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John & Geraldine Magee murder investigation

Audra Toop <> Sun, Feb 11, 2018 at 12:27 AM

According to the Mass State Police in Another, these are not official FBI emails. I know, right? So even if
no one wants to say these are connected to the murders of John & Geraldine Magee, it's still evidence of
A crime.

How is it I bcc`d which was on the FBI Boston web page, and got a response from

So, someone using an unofficial FBI email address goes and responds to an email I sent to the FBI.
How`d they get my email?

Right. So, I report criminal activity. The people who were committing it just happened to be connected to
the Magees.

They had a septic issue. I didn't read about that. Actually, can't find any official records on that wetlands
problem that involved their septic.

Then again, none of this could be possible without the full support of grimy fleabag ambulance chasers
and dirtiest cops I wish I never knew existed.

Seriously, no matter what happens to me, nobody is destroying the little conversation I had with someone
who threatened to murder me 2 months after I went to speak to Mass State police Trooper Mike Murphy.
(he's not very intelligent)

Why Trooper Murphy met with me, don't know. Does he even work homicide cases? Whatever.

Emails are bogus. Yet, those who sent them aren't in prison.

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