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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ‘Contact: Loma Brett Februaiy 13, 2018 (646-247-1530 Chicago Woman Files “Charge of Discrimination” with EECO Naming Speaker Michael J. Madigan and Alderman Marlin Quinn Retaliation Instead of Protection from Her Sexual Harasser Occurred as Speaker Fast Tracked S& 402 CHICAGO -- In November last year Speaker Michael J. Madigan simultaneously fast tracked legisiation fo eradicate sexual harassment in lino's politics cn killed! the political career of Alaina Hampion for reporting sexual harassment in his own organization. Yesterday Speaker Madigan released a statement saying a thorough investigation of the harassment led him to fire Kevin Quinn, the harasser. “One meeting in a coffee shop for an hour is not a thorough investigation. In fact, the lawyer he sent to speak to Ms. Hampton said if this were a serious situation we would not be meeting in a coffee shop.” said Loma Brett, former president of Chicago NOW who i: alse currently providing pro bono strategic assistance to Harvey Weinstein’s accusers “he irony of Michael Madigan protecting a sexual harasser while championing laws to fight it cannot be overstated,” said Brett In 2016, Alaina Hampton was employed by Friends of Mike J. Madigan and the Democratic Party of ilincis and worked out of the office of Alderman Marty Quinn, It was then when her supervisor, Kevin Quinn, started sending her inappropriate text messages asking her out and complimenting her on Facebook photos taken while on vacation, She asked him to stop many times ‘over the course of many months. Finally, she went to his supervisor Alderman Marty Quinn, brother of Kevin Quinn. "The only reason this is not a sexual harassment complaint is because they led her on and ran the clock.” said, Brett In February 2017, Ms. Hopton went fo her supervisor's boss Alderman Marty Quinn who listened and seemed sympathetic. He told her Kevin would not be bothering her anymore but did not say he would be removed from a supervisory position for any other women. He asked her about her interest in being a precinct captain for Speaker Madigan, considered an honor in the hierarchy of, ilincis poitics unfortunately Ms. Hampton knew if she were a precinct captain she would have to work closely with Kevin, Distressed by the Democratic Party's lack of response fo her complaint, and the prospect of having fo continue to work with Kevin Quinn, she qut her employment with Friends of Michael J. Madigan and the llinois Democratic Party in April 2017. Frustrated not working in a career she enjoyed and feeling her feally might be in {question in an organization that above all demand it Hampton wrote directly 1o ‘Speaker Madigan and mailed it on Novernber 1 2017. It was only then that Heather Weir Vaught, an attorney for the speaker, called and asked her 10 meet for coffee. ‘At the meeting on November 15, 2017, meeting Hampton gave Vaught print ‘outs of fhe text messages and fold her al she wanted fo do was work, not cause trouble for anyone. Ms. Vaught joked about her wanting a “big Tibune story” or 12 $25K fnanciol payout. Vaught said, “This is not sexual harassment in the work place" because Hampton technically did not work for them. However, Friends of Michael J. Madigan and the Democratic Majority Parly paid both Ms, Hampton's and her supervisor's salaries. She reiterated her loyalty to Specker Madigan and Alderman Quinn and her desire to work on a specific campaign. She was fold they were not working that ‘campaign while in fact they were, Vaught said she would be in ‘ouch. ‘On January 15 of this year, after not hearing from Vaught, Ms. Hampton reached out fo Alderman Quinn directly asking if she could speak with him, but instead she received a phone call from Ms. Vaught. It was then that she knew her poitical career was over. “This limus test for every legislator who publically supported ard voted for SB 402. Time’s up for Mike Madigan he needs to step down," said Loma Brel believe that the conduct Alaina Hampton had fo endure is something that women throughout this country have had to put up with in the workplace on a tar more widespread basis than people reaiize. Hopetuly, this case willbe another step on the long road to freeing women, regardless of whether they Work on the factory floor. in the halls of government orin the corporate suite, from this kind of exploitative and unlawiul behavior,” said Shelly Kulwin, of Kuiwin Masciopinto & Kulwin, LLP, who, along with his frm. is representing Hampton. 20- all AT&T 15:59 © 90% e Chicago - University Village October 31,2017 15:43 Edit sal ATT. 16:00 November 1, 2017