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com tuesday, aPrIL 27, 2017 --B1

shackle Island Fire hosts breakfast, silent auction

The Shackle Island Volunteer Fire Department
held its annual pancake breakfast and silent auction
at the Long Hollow Jamboree last Saturday. Despite
stormy weather, dozens of people attended the event,
which raised funds to help purchase equipment and
supplies for the department, which provides fire and
emergency services to the entire Shackle Island com-
The Long Hollow Jamboree, owned by Eugene
Hardison, hosted the event. Several volunteer fire-
fighters and EMRs prepared and served the breakfast
items while other volunteers handled the silent auc-
tion, which included over $1,200 in donated items
from area merchants such as Home Depot, Lowes, Ol-
ive Garden and Kroger. In addition, the Beech High
School FFA provided numerous plants and flowers,
which were included in the silent auction

state rep. courtney rogers shares a moment with Long hollow Jamboree owner eugene hardison, Wally hardison and chief
marty Bowers.

Bentley Baggett enjoys his pancakes during the shackle

Island volunteer Fire department’s pancake breakfast and
silent auction last weekend. RICK MURRAY

Long hollow Baptist church outreach relief Pastor Jeff arm-

strong enjoys breakfast with his sons Jake, Judson and John.

addie Baggett enjoys her pancakes during the shackle Is-

land volunteer Fire department’s pancake breakfast and si-
lent auction held at the Long hollow Jamboree on april 22,

Volunteer firefighters Ron Wills and John Kemper stayed Firefighters/EMRs Nancy Reding and Robbie Moore served
busy cooking the food. state rep. courtney rogers and volunteer mary ann day. up a hearty breakfast for guests.
B2 — thursday, APRIL 27, 2017

A double take at Decisions, Choices

Beech Cumberland and Options
Decisions, Choices
and Options held their
annual banquet in Hen-
dersonville on April 20.
U.S. Congressman Di-
ane Black was the key-
note speaker and music
was provided by Lee
Thomas Miller, country
music songwriter of sev-
en number one country
  Approximately 300
guests attended to learn
more about the nonprof-
it, birthed in Sumner
County by former edu-
cator, Joi Wasill. This
abstinence-based educa-
tional program for mid- Congressman Diane Black, Lee Miller and Joi Wasill.
dle and high schools is SUBMITTED
currently in 15 counties of Teen Parenting for recently honored by
in Tennessee reaching  middle and high schools. White House Chamber
Beech Cumberland Presbyterian Church is located on Long Hollow Pike in the Historic Shack- 13,000 students annually. They have a college of Commerce with their
le Island Community. The church was organized in 1798 and has approximately 225 active Their popular cur- based program entitled impact award for contri-
members. It has eight sets of twins in the congregation ranging from one year to 86 years
of age.  Two sets of twins were married in the church and are still active to this day. Pictured
riculum is now being Exposed and also a men- butions to their commu-
back: Walter and Spencer Hammond, Autumn and Summer Pennington; front row:  Gavin and taught in 10 states.  They toring program for high nity. Learn more about
Brooklyn Newberry, Nettie Sue Scott and Bettie Lou Hunter, James and Charles Killion, Mary feature programs such risk students in after Decisions, Choices
Thompson and Martha Bowden, Andrew and Annabelle DeWees, Joanna and Janet Algera. as Healthy Boundaries, school programs.   and Options at  https://
SUBMITTED Life Choices, and Cost   This nonprofit was thursday, APRIL 27, 2017 — B3

Hundreds support Educate a Woman luncheon

More than 400 people attended The Volunteer State College Foundation’s 10th annual Educate a Woman luncheon on Friday, April 21 at Long Hollow Baptist Church. The event has provided
over $115,900 in scholarships for women in the last 10 years. TENA LEE

Karen Mitchell, vice president for resource development at Vol State Community College,
thanked Susan Peach (right), CEO of HighPoint Health System and Sumner Regional Medical
Scholarship recipient Melissa Cox, who is now a member of the Educate a Woman Commit- Center, for being a 2017 Summa Cum Laude Sponsor of the 2017 Educate a Woman luncheon.
tee, shared how a college education has shaped her life. Sue Pittman of Ms. Sue’s Medspa was also recognized.
B4 — thursday, APRIL 27, 2017

Groups seek to restore

Bradford gravesite
STAFF REPORTS land grant here for his
The French Lick services in the Revolu-
The cast of Seussical. SUBMITTED Chapter of the Daugh- tion.  He built Bradford-

Seussical opens
ters of the American Berry House in 1796. He
Revolution is reach- served this Mero Dis-
ing out to citizens and trict under the adminis-

this weekend
community business trations of Thomas Jef-
for financial support to ferson and John Adams.
restore and rededicate All the graves in the
STAFF REPORTS cal some will fall in love, the gravesite of Henry vanishing family cem-
The Hendersonville some will have desper- Bradford, one of this etery are Bradford de-
High School Theatre De- ate adventures, and area’s prominent first scendent who lived in
partment, under the di- some will save the world. citizens.  the home for one hun-
rection of Carole Everson, Come join familiar char- Bradford  received a dred years.    
presents Seussical April acters like the Cat in the
28 and 29 at 7 p.m. and Hat, Horton the Ele- Cheryl Sherwood, president of Newcomers & Community
April 30 at 2:30 p.m. phant, Gertrude McFuzz, Club, Beverly Fussell, member of French Lick, Carrol Pitts,
This delightful, en- club member and Mary Katheryn Wise, president-elect of
Mayzie LaBird, the Sour French Lick. SUBMITTED
tertaining, zany musical
Kangaroo, General Geng-
is based on the works
his Khan Schmitz and his
of Dr. Seuss. Seussical

Drug drop-off day is Saturday

cadets, all the Whos in
incorporates some of
the best-loved charac- Whoville (including Mr.
ters, creatures, places, and Mrs. Mayor, their
and story elements from daughter, JoJo, and the STAFF REPORTS Department, and White
at least 15 of his books. Grinch), the Wickersham On Saturday, April 29 House Police Department
Many of these char- brothers, and creatures between 10 a.m. and 2 will partner with local
acters never actually from the Jungle of Nool. p.m., The Sumner Coun- pharmacies for the Drug
met before, but through Tickets are $10; $5 for ty Anti-Drug Coalition, Enforcement Administra-
the course of this musi- children 10 and under. Sumner County Sheriff’s tion’s (DEA’s) National
Prescription Drug Take-
Back Day.
This is a safe, free, and
anonymous opportunity
to dispose of unused, un-
wanted, or expired pre-
scription drugs and is part ringes cannot be accepted ville Pike
of a national effort to pre- as part of this take-back Walgreens- 914 Green-
vent the increasing prob- program. lea Blvd
lems of prescription drug Officers will staff col- Goodlettsville:
abuse that continues to oc- lection boxes in the park- Walgreens- 455 Log
cur nationwide. ing lots of the following Hollow Pike
Nine drop-off loca- facilities or in the facility Hendersonville:
tions will be open to the lobbies: Walgreens- 198 East
general public throughout Gallatin: Main
Sumner County. These Sumner County Sher- Walgreens- 365 New
locations will accept pre- iff’s Office- 117 West Smith Shackle Island Rd
scription drugs and over- Street Portland:
the-counter medications Perkins Drugstore- 532 Walgreens- 104 High-
only. Liquids, illicit drugs, Hartsville Pike way 52
needles, sharps and sy- Walgreens- 585 Nash-
See drug on B7 thursday, APRIL 27, 2017 — B5
B6 — thursday, APRIL 27, 2017 thursday, APRIL 27, 2017 — B7

Spring Clean-up drugs Unused and/or expired

medicines that remain in
home cabinets are highly
From B4 susceptible to diversion,
misuse, and abuse. Ac-
White House: cording to the DEA, rates
Kroger- 510 Highway 76 of prescription drug abuse
Residents are encour- in the U.S. are alarmingly
aged to bring in medica- high, as are the number of
tions containing controlled accidental poisonings and
substances but will accept overdoses.  Studies show
any medications brought that a majority of abused
for disposal. All sites will prescription drugs are ob-
take pills and medication tained from family and
patches of all kinds. If pos- friends, including from the
sible, prescription labels home medicine cabinet.
should be removed or per- All the returned medica-
sonal information should tions on Drug Take-Back
be blacked out; however, day will be incinerated ac-
pill bottles will still be ac- cording to federal and state
cepted if the labels are at- environmental guidelines.
tached. No questions will Additional informa-
be asked. This is an oppor- tion about each event can
tunity to safely empty out a be found at The Drug
medicine cabinet of drugs Enforcement Administra-
that are no longer needed. tion’s National Take-Back
Disposing of prescrip- Initiative website https://
tion drugs through a drug www.deadiversion.usdoj.
take-back day is the safest gov/drug_disposal/take-
option. If it is safe to dis- back/
pose of a drug by flushing The mission of the Sum-
it down a toilet, the drug ner County Anti-Drug
label or prescription infor- Coalition is to provide
mation will indicate that solutions to eliminate sub-
option is an appropriate stance abuse in Sumner
means of disposal. Other- County. For more informa-
On, April 8, the Friends ministry of Community Church of Hendersonville hosted its 12th annual Spring Clean. Over 160 wise unused drugs should tion contact us at 615-461-
volunteers of all ages formed teams to serve at two local schools, one women’s shelter, and the homes of 16 families in 8243 or  sumnercoalition.
not be poured down a sink
our county. SUBMITTED
or flushed for disposal. org
B8 — thursday, APRIL 27, 2017 thursday, APRIL 27, 2017 — B9

Saboe selected for 2017 NEH seminar

 Paul Saboe, one of grams are by application
Pope John Paul II (JPII) only and are very com-
High School’s founding petitive.  In the last five
teachers, has been se- years, there was an aver-
lected to participate this age of almost 150 appli-
summer in the National cations per institute with
Endowment for the Hu- only 16 teachers selected
manities (NEH) Summer to participate in each
Seminar on “Muslim Summer Seminar and
American Identities, Past only 36 selected to partic-
and Present” at Indiana ipate in each Landmarks
University. Workshop.  Despite the
 One of the hallmarks difficulty of being select-
of the JPII faculty is their ed, Saboe has been select-
continued focus on fur- ed for each of the NEH
thering their own formal workshops to which he
education as a means of has applied.   
improving and inspir-  On April 4, Saboe was
ing their teaching in the one of 16 selected to par-
classroom. Saboe has em- ticipate in this summer’s
braced this practice and NEH Seminar on “Mus-
has been an active par- lim American Identi- Paul Saboe with a student. SUBMITTED
ticipate in NEH summer ties, Past and Present” at lesson plan to his fellow have shaped and been World History course studying history is to
programs, including the Indiana University. For participants that incorpo- shaped by the American teaches students about learn how to be a histo-
2006 Summer Seminar on three weeks, he will live rates the seminar mate- experience,”said Saboe.   the rise of Islam as well rian, basing our under-
“Churchill in America”, and work on the campus rial into his own teaching.   The NEH seminar as the emergence of the standing and analysis
the 2007 Summer Semi- of Indiana University,  “Coming from a mirrors the approach of Zionist and the Arab Na- on evidence presented
nar on “The American reading and engaging in Catholic upbringing and JPII’s freshman World tionalism movements as in primary source docu-
South: Geography and lively discourse on thirty perspective, I am excited History course with its crucial to understanding ments,” said Saboe. “This
Culture” and the 2014 related primary source to be able to learn first- emphasis on primary the rise of the modern Is- seminar will expand the
Landmarks Workshop documents, visiting and hand what it means to source documents as a raeli-Palestinian conflict.   documents that the fresh-
on “Abraham Lincoln experiencing services at be a Muslim in America means of teaching stu-  “The JPII History De- men will have access to
and the Forging of Mod- two mosques, and de- and how those who prac- dents how to be true his- partment believes that in our the World History
ern America”.   signing and presenting a tice the Muslim faith torians.  In addition, the the best approach to course.”
B10 — thursday, APRIL 27, 2017

Vol State students Emily Williams (left) and Crystal Sloss chat on the Gallatin campus during
the summer semester. SUBMITTED

Apply Now for Vol

State Summer Classes
STAFF REPORTS to apply online first.  areas. There are no ori-
There are many rea-   The first option is entation requirements for
sons to take college sum- called Maymester. Those summer courses, which
mer classes. For new and intensive classes start makes applying and then
current students, it can May 8 and end May 26. registering easy.
be a jump start on classes. Each class usually meets   Visit www.volstate.
Students home for the for a few hours every edu/schedule  for the
summer from university weekday. The main sum- summer class schedules
can take general edu- mer session starts on May
cation courses that can 30 and lasts until August
apply for information on
transfer to their degree. 8. But students can also
how to apply online. Stu-
Summer classes at Vol- take summer classes
unteer State Community that run for the first five dents can also visit the
College are coming up weeks of the summer Admissions Office in per-
soon and there are sever- session, starting on May son at the Ramer Building
al alternatives to choose 30 or for the second five on the Vol State campus
from, to fit busy summer weeks, starting on July at 1480 Nashville Pike in
work and vacation sched- 5. Classes are offered in Gallatin. The phone num-
ules. Registration is open person, online and in a ber for Admissions is 615-
now. New students need wide variety of subject 230-3688.

DENTAL Insurance
Physicians Mutual Insurance Company

A less expensive way to help get

the dental care you deserve

If you’re over 50, you can get coverage for about $1 a day*
Keep your own dentist! NO networks to worry about
No wait for preventive care and no deductibles –
you could get a checkup tomorrow
Coverage for over 350 procedures – including cleanings,
exams, fillings, crowns…even dentures
NO annual or lifetime cap on the cash benefits you can receive

FREE Information Kit


*Individual plan.
Product not available in MN, MT, NH, RI, VT, WA. Acceptance guaranteed for one insurance policy/
certificate of thistype. Contact us for complete details about this insurance solicitation. This specific
offer is not available in CO, NY;call 1-800-969-4781 or respond for similar offer. Certificate C250A (ID:
C250E; PA: C250Q); Insurance Policy P150 (GA: P150GA; NY: P150NY; OK: P150OK; TN: P150TN)

6096C MB16-NM001Gc thursday, APRIL 27, 2017 — B11
B12 — thursday, APRIL 27, 2017

Merroll Hyde Hawk 5K Run and Walk

Merrol Hyde Magnet School held its Hawk 5K run
and 1 mile walk last Saturday morning. The event,
which raises funds to support school athletic pro-
grams, attracted over 100 area runners and walkers.
With the starting line centered at the school’s campus,
both the 5K and the 1 mile courses weaved through
neighborhoods adjacent to the school.
School namesake and Sumner County Commis-
sioner Merroll Hyde led the participants in the morn-
ing’s invocation while Jason Rowell served as the
event’s emcee. Merroll Hyde student Dane McBee
sang the national anthem prior to the start of the run/
walk events.
Hendersonville resident Spencer Cole led all run-
ners to win the 5K race, finishing in 17:51. The overall
female winner was Hendersonville resident and Mer-
roll Hyde student Kaelyn Meier, who finished in 21:11.

School namesake and Sumner County Commissioner Merroll

Hyde prepares to deliver the invocation before the start of MHMS principal Darren Frank gives a fist pump as he nears
the Merroll Hyde Hawk 5K Run and Walk. RICK MURRAY the finish line. See more photos on page B13

Eight-year-old Caroline Jennings sets the pace for her mother

Susan and fellow Hendersonville resident Chance Ferrell.

Gallatin resident Emersyn Monroe nears the finish line. Second overall finisher and Merroll Hyde student Sean Meier
nears the finish line during the Merroll Hyde Hawk 5K Run
and Walk.

Tre Hargett and K’leetha Gilbert pose before the start of the
Third overall finisher Max Wagner nears the finish line. Gallatin Resident Brent Fuqua nears the finish line.
Merroll Hyde Hawk 5K Run and Walk event. thursday, APRIL 27, 2017 — B13

Photos continued form page B12

Support cyclist Charlene Alcorn signals traffic to move aside First place female finisher and Merroll Hyde student Kaelyn Hendersonville resident Ashvin Kodali nears the finish line.
as lead runner and winner Spencer Cole nears the finish line. Meier is all smiles as she nears the finish line.
B14 — thursday, APRIL 27, 2017 thursday, aPrIL 27, 2017 — B15

Finding Senior Housing can be

complex, but it doesn’t have to be.

(800) 745-3149
B16 — thursday, APRIL 27, 2017

Provided by our team of:
• Doctors and nurses
• Hospice aides
• Social workers
HighPoint Homecare offers convenient and • Chaplains and volunteers
reliable care for patients who have health care Offering support and answering questions
needs at home. to bring comfort and peace to you and
your loved ones.
We offer a wide variety of quality services,
ensuring that the needs of our patients are Let us help you during this time.
met in the privacy of their homes.
To learn more about our services, please call
(615) 328-6589 or fax (615) 328-3891

Serving: Davidson, DeKalb, Jackson, Macon, Putnam, Robertson, Smith, Sumner,r Trousdale,
Tro d l and Wilson Counties

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