sta}i il... . . Joe and l аrе deciding ...]..vе'ге in the middle of ап jпсгеdiьlе stогm! us and al оur bags! з of I з А pilot uses lots to fly а рlапе Тhеге аге а lot of clouds апd it's чегу windy...... _....r: 2 Wе'rе driving а саr....ълlrе .d а :. but thеrе 9о on а tornado tour? Write two or more reasons why you want to go and two or more reasons why аrеп't апу clouds! 4 you don't want to go..aining.. I d**'1 ы..:::. Day 3 lt s not а good day today. Complete the sentences with the words in bxercise 4... .. Dау 2 ..1. So.i !0 4э ** а ioгrraci* icillr 1эя.. ...:. storm chasing! апоthег long dгivе ... аftеr my ЬrоthеrЪ bath...'l graSSlands arrd desertsl l."il]]:' falling оп the truсk. _. . . moment because thеге's а lot of wаtег оп 6 The new film iп the сiпеmа is _. Аftег а sеvеп-hоur CHALLENGE! Study the advert. Wе'ге tiгеd and fed up! l'm looking at some :: satellite iпfогmаtiоп..:l..:1... dangerousl We need to get out of оuг tгuсk l Hanl !о go оlз а Тоrпаdо iour becarite ...11..'.''::'....11.|:||:|:. because it's rаiпу and .l 1.| lt.a. lt's flooded iп places..1l1... Would you like to dгivе..Tornado tours а holiday with.1l l.. This is it! The clouds аге moving quickly..... I .. Тry а new type of holiday ..тhеrе аrе seven ot . Oklahoma.... thеrе's lots of hail* huge balls of hail аге .l]ll.We neecl to Гi.r.'. .1.t trачеl with professional stоrпr' chaýorý-. Now * discoveг Тоrпаdо Alley . lt's геаllу noisy and thеге's ice ечегуwhеrе! 5 But wе'ге dгiving away fгоm it. Тhеге's а possible - stогm 200 km fгоm hеге tоmоггоw.'l х see amazing_tornado€s Day 4 .. ....:'::.hetrit.. #!l& sg_ хi The naturalworld 41 ý .. lt's too . }i н ж&- &.. . . _... . see mоuпtаiпs. l. -.diffeiince! whеге to dгiче tоmоrго Go and the гоаds.ll... Dгiчiпg is vегу dапgегоus at the they can't рlау outside....... . But thеrе see it! аrеп't апу tогпаdоеs! 7 The bathroom is. The wind speed is 160 km рег hоuг! lt's 5 The children аrе .

.Оrпё:l1.i... Ihis is а photo of ....ИiЙl*аl.l]Т.. аrе doing or thinking.r..'.]:].. Use the description з in the middie? in exercise З to help you.РliЩi.!П.... there аrе .Ф]hПЙl:ofl..l!hа.ц.:ll::l: l:. water '.1*.а...i..р. 2 iп the background? Рýап Follow the instructions. Use уочr answers 3 Describe what is in the photo and whеrе the things in exercise 2 to help you' аrе iп the photo..:i. i words in brackets..']:.i':i.'l.ЬlЬаý[у..... .ody is . 2 Where аrе thev? f...]РlЙýh]iПýП.сdd.:. lthinkthey аrе probobly ... F-_л Writing Describing а photo Еfiffi......'].. ..l. :...iРЁб.. penguins ]]]. l Ж {ýзесý* Check the following points: .ПtО.'iпllihЁ:.i':ii.. Look at photo А and answer the questions.. beach ll..tб:liПd'... it iS hUngry.irthаi. .l.. .е swimming in the i water because it is warm..::llll. .. Use the 4 they wоrk at the zoo.ТЬЁliёlý.. description.. of uncertainty and vocabulary to describe where ...1l. The репguiпs аге рrоЬаЬlу {eeling sсаrеd.....iЁlа.l.а'.l].АпtеФс. . . ...rr'.ЬЦjrckеtЗ.'.:+:.l]]:]]. рrоЬаЬlу апd the people..'.....lll.аll..Ьr ýЙ.1.Тhl!]. Use lthink. Use your notes and .'.l.l..ll.:::... . Ьrоthег and sister because they've got the same eyes апd hair соlоur.ýа'ffПiЙ]ý.lаrэру. (perhaps) iF 8 lt's .. .l.iРёi:iОП'. vеlу cold lэecause it's snowing.. pU nctUation The penguins аrе standing оп the beach апd watching expressions of uncertainty: lthink.'.l.. ..l spelling ]]. ] Whеrе do you think it is? 2 What's the weather like? З How mапу реорlе and animals сап you see? 4 What do you think the people and animals аrе doing оr thinking7 5 What is iп the foreground.... 6 The oId ....ii]ii..бЙl:1hёl9l. 4 оп the ]eft? 'l Start уоur description wlth the subject of the 5 on the right? photo.:l:t.lit|sl..:...рlа]...ih€rlа_ii.l'.а. 9rаmmаr some cloцds in the sky.йёаii1Пg. scientists .....iЙ..' 1 Complete the sentences with expressions of uncertainty... Ж ýd*as Answer the questions and make notes.]:]Ьаaапýё]ri!й. /п rhe fоrеgrаuпd... Answer the questions.thё.of.Ёhо.tП!lПk. . L What do you think the people are saying оr thin[.{]Р_ёй€чiПýliiФihаiё.:l... jackets (lthink) ý wжmrrч* ý&Jýýý Ж Таgýt Choose photo В or а photo from unit 4. ...'.f'tЬ!liýhОЬ. .'thа. Remember to use expressions :]].. . . * Look at photo В.i:1.]...... c]ouds What аrе the animals doing? :.:.thа''Йriёr!:1lii]П]'th....:]l'.l. Write а description of the photo. рrоЬаЬlу апd perhaps..'''ll'. the Ьасkgrоuпd and the сепtrе? What is ..iilоп.1]i.]]]..{.'. ! з The ЬаЬу is сrуiпg.llth€rilа|hiýi:. 3 Complete the description below...''.. the boy's birthday lэecause he's got F а lot of p[esents.. { 5 lt's .'lll plan to help you.. snow . perhaps vocabulary to dеsсriЬе whеrе things аrе iп the photo h о' The naturalworld . .ýПq!ý.Тhаiё....1..l.'.'.]::]:i:]::ýi]]l]l]]]]]]:]: 4 Describe what you think the people апd animals ]...l.iе.býhind:l* llЁ€фtё...:::l::l l.i. Ж }ffrýtе Write your.. 2 Describe what the weather is like. ...!hiаа..l'Ьёаuj_е]ihёlýЙýlё::]аrе:.. ч = 2 They аrе. they аrе friends because they аrе рlауiг9 а gdте оgетl-е а.1Ь'баt]!.. ].... on the left and оп the right? Ж .'l' things are in the photo.:]]. cold .. Use the (реrhа ps) words below and your оwп€l.. boat :. too.l. .. . ..'ia]lа. the letter is frоm 1 What аrе the реорlе doing? (l think) her grandchi d.]. Sometimes more than one answer is possible. 1 in the foreground? 6 What is iп the middle. The cl.i.Пца.ift.] push ..

2 At the moment.ап use the adjective suffix -у to change поuпs into ad eCtiVe5. Progress check l. Whеrе сап you do them? l сап паmе different activities. . :entily different geographical features. 'l4 Give two words that you can USe to ехрrеSS Uпсеrtаiпtу.. from а dog. iame diffеrепt animals. 15 Give three phrases to describe where things аrе iп а photo l сап describe photos.. . mу friend .r talk about different types of pets.. 'l Read ]-]5 and evaluate уоur learning in Unit 2.-]е two geographical features you find iп the: э :гаsslапds Ь desert с forest.. . l сап ехрrеss uncertainty. а hole. 13 Give two positive апd опе negative response(s) to а suggestion. 12 Give thгее ways of making а suggestion to go swimming l сап make suggestions. . Give yourself а mаrk frоm to З.. . .. l'm . . . -..^ J5e апimаl vеrЬs -1 :i.le six different animals. з.Jmit 4 How сап you imрrоче? 'l l can't do this. l can respond to suggestions. Ь l am cycling to school поw l can use the рrеsепt simple апd the present continuous in the соlrесt situations. сап describe the weather 8 Сhапgе the nouns into adjectives.. r:he moment. а 5поW Ь wiгd с rаi^ .. 6 Jomp ete the sentences so they аrе true fоr you 'l At the mогпепt. . . 'l А cat.. 10 Name five activities. . Progress check Unit 4 43 l ... . 2 А rаЬЬit . 7 Use adjectives to describe the tеmреrаturе апd the weather iп 5ummer and winter.зп use the present continuous to talk about things happening :..e опе strategy fоr lеаrпiпg а new word use strategies to lеаrп and rеmеmЬеr new vocabulary. З _:rnplete the sentences with ап апimа1 vеrЬ. 9 what's the diffеrепсе between these sentences? а l сусlе to schoo] еvеrу day.. .Vrite the names of two pets that inside the house and _wо that live outside.. 2 | have some problems with this з l сап do this well . 11 Whrch activities do you use the following things fоr? ааrоре bahill саЬоuldег daheimet ] сап talk about different activities. 5 .

( 2 Ьrеаd 8 nuts 4 Th]s is а carbohydrate. 9 оrапgе. yoUr birthday? . glorious food . ъ jýtf ý@1' __. 4 chocolate 10 cheese This is а da!ryfood that's high in fat. 11 tomato ]2 These аrе made frоm роtаtоеS. Use the following questions to help you. Тhеу'rе rеd.ltЪ pink.]ir l .. l ii са rЬоhуd rаtеs. I d lt's а vegetable. lt's а healthy саrЬоh). ]t's white or Ьrоwп and р: . 15 This is а piece of meat trоm а's а liquid. it's not milk. . What foods do / don't you like? What foods do you often eat durlng the day? . 9 This саrЬоhуdrаtе iS ]talian. They also makc fffi juice and wine lrom them. @iw"-ýw. lt 9rоws 1 These al.e summеr fruits.Тhеу 9rоW оп trees. rоuпd frults...drаtе. 11 These vegetables grоw uпdеr the 9round. 6 Th]s goes with sa]t.l1 These аrе small rоuпd and grееп vegetables. . What do you eat оп 5peсlal days. u пdеrg rо l пd. j lt's а vegetalэle. lts паmе ls a]so its co]our. Down i lt's а vegetable. lt'S iп SWeetS and cakes. 10 This ]s white.You сап pUt mi]kand sugаrlп lt. r ь lt's а dairy product. "с а [с. What do you eat whеп you meet friends? FЖЖ аа Food.:. lt's deliciousl h lt'sa drink.. 12 This goes with рерреr. they make us сrу1 Жffi Compound nouns choose the correct words to make compound поuпs. lt'S White. ]t's on а lot of pizzas. 2 We eat the leaves of this grееп vegetable. ]t's Ьrоwп оr white. соuпtrу. tor е (апlрlе.Тhеу'ге high in fa 6 cucumber ]ettuCe but 'Це. 16 People eat these smalL. l lt's а fruit. t 9rows iп forests 13 This !s а type of fish. 14 Whеп We CUt these vegetalэles. . 3 This fruit is оrап9е ]nside and it'S got а Stone il . and iп dark places.ýýrЖr rt rrtrrigк Across ffi гооа 2 These small snacks аrе made with lots of sugar 1 Match the food items 1-12 to definitions a-l. you сап have lt in а sandwich.They're с Тhеу'rе usually Ьrоwп and hаrd. eat it with lndian and chinese food. 5 Tomatoes аrе the mаiп ingredient ]п this rеd sauce k lt's а ve9etabLe. : е t's usually rеd. а lt's lэrоwп оr white. lt's grееп. Х Complete the crossword. l З саrrоt. lt's Ьrоwп.- = 1 apple { 7 mushroom middle . ] to"!aLo cream isJuё 2 ham cake / sandwich З mushгооm pizza / cake 4 !се sauce / cream 5 chocolate cake / salad 6 fruit salad / oil 7 oIive сrеаm / oil 8 оrапgе juice / oil а Cýd&ý-Lýýýýýl Write ei9ht sentences about food. Lt's Lопg and grееп. lt's brown. lt's long апd оrапqе. lrutyou can buy it in ап1. \'ou сап eat the leaves. g lt s high iп sugar and fat. 5 coffee.

.... but it's good fat.'. . Тhеге аге ргоduсts..аtоеS? Yes.t drink1.. but Kia / have qot / veqetab es / fоr hеr ]unch (Х) l usually have11. But how 12much / mапу cake is ОК? The апswег is don't eat it ечегу day and have small amounts when Jo No..lL {?l . . Andy Never mind. . ..therearen'tl0....t!*tl:8 food for lunch... . ап опiоп and What about sweets.:'. з Therelsa ! l с 1 eggs? Food w th hlgh SUgar and fat leve S Darry prOdUCtS 4 There аrеп't / d апу food iп the fridge... 1 {. Аrе thеrе 9 . lt's easy to add аmапу / а lot of fat to these healthy foods Jo [et's make ] . We а l know that rla lot of / mапу sugаг and fat is bad mushгооms? fоr us. . апу... [et's get cookingl 6 Complete the text with some.i* j* g*11. Ф*т milk оr eat *gv* 1*l. Hil 'm Lucy and l'm а vеgап.е оrапgе iп уоur bag? You can eat Зmuсh / а lot of fruit and vegetables ечегу 6 Аrе thеrе апу f potatoes in the shop. fat and sugar you eat. in the cupboard? choose these.. sauce. 3 Complete the text with some or апу.'. protein is thеrе in mу diet? have 3 hоц poтcloe5. Andy Yes. . mапу or alotof. . cake with mу famlly at the .r iri*? . l don't eat10 food that is high in sugar.. g*! яа**_". . . 7 e9g ? Check out your diet! 3 Ьrеаd 8 orangejuice 4 саrrоt.'1l1. do )oJ цс. 7 тhеrе is some g апу m. s thеrе б ... F]sh is vеrу good it doesn't have 7much / Jo No. meat оr fish. l don't eat food that согпеs 1 have got / you / sweets / in your bag (?) from animals. . i] +: у 2 Тhеrе isn't ] Ь апу pizzas fоr iunch today. We've got 7 .l Тhеrе аrе some *\ а riсе iп the cupboard.. Have we got бmапу / You need ргоtеjп еvеrу day. lhave8.. How 2much / mапу vegetables do you eat? 5 ls thеrе |'''*. . And there's an опiоп. need to make it.. So l don. We mапу fat... They give us епегgу.З.. . muсh.. but you don't need uce? sa з much of it... We . eggs or yoghurt. of coursel v сHALLEpdGE! Write а short paragraph about your diet. Nuts have 8mапу / а lot of fat.. How 9much / mапу dairy рrоduсts do you have Andy Аrе thеrе tог.. Неа thy carbOhydrates Fruit and vegetables 5 iý :a1 food 10 оrап9е l.r/iqz Ihe.. that's а good start. olitle oil You need about two to fоur роrtiопs of dаirу food еvеrу rOmuch / а lot of low-fat dаirу day. crisps and cake? oil. because l eat nuts.7 vegetables do eat? А lotl l ]ove them! 5 l^ow lru. lnclude information about how much protein.. fat еvегу day and о ive the shop / have qot / sweets (У) oil is а good fat. day: five pieces (ог mоге) аге good fоr you. . you do. thеrе is. Vegan cake. .. tnze hаvеп't got .it's important to have .. riсе and potatoes аrе healthy саrЬоhуdrаtеs.. tomatoes.У vegetables every day. .. mushrooms.. . ] mik |J* 6 tогпаtо sauce mапу food do you eat? Do you eat the 2 арр е . don't] aboUt paSta? How 5much / mапу protein do you eat every day? Andy That sounds good. l don't eat 2 / have got / pasta / for diппеr (Х) . mапу or а lot of. рrоtеiп. . oliveoil(notalot)everyday. What ...l}'WLЬЖ Grammar ýghw*ý ý*wd wý**ъ ж dýff#еуехъсе -ie Mr@ ы ж !! rM гтI ý Choose the соrrесt words to complete the text. How а .. *:*9*. glorious food 45 Ж . 1 Write С (Countable) or UC (Uncountable).. fruit. Of course... ... . . ý%!:'..' 2 Match 1-8 to a-h to make sentences... l eat б frlit and 4 це ha р got гооо . weekend. But Ье careful.. thеrе аrе 5 every day? Jo tomatoes.. 4 Write sentences with much. . How l thrnk mу diet is healthy. 9 coffee . . Fооd.ýi'ý:]}]i]]]]i.^at? Which foods аrе healthy carbohydrates? 8 s there an h farm at our schoo] Вrеаd. pasta.

.. fоrk glass knife mug plate Spoof+ {.. 9 а kilo о'оriог.::.. 6 СНД1_1glЧGý! lmagine уоч are planning а party with your friend.The goeS ln yoUr . il I з choose the correct words..e В ОК.. 2 Тhеrе aren't mапу tomatoes. 2 Yo.lll forks. 10 о litre of r-il( А Gгеаt. QlI СО Food.. glasses ]:....l ý9уу| l/ have got / money / today .. 7 А little / few chocolate оп ice сrеаm is de]icious. . 8 l've got а little / few packets of crisps for the раrtу.... .. А ОК. ]]]]]::. 5 Do you want а little / few olive oi] оп уоur salad? 6 А little / few people in mу class like custard... See you sооп.... fоr the dгiпks.. | / have got / pasta 5 Complete the text messages with the words Ьеlоw ]]lll cat... there's / milk / in the fridge 5 You put puddings like yoghurt апd ice сrеаm iп а l haven't got а lot of оrапgеs.. .. ffi Гооа quantities { i. Tick the correct phrases. ... there's / bread i: t l. put cold оr'пks in а thеrе аrе / tomatoes З You put hot drinks in these things А . 7 а slice оi со']ео 8 о packet о1 оIdпgе JJi.].]] packets . We сап eat with оuг fiпgеrs. ] lhaven't got much money today. Do we need any 8...:: .].. lltl-e... Replace the words iп bo]d.9 .. CUp .. . tr В |'ve got sоmе 9.]] 1 You use а *РSS{Х .. тhеrе isn't а lot of bread. knife ... | / have got / оrапgеs nouth lhe cUtS your food. 5 а can of t rispb 6 .].]:i:]ý]:]]]].va got а l1týl9 ý}*fi&y ýоtiаt.. . 2 Сап you add а little / few mrlk to mу coffee. . l've got опе.... 6 You use these to eat......]...:. l've got а З 4 В l've got а big 5 of оrапgе juice and алб of water 1 а loaf о1 bread у 2 а bottle о' walel А Weneeda7 to cut the cheese З а carton о'posTa 4 ajarofca. is smalland а is big Тhеrе isn't much milk iп the fridge 4 You put уоur meal оп а . .. _.{ MEýýAGES А Hi! Have you got any food fог the picnic? В l've got а 1 {ец . please? 3 Dad always has а little / few sugar in his coffee..... Use the words а little or а few.... Write the text messages you send to each 1 l usually have а little /@chips with mу fish. 4 lt's оК to have а little / few sweets. to eat ice сrеаm.. 1 Write the dinner table objects next to the clues. little... fguory.]&&]]*ý*ýii g l_ .ton..]. Use the words below.'ýвý}ýý VосаЬчlаrу and grammar Traditýonal food Ж on the dinnertable 4 Rewrite the sentences so they have а similar meaning.]" -]]l. Sometimes l haven't got much pasta. Rewrite the phrases that I are incorrect. Ioaf .l.... other.... more than опе answer is possible.r tin оf тогга |oes А No. . sandwiches and three 2 of сrisрs. . ]: .. glorious food ... lnclude food quantities апd а few / а little.

':.Wl]ý]]]]]j:rr1. Complete the wаitеrЪ notes. * Food.glorious food 47f. to еаrп about the past...'l. ж Desserts ж Drinks ж N4аiп courses *ý Starters е Would you llke anything to drink?.. L (Lisa) or 6 Вr tiqh fooo . hot chocolote Lisa Нmmm.07 Listen again...::...у-Р*... please.]] l-istепiпg'....:l:: i nteresti п g _ ...:"'"*...:ll'&:l1l. . d \о. Do you want to оrdеr dessert now? {Ь Hot drinks: teo.. .:l exeitiftg..: del iciou s. J (Joe) next to the phrases they use.. Use the adjectives in exercise'l... 2 .mоtоlýаutý Сап l have pasta with pesto and tomato SauСe..ho.. .... a Vegetoble soup Waiter Her'o. Thank you. ..]гпUýhi:ООгпý..19..**%. but not in а good way. * Waiter Lisa Yes.*.:l. lt's . DгiпКь: 5.. ..." .They linkthеу'rе Я.l З.l..ý:.} Godic breod Joe Yes.0 n d ]l:|itё..iii:11.. Then с Would you like а starter? ..*жу.:'1ж. 3.. Waiter ОК. Waiter What would you like fоr уоur main course? Lisa ]:.. l think it's 5 m into history.Then listen and check... 1think he's 4 don't ]ike qеоqrарhу.::i:l:l Lisa eat? I Complete the sentences with the words beIow.. Ь l'd like some реа and ham soup.. * please? Joe 4 Waiter ОК. write one mоrе item in еасh category in the mепч..l..o. ? Fruil Joe l'd like а glass of аррlе juice. please? v . lt smells bad and it tastes hоrriЬlе t's . Look at mу new bag.. please? * Joe Апd lU 1ike the chicken сurrу and riсе..hОm.. 3 Complete the menu with the words below.... ! Opinion adjectives 4. . Main соuгsg: 1 School holidays аrе ..thickenllauiiiy. l think it's 2 Complete the sentences so that they are true for itаrtогs: _ ..'oýd.. ____ __.. Joe * !Пrd!C...iike is unusual.з*F... : ri n g ...activities.р. .. coffee. 1 ..&i'Wi:i::ll::l::':'.' you.й.:.. please.. Use the items you added to the mепч in exercise 3.....Wrth].]::]:: i':. l love trifle! Сап l have some trifle. d isg u sti п g l.07 Listen to the dialogue..11.fiге.LLEýiiGE! Write * TroditionoI English trifle о а dialogue between а waiter * Fruit solod and two people who аrе at the restaurant..]].Ж"ý*fl...l:. ..Рq!}i!'}*. еУ ..... l don't want to try bUngee jumping..qý0'lФ!|h:l.оцоlto...OZ Complete the dialogue with the phrases in <} Green solod exercise 6.olate...... rr. ..Ж*.. .. thank you..1*'.. |uice: opple or oronge Lisa * Со|о Waiter Of course.s. Write W (waiter). a Р...l . l think it's rеаllу .r"оr.. * |. j. f Сап l have а sраrkliпg water. don't like spinach.. а Аrе you rеаdу to order?.оi!iС. 2 lce сrеаm is . And what would you like for уоur starier? a РiZZоl... strowberry or chocolote а CHд. and dangerous! 5 3. . thanl. з I\4ountain biking is Dе sьаrt: 4 Walking in the countryside is 5 Watching ТV is 6 Study the sentences.. l'd 1ike а grееп salad.Sч. ll LaSIec з '.. What doesn't ]]:i:]:]]]:a::.. r"...] Scary ]:]]] Strange :сmе people really like caving and zorblng. Waiter а.1 Е . l].:.

DhoIo l: Pboto 2: Photo З: L Read the text again. write the name of the restaurant.1r:. t's so boring1 'l Wanr lo Wdt-. с eat meals made with unusual plants. ЦВ Fооd. l want to take hег out fоr lunch.l ng Wlip eat. t|. 'lt с Wагl lo wоrl i1 аt JS. с а gгеаt evening out and has great food.]. - ýъ- Reading Lоgъdgýъ rеstаьхrаmts ']. ь fun. 2 Сirсus is а а quiet рlасе fоr а mеаl..*r]]:ýрq&ý*ж|.:1iбь.]:].]. ь LMNT с Archipelago. :]]]Ё*]:ý::]::]:]]]l. too. She loves ]talian food] ' don't like аrt. . 5 At Archipelaqo you сап а try unusual meat.iг9s lo seo. <оmрт. Ь а vеrу old restaurant.51|. ] Circus is good fоr people who а Want to watch something fun ь like unusualfood. but the food ls bad. Choose the correct answers. glorious food [W .:]:1ý Scan the text. с food fгоm Eqypt. Ь food frоm Europe. 4 At LMNT you сап eat а snakes and ions. 6 А Vеgеtаriап сап't eat much at а Сiгсus. 3 tIVNT is г а iп а museum. с 'uil о'iпtоr€. J choose the best restaurant for each statement. Match photos 1-З with the restaurants. 1 'l ike dancing after l eat] + { '] ]ike fish it's the оп у food l eatl 'i want to eat somethinq rеаllу different] 'lt's my grапdmоthеr's lэirthday. Ь lэuy traditiona] аrt.

Sometimes. 4 Cait]in's likes basic clothes.. ) Vеrу snteariniлg! Complete the sentences with the words in '.. 1 l love уоuг food.. Replace the hi9hli9hted words in the text with the words in bold in the sentences below. 5 Тrу this puddingl t's Тhеrе is Egyptian art еvегуwhеге! Snakes апd liOns ]есоrаtе the walls. 1t's а ways delicious. but регhарs it's not the place fоr vegelarians! Food.э all circus асrоЬаts. пеw.what about some crocodile? Тhеп finish уоuг mеаl with а desseгt of sсоrр ons! i The mепu is totally о. LMNT 4 Tim Wants to Write а book He's got а vеrу i restaurant full of surрrisеs! Step inside and you аrе iп idea for а story. -аgiпе this . you can! And fоr уоur mаiп сOuгsе .there's а waiter standing at уоur table.eT a"d 1. The waiters .гigjЛаt. t's rеаllу fun to watch - j. lt's rеаllу -lа lcious meat.эr а waitгess Ьrtпgs you уOur food . Frапсе and ltaly. Next to the tables thеге аrе some tropical plants frоm rainforests. She always wears а black jacl.lile exercise 4. people 'l want something еirпрl* . you know or уочr school canteen. But the геаl diifеrепсе is the foodI What do you usually have fоr а stаrtеr? А salad? Would you like to trу а few саtеrрillагs? lп this rеstаurапt. Plus thеrе's some unusual iпtеrпаtlопаl аrt to аdmiге. . what does the restaurant look like? What type of food does it sеrvе? l Arolnipolago Why do you / don't you iike it? Step inside this rеstаurапt and thеrе isn't much that makes you think of London. tasty fоr vegetarians t00. аlопg with Еgурtiап hieгoglyphs. аftег eating. .. It's always busy and exciting 3 Lucy is ап amazinq artist... . . С|rсuз 5 This building is very old.. you сап епjоу the show. fоr ]unch ]:: up and dance! lt's always геаl|у Iiчёlу. lnclude the words Тhеrе's а ý]mР!О mепu with food frоm countries such as in exercise 4. 3 parents often qo to museums because they iike l\/ly Roman аrt.s. ]t's about З0O-уеаrs-оld. glorious food 49 Ж . it's оп hеr head. CH&LLýýýE! Write а short text about а restaurant Кlпg Tutankhamen watches you while you eat. Use the fo|lowing questions to help Вrltаiп. Ьut ancilёnt wоrld.. уоu'rе eating. and thеrе's usuaIly sOmething you plan your text. реrhарs а saLad ог some soup.. . fish and vegetarian optiOns аге available. А l hеr pictures аrе really new and different.oJse.|гпаl? Not rеаllу! This wаitеr is standing оп his hands! 6 That film is grеаt. 2 l love thatTV show.. 1**i1 2 We аrе пеvеr bored at music club.

Use your notes and plan З Why do реор е celebrate this festlval? to heIp you.spelling . 6 N/y family give too cards too. We buy them too. We country. We eat chocolate eggs to. Нарру New Yеагl Wе'rе сеlеЬrаtiпg Chinese New yеаг at the moment. we have а special meal with оuг family.. lt's got mопеу and sweets in it 4 What do реорiе do at this festival? . Ве9iп your email with Неl/о/. ]i: 4 We make decorations. 2 ls ап email to а friend fоrmаl оr informai ? 1 l t€€ visit mу cousins too. too. Wгitе to mе about one of уоuг festivals. Answer the midnlght. Use Jian's dance. eat tгаditiопаl food. in brackets. We often have а dгаgоп е ý Рý. ?ask Write а description of а festival in your On New Yеаr's Eve.о Food.l. 2 l a]so like also buying the presents. we сеlеьгаtе in the fiгst month The boys send the 9ir s Valentine's's а ргеsепt fгоm оuг рагепts and grапdрагепts. we find а геd З Why do реорlе celebrate this festival? envelope in оuг beds. Writing & dеsсrýрtý*rз gf а fеs&iъяаý 1 Read the email from Jian to Shimi. spirits. lt's mу favourite рагt of the festival! l love chinese New yeal because l like all the email to help you. Hi! or Dеаr . 4 We too аrе bUSy too.. l also give them presents. ]. happens. t tl 1 Do you think Jian knows Shimi? Why / why not? 3 Cross out the word in the wrong position. 5 What kind of food do people eat? We also have а lапtегп festival. lt's а чегу imроrtапt festival fоr Chinese also send the boys cards. Answer the questions. Jian lntroduce the festival and say why people сеiеьrаtе it. HiShimi! Thanks fоr уоuг emaii. We say that the fiгеwогks chase away bad questions and make notes. . ! i] Grandad is always happy when we dance.:. 9rаmmаr ] pU nctUation iпfоrmаl language linking words Гоо and c/so your description of the festival }Р . The girls of sргiпg. gloriousfood . г 4 Rewrite the sentences in bold. Red means firе.lian's favourite part? . We аrе hарру too. реорlе.хп Organize your ideas into ап email. 1 What is the festival? . веfоrе the се]еьгаtiопs stаrt we clean оuг houses. Remember to use the linking words 4 What do реор е do at this festival? foo and o/so. the evening Ьеfоге the New Yeat. 2 When do people сеlеЬrаtе this festival? ný{ri*e Write your email. 5 What kind of food do реорlе eat? 6 What clothes do реорlе wеаr? Ж flheck Check the following points: 7 What is. . 2 When do people celebrate this festival? When we wake up on New Yеаr's Day. Тhеrе аге mапу lights 6 Why do you like it? апd lапtегпs. This s а tгаditiоп -we аrе cleaning away allthe bad thi ngs. . 1 Му parents give me mу Christmas presents ai:=- breakfast. Нарру New YеагI З The children in mу family a]so аrе also vеrу -. We also wеаг rеd clothes. . tгaditions апd l like being with mу family. Describe the festival and write about what 2 Read the email again. Answer the aIsa questions. so we say that оuг геd clothes also help chase away evil 1 What festival do you want to describe? spirits. because we think about пеw beginnings at the start of а new yeat. lt's beautiful.. lnclude an орепiпg sепtепсе: How аrе you? / Take саге Thanks for your еmоil. Use the linking wоrп. = 5 Му mum also sinqs also. _ . / l hopeyou are well. We send Easter саrds. We usually have fiгеwогks at ýdeas Choose а festival you like. Finish with Take соrе / Lots of love / Best wtshes.

.... vegetables today. . 2 | have some prolэlems with this.. .. .. ' .. З The shop hasn't got... mапу апd а lot оf . . 1 ]ike choco]ate and l like ice сrеаm... 1.е ап example of the followin9 types а adairyproduct Ь avegetable с afruit d ahealthycarbohydrate .. ...... 2 ]lve three examples of а compound поuп. l сап оrdеr food in а restaurant.. 2 Rob sings.. .. 6 Complete the sentences with some оr апу. talk about different types of food..... З Whyisita idea to make а word web? _rl make а 4 .../ also. too.. lcan use linking words of addition.../hat is а fruitarian? _зr understand text about 5 Аrе the following поuпs countab|e оr uncountable? а fruit Ь apple с food d egg :r identiýz countable and uncountable nouns... 2 How .1countable поuпs.ects оп the diппеr tab е. а .....уоghuгt and. З l can do this well.ectlves to describe the following: а snakes Ь ice сrеаm с hip hop music l can use opinion adjectives. Give yourself а mark from 1 to З.with countable and uncountable nouns. 'l5 Write three sentences about а festival iп your соuпtrу. apples сап talk about food usi 'l1 Complete the sentences with с little апd о few. 10 Complete the food quantities.. .. peaches. _. USe compound nouns. 12 Give ad. ... mапу and с lorof with countabie and .. . 7 Complete the sentences with muсh.. 1З Give two phrases fоr ordering food.. ... . ... 1 Dad eats. сап understand а text аlэоut traditional food... sandwiches wou]d you like? .... crisps Ь milk с . Read l-15 and evaluate your lеаrпiпg iп U nit 5.. fruit every day. Progress check Unit 5 51 ý . but there isn't _эп use some апd слу with countable and uncountable nouns. :ап USe . Can ] have . l сап write about а festival. Progress cl How сап you improve? 1 l can't do this. 9 Name three things you use when you have yout maln соursе сап identily ob.. 'l4 Choose the соrгесt words. 8 Name thrее traditional foods from the uk.... Не also / too plays the 9uitar. please? ] сап use а little апd с fеи. Тhеrе аrе potatoes.

rucksack sanda s . so our team i5 (comp|ete /ktnd /fair) 7 He's vеrу . department stot. Next. they go to the 7 with lots of different shops in it.. Не likes wеаriпg jeans. Then complete the sentences. Use 1 buy trainers and clothes for exercise. Не doesn't like anything (complete / to]erant / formal) ж!ýi 8 Jasmine doesn't share hеr sweets with hеr Ьrоthеr &Ж Shops She's .::l butcher's boots cardlgan ."Цrтз*gэ**г'* to buy some flsh..соа+ dress hat jacket..ý.]]':l.'@ . (happy / fair / expensive) 12 3 Кеllу isn't nice. So this place is good fог ечегуопе. З talk to solr. tops and.....].. so they go to the ..e newsa9ent's. l'm vеrу ! 14 (fashionable / lucky / fгiепdlу) 15 5 Му dad likes meetings. so I fee .. (toleraпt / fаirl соrrесt) 1l 2 Му friепd goes to а different schooi now.:]]]]]:]l]]]]]ýi|lý]Ж:W]] VосаЬчlаrу Жежrýзя ýъ8ъ&ý ý @ &Ж Clothes and accessories Complete the text with the words below. Fiгst they stop at the 1 {. the family decides to go to ОхГоrd. So.jumpers \\9f post office Do you рrеfеr to buy things оп the iпtеrпеt? Why / 7 go shopping outside sports shop why not? Ж sz Materialworld . . to buy something fоr lunch. She's 4 rеаl у (important / lriend у / iucky) 4 l've got three exams today.. а Вгitlsh famiiy walks to ... Тhеу'ге huпgгу but they don'L wanL Lo go to а геstаuгапL.ll. The рагепts lil<e to the Satuгday newspapeгs.. :ýrе€nQroС€r's.leone about уоur health l .. ý tabel the pictures with the words below. ýwж&жrýжý ъяwжrýж iiii:]i. the mоthег goes with hег son to buy some vegetables at the 2 . She doesn't talk to оthеr people.sаndwiсhshop. r :! C}"{l&LLýý\ýýýý Write а short text about shopping. neck асе . (kind / imроrtапt / patient) Х Match activities 1-7 to shops a-g.ж. clothes shop How often do you go to the shops? 4 send а etter оr раrсеl l а market What аrе уоur favourite shops? Why? 5 find something to read { е рhопе shop Do you buy lots of things. ЖЖЖ Negative prefixes ф Choose the correct adjective in brackets and make it negative.]]i&ý:]]i]:]:l. sсаrf l shirt shorts lп а small village пеаг ОхГоrd. (fоrmаl / complete / important) 7 16 6 ]osh can't р ау basketba J today..i]].l Ьаkеr's . they go intoа6. or do you just look at things? 6 buy jeans. skiгt socks tights trаiпеrs trousers thеiг local shops...... jumреr . .. 'l don't ]ike maths tests. because they don't want апу meat today The fаthег and thеiг daughters buy some Ьгеаd at the а.s аrе often i*4qэrr*1. Му answe]. . Next.ead Next. а bookshop уочr answers to the following questions to help you 2 talk about the cost of text messaqes ] Ь сhеmistЪ plan your text. They wali< past the З.]iil]]:i:]].

. . Do we ff&i fiД&е.rt foэl1 *1tЗФ|..4y Ьrоthеr's rеаl у 9ood at maths. .. but it is Which comparative adjective in each 9rочр has got detlnltely . (cheap / thin).. itrlnл rт.. Тhеп complete the text with the comparative forms of the adjectives. 2 Не en ista] еrthan ]асоь but shorterthanТоm Llecause ther. . Fаir Trade cIothes аrе 6 safe big (long / difficult) to find..esTi^g FаirТrаdе products such as coffee. (exciting / low) than in Еurоре IоlеlопL оr the USA. Can you put them in уоur bag? t's than miпе.. get пluсh mопеу... Use the comparative form of the adjectives below and your ( еоrgо ou. make clothes iп these countries.l convenien1llt*Tg g. Не ioves driving fast.i .t t 7. l Read the clues below.rpensive S'' Adam Неlеп . . Tigt* i* !hiпn* th. Э Write the comparative forms of the adjectives. t.. ....1 r Fel^. Write five comparative sentences.r own ideas.. chocolate and sugar 5 Ьаd 'dl аrе рорulаr and а lot of supermarkets have got them WeL 7.W & 1еъ._ Ё_:.. Some people want this to сhапgе bq (busy / important) to рау They thinl< its 5 З noisy. rgood / popularr lool< at 2 my shoes / smal / your shoes the cIothes.r do це рrеlеr in<. оп their shelves.So. Horvever sоmе designers аrе cl Qe now 8 (interested i big) iп Fаir Trade. а different spelling rule? The cost of mal<ing clothes in these . clothing. China and lndia. Тhеп label the people iп the photo. cheap..'!1W ld ý А Complete the sentences with the comparative form of the adjectives below. lt's than studying at school 5 think Polly's qot а ot of гпопеу. r. but shоrtеr than Adam.. days.аrе made in countries like l... That's often lэecause workers don't 2 quick. Ь11 ***t i* 1**1tl.. unusua.] 3 Тоm is shоrtеr than ]апе but taller than Неlеп.. cheap clothes and we сап hаче them.E*ý. ] . bad lэrg fashronalэleф]+ quiet 1 Dan drives t{"xi.._] ъ. 'n Le.vorkers а fair рriсе than to have cheap clothes. lt рrоЬаЬlу isn't (good / interesting) to*ti].& Iike 1 ý]trf.. So.- д* L:r@" #ъ Grammar €уЬ*r ж &ý*къdхеу "ý& ý . 2 lcan't put а 1these books iп mу bag. Неr clothes аrе а Way5 than miпе 5 Choose the correct adjective in brackets. (good / friendly) lives. This is butl called Fair Trade апd it heIps workers have 4easy.ll'np clothing..lilv*r1!**1 lэusy . .. iT. Materialworld 53 ж . 3 l\.. t}:*:} countries is аррrохimаtеlу 25'lо 1l..'.]асоЬ Jane Tonr clothes? The ansrver is obvious! We love 1 Jane is tа]lеr than Тоm. and important fashion events have Fair Тrаdе shows. lэig cheap fashionable good long short Nik's clothes / unusual / Gemma's clothes smal thin i'T* g*! * btr*lк ***t **d * Ь1**jаr"К*}. l'm notl i always 9et marks in maths exams than him 4 l рrеfеr studying in the liЬrаrу because there isn't а ]ot of noise.. good.J . have а 10. it's 9.1 j*e.. next time уоu'rе shopping.Xa than ]\4aria...s (expensive / smaII) а& -F ýr ai ь . r*ýy Fr*d* Most of us like buying new clothes. shopping опliпе / convenient / gorng to the shops (! C}*&LLýý{&ý3 Соmраrе two of your items of y'oLI . (far / easy) to find Fair Trade 1 Tina / lhtп / hеr sister than some уеаrs аgо. These ý Write comparative sentences. good ' ..

it's thc pop-up 2 l sometimes go to sales / credit cards if there rs а iэi9 mall iп the world. 5 Thls jacket is а sale / bargain . Across 3 When you shop in the USA. get into debt! 1 АФШ/ sale is а good р асе to keep уоur ln Shoreditch. Use the superlative form of the adjectives. 6 The department Store iS (fa0 shop from mу house.. There's а пеw type of shop in town .... Ье careful . designers in the 2 Choose the correct words to complete the world at some pop-ups. реорlе who like original ldeas.1 rтobile рlrоmе. Not aIl pop-ups offer discounts..the pop-up. VосаЬчlаrу and grammar Black Fridау ll ffi Sbopping lI 1 Complete the crossword. Describe why you like them. 1О Young апd old people сап usually get this on the ý Complete the text with the superlative form of the adjectives below. (busy) day to go shopping. FасеЬооЕ att ths timg. 5 easy / subject at school / is .. З&е rп*_рt . So... . Use опе оr more superlatives for each item. discount .аýJgе i ugе.. . lateci (late) fashion. З good / shop in our town / iS . of pop-ups . 2 Whеп something is 50% сhеареr..9ood .The ' _qхз*_tttв} amount of time these shops stay shops sell things at а сhеареr рriсе than usual. The 5 Shops often have these in .. frr* .. things. there's а large collection consumers / dollars. 1 lVly cousin always buys ih*... lt's sater than using а bank саrd.. рrlсе of а train and bus tickets. 4 i\4еп саrrу their mопеу iп this. . convenlent lexpenslve . 6 Sоmеопе who buys something is this. ореп is about а day.Jапuаrу and July. 4 Write уочr opinions.they're probably 7 This is something you buy fоr а vеrу good рriсе.о Material world . but sometimes it's longer. These shops are really different . 2 unusuaI / thing / l / have got / is . it's the 4 l don't use а credit card / dolIars. London.don't sentences.рiзри{аr . way of going shopping. because because the store collects iпfоrmаtiоп about their you don't always find what you want. 1 рорulаr / sport / iп my class / is . з (bad) problenr for а lot ot consumers is debt 4 (important) thing iп mу Ьа9 is my's ha|f price / а debt! 6 сHALLENGE! Thinkoffive itemsof cIothing or gadgets that you really like. because l don't way to shop! want to have problems with discounts / ciebt. 5 (cheap) items аrе not always (9ood). half price..... l }ovo m. bg. Ье€.gppyt itl rn1 týр1* l* f*otbal!.. it is this. 2 Saturday is.J'il.. They don't stay in one place for а lоп9 time. u nusua l Down 1 This is something you buy. 8 People often use this when they shop опliпе. tt"g the cýoat ýgcfu!! ttзiпg { lrav&. You can buy clothes from the .short. 3 complete the sentences with the superlative form of the adjectives in brackets. you use these to buy о . Going shopping at pop-ups isn't the З On iпе stores know what wallets / consumers buy. 2 the shops in townI 9 People have problems with this whеп they spend more гпопеу than they've got./i. But for purchases u bargains. .

. 6 lcan't . 4 'Dad. ... . Where's the сhапgiпg rооm? l want to..оп . but easiet to use. ]. dor t you them iп your lэеdrооm?' Read the dialogues and choose the best responses.. . the changing rооm is over .l... l сап do а l the same things with it.опtrоls. . wel . so we сап ail play at the same time. 12 'M.08 Listen to the dialogues. pIease? Ь Тhеу'rе at the back ofthe shop. u niform before breakfast.. Сап 1 try them оп? 8 Wl-en you .'... cio up . l don't take mу рhопе 6 She buys а сhеареr jacket instead. . 4 . . please? с 5ize Зб. thегр.take off ]. . Can l help you? yoUr coat? Customer а Oh well. please? . 4 The giгl likes the pink jacket.l you mу dress 4 Customer Do they come iп different colours? at the friends often соmе round and . l use it to listen 5 The prnk jacket is iп the saIe.. r зрtор * МРЗ рlауеr в Lablet l Му parents use а рYР. 8 ' hey ro too )1-"d З i can't reach the zip. . She reads . 6 Dads doesn't like my tablet оr smartphone. . plus l сап take photos because it's qot а саmеrа. look for put away. lt's hеаviеr. . т play gdmes оп the .ОВ Study the sentences. l Complete the sentences with the words below... эrk.. l've got five .l 3 Oh. р ease? а CHA|_I-ENGE! Write а dialogue between а customer and а sales assistant. scarf frоm the drawer. .. we've got these ones hеrе. zip up . Сап you help me? Ь Yes. . Why don't you 1 Assistant Hello. сап you put them in the washing mасhiпе. ]'m afraid not. . to watch films. уоur clothes iп your chest of drawers.. . 9 Yоur rооm is so untidy. Listе п iп g:.. lt's iп the sale.... 7 l always . с Сап l try the qtееп оrlе5 оп. trY 5 How much do they cost? sý . it fоr me 9 'l . 7 N/y is always in my Ьа9. .... undo .рпртgr. these trousers Ьеfоrе l Ьuч them. unzip put оп ...... 2 Customer They're сооl. l'm 1ooking for а hat.. She doesn't use а tablet оr а laptop. З. . ] can't make рhопе calls 1 The Ьоу tries оп some yellow trainers. where аrе my t[ainers?' ' don't know! Why 10 The changing rооms аrе over thеrе. my school с Great. my necklace.e are you? take back .жж -. ]'ll take them. but his iS Ьеttеr. .. please.. 6 Do you need any help? 2 lalways clothes to the 7 Have you got а smal еr slze? shop if there's something wrong with them. his .. р'*Ч: g***T*P# l:ry ýж. 1 Cou]d l see the pink опе.. l']l take it. with hег оп the train to . Nеvеr mind then. . isbetter than mу laptop... but l рrеfеr to watch films online оr on mу рhопе. с Of course. . ý З. with it thoughl 2 The trаiпегs are too small..эоut three books еvеrу weekl З -'iеr school.take out . . Materialworld 55 П . 4 Do they come in different colours? . Сап you . . Are the Sentences r :аmеrа ж DV}р{ауеr g* е-rеаdеr ж games console true (Т) or false (F)? Correct the false ones. 'l0 l've got а bigger wаrdrоЬе. 2 What .. your clothes. 5Му . Ь The pink опе is lovely.i. 11 Can уо... lt's got mоrе space in it to 3 Customer How much is this shirt? my clothes. please?' Assistant а No.:. -1 :am's 5martphone is great fоr taking photos. Complete the sentences with the verbs below.50. пеvеr mind then. Assistant а Well.. оr tablet to schooi. Write ( (customer) or S (sales assistant). . Please . 2 Mum takes hеr. Assistant а They аrе lЗ2.. to muslc оп mу way to school. 5 lt's cold. . hang up_ tr).l my hat and Ь lt'S 1]7. Listen again and tick the phrases that you hear. Не prefers 3 The Ьоу buys the traIners iп а smaller size. . ca.

ls with friends.ýхýy. s Cirls are usually mоrе interested in their 1 Big businesses аrе interested in tеепа9еr сопsumеrs. 1 А new type of mопеу fоr teenagers 2 ГЬе то.... ж so Materialworld . . :.ýy.ljQe'x.'i. Boys usually spend their mопеу on hоmе 4 Girls and boys аrе into spending money оп entertalnment (such aS the most рорulаr socializing. This isn't only 2 Match headings А-F to paragraphs ]-4..... and make. British teena. lo соmрut€r game) and gadgets.". 3 Boys usually buy the most ехрепsivе computer ga гпеS. All teens spe]_: 5 Al] British teenagers wоrk at the weekends. on their socia1 1ives.й. Е Why do реорlе like free things? . so they can keep rn touch 8 А lot of teenagers have parents who wоrk iп а bank.-L to spend money on things they want and :__. 1 (vеrЬ)tо keep mопеу so it can Ье used later 9av9 2 (vеrЬ) communicate З (noun) an amount of mопеу to buy what you want (поuп) famous паmеs оr labels that аrе linked to . { -. З What do you think the title The tееп роuпd means? Read the text and choose the correct answer.up.. 2 Girls spend mоrе money оп thelr Jooks than boys. }uýЖw -W"W -"** Pfl- я.".ж-* . It's probably cheaper than 4 Match the highIighted words going out and it's important to know what in the text to definitions 1-9." ... 1atest smartphones."ini.lё) оеор е 9ive t9IQQ. It's also the money they spend on d_: 7 А lot of teenagers have credit cards. So they often buy сlс __." u. F Whеrе does the mопеу соmе frоm? thlngs big CoЙpanies want to sell theml ý Are the sentences true (Т) or false (F)? Correct the false sentences. .ýя&. such as lipstick and mascara.. ... 3 The mопеу teenagers have and how they spend it. Readi п9 ж". 6 Companies advertise Ьу giving away frее gifts to money they use on activities llke going to t1_= tеепа9е15. certain products 5 (поuп) whеrе уоur mопеу is kept in а bank 6 (vеrlэ) ask someone to ап еvепt оr to do something with you (noun) products you put on your face (noun) а 9rоuр of people iп business who sell things (. ".". арреаrапсе than boys.ý| :g:l : L.". l А How do businesses attract tеепаgеrs? В Do teenagers have рrоЬlеms with debt? С Do teenagers spend mоrе time shopping than studying? D What do teenagers spend their mопеу оп? Like teenagers everywhere. There are two headings that you do not need.

so l need to Some . а ] his mопеу оп gadgets and games _ood. drinks. downloads. :] teenagers..i. they often don't want one).W2Е9:_рР .ý. _ =. .. Не _оr 'free'. ]'m not spending mопеу оп things l don't пееd at the moment. lэy email. The right age. 2 Let's . Ноwеvец What do teenagers in your count[y spend most ot rvhen that happens. everybody iп оur class to the partyl _ _-еir family sometimes give them mопеу 3 l've got а bank because l don't want to :_ iheir birthdays оr оп special occasions keep all mу mопеу at home..enagers to open an acc. so we. such as texts.. or even clothes. like mosT реорlе. . of l]0 а ...... . * ] 5 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words iir exercise 4.оmе adults.|'l'''.ount and save mone)4 5 l want а new bike.rrng mопе)... iý'.чеl. not the product..... mопеу._... Use your answers in exercise б to help you рlап your раrаgrарh. .. Мапу companies glve away things 7 Аlех doesn't spend his mопеу in а сlеvеr way..::I an аfофапее.they ask their parents for more moneyl What type of adverts do you like and dislike? Why? Do . eekend. Some British teens also have 4 Jason's раrепts qive him ап.ап sometimes waste mопеу on things they unimportant things? Why / why not? don't really need or spend too much. .ý?. Some teenagers'parents give рrеfеrs to look паturаl...:.:.. Materialworld 57W . 9 Famous UcJd ) cost а о1 о[ '. ct many Teenagers do.lllll.ol1ow them on а social-networking site..'.ol eV.. ... .. So Ieenagers don't have problems with debt 1ike Answer the questions.. Not really Most teenageIs use cash.. She . Оthеrs invite teenagers to that he doesn't пееd. often еvеrу week or month. . . .. * l. They're too don't buy them because most of the mопеу pays for \ оuпg to have а credit card (and when they are the паmе..ос thinl ооvеrtч 3 о .. 8 N/y cousin ]ives in the USA. Вut.::]. CЖA!_tE'\ýGE! Write а paragraph about your attitude to money and advertising. --<е Christmas. 6 Mum works for а sma l that makes and Зlg brand names spend millions on advertising sells accessories. *'....l ] W^r * l^u nor. Banks encourage week. Teenagers 1 Do you think teenagers spend too much гпопеу оп . they usuаllу go to The Bank their mопеу оп? of Мum and Dad in саfёs or shops..tlagers can have many different ways of 1 iVly sister doesn't use much .

.. exercise 1 to help you.. running.. could they Ье 1. Remember to include positive and expensive than any other shoes you've got. these shoes аrе and main features.. adjectli. Answer the questions and make notes. 4 rel]able 4 Does the reviewer like the gadget? Why / why not? 5 stylish 6 unique 3 complete the review with adjectives from exercise 2 & stuay the highlighted words in the review. Ж Positive and negative adjectives 1 What is the gadget? 2 Use а dictionary to check the meaning of the adjectives below.ytlu can't find them in апу оthеr shoe. write the new words in your vocabulary notebook with an example sentence.. different paraqraphs for different topics aýýl 5s Materialworld ... ll Writing & yewiew в* а gadget ý Read the review... -уоuwапt to wеаr them! They're Paragraph 2: good points also з . 3 рrасtiсаl '. 6 what positive and negative adjectives сап you use Your actions . lnclude the price music louder! what's mоге.-яж. verbs.and they're fiпе in the rain! Paragraph 4: conclusion апd уоur орiпiоп But. оr adverbs? 2 What do you think the words mеап? ý use а dictionary to check your ideas. - МРЗ рlауеr alTeady? Ж Сýз*сk Check the following points: Do you live for technology? Dancing Feet shoes .. .:: ýlЭПiПЭГ keep dancing! :....: spelling are реrfесt! But do you want to save some mопеу? Then put on your 6 old shoes.. Ж ъя. use your dictionary to help you need them when you've got а 5.. dancing .. The latest computer and clothing combination frоm Tech-chic is the new Dancing Feet shoe collection. . 'l How much does it cost? The shoes cost around f100. 1 Do you think the words аrе nounS. Are they positive or negative? 2 what аrе its mаiп features? 1 favourite 2 lrritating 3 ... Use your notes and plan to dance all day? Тhеу'rе рrоЬаЬlу much mоrе to help you.. Answer the questions. .r". ? Do you want Ж 1ffr*tе Write your review.... .таgчg* {зtjýý}ý Ж Т*sЁq Write а review of а gadget. . Тар уоur toe in Ж Рýап Plan your paragraphs. Click уоur heels together and you сап make the Paragraph ]: Describe the gadget... i. And do negative adjectives. Use the review in а certain way and you сап search for а new Inside the shoes is ап 2 what аrе its main features? МР3 рlауеr that you control with уоur feetl 3 What аге its good points? 1 4 What аrе its bad points? Dancing Feet shoes have got some .. Answer the questions.. .. put your .. 5 What is уоur opinion of it? fеаtuгеs . because you сап wear them Paragraph З: bad polnts inside and outside .send to describe it? difTerent signals to уоur eatpiece.. punctUation МРЗ рlауеr in уоur pocket and ::: positive and negative adjectives .. with any пеw words you need. Ж ýde*s Choose а gadget.

'1 Read ]-12 апd evaluate your lеаrпiпg iп Unit 6. Progress check Umit ý How can you improve? 'l з ] can't do this. 4 \rvrite the colr. 'l2 Name thrее good things and three bad things about your l сап write а review. 2 '. That's а sale / bargain! | сап use shopping vocabulary.l descrlbe clothes апd accessories. а cakes Ь meat с vegetables d fish _эr talk about different shops. l сап use а variety of adjectives to express my opinion. Progress check Unit б 59 П . 10 Give responses to these questions.lparative fоrm of the adjectives. 6 choose the соrrесt words.. 1 Rуап / good / 9uitar рlауеr 2 this jacket / smart / iп the shop 3 you / ]isten to / unusual / music l can fоrm superlative ad_jectlves and use the superlative in SentenceS. а put оп Ь do up с put away d zip up 1 сап use verbs to describe actions with clothes. 11 Name thrее positive апd thrее negative adjectives fоr describing something. Smartphones do the same job as а lot of other gadgets. 1 уоur dress / pretty / mу 2 football / рорulаr / rugby :ап соmраrе thi С. 'l Тhеrе's а discount / debt оп this jacket.:ntenceS. can do this well. l can talk ab. 'l Can l trу thегп оп. Write su реrlаtivе sепtепсеs. а cheap Ь big с busy d exciting е good _an fоrm comparative adjectives and use the comparative in . 5 Соmраге the two objects using the comparatlve form of the ad. Give yourself а mаrk frоm to З. 2 l have some problems with thls. '1 "rэпе three itегпs of clothing you wear iп winter апd three IemS you Wear lп SUmmer.. please? 2 Have you got them in а bigger size? l сап use phrases fоr buying clothes. 2 ] don't have а credit card / bargain because l'm too уоuп9 З Two T-shirts for the price of опе. З Цdd ne9ative prefixes to the adjectives.. Wrlte fоuг gadgets it replaces. .ectives.ame the shops where you сап buy the following things.out d]fferent 9 Name the opposite actions. а fair Ь accurate с important d соrrесt :эп USe tive prefixes.

. 2 skate skatter / skater 1 Footlэa]lers hауt e.. 10 When go skateboarding. l а ways wear specia pads Q So. She does а lot of ice-skatinq frоm уоur face / knee. there's а wоrпаfi:} з l think you look rеаilу пiсе when уоur hair is away who comes to see mе.1 'l Head яыýфýЩilffiýý&* 2 Аrm or hand Leg or foot h.l iп these lэoots..l need to make my 3 Choose the correct spelling of the почпs. 'l l'm hungry MryffiY chest is making а lot of А Реорlе соmе to me and l suggest sports and exercises that аге good for them.. . ýФý *iг*tз* iаgЁ Фэзd *'ir*n1 З play player / playier chai:t n. ] do? 12 i\. face ll.. so she does а lot of running and cycling with mе.e]bow .1r.ýýpýg. . because she А What about being а 7 ? Jogging doesn't ]ike hеr wrist / toes. rаdiо ргоgrаmmе. Often trоusеr5 аrе too short for mе.* ] 1l . stronger than the оthеr..lic}t T* 4 Compete competer / competitor 2 l i'a'91-1gls З D ano Q|ay"r 5 visit visitter / visitor 4 RL].Г. bi. iп the раrk еvеrу weekend is а 9reat way of Josino weight and staying healthy.r. а реrsопаl trаiпеr. ЖЖ поuп suffixe s -er / -or Q l\4aybe that's а good idea . bad face / hip.shеЪ а 9reatI. but l don't do much exercisel What с. * direct5} ruп ý legs * rероrt *t shoulders :* 4<ate аПklе. chest .. how alэout mе? l'm а 6 for this on mу elbows / chest апd face / knees.... neck . 1 always wеаr а hat оп mу hand / head and fi]ms fоrТV She doesn't пееd special ехеrсisеs. lэecause he's got а exercises for the top of his body. j *i+*. А lworkwithafi m5 she гпаkеs lп winter. а scarl around mу neck / hip when go outside she wants to Ье healthy.ь 8 jog jogger / jogor 7 cwi^lrers 8 Тhrоwеrs 60 ltЪ tough! . а bit sma lеr| verb поUп r СЖ&ý-Lý!Чýý! Write а physicaIdescription of the 1 swim ýWlmmeD/ SWlmer people below. .. ald а You don't touch the Ьа with уоur leg / hand whеп Q Who else do you see? you р ау footbail. l work about 40 hоurs а week.***ýi. stomach toe ]:l wгist _#ffi** 1. А Yes. роо1 every mоrпiпg. What do уз.. 4 Centre ofthe body а Today l'm with Sara. becaube 've got а Do you help any other sроrtsmеп оr women? very Iопg arms / legs. 11 l play tennis а lot and one of mу toes / arms is always busy. there's а з . noise! а What type of people do you help? 2 You пееd опg hips / fingers to play the piano. _ 7 lt's dilficu t for my grandad to waik.he 9oes to thc 6 l\4y fingers / ankles аrе wa1. е stomach х swim shoulder . especia ly his а. knee . finger l l+ip.. Use words for parts of the body. fоr example. 7 fight fighter / fightter 6 Spr l о.lq 6 drive driveer / driver 5 StoIo. competitIons . J always know what the time is.lgЬt hеr exercises to make hеr 2..4y sister doesn't Jike wearing sandals. because l wеаr а strопgф иаtсh or n-r leg wrist.iш do iп your job? З Choose the correct words to complete the sentences. but he согпеs to See mе tc _. ý Write parts of the body for each group. Iъ's Ёоuоh! rJ &Ж Partsofthe body 4 Complete the radio interview with the words Ь€lш use the почп form of the verbs...l. А All sorts!This mоrпiпg..

the washing up. 'l ОО / |9р-ац 9rl д\ дlу or er iгq book оr isten to music.З0. уоur bed and you we don't have to / shouldn't wear а uniforп] at оur . StUdent Do we have to go to sleep at ten? Write sentences that are true for you. (рrераrе) 5 load / unload е the саr 6 гпаkе f with the cooking 3 There's а party at Jake's house оп Saturday night. you can't sleep. 4 study/|rепсh 5 get up / еаr|у /оп Sunday 7 {:ж&ý-l-ýр. knifes. tcl . З put plates. ii. 6 lt4arkdoesn't have to / shouldn't leave dirtу р ates in lWo: YoU l to bed at tеп his Ьеdrооm. .lolp a.. с . You latel After Ьr-. so you u п iveгsity.| you . 7 го]р / mу раrепIt .1*.ц jъ.а kfast. but mу раrепts aren't hеrе to make 4 ау / сlеаr d the irопiпg mе dinner. Тhеrе 5 You have to / should take exams Ьеfоrе you qo to are fоur of you iп each room. forks..Cicp... if don't have to. .*. etc into а machine fоr .l . 1 Match verbs 1-8 to nouns a-h. forks. 6 walk / to schoo] Wr]tе two things that you have to do and two things you don't have to do at home.. К f. the tables. Al{ qё 6 put с othes in the garden and bring them back inside oQd'l З Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.:.. don't have to do have to go l. morning Haylands likes tidy rооms. Use should / shouldn't andthe verbs in but you 5 then. knives. г*ЬЬ.ul. We сап wеаr anything we like. etc. the jobs together.1. (qo) Write the jobs next to the сlчеs. should try to sleep should с]еаr shouldn't Ье shouldn't 9et up 5 qlve yoJr 0о9 \оmё е.. you 6..*1з 2 buy some food & Complete the conversation with the phrases below. . . al l-o"Ip What two things shou d you do to he р mоrе? What shouldn't you do? lt'stough! 61W| ... 1 've got а science exam пехt week. r0 lэut you . but it's very walk the dog expensive and ] haven't got а lot of mопеу (buy) 'l put thIngs you don't want outside for someone to .. your rооm еVеrу school. lt's disgusting1 o'clock еvеrу night. з load and unload / dish"robler 'il ^р ro .... Ьеfоrе seven o'clock 2 wash / the саr / оп Saturday at 7.* trъýж }& & &*ý ý Housework Write some advice for the problems.*::.. (tell) hang out / bring iп the washing load the dishwasher .эr . bowls.iti tыйkе us to а rеstаurапt. Ьу hand . 'l We have to ZФit bave-tbhelp with the cooking lэесаusе Dad w.. take-€t+tt]+e-rt+фБh 5 Тhеrе's а new mobile phone and l want it. Неr пеw clothes аrе do the shopping do the washlng up hоrгiЬ]е. have to tidy should do l should rеаd 4 с ean plates. Sometimes I\4um has to / doesn't have to wоrk at teLl you the One: You the weekends because she's а doctor in the hospita l hаv*. 'm wоrriеd alэout 1 do а the tab е it (StUdy) 2 hep Ь your bedroom }. . have to mаkе wcth'nq. Use have to / Teacher No. ýчiж VосаЬчlаrу and grammar Ж*ер ý& gýежgъý .ýýýý Think about what you do at home and answer the questions for you. *e*r.trч . со ]ect эФхg *шt ihe. She should / shouldn't do somp. 2 Alice isn't very hea thy at the mоmепt. but 7 tidy g the flооr my mum's birthday too and she wants to go to It's а 8 wash h the washing machine restau[ant with the fаm]lч. Three:You } d*л'1 &4т* 9* d* h*эвgl. . 4 think Sаrаh looks tеrriЬlе today.fч *yfl*iý*.e.".! з hооvеr the lэed 2 1'mrеаllу hunqry.

. Че 6 а worker оп the . а vеrу гiсh woman with а lot of maybe only the alphabet and some пumЬегs.. l call Ьемееп the uк and the usА. Маrсопi sends the first radio signal 1 /яъ ] across the Atlantic lt'b happy /ФýsФtо drive when you аrе tired. 1ll ::..r. 6 Реорlе cou|d communicate quickly асrоss the Atlantic Ьеfоrе ]900.t Lhey 7 both iп the same home wth а tutot: lifeboat. _]ФWs}]{ _. 1 п ]9З0. but Some сhildгеп rswas / wеге / wasn't at Ьоагd ng schoo . .. mаrk homework and teach.. 1 weli + . 5 Study the factfile. . . so l'm going to bed. 7 сHALLENGE! Think backto2010.What could you do. . Countess Lucy Nоёl Mlartha She 1Зwаs / couldnt / wasn't teach them а lot оf th ngs.rl!lil.. ж. wеrеп't / could ц ritе оп. l9З9: Опе ofthe first раssепgеr аеrорlапеs because we have а lot of fun. lnstead these роог chi dгеп 7wеrепt / wеге / could wогl<егs in Ъсtоr es.fuq.. It at the cinema. l image from the USA to Еurоре. it r0.i. РгоЬаЬlу the most imрогtапt'gаdgеt'fог а l9'h сепtuгу school chi d зwаs / wеге / wasnt а slate а Ьlасkьоагd the сhiidгеп оwеrе . (riсh) 2 ln ]900. l-е 5 .. Are the sentences true (Т) оr false dangerous ill . Europeans could watch TV images frоm the USA. Great Wеstеrп. Jim No. people couldn't trаvеl across the Atlantic Ьу sh : 2 (lazy) З Before 1901. t 8could / wasn't / couldn't all bad fог роог ch 1dгеп. 5 safe * З sad* i tВЗВ.. Amy ' &{9r_а_ you at home last night? rowеге These / wasn't / was schools in people's houses. Thomas Wllliam Jones. 5 (sad) 5 Аftеr 19б2.. 2 Some families аrе vеrу poor /lazy. or not do? Use the ideas below or your own ideas. lt swas / could / wеге impossible fог some сhiidгеп to go to school. mопеу. { 2 .. Vocabulary and grammar The first T}Tanksgývimg W.._ _ _ _. oppos te to her. wаlп't or weren' . Аmу Yes.. 4 Complete the conversation with иrсs... trlепdS.. Europeans could make tеJерhопе calls to tl. 3 l am usuaIly ill / happy when l'm with mу friends. they . were. . lt can саrry 200 people... . i lSOl. реорlе couldn't send radio signa s across з (i]) the Atlantic. (F)? Correct the false ones. ffi Opposite adjectives Х Match the opposite adjectives to the words below. they 2couldn't / wasn't / wеrеп't fu|1 оf соmрutегs ll<е they аrе today.. Lucy and Thomas 8 Vеrу different... Choose the correct adjectives to complete the sentences. rich at all.. _.'. USA. Why? rtcouldn't / wеге / wasn't easy fог the tеасhег hег Аmу There was а gleat plogramme about the Пfслiс house 12wasnt / couldn't / was full оf noisy сhi|dгепl оп TV.hard-working-. WýWre*""_" But.. The mап. 4 lazy + . .Х . was the Life 1acouldnt / could / was diffеrепt fог гiсh сhi]dгеп. dance ж play *я read :ж ridе а bike *к swim *ж write 0z lt'stough! ||ý . 1 Му ЬgоJýg... often а woman.They haven't got i tgZ6: Ъlерhопе engineers make а telephone much mопеу and the children have to work. .. опе of the wor|d's first I steamships.' . Otheгs 16could / wasn't / wеге have thеiг essons at ship.= Write sentences with the adjectives in brackets. I Tiansatlantic crossings! __.. but fоr the rest of their Iives.. B. Jim lt sounds rеа|lу interesting.q !1 glc'iзEy !. Of соursе. ..ц m*_. Ьгоthеr and l l\4y Тhеге was usually опе teacher.. 4 Теасhеrs аrе safe / hard-working. crosses the Atlantic. Schools 'was /G_В/ wasnt чегу different in the l9'l' сепtuгу to today.Why? Money.. 4 (safe) 4 Реор е couldn't fiy to the USA before the ]9ЗOs. happy.. quite рооr. Роог families бwегеп't / couldn't / wasn't send thеiг chi]dren to school... flies fгоm the USA to Еurоре. because they have 1962: А satellite sends the first television to рrераrе lessons.. 6 Choose the correct words to complete the text. gcould Some of them / was / wеге go to'Dame schoo s'. i 5 l don't feel very rich / well.. fагms ог гсh people's houses.. 2 рооr + .

. You usually have to take painkillers / Ьurпs.l. Ьеfоrе you 9о and suggestions in the correct order.... ... l\4um says she's qot а headache / Ьurп because my music is vеrу loud.". hayfever noseb]eed . Do you feel sick? . Have you got а tever? help mе feel better. Dad's got the flu / а cut frоm а knife.О9 Listen again and complete НеlепЪ responses.l. 4 Sit down!You ...]] а Stomach ache. ].. Shivery te.. . CHAL!-ENбE! lmagine that you are He|en's mother or father.. l think he . sick |'ve got а .. .. З Dad is sneezing а lot today. l .а blocked nose No.. |'ve got а virus. а tеmреrаturе 2 What's the рrоЬlеm? . injection. so l'm looking 2 She's got the flu... Have you got а fever? 2 have got I а Ьr*Кевз зrш 1 think you should go home and go to bed...... so l've got solr. 3 She doesn't like antibiotics. you are worried about her.09 Listen again and order DуlапЪ questions bhoulo have а. medicine....What's the рrоЬlеm? ffi Health problems '"' 3... .. . frоm the chemist's to . . ill . 2 Complete the advice with the words below. а sprained ankle lll.] toothache.. . Babies and сhildrеп have lots of burns / injections to protect them for the rest of their lives.l ..09 Listen to the conversation.i 'l . write а conversation between you and Неlеп.. р|аst€г 1 '|'ve 9ot а headachej'You should take а раittglilрr ] 2 '|'ve 9ot а small cut оп my fiпgеrl'Неrе. l don't want to mоvе а lot. put this оп it] 3 'l often trave to countries outside of Еuгореl'Yоu 6 . and get some ... for а plaster / an injection for him... а nosebleed . 3 Put the words in the correct category below." tH.. Yеъ. 1 Аrе you ОК? . '|'ve got а chest infection]'You should see the dосtоr l think you should go home and go to bed. .. 1 She fee]s sick. l sometimes feei dizzy / ап injection when ] аm I somewhere high up.1.riy'r". . because of those flowers. 4 Complete the sentences with the words below and а suitable verb.]]] painkiller 1 l\4y head is vеrу hot. ' 3..ffipeFatt+Fe. 2 l'm not Stong today.l wеdk and . but it's much worse..There's I can't Speak today because l've got а sore throat / blood оп уоur face.. а .. Perhaps l need some plasters / antibiotics.1 medicine pff]*]rr€{. 5 ]'You shou]d put оп а need some medicine / bandage because mу warm jumperl cough / antibiotics is rеаllу bad l can't sleep at ni9ht.. ' 3. . l'm not. lt's tough! 63 Е . .: Uпwеll l:. .hay fever. ý ..... а bruise . to mе.. . ..le . l can't take antibiotics... l think ] _ч_t gtl_t u '6йnЬ 2 о wd)zs burif*йЁ6Ёwlen the.e's а dog or td| пеа" {9:. ...l. What does That's а bad cold / Ьurп. You should put а bandage / Dylan think is the problem with Helen? painkiller on it.ll: yyg3( '1 Dап сап't walk qЦ[е moment because he's got а . 10 А sneeze / The flu is similar to а cold / plaster. ....1*роrqtиlв_ . feel З Do you feel sick? No.. ' Choose the correct words to complete the sentences. banda9e. shively.. Аrе you ОК? 6 'l\4y knee hurts when l ruпl'Whу don't you put а l think you should see а doctor.. . antiiэiotics..

F Doctors wore special clothes. а lеесh on уоцr skin. (476-|45J) was чеrу limiгеd. ridicu ols. 1 skin 2 blood щ 3 tooth / teeth 4 operation 5 ЬаrЬеr. Реор е often died after operations because thеrе Weren't апу Ф Skin pioblёiiil: Put wоlf skin on thе bad тhеrе were some bad ideas fоr treating plague. they cou d put 15 tоuсh а dead mапЪ tooth. . Match summary sentences А-F to А paragraphs 1-4.. @ Fечеr: Eat spiders. Тhеп write the words. These wоmсп . awful ý Ьь--:Тi. so that the 'bad' Ь рut 'l Doctors wеrе ё}l]t::i. Instead ЬаrЬеrs апd Ыасksmiths could do operations.:. 6 blacksmith 7 plaque 8 swellings 1 Read the text. people couldnt ра).:.ег.. Тhсr.e out (noun)jobs @ Operations wеrе hоrrifiс. оп their Skin..Reading Medierлal medicine ЁП Before you read.o. С _ Doctors weren't interested in doing operations. wise wоmепъ treatments: Complete the sentences with information from the Ф Fоr general illness: Make cuts оп уоur Ьос-.ective) si у. Death was idmлаon .. t 2 (noun)links 3 (adjectlve) not good. There are two sentences that you ý Medical knowledge in Е. 8 (verb) like оr Ье attracted to Ьесаusе thеу could цsе thеir knives and tools. Е Medieval medicine was dangerous and didn't often - medicines were ýýýlýý and some wеrе so da:_. thаr people could die. (noun) amount of mопеу wеrе по special dосtогs to do thеsе asks.. stupid 64 ItЪ tough! . do. 'l0 (ad. So thе ЫасksmitЬЪ оr thе ЬаrЬеr's was the рlасе to чо 9 (noun) issues 25 with а bad tooth. В We сап use some ideas from the past. 2о inгections. do not need.thеrе wеrе оfгс:.о-..urоре irr med. such as leeches and Match the highlighted words in the text to definitions ý 1-'l0. text. .ý 'l (adjective)terrible. Тhеге rr. Неге аге . . Use your оwп words if possible. people couldn't go to them. fоr гiсh people and they wеrеп't чеrу gooc. Ьесацsе thеrе were по antibiotics. - D А few treatments wеrе sensible. There are two definitions that you do not need. Fоr Lr() .. оr worse . ffi а translation and ап example sentence iп your vocabulary books. so d lol ОI comes otlt. work. Doctors today sоmеtiгпеs use ideas frоm medievaJ times. . in medieval times..ii& . use your dictionary to find the meaning of these words. with по use (adjective) without mапу options sпаll creatures sh-iп to tah. Ф Тооthасhе: Вurп а candle rrear thе bad 2 lf someone wasn't well.-. thеrе was thе wise wоmап.. а doctor's fееs. make nredicines Гrоm plants and animals| ]. аlthоцgh thеу wеrе usu: А Operations wеrе vеrу basic and dangerous. Тhеге wеrе по (adjective) поrmаl painkillers. such aS .

6 lt/y uncle is а film director.. Ноwечеr. Fоr them. Ьur rhеrе аге connections ro the past. And. . the journey was CHALLENGE! Study the information in the table about Islamic medicine in medieval times.thеrе was опlу tennis and аеrоЬiсs. lslamic special doctors doctors who do understand how operations? the human body wогks. afte rnoon ? 4 The activities at the sports centre wеrе { r ц-{ Ф Cut ореп thе swellings. аrе ill. . successful? аrе. understand how to make реорlе s еер while @ Mod. seem sепsiЫеl 2 need to рау fоr mу music lessons. Doctors the паsh to protect the lосtоr Jrоп Ьй sпells.. Тhеу аrе especially hеlрful аftеr сегtаiп infections? alcohol to ореrаtiопs. ln medleva! f!fi]e*. З Do you . Some оf thоsе plants wеrе fачоuritеs in Do people Not always. I'm . l*l. Тhеп write sentences comparing the two. ý Вut not all medieval medicine was dапgеrоus.. Colds аrе very 8 The flrst people оп the boat from Епglапd to Аmеriса were very ill. you can playl Ьut some аrепi bad . аrе very high.*at гiсh ресэрiо" ltЪtочgh! 65I .ъ.. Э Со го bed.зrвi* ci**torg tгяаt everlb*d. НеЪ got With а lot of famous people.learr. such as fish. . fоr example. 1 ' сап't р ау football today because it's cold]'That's I You should put а jumреr on апd then \Iost оГthеsе tгеаtmепts Гоr plague аrе попsепsе. What do plants doctors make medicines from? Are there yes.t ч9 clean cuts and can lеагп Гrоm medieval medicine.*п do*t*r* *trl1 tr. lslamic European medicine medicine who do doctors doctors treat treat? everybody гiсh and рооr э-хоw. at mUSic.rn medicine is obviously very different. . Ьуопе fапry а stop infections d u riпg spider sandwich? МауЬе not! operations. @ Clean the rоаd outside tbe ill реrsопЪ house. Тhеу'rе expensive . suffer with Doctors use use leeches. . Today they have ап scientists study plants thаt сап belp us whеп we орегаtiоп. реrhарs thаtЪ thе mos.5*&фF.1о medieval times. '-}*ý*g!:&*. ll ibn 5 Complete the sentences with the words in exercise 4.g" Ьut ý*r*р*.. fruit and vegetaЫes. . Eat Ыеаd.going to bed and keeping . 5 l can't sing оr play а musical instrument. Are operations They often Я Jhere iere fulters ай herbs iпsile plague loctor.Е. Complete the table with information from the text about European medicine in medieval times.the./ Ф Don't eat food thаt smeIls bad. some mоdеrп treatments ечеп . 7 А lot of people have а cold iп wiпtеr. mеаt оr cheese. gоiпg swimming this Ф \fаsh thе body with чiпеgаr.

TheiT i. Тhiэ i5 wrопg. stop and choose уоur best ! ntisna doesn't usually do well in exams. ! dоп't wапt дIiьhа to get iпtо troubla.u /i"'. Ii $йýiМ]'*:r. 3 Complete the reply with the words Ьеlоw..::i:ri.ýý 1. Alisha is doing.r:]r:]]irl include language for making suggestions and .]*|1. 2 Read RчthЪ letter and tick the problems below. It's \мrопg..' h . Дlishа. 2 start with а sentence that shows you understand the problem. оr опе оr two ! Rtisna isn't doing hеr own work words.. Bttt shouldn't/ unkind / Ье /you / hеr / la mу parents don't want to go out if I have а party! They want to stay! They don't want mу friends to Ьrеаk things in the house.:tс:.. but mу friends afen't bad реорlе. this to hеr. Remember to :ýёri:&f th::]:]]]. Use the letter in exercise 3 to help you.r. butyou а. paTents go out for the evening and it's gfeat to use their house fоr а party.". Best wishes Katy F*:. Use your notes and plan to help you. l.r.- giving advice. I want to have the party at home .LJZi"'i y". ltъtочgh! .-. ideas.. you сап suggest |] she talks to а teacher. advice.: ::ýfirý ir Ф'ifi: f.:*йý:й:пlа .. ! Пutn wants to сору Alisha ý р|аm Follow the instructions to plan your letter of I Rtisna doesn't think she сап do hеr school work advice. ж couId ж perhaps ж shouldn't сору ýе should say 4 Finish with а sympathetic sentence.r. 1 Start уоur letter with Dedr and end with Веsr ! Пutrr doesn't want the teachers to know what wishes. ]|]]] ý|']ГППЭl' punCtUation Дisha3 other people's wоrk.*ýjii:. Read the letter from Мах.. Check Check the following points: :]ýýýЬ_МýФ8 .*ý*:ly1]sýa!rýij1*"99F. write notes.u doesn't like Ruth After two minutes. . l аlsо wапl har lo ж ýdgas FoIlow the instructions to brainstorm uпdеrstапd that аhо сап got good mаrка wilhout соруiпg. Thia laar. without mу parents Му friand. Му friапd is worriod аЬоut hоr Help mе!!! ехаms апd Bhe dооsп't thinK Bha с4п gat good mаrкs.. З Write your Suggestions in оrdеr of importance. . ! Rtist. Wе ohouldn't сору.*r9'j']!}!**1.а lot of people at ask / сап / уоur mоthеr / to help / perhaps / yau / ? schoolhave parties in their homes. We just Dear Kat! want to have some frrn.j. 1 talk/you / to / why /yourldon't/sister/ ? It's mу birthday next month and I want to аrrапgе/ could /you /а / meeting /your/with /teacher have а big party with mу friends. Puth Set а time liгпit of two minutes апd write аllуоur advice for the рrоьlеm.. А kind teacher could help Дisha. whal сап l do? 1 What is N/lax's рrоЬ|еm? Write this at the top of hеst wiohee yoUr ра9е. our echool work is mоrе difficull lhап last year.!r... ideas. аlwауs gеts good mаrкs. Don't use full sentences.. Тhis is Best wishes попоопоа! бhо'о raatly сlаvеr! Put поw sha ie соруiпg othor peoplo's uоrк frоm the iпlеrпаt..:l .:: ::l spelling l:. phrases for making suggestions and giving advice This is difficult. Ьосаuье ohe thiпкв it'B botter Мах thап her wоrК.rJ .::: should / shouldn't for advice and have to / dоп'r Everybody has to do their оиm wоrkwhеп they do have to for obligation hоmеwоrk оr].. оur tеасhоrе aro аlwауs tolling ' -|]..'l]i*]]ij!}]Фj ' us lhat wa have to do our оwп wоrК. but I thiпК аhе'э watching us! having sоmа рrоьlоmэ поw. Writing А letter of advice ý wrехтlп** ý&Jýýý tll 1 Put the words in order to make suggestions and give ж Tasýq. w why don't you talk ý ltVrite Write your letter of advice to Мах. write а letter of advice. weIl this year.

. l сап use ссп in past simple sentences.. :an ialk about obllgation using hove to апd dоп't have to. .. two that аr... leq Ь с . Read ]'l4 and evaluate уоur learning iп Unit 7. 7 Write opposite adjectives... . 1 l. а fечеr l сап use illness col1ocations. 5 Write sentences with should оr shouldn't.. .. 'l I/аsоrеthrоаt 2llwell Зl/ l сап talk about illness and 1З Write some advice for the рrоlэlеm: l am unhappy when mу mum is at wоrk in the l сап make sucoestions and qive advice. а Jog Ь design с compete d е ViSit _an сhапgе vеrЬs to .. 1 i/be/trred 2 they/belonaboat З itlnotbe/cold the past simple fоrm of Ье. 'l2 Write sentences describing health problems. iTo'ovo] ] l can't do this. '] ] don't feel well today.. 2 l have some problems with this з сап do this weil. сап understand а text about European settlers in the USA in ]620. 14 Write а letter of advice fоr the рrоЬlеm: N/у friend wants me to 9о out all the time and lt's difficult to do my homework. 1 Bil у can swim. а а. 10 Name а treatment fоr the рrоЬlеms.. 2 l'm worried about my maths exam. .. З Name five 1obs you do at home _an describe housework. and two that аrе above the shou]ders _зп identify parts of the 2 Change the vеrЬs |о еr / or поuпs.. .. а dangerous Ь well с hard-working d рооr i can use antonyms of 8 Write past simpie sепtепсеs. 'l1 Complete the / -оr nouns.. .. Give yourself а mark from l to З. 6 List three рrоЬlеms in Constance Hopkins's diary. . Then give advice. а headache Ь Ьurп с cough l can use vосаЬulаrу about health problems and treatments.. 2 We can't sing very well.^ аге below the shoulders.. Progress \JIlaL J гоW Со1 vor_.. Progress check Unit7 67а . 4 Name two things you have to do in the week and two things you don't have to do at the weekend. . . ... сап useshou/dand 'г to talk about good and lэаd ideas. l сап write а letter of advice. but l've got а swimmiпg lesson. 9 Change the sentences to the past simple.]ame two раrts of the body that below the hips.

.. . because India became independent in 1947..:i. .. When he was 'Do you wапt to wоrk iп рriгпаrу оr secondary schools?' eighteen he went to 1 in London to 7 Andy is interested in designing machines.. lawyer . so he study law. Anima]s should ]ive in their 'l 'Do you want to gci r*зlr!с* when уоu.|hpi" rоПеу. Life ýýсгу ......:. shower and toilet in our house. а first cIass ticket (the most expensive). internet to find the dates for their life events. and Ье а mоthеr..ý. . .. . ll lа balэy . . *&.. todayl . яя..... if you want to Ье а doctor 6 Characters in books and fi]ms ... 'That's political / peaceful / wonderful!We ] done .. Не oves his jobl 9 1t's very sad when people Ь]# Jobs 2 Choose the correct jobs to complete the sentences..rе older?.... Не got 2 was thirteen and his wife had з .i @ý@ýýýrý-ý{*i.ý Vocabulary LifеЪ чр5 and downs . 4 IИу aunt is а scientist / nurse / engineer. Не had bath.. Chandi returned to lndia in 19'l5.: have а ЬаЬу .. but he couldn't sit with the first class passengers ЖЖ Adjective suffixes: -ful апd -at because he was lndian. lt was 1..000 million dollars! l think Раris is а very political/ beautiful. 5 You have to .]li:ia:j::air:rrlrxii... гпаrriеd . .. use the city.. "! Complete the sentences with the life stages below. so he put the in 1В93.. Опе day he was оп а trаiп...ЬоЁt+ . The buildings аrе vеrу attractive. ý . Hegotajobasa5 in south Africa 8 Dad is а plumber / electrician / lawyer. Не was ап аvеrаgе school student and didn't 5 get great mаrks. lt's поt realisticI 7 Тоm wants to Не wants some mопеу. with each other quickly. .ý"q. Frоm this mоmеп| he wanted to change l гпUSlс liiц}tlr! -___: --t 5 beauty . . . Ghandi was а 1 mап . Ап architect / electrician / епgiпееr is putting some new lights in оur house.. 6 'l want to Ье а scientist / builder / teacher' their first son/ а few years later. She's чеrу followed Chandi's idea. bJb пе... ... Thousands of lndians 1 Grасе can sing and play the рiапо. .. wants to Ье ап engineer / waiter / architect опе day..: .. what the British wanted.. successful 4 Claire wants to ... 6 ldon't like zoos.. sink. . lt ý Complete the text with the words below. fi.-*ý*а*ýýж' Jr ]G]_ ffi Шr" stages 4 Mum's саr isn't very powerful / natural / beautiful.].. .. . l don't want а husband] 2 lt's sad when husbands апd wives .hе hated 4 Choose the correct adjectives to complete the fighting. ..... She studies Chandi was 1. Не wanted 4 success 8 politics the British (who controlIed lndia) to leave lndia.. 6 proteSsion 3 nature 7 реасе.... successful / natural / powerful епvirопmепts. the unfair society he lived in and he started to 2 wопdеr . . сап Ье vеrу sad fоr their chi drеп... so l need to take it to the vet / doctor / nurse... 1 You need аф@/ factory worker / lawyer to build оr rераir а house. Не had to sit in third 3 Change the почпs to adjectives. class. die fal in love.. political . Use suffixes -ful or -al. the chemica s iп plants./ musical 6 СНДL1-ВNGЕ! Choose someone you admire and write а timeline of life events for them. 2 Му dog is unwe l.' -"я. !з*gп in lndia in 1В69.. сап't 9о up hills vеrу fast. beautiful /@Z peaceful. 59 Lifestory . 'No. .i. So hе asked people to stop doing sentences. 2 Дчаtоrwаs а very natural / musical/ successful film 3 lt made almost З.рt will.й::. geLJrftafi+ed. go to university ... 19111. get а job 9g1 |ivoГCed .. 5 '|'ve 9ot а рlасе at university|' Ье Ьоrп .iiэýi]]]]i:i]iiý W. peaceful 3 N/y aunt's ЬаЬу could . _.... l admire Mahatma chandi because he 3 An engineer / architect / accountant he ps helped make the world а fаirеr place.жiýж. 8 I\4y grandfather doesn't want to .

Tim Berners_Lee 9... 4 =.-... my grапdmоthеr (make) I Replace the words in bold with past time expressions... :_:эu]аr... ý CHALLENGE! Ask someone from an older 2 . chat.. .\| .l... ln 1969. lt. fyay*}led .. ..iiЁРЪоПi. can't find оur cat. and sevenl (little) (start / study) to study пеW Ways of linking computers.эs епdlпэ п а short vowel and а consonant А big change (use / соmе) in 1989 when .$i йiаi.С.. а clothes for her.they alI ж Easy to use? ý* Exciting? 5 --: раrtу was grеаt.. 6 N/y grandparents comed to stay. .ёiп:*.os ending in ConSonant -у weren't linked... . Ray Tomlinson 3 i was very unhappy before..: decide::: play::l: lеtiге. We..S: )/еаr mу fгiепds and l ..... ARPANET.. 4 6.]:l survive.i ] '. (write) .. yesterday.i. 6 put the verbs in brackets in 1-5 into the past simple. 4 ' '_ Tum was at school between'l980 and 1989. Computer enqineers 2 (want / 6 . ... =. 'l l haved а bad cold. . 6 Monday 19th January 2О14 ..ОrйРU&iýr..}1 в !l эrrt tmi]!@1ry:']':ilrr:i."... 2 July 2004 . _g_ 3 They goed to drаmа club with me. Life story 69 Пl ... . а system that every computer could use to Complete the sentences with the past simple communicate.:]]:@ l..}*iiфj g& *\* ><! Grammar Тýте story r L.iо. ь last weekend 'l We .. (past) 7 Complete the text with the past simple affirmative form ofthe correct verbs in brackets.'Liйii. Ь hеr first email in ]995. З 1Т' / 18th Jапuаrу 20'14 .. 2 Frоm'1900 to 2000. { ry...iл . (think / find) of the World ..:1l +аvеl 'l .ttý ls_q.З0. ап early version of the internet...эре Ьу train. (close / :..nie " to my email оп Nzlonday what they thought of them.OР] endinq iп -е..тý6Oi!а:йё. mапу people . January 2014. .ж Something you used every day? Write а short paragraph. (20th) expensive. They wcre still very expensive and most З . life was hard fоr the wоrkеrs. (write l head а complete the groups with the past simple form of computer programme for sending emails the verbs below..ari]:li:l.iйрбitа... as а big fan of саrtоопs between the ages of three talk) better communication and so they З. generation when they first used computers and з _ -. аrоuпd -. (еаrlу) с а new play at the theatre last weekend. 5 Jапuаrу201З... ... l 2'ln NоvеmЬеr 20]З .|eýeRt 5 Frоm '1995 to'l999 mobile telephones Wеrе Vегу .. wide web . Fоr exampIe. d the day Ьеfоrе yesterday З lп the noughties. эs lucky .....m. Match times and dates 1-6 to time expressions a-f.rреlhаýýlthе]]йПý!.l. Use the words in brackets to hеlр you.. all nightl ж Cheap to buy? . (see) с last уеаr 2 N/y mum .йii}.. (Ьесоmе / арреаr) iп some schools for 2 . . I Frоm 'lBl0 to ]ВЗ0.. 2 The train leaft at 3.::: Stop trу:1 Walk arrive) in the shops and Ьу the early 1980s.. .. Tuesday 20th January 2О14 .'эSt rеguiаr vеrЬs. 5 l singed iп а band.. ýýа@ф Tgn"n &'l.. (think) е но-mеп+hrаgе 4 DVDs .. . sending emails and surfing the net _] ]-:е disaрреаr:::: reply.|'.. hауg . .:. d popular in the late ]99Os.'''''л... (BOs)рз.пt]lёriФljdlhrЙЙ: hift rу. lц _thg.^соmе) f yesterday evening 5 When mу mum was litt|e..... rеаis]lýФеliпфпtiбпdthёfi t. =. 4 Dad weared а uniform to work. American un iversities.%ý. students to use.... computers 6.. ln 1971.. affirmative form of the verbs below. computerS 7 :i.... In the ']990s. (Ь.i1l: l lmagine that today's date is Wednesday 21st 5 correct the mistakes in bold iп the sentences.. а а decade а9о Then match 1-5 to sentence endings а-е. find out if 4 --:i-e was а tеrriЬlе fire. .. there was а lot of political е that mobile phones with cameras were vеrу change..15 p. (late) li. At the end of the ']970s...ep ..iii. communicate. but еVеrуопе iп the building computers Were: .]й.

". because the wоril: kпеw about the problem. /Yes. . look at this newspaper'€BU 1 short story Тhо }lqцп... She died а few уеагs =: _ 7 роеm. / We read Wuthering Heights.. she was 4 non-fiction .лt llчч?l with me 5 choose the correct short answers..] Short Story 1 l always take а rеаllу lопg -л". оп holiday lэecause 1 love readIng storles.з }*:. . с : 3 N/y favourite poet is Sylvia Plath. buy / where / that coat / dtd / уач / ? ll. l often read her news reports апd she wrоtе articles iпTheSunday бnot write Imes.. 2 Write examples for each type of writing. the *оrза. She stayed and reported the story. know about hеr when she was alive? Мum Yes. .. When 4 Put the words in the correct order to make questions.qqtlв<l ihe . Iast night. Маriе 9doesn't / didn't leave.. amazing.. they didn't. lt didn't 6 What novels did you study last tеrm? Yes. didn't know anything about hеr З tiction.. Most of the journalists '.. АаYоu did / Did ус- 8 script . She died iп2012. l 2knowed / 2 article . . Mum What 7do she / did she do? 3 ]ennie visited Edinburgh last summer. She 3 Rewrite the past simple affirmative sentences to didn't write а lot оf details about the politics _- make them negative. b"J. Нег articles were 9reat.. / Hercule Poirot and Miss Маrрlе famous but sad . Did you and your friепds enjoy the рlау last г . before l зrеаd / listened this. цthа! did... l didn't have time. She was in Sri Lanka. didn't 8wanted / want to stay. he diфz Kin9 Lear..рзi:Е this ýФtrýitls. you / who / vtstt / in the holidays / ? 7 CHALLENGE! Write а short раrаgrарh about Mar]e colvin.1* American war .. James That's right. . lп the епd.tsц sr9. l think she was опе of the best 6 play journalists in the world. that happened to оrdiпаrу people in wаr.. article . 4 The film director WaS апgrу because the actors fоrgоt No. James -]. . the fighting. 5 поvеl . 2 wear / grandma / in the l960s / did / mini-skirts / ? someone I rеаllу admire. мum she was. l did. .There wеrе some journalists there. Research her Iife on the internet to find очt more about her. She wrote а vеrу Z WTfrffious characters did Agatha Christie с"-.thqс script about IVаriе Colvin.. lеаrп about rеаl things we saw а fantastic .. l didn't. too.ite poems? 2 l рrеfеr stories to facts so l like reading фs... .. use the information in exercise 6.ournalist. . the words in the .Script .Rеvе1. / Yes. The children wrоtе these poems.l$adrjd lapt ацrпmgr?. Mum lt l2didn't stop / stopped hеr wоrkiпg! She's .. iu. 11it / did it hарреп? 'l did / what / you / last summer / see / iп lvladrid / ? James ln 200]. some people's lives in EastTimor. take iong to read because it was опlу five pa9es long There was а really interesting а bout .. fiction non-fiction .. .. роеm .. Mum lt was awful when she lost hеr еуе. so they left..5l did / she did. James Mum. she did."'. 7 lreadagreat last weekend. l cl!d*"t jqg a.. because want to Did you see Frапz Kafka's house in Prague? l love reading ... гlе wrote poems а.. / No. She wrote about the terrible thl. lt was а great pla.Ouy soldiers wanted to killthem. we did. thank5 to lVlarie. the soldiers 10not kill / didn't kill апуопе.... :: 'l ljoqqed around the park this morning.. А ЬоmЬ explodeci пеаr hеr and раrt of it hit hеr in the face.d gý lhg B_a_Býgr_v_illr:p Ь{. lt was where did the Вrопtё slsters ]ive ? Shakepeare's Rаmео апd Juliet at the thеаtrе They lived in Yorkshire.500 wоmеп апd сhildrеп were iп danger. I No. we didn't. Hlr ro Lifestory l" .. 1 Diо_Sпаlрýреаrе яъ' w.- ca||ed Doddy Yes. we did. рlау ... to school / yotl / did / сусlе / yesterday / ? l James Nile too.. . VосаЬчlаrу and grammar Great wrýtеrs lriiiw I |{ I &:ý lvoes ot Wrltlno аrrivе / did / Kelly / when / ? I l "l Complete the sentences with the words below. .. James This article says that iп ]999 she helped save 2 you studied а lot last weekend. fe i" The'l800s ir ny hislory ma9azine б Choose the correct words to complete the conversation about Marie colvin.

care.Then l fel] and l rеаllу hurt my ankle.. You should take а break / test.e ц. But.. in thе ccntre of or_rr town.. . ]I()nrent. I lvant to take 8 оГ Elliot Тhеrе was а football match between our school l-rim next to the саr. Sam and 5 l was rеаllу ill.. It would Ье а nice picturel team and Westbridge High on Sunday.Dad teaches Sam опе ll. so l l started to run. 6 Choose the best responses.rke 1. З You're working too hаrd. 3 з. N{um and Dad аrе teaching him. hе сап drir. 1 was surprised. а test / сопtrоl.I'm sure Sаm knows rvhen to stop а. The weather is awful. Did1 . soon.. Holly Yes. weekend? . So we had to stop.e irt thе 5 How was the party? / Really?! llЪrпl Stop! Start!'Dad shorrld let Sam talre 3 Rea ly? а Yes. lt was fantastic. Ь What about your weekend? аге all so апgry r. 1 did. Тhеп listen 5 ]. I don't take iп 4 l went to see my favourite team рlау basketball. . fun. there was а рrоЬlеm with mу dad's саr. the singer was awfuL. t Choose the соrrесt words to compIete the sentences. ] з. On the way.hаt to do. а That was а shame. 'l Did you have а good weekend? / How about your 6 Where does the party take place / turns? weekend? Yes.5 and б to help you plan уочr f] *епt lo d Loi l( el t dialogue. 7 Would you like to take control / part in а competition? 8 We hate doing the washing up..\f Цffi Collocations with take 4 :... I{e shouts... 'Sain! Тhсrе's а а That sounds good..]0 Complete thе sentences with опе word опlу. Ь How was уоur weekend? . 2lt .'l0 Choose the correct questions. studied all weekend and now l'm ready to take again and check your answers. It's Гuппу to listen to 1 Did you have а good time? ihcrn iп the саr.. Our team lost 5-2l And you? ? Hol|y 7 . I jr-rst sit in the back of thе саr а Рооr you! Ь How bril]iantl апd srniIe] At thе end of еасh lesson. If'hе Elliot No. is lеаrпiпg to drir.. but l got to the match late so l cou]dn't рlау. Nilum alrvays savs.1о Listen to the conversation.rr-rd start! As fоr mе. Holly 5 ! Аrе you ОК now? Elliot Yes. thanks..ithout l\.. 5 ltwasa ! 6 Oh поI ? 4 Сап you take care / а photo of us iп frопt of this building plecse? 5 '' 3. fantastic... Then listen again and check your answers.vith еасh оthег! 7 Complete the dialogue with suitable phrases.. З What about your weekend? / Was there some good 2 Complete the text with collocations with take. L do it one day and my Ьrоthеr does it the next... Ь Nol lt was а disaster] саг. Тhеу t. l Stayed at Grace's house. Sапr... \Iuпr ог Dad all need to take 5.. Tick the things Elliot That ''. I danced ! iistened to а band ! Паа а ЬаЬу Life story 71 I . Eden did Iast weekend. you have а good weekend? 1 /@when 1 Take part you go out today.. \ILtrn does it thе next week.. it was fun ! went to а birthday party 8 CHALLENGE! Write а diaIogue between the singer ! saw Sоmеопе get married and his friend at the wedding weekend. }urщt . music? No! lt was а disasterl 4 Why? / How? The Ьапd was tеrгiЬlе] \lv brotlrcr. 'Driче а Wowl Lucky you! Ь Bad luck! sloц. а @ Holly l Elliot decided to walk to the match. Sam сап lake 6. l was late. 4 WaS the wedding? club? Everybody listens to you. this lЪmilу drаmа. 'IЪkе 2 don't hit it!'Dad doesn't 2 l lost my lэаgl iet Sam decide ш.2 patsses.eek. 2 И/hу don't you take control / place of the drаmа 3 That . so we take turns / 2 How was the wedding? / Where was the wedding? lt was nice..{um and Dad in thе Holly З ? Why? саr! Оп that day.. l'm ОК now.. lt takes Holly Hi! Elliot. Use the ! stayed at hеr grandparents'house phrases in exercises 4....

_ .г Wх. 1 }yýrld 0f you ý'}те Do ke read пg stol1es? What type? ROaId 2 Who is Vоur favourite author? Why? 3 What stories d]d you enjoy rеаdiпg оl watching when you wеrе а child? DahI Match раrаgrарh headings А-F to paragraphs 1-4. 5 Match the hi9hlighted words in thе text to definitions 'I-12.. Lists of 9 tverol Гiпо out about . things to do in London usually suggest а trip to 11 (поuп) something you remember from the past The theatre то see these shows.'drеп. Е Dahl lэecomes а millionaire! F what is it that readers like? а Read the text again.s are just as 5 Dah] had а teacher called lVlrs Trunchba]l.. апd charlie апd thе Сhосоlаtе 4 Dahl didn't start w[!ting сhildrепЪ stories before he Factory in the 1960s... but nod гis оwп _ ^. evil .the film made 5 (поuп) the уеаrs when people аrе children almost 500 million dollars worldwide! Other 6 (поuп) things you watch at а theatre film adaptations inciude Matilda (1996) and 7 (adjective) unkind. . There are two headings you do not need. а 5toty 72 Life story _ . . & Answer the questions. children today wrоtе? often discover Dahl's 2 What Dah f]lms could people see fоr the first time in characters through 3 the noughties? When did Roald Dahldie? plays and films.but that didn't stop 3 (adjective) around the wоrld the fans watching! Chatlie апd the Chocolote 4 (adjective) frightened . 10 (поuп) орiпiопs апd thoughts. С Dahl's stories оп the sсrееп апd stage. were in the past... the с]lФсtёf. Jatпes апd the Gjапt Реасh 3 Dah s lo\ е|5 drе qu'le Sel olrS. 2 lltlatildaand Ihe Witches аrе plays. Are the sentences true Ts there а child who doesn't know the stortes (Т) or Roald Dah1? His work millions of r-. false (F)? Correct the false ones.]..d l. notfi]ms. А was chocolate his favourite food? В Dahl's life in his stories. Recent films of Dahl's books include Faпtastjc 1 (vеrЬ) pleases. Не wrotq his first childrer-. . Fасtоrу was very рорulаr . As well as reading the } 'l what were the tit]es of the first children's novels Dahl books. Тhе Witches (1990). г 4 What сап visitors to London qo to see if they are Dahl fa пs? 5 Did Dahl enjoy his lif-. . slоr\еs. popular today as they 6 Dahl tested chocolate bars when he was а Ьоу..!. D А wor]d-famous writer.s Dahl wrote his first novels before'l970..W'ii_ Answer the questions. he died in 1990 . makes someone оr something happy Mr Fох (2009) and Charlie апd thе Сhосоlаtе týoligh{ Foctory (2005). . The scripts weren't written Ьу 2 (noun) vеrsiопs.. Now theTe are also popular 8 (adjective) liked Ьу а lot of people musical versions of these two stories. 12 tпоJгlро9р|g i.. at boarding school? Why / why not? . different fоrms Dahl. 'l in our ahidhobd.

..а Britlsh chocolate don't like the . he said. оп at the :he characters make us laugh and they can theatre at the moment? :rrake us Scared.4y sister hates spiders.. 6 sent 7 found 8 CHДbl_BttGE! Write а paragraph about your favourite Roald DahI story.. .rut how? after his own children were born. 4 began 5 ate. 1 wrоtе .. story thjs memory found its way inTo?l 7 Write the infinitive form of the underlined irregular verbs in the text. or а story Ьу another writer. ..tile frоm last teachers were unkind. . _\lillions of реорlе 1ove Dahl's wоrk years after 1 Fоr most of my *hitr*h**d l lived in the USA..was like some of l\. Nly favourite novel is дliсе iп wопdеrlапd and l like the Dahl sometimes used реорlе and events film lrоm his childhood 1п his stories.4andela is Fverylэody krowt who he is. CadbuTy . .. What s уоur iavo. . Add these verbs to your irregular verb ра9е in уочr vocabulary book. The сruеl tеасhеr in summer? \....... Lifestory zзЖl\J ...... . ile wrote the stories.. famous Nelson I1.. Не went to 7 N/y ЬаЬу cousin boarding school. . She always feels Не began to write books for children .. my short story.. Sometimes. .l. maker .. ýi'ffi.....4y tеасhеr wrote а lot of .. It's vеrу to do this. а !ot about Dahls life оп the schooi. why? perhaps lt's because 1 Аrе thеrе any good . Dahl knew what children 1iked.[atilda .sent а sma11 Ьох to every Ьоу at Dahl's They're all unkind We. i bars! The boys ate them and sent comments 1о 12 Going to the theatre is very Cadbury А dream job! Can you guess which my соUпtrу. Some of the the familY because he's always happy and smilin9.. They wеrе vеrу helpful.. which he hated. l r 6 Complete the sentences with the words in с exercise 5... do it before then. Inside the Ьох were new chocolate пtеrпеt. We сагпе to the UK when was eleven...-. l in this film. N. Не couldn't 4 Some people hurt animals.Mrs kunchba11.. .. оп Dahi's teachers... ý. . when she sees опе...l0 too.. '..l:ll. Describe the most important characters and write what happens in the story.fitgl 2 made 3 knew. But Dah1 had good memories...

. wat inside. we arrived home... There wеrе lots of interesting things to see like -|| the film crew.-------_".й. l:. olso. l.... Use the words and punctuation эе..The siпgеr sang sоm€ lt was а hоrriЬlе jоurпеу... saw who it was . We went -. Organize your ideas into paragraphs..о..ili. at first.l. _ 4 Complete the sentences to make them mоrе interesting. а famiiy event 1.. . your birthday last year them because thеrе wеrе а lot of реорlе.- 2 Pippa opened the dооr and immediately / at last she it was СаitliпЪ Ьiпhdау.. we a1l looked up..". They asked mе to go with them. 5 lwent . We had to wait for someone to check . yes' .- ý ]:.з Use the narrative in exercise 2 as а model. Мirапdа shouted..теж* ýýýýý . Ьut then I saw them. etc... Everybody сhееrеd! Look at the notes you made. . and all the lights and carneras.)? What lnteresting adjectives and паrrаtiче adverbs TV!' And thеrе we wеrе! A1l three of us wеrе оп ': can you use? the lаrgе TV screens inside the studio. _ We made some dinner and at first / soon everybody better. mу favourite асtоr was iп а play there! 2 Complete the text with the narrative adverbs below.... ...... . 'Look! We're on (but. . 3 Answer the questions аЬочt the text in exercise 2. ]. .]] . of соursе! Аrе they irregular? Look up the irregular past simple forms... . ]l..| l Caitlin and l wenttothe concert.: 9rаmmаr punctuation past simple regular апd irregular forms з what did thev see at the studio? Llse of паrrаtivе adverbs use о[ interesting adjectives 4 Who did they watch at the studio? different paragraphs for different topics 5 What happened at the end? _\ 74 Life story .. We Раrа9rарh ]: lntroduction: what did you do? Paragraph 2: at the start ofthe day |.]' Му evening at the ТY studios ý Yаsý{ Write а narrative about а memorable da1. Can you include questions and exclamations? сrаzу l э trii{rit* Write your narrative. rоо..l.....l at last immediately soon suddenly ffi wж... But we didn't wait very long - '. Then it I Сап you make your writing mоrе interestin9? was time to find out who was the winner. Each one sang and then the judges talked about their act. I went to meet mу friends outside the TV centre. SongS. On the day of the show. .. sat at the talэle to eat..-. lr Check Check the following points: ] Where did Zoe. 3 Му brother helped me and l . ItЛirапdа and Josh go? """"" й. We watched ten different singers. waited mоrе than half an hour for the show to start. . mу friends Miranda and Josh got three :. stormy жWhy? wопdегfl хя because ж sооп ** ж didn't know апуЬоdу iп mу пеw class soon / at first.п 'l choose the correct narrative adverbs.. -. after five hours.. э"r..: the day you met your best friепd ап day you sрепt with friends in the summer оur tickets. but at last / immediate|y.Grandad was thеrе! 2 The band was amazing... ýd*ag Choose one of the following ideas оr tickets to see mу favourite ТV talent competition at ]: think of ап idea of уочr оwп. 5 At first / Suddenly thеrе was а very loud noise and 4 lhe weathe. .Think about the verbs you want to use. I couldn't find 1. Remember to use the past simple and narrative adverbs. 'l .. Use your notes and рlап to help уоu... Сап you jоiп the ideas together usin9 connecto!.]. А week ago. Spelling . Make notes about а TV studio.. -. but 1 the presenters саmе into the Paragraph 3: lаtеr iп the day I Paragraph 4: how you feel about the day studio. we went into the studio! F!ае. ..:.aa 1|^еаtге. I said the day. ..

а No. i . с We 6 Write past simple sentences. 'l5 Write а short раrаqrарh about а mеmоrаЬlе l can write а паrrаtivе. Glve yourself а mаrk frоm 1 to З. Read 1-15 and evaluate уоur lеаrпiпg ]п Unrt В.ýrзýt & How сап you imрrоче? this. . 1 l сап't do this . 4 magine it iS Wednesday 1Зt| July. 13 Write phrases fоr the situation: а ask about Someone's weekend Ь rеsропd to the question l сап talk about а weekend iп the 14 Write five паrгаtlvе adverbs. Ь Не watchesTV. 'l2 write five collocations with fсkе. З Change the nouns into adjectives. Progress check Unit 8 75 Цl . Progress check &. 1Tuesday12'hJune 2 Мау ЗJапuаrу 4 ]900-]999 сап USe past time 5 Change the sentences to the past simple. we l сап use paSt Simple short answers. 'l Jess / оо / to New York 2 they / sinq /together l сап use past simple affirmative irregular verbs. а l ]ike you. Write about the dates using time expressions. 2 | have some problerTs with З ] can do this weli. 1 Name two life stages fоr сhildrеп and two fоr adults. l сап understand а text about 8 Name three types of fiction and опе type оf поп fiction. Ь Yes. а nature Ь wonder с роwеr d suffixes Jul апd al.. 9 Writе past simple negative sепtепсеs. l сап use паrrаtivе аdvеrlэs. l сап make collocations with Гсkе.. :ап talk about life 2 Name five different jobs. ] we / not see / the film 2 l / not study / Gеrmап 'l who / wriIe / Jапе Ечrе / ? 2 what / dress / уоч / боу / ? 11 Complete the shоrt past siгпрlе апswеrs.

painting not into Sport . mу sister's got Ьrоwп hai1 .il:Йoa. 4 write the materials next to the clues.?. lёý.:ttiЫg:o.. 8 We went on hoiiday to Spain and .йlёýu iп.. on their faces and they аrе often abald/ . а l started to exercise mоге_ 4 This is made frоm chem]cals. h hеЪ about ]75сm tali.. tl-iг 2 Д/iсhеlапgеlо.ТЬi]' .i:]i*!ý]irt::Iý]]] 3 moustache beard baId giasses :l йh!Сh:]?lift ёý's black 5 Shoes and b. make furniture with it..оfliny'aloihii:ira lwiii iii._ 7 Naturaliy. is used fоr children's toys.911.. leather.singing.ý.. with no hаir at all. l[а!. th in medium weight whёц. f but гоw геъ batd. ... forks and sроопs аrе made frоm this.]:r:a€:i*i!*aii*ýiý]a.9о. lifi fllап:d::thё if :fu ё.i!tЪ а:ФЯ.йеi. Тhеп complete the sentences using blonde. wood З Му sister's got lots of frесklеs .-. they аrе both friепdlу ж Do you like the models? Why/ why not? 2 But iп other ways they each other Апdу is Iazy and Jen is hard wоrkiпg 3 Andy Jen.t.il1аiё.. Fоr example. make his statues. medium. 4 l was blonde when was little . ffiЖl.r. Dad had lonq hаir { below.. Use the questions to lэаskеtЬаll.t.1. с but поw l've got Ьrоwп hаir. 6 This is а natural mаtегiаl..|Зiопi.l] .й. ýhanýeý VосаЬчlаrу А пеw modeý жý*ý:жfiжýý**яж*. . cycling cycling help you plan your description. He's tall and she's short. ... We use it to make plates аг ] bowls I 5 ]ake is medium height {laY 6 l т гог fa.t" еПd].йd. he's thin апd she's nredium weight Andy and .ёýý lfas:h jбПlý:.*Who аrе the models and what are they doing? personality..]Фfi .i'вrЩЙ. especially ра inting..пOýеý:..i 800.п. bags... watching football.. use the words 'l Twenty уеаrs а9о.}у j.Jen .j:ý&жW| yl rc ' '. playing and music .:...i inФ|1.oots аrе usually made frоm th]s.ДУ...i..:hб:t:..Оr.d.lft .lll mагЬiе metal plastic.. lt can Ье soft оr hаrd..тёll. cups and computers. 3 Knives.$фfj b]onde.. .. *..illhirаlёУis.-'. Andy Jen Today mannequins are usually made of Personality friепd lу friепd ly fibreglass .. lt Ь l'm medium weight. ']. 1 ]tЪ found in the 9round. We get it frоm trees..... curly hаir dark..ж ]*ý @йФ:ýrпё$' :Y ýý. Jen . Оthеr mannequins don't have detalН the correct forms of Ье fike. €lфл.}ii!ý w]ý:ýý...]hrё]щft ]eyld:idnli6iikЫ freckles tan ned look like people then! Hobbies sport . the famous ltalian sculptor.. used this .: i..пёýu.1й Kýliki! Ёёisоnl..]mOUthýi.ж What mаtеriаl do you think the sculpture is made of? ] lП some ways. look tike otйап. 2 l was а lэit overweight. al.i]: _.painting sculpture and the models in it.а mixture of glass and plastic.ýlдliid:.l 4 thin freckles medium weiqht overweiqht : thё.1 2 dyed blonde tanned bald . 2 Which word in each group is the odd one out? ] medium height tФWе medium weight thin ionk ihiongh]ihi.. from агimаls.ll. footbal]. 5 Choose the correct words to complete the text.]undФ..liЬ. art .ЙЁir'ф.ýlhар]qа..ýiid.:.].::* Andy and Jen.!h:ёV.а:ý Арреаrапсе tall short ф...'.liе.. People g on hег nose..e.i...rcф.ý'о:iВё]ёri]пllh. lazy hard-working Bu !. d but поw she's got dyed hair . but Andy frX zo changes . it comes е we all came back tanned. о.l:1 3 Study the information about brother and sisteL andl. ýl Describing people Ж MateriaIs 'l Match the sentence so . they аг9 }rKg each other ]п .Фiё :oft ёп.tr. acting апd dancing playing tennis and 6 CHALLENGE! Write а short description of the art .1iýhii rr..r:iЁ. йr. curly hаir сфапýё..d..ou..

. l Ь get (walk) some dogs! l (not get) апу mопеу - fi Ъ going to get | 2а is she going to mаrrу? (work)as а volunteerl Ь she going to mаrrу? is rб 1 ..Ьr%_ ч Grаmmаr А rrеwr llle . Then we 7 . 'ry -.../ аm / | / gatng.4um's :]ecause he's got а Ьrоkеп ankle.. and l\. . 9ol . e9ative (Х) forms of going fo and the verbs below. Wе'rе all very well. уоur bedroom today!' 'OK.:. tidy . After the wedding..ý*. а week.... wrlte ..*: ]. а рlау Mrs Jones Hello. Му friends с she going to mаrrу? веп and vikki 7 (join)me.gх*!rrзg tlэ ge to ttrз*.... l've 9ot too 5 travel / бауч / you /toltol ltaly/going / are / ? mапу things to wеаr! (Х) 4 'You . .ое vou 1оmоrrои? . house? Rуап Yes. l like him 3 Mrs Jones So..lt4um!'(t/) Choose the correct options to complete the dialogue. 5 Maddie апd Alisha . ? Ryan А rеаllу пiсе mап called David.*d ý'" ýý.. l 2... Write ап email to а friend about what is going to hарреп in your life. week. с isn't going to go '| this weekeпd / | / 9о to the cinema 6а am going to Stay -Т&!* Hgg_ýatld !tтэ tз*} .. Nlrs Jones. who and the verbs in brackets. ] see. -.a^.& & ý @' . "']''"]]]']]]:]]:]]:]...8 ]=ц&l:]lw tr + Put the words in the correct order to make questions. 2 you /qoing /ta /уачr /grandfather /vislt/ are /? go рiау. so we Ь Gorng you to move (do) it for theml с Аrе you going to move 5а аrе going to go 3 Write sentences with affirmative or negative forms Ь is going to go of going to so that they are true for you.../ you .l going /watch /flm/ ate / то / ? (Х) =:kend.:. i* goitlg }tl *trагt . Changes 77ý . we аrе. Ь are going to Stay 2 mу раrепts / qo to work / tоmоrrоw с going to Stay 7а aren't 9о to гпоVе З / watch TV / lаtеr Ь 'rе going to mоvе с 9oing us to move 4 my f. . 6 СНДtlВпlGЕ! lmagine уоч are one of the characters in the family in exercise 5. hеr new job as а teacher З on ho iday/we/arelgoing / go / lоlwhеrе/? -.4um David 5 оп ho iday lo. *tгtк+.. j/] .. ' ttave| to т-р LK / n the rra. lt's sometimes 4а You аrе going to move difficult for these people to walk their dogs. уоuг lIfe Ryan Yes. а Ьеdrооm with Аlех апуmоrе! something usefu} with mу time..аt'. :erd -оmе to ту nouse / after cchoo 8а isn't going to share Ь am l going to shаrе 5 l/счсlеhоmе/ ater с 'm not going to share 6 my'ami11 and . . . lt's closed. . .e l's 9orn9 to gel mаrriеd оп Saturday! 2 Complete the text with the correct form of going to Mrs Jones That's wonderful! So. The four of us 9 (help) с is gоiпg to сhапgе some old or ill people in оur town.. Ale and l 6. апу mоrе c]othes. (У) z to the cinema at the 4 wl. Му 3а аrе going to change Ь 8 older Ьrоthеr. 1а аrе 9оiпg to 9.. Ryanl How аrе you? How аrе уоur together..:l. N. з I ...g.]]i:. Alex? 6 football at the weekend Ryan Hi. lt's Lllpe bedrooms.о. it is| Mrs Jones ../ tоmоrrоw / lo / ? lс т plete the sentences with the affirmative (r') апd Arr: l доrп* !о {. to а bigger house. |8 . Jоrdап (orga n ize) is going changing everything... (/) mother and your Ьrоthеr. with оur grandparents.t not spend) lots of time watching TV.start...&. (Х) "eaily 1арру] Sl. (not work)alone. .:]:a]]].

|ii ЖЖ Nочп suffixes -jon and -ment 4 Tick the correct sentences.. lnclude ideas about: ]. ..]..ý:l]]::]Е_&.vill / won't 6 lVum makes а (рау / attract) of ll0 а РrоЬаЫу. I ] ach ieve асiзiрvа*зе*t 4 Iйum and Dad will Ье happy with mу r€: _. 5 Why don't you use the internet to help you with your next fЪп.ill wоrk / w... 1 Complete the table with the почп forms of the 1 We wiIlalways Ье nappy in Lhis no.. :i ] :]a.:.]..l. j' '| Vocab. 1 1 / pass my school exams l ъ.orkeгs irr thе futurе . Wil] somc pcople Ьс: hr_rпgгч? ar. 13 рау '. Не didn't lеаrп а lot at school. 8\4... \. @/ m 2 Аrе you enjoying the circus.ill trarrel bv electric саrs.".l travel . predictions. ý. entertainment l / have children . ''i.'.:'€Ь]l ]ýýiw1&*жL.. peopie 1oц.. I -ion -ment З You won't enjoy the film.ý. gго\\r епоugh fooc] fоr erreryottc . чеаrs? t3y 20З0.:].:]l 14 predict 'l:. ..l". РrоЬаЫу all о{ us wоп't. 2 amuse 5 l am wоп't see you for а long time ! 6 The weather to Ье will awful tоmоrrоr".t..1.orid очсr thс month.i .оп't Ье mапy mоге people on Eartlr: homework? Тhеrе's а lot of ..а greart 5achievement / entertainmentl Whаt aborrt errergy? Scientists бfiпd / u. .i..]:].. l/iэuyahouse | / get а 9ood job 6 cHAl-Lýr\iбE! What do you think will hарреп to the world in 2030? Write а short paragraph with your l .сirk сhапgе? Регl-rарs thеге 2 l /trаvеl/аrоuпd Еurоре 9$. everybody? And поw fоr уоur . lt s Ьоriпg.'i'....itl раst lтч *r.ý:ý:]:]::]]:]]:]. 2 Carawill to pass hеr exams. donate).oy 'l0 entertain 'l1 gove[n ]2 inform 'l:ll. .v thеrе зrчill / u. сап make а (predict / donate) of f2 а Thcv r-reed ttl makc plans. l]'.t_dцqа. l 3 attract 4 celebrate ý Choose the correct words to complete the tex: 5 decorate 6 disappoint 7 donate 8 educate 9 en.. Rewrite the sепtепш that are incorrect...'фЙЙЙЙý/ predictions аrоuпd the 4 Do you want to help us рау for the zoo anima]s? You r1. . Оr pcrlraps u.. pcople sa..!qn.ж]::.:.i' l щп ]:]]:]]:]].ii|&.VilI thе il.. (inform / decorate) there. (amuse / рау). the clowns аrе here fоr you to seel 3 The (govern / enjoy) is going to spend mоrе mопеу оп schools! Ёо. а Z Choose the correct verbs and compIete the sentences with the почп form of the verbs.е month for mу mobile рhопе..lJa} апd grammar А втеw уеаrй8ý{iý:]Wff*ýж'W.orld. \Дiе 7ll...?йffiredict thе futuге is imрогtаrlt. What аrе thе 2education / predictions Гоr thе r.]l..on't Ье / аrе mапч tlffiсе r..on't / didn't usе gas ог oil...orked {топ-r hоmе mоrе.on't / m.ill find 3 Write predictions аЬочt your future with raril/ or rlavs of mtrking elcctricitv mоrе efЪciently... up to В biliion.hool ехаmэ l verbs.].. houses and homes Нý zB changes .orld of ц....' 1 lиу grandad had а bad ..

]. the message.. Use phrasal verbs watching а film. Сап you . Can l help бgо ahead / give up Flо Great idea.4*qa* Yaic*.4r зlооk for / go ahead June ЗО'|'. with the phrases Ьеlоw. 2 How аппоуiпg! l was on the phone to Holly and l Receptionist Goodbye. please? Match the definitions to the phrasalverbs in Receptionist yes. East West Arts Сепtrе. The school wil1 M]atthews isn't thеrе...: Who's callin9 oli l'm afraid set up а FасеЬооk page? Receptionist Hello." Iook. . please. enterpriSe business competition! Oli What does it say? l speak Flo 'Calling all studentslCan you 2look for / Put together Kffi' to. .''. please? lt's ringing1'OK!' CHALLENGE! Write а рhопе conversation between 5 'Did you . pгessed the wrопg button. please? Who's calling. please? . ..uql э попспt. write а description of the items. What about that idea you had message? about helping people sell thlngs onIine? Flо Yes... So they 4find out l give up and don't sell anythinglwe сап take the photos.| 'Тоm..i. through to Jack?' 'Yes..1]Listen to the telephone conversation. . her offl l 3 lneedto.i.12 Complete Megan's formal conversation sell them on а website апd mопitоr the sales. please? 'ý&i* i* }.nýýýýý. а message? verbs Yes...:"" pick l. Why don't we'come up with / .Y es.. Could you put mе l'Il give him Sounds good. information afrout... ]:. . mе through to IMrs Butler.. . Ms Yateb.get hаflg hOld . f think of . please?' Changes 79l . 3 There's а CoUrse at the Arts Сепtrе this аftеrпооп... .CUt ]]'].11 Listen again and complete the informal phrases.].:.ll| . . .. N4um] Меgап Thankyou.. Jed N/atthews iп the sculpture studio. back] and the phrases in exercise 5.. take photos and put them опliпе.. 3. Не asked me to . .: Call . Меgап ... put ".. оп. . . 4 3. . ... of cou rse exercise 1. 5 l\4eqan is golng to call the Аrts Сепtrе today. 6 'Сап you .!... . Receptionist . l ]ia:] ]. Could you ask him to саII I Megan me оп 07В2 224224 to give me some 3 Complete the sentences with the verbs below. up the school's рhопе complete the table in exercise 5 with the formal пumЬеr.. through to . Are 1 Choose the correct words to compIete the .4r Collins Ьу . гпеSSаgе. Мr lMatthews isn't . l think we should you? with уоur ideaI Меgап Hello. please? . 2 Dan is оп his bike. phrases in exercise 6. N. but he's Mr Matthews and Ме9апЪ mчm. speakin9 an .This is. . through give up а business ]dea? to your business рlап and give it to l\. Реrhарs we should ask fоr 5% of the sales price? Сап l take ... hаПg up. l know lots of people who haven't got time to 1'll5 him the you called.. lnformal Fоrmаl Who's саlllпg.s.. there. please? d start to do. 1. .]:l]:r:. lйе9ап Yates.:' Ч'W' Еý Phrasalverbs dialogue. Goodbye.Тhеп listen and check. the sentences true (Т) оr false (F)? Correct the false опе5..]:] Receptionist а7 В2]l :. 4 N/еgап wants to study painting. 1 It/egan speaks to Dan's dad._. 224 224.. е Stop trying . l don't know it. 4 Jessl Can you up the phone.Listening. .thе course. some good business people to help youl а message? to leave а oli We should do lt. по рrоЬlеm. l need to make а call] 'оК.. сап уоu say bye and .. . з. please?' 'Yes.

.l. lt's your choice! Past project themes include: You have to have а youth wоrkеr оп уоur team it you о the environment . 1 The people organizing theYouth in Action рrо9rаmmе аrе YeS? Read on! Perhaps the Youth in Action а the Еurореап Commission. Match headings А-Н to paragraphs '|-6. programme to young people to Ье ас. - а save the епvirопmепt.making usefulthings fro^ а only have thrее other mеmЬегs. ВО changes ffiý . The ргоgrаmmе hopes to _= citizens..{fdffif. Yоu'rе busy! WilI the Youth in Action prograr Ь gets you а рlасе at а university.ероrt. G Why should l do it? Do you want to meet people from other countriesl Н When did the рrоgrаmmе start? Are you energetic and creative? Do you like пеw experiences? Read the text а9аiп. 1 с improve young people's heaith.#r#{}п.-_ ь make films. The Еurореап Commission runs the Youth in Ас. different people.looking after animals in dапgеr с аrе оvеr З0. Раrа9rарh 2 а l think the рrоgrаmmе is interesting. lntroduction а The Еurореап Commlssion ruпs а рrоgtаmmе to he р young Europeans wоrk together. project idea. с describes the ski ls you used оп the project. Choose the best summary sentences for the paragraphs. lt's about young реорlе ta. Ь You сап only do things connected with аrt and sport. а is part of уоur l. An important idea behind the рrоgrаmmе is that but YOU are in charge! а it wi]l help people who аrе рооr. programme is for you! Ь people from the UK. Ь Ihе рrоgrаmmе gives young people а сhапсе to lеаrп new ski ]s. control of their futures. :Жry . _ . Ь anybody сап take раrt. . There are two headings that you do not need. lts aim is to build good links between ус _. с adult supervisors.ertino о.making films about different The mопеу for the project cu ltu res а comes fгоm the Еuгореап Commission. о the arts .te. YOU will work with an adult superr s. YOU have to соmе up ч. . Reading Yошth firr Асtýсrз Y&ýýT}I Read the text.. uslng team sports to get to know Ь is provided byyourteam. 2 The Youthpass Good question! You've got school work and exams.о'рс| Para9raph 1 а Тhеrе are ots oftopics the projects сап Ье about.:. oId materials Ь аrе younger than lВ. Choose the correct options. Ь There's а рrоgrаmmе to get уоuпg реорlе to соmе / .о wirl i. а sport . с get young реорlе working together. с comes from future employers.d. реорlе across Еurоре. i nature . because you сап ] l lеаrп how to lэe Еurореап. А Who сап take part? В What сап mу project Ье about? С Аrе you going to apply? D What will l get iп the end? Е What will hарреп next? F How many people do the рrоgrаmmе every уеаr? #trя.

but everything you did. 15 c.omebody gives to you Ьу ап organization оr gоvеrпгпепt. You сап аррlу if you are under ] В. 8 l'm going to.tiЖ '. * plannrng your Paragraph 5 з а about three months to get the mопеу. you'll need to wart about three months. fipa$pqe . usually Ьу worker оп your team ... _. but .1l:]]. l putting together а project Paragraph 4 t working with people from different а Реор е who want to аррlу have to work iп а team ý.]. most Sports сепtrе this summer. 6 l\4y Ьrоthеr is qoing io get а .. or people а You сап show yourYouthpass when you want to get а job. i. lt takes Ь The European Commission checks the projects at EverybodyI One of the programme's goals is different stage5.. ехреriепсе of their job...lqý*dý and рlап the project together. ih.*i.:r&' Paragraph З mean more work? Yes. changes Ыry . meet and discuss уоur hopes for з (noun) реорlе who give you а. This document will give details of 2 We соmе frоm different . l think she will Ье an amazing writеr one day. family. . Next..']. Summarize what the programme is about. Use your answers to exercise З to help you рlап your email. Then aýýlV via the . who organizes it and what you have to do to take part iп it... you'll have а 9reat ехреriепсе and 4 'l want to join the drаmа club..someone who normally writing оr completing а form . You will learn rmportant skills such as: problems.. She the club] like to know what уоur ski]ls are before they give you а job.. words in exercise 4. you get а Youthpass which gives details about уоur achievements. not schoolwork.оЬ at the 55 when you go to job interviews). (noun) the mопеу you have project. ýý.. Ж'*"Жiw]ж. ':рW!-' J }. educatlon. . inýMýiOn lt wants all types of young people to take part and that includes people from different Paragraph 6 cu!tures. Put together а plan. this is non-formal а The рrо9rаmmе is ореп to all young people.. so you'll have the mопеу to run your . When the project Complete the sentences with the correct form of the is finished. 4 Yes? Greatl Get together with а group of four or 4 Match the highlighted words in the text to definitions 1-8. lt takes place outside of Ь The рrоgrаmmе is опlу ореп to people with school.. 6 сндьlвruGЕ! Write an email to а friend to telI them about theYouth in Action programme. you'll send а report to the Commission... r setting up а team Ь You need а З0 year-old youth wоrkеr. the project...ý!:ýr]:]:: :]..' ýý.. Commtssion..&*р]:ilýgж}ъх& . 4 {VеrЬ] to give supporl European Commission website! 5 (поUг)thе laCl ot oeirq pa"i oI sоmеrl. . 6 1 l am tеrriЬlе at looking after my. You'll get а grant from the r. mоrе people a9ed between 1В and З0. 5po. l пеvеr have money to spend оп things l need! А Youthpass. important of all... who can't usualIy join in activities because they haven't got enough money.. Next you'll find out if the Commission thinks you сап go ahead.... Who did ] need to mеmоriеs to last а lifetime! speak to?"l\4iss Baker.оЬ . ЕР!}1ý works with уоuпg people as а volunteer or as part 2 (поuп) people's history.... You'll аgrее dates for the project and you'll have to do the project in this time. But. ...Jo тгi^l с lS Vеrу important .. Iearnrng.everybody can jоiп in."r"l ..iг9 5 (vеrЬ) to orqanize and Ье in сопtrо] of something After you apply. Ь At the епd. but you'lI need а youth 1 (vеrЬ) to ask for something in а fоrmа] way._.:]:|. lt's the kind of informatron that we are rеаl у good friends universities аrе interesLed in (and luLure employers З l'm go пg to for а. Liz to write mоrе stories....... оr those with health problems. to рау fоr his епgiпееriпg course 7 О r....

Му Ьгоthеr Саmегоп plays the Describe pa5t eventS piano апd he was in the сопсегt iп а huge .ilз.. The music was wопdегful and we wеге . ask what she dld last week / month l went to ап amazing сопсегt last mопth with . Use LчсуЪ email to help you. photos.r:r.. lt's fantastic just waIking агоuпd the question 5) stгeets.. t. question 1) thеаtге. l- п J " .. 2 What did Lucy do ]ast month? а How do you feel about it .'... say what yoU аrе goinq to see (Exercise 2. too! What а gгеаt place to ехрIоге. biking and cIimbing? Paragraph 1: Ask questions about уоur friend. Use your notes and l'm going to Ье геаllу busy in August. l'm suге you'Il Ье question 2) Iike him one day.]]]llý.. Paragraph 2: Write about something that hаррепес then wе'ге going to stay rп Seville.l_ . ask what she is going to do IV]um and Dad. Ж tr&fritg Write АshlеуЪ email... Think of things you can write to ma ke АshlеуЪ email more personal and interesting.iпfоrmаl phrases Luсу .:. Аftег that wе'ге going to go to Gгапаdа and visit Paragraph З: Write about уоur рlапs for the summer. 3 What is Ashley going to do next week? Ь I can't wait! 4 Whеrе is Ashley 9oin9 to go in the summer? с lt sounds fantasticl 5 What do you think Ashley w]ll see and do on . Ж lnforrn"l language for emails а. ЙопОау help you. l'm геаllу excited about that.:] jiffglgn1 paragraphs fоr different topics ЁF Bz changes .. but l'll meet lots of реорlе.S. З .jý!ýýý. say what you аrе goinq to do пехt week plans. . Describe plans It's good to hеаг about уоur summег holiday . l hope you like old buildings.. Remember to use informal l've got а job at а геstаuгапt пеаг the beach language..r]. l won't Ье оп the beach а lot ý €hесk Check the fotlowing points: this year.spelling have а gгеаt time! 5 l:: QГЭГППlЭl' ]]]] pUnCtUation Lots of love l. the АlhаmЬга... so l think l'll . say why you enjoyed / didnt enjoy it (Exercise . lnclude reactions to what they wrote ir I'm excited about mу holidays too. their last email. поw? lt's good that у..ж* ýýýýý *1li]iФ*]::::... . lt's геаllу good that уоu'ге going to the ý Рýаrr Рlап your email. all геа|lу ргоud of Саmегоп. lt's Finish your letter with а personal like а palace fгоm а stогуЬооk! l'll take lots of comment оr question.]1 qUestions and details to гпаkе уоur email реrsопаl 6 апd interesting . .. ]:].... Wе'ге going to go to Spain in July! Wе'ге going to fly to IVlaiaga. whеге we live. ffi wялт. WiIl you go mountain раrа9rарhs. last week.. email.. Ж ýde** Make notes about АshlеуЪ plans for the ]hanks |ast summer and use your answers to exercise 2 to lhat you С On. Good luck in уоur music exam! 8 Whеrе is she going to work after hеr holiday? g When is уоur exam? h Write again soon...: &]W. (Exercise 2..k" iH" u"urn ugbin Ask questions about Lucy: next week.There are two sentences that you do not need.. because plan to help you.ri. .]:i. Write АshlеуЪ Summer hoIidaysl informal email to Lucy about his plans for the 5чmmеr. question З) How lопg аге you going to stay in Ргаguе? . Read the email again and answer the questions Match informa] sentences a-h to gaps 1-6 iп the 1 What did Ashley do оп Nlonday? .. ..:: say whеrе you аrе going to go in the summer Ргаguе is beautiful...]] . Organise your notes into mountains in the Czech Republic.w**Ж -r. question 4) because thеге аге а lot to see! The саfёs аге . 7 What is she going to do there? f P. (Exercise 2. so....... HiAshley! fоr чоuг email.ý:а Ж Yask lmagine you are Ashley. gгеаt too.t oass v. say what you did (Exercise 2. _ d ltъ terrible! 6 Whеrе is Lucy going to go on holiday? е l was rеаIlу sоrrу to hear ..

Read 1-12 and evaluate уоur lеаrпiпg iп Unit 9. Give yourself а mаrk frоm l to З,

Progress check Uпýt ý How can you improve?
;.;,1 . .rýж]:.]]]:].:]]]]a]].l1ý]:]]:1i.*ИýR*ý{ý!sii:i':*r]] 1 l can't do this. 2 l have some рrоЬlепls wlth З l can do this we]

] Name five words that you сап use to describe sоmеопе
l сап describe people.
2 Name five different n]aterials.
l сап identif,z different materials.
3 Complete the sentenceS With Ье ltke,like or look like.
'l l dad we've both got Ьrоwп hаir.
2l Vik - she's my best friend,
Зl ,, , l\,4um - we'l,e lэоth hаrd wоrkiпg.
] сап use /ike in different ways

Write Sentences with gоiпg to.
'l Tim / study / Frепсh / next year
2 l / not go / to the сiпеmа
З you / see Jack / ]аtеr / ?
l can use gоlпg to to talk about future plans,

5 Write а sепtепсе alэout something people do at New Yеаr in
these cou пtriеs,
а Jарап Ь Mexlco с Scotland
l can understand а text about New yеаr celebrations
6 Write поuп forms of the verbs, Use lол аг -mепt.
а achieve Ь celebrate с disappoint d predict
l сап transfo[m чеrЬs into nouns using suffixes -fion and -mелt
7 Writе sепtепсеs with r,rzil/
] we / Ье happy / after оur exams
2 they/notmove/house
1 сап use vrzll/ to talk about future predictions.

8 Write phrasal verbs пехt to the definitions.
а 1hin, of
ь rеьесrсh
с caIculale
l сап use phrasal verbs.
9 Name four phrasal verbs about phone calls.
1 сап use phrasal verbs to talk about рhопе calls.
10 Write four usefui рhrаsеs (two fоrmаl and two informal) for
making рhопе calls.
l сап use formal and informai phrases fоr рhопе calls.

11 Complete the iпfоrmаl phrases.
а ],, ,.,, wait!
Ь .,. of love
с aqair ч99р
l сап use iпfоrmаl phases in an email.
'l2 Write ап informaI email to а friend about уоur plans for the
l сап write ап informal email about future рlапs.

Progress check Unit 9 вз П||

__d.]::,,жý-lr r{

ffi Hotia"y places ffi Тур", of holiday

"l write the words next to the clues below. 4 Complete the sentences with the words below,

,,..l campsite ].], coast,, island ,' lake ,,, ski resort temple ]l.] activity,,:l cruise ],]| farm 9uided tour:l:,, slghtst=
]:,::: -
study 5Ul'ПП€l'СаmР ]l]:,#kifig
l] tф].ft€-P&4( VolСano l|,, ::::


Jed and l went оп а wglкiflg holiday. We
1 а lаrgе place with excitlng 1lflg5 ý&}е,,ý9 рру&
crossed lots of hills and оur feet hurt at the епс
2 а large аrеа of wаtеr with lапd all around it
2 N/y grandmother is going оп а ,, ,

а mountain which is ореп at the top - very hot gas the Caribbean оп а huge ship,
and lava соmе out of it, з t'd love tо go оп d hoIiday because

4 ап аrеа of lапd With Water all around it . ,, , love animals.
5 а place to Stay in а tent оr саrаVап 4 Wh; doni vou trу Lhi, .. . holiday? You

Can go rock climbin9, moUntain lэikrпg апd divrг:
6 land that is next to the sea
7 а place to 9о to do winter sports,.,., , , ,
5 N/y sister and l are going to stay at а

8 а lэuildiпg which people use to рrау the school holidays. Оur раrепts wilI Ье at workl
6 lwentona around Edinburgh Casi -
2 choose the correct words to complete the email, because l wanted to know mоrе about its histor;"
7 Last уеаr l went on а ,, holiday in Spe -
learnt how to speak Spanish!
8 lwant to 9о on аholiday to Romel у,,
to see the colosseum, the vatican and the pantheor
rhe \,4еd,LеггапеапSeal l m slaying in а [еп1 оп а
2campsite Зсоаst / bridge
1 theme рагk on the east
/ ý choose the correct words to complete the text,
i Frо. my tent l оап see l\4ount Etna - the tallest, active
ачоlсапо / bridge iп Еuгоре, !t's spectaculaг- thеге аrе
I clouds of gas coming fгоm it гight nowl
south America - west coast tour
Day 1-2: Start .tЭ
1 .
Ouito, а beautiful city
} t агriчеd last sаtuгdау Ьу boat, we sailed into the
swаtегfаll / hаrЬоur of the
рогt of Catania. in the mountalns. some of these mountains
- you сап see clouds of gas and
il Оп VtопОау we visited an апсiепt city lt's got eight
i бski rеsоrts / temples frоm the 51n сепtuгу ВС. l rеаllу liked ash coming from them.
Негасlеs of Ouito - your guide wlll
|l the опе fог olympian God zeus and his son Have а
il yesteгday we went to san Giovanni - we walked on the show you the mo5t famous buildings. Don't
i 7lakes / beaches. ln the past, pirates attacked а..
beautiful miss the Basjlica and climb the for
8tоwеr / coast to
! th" to*n hеге, so the people built а tall sоrге wOnoer{; views о[ The ciTy.
f watch out fог рirаtеs. Day З*5: Travel to the port of Guayaquil. Join the
i Тоrоrго* wе'rе going to 9о to а nature геsегvе called will take you aLonq the coast of Реru.
! the Cava Grапdе gcoasts
di Cassibile. lt's got mountains to
Day 6:Arrive in Sa averry, Whi]e the ship is in the
, , dr ve
.:i climb and / lakes to swim in. 7,
to bhan Chdn, ап ancient city with sculptures and .. mOrе
:]i t tninK l'll соmе back in the winter: There's а nice
than 1,000 years old !

! 'o.Ki rеsогt / temple, so l'll Ьriпg mу sпоwЬоаrd, How Day 7: Travel to Arica. See what you can buy' the market
,l аtэоut coming too?
Billy Day B:.,Joln the ship again and trave] to Chanaral airport,

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ЖЖ prepositions of place: jn, on and ot
3 Match the sentence halves.Then add the corre(t
а on ulп с at dto
preposition iп, оп or at. 2 а voJcanoes Ь towers с islands d bridges
3 а cruise Ь study holiday с guided tour d day trip
1 l'll see you !п the РЕ lesson ,,,,,*]
4 а hаrьоur Ь tower с waterfall d coast
2 I\лапсhеstеr is пеаr Sheffleld
5 а сгuisе Ь coast с temple d campsite
3 Did you buy those vegetables,,
6 а hаrьоur Ь volcano с to,vel d .|' ,esorl
4 Тhеrе's а 9reat гпusеuп,l
7 а coasts Ь temples с lakes d beaches
5 Ог nol ' thlп( г.у Ca'npla iS,
8 аоп bin с to dat
а the поrth of England.
lэ--5€#.+offi-oFFo\At 6 CHALLENGE! Write about а day trip or guided tour
с home оп my desk. that you went on. lnclude the following information:
d the city сепtrе next to the раrk. When was it? Who did you go with?
е the market? whеrе was it? What did you see?

Hilýý ва Explore

.-,ý,, ,,,,,,1"''"iýi
ýru*ffi..--,ý* _Ь1%ХЪ \ l

Grammar &dwехзtехrе
"Я& ý#tr*ý Ъ @; ... ý 1ъъj:!]!ж IJ'J ф

| . , in the sea, lэесаusе we Iive а long way
away frоm the coast,
She plays the piano very w-^lI, but she

l Complete the sentences with the present perfect а competition.
form ofthe verbs in brackets. 6 N/um and Dad , to CaIifornia Ьеfоrе, This
is their first time
l t l,чз *rр_ч_gtlеd (trаvеl) to lots of different places in

2 You
my life.
(not wоrk) fоr а lаrgе соmрапу.
4 Write present perfect Sentences about Katy's
З Liam (rоw) across the North Sea.
go to Rome У
4 \lу grапdmоthеr -,,,,,,..,,,,,, (not use) ап е-rеаdеr
swim with dolphins У
5 The athletes .., ,,,,, (compete) in the
see the Egyptian pyramids Х
. take lots of photos У
6l. . ,,,,,,,,. (not study) ltalian Ьеfоrе.
spend а lot of mопеу Х
2 Choose the correct verbs. Then complete the text Ье Ьоrеd Х
with the present perfect form of the verbs. 1 ý|р'ь Ьеоп to Fоmе,
2 She
Meet Jеп-:fid, йdй]]тfuý]:аrё,р,м.оfфФ]:е, а";о:Rёý.спё,,,:l,:;,

" * ý:::,l.:
3 She

1fiпish/@9 q, а }9t a,ýФ!, .c.o1lnфýiфФii,ii{,l",ll'.ll"l,..l.,'",
4 >he

&еШ 5 She
6 She
Тhе Yо*ýйiiо,ýilеýliý.а,lФаti.Йаl,F .Фtth:йФuпtаi n s,
Kes, Йаiё ]rпа.С,Ыёý, ir:.].:":;iii'i ,r.a.,

itiýlýý complete the text with the present perfect form of
(work]l:ftатёý::fiф::arerfбirl A:,
the verbs in brackets.
lotoftЬёЙ:.фýiПуiфýiilrUý@;ё finý-,]:,
Ьцt sЙё ё. ,РiО.Ьlфq.:rПdi аtiВ.]фhеп,,l,,,:: ,,::

Lаurа Dekl<er, а teenager frоm the Netherlands,
Jen й&ýiёпdЫ,iлd,й,iв,ft йl80,.Ьft ёi:п,бluпtёёiý,,with ,r h**rз,i dtэ*е (not do) the things оthеr young
CRO can help.
people do.
The CRO з ,.,,,,, (help / use) thousands of
Like оthеr teenagerS, she has been to school; she
, ,,, (rescue / watch)
(study) and she З .,., ,
people. Jen and Вrепdап (take)
(not spend) а lot оf
seven people frоm caves. They exams, but she
llisten / climb) long distances inside caves and time meeting up with friends and going out, А Ьоriпg
(swim / stop) through deep underground Iife? Not at all!
rivers to find missing реорlе. 'Caving holidays аrе greatl' Laura 5, .,, , (travel) around the world,
(not trу / not rеsсuе)
Jen says, 'Ьut if you but she б ,
(go) with her раrепts, She
it before, you should find out how to Ье safe.' But it'S not ,. , (do) most of hеr travelIing alone,

just реорlе. 'We 8 (саrrу / talk) sheep and
She s. (not had) rooms in hotels or а
dogs out of caves too!' explains Jеп. 'lt's always great to tent оп а campsite - she
(sleep) in а
See:ej small cabin. Why? She's а sailor, Lаurа
(saiI) around the world. She
11 (stay)
- ,..м fоr months оf hеr life on her boat, СuРру.
Laura 12 (Ье) interested in sailing
since she WaS Vеrу young. Воrп in 1995, she first sailed
alone at the age оf six. she has wanted to sail around
the world a|l her life, but it
,,,,,,..., (not Ье)
easy to make hеr dream соmе true. When she was
thirteen she was ready to try hеr world trip, but the
Dutch government stopped her. They were worried
about her safety.
Finally, when she was sixteen, Laura's dream саmе
truе and she Ьесаmе the youngest person everto sail
3 Complete the sentences with the present perfect around the world. She
1а (not finish) her
form of the verbs below. adventuring. She's got lots of sailing рlапs fоr thе futurе,

,,,,break ]:,:. have :. not Ье ,,,, do ,].] not SWim ,:,, not win

1 Horse riding is quite dangeгous апd yoU сап get hurt 6 сндLLЕпIGЕ! Write three sentences about
1 ]v* iзl*Ка*, mу аrm three times! adventures you have had. Then write three
2 Kate is vеrу kind She а lot of work for sentences about adventurous things you have not
charity, done, but would like to do iп the future.
3 Pau] diппеr in some famous !'vp Ье"еп 0Y! а ýKi trip. t haven't ar,uurn with dоlрhапв,
restaurants, but he рrеfеrs eating at home

Explore S5 ý

if the Meg You look rеаllу well... CHALLENGE! lmagine you have met ап American 6 (you and Dan / eat) Japanese food? student and you want to find out more about them а Yes..** (you / see) the lL.. З Li|y / studied / Italian / has / ? l l1i 2 aunt has got а flat in ]Vadrid.. seen а чоlсапо.. Complete the text with American English words. 5 Complete the sentences with eyer or пеvеr. he hasn't.. Ь.... questions to ask the American student. We're going to visit museums and famous month with mу Ьrоthеr. Ьоп. lt's got а smaIl а. 9аrЬаgе .рwо. ]t's co]d outside..'i"J7y"'r.. But mу brother has Yes. .l ]ove watching frImsl We've also got tickets to to Canada... lt is. /r... the Ieaves оп the trееs аrе beautiful.. they hаvе. .. .{ .. People say it's а bit different to ours Frепсh? Ruth 8haven't/ have. so. d Yes. tl. 2 He's . buildings. Не loves going up in the mountains.оtr. . / il. IVу friends told me I have to trу some local food . \(/e'll рrоЬаЬIу go to the 6. 3 Сап you take out the rubbish. 4 Have they .. please? 5 Наrrуlсоmреtеd / has / amarathon / iпl? 4 How about а game of football? 6 you and you.. --. lэееп to Frапсе.omeL.". 8 Сап l use уоur ruЬЬеr? ]'ve made а mistake in my 1 Have you *}ýý. mу family and l 6 Has Lucy .- too .. l 9печеr / ever studied trепсh... i жж l &ýffimý Аmеriсап English 4 Рчt the words in the correct order to make preseil perfect questions. they аrе.. are going оп 2 to Glasgow in the UK. 5ееа7 match . we haven't. 6 Put а jumper on.4anchester Utdl 1t'll Ье vеrу exciting. she has. аt*1!!з &xgrlqa_?_ ]. so l'm aIso going Meg |'ve бпечеr / ever Ьееп to а Frепсh-sреаkiпg to buy some 9. 5ап apartment а yard iп / Quebec.."J'".qqр }р. l've апечеr / ever Ье. 7 The сhi]drеп аrе playing outside in the garden. е Yes. l bought some clothes these 1 t{av* gлэи *q.Цayq . Uil 5 l пееd some пеw trousers fоr schoo .k.Ь.УЭl-d 'l ln аutumп... .. 4 (Nlum / lэe) to а ski rеsоrt? 5 (David / try) rock climbing? .|'lI Meg ls Quebec the capital city of Frепсh Canada? defrnitely trу some 8 . fоr ехаmрlе... l зhаче / hasl l've Ьееп to Canada for а l can stay wаrm. / improved your Fгепсh? 3 Complete the questions with the present perfect Ruth Definitelyl form of the verbs in brackets. so l had to do mcs of the talking! Meg ]ohave has you So...] ап apa[tment. ... But. Then match questions Meg And havelrbrought you / you brought lots of 1*6 to short answers a-f.. .Glasgow Rапgеrs vs Ruth i had а rеаllу good time.fa]{ ]: erasel. i. Wе'rе going to stay in ап З. lthink it'Il Ье 2sweater / vacation? too cold! I'm going to pack а 5.] рапts 2 have / in а lake / swum / the children / ? . 'l been / to / Nоrth Аmеriса / have / you / ? . Write five present perfect Ь No. She went to the Alps опсе..q . .]Ф/ Has you Ьееп ог weather is good. We stay there l\4y + r'.vilighrfilms? { 12pants / fries. Z U . wоrkеd iп а cafe. he has.. . пеаr the 6 choose the correct words..] SOCC€l' :. @ нt sб Explore . But he wants to go there next year. l stayed in l\. so Ruth Yes.l've пеvеr tried Have you 7never / ever studied рlасе before. .*' Z nuu" i u . 3 We've gone оп holiday iп . and their experiences. . . city сепtrе. Most of the time wе'rе going to Ье in the city.]'..mes. SWепt€r :. lt's good to trу пеw things. . еаtеп sushi. European chocolate. ln october this 1 iell" l. с No. tl... Апd l've got you а 2 (Jack / Visit) Dublin? small present sоmеlЗgаrЬаgе / candy because 3 (уоur friепds / iive) iп Spain? l know you like sweet things] . Perhaps we should try it..ave led Ьу соа _ - 5 l've."" ) ir. we can sit outside. maybe with Ruth Yes. Replace the British English words in bold with the t Аmеriсап EngIish words below. ""J..Тhеiг parents worked iп Ваrсеlопа. Ме9 Wowl That sounds great.ýр. things back with you? Аrе the shops good? Ruth Yes.. some fish.

..:l How much do the tickets cost. so he didn't for9et anythlng... ofcourse. please? З When dld he catch ... l 3 'l can't wa!t to Ье оп holidayl' 3 What time does it close? . wait fоr our turп: Ь Yes.50 for students. Faпtartic!To?пorro.r' Тhеп below. l hо!е l ёоп't tпir thеб ! evening at ]9..Ь 2 l'll buy . с lt opens at 10 otlock... Апd what tlme does it close? 5 Не packed ..']О. Сап l help you? HiJaпie Alex Yes.chill out . that'sright whеп the sea is at its highest level.r]ес? iп Porttlgol. ls it possib!e to go there today? 4 We go .. Thi. ýeJ а$ФJ 1 Сап l help you? ... listen and check.. lt's i4. 6 ls thеrе а discount for students? . 7 'There аrе lots of people buying tickets. Explore 87 .j fiE ffiЕiНfi Travel ýýffilЁý: col lосатlоп5 1 Match the sentence halves.. ý ' .. 5 ls it possible to take а dog? ] 5 'Here's the bus.*kj g and чоGаЬчlаrу Yrаms*ýýЬеriап ..t : . but it opens again in the Sоturёау. 2 Complete the postcard with the words below..]] .. please....' Complete the dialogue with the phrases '.. we're gоiпg to catch аа to Evora. Good lэуе.. wi.. lt's too late today.. 6 Did you bond . drop off our hotel.1l) Assistant l'm afraid поt... .th МшШ опl Dаё. 1 'l rеаllу want to go оп holiday!' . they рау fB. е the bus to Bath? f abroad еvеrу sumrner... and а tourist office assistant about а tourist in exercises 5 and 6 5 Dad is qoing to pick up / queue up granddad toni9ht. 6 'Whеп do you rеturп?' ..pos# ]".{ж' жýeжж:]]jNi*iý]:i:i':&:ý&j... а tоwп Alex Assistant Тоmоrrоw the rоаd ls open frоm 7. ]s Ьф с а postcard to your grandfather? d his bag carefully.. frоtп Ligboп l) il trLe thdt .hote| :.. 1 Wе'rе going home today.. ... lookforward to. рlапе ]. Do you want to visit the Loп tindisfarne castle? 9uzаппе Alex Assistant They're !5..-..1:1 bus.... ffi Holia"ys: phrasal verbs Alex Thank you..We n""O tо@Щ}Р е Yes... thеrе is. Let's gol' . ýзg .. . use the expressions 6 Wе'rе going to set offl take off оп the tour at l0 otlock. We're gоiп9 to Ье late! 3 we пееd to get away / get off the train at this station. .З5. p. I 2 'Let's relax!' 2 What time does the theme park ореп? . .. '.. So...:.. take off 6 Match questions 1-6 to responses a-f. .. attraction.. -. d Тhеу'rе flO for adults and f5 for сhildrеп.... ld Iike some ]nformation about the boat trip.ý*']i@iý{sýýж]']]] ý ']..: abroad :... Alex Assistant lt closes at ]4.... ... ..... ! .. 6 Alex Assistant Yes. we have to а At 8 otlock in the evening.. g€t ОП ..... f Yes... 4 Choose the correct words to complete t}.. . CHALLENGE! Write а dialogue between а tourist 4 Let's get out of / 9et back the саr апd have а walk. the rоаd is соvеrеd with water . ý€Н\лfоf get baСk.' Sites Assistant Hello.gltenc".. to help you plan your dialogue... : 4 How much do tickets cost? .... Wе'уе tоше of the ritel alreaёy А|ех Wow! 2 'ееп -the caltle ашё the ВеlёmТоwеr. lг l. Ь the firlt tiпe l'ye Ьееп Assistant yes.1 queue up.]5.. Match the statements to the phrasal verbs below.. . 4 'What time does the plane leave?'..... " Lindisfarne becomes ап island.They love the park area...I S an islсгd sогпеt.РsэlЯrd лепdirug yott.. 2 chill out / Get into the taxi.l.. l'ш thir ' ...... . е1! n g1..-. . Assistant You're welcome.. l'm rtayiпg iп аЗ-. what tlme rs the road ореп tоmоrrоw? thеrе а discount for students7 а lots of souvenirs... . . t'd like some iпfоrmаtiоп about Lindisfarne.. 1 Have you booked ..

weeks camping in the Canadian Аrсtiс studying the animals that live thеrе. 5 Не put ideas fоr adventures оп the iпtеrпеt. When he was at uпiчегsitу he found time iп the В At the age of eight. iS ^е e. He's walked асгоss lndia.ljo1 ч ЁW ВВ Explore .llenýes" The fiгst was to епtег Complete the sentences with information from the d lduc.lg . Finally. text.9. but. сiЬVё Ьiggеr challenges that take them fuгthеr З Не lеаrпеd about апimаls in рlасе. Епglапd. пeadi ]. to 7 Не has won а ]ot of races. was little. mountains to lndia's west coast.i. His lndian D What did they usually do? аdчепtuге stагtеd оп the соuпtгу's sandy east Е Апу competition . he wa]ked 26 miles through the holidays to cycle lопg distances in Asia. go оп thеir own аdчепtuгеs. Не сусlе ride. His аdчепtuгiпg staгted еагlу.pr-дd г w'n. Read the text quickly and check уоur answers. they had to Ье interesting. icy plains. That 8 Не wants people to think differently aboui iheir yeat.i. and South Аmегiса.ё. He's spen. Еuгоре mountains of Yorkshire. а mаrаthоп. There are two sentences that you do not need.ould go canpirg.IY'. want these adventures to cost а fогtuпе ог to take 10 Some реорlе find rеаsопs not to take part iп а lot of time. 4 Read the text a9ain. Alista - Нumрhгеуs is а tгuе аdчепturег. Н He's also camped in Grеепlапd and walked across its 15 Alistaiг has ехрегiепсеd the cold. He's sееп volcanoes in lceland and has swum in 1 А istair has been iпteгested in adventure since he the volcano-heated riчегs and lakes thеге. {mr ýt! 1 do something quickly 2 fo]]ow уоuг goals З ltave. zsЗ 6 Не organized а rасе for реорlе to take раrt in. пеw idea. whеге the Riчег Качегi meets the sea. А istair found adventures пеаr his 5 Alislair Tot i^tp. followed the гiчег up thгough the mountains to F Реорlе s1. and looked fог m.l. to oiflerenL соJгLr'еS . But. he walked down through the G Не created the concept of mlcroadventures. С Sometimes you have to SaVe а lot of mопеу first. Не епсоuгаgеd people to do something пеw.а five-mile ruп. з Не could swim in the lakes and rivеrs in lсе апd because had made them wаrm 4 ln 20]]. too. 5-1 А Реrhарs you won't Ье good at it. 'l As а university student А istair went оп adventures iп n q lti. Are the sentences true (Т) or false (F)? Correct the false ones.1ёYl 2 Не started his lndian adventure on а оп the east coast. - Read the title of the text.Ф. Не did it.I. adventu rеs. away frоm home. Using the iпtегпеt he connected with people апd gave them C.cioadventures thеге.. Не didn't 9 Апуопе сап 9о оп а miсrоаdvепturе.*Y. too. 3 Read the text and match sentences А-Н to gaps 1-6. but stayed in the UK frее time. What do you think Go for jtl ýý l means? choose the best definition. His ехрегiепсеs аге impгessive. Аdчепtuгегs love new ехреriепсеs and they often 2 Не always trave s to cold places. he didn't go аЬгоаd. а coast. Alistair had а 4 Не didn't go abroad in 20ll. iп2011. Use уочr оwп words if possible.ha. He's camped in the Агсtiс and he's cycled агоuпd the wогld.dсе.*. its ýбu.

2 We can't go to Austra ia. tEý joined а drаmа c]ub. what аrе you waiting fог?! Explore S9 П . 55]]:. .... live.:i*::]:]]:]: ]:. ffi 7 Whеп mу dad is vеrу tired.{'W''!ж*'"ýýi]i***1. .'". апуопе сап. .]. 6 Му sister wanted а пеw.. there апуthiпq you often really want to do оr ls have? 7 Look at thisl ]t's very small! 8 l gave myself а goal to achieve this уеаr lеаrп to ski. for what we can do fоr оur science project? i}_!. '&]l]:i]W*ý!ri]:::ý*. . Тhеге аге lots оl excuses поt Lo go оп ап аdчепtuге.eat idea and а рlап fоr оur ho idays.. ... what did he do? Не got up еаг|у.:i':]]]...:.]. Go shopping? Watch TV? Не suggested they go sоmеwhеге пеw. .a*ion was to follow а riчег fгоm its sоuгсе to its end. but he's suggestions about what уоч сап do пеаr where you always loved the fun of taking рагt. ]t costs а . Аlistаiг has dопе this mоге than опсе. . have ап аdчепtuге.Ьу mountain bike. .. . Апоthег ýuýý. Explain what а microadventure is and include some АIistаiг's пеvег wоп а rасе iп his life.: 4 Where is the .:::]:]:]:]ýM}]]].. You haven't got the mопеу.. i. Remember . l Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in exercise 6. and should..of the RiverThames? 5 ]osh is very lazy.this should Ье somethin9 you have never done before.. . 1 Наvе you got з *uý$а*З!9rэ .* spectacuIar and amazing l've got а gl. . 1 always fiпd reasons not to do mу homework. . 8 сндl_ьвшýЕ! Write а short text to get students in your schoo| interested in а microadventure.- 6 Replace the words in bold with the highlighted words in the text..'.]ýжж@&'':. .p of the mountain was "'. so she . You don't have time. поt л *l to do exercis-.... You're а 9rеаt writer.]ýi:жiж''. lt doesn't have to Ье the Amazon. to get thеrеl З Have you sееп this phone? ]t's tiny| } . 1 Не won а lot of money on the TV show. You've пеvег done it Ьеfоге.&]:]]. .в!. .".. Аlistаiг believes." i.*. ih. and it's something апуопе сап do.. ir.. Next he got people to think about thеiг weekends.j1. So. just а гivег that's пеаг you.::i... He's got ots of . he r: coffeel 8 The story you Wrote is very. . So.. ]. left his home iп the city and was up iп the hills Ьу lunchtime геаdу to go down . {еrt*rза The start of the Danube is in Gеrmапу. ..

why you admire 1 List fоur adventurous things Rosie Swaie Роре has done. pUnctUation 2 Тhеrе was fighting iп hеr country because she was ../ she has dопе 2 Answer the ruп аrоuпd the woridl 1 What is your hero / hеrоiпеЪ name? Peopie Started to find out аЬоut hеr trip. а new аdчепturе . Неr mоthеr was i' lnternational Сhildrепъ Реасе prize. дlaiala Yousafzai startec] to Write а blog for . i.. О'9 ideas fоr big adventures. hero / heroine of your choice.9.. 1 Rosie went to education and it made some people vеrу an9ry. what he / she does. з. ьъiаusе = оr пе.. i. . past simple or present perfect? Why do most реорlе know about hеr? .. so she used the паmе. неr mоthеr died when she was lп 2012. hеr husband died 2.. Use уочr notes and plan to help you. lп 2002. but with по definite time iп the past (e. 6 she ý Рýаrт use the profile in exercise 1 as а model..g. . she has Ьееп ап аdчепturеr fог most of hеr her injuгies wеrе vеrу bad.АrВ-ý"ýý^ .g.. she decided detai|s of whеп and to do something positive._ Му hеrо is the аuthоr and аdvепtuгеr.о Exptore . 5 She had to leave hеr town. when somethlng happened)? ж 1ffrite Write your profile. because she life. Gul N/akai. She was Organize your notes into paragraphs. Раrаgrарh 4: things he / she achieved Paragraph 5: summary. hеr adventure took five уеаrs. She was Ьоrп in I 946 in . she's travelled tc sailed аrоuпd the wоrld. . She's competed in mаrаthопs аII очеr the wогId. Which facts аrе about а Situation iп the present What happened iп 2ОО2? (e.: spelling the Ввс because she wanted the world grаmmаr to know :]. why you admire him / her)? . lэut she didn't give up hеr and information fight fоr education_ l: 5о dпd because lb .. paragraph'l: introduction. Rosie Swale Роре .1]_. interesting things he / she has done or achieved)? l..1 i. .:. so sогг: people didn't want girls to go io school. It's а long way аrоuпd 5 What has he / she done iп his / her life? the world. 3 Girls found itd jfficult to get ап education. dý е *Ч Мl*ý. Rosie wanted people to know about Malala or уочr hero / heroine. : f {}з*сk Check the following points: 1 |п2009.. . соrrесt tenSeS to describe different types of facts otten sсаrеd. she was shot so of hеr opinions about two. She's ruп 27 mагаthопs in 27 days! Rosie has aIso Ж Task Writea profileof MalalaYousafzai оrа wriftеп severaI books about hеr аdчепturеs. чегу sad when hеr husband died. she also raised mопеу fоr а 7 Has he / she done апу charity work? сhildгеп's charity iп Russia 8 Why do you admire him / her? l rеаllу аdmiге Rosie SwaIe PoIe.ur./ she was Ьоrп about life. correct the sentences so and becouse. Stay.еЁФв* 1 Complete the text with so and because. she decided to go оп internet to help you. he had Ж ýdeas Answer the questions and make notes сапсеr.... him / her Think about what tenses уоч need to use - present simple.. when he / she was Ьогп.: аiэоut life in hеr town iп pakistan.@. So it Wasn't safe fоr hеr .: lWli еa*. she's ridden а the UK horse асгоss South Аmеriса She is most famous fоr hеr ruппiпg. different раrаgrарhs fоr diffеrепt topics . Which facts аrе about things he / she has dопе iп What did Rosie decide to do аftеr 20О2? their life. live in lrеIапd with hеr gгапdmоthеr. swiss and hеr fаthеr was lrish. 4. Rosie Stvale Роре. Remember to use the linking words Read the sentences.i 4 lt was dangerous for д/alala to use her own паmе : - the blog. ý.:l yy1. ] .. that are incorrect.. Му heroine: . work to help girls have ап education. 7. The hospitals in Pakistan couldn't help her bJ. she 2 What does he / she do? арреаrеd in newspapers and оп ТV to talk about З When was he / she Ьоrп? iL This meant she had а сhапсе to taik 4 What did he / she do as а child? about hеr husband being ill. Ьut 6 What has he / she achleved? she did it! оп hеr way. Use mоrе about this the tеrгiЬlе disease. б The KidsRights Foundation wanted to give M]alala _- switzeriand.. Paragraph 2: life as а child and after paragraph З: interesting things he. I iove hег way of thinking where he.n facts аrе things which Why does the writer admire Rosje Swale happened at а Pole? definite time in the past (е....

. а rubbish Ь tгоusеrs с gаrdеп d chips l can use American English words... .... 6 Name the Аmеriсап English word for the British English wоrds. Ь You (Ьrеаk)уоur leq. оп апd at.. l сап write а profile."ýxTfrt 18 How can you improve? 'l cant do this. Readl lЗ and evalLlate your lеаrпiпg iп Unit l0.. 7 Write рrеSепt perfect qUestions апd short апSWе1. (not lэe) to New Zealand. а arrive at а hotei Ь rеlах с leave а train оr bus 1 сап use holiday phrasa1 verbs... а Has he ... 2 Complete the phrases with iл. З Write рl. lcan use the present perfect with irrеgulаr vеrЬs ln affirmative апd negative sentences.. а l like him because / so he's kind.еSепt реrfесt sentences with the rе9ulаr verbs. 11 Write phrases fоr the situations.. .. 4 Complete the present perfect sепtепсеs with the irregular verbs. 1 she / travel / around the world 2 we / not lэе / to ltaly . 'l ask about орепiпg times 2 ask about ticket prices l can use phrases to find out information fоr tourists. . а ..сап USe the рrеSепt perfect With rеgUlаr verbs iп affirmatlve sentences and ne9ative 5entences to describe ехреriепсеs. Progress check ý. . . Ь l like swimminq because / so l'm going оп а beach holiday. а Не . .5.. (уоur tеасhеr / teach) you the рrеsепt perГect? У Ь (you / Ье) to New Yоrk? Х l can use present perfect questions and short anSWerS.... .. 5 Name three holiday places in the USA. 10 Name the рhrаsа1 verlэs that descrlbe the situations. . 1З Write а profile of someone you admire.. listened to this Ьапd? Ь l've. З сап do this well ] Name four holiday places and five types of holidays :ап identify holiday places and types of holidays. .. I сап use eyer and пеуеr with the N/atch the verbs glo. l сап use liпkiпq words so апd because. 2 | have some рrоЬlеms with thls. . l can understand а text about travel in the usA. Progress check Unit 10 91I . 8 Complete the sentences with eyer and пеуеr. . а souvenirs Ь your bag с abroad l сап use trave1 col1ocations. а the countryside Ь с an island сап use prepositions of рlасе iп. 12 Choose the corlect words. buy and pcck with the words. оп о( at.. Give yourself а mark from l to 3. watched trаvеl рrоgrаmmеs оп TV..

Не tгavels back in 3 When do they see the boats? How mапу lэоаts аrе looking fоr them? time to the court of King Arthur and lntroduces mоdеrп technology to the Kinq. х. Epaminondas Adrastus Blab. Не thinks of а сlеvеr рIап. Injun (1В76) The Prince апd the Pauper (]ВВl). There's по school Arthur's Courr (lВВ9) and Tom wants to do something exciting. 6 Tom tel s them his storv at lLlnch W. Match sentences A-G to and your own ideas: gaps 1-7 in the extract. Later he Ьесаmе а writer. his house when he was а child.This i5 а tоwп iп Аmеriса оп the i\lississippi 2 Why dоТоmЪ friends help? River. Civi] Wаr. but they do see Воrп: lВЗ5 in i\4issouri. Не doesn't like schoo] and he's always in troulэle. Aunt Polly is often апqrу with him. :iж why you liked it / didn't like it (fun. Тоm and Huck don't te|] lmportant works: The Дdчепturеs of Тоm Sawyer апуопе. His bookl СаппесtiсчtYапkее iп Кiпg 2 What do they do оп the island? Arthur's court is alэout а time trаvеllеr. They MarkTwain (rеаl паmе Samuel Lапghоrпе Clemens) don't see апу ghosts. Answer the questions. tennis.14 Listen again. Ihe Adventures Joe is а dangerous man. Не had many. Не tells his friends that painting is fun.e . lnclude the following ideas Read the extract again. USA а murdеr. twelve and got а-. Не left when he was false (F)? Correct the false ones. Later. Опе day. Ьоriпg. Literature insight 1 ýý. This is where he set the stогу of Тоm Sаwуеr and mапу of his other books.iгеtееп ol Lhem in ýрý&жýrхrý work in pairs. Where is Joe going? Write ап email to а friend. Tom doesn't wапt to do this. what you ate (barbecues. 1 Why isTom painting the fепсе? l\4issouri.. Answer the questions. Soon a]l his friends аrе helping. What mапу slaves escaped frоm thеir оwпеrs оп this гivеr. was a journalist. exciting. 92 Literature insight 1 .4issouri. Не had lots of реп з BiIlTurner fei iп the rivеr ast winter names Ьеfоrе he chose the паmе \larkTwain. Aunt Роllу and his ha f Ьrоthеr Sid in St Petersburq. lhe.e we. because thеу'rе аfrаid. Tom climbs out of his doesTom live with? } } Ьеdrооm window. When Twain was growlng up.]:]:W :]]::i]].3. 5 Жýе]' Listentothe nextpartofthestory. fishing апd having 3 What do you think happens next? adventures with his friends. Не ca]led them'| knowi'You know'and'Don't knowl Не 1 Why do the three boys go to Jackson ]sland? also loved science. оп the Mississippi River.:.obs iп his 1ife. Не 9oes to the i graveyard with hisfriend Huckleberry About the aut}rgr ! Finn. Did уоч know? MarkTwain grеw up iп НаппiЬаl.sý 8f Уgý? ýяиrуеr * Mark Тwаiп l RЕ&D ]]::]l]]:]]]:. Не worked on boats on the lVississippi and he ] Tom сап hеаr pianes. к* what you did (swimming. he had three dogs. Twain didn't like school.i:i:]]].kTwair loveo саrs. she makes him paint the gаrdеп fence.i 4 Read what happens next. How old was he when he left school? What was his first jolэ? ffiпеяоош ! Wýжж 2 Read the background to the Story оп page 9З. some of his stories Thomas Jеffегsоп Snodgrass and 5 The next mоrпiпq Joe isn't thеrе. family) А Моrе friends came to laugh atTom. а picnic) С Не was the richest Ьоу in St Petersburg.The iVisslssippi ib а very important riчеr in the USA. .оЬ as а рriпtег. Who р Опе evening. Tell him / her about your weekend оп ап island. lnjun Joe muгdеrs Doctor Died:']9l0 Robinson. Are the sentences true (Т) оr Like Тоm. Тоm. Не lives with his SPEAK|NG Work in pairs.What do the boys decide 'l to do?' W Read about Маrkтwаiп. ýAcKýRФtj. They аrе looking for ghosts. Tom likes swimming iп the rivег. Не signed 4 Huck can't sleep that night. 4 Where doesTom qo? Read the extract on ра9е 93.l. Не also fought in the аrmу durlng the 2 Аll the boats frоm St РеtеrsЬuгg аrе оп the rivеr. Tom Sawyer is а twelve уеаr-оld Ьоу. The are the two activities they do in the river? rivеr offered them frееdоm. Д Соппесtiсчt Yankee iп King summег holidays.*ý т8 те{Е ýтФýY G Tom thought fоr а second. ж who you went with (friends.9ames) В 'You call this work?'he said. Е Joe began to get interested and said: F Не sat down and ate Joe's apple. D 'l can go to the river апу dayJ cold).Then it's the of Huckleberry Flлп (1ВВ4). I\4a. Huck and Jое Наrреr ruп away to Jackson ls|and N.

.. carl l раiпг а little?' 'l'm sогrу.""irr. ж..ýй..ФriПЁd.ili. Oxford Bookworms.. 5 .... do yotr wa1.' ýR 'Of соursе it's work!' isп'г. ". mочеd'. and а lot'of clther exciting tЪiпýs.' 'Оh. Не did llot srnile. jusг n lrttle..i ].. but slre said по.ы. 'Тоm.а...Ъй..!еrу slowly and carefully Не often stopped.... Тоm. ..1l \опlе t. plc.I carl't paint а fепсс чеrу oftcrr. . I'm gocld аt раillгiпg.. Неу.smilё.СЦ..1y аuпt it wants mе to do becatrse I'm good at painting.tbe. You scL.Joe watched'to*rn for about fiче miпПiёý.My Ьrоthеr Sid wanted !. а cat with опе еуе.'snid Тоm.&0rп. Joe.. ж lжý*#]:r: YfrtýтU ].ea.Г mу npple?' 'No. Вut I like iг.апd looked at Ъi ý йоrL with Б.-.'!'..Ь.@&ý.. too. but soon they all wanted to 6 ' раiпt.thё:. ttlо.. l1.fеýiё.. ап old blue bottle..l..]]ý.Bg }М.З. you сап hаче all пу applel] Tollr gaveJoe гhе Ьrush.. ап old knife. Joe. Ву thе аfiеrпооп ftlm hаd tlrree balls. too.paint. hut fоr thc firsr rime rhаt day hе rvas а чеrу hарру Ьоу..-... I gп1'1-' 'ОК.o.' . llý] Frаm The Дdчепtчrеs оf Тоm Sawyer.. . b. Text adaptation iэy Nick Bullard Literatureinsight1 93lI .

а The Emerald City is fаr away. . She can see the friends on the road and she becomes vеrу ап9rу.1].. 3 was afraid of wаtеr. lnclude the 2 Think of three adjectives which describe the lion. Complete sentences'|-10 with characters А and В.ý]]ý1. lmagine you went оп ап unusual journey. wish do you make? h Dorothy te]ls the Lion about the Wizard of Oz. Frаmk ýажrхт &:. 1 Do you think that the Wizard сап help Dorothy and . 2 lmagine that you have а раir of maqic shoes. 10 called fорr the magic monkeys с Dorothy. the dog and Ьriпg the lion to hеr.]. What do the monkeys : : to Dorothy and her friends? Read about L Frапk Baum. 3. Ь The Lion says that he's а coward... Read the extract on ра9е 95. . Answer the questions..'l5 Listen again. Who yoU met .- Toto... 9 put the Witch's black hat on.. The kls. They walk to whеrе the Witch of the west lives But the witch has а magic еуе.Тhе mопkеуs leavc but when they find Dorothy. Не сап help them lэut first he wants them to ki l the Wicked Wltch of the West. 3 What do they all want to ask the Wizard of Oz for? following: llll where you Went . SPEAKING Work in pairs. d The Lion and Toto become good friends. Dorothy. the Scarecrow. 3... they breaktheTin l\4an and they putthe Lion in the сеllаr. What g А liоп chasesToto.ifr&&ýу!ýýi#sýýý:]]]@.4ап and the Lion leave the Еmеrаld City. the Tin N..*ýý.Literature insight 2 Уýзе &Уýggrd Езf ýg * L. .. They саrrу Dorothy and Toto to the Witch's hou5= . Where When Dorothy and hеr friends does the stоrгг] blow Dorothy's house? rеасh the Emerald City they meet the grеаt Wizard. 1 Why does Dorothy not iike the noises which саmе 8 Dorothy goes оп а journey from Kansas to the frоm the trees? Emerald City. She makes some new friends.].}::]]:i&ri. Who runs out of the 4 lost а shoe. they can't ki|] hеr.lj*s|ýr. She asks them to kill the peopie . вЕFФRý YФtj RýAý . The mоп keys ta ke the straw out of the Sca rесrо . trees? 5 took опе ofthe red shoes. only took off the геd shoes to wash. Read the extract again. Answer the questions. What did his father build him rn lВ80? RЕАD ор{ Read the background to the story оп page 95.ý&ý}: :.. She са ]s hеr magic monkeys.:. . 6 got апgrу.]]]] what happened l::.:. 4 Read what happens next.:l how you got home 94 Literature insight 2 . What does the witch want? . Put the events a-h in the 7 threw water.i:ýёФri*. Toto and the LIon sleep uпdеr а big tree. l-_ -.е Dorothy hits the Lion оп the поsе with her bag hеr friends? How? ! f They can hear noises in the trees. 8 d isa рреа rеd. correct order."Фж*i. А Dorothy В The Witch 1 didn1 know the rеd shoes Wеrе maglC 2 . 7 SPEAKING Work in pairs.15 Listen to the next part of the story. frоm the Good Witch of the North protects Dorothy а.

In the mоrпiпg they ate the last than you аrе. but I'm not Ьrаче. The Good Witch of the North arrives. the we must Ье careful because-' Scarecrow wants some brains. ý о they walked along the yellow brick road. Опlу he сап send Dorothy lэack to Kansas. Оп hеr journey Dorothy meets а scarec[ow and а tin mап.'Come with us to the Emerald City. 'Don't hit mе he and the Lion wеrе good friends. Toto. He's mоrе afraid warm body. I'm just frоm animals behind the trees. When the house lands. yellow teeth . 'And she said. 'I would Dorothy was afraid for Toto. to а country called had long can make you brave. with li Dorothy and Toto hеr dog inside. Everyone thinks lions аrе Ьтаче. thank you!' said the Lion. but very soon 'I didn't hurt him. The qreat Wizard of Oz lives iп the Еmегаld City. it kills the wicked witch of the East.' said the Lion.уоu'rе afraid!' said Dorothy.'And the CowaTdly Lion began these noises very much.and began to run after Toto.Dorothy did not like а coward. He's just а big coward. I make and sometimes the thTee friends heard noises а lot of noise. 'Don't hurt my And so the Cowardly Lion саmе with them. They both need help frоm the Wizard.please!' That night Dorothy and Toto slept uпdеr 'Why . 'I want to go back to Kansas. а11 'It's true. Perhaps the Wizard of Oz trees. so they join Dorothy. 'Do you know?' of Oz. а big trее. It opened its mouth . he isn't going to hurt you. Тhеrе wеrе many tall trees next to the road. into the road. to сry. again .They сап protect hеr. She rап up to the lion very much like to Ье Ьrаче.' said the Tin Man. 'Oh.' said the Lion.' and hit it on the nose with hеr bag.' 'It's а long way. Frоm Ihe Wizard of Oz. She gives Dorothy а раir of red shoes and а kiss. 'He's smaller than you!' At first Toto was afraid of him. dog!' she cried angrily.Text adaptation Ьу Rоsеmаrу Border Literature insight 2 95 I . next to the Cowardly Lion's big. lt lэ]ows Dorothv's house awav. and the Tin But just then а big lion suddenly Iап out from the Man wants а heart.* L '"Ф BACKGROUND ТО ТНЕ STORY The story begins with а tеrriЬ]е storm. 'Ве quiet.' of their bread. Oxford Bookworms. 'I аm а coward. 'How far is it to the Emerald City?' she asked the Then Dorothy told him about the Wizard Tin Мап.I think.

4 Lady /Vacbeth talks of washing hеr а face Ь hands. Ь \4acbeth isn't dead.. kitchen. |'3. wife and children. 1 The murders started with King Duncan. so he searches for the { ] wiгсhеs. 1 Read about William Shakespeare. . с the dark. . Literature insight 3 Мgс&еffr * lМý!ýýаm ý}з ýW}i. Who can Macbeth see 6 she is sad because in his chair? а Banquo's sons аrе dead. п . Macbeth's castle. Do you think that she is sоrrу? Why / why not? 4 The ghost speaks to N4acbeth 2 ls N/acbeth а mоrаl play? What is the moral? 5 The dinner guests сап see the 9host. 'l Lady Д/acbeth's servant ls taIkinq to а а dосtоr. do the witches tell Banquo? What do you think this i {L--_. How old was he 4 Read what happens next. Yоч think 8 Banquo's ghost does not арреаr again. but had а lot of а mопеу. Answer the questions. Ь wakes up. N/acduff and iVlalco]m plan to attac.They tel] him to Ье care'- when trees пеаr his cast|e Ьеgiп to move. ж about your meeting with the witches 1 When N4acbeth аrrivеs. Write а letter to him. The witches tell him to Ье careful of /\4acduff. Who is Macbeth afraid о- l }2 when he got mаrriеd? ! i Аlопе in the castle.' _. с reads. N/acbeth persuaded hеr husband to muгdеr the king З There is blood оп the 9hоstЪ face. j his wife that he is afraid of IVacduff. Не thinks that -_--"* ! Macduff рlапs to kill him. false (F)? Correct the false ones.. Не wants to know mоrе j about the future. iVacbeth Lells Read the background to the story on page What l 97. Ь N/acbeth. Ь gold с blood Read the extract оп ра9е 97. 2 When lady /\4acbeth is asleep she а gets Up. ь а sеrvапt с а sоldiеr. Then the ghost оf Banquo. & Read the extract again. Tel] him: ýPýAK'NG Work in pairs. it is dangerous for King Dчпсап to go to МасЬеthЪ castle.16 Listen to the next part of the story. ' 3. 6 Lady \lacbeth telIs the 9uests that her husband is well. 1 At the king's castle they аrе having а banquet iп the ? ýРЕАК'Р{ý Work in pairs. They say that по child Ьоrп frоm а woman сап hurt him.__means? ] another general. 7 Macbeth drinks а toast to Banquo. { N/acbeth Ппds them in а dark cave. Are the sentences true (Т) or с N4acduff's wife and сhi]drеп аrе dead. а murderers. appears. 3 she саrriеs а candle in hеr hand lэecause she is afraid с. { They аrе throwing things into а pot { оп а firе. what does he say to the gý about lviасЬеthЪ wife who wants to Ье queen gUeStS about his friend Banquo? ж not to go to the castle 2 Whеrе is Banquo's ghost sitting? How does 1\4acbeth rеасt? З Do you think Nlacbeth is happy now he is king? Why / Why not? lý gо Literature insight 3 . it4acbeth cannot sleep. с hair 5 She says that Duncan was old. Answer the questions.They kill : . 8 lmagine you are Banquo. ffiвrгопвчоu_F*оW . with his children апd grandchi dгеr wearing сrоwпs. What strange things does Lady Macbeth do? piays. N4acbeth sends soldlers to IMacduff's castJe. Choose the correct answerS.16 Listen again.:. You are worried. Lady 2 Тhеге is food and wine on the tab]e.]&1r& '.

so he and sit down. When l\4acbeth tells his wife. 'Не isn't here. Banquo's ghost саmе through the The ghost looked at him. Не tells lt4acbeth that he is now the gепеrаl of the Scottish аrmу the witches'prophecy comes true. Macbeth walked to the table. Dominoes. ""U . Ве а mап. He's late!' They went back into the dining rооm. but didn't speak. Тhеrе was а ghost in his 'Sometimes I feel ill and I begin to imagine chair!The ghost looked up at him. finds the klng dead and Duncan's sons.Text adaptatlon lэу Alista r IйcCallum Literature insight 3 97I . 'Соmе Macbeth couldn't see the ghost now. Соmе on. 'I'm sorry.but Macbeth could see it. She took Macbeth out о[ the rооm. It was things. mу friends. F'irst it was а dagger in front of you оп the night of Duncan's murdец and now this ghost.Iщ W.' sat down happily. а Ьrаvе Scottish soldier iп King Duncan's аrmу. ЦЪаt's wrong? Don't Ье afraid.' he said to his visitors.' said tady Macbeth. and there реорlе going to think? Тhеrе is no ghost! was а lot of food and wine оп the table. mу husband isn't well. 'And how сап you look at him and not Ье afraid?' Frаm Mocbeth. l\. Everyone at the table looked at Macbeth. Why аrе you worried?' They couldn't see the ghost . T[hafs wrong. The king is happy. 'Get away from mе!' Macbeth cried. Macbeth 1\Ъу аrе you looking at mе? I didn't do it!' cried out again. Your сhаir is hеrе.They ruп away. 'I'm sоrrу. Now. Ве Ьrаче. Lady Ivacbeth. The witches tell Banquo that he is the father of kings. 'It doesn't matter. door and walked асrоss the rооm. Тhеrе 1[hat аrе you talking about? ЧГhаt аrе wеrе а lot of people in the rооm. аrе afraid. she епсоurаgеs her husband to murdеr king Duncan when he is Stayinq at their castJe. l\. kills а Nоrwеgiап gепеrаl iп battle. go back and sit in your chair!' lVhere's mу good friend Banquo?'asked Macbeth. but please don't wоrrу about mе.They kill Banquo. Жжхtrfutrtk Macbeth went into the dining rооm. They call \Лacbeth soldier. but he is noi happy.ж ii ВАскGRСUIýD т0 тНЕ STORY lVacbeth. but his son escapes. then he stopped suddenly. ечеrуопе. а gепеrа1. Не was hеrе with us tonight and I'm sorry for thatl' alraid.4acbeth hires two assassins. Nlalcolm and Donalbain.4acduff. '\Mhat's the matter with you?' she asked angrily.4acbeth becomes king. You're imagining things again.'said lady Macbeth.The рrорhесу says that Banquo is the father of kin9s Il. How can he соmе back?'said Macbeth.let's hаче some wine! tet's drink to оur friend Banquo! Не isn't T[hat's happening?'cried Macbeth. There's no one in уоur chair!' 'But he's а dead mап. your friends at the table аrе worried. I'm Banquo and his face was bloodyl better now. gепеrаl. mу lord?' they asked. Just then. The witches vanish and а mеssепgеr arrives. the kin9. j *. Дftеr the battle I\4acbeth and his friend Banquo meet thrее witches.

hurts GеrtrчdеЪ arm. вЕFORЕ YOt вЕАD 4 Read what happens next.r* describe Rhoda / in frопt of / fire ýý goes to bed / has а dream ýPg&K!r\jý Work in pairs.&i}i\\-.ý gв Literature insight 4 . The phantom . 7 ýРý&Кý8\ýý Work in pairs. but her eyes аrе kind апd т поt сrUеl. Ь in frопt of the fire. Ь smile с look. 3. 6 The drеаm makes Rhoda feel а cold. ls Wessex а rеаl place пагпе? Whеrе is it? RЕАD 0lý Read the background to the story on ра9е 9В.Тhеу 1ook like fiпgеr marks. Onl.reaks с hlts good ending to this story. Answer the questions. с iп bed. who has а withered arm? Read aboutThomas Hardy.. How does Gertrude see the face of her enemy? ý . Rhoda has а dream апd she а iaugh. \ Опе day Gегtrudе tel]s Rhoda that she had а bad dream and then 1l hеr аrm hurt. Ь hot.. 5 чоеч 1|о lасе o'l-]o1 q. Ь Gertrude Lodge.-'.. 2 looks at Rhoda fоr а lоп9 time з is surprised she has an епеmу. Тhеrе аrе yellowy Ьrоwп marks оп hеr left аrm. А Rhoda В Geft[Ude С l\4rТrепdlе 1 is at home. . Дrm .Thomas Hardy {. с wаrm. 'l Опе evening Rhoda's son is 1 What does i\lrТrепd е ook ike? а at the table.tZ Listen again. lmagine that she сап also 5 Rhoda is afraid and she . 6 can't hеаr the паmе Gertrude Read the extract оп page 99. use the ideas to write а а pulls Ь b. does the phantom hаче оп hеr third finger? 7 has а vеrу pale face. а kneels Ь sits с stands 8 Witches ]n stories сап do good things and bad 4 The рhапtоm had а cruel things.. с Fаrmеr todge. Read the extract again. оп Rhoda's body. make Gеrtrчdеъ arm better. the рhапtогп's аrm. Наrdу set his novels iп Wessex. Rhoda апd Gеrtrudе ьесоmе friends. Rhoda is afraid that she did this to Gertrude. 4 сап see into the rооm.. ý '. The story is called Ihе withered дrm. Complete sentences 1-7 with characters А-С. Who L does Fаrmеr todge Ьriпg home опе day? Lodge and she has some shoes fог l saгrle as the phantom in Rhoda's dream. iг the egg. ln the story. Answer the questions.ж*W.{. what whlspers. 2 Whose face do you think Gertrude sees in the egg? Rhoda stares at the firе and she сап see а picture of З What do you think will hарреп next? а hеr son. З..17 Listen to the next part of the story. Choose the correct answers. lп RhоdаЪ dream. ж Gertrude appears/theyspeak з** Rhoda touches GеrtrudеЪ аrm / better Who appears to Rhoda in the dream? Why is the phantom laughing? ж Rhoda / Gertrude / friends again Does Rhoda sleep again? How does she feel next mоrпiпg? ..lo11.

on Rhoda's body. when the Ьоу was in bed. cruel laugh. And the phantom оГGеrtrudе Lodge laughed again. Охfогd Bookworms. she went to bed.l]:ч::. two оr three weeks later. When Rhoda slept. but she wants to know what she ]ooks like.i The Withered Аrm Опе night.. tired Гrоm hеr day's work.:". She that left hand with its wedding-ring. but the fаrmеr пеvег comes to see thегrl. Rhoda turned this way and that way. and pale and ill.*. the dаirу еагlу the next mоrпiпg. but At |ast. At last. The Ьоу is Fаrmеr LоdgеЪ son. "-. was her wedding-ring. and always in frопt оf hеr eyes was uпdеr her hand а wаrm. and at phantom's IеГt аrm. It sat. she put hеr left hand in Гrопt oГRhoda's eyes.-. Rhoda doesn't want to meet hеr. took hold ofthe Rhoda Вrооk s|ept по mоге that night. Тhеrе. Опе day the fаrmеr Ьriпgs his new wife home. She sat оп Rhoda's body in the bed. Rhoda makes а рiсturе in hеr . . She isn't married. But the picture оf Gеrtrudе Lodge did not go away.Thеboytеilshismothеr that Gertrude Lodge is smalland vеrу p[etty. put оut hеr right hand.. but she saw only the рiсturе in hеr head оf the new wife. She felt cold. on the third finger.l!:. She could поl fоrgеi thе feel оГlЬаt Rhoda sat up.s:iL. living аrm. Text adaptation Ьу Jen пifеr Bassett. Always in her ears was that She could still fееl the уоuпg woman's аrm . so cold.. i*:Il*:::t::y". She stared at the firе Гоr а long time. &ýq iжý]]i:. Неr blue eyes wеrе cold. Rhoda Вrооk sat Ьу the dying firе in her little house.. and heavier. the young wife was still there in Rhoda's dreams. and with а сruеl laugh.:]j::. but she is vеrу рооr. and now Rhoda 'That was not а drеаm she was hеrе!' could not move.. апd puIled it hard. Rhoda suddenly thеrе was nothin8 there.i:|ý::P.. аrm шпdеr hеr hand. She works very hard as а milkmaid оп Fаrmеr Lodge's fаrm. lool<ed on the flооr fоr the woman's body. heavier 'Dear God!' she cried. but she has а twelve уеаг-оld son. half-dead with terror. Literature insight 4 99 ПJ .. staring into Rhoda's fасе. she sends hеr son to church sothаthесаntе]ihismothеrwhаtI\4rsLоdgеislikе. she Iooked The рhапtоm fell offthe bed onto the flооr. dark eyes. The V/ithered Аrm. BACKGROUND ТО ТНЕ STORY Rhoda Brook is tal] with beautiful. but the phantom was still there.

ýýiýаýiЫ. 3 ýPEAK!hNý Work in pairs..l what your rооm is like what your teachers and ]essons аrе like Ё|П roo Literature insight 5 . б r'{ з.. he wrоtе Stories.паЙtЬа.. many other writers have written stories about Holmes. { hat оп the mооrs. 1 lп your орiпiоп..'i1. Ask and 6 what |anguage does Arthur not lеаrп at school? апswеr questions to find out mоrе about Arthur.1. Dr Joseph Bell..щýilёlйlЙýýЙ. . . 2 Read the extract again. The Gеrmап . Write а letter 2 What skills do you пееd to Ье а great detective? to your mother.ýýiýýýйirý й:.'1.|a:.i]ж:]]:.. iйýойаfilfiФФlя:..& ..ýi ýй&i:iiýýii'йiйhс ! iй:'] The Duke leaves аnd Sherlock (18В9). receive the daY before hе disappeared? 7 SPEAKING Work in pairs.:. HoJmes studies а mар of the аrеа..They meet to .:. ] ].li1.fu*а...i:.m the iffi.]]]i:::11&' il| 1 п__ l_l.1l Йаs published iп!ldy_iд ffi l1. Read about Arthur Сопап Scotland Реор|е to know about his son's ' Died: l9З0 iп Crowborough . йýý.]]i]].iеСiýýаrciУliЫýi iýФýlq!ея1уq.ФЁýýЙ. imagine that one o|vo1 Sher]ock Hoimes 1s 5 where did the police find а mап and а Ьоу? апd the оthеr ls the Duke of Holdernesse. Find 7 which train did Dr Huxtable catch? out what he looks ]ike. l2 idea о' I^ё .l:1:l:i}1::i. did Arthur kil the Gеrmап tеасhеr? 1 Whеrе does Но mes writе thincs down? Why / Why поt? 2 How do they know that дrthur didn't go home? 2 Would you like to go to а school ike Агthur's? Why / З Who is the unhappiest man in Епgiапd? _ Whv 4 Who doesn't Jike реорlе talking about hrs rfe? 3 1о1? n pairs.]]iý:]ý:]a.l-drасlеr оГ Sher ock Holmes? f Read the background to the story оп ра9е 101 How RЕдD оN гl Holmes and watson catch а trаiп i }i.ýri9._ l When .1..]ý]]iiýý&ýýжiiý:l&:].. lmagine that you are Аrthчr. Dr Huxtable's school. Siпсе then.iiЙýll.:_:.. teacher eiqht graphic nove]s.. disappearance.:l:..з.. one of bicycle tracks and blood.:*:_.4оrе thап 70 actors have pIayed him in The Gеrmап teacher needed а bicycle because mоrе than 200 films Аrthu. ýiýЙЙ1КffiýФýýЫа. the Duchess. Ihе Ноuпd of the Baskervittes (1902) .. his to see Holmes Не does поt want а !ць"- ýiiýffiiý. Сопап Dovle's teacheIs at medicar scnoo . 5 Ж. lnclude the following З Do you like mystery stories? Why / Why not? ideas and your оwп ideas: ж whеrе the school is ..:::::.The public lovedthis unusual and Switzerland..Сопа п . { for patients. Complete the sentences.. Answer the questions. but they find cow t ýýФýýiý1iýýlбйiБ:.ara what уоur friends аrе like what you do еvеrу day . Who gave him the : themoors? "'' "'""' .:. Literature insight 5 ýherfo ek Haýmes gпd ffiе В{rr(еý ýоm . Answer the questions. ..... Holmes knows that Аrthur апd :ýýФýrЙа. lncluding comics and . the gardener finds а school ýýfiýййýýййýЫ.i]l. the Duke and Мr James Wllder. жа' ýйййWФ@"&ýймщ:Р.4...!ýý.1.1в Listen to the next part of the story. -. tеасhеr оп the ..i' i'-'*urron offers to run backto the to become vеrу poýular.. 1 Do you think Аrthur is with the Gеrmап teacher? 8 Arthur is а пеw Ьоу at school and his mother is in Where do you think Аrthur is? France..МаýrrýТýаiilм]йýйа:lаýйiliйli|:lii:l } The next day Holmes and Watson walk across the They don't find апу footprints.ffiжaýýý*fiж1]:]]. I Воrп: 1859 in Edinburgh..:.ýiйа'$ý&й'ýýа|Уr'.i:':'r'..Й.ýýii}l'ili.. what his hobbies аrе and what 8 Who оwпs а bicycle? SPort he PlaYS.tв Listen again..LTlril ýПiý€hаiýrtýi:йа*ýhёilýýК:жitйýý1idý Ф:Фý11:1 does the workman do when he sees the body? ý]eWýilýý$ýýй*ыLne. Answer the questions.йЕмайýйýý:йi..йfurйfiй.ill. ]\.j ..ll .__":___*__** "**_. 9ave h. did the Duke's son leave the school at ni9ht? .:'i. { Gеrmап teacher did not travel Ьу road- lý еЁiiý::iйd:. wаs Tot i"9 The реrsоп travelling with Агthur hit the Gеrmап Read the extract on ра9е What did Arthur 1O'l..__.

' Holmes said. the Duke of Ho]dernesse's sоп.' Dr Huxtable said. with the Ьоу on his back? I don t think аftеr thTee days? Why didn't you come to mе at so. 'Тhе Duke is very afTaid fоr Ыs 'No. аrrivеs опе day at the house of the famous detective. 'So. Oxford Bookworms. of course. and he took а bicycle. Text adaptation Ьу -Jenniter Bassett Literature insight 5 101 Ц' . 'Does Йе Ьоу hаче а bicycle?' said Dr Huxtable.' 'No.' wrote а letter to his son. one letter. And last night I couldn't Гаthеr?' sleep. thеп. Heidegger. Did thе Gеrmап tеасhеr гidе away on his bicyde 'How can I find mаrks in thе ivy оr оп the gTound in the night. and began to 'No.' 'You mаkе things very dif.' 'Мmm. We lost 'Тhеп how do you know that the letter was from фе thrее days because оf that. We asked at Holdernesse Hall at once. 'Did the Ьоу tаkе Gеrmап lessons?' Frоm ýherlock Наlmеs апd the DчkеЗ Sоп. is also missing. Arthur disappeared at night Не went out of his Ьеdrооm window and climbed down the ivy. so I took the first trаiп down to London this 'I know thе Duke's hапdwritiпg. Dr Huxtable?' and last night they found them in Liverpool but it 'No. Frоm his fаthеr.This is why the Duke sent him away to school. 3йпr{осД fftn{^n.' wгitе things down. dlsappeared. The гnun ill ý is Dr Huxtable апd he has а famous school in the north of Епglапd. And he says that hе mоrпiпg. the Gеrmап teacher.' hе said. Dr Huxtable. 'Не doesn't Ьеfоrе?' like реорlе talking about his unhappy family life.' said Dr Нu-хtаЫе.' said Holmes.The Duke is one of the gгeatest and richest mеп in the country апd he is offering five thousand pounds for news of his son and опе thousand pounds fоr the паmе of the kidnapper. 'No. апJ tйe Ф"lruъ &on Holmes took out а little notebook.ficult fоr mе.' i\nd what аrе thе police doing?' 'Did he get any letters?' 'Yes.' 'Well.and I аm thе unhappiest mап in England. ý i Arthur. 'Не рrоЬаЬlу печеr spoke to him. But what happened to thе bicycle? NoW what once?' about visitors? Did thе Ьоу have апу visitors thе day 'Because of the Duke. 'So hе didn't know the Gеrmап tеасhеr well. Мr 'Was any оthеr bicycle missing?' Holmes.please hеlр me!' 'No.' son . 'Do you ореп the boys' letters. Не looks Rаlе and } апd he tells Holmes and Dr Watson that thrее days ago.' was а mап and his son going to visit а friепd.' 'Тhе Ьоу didn't go hоmе. Arthur was unhappy when hls раrепts separated апd his гпоthеr went to live lп France.' 'We11. уоu аrе а fаmоus detective . no. they hеаrd about а Ьоу and а young mап at the station еаф on Tuesday They looked for them.' said Holmes.ж ýýжýr:]: } о u'r'ror. Sherlock Holmes. W. some mоrе questions.

There are more than 2 The паmе of the stadium.. ' с Не isn't very good at it. 4 What does Dan want Gemma to do? Tottenham Hotspur chooses eleven уоuп9 mascots - а Draw а picture ot Dan. 1 Оп which days does the Ьоу do his swimming ing? tra in а Tuesday апd Thursday Rea l Lives Ь Tuesday.Then. DеmЬёlё . rооm.000 Spectators for tоdауЪ match at White Hart Lane and the noise is incredible!The players and 3 The паmе of Sophie's favourite player the mascots stand together оп the pitch for а photo session.:. 12th 3 What does the girl say about hеr family and music? June. -. tlescribes her arnazing а His friend Маriа isn't very qood at it. iп north Londoh. Look at the questions in exercise 2.ý. seats in the stadium and wait for the match to begin. Еvеrуопе in Sophie's family likes . hеr sister plays the 9uitаr and Hotspurs football club. l walk into the tunnel area with the other ten mascots.: hom€ nham Ь Неr mоthег sings. Hart Lane.i:. З0. . lt is two otlock in tbe::jtйýýon оп Satцrday.]:i:]:.. Му mum.. 2 Sophie plays football forTottenham HotS pU r.speciaI clothes for the match .. ltЪ а special day for me because l her dad listens to госk music.] picture. RеmеmЬеr . Match the words Sophie and the оthеr mascots meet below with the recording you think уоч will hear the Tottenham р|ауеrs in the family them in. Are li. 14.:]i]i'. and l are big с Неr mоthеr sings.Ехаm iп 4 п"uа the article about Sophie.a::]. l am with Mousa following information..Then we all return ýх.l]:] muSicaI Sophie. every important favourite player! l can hear shouting 1 The паmе of the football team and singing from the crowds..Thursday.. Now itЪ half past two. .skateboard Wэt€г.:..:.Ufh!Ф hеr dad plays the guitar.i:]:.:rrli:. but l go back to the tunnel with the other mascots./ false questions. ]]]] siп9iп9 :.:::l.the questions аrе in the same оrdеr as lt is поw three otlock and the players are in the tunnel the iпfоrmаtiоп in the text. . We change into the Tottenham kit .itr the fаmitу:*й{lm]9!. The mascots watch the football game with their families. . teach drawing рооl Sophie's family waits iп the tunnel for . finally.::.i*Y mum. we rчп around the pitch and wave at the crowds for опе last time before we join our families to watch the match. с Draw а picture of а football. Тrу to find the answers fоr each question in the text.:.. her dad istens to rock music.i::. Think about what words you might hear.. Tottenham Hotspur.:]]:]:]]]]'. and ready to start the game..for Ь Draw а picture of l\4r Grапgеr.. The bell rings and we all run out onto the pitch. Each mascot runs together 3 Read the article about Sophie quickly. we meet the Tottenham players and talk to them.&тýýY to the family rооm..]]]]':]:. dad and brother go to their Then rеаd the true.:.and say goodbye to our families.l..l statements'1-6 true (Т) or false (F)? ýХ&Рýý ýтж&YýýY }:].&ý ýYR. my dad. hеr s]ster plays the рiапо and fans of Tottenham. What ап amazing experience! 102 Exam insight 1 . 5 The match starts at thrее otlock. hеr sister plays the рlапо and parents and my brothei.::]W т F ж Read the questions first Ьеfоrе you listen.. Steve. choose the correct answers. Find the with one member of the team. The players sign autographs and pose for photographs with us.'. and this is а very exciting day! l'm with mу а Неr mоthеr sings.]. опе person for each mеmЬеr of the football team . Му whtilefi'iliY... my eight-year-old brother.Thursday and Saturday с Tuesday. Saturday and Sunday Sophie . the Tottenham Hotspurs Mascot 2 What does Ben think about skateboarding? Sophie Sayeed. The mascots shake the hands of the players and of the referee. Тrу to predict the mаiп topic of each rесоrdiпg. am опе of the mascots for ЪttепhаmЪ match today. ехреriепсе as а Tottenham Hotspur's &lascot Ь Не doesn't like it...]]l.

l:. centre... swimming оп Friday afternoons at the sports Use а new раrаgrарh fоr each new point.:lj.l.lll.l when you meet and what you do together Exam insightI 1О3 Пr' ..: 5/оuг friend's арреаrапсе .9arden lll at the weekend :..... hasn'tl.. Complete the gaps you аrе certain about first.]] play tenn]s ..&']'ýWwжrжýsýn]l]. .. It's got а .l.ll go. Read the task carefully.. ...grandmother]. Then use the words to write two sentences for each point.r. Think of опе о[ two pieces of information fоr each wоrds iп the Ьох.l...l.. Read the task саrеfullу and make notes fоr each point. They read the newspapers together and ýжем ýTýJ&TýýY 7. got shоrt curly hair...''':. RеmеmЬеr to Show interest iп the оthеr реrSоп'S :i.:l...].. He's eighty-six years old Student А: Talk to another guest....-|9 l:lf351 . daily routine living rооm. уоur family Everyone in the band is mоrе than eighty your home years old! Не can't walk very . ]]]]]] Тrу to guess the missing words. brother ..a ýYýе&тЕýY ]....l.... рlау chess. chat online ..Then look at the l.. l ..l fоr .lllr..don't".:ý ýYж&тý&Y ýi{. cooking punctUation.. Read the text first... He's in а band called 'The Old Timers' уоur likes and dislikes and sometimes they perform at а саfё in town. agц5i11 ll : photography : tчу hеrO 7 ill..&.often . Аrе they the salтe as уоur guesses? point and опе оr two questions fоr the other реrsоп . family Не loves to music and he has . in а Ьох under his bed. . There are two words that you task below. Sometimes they ..].. sofa .. Find out about the and he lives in а small flat next реrsопЪ: . do not need.... On Sundays.....:...ll... We always like his food... He's really .]:l very furrny and we always enjoy spending another country.. information about: l.!i:]:'::i Kote-play the situation below at а Му grandfather is my hero. There are three words for each point..ll]l Complete the gaps in the text with 6 Match these words with the four points in the exam the words in the Ьох... home ] got more than 500 CDs...} l Я:*}:1'a!&]&. Describe your best friend...ý.:.. а small kitchen...:l:l. сап... but he's 8 Write а letter to your penfriend in l:l':l.. them . have а shower ]]. and he often рrераrеs unusual food.' their... into. him'..1..... we usually have lunch at Remember to check your 9rаmmа1 spelling and his flat. Не keeps Student В: Опе ofthe other 9uests talks to you..]]:l .... He's tall and he's party. lnclude time with 10 ... Ьеdrооm . but he goes out every day and meets his friends in the library оr in the park. уоUr friend's interests . Не Answer his/her questions about: рlау the piano and the уоuг daily routine violin.. а bathroom and а ikes and dlslikes bedroom but it 2 got а garden.. .l listening l.....] уоur friend's personality i. the university.

. Upstairs.]. Тhеrе аге always interesting people hеrе. d these people protect the forest 3 The chickens live. whеге they grоw lots of vegetables..i . I fiпd а чегу diffеrепt раrt of Lопdоп: What is the mоuпtаiп qorillas'habitat? а peacefuI. '.. theyale 4 conservation с these people keep animals fоr food iп . RеmеmЬеr to check yoUI answel-s for grаmmаr and susan Тurпег visits the shop опсе ог twice а week...i ... 'I forest rапgеrs а these places keep animals in 1 The writer of the text think that the shop is very 2 fаrmеrs captlVity .. Рiеrrе Dupont is enjoying а cup of coffee and а piece З Susan and Рiеrrе often / rarely visit the shop. London..h i..h. 1 How mапу mountain gоrillаs аrе thеrе iп the wiId? How mапу mountain gorillas аrе thеrе in zoos and wildlife parks? lt's а wаrm day in Арril when l visit the Fаrm:shор Where does The GоriJlа Organization send iп DaIston.. with саrs. at the shop. it's а саfё do? and it's а school. оп she|ves and growing up the wallsl Тhеrе аге also Iагgе tanks of fish апd ечеп chickens оп the гооfl Yоu сап eat food frоm the shop at the саfё and уоu сап lеаrп about fагmiпg and gаrdепiпg at special classes.. Complete йе Match the words to the definitions... Outside. . Think about what kind of iпfогmаtiоп you need to 5 Susan Тurпеr is buying vegetables and . Think about ing rооm fог local businesses. Then answer the questions with no mоrе than four words or numbers. ." Fагm:shор in Dalston is а fаrm.' 2 Тhеrе аrе plants / animals апd plants iп the shop... '| i love the fгеsh food. some eggs. 'l Fаrm:shор is in а small town / big city. __. But when l walk into the shop. ].:'...'|'m а writеr. оп the thiгd flооr.. l апswеr them. the stгeet is busy апd infolmation about mountain goriIlas? noisy.. .. for example: 6 Рiеrrе Dupont works as а . .i".. LOok at the questions Ьеfоrе you listen..'hе says... . ... The shop has got а small gаrdеп.I ! tЁ EITjlfrF"l! aп -/ -lil-EEE- r SýЩij*iWн* 4 ]ЗiЦlДДýЦl Read the text а9аiп.. of homemade cake in the саfё. ... 'and l like visiting the :P"]l]ns chickens оп the rооf! Тhеrе аrе always new things in the сап have ..i''rii"a]''.... Тhеrе аrе mоrе plants and fruit inside the shop .' she says... . calm and gгееп space. Sometimes l help in the shop.]] З... Listen to а radio interview. Today l'm buying саrгоts. herbs and 6 What meat are local fаrmеrs поw producing? mushгооms. it's а shop.... Yоu can have а what kind of iпfоrmаtiоп you need to complete them. ý 4 . potatoes and Read the text quickly and choose the best answers. buses and people.. I соmе hеrе in the аftеrпоопs and I use а desk upstaiгs in the meeting rооm. thеrе is а meet- Read the gapped Sепtепсеs carefully._. раrtу Read the text and uпdеrliпе the key information hеrе ог you сап hirе а desk and wоrk hеrе... ....".q"..20 ]'rll. й.. . sentences 1-6 with the missing words. : а number _ ] а рriсе : а vегЬ d noUl 2 .. frоm the noisy street outside.. ofthe shop... | .. __. .' il: \- L 104 Exam insight 2 ]. meetings оп the third floor. 'but it's dificult and Ьогiпg to stay at home all day. З zoos Ь protecting the епчirопmепt 2 Some оf the plants аrе not inside the shop.оп the flоог..

Give reasons for your answers.:l. what they аrе feeling.:]. . She's always trying to eat the plantsl 1 What аrе the people in the photo doin9? It's еаrlу April now and . 9 ::l. l Remember to use phrases like: iп rhе Ьасkgrочпd...: ffgmgгnýer to check you[ 9rаmгпаr..... It's а wаrm...e got' pigs and а goat called Tilly.. а hole for some new potatoes...:l: answers to complete gaps 1-9. at the the anima]s . Look at the photo carefully and think alэout the vocabulary you need to describe it. rains quite often at 6..l.. I love ll:.. Make notes about: ж the people: (their арреаrапсе. We grow potatoes. Today... but they don't produce а .. the pigs.:l].:. How often do you do them? it isn't raining... do you like it? Exam insight2 105 ýJ .. beans.l:..:.]l.. Make а list of five оr slx key words to 2аа Ь much с some d апу l inc ude in each раrаgrарh.. I don't like getting wet.:.l. fruit at the moment because they're чеrу young. ... ls it fоrmаl оr iпfогmаl? 1а much Ь alot с mапу d Some l.]...... It's got а big garden and we grow r of food in it. peas and tomatoes. Read the task carefully and think about the type of ]] text.. Answer these questions in your email: :. . though.. .....:l:..]l1..l.. write а рlап first....'.. . 2 Do you think they аrе enjoying this activity? Why / Why поt? this time of уеаr. We haven't got' carrots in оur garden because no one in our family likes carrots! We've got З . }rys grФ}v 8ýr 0}výl ýOшý We live in а small house in the country. but I З What kinds of outdoor activities do you епjоу doing? know it's really good for the plants. _ F l i. За some Ьапу с а little d much : .'. but I don't like Tilly. IVIy dad 8 .. write ап email to а foreign friend.. It's hard work and he's чеrу tired and hot.. Read the complete sепtепсеs aloud.l:. Write the correct letter (a-d) in the gaps..:.. is the food healthy оr unhealthy? .. onions.. 6 Look at the photo below and think about how to describe it... ' duy and my dad and I аrе in the garden. l AnSWer the qUeStiOnS abOut the we'\. Are they formal (F) 7а sunny bsun с suns d shines or informal (l)? 8а digs bdig с is digging d are digging 'I г_l 9ain Ьfоr с away d oUt Dеаr IVrs Smith L] 2 Best wishes п З Hi John п 4 Yours sincerely п ]:]]]]] 5 Write soonI п 6 l look forward to hearing from you п ..:.. photo. look words Ьеfоrе and after each gap..l:]. :l..]l... iп Describe а traditional meal from уочr country.. We also keep some animals. Do they make the sсепеrу se nse 1 the weather 5 пеаа the text and choose the correct :ll.:l.. but she's running 9 from me! . 5а afew Ь much с а Iitt]e d апу ба аrе Ь there с dod it 8 Look at the sentences ('1-6) below.]]:ll:l:l.'l]l. punctuation and 4а mапу Ь much с some d а few 5реll nq.l..:.. аррlе trees at the bottom of the garden. I'm chasing Tilly.....:....'..:l Read through the text first... what they аrе doing) . when do реорlе usually eat this food? l do реорlе usually eat it at home оr at а restaurant? :.


2 yo. spellin9 апd punctuation (fast) than walking and l0.r]ý]:. but .:. 6 lfeeldizzy. 'It's the best way to travel!' Look at the task below and make notes... for example. rеmеmЬеr to u5e the аррrорriаtе Тhеп look at the qaps and think about what kind of language for уоur role.. RеmеmЬеr to listen to your раltпеr and respond to You сап use prefixes. Не works as а clothes . Decide if they are from а patient (Р) or а doctor (D). П The perfect job a. You сап use sufflxes. Give advice to а patient.:].. Check your 9rаmmаr. Write а letter of advice. the word negative.mепt. Ask questions about the рrоЬlеm town and he's also an excellent hоrsе Give some advice (ride). should take these р. Everyone in оur village knows my brotheT }ed Student А: Yоu don't feel well. cycling and swimming.Не : Listen to the patient's рrоЬlеm is the а. very 7 . mеапiпq.l кеаа the text.. so he travels point. }ed is twenty-five l..:.l..... (exciting) са refu llу. Even when it's чеrу cold. Jed spends three hours every day training.' he says. Fоr а role-play. (usual) clothes with bright .. wet and (wind).Think of опе piece of advice for each point. Ask for some advice years old and he has got а rеаllу Listen to the doctor's suggestions (interest) job. and he loves playing sport. word you need: adjective. ýw yоч write ап advice соlчmп foryour schooI magazine. Sometimes you need to make а comparatlve оr '| fflе voL worried dooUt апVIгiп9? П superlative fоrm of the adjective. L___] З l've got а bad headache.:::. -er оr or to fоrm nouns. design at school. very 1. vеrЬ оr поuп. It's the perfect job for him because he was really good at art and Student В: Yоч are а doctor. than driving.:l 4 What's the рrоlэlеm? Ц the text (1-10) with the correct form of the words in 5 Can you give me some advice? _П brackets.:ral::.. (quick) in the morning.]aж |'r}.. (good) football player in our .]. in а village at the top of а hill and his office is in .::ri]i]]:r:.. Ц 5 :l.. Talk to а doctor about because he's always doing spoTt and he wears your problems.. for example.l:r..... 6 Look at the sentences below. Complete the gaps iп . (slow)! 'Cycling is 9 . -/у to fоrm аdvегЬs оr .. Thank the doctor (design) for а sports соmрапу.*]i..4ake sul. But his favourite sроrt is Say qoodbye to the patient triathlon: runrring.} Role-play the situation below at а dосtоrЪ sur9ery. Не often cycles twenty kilometres to work and then ýж&м ýтýеýrжýY ]::]:iii:]]1ii]:ii]|i:ý]:]]l]::]:]:]:]i:]iii]:i::i]i:]:::]ii]]i the same distance hоmе in the evening! We live Think about the реrsоп you аrе wгitiпg tor.. А student is worried about an interview for а holiday job in а local shop. RеmеmЬеr to use linking words of addition: rоо and his journey home in the evening is muсh c/so whеп you add ап ехtrа idea. чп ar im to make their questions оr su9gestions.e you lnclude at least one idea for each the town at the bottom of the hill.:rý Read the text quickly first to get а gепеrаl idea of the ж Read the task carefully.i':.lls.Describe the рrоЬlеm colours and strange patterns. adverb. ýх&м ýт*&тýýY ýх&м ýтý&тЕýY j ja:]:. lnclude information about: акз how to рrераrе for the interview ж what kind of clothes to wеаr ж what questions she should ask ж what things she should/shouldn't do Exam insight 3 1О7 Пl .l I\.

11|.fi....] .Й]iУ.thEl..].l... 2. Не taught Steve how to build radios and televisions from basic materials.l ::lli:..:'... the Read the sепtепсе Ьеfоrе and after each gap. rеаd the text again and .Apple.rфrnёd] lt6.iпПuiпйl]iП. Тhеп predict twenty-one: five years оldеr than Jobs.Вё!wёёп... ь _. . Put these . А But Jobs Ьесаmе vеrу i1l with сапсег in 200З.. А starta new job? their first office was Jobs' garage. lп 1971.]:]. The mеmЬеrs of the talking about their plans for the future. З 5 s-.]е r' t..'.tЬЬ:]йriа. ýх&ýчý ýYжетý*V 996. his son's еаrlу interest in electronics and techno|ogy. between 1 974 and 1 976.].. 108 Ехаm insight 4 . с Не met steve wozniac.. Jobs worked for Atari and at the same time..Ы. g9ygвll.паili'diеd....computiný.llСбЙDlЙtёiý'.lJоЬS.tв|ёý1.пСtiеd mеапiпg..ёхсitiпý.'.'.ih. Match club talked about their ideas together and built their own question (А-F) to speakers (1-5). lп 19В5 he left Apple and formed а F take an exam? different соmрutеr company...|:.. was а mechanic and he encouraged each listening than to understand every word.:lr]0i. iЬЪi.. listening.. . ll lwl 2 l'm so ь ап adventure 3 it'S а 9геаt с rеаllу hard fоr something Jobs was чеrу clever but he didn't enjoy school.:. Jobs met Steve Wozniac.ЙЙ'!..illness . when he was nineteen years old.tо:lЙеkё.... l]. There is опе .lrn"6 19 apple.1. sentence that you do not need.theliPad....пУ.ЬЙt.'. е Не went to Reed Colleqe.bQuýht Next.]l:]: Read each statement оr question before you iisten. Match th e 1. he joined а . in ]960.th6....ll...] ]].. and it became рорчlаr very quick|y.t е oppoгtUnity Не wоrkеd as а video game dеsigпеr at Аtаri еlесtrопiсs.andl Jobý:.]veцyl ýuФýbf u|.рорu а1 events into the correct order.]] . .]]...rT After you compiete the task. he left college and started his first jolэ.... Аррlе С move to а пеw соuпtrу? Computers was worth mоrе than $200 milliоп..].al.. а Не set up NeXt. Рiхаr made several чеrу successful films....htl...ýeýign]]аnd]]]h1ý'l]in.::.iPh0nelnnd.piOd]0 а с. This was а new В lеаrп а пеw language? idea. but he didn't finish the соursе.l. lп 1976.. There is one computers.:.. Wozniac was 'l . 1 This раrt of Nоrthеrп California is famous because .. с Five years ater.i000.lаU.lýi'ii.l. lt's mоге important to understand the mаiп gist of Steve's fаthец Paul.iЙ$аiiапt:. including Ioy Sfory and Fiпdiпg Nеmо... F Exam insi ýх&м ýYR&тýýY Steve Jobs was Ьоrп in 1955 rn San Frапсisсо.. check that it makes sense. . They chose the name Apple апd 4 :.11ý..22 LiSten to five YOung People соmрчtеr c|ub with Steve Wozniac...а1пd:...1 :l They wanted to make computers for реорlе at home sentences A-G to the gaps 1-6. 6 can't speak f up а sports с ub Fоr the next two years.1 Read the text quickly to understand the gепеrаl 1.i.ll.:.НiýllýёПsell0{l:. NeXt.. Match the words to make coIlocations..l1аПd. They wеrе which collocations wilI match questions А-F below.i.l1.t. 5..]. Саlifоrпlа .реrsопаL согпрutеrs.l'УааiЗ1'.. ......]:] :]]:.. D teach? But Jobs wasn't always popular with оthеr people in Е buy а new саr? the company. Не also became the сhаirmап of Рiхаr Animation studios. ]idёаý|. d Не and Wozniac started а соmрапу iп his garage.. З. ']ine]U]din0l. both interested iп electronics and computers апd they 1 revise а а wоrd of а language immediately Ьесаmе lllllllwwlq(vly wwvqlllv friends.:lthёli........ в Не got mаrriеd to [аurепе Powe]l in l99].lll.. and:::20:l0 .. AP]PlQ.п....:.hё!$ёdl....]]:] Think about the key words you might hеаr in each there аrе lots of technology companies here. question you do not need.. l.... .]]'n':lneW Read the text about Steve Jobs quickly.АРýlё1. } 4 it'S d excited Reed College iп 1972.. his family moved to'Silicon Valleyl l Read th e text a9 a i n..l. Wozniac and Jobs decided to set up their оwп Which speaker is going to: 1 2 3 э] computer company...:.Й.996. F Не had а lot of arguments and got апgrу very quickly. | with а whole generation.r..].1...Hý.:. Ву 19В0... G lп 1974. iP.

Think about the subject of the vеrЬ is it s!пgulаr оr 5 l can see some food on the table. Му father -.. and mу mum practised driving the Ьus гоuпd and rоuпd the саг 5 (pass) hеr test last раrk every evening..... ''uiL following points: what the people аrе doing S .:i Read the text about planning а /vrdttпе раор'е зrg 11gбrir9 journey.]' Write а story with the title..l:::rl... Thlnk about the tense is the gapped sentence iп the З l think it's inside.' ххдgж ýТЖ&Yý6Y 1 They аrе dancing and laughin9.n1i].. plu : rа l? . 6 :statement Match these statements to the photos. Include information about: speaking. -- RеmеmЬеr to check уоUr Writing fоr grал- - punctuat]on and spellin9. we decided to leave оur house and оur соmfоrtаьlе lives and to spend опе уеаr travelling аrочпd the wоrld..xjжý. (take) the fеrrу to mоthеr couldn't drive! So she 1 . but today. etc. Тhеге's а big саr раrk пеаr оur house..:. : гпоrе interestin9.&!*a. 'А ve rу Ьа с .':r'::.. what kind of сеlеьrаtiоп it is the verbs in brackets.l. lnclude the . which celebration you would enjoy mоrе апd "". who you wеrе with When you State your орiп оп.. Тhеге was опе big рrоЬIеm.. /сгеr.ъ& ]а :a. .. what happened rеаSопS. She month апd she's аlrеаdу а rеаIlу confident dгiчеr.. (ЯУ).. |7 (pack) my suitcase.Ji.]&i:.}tr iilж::]] о* . 2 lt's рrоЬаЬlу sumгпеr because the sun ]s shinlno. Тhеп we all sat down together апd started to р|аП оur iоurпеу. 9 (driче) the bus to Dочеr and thеп we 10. l hope the wеаthег 11 (Ье) good fоr the boat |очrпеу! EХefvt ýЗ ý&тЕбY ... _] : at first..} These two photos show people at а party... ..r]]r''i::]i... .. Read the whole text first quickly.. (take) some lessons with а driving school.|:'r.ýý:lý.... Look at both the photos carefully before you start day'. paSt. It's Saturday today апd l usually u.:.'. One matches both photos....... Тrу to use different adjectives to make yct. Ьесаusе we (start) оur amazing iоurпеу tоmоrrоw. t -. (go) out with mу friends at the weekend.. . rеmеmЬег to u5e _i. preSent or future? 4 Еvеrуопе is very happy. .. - So they bought а big bus and put а small kitchen and some beds in it. ýтжýYЁýY ýх&. l.: Rememlэer that some vеrЬs take the iп9 forrn: She 7 . rеmеmЬеr to give l :.ж""%Жý]ýЖ:].i. why it was а bad day Exam insight 4 109 . . soon... hatesJ watchtng yyul( TV. Ап Amazing Journey Last уеаr mу family (make) а big decision... where you wеrе l ooks fоr differences апd a!so s]milarities in ihe i photos. though .. Му parents didn't want 2 (travel) Ьу рlапе because they don't enioy 3. l. complete the text with the correct form of . When you write а story. Соmраrе and contrast them.

Реrhарs they Ьесаmе ill.r. с Апgkоr Wat is 4... 110 Exam insight 5 .l. с а place whlch has got trees and plants all around it d Опе arge temple that was Hindu and is now Buddhist.that's an area biggeT than parisl About Моте than З..i]].l:..... museums.. sma ler J ]l]:.. They built them iп а r. and we now са11 this the 'Valley of the 6 Sоr^. Why does the writеr mention Paris? correct anSWer5.ll ...l:l.'. in Cambodia.:.l:.. the mountain. 3 She didn't always сус е 100 km реr day because she 3 AFRlcA hdd to LloS5 So. the Incas built а stone city... high up in the Andes а place mountains in Peru.:]]:i]]:l|i1]::]jW it Ьесаmе Read the gapped sentences Ьеfоrе listening and try а Buddhist site and today it is а major religious to predict the main topic of the listening.:'].:. Cross Tutankhalnun still rests in his tomb in the Vаllеу out the options that аrе definiteLy Wrопg. Hiram 2 She stayed with different.i.. no one really knows why.500 years ago.zз Listen toTara talking about l]ll. is the largest reliяious monument iп the wоrld. during herjourney. а рlасе.l.000 tourists йsit Angkor Йt y"ur.. monument fоr both Hindus and Buddhists.lll з. The whole monument сочеrs mоrе than them. Bingham discovered it again..:!::.l:. The Incas cut huge 4 о РОsчо.Exam insight 5 1 дSrд Апgkоr Wat. temples and about 150 houses. .. Ttre temples are still in good condition. but the jungle has gTown аrоuпd them so that is it а number. in 1911. gold Ier.ll.-1 steps into the side of the mountain and then carried the stone up the mountain to build the 2 l]:l.l... "* Пеаd the text again and choose the ...:. Look fоr key words in the text.ry а type of реrsоп / реорlе and 2 SOUTH AMERICA In the fifteenth century..]:l..::l:l.:]]:]]]... was lost in switzer and. d Paris апd Angkor Wat lэоth get а lot of tourists.. when she left Machu Picchu. Which text is Buddhist temp es.::. but Then read through the mu]tiple choice options.. including London and New Yоrk. they destroyed mапу Inca cities. When Spain conquered the Inca people in her bike ride from lreland to Croatia. Do they make sense? 4Ь0 squaTe kilometres . The constгuction of this city was з аг amourl огmопеу an amazing achievement. Think about the information you need fоr each gap . the kings is pTobably the tomb of she donated mоrе than l Howard Carter cliscoveTed it in 1922... Inside Guy's Hospita in [ondon. and Machu Picchu. the tomb there weTe beautitul objects. originally dedicated to the tдr{lYl >lнrýlý{jY Hindu God Vishnu.elleTy and decolations оп а11 the walls.l::. all the Incas 'l Таtа. In the 14th centuly i}..le wo[ds as those in the questions. Between 1570-1580. Ь Paris is smа]lеr than Апgkоr Wal:. 1 Match the sentences in exercise 2 to the gaps in'I-4. а Апgkоr Wat and Paris аге the same size.l.:]: Read the text quickly. helped her when she Kings'. 'Гhе most farnous tomb in the Valley of -гutапkhаmuп. It's а gгоuр of 12th centuIy temples.alley Ьу the 5 someone sLole her in Гrапсе Nile lliver.000 kilometres frоm Paris.. write печеr discovered Machu Picchu at the top of опlу one word or пumЬеr in each gap.5'9.:. Cairo Мusеum is now the hоmе of mапу of these objects and sometimes there аrе special exhibitions in otheT mаjоr Read the text quickly first. but was а child... Remember they are usua ly not the sall. What can visitors see iп Angkor Wat? а Опе main Hindu temple апd some other... "rr.:]l].... about: Ь Lots of Buddhist temples and а few Hindu temples.. сiф. а а рlасе for dead people с [ots of temples that аrе important lоr Buddhists Ь а very old city and Hindus.:. the Ancient Egyptians 4 she rоdе her bike iп seven diffеrепt began to buiid alnazing tombs . There was also the body of the PhaTaoh (Egyptian King) 1utankharnun. of the Kngs. .::l l:. а паmе. а date.l l.ll:. а поuп? between апi inside the temples there аrе trees and " Read the sentences again after you have completed plants.l:. Then. with palaces.. Complete 153З.1].: '.репl lirеiг.places for their dead Kngs. but they sentences 1-7 with information from the text.

heading... l:'. Chicago......l Read the text about Kira Salak..'. Rwanda. grаmгпаr. ж Use adjectives and adverbs to make уоur description mоrе interesting..'']. USA. won several journalism some important buidings оr гпопumепts awards.1:. Write а letter about the best places experience. l..::]:]]::r]. Think about the kind of word you need . When Кirа was twenty-four 7_. рrопоuп. In 2005 she cycled очеr 1_.ll. 'she's а real life Lаrа Сrоft...200 kilometres to visit and things to do in your country..lll.]':'. HoLlDAYS Activities sightseeing.]:. bottom of the mounLainb. she Ьесаmе the first wоmап to travel асrоss Papua ý "l ... hеr Olympic RегпеmЬег to check your writing carefully fоr training and to focus on travel writing. Adjectives exciting.....' And the New York Ilmes said. кirа salak is а novelist..l..._.... information. . Ек&ýъз ýTýa&?ýeY i]:]:i:....1'll New Guinea. Ь iп Lопdоп.. and when she was а 5. .. she enjoys some beautiful sсепеrу iп уоur countly * e. " 'l'l Your friend in the USA is going to visit ':' l .. lnc ude yoLrr реrsопаl opinion as wel as facts and teenager she wanted to train as an Olympic athlete. Ь the ]пса реорJе took stone frоm the mountains to EX&ývl ýт&&YýýY ý. She 1.. and later she wrote а book about hеr your country.. Places beach... you сап see Tutankhamun's bodv .W build it... BookMagazfne described hеr as craziest wоmап аdvепturеr of оur day.' kira was Ьоrп а . с there was а wаr with Sраiп at the same time. etc. lпсlчdе асrоss Alaska to the Arctic Ocean and in 2006 she information аьоut: travelled 966 kilometres Ьу kayak down the Niger the best time oithe уеаr to visit апd why River to Timbuktu.i:1l.:l:l.:._. You can always include ехtrа information аlэоut the а in Саirо..]i]r.4аkе sure you include information about each point. _. makes sense. ll. d the mаiп mаtеriаl for the buildings was at the . experience. ... .. different . ý l.::]]::i:]:. pUnctuation and spel ing.'..]....ll..]:.. ..:.."vays of travel iпg аrоuпd your соuпtrу She's also written а novel.ll. Read through the completed text to check that it People friends...]:]::]:]]:]]:... visited some of the _..''.:]... Exam insight 5 111 Ж . mountains or beaches What аrе hеr plans for the futurе? 'I want ride а hоrsе асrоss Mongolia. Д.. .... а travel writеr and an .l. _. Вut she was also чеrу interested in writing and finally she decided to give 6_ ...preposition. and the Dеmосrаtiс Why did you enjoy it? Republic ofCongo. Use опе word in еасh gap...ll :. topic. Whеге dld you go? adventurer...' she says. old... taekwondo.. She Read the task саrеfullу апd make notes fоr each point loved sроrt school..]i'.]]]]:. auxiliary vеrlэ.. 7 TutK about your favourite holiday '''l._.:.l.g.l:.:... What did you do thеrе? world's dangerous places. and when she isn't travelling.. ...]:l... с in the Va 1еу of the Kings Write at least three more holiday words for each d in NewYork.i:i!'. to build дlachu picchu because lt was difficult аthe buildings used lots of different materia]s...]]]]]i:]]:]W х* Read the text quickly to understand the gепеrаl meaning... .... Воrпео. lnclude answers to the questions below.r''. 'l.l. including Who did you go with? Маdаgаsсац. in 1971.i....]:.. camping and mountain climbing.l'... Look at the words Ьеfоrе апd after the gap.... Complete gaps 1-8 with the missing words...i]::..

4lt . Yes. 2 Write questions and short answers. l аиз 2 the grrl / happy? No. . 1 We аrе Гrог. 3 They аrе frоm Gеrmапу. ... fifteen... а 9ood school. _0зr . cold..от ltaly. you аrе.. form and then the negative form of the verb Ье...ýе No. these. Yes. We /You /They (. П lrZ Grammar referen(e and practice . 6 lam ao. home is iп Parir . Vеrу пеаr. 5 i\4y mother . . . eig hteen.. We. 5 You а. l . tle * {Tl th&tr hоi. Somethin9.. he is.. i аm. . 4 5he s fгоr \pain.*tl gtз*iiýh? Yes.. home is in Nlad rid.l 1..... 2 That /Those houses аrе vеrу big.. Ье W. that. Grammar reference W. Complete the sentences with the correct possessive we/youlthey at home? adjectives. home is '! Complete the sentences with first the affirmative iп Веrliп. she isn't. lt а bad schooI. hot. Warsaw. Elqland. They Rоmе.. She loplt а tеасhеr. бl . l She]a_ а student.n Polald.. We use possessive ad_jectives to show who possess-. these boxes ццц . 3 ls this / these dog your dog? 4 Аrе this / these books frоm the liiэrаrу? 5 That /Those сhаir is red. smal.. Yes.. in the We/You/They 'rе (: аrе) He/She/lt Ъ (= is) 'rе поt / а[еп't at home. those mоthеr iп the house. l fiFZTbese gir1 is my sister. N/y W... .1. 5 you / mу friend? choose the correct words. 15 ро1.3 :]:]: this. No. home is iп 2 They big..е [. 9 g..аrе not) He/She/lt isn't (. З they / sixteen? Yes. we аrеп't. home is in London he/she/lt 2 hе is Гrоm l rапсе. home is iп З We.. 6 That /Those desks аrе small. this Ьох 1 you / English? ц &. No..2 llll::l: Possessive adjectives 'm (. We use гhis апd гhеsе for things and реорlе that are пеаr 4 we / in London? to US. 'm not. We use lhсГ апd those fоr things and реорlе that аrеп't No.

the 7 r' Му schooJ 600 students. с.. :l: we use с with singular поuпs whеп the next word starts No.4:* hove got W.. . l etc. . three sisters. we rеfеr to something that WaS mentioned Ьеfоrе. а пеw Ьа9? ttаг *з*th*r i* а drэr"tсэr.. ь а brother апd а cat..g*t. З Has she got а / ап Ьrоthег? с homework tonight.rvе .е уу'7\ rhе girl. Anna .Ье 6 r' .пу boq. 4 Х I\4y parents . short hаir and Ь ue eyes...Ka }1э* рlзо*а..5.. u): Complete the sentences with the correct form of :лtз a. grэt а col1puter? ]&аr*. \i..з **и р!зопе.]*'{} iJcl at} . yoU they а lоп Yes. .): а !:ai1. с. .s.adog.*t*рuХ*r Ьцt t <1сэ*'t tr.. we haven't.К* thg Match the sentence halves. d..6 Yes. i. 's (: have) got 1 Rewrite the sentences. 5 We а. Replace the words in italics haven't (= have not) got with object рrопочп5.. he has. . В: \о... В: "е>.. ] Have you got а there is опlу one of something 2 She's got а ot ol l'rв аХ }h* р*rХ. а trsr.W. Grammar reference and practice 113I .. е big house. (Тhеrе is опlу one park.. . *ha"* * taitr.) 3 The tоwп's got а 4 They haven't got а 1 choose the correct words. she hasn't.. 1 They've sotФ/ ап пеw house and а new саr. Object РrОПОuПS 'Ve (: have) got а new phone. а саr.. !* а !з***лэ {ie*i: r*"i **heoi.. has not) got З haven't qotyour books 4 Jude likes mе опd mуfriепds..}1d dоq. l 1. we гпепtiоп something for the first time 2 ? А: *акg you . We use гhе before siпgulаr and рlurаl nouns when: 8 Х Тоm.. 2 Wе'rе at а / the cinema. l h. ..We use сп with siпgulаr nouns when the next word starts with а vowe] sound (а. l'ч* g*i * r**и **rпршi*r апd .. ЗХ We.rn yФцfi* ýеýаiз f}sý. аа.. 1 l like the Ьоу i iiкg iзitп 2 Shp . Articlesз а l4п and fhe l ] W-A No.. but it's nice 5 He's а / an old гпап and he's got а / ап big dog. . We use а / ап vtitб singuiar nouns when: 1 r' Не h*1 .. have. 4 There's а / the computer club and а / the music c]ub d пеw laptop fоr homework? at оur schoo . А /The computer club is оп Дzlondays. hasn't (. .. о. 5 l've 9ot two sistel. А /The саr is rеd а great shopping сепtrе. *l. W. we describe а реrsоп оr thing. adictionary.. with а consonant sound (Ь.. we say what someone's job is.. 5 ? А: .. е. . а dезк..lpie" ап i*э*gеt have got. 6 We've got а / an maths ехаm tоmоrrоw. .

.m. We don't add -s to the vеrЬ. wапt. Y*s /gзо qмеstý*пs I g*. Н:*il 6 They ". choose the correct words. ... the weekend..l.1 don't.. we often use time he/she/it No.. 1 Match questions'|-6 to answers a-f.)... love. iп summеr.l VеrЬs ending iп сопsопапt + -у: change yto -ies .. habits and everyday routines.c$"t pl*.. I\4ost vеrЬs: add s 7 Dоп (have) а shower еvеrу day. he doesn't. she does. 'l l get uр (get up)at six otlock.. . rоmапtiс films 8 Му triends . l do. 4 Piotr.30 p.tп the mоrпtпg. 2 Does your lэrоthег 9о swimming Ьеfоrе school? п 3 Му school day finish / finishes at З. We make short answers with Yes + subject + do / does ar *зrаk Иtз*и* m1 qrа*о*m*thаr. 1 Do you know that girl? ш 2 1 study / studies Frепсh and Gеrmап at school.1 * 2 Rewrite the sentences from exercise ] in the negative.. at З. like. he doesn't.. . . Ь No. he does. and short answers ill_--_a:. ýýt*rt аýýи{8уý l don't ttKe Sрапi*h food. н'". Do / Does + subject + vеrЬ. and negative 'l Му mother dосэп't go to wo. bv bus. NOTE: We always put а question mаrk (?) at the епd of Th*. we don't. don't 1= do поt) watch TV 2 Му Гаthе. рrеfеr. 8 lt4y friends live / lives in the town сепtrе. 114 Grammar reference and practice . 1Ъа t**:реrаtuге ohang** а lclt *ýt*ide th*. х: add es 8 iVy cal (sleep) 14 hours а day.З0 р. d No.жir}] Present simple affirmative 1.. 2l at school. We fоrm yes /по questionS iп the present Simp]e With facts and gепеrаl truths. .t ир at *ix *'сýосК ývегý ýýеrfi!fiý. 6 You (not / go) to the gym at ýреýýýхзg y*xý*s: týзýrd рсrs*rt sýrзgжý*r the weekend.?rg*idg. l l.nt в{ the Ц*& li. 5 She i. с No. Д/о + subject + dап't / dоеsп't. . b. . 4 Does Аппа play football at the weekend? п 5 She write / writes to her cousin every month.nixhail <lge.. l/we/you/they No. -sh. Yes. l.l Verbs ending in s. they do."". 7 We.. hate.. *i*t!cзn.. пееd. а Yes.. 5 YoLr Irlепс5 (not / like) pizza. *1эасе. at weekends elc.. . (not / make) breakfast оп Saturday mоrпiпgs еvеrу еvепlпg З Stр|lа (start) schoo] at ha]f paSt eight. it doesn't.. е Yes. . f Yes. We use the рrеsепt simple to talk about: teach English? Yes. 6 Do we have this CD? п 7 We love / loves rоmапtiс films.m. 3 Do they kпоw the апswеl to the question? п 4 Piotr have / has а big саr.--- lчеgd t!l/e We make the negative form with do and does + п't (= поr) + vеrЬ. doesn't (= does not) watch TV 4We (watch) films after dinner..Grammar се .. kпоw. The vеrЬ го hсvе: change haveIa has Present si m ple q uestio ns |.J their friends at every evening.....l. understand.. . iп the town сепtrе Complete the sentences with the present simple form ofthe verbs in brackets. 5 Does your dog like cats? п 6 They meet / meets their friends at the weekend. expressions such as every day. 3 lt4y school day .e irз tha Whilp И***е" а qUestion. оп Sundays. some verlэs that descrlbe states are believe. Yes /по questions always expect the апswеr уе5 оr по. .*.-o.g {*сэttзаli оrз *at*lrd*"g*. . ] . states. allthe timе. 1 Му тоtгеr go /@6фlо wоrl ov bus. -ch. l do.

4 Who/Where ]ives iп this house? 5 How mапу / How old is уоur Ьrоthеr? "l Put the words and phrases in the correct order to 6 How mапу / How old students аrе thеrе in уоur ciass? make sentences..'::].K З What/Why is уоur name? *Фfiэаtiýrs* и9 gs ýиi$lýiTlg *п Wedretda1 аýtвr:**оtз*. wgg. l пgчеr *е.rirjýýý9]].:.: ДdчеrЬs of frequency уоur раrепts / get up / before you а lways usually поrmаllу х often frequently William / ride / his bike / to school Sогпеtimе5 r' not often occasionally rаrеlу 5 we / have / а maths lesson todaV пеVеr х l t.question words l4lh.ýýаqж.. ' who / Гоvоur'tе ' tS / Grammar referen(e and practice 115 J . **шаtt1 ai сlrаrпа g!rr!з gtл ý.llwa. Ьеfоrе the main vеrЬ.р Г fifteen. 'l ] sometimes / р|ау tennis / you / after school ý Тhеrе аrе thirty-six..!irтаý play ttný!ý аfiе"r *_*1зgе1.5 2 house / is / how / your / old / ? сепtrе 3 ive / Tessa / does / Where / ? 4 гессЬе" уjо.зdg. ж". What things Ь11 раrопiв *{tan rлаХ* pieza еп Frldа1 пiqlзt*. L 6 Tom. questions ask lоr specific iпfоrmаtiоп.i эрm*. х А: ý*и often .]]:]i:i}:]:] ] . Uзuаll1 i $ii ai thi.o|.]|.Х. 2 put the words in the correct order to make work wh. . 3 Аtб.| .? о.: :i i.]]::]:] ']:'] . П 4 qo суtliг9 / оссаsiогаllу z AhTeJ uno No. The following adverbs сап a]so соmе at the beginning of 1 Where'@Oo you get up in the mоrпiпg? the sentence: 2 What / Where does your uncle work? usually. 2 уоur friend / live / in London r' 2.]. ln some cases.]4:ýýж . 2 school. / ult".questions. аr*..g thern dшгiпq the..л 6 Eloise / listen / to music / еvеrу evening We use adverbs of frequency to describe how often we do something. 1.i*sýiý&l 2 Write yes / no questions... 2 Match the answers to the questions in ехеrсisе 3. З пеvеr / Sаrаh / her text messages / rеаds 5 -lе'..3 . Vtrf*yd с}r{r*}" word lnformation Adverbs of frequency usually соmе: Whеrе places .. 1. t ...x* lза* а gh*и*г iп the mеrпiпg. th*"ril at иg*Ке.u/ тV co.i6^6 ц"l..5ometimes. 'l 5 lэоrеd / at the weekend / l'm / often уоur / when / birthday / is / mother's / ? \оJhап rs 1о*т mоthеr'ь Ьiгtirdа.sirsu ol Sunoay<7 дlе zз1llg 5р61..]. ]i]::']. Who реорlе ".l Ао. П At mу 2 Y*b.о o.. after the vеrЬ Ье.io yý&! ý*& .s. How old а9е |tg i* п*vеr taip. .. Тhеп write short answers.gоuг ctltl*in*? S: l u*uаil1 *s. Wh.".. more than опе answer is possible.:... answer/what / this / isl question / lo / lhe / ? 1 yau / like / sport Do Yqц llкo Ёроrt? fami|y / how/ in / реорlе / аrе / your / mапу/ ? У '{еъ. dgf.1. When time lxa*hci .!*d*а*dз1*" Choose question words to complete the questions. How mапу пumЬеr The.ЗОаm П Ьеfоrе breakfast / we / trаiп / for two hours / always 4 N/y t.

.. No.. he can't Ь Yes... а* ir llnп NlO l Цл z :ед it tmn То fоrm the negative We USe сап't (= саппоt) + infinitive she . l am. brlv. 1 Сап they hеаr the musiql 1 How often do you buy magazines? (not often) а Yes. We use соп / сап'Г to talk about ability. Ь Yes. Write questions and short answers аьочt Abi. 6 They . Spanish. Jim & Kath Abi х r' i You fly а рlапе He/She/lt do karate r' х We р ау the drUmS r' х They sing х r' make а cake r' х ] speak Spanish r' r' You He/She/lt ridе а bicycle.".. l сап.. she Spanish? ll1?Y ýýlý}1 ýsc . . 4.r birlr. I Сап you see the whiteb.. she . 1 jim and Kat а рlапе. ].. l аm.oard? How often аrе you late fоr school? (usual|y) а Yes. 4 They . adverbs in brackets. сап't I Can David play the violin? How оftеп do уоur раrепts drivе to work? а No. l swim. mлrr2-1|4?\ .l. 1 Lап Abi {lv а оlапе? F*уез* Y_qа. she doesn't. с No. How often does your sister go to the cinema? (пеvе0 2 Can she speak Frепсh? Mly bisror а Yes. No.. Ь Yes. а cake. they don't.. 3 Study the chart in Exercise 2 again. she can't. J с No. l can't 2. .. .. They З They drums. they сап't.l:. he does. thelz сап 6 How often does уоur dog sleep оп уоuг bed? (always) с No.. Yes.. 5 They .l* bul l carr'i гidе а hоrзе. WithoUt ro.2 """. she is How often do you play football in the раrk? (sometimes) с No. it is. speak ltalian? No. .. ahp paq. . they can l Jлп'} п{*д* . We 2 They .. '! -- 2 Complete the answers to the questions. NOTE: We do not add s after ссп in the third регsоп. соп / соп't for ability z Complete the sentences аЬочt Jim and Kath using information from the chart. IMy dog Can you swim? а Yes. Ь Yes. ka rаtе.л. Ь Yes. the drums? Ар.. .. she can... Use the Choose the correct options. they аrе. То fоrm the affirmative we use ссп + infinitive she ka rаtе? WithoUt го. sing. (occasionaly) Сап Olga апd Тапуа rеаd? N/y раrепts а Yes. l сап. с Yes. Lcll l l9q lgi| lg>l: Ilto Grammar reference and practice I . l rzn riAe..'l й"..1"" . she а са ke? То form questions we use Ссп + subject + infinitive without tо... they don't.

.a iq""i 1 /liý Jrlt +Ьд +аЬlл М1 {гltпd* рlз1 {ooibail rоаl!1 че1l. . 4 Our team aiways loses.___. . rL.. 'r!! . ihtге ага." _i___. 5 two bathrooms in З They / рlау /the рiапо / slow оur hoUSe. .л.л. happt --э hарэilч 4 very /the / trains / vol1eyball / hard / team Тhеrе аrе some common irrеgulаr forms. 1 i.:?! о UlI lli. isп't ls лог) + о / singular поuпs. 5 Dad / sometimes / shouts / апgrу / at our dog. Не can play the drums .d у ý*ичý -+ l**cli1 Adjectives ending in -y:change yla -ily. а 1 Наrrу / swim / qood 3 а TV in mу bedroom. поuпs.]]] afteI the ob.3 ж Adverbs of mаппеr ý put the words in the correct order to make Fоrпп sentences.1 l! ij. .я зrс {ive liz*кз itl ihe .5 'reacl^et t у:оlу to.. Le 6 Grandpa can ride а bike.л.."п'i 1n!! l\..tл Jlзgгtl i*ri't а{э *гаtlst: iлз тэ. u. r. really. something. -tirp. *he *реах* quieil1" We use There is + а / ап Ьеfоrе singulal. We use There аrе + so.l. for ехагпрlе: very. nbll ! З She wins а ] the rасеs... one.plp jb" / iaU lllrl.1 -) \zы l}!Uq _ Wйl{ 5 eat/ quickly/ rеаllу/ l / breakfast hаrd -+ hаrt1 iaTe -э ialg З. "Y { l Complete the sentences using the adverbs below. i 19ar-n rterc 11{ltl:r*at *uicKt1. table iп their kitchen. badlY л"."...л-- ч*LJФvIrJ 'l You're speaking too qiliЁttrý сап't hear youl l \^/е use ls there + а / оп Ьеfоrе singula[ поuпs. q.-. .{ll lUu{tr] We use Тhеrе аrеп't (. LtJ55{..g -+ tзоi*it.. lп rппiп iп *i.л*l* .*l...-*J _i*_-+ **-.bte lЪ*rе. . 2 He's an amazlng musician. afteT the main vеrЬ.ual'5 rор'\еrу 1 1ъLге Are fifteen students in the science с ub. Ёд пlrrа llrr лrli{*у. ti i .{Uýi.ore поt) + спу before рlurаl nouns..1 ý"}ýа we use adverbs of mаппеr to describe how someone does there is / there ore with some... Ьrл Аdvегьs of mаппеr usuallv come: .. there аrеп't hоrе. с Ьir to qive mоrе iпfоrmаtiоп about adverlэs of manner.1. !li . Гhrее) before р ura nouns. l* а ЬсоГ оп the t..iаggг*оtn.t}L}{э}: Vеrу . sогпе clothes shops 2l/playtennis/bad.g..ect of the sепtепсе. We often use modifiers.* l j!! r J! . к. {э. -t.{i wdll.. There (: ап Ьеfоrе l. lа1. сап usually do mу v*ъ. ihrго. z lo..* -_..g* th* рi*tз* bea*ti{жli. ý11l. 4tlf !iiplE yidll}} . }tаггý sнrтп* viai!.lvi!l: l9. the beach. lt's not difficult.g.. slowly. Не 'l Comp|ete the sentences with Ihеrе is or There are. We р ау rеаllу l rr*" lt r\lЁ .. We сап а 5о use Ihere оrе + а number (e. q*iat -+ q*!aý11 2 sрод.. quire. W" ur.. five children оп 4 We / usually / finrsh / оur hоmеwоrk / quick.:l:l fз51 .2.l ptr*.g We usually fоrm adverbs оf mаппеr Ьу adding -/у to the 1 the / plays / beautifully / flute / Kate / rеаllу adjective. З tests / do / l/quite/inlwell tз*i*....l} ii.vo.-А"^' 1rrul 5dl{iЁil: 5 l love maths.. . . She сап ruп rеаllу We useAre there +слу Ьеtоге р ura поuпs..!{т иritt 'ii!9 '! {lCnb.. апуапd а/ап t{* р1*1* tlз"* р!аtrrз иrli.vо.:. 6 Yоur ]itt е brother / р ays /vеrу / noisy Grammar reference and practice 117: .rl r J l(Jl!lyu{trt ill . iп yoUr town.л _i:-*. well '.. it- 12 ..rre before plural nouns.. 1 bio. qlr€+ry ll easiiy. ... ljiе. "-. 4 .. but he's not vеrу fast.. 2 write sentences with adverbs of manner. if there is one.. 2 .т* !э*rз- [!рltъ t*..

or Дrе there 3....1. А. ýЪв gi*"l iэа* Е*зt tw* са'}*. This is mу рагепt. саr..2. desks.This isTanya"* blue Ьа9..:lffiъ-в*'.::. Yes. . ina1 rе оttгý. Add 3 to а singular noun. lo сЦоw pos)e). 2 Correctthesentences byadding apostrophes. .4.Then write short answers..3 ж Possessive рrопочпs and апу . 1Ъ*.io. Тhgь* аr*. "{&s ghildrofl hаvе. Аrе thеге апч g!аiгв iп }. а yoLrc Ь outs с miпе 5 The mеп have got sandwiches fоr ]unch. . ..:.These аrе the 6 \4у Ьrоthеr and l have got this пеw согпрutеl.? l}tlý iý til9 qiгl* сOlтiрulrr &: "!&*.. Whеrе is. В: Тhеу'rе not yours. lt's . Yes / No. НеЪ got five bikes! n 5 Тhеrе аrе / aren't any cupboards in mу kitchen. They аrе iп а band. ]tb 8 The реорlе have got а new president... there isn't. 2 N4y childrens rооm is very messy.0om... 6 Тhеrе is / are а spider on the wa]l! 3 Write questions with ls there о l ап.rr"я. 1 Tanya has qot а blue bag..lo ***а'* vrr1 smal!. they аrе. We use possessiveрrопоuпs to rерlасе поuпs We use . This is the а miпе Ь hеrs с oUrS people пеw president.. "....'Тlзiв i* 1h* Ьоl'ь clog" possessio п. .This is mу friend . т.. а oUrS Ь theirs с hers 2 NЛу friend has got а big house. thеу'rе big house. &: t]h**e р*п* аrt tho**. . is this ýsиrý ? а theirs Ь yours с his Complete the sentences with possessive З or s'.. "ъ чs жr r. 5 А: Аrе those bikes Tims? 4 Тhеrе а[е some / any bottles in the fridge. lt Ё пеr*. The cats bed is under the table. 1/ i}'* tn1 bag.. В: Yes.tэе1 h. g** а batt" ThiB i* tha сhildгр*'а ball REMEMBER:We always put а question mаrk (?) at the end of а qUestion. .tB go1 а d*g.....::Wr "^. 1hеrа аlе 2 аrmсhаir / In уоur rооm? З bin / in уоur c]assroom? r' 4 curtains / at the window? х 5 university / in уоur town? .М'ЬЁffi Grammar reference and practi(e i 2 choose the correct words. girl* }rav* g*t а сотлtрutеr.о*r*... tha girfв r*lt*. 3 This is my friends new song. h. there is / are. Add 3 to irrеgulаr рlurа1 nouns which don't end in -s. Jоhп has got а sofa iп his bedroom. 2 Тhеrе isn't апу / ап аrmсhаir in my living rооm.J _*.. ? аrе White I\4rs pla ntS.. "tr-}. . 3 lйу раrепts have got а саг. studenL booL^q.о. 2 This is mу cousIns'house. Ь ours с mine 4 N/rs White has got some plants in her garden These 4 This is my Ьа9... 1 Аrе thеrеФ_ý/ а good hotels in this town? 1 Sophie's Ьrоthеr lives in Frапсе.rhояв сiеsК it tLrrs? Add 'to а plural noun which ends in -s. .The sofa is vеrу smal1.g'rе ..) (= 1 guitar ВоЬ. 6 N/y sisters daughters паmе is Alice. We use possessive adjectives before а noun.These аrе the classroom . с yours 7 The students have got new books. r -.. . "! Choose the correct possessive pronouns. . {t"* miпg....tгt's hоцае? У Ya*..They're my sister's.... We use the question word lvhose to ask about Тiз*. З Are / ls there а washbasin iп your rооm? 4 l've got one cat..dffiý'.They're 6 The c]assroom has got fifteen desks. t?: lt ý ýý{tli}.These аrе 5 А: Whose shoes are these? the mеп sandwlches.. ýеiзп"* get а ь*зfа i* iзi* Ьеdr*оm. Possessive З tn пеf p941. ýЪ*1 аr* ошr Ьоgý*" ihe lv iý 3.. REI\IEMBER: We also use 's in contracted fоrms of is and hcs... З These аrе Jim's books. Тhеу'rе not miпе. ! rlB Grammar reference and practice . whose 1 stairs / in l\4ary's house? We use possessive pronounS to show possession.

. N. (Wе'rе not studying i possessive рrопочп5.orno. В: Sоrrу.: Short vеrЬs ending сопsопапt + vowe] + сопsопапt: I В: That isn't your / yours desk.g (watch) TV at the гпоmепt. Тhеу'rе I оur. l'* (lg1. at you. now.) 'l l don't like mу пеw phone. double the final сопsопапt and add iпq. .. 6 А: Аrе these уоur clothes. but perhaps поt at the moment of speaking. е 9о 3 А: Whose is this рrеsепt? 1 l "ап t. . |\чt!./ l /drink/a cup oftea eatlng No. Yes.) 3 Complete the sentences with the correct ьJе rе *tudyi*E Ё*зli*trл а! utзiчвr*it. we аrеп't 8 Why /you / lauqh? Grammar reference and practice 119 d . lt's 2 rрГерJlеl dilгеr..o'" ._-_ r. isn't (= 15 n61. i г'r 4 >he (not / taIk) оп the phone.o**d ýш*tгаtriа. oatilrcrJ ЬrсаКh61 а1 fhe lтлоп:апт? В No/ l/ rеаd /the newspaper...эз . it isn't their / theirs. (you / ook) at mе? . Jt's my / mine Ыhа.1о*лепt 5 . N l 3 This purse is your / yours but the mопеу inside it is l our / ours. ].l.t. Verbs ending in -е: rеmоvе -е and add -lл9.he |еер. . Ьrеа kfast? 7 She/ i5len/ LoSo. they аrеп't her / hers sandwiches. actions that аrе hаррепiпg around поw. No.gou d. {i. No.:c1? . В: lt's fоr mе and mу brother.рmотегt Yes.l1lt.l* l \ll _л. i !"rn lгачеitriпg a1./ ours.iл. t В: No. i. гl-еу te 5We . Аmу? rs $.г l 2 choose the correct words. lt's my / mine. he is 6 l / not do/ mу homework. my / mine is at home.i*рц91 К at tР:e 1. l-a.or. l'm not The hunqry wolves / look for / food.ч l}*t lrUll! А: l can't find my / miпе dictionary. VеrЬs епdiпg -iе: change ie ta -уiпg. at the mоmепt.lle-u.1 " Present сопtiпчочs to the radio? В: No. but Аппа loves hpr* tr Complete the sentences with the present 2 We haven't got our homework. В: No.rцl the **иtраргг" J 2 lИу dog / chase / а cat iп the garden.. бА: (your Ьrоthеr / listen) 4.аrе) аrеП't (: аrе поt) We / take / photographs / of tigers / at London Zoo -ne lo. ii l cousins'house.rdl ll. 5 А: Is thisTom's picture? l В: \о.. l l 2 А: Why is your / yours bag оп mу / mine desk? . . ýр**ý*rзg rLýýeý: -я*эg f*r.|" |. he isn't. Can l use i your / yours? ."..tli*ý (sit) on the sofa and wа}. I I 'l А: Whose аrе these sandwiches? Аrе they her /@ ll . l am.t-lц l lIr |.g..*?з!*. but those students continuous form ofthe verbs in /d g / ahole i. eating breakfast л:- lч{// . lVost regular verbs: add -iпg.i аrе . . ls 4 Have you got а lэ ue jacket? ls this blue jacket 3А: . we аrе. (l'm not travelling right i 6 Your / Yours bedroom rs biq. l often with expressions such as at lhe mоmепг апd поLч.l . hо. ] В: Yрs. (lеаrп) about rivers in geography this term. We use the рrеsепt continuous to ta]k about: 4 А: Whose house is this? ls it your / yours L l l grandparents'house? l actions that are happening at the time of speaking. 'rе (.о. 'm ПОt (= аm not) 1А you / eat / breakfast / at ihe mоmепt? пгр"| "]$r.4.l'm vlalcbirit! 'lV. le 'm (= am) Write sentences about what is happening now. but her / hers is small. рdrп. Yes.

. habits апd гоutiпеs school оп i\4ondays? В: l us. We (visit) с Yes. а саrtоп of mtlk а bottle of juice What do you do / are уоu doing? а measurement l write /'m writing ап email to my friend... . 1ie (сhаt)опliпе? 1 She usually drinKý . . Не doesn't read / isn't reading а book. П use sоmе / спу оr по article.m. ллt . l usually (take) the bus.. опсе а mопth with the рrеsепt simpIe....n aо*.al ) (9о) to the раrk.. thlnk she's quite sr. present continuous form oftheverbs in brackets.. d No. 3 Complete the sentences with the present simple оr Тhеп match questions 1-4 to answers a-d.. l 4. .-""- | .We оп]ч 5 She isn't talking to me. Рý |'ve qol sош* appi** in rп1 baq 2 l'm поt gettin9 up now. la cUPyL}d|"{i? 2 Choose the correct options.. . Тhеrе is no рlurаl fоrm of uпсоuпtаЬlе поuп5. а piece оf cake. she She пеvеr (9о) swimming Ьеfоrе luпсh.r'ifioays? RE\lENlBER! We use some in affirmative sentences and спу В: Yes. fоr а bit lопgеr. She's doing the irопiпg. 8 -h"y (watch) а grеаt film every we.] 4 We usually play football after school оп ..l* brtaol аче г1 da1. continuous Му Гt iеп|s . housework? 4 Lley (enjoy) their at the moment? holiday? В: No.. qeneraltruths А: Whсr (you / do) after . i tа1 ..2::._l (down oad) but today she 1а_ hav_ing (have) some оrапgе juice. Не listens / These units of quantity сап describe: Ъ listening to music riqht now.._* " . П -. лл r. Wednesdays. (not / study) in the Ь No he isn't.. l i l r. а slice of cheese.. .i ll { ll4v! Ё. а kilo оf mеаt fifty grоmmеs of sugor 120 Grammar reference and practice . . l"iе 1ravtrli"i gol ап1 ЬrеаС.. We . on TV aL Lhe rоrрпt. and чпGочпtаЬlе tеmроrаr) c'Iuat'olc.. o@Areyou usuallyphoning ' yUU. 8 The 9iraffes аtе eating that man's picnicl П ý. . ." ý. [*] l./lam.ek. сlаssrооm today.i L-.ldo. 'l | пеvеr go to bed Ьеfоrе 1О р.g. а part or portion 4 We visit / are visiting mу aunt every Sunday. (work)in the We use the рrеsепt simple to ta k about: liЬrаrу today. parents cook / are cooking lп the kltchen at il"4y the mоmепt.. e... а fаrm on а school triр. We don't use а / anwtth an uncountab е noun.tз rrэ1 bag. uncountable почпs i__. l'm buylng а пеw a]bum. З We're playing cricket in the раrk at the moment.y. пеvеr.: uncountable nouns only have а singular fоrm. .l. . а Yes."ri. . . Countable nouns have а sinqular and а рlurаl form. 2 уо." t!v.. (UJ5lг (. We use а / ап wilh the singular fоrm and some / апу wilh ? Read the sentences and decide if they are present the рlurаl form...". .. НеЪ doing his hоmеwогk. 7 Giraffes don't eat meat.:. почпs We often use expresslons 1ike righr поrдz and сt the mоmепt сочпtаьlе почпs with the рrеsепt continuous. ] аm.1 .. 5. 'Countable We use the present ContinUOUS to talk about: агtiчit'еs ll^ot аrе l^appopl. sогпеtiгпеs. (drink) tea iп the morning. ]t's rаiпiпg! А: you usually . а loaf of bread 5 l often watch / аm watching ТV programmes а container about animals.гi rla1. we оftеп use units of quantity with uncountable поuпs.t **it. some music? 2l (not / ridе) my bike to school in 3 she (do) the mоrпiпgs. (meet) up with friends at the weekend? В: Yeb. Present simple or present l .. simple (PS) or present continuous (РС). in ne9ative sепtепсеs and questions. she is.. 6 She doesn't ta k vеrу much. c:iI а*{ yi 9aq' 'tli 1!!с Ь. We often use frequency expressions.. l'm staying iп bed 1 haie*'t got *ull"appla* .Grammar 3 Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets. But today.* appi* еv.. thеу'rе поt.::: (stay)at home.

Quantifiers: mчсh I mапу. lэig house with 4 water / yau / drink / every day / ? beautifui garden.:J аiуl*-1 п*rt а few s ices iп the Ьrеаd Ьiп. ? we use с /irгlе with uncountab е поuпs. .. *ýЕаг ]* *rч t*.l We use с /orofwith countal]le and uncountable nouns.2. ch icken / уао / eat / every week / ? 5. mапу апd с /оrоftо talk about lаrqе 8 реtч vou ' l. l"vg g*t а tr*i *ý Ь**{* a*d а l*t *{' 1э**к*hаlч*l*i Grammar referen(e and practi(e 121 l .v with pluraI countable nouns.l 1*t *{ *эсrза. . уоur chicken? ll.l- .3 *---.э* lпапч _q}uJerl}* реп and рареr агг itl g*чr.rr ч*t} *: Г. We |se mопу with соuпtаЬlе поuпs. We use а /оrо[iп affirmaiives.".l*t * r*drа latei * F*иr trз*v**'? g*1 r*u*h tiуlзtl We use с fel. newspaper! They ive iп .. negative SепtепсеS.pend о1 )оUr lоrеrлоr.uice l_j 9 biscu it much photos..}l* 6 They don't have mапу / muсh food in the house.6 tэ*i *tзе !эа*пз't Е** а t*i *{ {з. t}j* '.. When we ask questions with much. l пееd ] students /Ье / la your class / ? '*.. cheese апd *Фt.h Ьrаа{1 h*ч* . bisctl lts. we use much with uпсоuпtаlэlе nouns. *: gзазс}з.go* q*}? t **Хy tiКs..rru"ll. eggs / Ье / iп the Ьох / а lot of 7 We use mчсh. 7 piay much / а lot of different sрогts.. З l want to do mу homework.. Апd please get З т r. tФiýs.. '1&*rg хr* * lJ f и9iУ {*н рг*Ьttlж* иith thit h**tgи*rи" . 5 Тhеrе аrе а little / а few boxes of pens iп the stationery сuрЬоаrd. ..tcld*. 2 А: What's in уоur unchbox7 8 Наvе you got mапу / much hоmеwоrk tonight? В: tomato.ltэt lt*tз1. Тhеrе аrе а little / . l Тhеrе'sffiР/ а few miIk iп the jug . ... we use the phrase: How much .. Quantifiers: olittle lafew . 1 We've got .эv*. |'ve got а lot of / 5 mlk i.]!.. / .. We usua у use rnrny in questions and in '! Choose the correct words..-n 1 Write U (uncountable) оr С (countable). * lit*lg.. When we ask questions with mслу.i\. 4 Do you want а little / а few cheese? tr h*чgтt'i g*t **зз1 **wег* i*з ttt1 qаrd**. { thiэзН.}. 2 Write questions with How muсh or How mапу. а lot of / much l]utter.oJ . * '_-* __J 6 Would you ike а little / а few potatoes with . negatives and questions. but 4 .l i 'l0 Ьrеаd 4 How muсh / mапу bananas аrе iп the bow ? 5 We haven't got а lot of / many flour b.ave gоt ] q Ua ntitieS._.. sugar. juice iп the fridge. саl-гоt and sandwiches. How mапу .. ý choose the correct words.i. we use the рhrаsе: 2 Тhеrе аге а little / а few tomatoes iп the fridge. чс..ut we've 9ot 2 Complete the sentences with а / ап or some. There's glass on the table and 5 аrmсhаirs / you / have got / iп уоur 1iving rооm / ? there's .l:t) А: Do you need anything frоm the supermarket? 2 реорlе / Ье / iп уоur family / ? В: Yes pleasel We пееd milk and . .. 1 гiсе Е 1 Howffi/ mапу milk is in the fridge? 2 apple П 7 cheese 2 How much / mапу space is there in уоur Ьа9? 3 chair :] 8 реп З l haven't got some / mапу pictures in mу гооm. ? З 've only got а little / а few bread. 5. ne9atiVe SentenCeS. We usually use much in questions and iп wе use с /irгlе апd а few to rеfеr to small amounts. :1сц t+. .зчr jФll rз01 а l*t *{ ЬtiiэКt>? S Y**" i h. &: **tt *зýr.-i -... *h*'* g*t .. 1Ъrеа. \ Ё.

.1 . 1h*fi c. гnor. 3 Grапt is . He's 2'rdr onysoeal English.. beginning ot tеrm. М1 B!*'te.. but поt mапу because it's very cold. 7 your lэag is expensiver / more expensive than mine.'. 122 Grammar reference and practice .!} i!itler tha* {ýý... children in the park 5 Do you think а good diet is . 7 The. ..l. {l}Зtf (fit) than mel 3 Do уо. qOOd -э р9л}*г iэаd -э wqлr*е. choose the correct word. 8 The school is farther / farer than the cinema. (bad) at sport. (close) to the { fi/e've Qo| days before the school than mу house.ectives ending in е.. l ]t s$Гjt}/ hoter today than yestercJay. (important) than а lot of exercise? 8 l sometimes have apple pie with 6 The film апd thе book аrе both vеrу sad..ning 6 Саг lTry of the stew? mу sister..... Fоr short ad.y'* l:ф_Фr*. l\4y sister's .. j.е . custard fоr puddinq. and 5 She always eats . rаsрЬеrriеs also he's (intelligent). Today / is / wet / yesterday. rrirФ -э *l*с.ь at l'оmе... Y**r 1rсэ**g. ..' .gttеr . 1&i* h*u*р i* bigg*.r lэir*1 -э !зи*i*г Your dress / is / pretty / mу dress.. 3 l get up earlyer / earlier than mу sister. 1 complete the sentences using the comparative fоrm ofthe adjectives iп brackets. but l think