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SINCE 2009


Selling shares in our company to

you, the viewers.



Since 2009, our weekly show has become a With your support we can react to fake news
trusted hunting and shooting platform for viewers online and an ill-informed, inflammatory media,
and brands alike. Our likeable, capable on-screen wherever it emerges.
stars have educated and entertained. We want
You will get a real stake in the company and a
to continue doing this, but bigger, better and
say in what films we make. You’ll also get club
stronger. And that needs you.
kit and merchandise, plus we’ll hold stakeholder
The way we make money is by brand advertising. events at game fairs, country fairs and the regular
That limits us to certain projects. We don’t get get-togethers that all walks of the fieldsports
backing for falconry films, ferreting, or even some community hold, to hear what you have to say.
target shooting events. And we are not sponsored However, we will continue to act as a business as
to tell stories that highlight the people, groups we want all of us to see a return on our investment.
and politicians who want to stop us from hunting,
The opportunities are truly global. You might like
shooting and fishing.
our flagship show Fieldsports Britain but think
It’s not all doom and gloom. we should be making Fieldsports Australia, or
Fieldsports France. Maybe you are worried about
Because we’ve been a free, loud and proud platform the release of wolves or other large predators as
for fieldsports for nearly a decade, we have a big part of a local rewilding project. Perhaps you’re
online presence. We reach more than 8 million* concerned about the world’s lack of connection
individual viewers on YouTube, we have more than with its countryside. The issues can be localised or
150,000** YouTube subscribers, and our films national, but we can be a first line of defence.
now receive between 1 million and 2 million views
a month**, totalling more than 90 million views We will be using the money we raise from this
since 2009. Positive promotion of hunting has share offer to programme development to support
been the best form of defence. Undoubtedly the the shooting community. We already do as much
anti hunters are well resourced and determined. of this as we can afford. With your help, we will be
The hunting and shooting organisations are doing able to do much, much more.
an incredible job arguing against them, especially
Buying shares could not be easier. We are not
in print, TV and radio, but the internet remains a
paying hundreds of thousands of pounds euros
problem. And that needs you and us - and 2018 is
or dollars to consultants in this share offer.
where it starts.
We’re only paying our solicitor and PayPal. Go to
So, what’s the plan? Well, we are going fund and have a look.
this initiative by selling shares in our company,
Fieldsports Channel, to you, the viewers.
*as at 7 February 2018, viewers of Fieldsports Channel videos in
previous 540 days. Source: Google.
By backing us we can educate and promote our
sports, lifestyles and cultures across the world. ** Source: YouTube

What is a DPO?
A direct public offering (DPO) is a share offer like an ‘initial public offering’ (IPO). IPOs have to be done via stock ex-
changes. We figure why use a stock exchange when we have a website? And why try to explain Fieldsports Channel to
a bunch of City investors when we have millions of viewers who already understand it?

Why are you doing a DPO?

It’s the best way to get a lot of people a lot more engaged in our mission to promote fieldsports. We reach millions
of people via YouTube – including plenty who don’t hunt, shoot or fish but want to find out more about it. The wider
media finds most of its anti-hunting stories online. We are in a good position to show the world the benefits of field-

Why now?
Unless someone does something quickly, we are going to see more Cecil The Lions and more Exmoor Emperors. We
won’t stop all those stories, but we can react quickly to them, and we can put out positive media about fieldsports to try to
ensure those stories don’t make the cut in the wider media. The shooting sports industry have been superb supporters of
Fieldsports Channel – but they want films that market their products, so plenty of hunting sports are in danger of being
left out.

Who’s the team?

Charlie Jacoby has a background as a shooting magazine editor and David Wright was an ITV news producer before they
set up Fieldsports Channel and launched the first Fieldsports Britain on the Glorious Twelfth, August 2009. Comercial
director James Westbrook’s back ground is in shooting magazine advertising sales. We are a small team, whose main
costs are mileage, flights and B&Bs.

Is it so Charlie can head off into the sunset?

No. It’s a way to help Charlie, David and James work harder. It will give us the resources we need to put out great hunting
stories, and it will help underpin the work we do for brands, which is how we make money. If we wanted to pack it in, we
would sell out to another media company.

Why doesn’t Fieldsports Channel pay for these projects?

The mainstream media channels often support celebrity viewpoints that are anti-fieldsports, and are able mobilise large
media teams. We have countered their views in our programming, but we have to fund the costs of our cheap flights and
B&Bs somehow. To date, this has been out of our own pockets. Other celebrities support fieldsports, from the taking part,
to the enjoyment of the produce on the table..

Is it a type of crowd funding?

Yes. But we don’t have to pay fees to the crowdfunding websites.

What powers do I have as a shareholder?

You get voting rights: one share = one vote. If you buy a lot of shares, you get a place on the board, but you will need
to have a chat to us about that. Owning shares in Fieldsports Channel means you can come to Fieldsports Channel
shareholder events, meet the team, or just ring us or email us – and tell us what films we should be making.

Is it a real investment, are they real shares?

Yes it is and yes they are. Fieldsports Television Ltd founders Charlie Jacoby and David Wright will own 140,000 of a total
of  300,000 shares. 160,000 will be made available for viewers to buy. We will run the company on a sustainable financial
model as we have been doing for last eight years. Our primary focus remains to make high-quality, interesting and infor-
mative TV on all matters fieldsports. Please think of your return as a viewer and participant, rather than financial. If we
pay a dividend, you get a dividend. We will produce audited accounts.

What if I want to sell my shares?

We will sell your shares for you. You can even say what price you want us to sell them for an we will list them on www. We make sure it’s you by asking for at least two methods of identification. We are allowed
to do this as long as we make no money from trading your shares. So, when they sell, the money you get is the money
you want (less the PayPal charge).

Securities note - important case investors may withdraw their applications during the two
This document constitutes a securities note dated 14 Febru- Business Days following the publication of the supplementary
ary 2018 (the “Securities Note”) issued by Fieldsports Channel Share Doc. Share certificates will be dispatched in electronic
plc (the “Company”, “Fieldsports Channel”, “we” or “us”, to be form, via email, by post and in person. The Offer will close on
incorporated, currently trading as Fieldsports Television Ltd), 31 December 2018 or earlier if fully subscribed or at the dis-
prepared in accordance with the Financial Services and Mar- cretion of the Directors. Copies of this document, the Summary
kets Act 2000 (“FSMA”) and has been approved by an organisa- and the Registration Document are available (and any supple-
tion authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) in mentary Share Doc published by the Company will be available)
accordance with FSMA. free of charge from the offices of Fieldsports Channel, at The
Old Coach House, Wellisford, Wellington, Somerset TA21 0SB
Additional information relating to the Company is contained on the Fieldsports Channel website at www.fieldsportschannel.
in this Share Doc document issued by us on 14 February 2018 com/shares.
(the “Share Doc”). It includes a brief summary written in non-
technical language and conveying the essential characteristics All statements of opinion contained in this Share Doc, all views
and risks associated with the Company and the B Shares of expressed and all projections, forecasts or statements relat-
£0.01 each in the Company (the “New B Shares”) which are ing to expectations regarding future events or the possible
being offered to the public (the “Offer”) is contained in a sum- future performance of the Company represent the Company’s
mary issued by the Company also dated 14 February 2018 (the own assessment based on information available to it as at the
“Summary”). date of this Share Doc. The third-party information contained
in the Share Doc has been accurately reproduced and, as far
The Company and the Directors accept responsibility for the as Fieldsports Channel is aware and is able to ascertain from
information contained in the Share Doc. The Company has information published by the relevant third party, no facts have
requested that the FCA provides a certificate of approval and a been omitted which would render the reproduced information
copy of the Share Doc to the relevant competent authorities in inaccurate or misleading. Your attention is drawn to the risk
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech factors set out on page 3 of this document. If you are in doubt
Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, as to the action you should take, you should consult an inde-
Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, pendent financial adviser authorised under FSMA.
Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal,
Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK (togeth-
er, the “Approved Jurisdictions”) pursuant to the passporting Risk factors
provisions of FSMA. You should read the Share Doc in full before deciding whether
The distribution of the Share Doc and/or any related docu- to invest and bear in mind the risks of investing, such as:
ments into a jurisdiction other than the Approved Jurisdictions • The value of Fieldsports Channel shares can go down as well
may be restricted by law and therefore persons into whose as up and, if you invest you might not get your money back. Past
possession the Share Doc and/or any related documents comes performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance.
should inform themselves about and observe any such restric- • Before making a decision, think about whether investing is
tions. In particular, the Share Doc and the Application Forms right for you and don’t invest more than you can afford.
should not be distributed, forwarded to or transmitted in, into
or from any of the Restricted Jurisdictions or into any other • Fieldsports Channel is not listed on a stock exchange so
jurisdiction where the extension or availability of the Offer shares can only be sold via our trading platform at www.field-
would breach any applicable law. Any failure to comply with Also, as we are not listed we are also
any such restrictions may constitute a violation of the securi- not subject to all the rules and regulations which apply to listed
ties laws of any such jurisdiction. companies.
It remains the responsibility of any person (including, without • It is our current policy to pay dividends but we will also rein-
limitation, custodians, nominees and trustees) outside the UK vest profits to fuel further growth.
wishing to take up the Offer to satisfy himself as to the full • Over half of the shares in Fieldsports Channel are owned
observance of the laws of any relevant territory in connection by our founders and staff. As such, they can vote decisions
therewith, including the obtaining of any governmental or oth- through at general meetings, even those which investors in the
er consents which may be required, the compliance with other Offer, as minority shareholders, might disagree with.
necessary formalities and the payment of any issue, transfer or
other taxes due in such territories. • The directors have the right to refuse to register any transfer
of shares. This means we can prevent anti-hunting organisa-
To the best of the knowledge of the Company and the Directors tions from buying shares in Fieldsports Channel
(who have taken all reasonable care to ensure that such is the
case) the information contained in the Share Doc is in accor-
dance with the facts and does not omit anything likely to affect We’re aiming to raise up to £1.6 million
the import of such information. • The Offer opens on 8 February 2018 and will close at the
Fieldsports Channel plc (to be registered in England under the discretion of the directors.
Companies Act 2006, currently trading as Fieldsports Televi- • Shares cost £10 each, and the minimum investment is 1 share
sion Ltd) Offer for subscription to raise £1.6 million (subject to for £10. Thereafter additional shares may be subscribed in
increase at the discretion of the Directors to no more than £50 blocks of one costing £10 each.
million) No application has been made, nor is intended to be
made, for any shares (including the New B Shares) in the capital • If you’re applying online, the maximum subscription is £5,460
of the Company to be dealt in or listed on any stock exchange for 546 shares. No limit applies if you’re applying with a paper
or market. Shareholders’ authority to create, allot and issue form and you can apply more than once.
new equity shares (with pre-emption rights disapplied) up to an • A full list of countries is set out in the Share Doc.
aggregate maximum nominal value of £23,000 was granted at a
general meeting of the Company held on 7 February 2018. New • The Offer isn’t underwritten by anyone.
B Shares will be issued a price of £10 per share with a minimum • The total costs of making the Offer we estimate as £2,000 so
subscription of 1 shares per investor and investors may only the net proceeds should be £1.598 million with 160,000 new
subscribe in multiples of 1 share for £10. The Offer opens on shares issued if we’re fully subscribed.
16 February 2018. Once the Offer is open, it is expected that
New B Shares will be issued on a monthly basis thereafter. The
New B Shares will rank pari passu with existing issued B Shares What should you do before deciding to get involved?
from the date of issue. No change may be made to the rights • Read this Share Doc, available here: www.field
attaching to the B Shares without the approval of the holders
of B Shares. A summary of the full rights and restrictions at- • Make sure you’re cool with the risks of investing – the risk
tributable to the B Shares are set out in the Company’s Articles factors are at the start of the Share Doc.
of Association.
The New B Shares are created under the Companies Act 2006 How do I go about investing?
and will be issued in registered form and be transferable in
both certificated and uncertificated form and will rank for all • You can visit and invest
dividends and other distributions declared, paid or made by the via our website. Alternatively, you can download and complete
Company in respect of the New B Shares thereafter. Applica- a paper application form, which can also be found on www.
tions, once made, may not be withdrawn save where a supple-
mentary Share Doc is published by the Company in which • Please note, this offer is not open to investors from the USA.