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Jotron 7000 Series
Excellent RF performance in congested areas
Advanced digital signal processing (DSP)
Remote control over Ethernet /RS232 /RS485
No tuneable parts
Easy set-up and control
AM and D8PSK operation
Most compact radio units available
Keying options
Continuous duty cycle
Offset operation

Excellent RF performance in congested areas Remote control over Ethernet /RS232 /RS485 Easy set-up and control

Careful analogue design is the key issue to achieve the best The radio units have alternative ways of being remotely con- All parameters can be set and adjusted electronically from
collocation capabilities possible. The 7000 series of radios trolled, making them easy to fit into an existing infrastructure the front panel or from the remote interface. The front panel
is designed with no compromises regarding the synthesizers already available on the site. The radio units are controlled contains a graphical display, menu buttons and switches that
and analogue front end. This together with a linear power using SNMP v.2 (Simple Network Management Protocol) over are used to set up the radio – no external equipment like a PC
amplifier design, strictly controlled by an ultra fast digital sig- UDP (User Datagram Protocol), this together with 100BaseT or a signal generator are necessary to control the frequency
nal processor,makes the radio the ultimate choice for pro- Ethernet interface makes it easy to control the radios. Either or to adjust any parameter internally in the radio.
fessional G/Aapplications. by using Jotron’s dedicated Radio Access and Control Sys-
tem -RACS III or by a standard SNMP management applica- AM and D8PSK operation
Advanced digital signal processing (DSP) tion. Alternatively, set up and control can be done using the
serial RS232 or RS485 ports. The radio can be operated in the following modes: AM voice,
The receiver and transmitter use the most powerful digital AM data (ACARS) or D8PSK (VDL mode 2). The AM channel
signal processors to perform the intermediate frequency (IF) No tuneable parts bandwidth for voice operation (8.33 or 25 kHz) is automa-
and the audio frequency (AF) filtering. In addition, all the mo- tically selected by the frequency choice. AM-MSK mode is
dulation and demodulation tasks are performed in the signal There are no tuneable parts inside the radio units. used when the radio is operated as the physical ayer of an
processor. This means improved product control, less tunea- No tuning, or special tools are necessary when changing ACARS ground station. The D8PSK mode is used when the
ble parts and improved reliability. frequency / modulation or to maintain the radio. radio is operated as the physical layer of a VDL ground sta-
Most compact radio units available Keying options Offset operation

The receiver unit is a complete stand-alone receiver with Keying options available in the transmitter includes positive Setting the offset carrier is just as easy as setting the fre-
built in power supply weighting only 1.7 kg. The transmitter and negative voltages (up to 50V), keying to ground and quency of the transmitter. Up to 4 carriers offset is available
unit weights only 3.0 kg. A complete transceiver consists of phantom keying on the audio line. In addition the keying using the standard temperature controlled oscillator in the
3 units (transmitter, receiver and power supply) and the to- option includes in-band tone signalling both ways: ptt and transmitter. 5 carrier offset available upon request.
tal weight is only 6.0 kg. The modular and compact design squelch with configurable tones for easy integration with any
makes the radio the perfect choice for distant sites that are VCCS system.
hard to reach.
Continuous duty cycle
BITE system that detects failures
The transmitter is designed for continuous duty cycle. This
The BITE system continuously monitors vital points in the makes the radio the perfect choice for VOLMET and ATIS
radio units. An error is instantly detected and reported in applications requiring continuous transmission. The unique
multiple ways. The unique main/standby concept of the Jo- cooling concept used on the transmitter, keeps the tempera-
tron 7000 series can automatically switch the operation to ture low, and the operational lifetime of the equipment high.
a standby set upon an error, providing seamless com- muni-
cation for the user.

General – All units AM 25 kHz AM 8.33 kHz AM MSK D8PSK Standards

Frequency range 118-137 MHz (118-156 MHz optional) ICAO annex 10, EN300 676(AM, AM-MSK), EN301 841
RF Modes 6K80A3EJN 5K00A3EJN 13K0A2D 14K0G1DE (VDL2 – Physical layer)
Keying time < 1.0ms < 1.0ms < 1.0ms < 1.0ms
Bit rate 2.4 kbit/s 31.5 kbit/s Environmental
Frequency response 300-3400 Hz 350-2500 Hz Temperature range: -20°C to +55°C (operating)
Frequency stability <1.0 ppm -40°C to +70°C (storage)
Data ports RS232, RS485, 100BaseT Humidity: 90% @ +40°C (non condensing)
Protocol Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP v.2) Shock: Transport: IEC-721-3-2, Class 2M3
BITE monitoring VSWR, Voltages, Currents, Levels, Lock detect, Temperature, Output power, Vibration: Transport: IEC-68-2-32, Class
Reflected power, a.o. 2M3. IEC-68-2-6
Supply voltage, AC 115/230VAC +15/-10% / 50-60Hz EMC: EN 301 489 – part 22
Supply voltage, DC 21.6 - 31.2VDC negative ground SAFETY: IEC 60950-1,CSA-C22.2
MTBF >10 years / unit No. 60950
MTTR <30 minutes at lowest replaceable unit

Transmitter (TA-7650) AM 25 kHz AM 8.33 kHz AM MSK D8PSK
Output power 10-50W 10-25W
Adjacent channel power >70 dBc >60 dBc >70 dBc >65 dBc
Modulation level up to 95%
Distortion < 5%
Line input 600Ω, -36 - +7dBm
Intermodulation protection ratio >40 dB when interfering signal is decoupled with at least 30 dB
Tx timeout 10s to 5 min in 10s step
Inband keying Configurable tones: 150-3400Hz
Carrier offset 2,3,4 or 5
Differential group delay <60µs
Power rise and release time <190 µs, <300µs
System constellation error EVM <3%
VSWR 1 : Infinity
Duty cycle 100% continuous operation@ambient below 40°C
Power consumption <280VA
Dimension Transmitter unit 142mm(28TE)(W) * 230mm(D) * 128mm (H), Weight 3.0 kg
Dimension PSU unit 71mm (14TE)(W) * 303mm(D) * 128mm (H), Weight 1.3 kg

Receiver (RA-7203) AM 25 kHz AM 8.33 kHz AM MSK D8PSK

Sensitivity analogue @1µV / 30% pd 10dB SINAD (CCITT)
Sensitivity VDL data @2µV pd input BER <10-3
Adjacent channel rejection >80dB >70dB >80dB >
Intermodulation (3 signal) >80 dBc >60 dBc
IF bandwidth +/- 11kHz +/- 3.5 kHz +/- 11 kHz +/- 11 kHz
Image and IF frequency response >110 dB
Squelch operation Adjustable -107dBm, 30dB /
S/N + carrier override
Activation time <20ms
Hysteresis <3dB
Audio AGC 30% - 90%, <1dB variation
Signal / Noise >45dB on any output @100µV, 30%
AGC range -107dBm to +5dBm
AGC attach time <50ms
AGC decay time <200ms <40ms
Differential group delay <60µs
Inband squelch signal Configurable tones: 150-3400Hz Agent/Distributor:
Line output 600Ω, -36 - +7dBm @90% modulation
Harmonic distortion <5% @90% AM (line output)
Cross-modulation >85dB @ 100 kHz frequency offset
Blocking >100dB @1MHz offset, >110 dB out of band signals
Dynamic range >110dB
Spurious response rejection >96dB
Dimension Receiver unit 71mm (14TE)(W) * 230mm(D) * 128mm (H), Weight 1.7 kg

Jotron AS reserves the right to change the design

and/or specifications at any time without prior notice.
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