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a WU MUNA [7 m "G, gre anos 21 oS eratia GOVERNMENT OF GUJARAT COMMERCIAL TAXES DEPARTMENT FORM 102 (See Rule 6) CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION UNDER THE GUJARAT VALUE ADDED TAX ACT 2003, -Thisis to cotify thatthe dealer shown herein has been registered under Gujarat Value Added Tax Act 2008. Registration No.: 24073001701 1 [Name of the business/dealer 2. Address of Chief Place of Business: City Taluka District 3. Nature of Business 4 Additional places of business: (See ‘Annexure) Place: Commercial Tax Date: 19/10/2015 ANNEXURE Note: The above registration number must appear on all: - Your Tax Invoicosiinvoices = Correspondence with the C.T. Department © Your Tax returns iti cempulsory for every registered dealer to display conspicuously the Cerificate of Registration o 9 COPY te eee place of business as per the provision of Rule 7 of the Gujarat Value Added Tax Rules, 2006. Zeparate copy of Certificate of registration for each addtional place of “business/branchigodown is enclosed. Date of effect: 29-SEP-2015 | ELEDEA 41008, Sukhsagar Complex,0,Nr Hotel Fortune Landmark, Usmanpure, Ahmadabad Ahmedabad-380013 ‘AHMEDABAD AHMADABAD CITY ‘AHMEDABAD Reseller, Importer, Exporter Dats Signature 93535 Designation Page 1 of2 Zh UO ALAA Dae ANNEXURE - ADDITIONAL PLACE OF BUSINESS Firm Name ELEDEA TIN 24073001701 Date of Effect 29-SEP-2015 ‘Additional Place of Business. ‘StNo, |Description of Branch Page 2 0f2