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ITESM Campus Puebla

Math 3

Prof. Juan Pablo Treviño

Group members

Genesis Ayala García A01324263 Role: Facilitator

Adriana Lopez Tamariz A0132 Role: Secretary

Alejandro Ramirez Bandala A01323739 Role: Devil’s advocate

Rodolfo Hernandez A0132 Role: Time Keeper

A Problem Based Learning (PBL) main function search that the students use a methodology
for solving a problem based on a scenario given by their professor. This problem requires
different types of points such as: An investigation with concepts, a better understanding of
the theme, and the use of tools for solving it.

PBL Methodology and Brainstorming

Part 1: Read and analyze the problem scenario→

Defining the problem:

The purpose of this PBl is to find the function of a given device and also the mathematical
principle underlying the way it works. The key factors in this situation are
Define the problem

Part 2: List what is known →

In order to know how to do our problem we made some research of different concepts to
have a more clear idea of what will be the best solution for solving this problem.

What is a function? ​A function is a rule which relates the values of one variable quantity to
the values of another variable quantity, and does so in such way that the value of the second
variable quantity is uniquely determined by the value of the first variable quantity.
The function has an input and an output, or also this is called the independent variable and
the dependent variable.

How do we measure irregular shapes? ​We can measure irregular shapes by using a simple
method which includes: Making a sketch of the figure or object, dividing the field into areas
with regular shapes (Triangles, squares, etc) . Mark each of the regular shapes as A, B, C,
D, have relations between them for example height, length, distance between AC, or AB, or
AD. Use simple maths like the area of the triangle A, triangle B, or triangle C for last adding
all the areas you obtain.

What is vector calculus?

Vector Calculus is a branch of mathematics that sees the differentiation and integration of
the vector fields in a Three Dimension way. It is also called mutivariable calculus because it
includes vector calculus as well the partial differentiation and the multiple differentiations.
The themes that are very important in this calculus is that you study the differential geometry
and thanks to this you can apply it to fields such as: Engineering and physics.

Famous theorems of vector calculus are:

There are Four important theorems of vector calculus-
a) The gradient theorem for line integrals
i) This theorem relates line integral to the values of a function at the boundary of

the curve, or its endpoints.

b) Green’s Theorem
i) Relates the double integral over a region to a line integral over the boundary
of the region. If a curve C is the boundary of some region D, then C= the

partial of D Formula:
c) Stoke’s Theorem
i) Relates the line integral over a closed curve to a surface integral. If a path C
is the boundary of some surface S. C= the partial of S Formula:

d) Divergence Theorem
i) Relates the surface integral to a triple integral. If a surface S is the boundary
of some solid W. S= partial of W

ii) Formula: →
where we orient S so that it has an outward pointing normal vector.

3. ​Develop a problem statement

4. List what is needed

VARIABLES INFORMATION that we already know


Type of curve The object is a closed simple curve, because A=B and they do not intersect.

​Variables ​Information that we needed

Solving How by applying this formula we can get to the correct and final answer


Part 5: List possible actions →

What each member of the team did? The different ideas of each one? Solutions
Adriana Participating on writing the report, making references, finding useful information and also
analyzing the concept for finding the correct solution.
● My solution:

Genesis Development of the introduction, some research of the investigation, writing the report and
development of the problem.
● My solution: The solution i thought for making this problem was to use the Green’s
theorem because by doing some reading and research i thought it will be the best
option for us in order to solve the problem.

Rodolfo Organize the time and help finding the solution for the problem, helping making the video and
also part of the PBL report.
● My solution:

Alejandro Making the PBL format, making the video, plot the hypothesis and participate on finding the
● My solution:

Hypothesis and Development of the problem

Hypothesis of the team:
By using the Green Theorem we can accomplished this problem because this theorem
relates to the curves that are closed forming an object. This object has two orientations: the
positive one and the negative one.

6. ​Analyze information​.

7. ​Present findings


Present Findings →

Conclusion →