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Name: Taylor Butler

Grade Level: 10th
Content Area: World History
Basic Productivity Tool Used: Microsoft Forms
Standards Addressed:
SSWH14 Analyze the Age of Revolutions.
b. Identify the causes and results of the revolutions in England (1689), United States (1776), France
(1789), Haiti (1791), and Latin America (1808-1825).
Bloom’s Level of Critical Thinking:
Remembering Understanding Applying Analyzing Evaluating Creating
Description of how to implement in the class: Students will be participating in a Patriots vs.
Loyalist survey on the American Revolution. This survey will work as the closure for the first day of
the “Age of Revolutions” Unit. At the conclusion of class students will follow the link on their phone,
which I will send through the class remind account, and complete the survey for a Formative grade.
The survey will include some multiple choice questions, and free response questions where I will
evaluate the student’s level of understanding for that day. This information will not only be used for a
Formative grade, but also for an in-progress assessment of the students before moving on to the next
day of the “Age of Revolutions” Unit.
Level of Technology Implementation (LoTi): This activity is a level 3 on the LoTi scale. This lesson
asks students to think at higher levels on Bloom’s Taxonomy; this is done by having students respond
to free response questions that are then assesses by the teacher to ensure students understanding of
the content of Patriots vs. Loyalist and the American Revolution. These questions look something like
What event started the American Revolution? Who did the Loyalist support? Do you think that the
Patriots were justified in revolting? This is making students think at a higher level of thinking
because they are responding to the free response question; using facts, dates, and events to support
their claims to prove their understanding over the content.
Description of the sample spreadsheet and graph/chart provided *: The American Revolution
survey consists of 5 questions that have 4 multiple choice questions with one free response question.
The multiple choice section assesses the student understanding of the day’s coverage of the American
Revolution. It will ask various questions from the beginning/causes of the American Revolution all
the way to the lasting impact of the American Revolution. The free response question asks students
to state their opinion on if they believe the colonists were justified in revolting or not. There are no
wrong answers on this question; and so the teacher will review all of their responses to grade its
accuracy. And to ensure students understanding of that days material.
Other comments about your proposed spreadsheet/graph/chart activity:
Wynn, Charles. Patriots vs. Loyalists: Lasting impact of the American Revolution.