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: Time relays 1MDB08005~EN (Sepa ee Aut 1090 SERRE ae ‘ABB Network Control & Protection e neers bmerpaatind RXKP 2 on RXKC 2H (Se soen) Features ©For protection, control or industrial systems Dc or ac supply ees ee a a, ceca eorene meee en Sciam eae oa Tae nupsar puanny mod ies i) The Rae ona OSG Tperreace gee, nt were ih re RD ep po eile mew oe in protection relay systems, automation control when summation measurement is desired. It Rockness ar sioseer oer a ® apes tee eps ey reste Sats Sik OSS Sent ences king mon at = TSHR SgROE Tae a ema a ) TE | ag Gr en built~in electromechanical output relay provid- ing 2 medium-duty change-over contacts. ‘The relays have the following ranges: ‘BXKE 1/4 models) 0.08-1.2 5 0.02-99 5 02-38 280s 20-300 s, ‘On RXKF 1 the time setting for each range is continuously adjustable from 0.2-3 times a ‘scale factor of 0.4, 1, 10 oF 100 s. BXKF ao {te tine song lead by 4acle ‘The ouput contact on KE are ofthe tn ORXKE 1 the tine soting is madoby¢ acalo (he cout contacts on FUE 1 ara te andl §) and on a 2-digi thumbwheel (01-59). Sfeally reduces the risk for contact falture. ‘The product of the scale factor and the thumb- The relay picks-up after completion of the set whee! settings gives the set operate time of the time delay, provided that voltage Is continuous- relay. ly applied to terminals 11 and 21 ‘ABB Network Control & Protection Time relays ‘1MDB08005-EN Page? Design (contd) Each time the voltage supply is interrupted for a period that exceeds relay recovery time, the relay resets and the lime measurement restarts fram the begining. The relays occupy one seat RXKE1 ‘The RXKD 2H is a de voltage operated, digital time relay with two bult~in output relays provid- ing 3 medium (trip-) duty change-over con- tacts. One of these output relays provides an instantaneous contact; the other, which has an Indicating flag, provides two delayed contacis. The relay is designed to measure in units of Seconds, minutes or hours, with one of the fol- owing ranges on each model: 075-1205 075-120 min 0.75-120 The time setting for each model is continuously adjustable from 1~10 times a factor of 0.75, 3 (oF 12 given in seconds, minutes or hours, ‘The same relay can be used for continuous— or summation-time measurement. For summa- tion-time measurement, the red lead on the printed circuit board assembly is removed. Dur- ing continuous-time measurement, the relay picks-up after the set time. During summation— time measurement, the relay picks-up when the total numberof ime periods measured cor respond to the set time. During both continu fous-and summation-time measurement, the relay resets if the supply voltage is interrupted. ‘The relay occupies two seats (4U 6C), The RXKC 2H is a de voltage operated continu- ‘ous-measuring static analog time-delay relay, Gesigned for precise and consstentyrepeat- able time-delay on drop-out. The relay has ‘one of the following ranges on each mode: 60-600 ms os3s 2208 “The time setting for each range is continuously adjustable from 1-10 times a factor of 60 ms, 03sor2s. When initially energized, energizing voltage instantaneously operates a remanence type ‘output relay, which immediately tansfers ts contact position and remains latched in that Position, Simultaneously, energy storing and ‘measuring capacitors are charged, When the energizing voltage is disconnected, the timing circuit starts measuring the set delay while the remanence holds the output relay latched. Ex- Diration of the set drop-out delay triggers a thy- fistor which discharges a capacitor, cancelling the remanence field and thus resetting the out ut relay For drop-out the supply must be interrupted by a dedicated contact opening, not by any type of ‘semiconductor device. The relay coll must not. be connected in parallel with any other load. ‘The relay occupies two seats (4U 60). ‘The RXKP 2 is an ac voltage, time relay con- taining a synchronous motor which is coupled by a pick-up magnet to a time-delay gearing ‘mechanism which activates the delay contacts after the set time. The RXKP 2 contains: 1 delay medium (rip-) duty change-over {win contact 1 lay mectum— (trip-) duty make twin 1 Instantaneous medium (tip-) duty make twin contact 1 running-time indicator which indicates the Sime remaining before the delay contacts 1 delay break twin contact which breaks the supply to the motor when the relay operates. AXKD 2H (£9060) ‘ABB Network Control__Time relays. ‘1MDB08005-EN & Protection Pope Tine geting for each models continuously ad- justable from 0.3-6 times a factor of 1's, 10 41min, 10 min, 1h or 10 h, giving the following time ranges: 03-65 03-6 min 03-6h 3-605 3-60 min 3-60h The relay occupies two seats (2U 120). @ RXKP 2 (se s0con Technical data Tek ap soya e Type RXKET RXKF 1 RXKD 2H RXKP2. ) BS coopera e © e we Sore He Tie aor Bones | amit | a7 | —0as-0or Bae SEE TED in Soe Siete mis Sa 7a, oa real Tessie om an oSatibon Tae Toe Taran — ravage ear casa et ine re as ome Facey oe Beale ope Sears” | sez0me covoms | aousme | sown Tape mage oe asm tome sm - Tapp od Teneo coat : : ee carmpaee ome ‘anaes Sot e ats voce . : toms tom ) at 0.8-rated ay 18m ame TEE riage o-n0 0-120 ono Fpwacconanpion |pemeongieee |xawongioras fslreap aver | —buraatar srratedvolage w w w we we we ‘operation nae Booz Nao [Boe Sins [tue By | RE feet 822 1983 [0305 Gat9 |1$e0 sde0 tis y Sims 28s [Gane Sous |iaes a7et ey Vina Beas [fave 13 |ate9 oat Saaamonora | OE game igen | Teast ae a Lae | ee Caammegn | See Gia Ty] @ikotean | Caan | ssa Geawte” — [SM Omg. | Maroiim | Ceacvate™ | eames Eiotadory | let eatino Facer cuargen [Bore destine | DaRictacae, | DaTcaTea | win age a Spoaw inogers | °°"SShe' |iastrarsSrvin | "ane as Eta ange insta rows ‘ABB Network Control ‘Time relays “1MDB08005-EN & Protection Ho Type FXKET PXKFT FORD 2A RKP per-Cteomperature | 0i% ofsatime | b.tmax ov 104 808 40a ‘ABB Network Control__Time relays 1MDBO8005-EN & Protection Panes ype FXKC2H _[AXKET TFT FXKD 2H _[RXKP2 ao UR