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Audra Toop <mynameisaudratoop@gmail.


John & Geraldine Magee murder investigation

Audra Toop <> Sun, Feb 11, 2018 at 4:26 PM

So, this Steven Rand, while impersonating various Law enforcement was allowed to have me arrested on a
warrant I'm told by Attorney Bob Solomon doesn't exist.

The day Bob Solomon was appointed to "defend me" on charges of wiretapping someone who
impersonated law enforcement while threatening to murder me two months after I spoke to the Mass State
Police, I went on record with the court that I am branded as a material witness on Mass Most Wanted.

Attorney Solomon told Judge Eleanor Sinnot on 12/27/17 in courtroom 17 at BMC he would find out if it's
connected to docket 1601CR6216 as Judge Sinnot stated she could not address it unless it was.

As soon as we left the courtroom, Attorney Bob Solomon changed his mind.

I followed up with him on 1/1/18 and reiterated what he told the Judge via email. The next day, he emails
me his withdrawal and did no work in my defense. Instead, Attorney Solomon shows up at BMC on

Bob Solomon was nervous and very desperate. He told a 3rd party there's no paperwork signed by Judge
Coyne, he's not going to address it (mind you he withdrew already) and he was just going to claim I'm not
competent. I'm charged with Wiretapping a federal agent. Please.

But, what stuck out the most is, in spite of what Attorney Solomon told Judge Sinnot on 12/27/17, then
refusing to say WHY I'm branded as a material witness, he goes on to tell the court's psychologist about
the murders. What he told her, I don't know, however.... It's on video.
The mutt I'm charged with wiretapping & the other mutt said the State Police were looking into it.

Why would Attorney Solomon mention what's on the audio to a 3rd party and try to take away my defense?
I still have the video. He wasn't even representing me.

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