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Trident 15 Jacking Console :

Operation Guidelines DATE: 1st October 2008

Do NOT Operate this console until you have read and fully understood the following
- Trident 15 Marine Operations Manual – Section 7
- National Jacking System Instruction Book (Mitsui Eng & Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd Rev.1)
which includes;
o Section 3-2 Control Console
o Fig. 15 Indicating lamp table
o Fig. 23 Input Power-Leg Load Curve
o Table 1-1 Trouble on Control Console
o Table 1-2 Trouble on Jack Side
- Trident 15 Leg Jacking System CEGELEC
- “Everything you wanted to know about RPD but were afraid to Ask”

 Chief Electrician / Mechanic to perform the pre move checks

 The space heaters of both motor and brake should always be “ON”
 Confirm if all motor shafts put out the reaction force with holding a torque wrench after
manually brake releasing
 Turn Power ON to Jacking Control Panel in the Control Room.
 Turn Power to ON to the Jacking Feeder
 Make sure that main voltage and frequency being supplied are normal
 Test the Jacking E- Stop Button to trip the main breakers.
 Switch the main breakers to the Close Position
 Perform manual measurements on ALL three legs. When a recalibration is required the
following should be adopted:
Recalibrate the system only when the barge is exactly trim.
Recalibrate when you detect high RPD.
Recalibrate when the Leg mark is not within 0.5 m of the Leg mark pointer.
 Enter readings in Jacking Control Room – note correct figures for the display – BAC. It
is imperative that the reading correlate to the physical measurements.
 Press Lamp Test Push Button.
 Select Hull UP, do not press START PERMIT push button. Observe that both the button
pressed and it’s associated START PERMIT push button lamp start flashing.
 Press STOP push button.
 Repeat process with HULL DOWN for all three Legs.
 Ensure the first jacking movement is HULL UP with all three Cord Selector switches in
the ALL position for a distance of one foot – this is to release and stress on the legs.
 Stop the jacking motors using the “ ALL LEG STOP” push button for testing purpose.
 During Hull Down or Leg Down – If one of brakes is sticked, rack may be damaged
during certain detecting period so, first of all, make a Hull Up (if brake stick during Hull
Down) or Leg Up (if brake stick during Leg Down) for limited time then normal Hull
Down or Leg Down operations are carried out
 Do remember that Single Chord Jacking only last for 3 second, if motor still running to
push emergency stop immediately.

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