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John & Geraldine Magee murder investigation

Audra Toop <> Sun, Feb 11, 2018 at 1:47 AM

Now, the Magees had some issue with their septic system. Although there's no information, except a
comment in a town board meeting, and I'll get to that stupidity, the people involved are the same criminals
I've been reporting since 2014 to the feds.

My friend got scammed by an Attorney Michael Bedard. This guy has been scamming people since, at
least 2000. His partner in crime, or one of them, went to prison for scamming people out of over
$300,000. This is the same scam run on my friend. NH DES staff are involved. That's a fact. I'm not
guessing. I transcribed over 5 hours of audio. They confessed so bad, they have no defense if the feds
did their jobs.

So, this 12/2/14 letter that appears to be from the NH AGS office says at the bottom of the 1st page, I
reported RICO. This complaint we filed was against some NHDES staff and Michael Beard.

There's no possibility this mutt Kennedy, who was assigned to the Homicide Prosecution Unit, didn't find
anything criminal. My friend was being threatened and harassed, over a Septic System violation that didn't
exist. I exported that info out from NH DES. It's in alphabetical order by 1st name. My friend`s name isn't
on it. So there's no chance they didn't find anything criminal. That's what the complaint was about.

18 days later, I was attacked by Atty. Michael Bedard & his maggot friend, Jerome Hill. They confessed to
it. Even though the police documented it as a crime, no charges were brought. And Michael Bedard was
allowed to continue extorting my friend. On a scam he's run numerous times. Racketeering.

Kennedy's letter was mailed in an envelope showing an account code 8048 in the return address. We have
a confession from a fleabag Attorney, Kerry Barnsley...he said the envelopes are fake. I attached a copy of
a few envelopes we received. That's one of the postage meters used to send us mail threatening us.

All the players involved in these scams, I don't know. But they're the same people involved in Gun
Trafficking, drug dealing, consumer scams, wire fraud, mail fraud and murder. Same people who are
connected to the Magees. I'm NOT GUESSING.

Even though I have all this evidence, proving I've contacted the FBI since 2014, never got any response?

My life was threatened 2 months after speaking to Mass State Police Trooper Mike Murphy. He didn't take
my full statement. Difficult to speak to someone I didn't feel safe speaking to.

Emails I have are just like the envelopes. And trust, originals are well hidden.

Wonder what the status is of the rico complaint I filed in 2014....

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