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all seamlessly integrated and perfectly interoperable.Increasing Safety. More than 700 measurement and inspection systems sold worldwide MERMEC group is a member of the holding Angelo Investments. being the second different types of measuring and international research projects of which 10 signaling equipment manufacturer entering inspection systems. Everyday thousands of railways and rapid edge technology able to give their own transits carry billions of passengers and people the ability to work at their full goods all over the world. They have been engineered to allow efficient Signalling Systems installation and seamless integration of ALL IN-HOUSE "customer-defined" bundles of from design to measuring systems. perfectly integrated and seamlessly interoperable Total Quality Management Customers in more than 40 countries First company to obtain the ISO 9001 certification in the railway diagnostic products in 1994. while always assuring need a more integrated and innovative that their passengers or goods enjoy approach to asset maintenance and traffic superior service and a pleasant journey management. worldwide In 2008 MERMEC group has introduced Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing business management practices extending them afterwards the to all the group's companies. 10 high-speed diagnostic trains equipped out of 12 in operation MERMEC considers the Total Quality Management the key factor in its differentiation strategy. efficient In order to guarantee that. MERMEC group actively participates in 13 FACTS & FIGURES different working groups within UNISIG. Measuring Trains ROGER measuring vehicles open a new Measuring Trains technological frontier in the area of railway infrastructure maintenance. the investment fund which operates in the high technology sectors of railway technology. aerospace. equipment. safe and efficient rail technology. leading-edge measuring systems and high-performance data analysis software. within the prestigious international consortium the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). All those customers are looking for "turn-key solution" from a manufacturing Decision Support System single supplier can bring infrastructure maintenance to the next level by choosing a "built-around-your-needs" Industrial Solutions solution including a ROGER vehicle. With a unique product portfolio of fundamental need in common: to provide measurement systems and vehicles. . MERMEC group professional service MERMEC is one of the Founder of the Joint team can offer expertise. railways and rapid transits run safe. Efficiency and Reliability of Railways Worldwide Global leader and technology innovator specialized in the design and development of end-to-end measurement. MERMEC group has more than 60 its expertise and know-how to more than 20 Associated Member. signalling and asset management solutions for railways and rapid transits. They are looking for cutting. that will be the first and manpower for infrastructure European rail joint technology initiative to inspection as a contracted service. They are very potential and fix problems before they come different transportation systems with a to light. A "best-of-breed" product portfolio has Innovation as competitive advantage been designed to allow automatic assessment of infrastructure and rolling- MERMEC group is currently contributing with In 2010 MERMEC became a UNISIG stock. wherever they go. are financed by the European Union. Undertaking SHIFT²RAIL. aviation and software development. decision exceptional service to their customers support tools and automatic train protection through reliable. seek focused research and innovation (R&I) and market-driven solutions. CEN and ERRAC. 60+ different diagnostic systems UNIFE. MERMEC group helps world operations. these companies and reliable networks. since its establishment in 1999.

testing. the ERTMS and ETCS standards maintenance eliminate "too early" Nowadays. SIL4 Train Inspection Portal. 16 customers in 11 countries FACTS & FIGURES More than 600 user licenses sold 4 main industrial sectors served: FACTS & FIGURES More than 80. offers iCAB: a dedicated ATP preventive and "too late" corrective take full advantage of dimensional system fully compliant with ETCS L1 and interventions and is based on planned controls by implementing non-contact ETCS L2 specifications. a complete range of measuring solutions systems or directly to in line signals for steel industry applications: hot and (analog or LED).000 railway vehicles · hot & cold seamless rolled rings wayside subsystem managed · monobloc wheels · large open-die forgings 761 iCAB on-board subsystems More than 30 customers in 11 countries 6700 eurobalises More than 45 measurement stations 3500 signal and station installed Lineside Encoder Units (LEU) . iCAB On Board works produced with all the diagnostic and completely automated measurement Unit has been specifically designed to data available. The family of engineers specifically for the railway comprehensive dimensional trackside equipment includes: Hot Box industry. rings and mono-block wheels. railway assets through enhanced analysis check of products and processes complete with design.000 km of track managed · hot & cold hot rolled long products 2350 km of line equipped with iCAB More than 20. reliably control the in. predictive maintenance. are fully compatible delivering all the first and only Decision Support System performances that efficient and modern that fully supports condition based & In the steel industry the application of railways demand. seamless rolled Level Crossing Obstacles Detector. Automatic Train Protection proactive management of a diverse set of industrial sector where the continuous systems and trackside equipment.Signalling Systems Decision Support System Industrial Solutions MERMEC group offers safe and reliable RAMSYS decision support system is a Our cutting-edge optoelectronic and signalling solutions which include modular software platform that enables vision technologies can serve any interlocking. It supports the management of measurement of hot rolled long products Detector. all data related to railway infrastructure with complex profile. performance data are used not only as a function of and cost saving. installation of volumes of data (measurements. offer higher levels of safety. RAMSYS has been designed by railway cold inspection systems for the track ETCS components.…). forgings such as forged bars and large forgings. In this way measurements systems. open die Signals. that is actively contributing to Condition-based and predictive of stable and reliable machines. iCAB Lineside Electronic control but also as a driver for MERMEC's subsidiary Tecnogamma offers Units (LEUs) either linked to interlocking maintenance activities. It is the requirement. represents a strategic and complex and project management. optoelectronic measuring systems has greatly improved and led to a generation MERMEC. All solutions current and historic asset data. MERMEC group can offer a unique set of FACTS & FIGURES measuring systems dedicated to the analysis of ETCS and GSM-R networks. rolling mills and forges can definitions. LED and rolling stock maintenance.

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