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Particulars Required information / number / range / value(s)

Name of the Project: Simara college

: Location: BARDIYA
Classification of Building : Administrative Block
Type of Building : Frame Structure
Sketches: Attached in next pages
Summary of Quantities of Materials:
Grade of Concrete
 At Super Structure part M20 Grade

At Substructure and Foundation M20 Grade

Summary of Costs (NRs)
Block 1

Total Gross Cost of the Building with Civil, NRs.

water supply and sanitary and 2,322,539.85
Electrification cost with VAT 13%

378999217.doc i

This report deals with the Master plan of the administrative block of school area and detailed
structural design, drawings and estimate of proposed Block to be constructed at Bara, within
School area, according to the master plan.


The Building is to be constructed in the periphery of Simra School, according to the drawings
attached herewith.

The location and master plan of the proposed site is shown in the drawings in the page of this


The quantity estimates are derived by taking off the quantities of works from the detailed design,
drawings and are measured following the methods given in specification. The quantities of
earthwork, external materials and other related works are detailed in Abstract of Cost.

3.1 Basis of Costs

3.1.1 Introduction

The cost estimates, detailed in this chapter, are prepared in order to enable the allocation for
appropriate resources for the construction of Building.

The cost estimates broadly provide resources for the major activities required for implementation of
the Building construction.

3.1.2 Quantity Estimates

Quantity Estimate are calculated from the designed dimensions of the permanent works required to
complete the structures, earthworks, protection works following the measurements methods
described in the specifications.

3.1.3 Base Rate

Wage rates for skilled, unskilled labour, equipment hire charges, materials prices, fuel prices
established by the various authorities of the district have been adopted.

3.1.4 Item Rates and Costing

Norms of rate analysis for works items published by HMG, Ministry of Works and Transport, 2041
B.S. and revised in 2050 BS are used to arrive at the item rate cost. The project cost is calculated by
multiplying the quantity with unit rates. Detailed Rate Analysis and Abstract of Cost are separately

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3.1.5 Transportation Charges

Transportation and handling of materials are considered in the cost estimates and are built up in the
item rates. These rates were obtained from the concerned district authorities.

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