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November 02, 2016

DM Laneli F. Elum
Head, Zamboanga Main Branch
Land Bank of the Philippines
Pettit Barracks, Zamboanga City


This is with regards to my sick leave application last June 24, 2016.

I have been with the bank for 22 years and I am fully aware that before taking any vacation leave or
special leave, i should inform the officers at least one week before for special leave and at least a month
prior to vacation leave. I have never took any vacation leave without permission or approval. As for sick
leave, I am also aware that i should file an application for leave immediately after reporting back to

Last June 24, 2016 (Friday), I informed my immediate supervisor that I have to be absent to bring my son
to the doctor for check up due to cough and fever. When I reported back to work on June 27, 2016
(Monday), I immediately filed my sick leave application which I supposed, was approved because my
leave of absence was due to sickness .

Sometime last August, upon checking my pay slip, I noticed that I was deducted a certain amount which
is for LWOP and I asked our timekeeper regarding the deduction, since I don’t have any missing punches
and I still have enough sick leave and vacation leave credits. Until last September, it made me asked her
again because there was still a deduction for LWOP. With due insistence, she told me that it might be
for the leave of absence which was not approved. So, I asked her which leave of absence was not
approved since I was not informed of any. I just learned that it was for that sick leave I filed last June 24,

And so, I asked for a medical certificate from Zamboanga Doctor’s Hospital to support my application
for sick leave. I am fully aware that a medical certificate is only required for sick leave that is beyond six

The reason for the late reporting of my sick leave application was not due to my late submission of
medical certificate because, I have informed my superiors on that same day and have filed my sick leave
application immediately upon reporting. As Section …….. says, “A sick leave cannot be filed a day before
since it is an emergency case that is why, it is a sick leave. Unlike a vacation or special leave which is filed
a week ago. “ In this case, I truly believe that my leave of absence on that day should not be disapproved
due to the reason of late information of absence and lack of manpower, as stated by my supervisor.
(Attached, please find the original sick leave application which they disapproved re: late information of
absence and lack of manpower.)

Upon securing the medical certificate, I prepared a new leave application which was duly signed by my
immediate supervisor and officer in charge.

I Hope this would

Very truly yours,

Resmarie B. Dalguntas
Senior Customer Associate
LBP-Zamboanga Main