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As I type winter rain is falling on a drought ravaged city.

But it is not quite so simple as that.

voluntary (satisfied working on)

enact (make law)

prospect (scene, perception)

remote (far, separate, not related)

accord (mutual satisfaction)

allure (to attract with something desirable)

virtue (goodness, axcellence)

infinite (having no boundry or limit)

poverty (poorness)

fettered (something that serves to restrict)


but it has to be achieved by dint of great effort and care crammed

whatsoever those senseless mad men shall babble and affirm to the Contrary.
do you give good heed to all Things,
it did not become again what it had been before.
“I raised thee up under the apple tree, there thy mother brought thee forth; there she brought thee
forth that bare thee”.
it is readily perceived
insisted or forcing to someone
six years Keynes struggled to decipher them.
It’s all as simple as that.
Don't worry. Don't fret.
It becomes indispensable
divulged the secret
accustomed to handle large financial transactions
do not defame the art
forlorn hope
patriotic towards his country
include a few of his peers
As to what appertains to men
If you are dealing in the world of sanity, you would immediately discount such thoughts as
Alchemical Process has various definitions, with no one definition considered prominent.
To the rich woman, an ornament of gold is a beautiful thing to be worn and displayed in front of admiring
friends. (saji hui)
The purpose of the poem seems to be first to dazzle his friend by a romantic picture of alchemy
at work. (hairan kerna)
The difference in style is obvious indeed, but I would find another reason more plausible.
preliminary requirements
I think, not merely paying tribute to a fanciful mythology.
It begins by describing the polarity which pervades the Universe.
earlier poets had merely made occasional allusions to the quest for an elixir of life as a pursuit
confined to Taoist recluses.
That same something is however a sovereign to which we must defer
when we get to the point we will know what to strive for in future
the chief is King Salomon, who was endowed with divine wisdom
they yield not gold: for the flower is quite destitute of the virtue
not only but the seeds are also comprehended.
Omnipotence and Wisdom of God
where he rules can ever go amisss.
have stood still and abstained from all operation upon Nature
then dabble about in a makeshift laboratory
(in the case of an alchemist, also ordained), must first of all strive to get out of the rut of this
A further detail is important because it fortifies that link. It also lets you see the neurotic
reactions of the unfit who know nothing and let their phantasies imagine all sorts of things.
students had been adherents of these systems he did not dare speak openly and directly
the world events can look very gloomy
and some we accepted reluctantly, but even then if it was for the benefit of all concerned we
consented to it.
They got it through emblematic, illustrative, symbolic means.
You see there is a difference of going out and proselytizing and trying to get a big number of
followers and what have you got, these societies.
Sometimes if we maybe articulate a word here or there we may get a totally different meaning.
Most of it is, even in lectures and otherwise, verbal erudition. Of course the teachings are oral
even in libraries is but a repetition, an interpretation of what formerly has been said or published.
What does somebody who wants to know something about alchemy and wants to get started do
when confronted with all this.
there are established norms as we call them nowadays
This is now going on and has been for quite a few decades and will continue to be done.
So where such things can be unified, that which has been abruptly severed- we are trying to find
again the loose ends and put them together
who forced to disguise them and conceal them
there were potentates who practically told the people what to think
In history we find a few blazing stars as we might call them
who would like to pursue these things on such a level that they are commensurate with others
that can be accomplished.
this can only be done in the pure light that surrounds it, which permeates it, but anything that is
hazy and mysteriously dark and all kinds of things
get out of this subdued haze
light will have to emanate
All this does not take place in dimly lit rooms with curtains drawn with all kinds of rites and
rituals and so on.
when you look upon it from a very rational point of view.
yes but there are no financial or physical remuneration's connected to the teachings.
I am very reluctant to use the word never
which has been received in a direct way is often substantiated further on by ordinary methods
what is here being tried to convey
as soon as we get acquainted with some of these laws
If one partakes of such a system
So we have to go then by way of practicable demonstration
human consist of the physical, of the tangible body
there is no substitute for experience
This may sound like a hypocrite speaking
what might be some of the obstacles that the student faces?
by your own free will and volition you may accomplish alchemy.
if the student is prejudice, bias then he won,t be able to learn anything.
when mysteries being revealed we are trying to delve even more into it.
"Our apologies for any scanning errors that may have been missed by the censor"
That sex was being used to bait students into the occult order.
I think, that perhaps, they are waiting until they see the buzzards circling overhead, then they
will realize that they should have acted sooner, by plucking their heads from the sand and using
the gray matter between their ears.

The most formidable (mushkil) part of your task is accomplished, and you may indulge (khushi nama
daina) in that rest which is sweeter than any work.

I would have loved to laugh at it but could not let him see what I thought till I had learned all his

Your forehead will feel tingles jhurian parna

Exonerate Or Applaud! Reprimand

Reminiscing, his sister described him enthusiastically. Yaad dehani kerana, jazbat say

If you are sufficiently perspicacious. cheez ko gahrai say samajhna

We know that the Stone restores virility in men at any age. mardana takat

The number of cases cured was remarkable. ghair mamooli, numaya

This is incredibly tantalizing. tarsa dainay wali cheez

When we have the leisure, we shall pursue that part of the art. fursat ho gi

They do not give the impression of being fanatics, charlatans or self-deluded. dhoka daina

They were credulous enough to believe it. seedha saadha

Your counsel is wise and I weigh them considerably. Ap ka mashwarah, ghor say daikhna

It works for me despite of any drawbacks. Bina kisi nuksaan kay

This prayer helps me keep moving despite the drawbacks. Bina galti kay

I study and read like a maniac. Deewano ki tarha

Montana’s history has been turbulent. Atmospherically unstable, with variations in wind speed
and direction.

Irrigated Agriculture abpashi ka

Immaculate Virgin bay daag kuari

Irate investor aag bagola honay wala

Correlate rishta zahir kerna

He started work as an itinerant. Job kay liay idhar udhar phirna

They disappear before anyone had time to realize that he had been duped. Dhoka khana

Plaque kunda kari kerna

Confiscated the estate jaidaad zabt kerna
Ingratiate dil main ghar kerna
Summon call somebody into court
Eccentric thora sa hata hua ya Normal na hona
Elope kisi kay sath pyar main bhag nikalna
Ocular demonstration aankhon kay samnay koi cheez kerna
Indigestible morsel na hazam honay wala niwala or lukma
Coxcomb shaikhi khor, baanga
comforts overstrained sinews thakay huay patthon ko aram dena
Confided aitamaad main laina Conceded tasleem kerna
Without breaking stride chaltay huay kadam na rokna
Which dabble lasciviously with the sperm of the world.
There is no apparitions and this place is not haunted.
Imminent Departure setting off a journey
to whom he had confided the secret raaz dar banana
the reverence and awe ahtraam aur dar
The goldsmith's scowl changes to a grin as he watches Frederick from the window. Nak
charhana dant pisna, dant nikal ker mon bana
Sophia sighs and pouts hont latkana, mon banana
Transcend go beyond a limit
Subtle and tenuous halka aur patla
Negotiation tibadla-e-khial Unanimous mutafikal raye
Conducive helping something to happen
Expound tafseel say Concise mukhtasir
Wander, Stroll, Ramble idher udher phirna, chahel kadmi kerna
Demote, Degrade, Denigrate, Disparage, Defame kisi cheez ko kam kader janna
Transcribe the book and make a facsimile.
Sedition bagavat kerna revolt baagi ho jana
Confute, Contradict terdeed kerna
Extravagant or Exaggerate barha charha kay beyond the reasonable point
Oblique amoodi, jhuka hua
Peruse ghor say perhna
Dynasty shaahi ghrana
The gordian knot in alchemy is the ”universal solvent”. paicheeda masla
Denigrate tanqeed kerna
The solicitous employee asked us. Kisi kam ki ilteja kernay wala
We couldn't resist the temptation of asking. ishtiayl
Viable karamed, kernay kay layek
Livestock animals kept for sale or use
stables and the corrals or livestock tabaila, ghoron ko rakhnay ki jaga
Endow kisi cheez ko koi khas khasusiat bakshna
Meadow chragah
Limpid shaffaf, clear, transparent
Insipid pheeka, bay maza
Canonical kwanin kay mutabik hona
Conform mutabik hona
Provenance origin, asel mukam
contention and strife larai jhagra
lofty aunchay dimag ka hona, magroor hona
tenor chaal-dhaal
covetous, ravenous, voracious lalchi, harees
forbear derguzar kerna, baaz rehna
facsilime nakal, ho baho nakal
do not stray out of the road gumrah hona, rahay rast say hat jana
threshold agaz, ibtida
He has willingly given its unanimous consent. muthafik ho ker, yak zaban ho ker, muthafikal
raye razi hona
reminiscence yaad
expeditious phurteela
fallacious gumrah kun, dhokay ka
propitious muafik hona
malignity dushmani
eschew abstain from
vernacular ordinary language, common spoken language
insinuate or gesture ishara kerna
plagiarize nakal kerna
The commentary should be as a critique of the interpretative and operative methods that could be
contested. challenge sirf tabsray kay tor per hona chahiay
with all his erudition liakat, ilm
there will be other more arduous battles kathen, mushkil
Keep on studying tenaciously. tightly held
veracity sachai
I again started the process, this time resolving to be more vigilant. make decision watch
carefully and alert
i remain perplexed heraan rah gia
partake shreek hona
crusade muttahid koshish
scoop out khurpay say nikal bahir kerna
misdeed kasoor
disputable nakablay aitraz indisputable kablay aitraz
I find it commendable. kablay tareef hona
inspite of the expenditures it entails paisa kherch ka waqf hona
The polarity is not particular but generic.
myth farzi daastan
explicate exposition tafseel
reconcile maan jana
splendid shaan-daar, aali-shaan
adorn or embellish sajana, haseen banana
It behooves us then to put nitre in the ground where it is fed. wajib hona, lazim ya mufeed
In the artificial nitrières are employed rubble from the demolition of old barns, impregnated with
the urine of cattle. tootay huay eent pathur bigaar, kisi cheez ki tabahi
Converge aik hi merkaz ki taraf jhukna
Whatever quarrels you might have with him you should address by emailing him personally.
aitraz hona, aab nikalna
I'm not here to argue about your bizarre infatuation with him. ajeeb sa andha lagao
Sometimes it may have to Cue to get access to a free server. ishara ker kay batana ya hadayat
If you deem desire for this. sooch main khuahish hona
I placed that necklace on with the vow that I would never take it off until I got justice for Philip's
murder. ahad, kasam khana, mannat
She was devastated and still laments over his death. wairan hona rona chillana
I given the clue but Don't take that as an endorsement of this process though... tasdeek kia hua
making cinnabar from elemental mercury is just plain scary khula dra denay wala
He was strangled with a long thin rubber hose. It was wrapped around his neck several times and
knotted once in the front.
deliberately jaan boojh kay
permissible that may be permitted or allowed jaiz hona
Calibrate ascertain the calibre kisi scale say pamaish maloom kerna
stumble ulajhna
Anyway you are correct to acknowledge that you did a wrong thing. manna, kabool kerna
he was stalking me shikar ka taqqub kerna
No need to violate the recipe.
You need to unravel many mysteries in order to find the truth. unravel means suljhana
Please dispel all ignorance
swindler elusive dhokay baaz
Ascribe or Attribute mansoob kerna, talluk zahir kerna
Pronounce raiye zahir kerna
Predatory Plunder Pillage Rapine loot mar kerna
But if the author is right at his assertions.
accompany saath hona
witness ankhon say kuch daikhna
hilarious dili khushi pathetic dil per aser kernay wala
amuse dil behlana
Irk thakana, takleef daina
I admire the tenacity of the people here.
He was a fraud and a swindler. dhokay baaz hona
Sprawling paon phaila ker pait kay bal laitna ya reengna
It is very succinct, now explain it explicitly.
They are seriously different calibers.
be they malevolent or benevolent bad khuah or khair khuah
wringing the liquid from the cloths into a large vessel
Illegible difficult to read
Inaudible difficult to hear
Dicey risky
Prolixity ukta dainay waali lambi takreer
Stiff koi cheez arti ho jaisay koi derwaazay ka handle
Ripped off kisi pay ziada paisay charge kerna ya kisi ko paison ke lehaz se dhoka daina
Whizz An offensive term meaning to Urinate.
Nicked kisi sheeshay pe nishan lagana
Are you trying to mug me off.
Police never gonna catch the little Toe Rags.
Acronym like NASA
Convince yakeen dilana
Subservience taabay hona, fermaberdar hona
Just to give me a nudge in the right direction.
Microorganisms can thrive in sterilized soil

simply absurd and anachronistic

Pose mushkil sawal uthana

Void Khaali (hona kisi cheez ka)

Condemn saza waar kraar dena

Venture jurrat kerna, khatra mol lena

Redundancy superfluousness

Perseverance sabit kadmi

Enthusiasts joshila, sergaram

Check before if there is any glimmer of veracity at all to the claim.

you basically have to sift through a ton of garbage to find something worthwhile

writers have used the exact same tactic of inserting loads of blatant lies and ineffective processes in their

Obituary announcement of death with a short biography

He married well, to a woman whose dowry was rather substantial.

the crystals broke like shattered glass into small silvery splinters.
let air out before balloon gets too big and pops
what are you smirking at.
just dont worry and dont fuss.
there might be somethings wrong with the pup.
i'm the heir of my inhertance.
its gonna be a bumpy ride.
if you jab them with a jork then they feel. agar tum unhain maro kantay say.
raving lunatic bahki bahki batain kernay wala deewana
wait and see if he bows back peechay ho kay jhuk ker respect say
go and pat him now thapki daina
Did they get the toxicology report I have my thoughts on neurotoxicity
I would like to express my condolences to you
Noose phanday ki rassi
Knot phanday ki rassi ko golai main tight kerna
Gallows phansi ka takhta frame for hanging criminals
Privateer Warship commander or captain
Marque a permit in letter form or something
Bode a sign or indication of something
Rigging supporting ropes or wires or pulleys for masts and control the sails
Mast Vertical support for sails
Spar Poles of mast support the rigging
Shangai Trick or force somebody to do something
Mutiny bagawat kerna, gaddar Rebel soldiers or rebel sailors
Forestall Prevent or Hinder something
Leviathan In Bible a large beast or sea monster
Ravenous Extremely hungry or greedy for something for gratification of wants and desires.
Amplification of creativity making creativity greater or stronger
do not beckon me with a smile (isharay say mutwajjah kerna)
when i,m sulking you,re the one who placates me (udas, manana)
the girl has eloped with her lover (larki ka bhag kay shadi kerlaina)
i.ll never let this trust dwindle (kam honay)
there is no dearth of guys like you (kami)
god knows what this trance is (khumar)
the whole ambiance is smiling (kainaat)
rich people live lavish life (bharpoor)
during kissing noses may clash (takrana)

she is soft velvet to touch (mukhmul)

our coalition government is dependent (majmooi)

if someone molest a virgin then he must lose her (sexually abuse)

you have a luscious eyes that someone must become crazy (juicy)

ensnare somebody like a trap (phansna)

i set my old memories to ablaze (aag lagadi)

i finished her off and cremated myself (jala kay rakh ker daina)

he has an impotent poor family (kamzor)

scrub or skim off the upper layer from the juice

I hope the past week auspicious for you.
you can brag to your friends at your next cocktail party that you actually made their drinks!
A savvy winemaker will be monitoring the fermenting wine at all times
it might be spontaneous, but should not be haphazard.
Fermentation which is ridiculously simple and is the epitome of frugality.
it is not entirely evinced till yet
the Rosicrucian lodges of the time quickly made the copies disappear
It hinges around the question of the identity of a famous man
take the path leading to the threshold of the alchemical Temple
we have given a synopsis of the subject
appeal was Permeated by the grandeur of their ideal.
the devil; it was persecuted by the Church.
Large incentives were needed to find followers and disciples
alchemy promised retention of health
I desire to leave the 70 years of my research as an endowment,
Frater spoke fluent English without flattering
the sepulchers and monuments or tombs of the dead
Let him not be anothers, who may be his own.
I always refute such horrid lies
the body recovers its pristine sanity
unction or turbith
meditations, ablutions
oil used in aromatherapy
there are a logical correspondence or convergence b/w the idea and the perception of the senses
to be generous at heart
to be humble without being humiliated
we must strive to accomplish proper rules in life
eliminate all pride and susceptibility
you may detain goods but should not squander, these are tools at your service.
You must perform it inexorably.
The eternal only grants power to the generous at heart.
it is the result of long strenuous readings of abstruse texts.
Each one becomes an alchemist who can resolve on his own all the problems he encounters.
I have taken a lone stance of “Premise”, against the whole world of “Expert” humanity.
The alchemical fraternity reveled in anagrams, acrostics, secret alphabets, and ciphers.
Moreover they supplemented a grandiose system of pictorial symbolism with allegorical
all those little squiggles and marks
take earth from a field or meadow
A fine of five cents a day is incurred by retaining it beyond the specific time.
seems like somebody just tacked a zero on the end
earth runs when feel gooey and sticky
in a precarious manner
what a difference between a gentle zephyr and a roaring holocaust or gnashing madness of a
hurricane or a blizzard.
I cannot trespass certain boundaries
this writing shall be a vindication not to say complete justification of words
he was put to rest in a village cemetery in the vicinity of the city
I am baffled by your chemical mathematics
the manifestation of the Divine may blend with the essence of the mundane
they actually are enslaving the one
can be considered detrimental
when a stimulant is required
Most habits are the outcome of an evasion
The longer we suppress our desires the more are they penned up and want to be freed.
He who indulges in fear fosters a bad habit. Bad habits should be abolished.
this put them into divers disquisitions
Come then, a little nearer me, and heed well the things which shall be shewn unto you
thy zealous inveighing against those Lazy Lubbards, and if thy words be Authentick
he was inaugurated as a governor who ousted the sitting formal governor
disheartening to have your precious glassware reduced to rubble
With a little practice, you will acquire the knack of doing this
clenched teeth
a casual pursual of his works
held to have been vouchsafed to mankind by god
We can use them to help guide us through the labyrinth of alchemy.
Chinese laboratory alchemy employs many exotic materials
which is absolutely inexplicable
a mere labyrinth of perplexing words
They must all work together in unison because they are extensions of each
when it was subdued, even outlawed in some countries
I have been able to amass a wealth of analytical data
I was in college now, ostensibly earning a degree in chemistry
I was fully enmeshed in the teachings
interpreting horoscopes, brewing potions and casting a spell or two.
which prompted my parents to have me relocate my growing laboratory
everyone seemed to be reticent and secretive
I had commandeered my older brother’s chemistry set
The artwork and mystic symbols struck a deep chord inside of me
is a modern apprenticeship for anyone interested in the ancient craft of alchemy
Robert is the modern epitome of the true alchemist
Robert integrates chemical knowledge
The new alchemist is a hybrid born out of the two cultures of science and
the two paths of alchemy are converging
alchemists forced to practice their art in seclusion.
During the heyday of alchemy
that may apply to you in your jurisdiction
how presumptuous I had been to assert dogmatically
the acupuncture meridians
It also recognizes various modalities in time and space
science revelled in the discovery of its three essential building blocks of matter
The subject has had such a stigma placed on it
This assessment of the Stone's power will allow you to judge
his alchemist associate
with the possibility of catastrophic consequences
fusibility and ingress into metals
blot it dry with a cloth
with possible dire consequences
The mercury should leave no trail when rolled across a smooth surface
thin pliable leather
The slightest vibration sets it quivering for some time.
It seems poised to become any of the other metals
in order to avoid mishap
mercury is particularly insidious
this is the reason why alchemy has been such a closely guarded secret by the adepts
in your vest pocket
it will become a trivial pursuit.
In the wrong hands the Stone could have a devastating effect
it represents the summit of laboratory alchemical works in the Dry Way
it will coalesce into a thick mass
nor destroy, burn or annihilate it
the flames only serving to meliorate and exalt it.
One spectacular example of this
There are some artists who eschew the violent methods
the menstrum nurtures and forms the fetus
The Qabalah is a comprehensive approach and an integral study of all that which exists on the
physical and metaphysical planes
at this juncture
the pinnacle of the matter
that elicit moans and groans from other people
These materials have a voracious affinity for water
hanging flocks of wool over boiling pots then wringing the distilled liquid from the wool
prolonged searing heats of materials
The rigor of the former corrects the vagaries of the latter
Each illness appears like a vibratory disharmony or dissonance
Legend has it that this tablet predates the Biblical flood
chemistry, left to grow unfettered
scholars boldly identified themselves
of finding the way to inexhaustible wealth
There were also a great number of cons and scams perpetrated by those who pretended
to know the secrets of the alchemists.
Theodosius made heresy punishable by death and ordered the destruction of pagan temples
you were exiled or killed
the Roman legions had swept the world
During this insurgence
Scholars from everywhere flocked to Alexandria
that was spawned a long line of Greek alchemists
included the processing of a material accompanied by certain words, spells, incantations or
It is the metamorphosis of matter orchestrated by spirit.
composed of a dormitory
Currently there are many people who latch on to the word alchemy
is lumped together with chic phenomena
he is elated
he would ask incredulously
that was so perceptible
in ophthalmy, eyes will shed with abundance of tears
which will produce the effect still more expeditiously
milk grows stale
it consists in beating the cream in vessel contrived for that purpuse
by burning there,s left a charred matter
the process being slackened and in appearance totally ceased
arsenic acts on nitre with incredible vivacity
gases may burst the vessels with impetuosity
There are neverthless several expedients to do such a work precisely.
you are a career oriented man
until the least vestige is not be seen
this is a very ingenious contrivance.
broad shallow pits
water, as raines, snowes, hailes, mists, fogges,
a cryptic code
acting as scouts for the Arab dervishes
the tables of dining rooms abhorred
who were capable thereby of circumventing the rigid convention of literary and grammatical
Someone Who Has So Badly Misunderstood The Ancients Could Never Arrive In Actuality At
The Summit.
I give no personal opinion - no negation and no endorsement either.
only the Emperor had reason to repent of his avarice
Let us put aside all boogie men
by banishing fear
a very pithy statement, which is much more eloquent than my plea
they had never known senility.
to the nearest large mortuary
refrigerated morgue
Despite the success of his initial demonstrations and the furor they had caused
he ostensibly to start production of that
Price rebuked them
books some of which appear to be forgeries
He and his wife used their wealth for philanthropic purposes
Flamel was born in 1330 in Paris or its immediate environs. He achieved success as a
scrivener and book seller in Paris.
Noah found one of these tables under Mount Araroth, after the Deluge.
Nowadays Freemasonry is not much more than a club for grumpy old men
who started that whole thing about the vow
Nor let him despair though he take many false steps; for the greatest philosophers have
learned most by their mistakes.
The disbelievers are so inflated with their own egotistic vanity that they
are unable to see truth even when it walks right up to them and slaps
them across the face.
to demand from Him this favor with much fervor and perseverance.
All the Authors, ancient and modern, who treat of it, do so under the veil of Hieroglyphics, Enigmas,
metaphors, Allegories, Fables.
this science is only a vague phantom
the enjoyment of his tardy reward
This has been countenanced by him

Did you prepare Philosopher's Stone yourself? Surely you are hoaxing me!
a mariner
You should not be so inquisitive.
obstinate and crafty
some men are so obtuse
It is a hackneyed saying of human nature
the philosophical Pygmy vanquishing the Giants
as sheer nonsense and humbug
let us return to the point from which we strayed
the transmutation of metals is not a chimerical dream, but a sober possibility of Nature
to blaspheme Nature
For I behold this world full of vanity, greed, cruelty, venality, and iniquity
it will be unintelligible to vainglorious boasters, to conceited mockers, and to men who smother
the clamorous voice of conscience with the insolence of a wicked life
ye uninstructed, and scorn to abide in fatuous ignorance
otherwise your work will most certainly be marred
be fickle and unstable
Let these butterflies flutter whither they will.
by incontrovertible arguments
a course of probationary training
Hire your workmen for certain stipulated wages
merchant's wife bereft me
you will never be assailed by despondency
these pictures represent matronly figures of solid
for propinquity of blood, or affinity,
his perjured assertions
which emanated from the primal fiat of creation
is about to be besieged
count as a rebellion
Ancient Master Is straightway seen between them, He is arrayed in a crimson robe.
Upon one throne they sit
God hearkens to his prayers
These colours, however, need not trouble you, since they are evanescent and merely transitional.
he died at the bidding of God
by shewing him the means of warding off the strokes of impending calamity
to whom he had confided the secret
His prayers appeased the paternal heart of God
tilling the field in the sweat of his brow
This is the gist of the first six chapters
Dutch-born dancer and courtesan Mata Hari.
its a crammed full of elisions and senseless punctuations,
These are like psalm­singers in a choir, who, indeed, chant the psalter, but understand not its meaning.
give themselves up entirely to wallow in envy and hatred,

none of which things has grown or has been formed except as a special boon to mankind.
as soap washes the spots from a foul rag

which might debar such imaginary physicians.
would they need to doff it
it is notorious that almost the  whole world, through its devotion to riches and earthly wealth, zealously 
pursues tinctures only

Its velocity in one moment penetrates the hand like an awl.

those crooked haranguers

the empty stories told by those slavish dwarf­divines

to impugn or to criticise

who try to interpret the mysteries of God, whereof they know not the least jot  ;

who become worthy of receiving it by application and assiduous study.
he has imported some false precepts and fallacious opinions
futile fictions,

which draws up the drooping internal fire
can you enumerate

filth, and abominations
a certain tenebrous

A Short Catechism of Alchemy
It is easy to carp, but to avoid judgment to­day is difficult

an operator who is unassailable by fatigue

adduce this illustration to shew

he would be completely put to the blush

Sulphur confutes Aristotle when he says that the species of things cannot be transmuted.
The entrance is dark and dubious
Nature then commenced to mark each person according to his constitution.
Natural sleep is the rest of the body, which recuperates its wasted energies.
No temple is ever built where the devil does not have his chapel; no chapel where he has not his
he has to live frugally and sordidly.
since God sternly forbids us so to do.
such variegated colours in its flowers
the pommel of his great sword
he may spatter your gowns
an impoverishment of Images, visual representations of modalities capable of exciting a soul
battered by the inanities of pure empiricism,
for writers have twisted it with so many windings and meanders, involved it with so many equivocal names,

the heart­breaking and stumbling­block of the scornful and ignorant.

which to avoid prolixity, we now omit.

by the stout god of war
is assailed 

incarcerate sulphur
horrid beast

of every pedant

Whoever would desire eternal fame, must learn to tame the green lion.
the prudent and diligent read with prudence, and ponder

the senseless dunces and the unworthy,

these may be sufficient to shew that harmonious analogy

The wilderness wherein the temptation is offered
too free in satire

caricatures of the moment

to forestall a verdict

an abridged epitome
its promulgators

intentionally invidious
be lucrative
his pecuniary profit

the seance
in abeyance

being hampered
with exactitude
has no deterrent effect

by prostration of body
abetting imposture

the slipshod designation

commonized past all endurance
of debauched and vicious persons

a cumbrous

the thorny and toilsome path of the adept, with its fasts and vigils, its sublimities and 
silences, its grotesqueries and grandeurs

The pronaos of the spiritual temple
his collaborator
prophetic frenzy and of pure lucidity

the most inscrutable problems
with conspicuous fluency
some sacerdotal function
his methods have deadened

a remarkable quivering of the eyelids

as our most inalienable part
Painless parturition

which rest upon unimpeachable evidence

imbued with a sovereign disdain
the prayer of quietism

his own predilections

the enfeebled magnetism
of recumbent sufferers

Clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, he invoked spirits
a chaos of hallucination
a large extent promulgated
ostensible objects
convivial parties
of his novitiate

austerity of manner

the austere maxims

the typical trowel
president or wardens

with untiring avidity
irreconcilable opinions
antediluvian world
the cogency
idolatrous corruption

the pomp of power
the transcendental eucharist
portentous of future events
abhorred the Pope
in phallic worship

it has been food for incessant conjecture

as a sort of laborious jest

the subject, threshed to death, relapsed into its original obscurity for a considerable 
period of years
the tide turned, the craze ceased,
they adopted a hostile tone.
its energies were expended in scurrilous abuse of the Pope.

the same unobtrusive pamphlet form

he ruminated in solitude and seclusion on his travels
they were fostering squabbles and divisions, were loth to leave the old courses, and clung
blindly to the traditions
It informed the rude world of quarrelsome literati

the Rose and the Cross are hierograms
it was their true and arcane badge

a titular dignity
the pleasing tyranny of verbal tinsel

barren stupidities
the culinary mission
the viands
a plain line of demarcation
of secret exegetical methods

Their imaginations are overwhelmed by the grandiose speculations of the Jewish mystics
whose veneration has blunted their critical faculty
to ooze out

a term which signifies " reception," in the sense of an heirloom which is handed down 
from father to son.
a flagrant forgery

retentive memory

mirth and conviviality,
she disposes to lewdness and profligacy
temperance, modesty, sobriety, and justice
stultifies the good influences

It is the most baleful and fatal of all, it is the house of poisonings, of wretchedness, of 
envy, of evil temper, and of violent death.
the emoluments of patrimony

it is called the  Abode of the Brethren. It is the house of inheritance and of solid 

the astronomical astrolabe
the stars are seers
it is the scientific  and magical calculus of probabilities
we leave it is incontestable
his natural aptitude

vile and sordid substances

will subject them to the test of a fire of laurel wood, fern, and vervain

which will prevent the spirits from decamping, treasure
spectres and phantoms

penetralia of the earth
tumults and strange brawling are heard
more abhorrent purpose
the needy rogue in his exploits of trickery

the psychological bloodhound

of facial contortions, of violent nervous quivering, and of pulse elevated to fever point,

any human delinquent
the agency of the devil was of course the grand explanation, the ubiquitous court of 
infernus being the supreme fact of the age.
the insight of the contriver
The girth of the girl's neck was measured with a thread,
By reason of its auricular elongations of donkey
the neighing of white horses
let the presages

the eastern howling dervish

which was hidden in the folds of the lining of the tippet of the high priest
the seer
matutinal character
solemn conclave
fidelity of their wives

the child was accounted illegitimate

When in his last expedition, he tarried at Carra,
Similar but unaccredited stories are narrated of Julian

calumniated by partisans

immolated sinister omens were drawn from the presence of a livid hue.

slavish veneration

he founded on this anecdote
it was neither seeking notoriety nor pecuniary gain.
must be respectively embossed
who do annually cast aside the mournful concomitants of senility
The true and primeval matter

the ignorance of a benighted epoch denominated base into the resplendent perfections of 
gold and silver
The distinction between matter and spirit is philosophically futile and frivolous.

his nature was full of chivalry and nobility, he was generous in his disposition.
it is more appropriately for us attired in the vesture of her native country than in the gold cloth of
florence, the drapery of Ypres, or the crapes and scarves of the Levant.
it will be dashed to pieces.
Norton was so strange an ignoramus in this point
whether he be naturally modest or rathe * acts a counterfeit bashfulness for a time, being otherwise 

impudent and lascivious  whether he be sottish and gluttonous or no whether he be of an insolent, 

;  ; 

bold spirit, and may prove refractory and disobedient to his tutors.

who effectually imparted it unto us out of his great bounty.
these irrigate the lands and bring forth herbs and flowers

which sufficiently confirms our etymology.
I  must confess it is a knotty mystery
Howsoever, we should be so rational and patient in our disquisitions as not imperiously to obtrude
we are subject to a thousand fancies, fictions and apprehensions, which we falsely suppose and many 
times publicly propose for the truth itself. This fantastic region is the true, original seminary of all 
sects and their dissensions. Hence came the despairing sceptic, the loose epicure, the hypocritical stoic 
and the atheous peripatetic ; hence also their several digladiations about Nature whether the First 
Matter be fire, air, earth or water, or a fry of imaginary atoms, all which are false and fabulous 
suppositions. If we look on religion and the diversities thereof, whence proceeded the present heresies
and schisms
we must needs wander and grope in the dark, like those that are blindfolded
very plain and pervious

to avoid the bellowings and howlings of those men

the perverse intentions of these fellows

with ample treasures, whereby they may live pompously in the face of the world, swagger and make
wars, turn usurers, gluttons and drunkards, live unchastely and defile their whole life with several 
other sins all which things are contrary to the blessed will of God.
his tract escaped the vigilance of him

a certain riotous happiness

Out of this crept a snake
Air also is a fleeting and indeterminate substance,

where I could see a stupendous cataract or waterfall

Her walk was green, being furred with a fine, small grass which felt like plush, for it was very soft, 
and pearled all the way with daisies and primrose.

This truth like the dove in the delugemust hover in winds and tempests, overlook the surges and
billows, and find no place for the sole of her foot.
Both writers had recourse to the scurrility of the period, but in wealth of opprobrious epithets.
He has been termed an irascible alchemist.
The ancients did not suppose as modern ascetics do to be alone in solitary and morose
Palingenesis, however, was not confined to plants, and there are ghastly details in such writers as
Van der Beck concerning the apparitions of moaning phantoms from the fumes of distilled blood.
i may write again in the interim
A most pernicious quick poison.
follow the more grave pace of their prose
prevent such impotent calumnies
i,ll be confuted with stubble.
The riddle is expounded.
I,ll not beg their approbation.
Water is thickened and coagulated as with a rennet.
I have seen scolds laughed at
The onely antidote to a shrew is silence and the best way to convince fools is to neglect them.
if piously inclined, seek not the dead man to molest, nor what with him lies narrowly enshrined.
they were pragmatical scribblers
His books abound in erudition and audacity, which obtained him the reputation of an abominable
sorcerer and the persecution of priests and princes, he subsequently wrote in condemnation of
studies from which he had derived no happiness and he perished in desolation and misery.
It first of all troubled me in the sinews and caused a contracture of them and then i had a dull
pain and still have in the uppermost joint of the thigh.
It has dissected by the conduct of fire.
He was ousted by the propagators of the gospel
It enumerates however the elleged reasons for the expulsion of vaughan from his ecclesiastical
an anonymous cosmopolite adept
metaphysical study
This book provides ample food for thought.
Since it is ostensibly a Hebrew book

Since this is a book the serious student will be referring to often.

Unfortunately, the paperback binding is extremely poor and the text is often illegible.

as an English courtier and diplomat

These are scanned pages of the facsimile reproduction.
It is not interested in catering for individuals who desire to remain aloof and distant from the
general activities of his lodge.
That is one of the greatest gifts the ancient seers have left us there is no doubt.
it has no fraternal structure, demands no obligations from its students.
How candles are lit and snuffed out, how robing-up ofr ritual should be performed.
Many contemporary and later authors deride his works as being too flowery mouthed, but we
feel this is petty quivelling, for the quality of information is very high.
Its our humble way of paying homage to a film that has acquired a cult status over the years.
he shall exactly see the crown of thorns, with its sharp, stinging prickles
Will you make all the hurly-burlies in it, all the traffickings, negotiations, and wars, with all
manner of transactions, private and public, civil and religious
These are no inconsiderable impediments to the perfection of this metal.
you surrendered your freedom for servitude
You baptized your souls in the water of darkness ! You walked by your own whims
looking at the bodies of your slaughters
who beguile your limbs with fire
turn away his face or sneer at it or smirk at these things
the threat of seething fire meets him again
fiery scourges
The Forge and the Crucible
It was an intervention in the process of growth, an attempt to expedite maturation or to induce
the expulsion of the embryo.
Still charged with this dread holiness
shows sympathy or antipathy to human beings
Who knows they could be under your porch!
It is flanked by Nekhebet
worn as a perfume or cologne to raise the level of your personal environment
The oils may be sniffed from cupped hands or diffused to elicit higher vibrations
Our hectic and busy lifestyle which is full of stress & tension has aggravated this problem.
which will help you glide into deep sleep.
To the living peace, to the entombed eternal rest
His friends said that he was murdered by an assassin and his enemies that he died in a drunken
brawl, but both of these are probably false since he suffered from rickets and propably died
prematurely from the wear and tear of an arduous nomadic life.
He was ignored by the rich but canonized by the poor.
Three hundred years later his grave was exhumed
Immortal or not his legacy lives on, as he himself wrote
Not understood by his students at the University of Basel, antagonized by his collegues,
squabbling with everybody, infurating many doctors
A high ecclesiastic had promised Paracelsus a large sum if he was cured from an abdominal
disorder. When Paracelsus did so with a few laudanum pellets
As long as one wishes to ride all horses with one saddle
that can counter the heavy weight of tradition looming above.
the suicide of his mother must have caused him some mental anguish.
Paracelus was the victim of envy.
the doctors advised him to amputate
it needed a man of extraordinary stubbornness to topple it
He left home to go to medical school destined for a life of constant squabblings with the dogmas
of his day
When the unison of the pineal and pituitary glands is achieved
concentrate your unwavering attention into the midst of your body
we have obligingly fed it to ourselves. We have colluded in our own doom.
between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two rounded thalamic bodies join at
the base of the brain
solve the problems of inner disharmony
created matter in order to involute and evolve
After tiring of the various levels of secrecy and often self-aggrandizing use of the power such
vows bring, he renounced his memberships
The persistence of this principle has traditionally polarized alchemy
others all derive from this notion of a central spirit-element underscoring all physical matter
singular discussion might somehow automatically epitomize the whole
An enormous amount of reckless alchemical generalization has found easy expression over the
years by hasty individuals seemingly banking on the fact
There exists both stark and subtle distinctions
For most people born and raised in the age of modern science the term alchemy conjures up
images of dusty old eccentrics in tattered clothes huddled over bubbling caldrons of
amalgamated goo in the hapless attempt to turn lead into gold. We are commonly taught that
alchemy is the predecessor to modern chemistry but that any resemblance to the bonafide science
of chemistry as we know it today is purely coincidental. Alchemy, we are told, was a peculiar
admixture of superstition and natural science that more often than not came down on the wrong
side of scientific fact owing to its predisposition for spiritualistic interpretations of nature and
natural laws.
Modern science would probably prefer to disavow this chapter altogether
a host of others have played such an integral part in the evolution of modern science
as its focus is alarmingly narrow and its conclusions strangely skewed
Perhaps the surest way to avoid succumbing to an unnecessarily biased
While the desire to see alchemy established as a legitimized academic is certainly understandable
in itself, adopting a blatantly Eurocentric approach to the subject is a poor way to proceed and is
reminiscent of the folly of western philosophy
western philosophy can be considered to possess so much as a lick of common sense
the gore Lies hid
for they can swim about in a fluid for a long time
comes in to succour them
thus preventing the expulsion of the soul
counteract the compression
we were not able to detect the thoracic influx
when animals are bereft of respiration through the nostrils, no detrimental result ensues
have additional members subservient to this purpose
by inference
they may be destitute of other organs as well
All seeds are bivalvular
Likewise in sanguineous animals
these theories are untenable
rose above that entrancing harmony of human voices blended in one sentiment of love
the aisles were filled with splendor and perfume and light and melody
too well bred not to express his acknowledgments, too witty not to understand how to take a jest,
bridled up in his reliquary, and responded with an appalling burst of laughter
a torrent of imprecations poured forth
gnashing his teeth. In another moment the living arm struggled out of the reliquary, and was
brandished over the assembly in mockery and despair
we are deceived in the homage
Even as he spoke the living head tore itself away from the lifeless body, and dropped upon the
sallow cranium of the officiating priest.
He would reproach his wife and son with their devotion
they lavished so tenderly upon him was bestowed because they knew that his money was
invested in a life annuity
would shed bitter tears and redouble their caresses
the wicked old man's insinuating voice would take an affectionate tone
I am rather a nuisance
I who should be the joy of their lives am become their scourge
In this manner he kept them tethered to his pillow, blotting out the memory of whole months of
the ever-new treasures of his pinchbeck tenderness and charm of manner--a system of paternity
as the navigation of a felucca in the perils of an intricate channel
But he was jovial with them
The pall that is like lead for other men was thin and translucent for him
fearing lest the excessive excitability of my senses should entangle me in mortal sin
I have kept the secret of this squandering of a treasure belonging to Holy Church
he ought surely to stipulate for the pardon of his followers
his son's tears fell fast over his sardonic, haggard features
He kissed the sinister brow and the gray hair
Felipe could dimly see his father's body, a vague white thing among the shadows
he anointed the revered face
A deep silence reigned. Felipe heard faint, indescribable rustlings
a horror- stricken crowd beheld the fainting Felipe upheld by the strong arm of his father
all the Spaniards echoed
would certainly be canonized
he appointed a day for the celebration of the apotheosis in his convent
At these words a sufficiently facetious grimace passed over the features of the late Duke.
it should not be difficult to imagine the religious pantomime
crowds flocking in on all sides their curiosity whetted still further by the prospect
could not hold the throng that poured in to see the ceremony
swarmed like ants
that defines the luxuriant outlines of their figures
came couples tremulous with joy
children timidly clasping each other by the hand. This throng, so rich in coloring
in the red heart of a brazier
of banners and tassels, of the shrines of the saints and votive offerings
paled before the gorgeous brightness of the reliquary
in pontifical robes, with his mitre set with precious stones, his rochet and golden crosier, sat
enthroned in imperial state among his clergy in the choir. Rows of impassive aged faces, silver-
haired old men clad in fine linen albs
The precentor and the dignitaries of the chapter, adorned with the gorgeous insignia of
ecclesiastical vanity
peremptorily insisting that they should carry out to the letter the obligations imposed upon the
flock by the Court of Rome
the champion of many a carouse, the proud ornament of Courts
he had wrung as carelessly as a peasant twists an osier withe
of a ruthless sciatica
of an unmannerly gout
till the room is left empty and desolate
The active hands became palsy-stricken, the shapely legs tottered as he walked. At last, one
night, a stroke of apoplexy caught him by the throat in its icy clutch. After that fatal day he grew
morose and stern.
bleached by an ascetic life
What a cold-blooded jest!" said he to himself. "It was not devised by a God.
for him the carven saints
He understood the mechanism of society too well to clash wantonly with its prejudices;
he was not as powerful as the executioner
All things were a jest to him
His was the life of a mocking spirit
I think that a deluge will wipe all this out as with a sponge
A fool would have gone on the morrow to amuse himself
the eye said, with a strange sardonic quiver of the lid
A great tear trickled over the hollow cheeks
It is scalding
The struggle exhausted him
he muttered
Then, summoning all the courage needed for a coward's crime, he extinguished the eye
A terrible groan startled him
who died with a long-drawn howl
Could the brute have been in the secret
in which he had laid the one feeling of remorse that sometimes flitted through his soul in
moments of physical weariness
His felicity could not have been of the bourgeois kind
proceeds deftly to strip off the mere husks to reach the savory kernel within
He in nowise fell into the error of strong natures who flatter themselves now
and are willing to barter their own lofty thoughts of the future for the small change of our life-
annuity ideas
But, no less, he could be terrible at need, could unsheathe a formidable sword and make short
work of Commandants
mocking laughter behind his tears
For the merchant the world is a bale of goods or a mass of circulating bills
it is a salon, a coterie
this captivating wit, moored his bark by every shore
was only steered in a course of his own choosing
courage was often rashness; and prudence, cowardice; generosity, a clever piece of calculation;
justice, a wrong; delicacy, pusillanimity; honesty, a modus vivendi; and by some strange
dispensation of fate, he must see that those who at heart were really honest, scrupulous, just,
generous, prudent, or brave were held cheaply by their fellow- men.
That would perhaps be parricide," he debated with himself
At first Don Juan was swayed hither and thither by countless thoughts, and wavered between two
his whole soul brimming over with hideous selfishness
all Ferrara would flock to behold the wonderful spectacle
the servants were busy decking the room
all his people stopped, dumfounded and trembling
When the footsteps of the old servitor, who was the last to go, echoed but faintly along the paved
The embalmers had laid a sheet over it
the dreadful spectacle of a corpse so wasted and shrunken
The limp clinging linen lent itself to the outlines it shrouded--so sharp, bony, and thin. Large
violet patches had already begun to spread over the face; the embalmers' work had not been
finished too soon.
felt a tremor as he opened the magic crystal flask
he was actually obliged to wait for a moment
his morals had been corrupted by a licentious court
it was a keen sense of curiosity that goaded him into boldness
The devil himself might have whispered the words that were echoing through his brain
we clutch in dreams the branch from which we hang suspended over a precipice.
It was a young child's eye set in a death's head; the light quivered in the depths of its youthful
liquid brightness
The eye seemed as if it would fain dart fire
he saw it thinking, upbraiding, condemning, uttering accusations, threatening doom; it cried
aloud, and gnashed upon him.
All anguish that shakes human souls was gathered there
he mounts the last step of the scaffold
"He might very likely have lived another hundred years!" he cried involuntarily. Some diabolical
influence had drawn him to his father, and again he gazed at that luminous spark. The eyelid
closed and opened again abruptly; it was like a woman's sign of assent. It was an intelligent
movement. If a voice had cried "Yes!" Don Juan could not have been more startled.
who would have taken Don Juan's impiety for a boast
when all faces had simultaneously put on the same grimace
Suddenly the silence was broken by a shrill sound like the creaking of a rusty spring
an ingenious contrivance by which the learned of that epoch were wont to be awakened at the
appointed hour to begin the labors of the day
the sceptic shut the flask again in the secret drawer
Even at that solemn moment he heard the murmur of a crowd in the gallery
the rustling of silks--the sounds of a band of revelers struggling for gravity
They had come to offer the customary condolence to the young heir.
the crew was awed into silence
The women, with wine-parched lips and cheeks marbled with kisses, knelt down and began a
prayer. Don Juan could scarce help trembling when he saw splendor and mirth
and laughter and song and youth and beauty and power bowed in reverence before Death.
revelry went hand in hand
a debauch a religious rite
Do not blaspheme
you have received extreme unction, and I should be inconsolable if you were to die before my
eyes in mortal sin
his mouth twitched.
far off and faint as the dawn
The delirium is at its height
press the spring hidden by the griffin
his head turned with appalling quickness
which the sculptor had condemned to remain stretched out for ever
the wide eyes had come to have a ghastly fixity.
The hair on his head had risen and stiffened with horror, his agonized glance still spoke.
He was a father rising in just anger from his tomb, to demand vengeance at the throne of God.
The cowering poodle looked from his master to the elixir
thought that he saw his father stir, and trembled
as he would have closed a loose shutter swayed by the wind of an autumn night.
I am God!" muttered the dying man
What a remorseful memory for me!" he cried, hypocritically
The thought had scarcely crossed his mind when the old poodle barked.
He is raving
summoning all his strength to sit up in bed
you to give up wine and mistresses, horses and hounds, and hawks and gold
he knelt down by the bed
it would be a difficult task to find his father's indulgence at fault
Some new-born remorse stirred the depths of his heart
He had an accession of filial piety
like a thief's return in thought to honesty at the prospect of a million adroitly stolen.
had crossed the lofty, chilly suite of rooms
the mustiness diffused by old tapestries and presses thickly covered with dust had passed into
A flickering lamp on a Gothic table sent broad uncertain shafts of light, fainter or brighter
The bitter wind whistled through the crannies of the ill-fitting casements; there was a smothered
sound of snow lashing the windows.
had just quitted was so sudden that he could not help shuddering
the lamp flared in a sudden vehement gust of wind and lighted up his father's face; the features
were wasted and distorted; the skin that cleaved to their bony outlines had taken wan livid hues,
all the more ghastly by force of contrast with the white pillows on which he lay.
the moans that issued between them with appalling energy found an accompaniment in the
howling of the storm without.
The eyes glared with strange fixity of gaze from the cavernous sockets hollowed by disease.
The outlines of the body, revealed by the coverlet, were no less rigid and stiff
There was something automatic about the moaning sounds that came from the mouth.
rose above the rattle of the storm against the casements
I bear you no grudge, my child
he strove to assume an expression in keeping with the part he had to play; he had thrown off his
mirthful mood, as he had thrown down his table napkin, at the first thought of this role
The mute servitor
The indulgent father loved to hear
as these follies amuse you
as he lavished money on his son
If this hermit, unbound by vows, came or went in his palace
he walked as if he were in a dream, wholly engrossed, like a man at strife with a memory, or a
wrestler with some thought
the palace might echo with clamorous mirth, horses pawed the ground in the courtyards, pages
quarreled and flung dice upon the stairs
the black poodle
indulgent; and, in consequence
He treated old Bartolommeo as a wilful courtesan treats an elderly adorer; buying indemnity for
insolence with a smile, selling good-humor, submitting to be loved.
I feel remorse in the depths of my heart
looked at him with a feverish glitter in her eyes
the marvelously wrought gold comfit box in her fingers was crushed by her convulsive clutch
There was the frenzy of a Bacchante in her eyes, and her teeth gleamed between the lips parted
with a smile of cruel glee
the clamor of the senses, the gleam of gold and silver, the fumes of wine, and the exquisite
beauty of the women
the Divine presence was revealed at Belshazzar's feast, so now it seemed to be manifest in the
apparition of an old white-haired servant, who tottered in, and looked sadly from under knitted
brows at the revelers. He gave a withering glance at the garlands, the golden cups, the pyramids
of fruit, the dazzling lights of the banquet, the flushed scared faces, the hues of the cushions
pressed by the white arms of the women
a veil of crape [sic] seemed to be drawn over the wild mirth

the tones of their voices supplied a commentary, dissolute, wanton, melancholy, or satirical, to
their words
As an historical figure he was shrouded with mystery.
Those "particles" are glinting when exposed to light
The ceiling has the scars to prove it
its hard to coax them back
It is also necessary that their quibbles be guarded against.
meaning of the alchemists should be often mistaken, by even the most acute and discerning
this is well authenticated in History
the false or spurious
which being done the false are to be shunned as much as the Devil himself
Therefore I regard not such Fops or such others, that dote upon
Diseases though never so deplorable, may be overcome and cut down, as Grass or Weeds with a
Scythe in the Hand of a Mower
I have passed through the drought and scorching heat of the Day, and also through the cold and
chilling Frost of the Night
which will not bear the Touchstone of Experience; but vanishes like a reprobate Metal upon the
Many of the truths enunciated therein
was first published under the auspices of Benedictus
I disdain, loathe, and detest the idolizing of silver and gold, by which the pomps and vanities of
the world are celebrated. Ah, filthy evil! Ah, vain nothingness! ... I do hope and expect that
within a few years money will be as dross; and that prop of the anti-Christian beast will be
dashed to pieces. The people are mad, the nations rave, an unprofitable weight is set up in the
place of God.' Nor is the true philalethes' alone in the violence of his disdain.
that no person may be so distraught
which henceforth seems to have ruled in their lives was to subsist without ostentation
I have transcended the proper bounds of reticence and secrecy
The first report will be for the fiscal year
As books give us no answer we will have to arrive at one by inference or deduction.
has been garbed at times
that respect for current laws is sternly inculcated
clarifies brilliantly what years of faltering
The twentieth century, poised on the brink of the technology of multiple plastics
whose pyrex glassware and stainless steel accoutrements would have dazzled the classical
scholars of former ages--there is a recrudescence of alchemical technique and process
in which embryonic metals could be gestated
These and similar animistic beliefs mingle with the more rational outlook
though the time factor seems so preposterously slow when one watches through recorded history,
the cumbersome, the appallingly slow, progress of mankind
They were highly religious men, not vagabonds who sought to deceive and swindle the treasury
of the country in which they lived.
it was lightly dismissed as the ravings of a mad man
Its vibrations however may permeate every nook and cranny of the scientific community before
too long.
our contemporary critics and scoffers could be half as sagacious as he
Fortunately our own century has not brought in such a deluge of alchemical writings
when the hornets fly out and begin to sting
Like any reading matter by just giving a cursory glance through them to see 'what is new this
This is the gist of many letters we receive!
In Australia we had a comparatively small class but of excellent caliber
we shall begin to include such renditions.
This portfolio, incidentally, will be considerably larger than the announced size.
as the saying goes, in the forthcoming portfolio which we hopefully anticipate will be ready
he said nonchalantly
This issue of the Bulletin inaugurates a change of policy
In the future practical laboratory work shall have pre-eminence
the first students arrived and found shelter in the dormitory
who, out of their own free will and volition
even without a glimmer of hope
it only partly defrays the cost of printing
Much more needs to be investigated and tabulated which only exhaustive tests can produce.
It would be of little use to rattle off the same words to everyone
What good does it do if only a few people know about them while the needy as a whole have
none of the benefits?
There were many, however, with questions that could not be answered verbatim
you will enjoy the vista of a New Life and Happiness and Successful Accomplishment
Once you have savored its sweetness
you can FEEL its surging power within you
Reverence is the soil in which all other virtues grow and flower. Cultivate the soil of reverence.
Up to now no one has found a better way to unravel the jargon
It must be admitted that this is a very cumbersome and tedious way to arrive at alchemical truths
we get undue attention for our bizarre behaviors
A. E. Waite was a careful traulslator who made the spirit come alive from seemingly lifeless
it reveals a most wonderful and sublime attempt to establish such rapport
The Society fosters research and study in all arcane and physical sciences without discrimination
towards any religious belief, cult, confession or other sacerdotal presentation.
In addition a minimum two hour study period in the evening is mandatory.
There are no racial, social, religious, educational or other restrictions. There are no tuition
charges either direct or indirect.
will take care of their own domicile and sustenance during the instruction period
did not consider the noumena of these phenomena in pharmacopeia
Culpeper's researches concerning stellar influences upon man's physical and psychic
constituency should not be brushed off with glib remarks but deserves unbiased scientific
The Society is about to publish a brochure to relieve us of the work
Leaving all squabbling aside
pertains to the priestly caste of ancient Media
Such uncommon performances are looked upon with awe and wonder
The response to such frequencies or vibrations is the result of the proper attunement with those
forces, seen or unseen, wherein they are vested.
the evil stigma of sorcery
Since the word priest unfortunately has not always been associated with the highest and loftiest
aims of mankind, it is no wonder that derogatory acts of such priests are looked upon as black
Let us not be dragged down into the dark, abyssmal caverns of practitioners
Society cherishes the thought
forged a personality to be admired
Mentally alert, spiritually agile, and physically fit, his actions deny that man should be written
off from former activities when reaching the age of retirement.
upright endeavors leave an indelible imprint upon a man's life
The Gnostic version refuses to accept the vicarious atonement.
The principle underlying: simila similibus currantur--like cures like is well founded.
but now has fallen almost into oblivion
a supposedly Divine revelation through an Avatar
Eugene Canseliet adamantly refuses to tell
The name of Fulcanelli 's amanuensis is Eugene Canseliet.
One of the very few in whom he confided is presently still living
Under omen is generally understood a phenomenon believed to show or portend the character of
a future event.
It appears therefore that a name selection is not haphazardly arrived at.
Never was the name to be maligned, changed or abused.
I believe that it is not an exaggeration to say that this text will prove hugely valuable.
The voice that spoke five hundred years ago and found only deaf ears will, in this our own times,
find willing hands and heads to reestablish what was prematurely proclaimed and placed on the
bookshelves to gather dust.
Alchemists throughout history have extolled Antimony
The book does not condone the indiscriminate use of such drugs
Israel Regardie dared to go against the current stream of derogatory outcries against LSD
janitorial maintenance, we are very fortunate to have such a lease
the spiritual tranquility
Present day educational systems are due for a general overhauling
It has enough potential within it to supplant much in our present pedagogical system.
but also for moral and spiritual concepts commensurate with the high ideals which man
the ancient traditional that competes with the contemporary, and encroaches upon the very heart
of the city. Modern buildings vie with age old dwellings. Man is a peculiar creature. He hates to
let go of that which has almost escaped his grasp. That which is no more he likes to conjure up
again, just to be sure to discredit anything that might diminish its sentimental value. No greater
contrast could be found than that in Bangkok. Ancient temples large and small dot the city and its
surroundings. Buddist monks in their yellow and orange robes pass the walking merchants
dangling their wares on each end of their swaying bamboo sticks. The peculiar hats, worn by
nearly everyone remind one of lampshades. Thailanders, both men and women, dressed in
Western style mingle with those who still cling to the overwhelmingly preferred native costumes.
They wear the loose pants, which are no doubt more comfortable in the sultry climate.
The floating markets of Bangkok are exactly what the name implies. Upon the multitude of
canals that crisscross from one end to the other, small and large boats peddle their wares. Some
of them looking like dignified dugouts paddled by the one and only person it will hold, have a
board across the boat in front of them, upon which meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, baked goods and
household articles are for sale. Everything is exposed and if a motorboat should pass and stir up
some waves and water spray it is not frowned upon. It saves the merchant the trouble of washing
his own wares. Houses, if you can call them such by western standards, line the canals. Some are
fairly good looking, others again are in fragile condition. Bartering goes on all the time. Gullible
tourists, of course, pay more for bananas and other fruits, since the vendors claim to understand
no English and the tourist knows little of the change he receives in foreign currency. Ah!, happy
days, when bananas that cost hardly anything can be had for any price. Tall loaded coconut
palms and banana trees are swaying everywhere along the banks of the canals. Flowers grow
profusely and vines creep up wherever chance will let them.
Temples are overcrowded inside and out with ornaments. The over-all picture is most interesting
and creates a feeling of opulence and extravagance. However, upon closer examination it does
not show the exquisite details one would expect. Actually their graceful appearances are due
more to the overall form than to execution of meticulous details. What may appear from far away
as intricate mosaics will turn out upon closer inspection to be broken pieces of china and tile
imbedded into the mortar and stonework. Nevertheless it gives that typical oriental appeal, what
with the fantasy of seeing "Anna and the King of Slam" come alive again. The royal barges, still
in use, can be inspected at another place and emphasize here as anywhere else in the world the
contrast of wealth and poverty. Temples overloaded with gold and jewels, brightly colored robed
monks, women, besmudged from the heavy labor, steer barges loaded with coal along the
waterways and unload them at their destination, while naked children jump into the water,
innocent of the dangers which surround them. All these contrast with the deeply lined faces of
the elders crouching in front of their houses or huts looking listlessly into a seeming void. Such
is Bangkok as we saw it. The flower of Thailand, or Siam, as it was formerly known.
Of course, there are the sumptuous hotels for the tourists with swimming pools and every
convenience of Western civilization. Airconditioned offices are next to swelteringly hot and
humid shops. Bangkok the double faced city of the Far East is like the statue of a seated Buddha
with two faces-one looking into the past and the other into the present. Only the third face
looking into the future is missing. Such a statue we have yet to find among the many in Bangkok.
Like a multiarmed Buddha it is trying to do too many things at the same time, thereby confusing
the cursory onlooker who leaves bewildered and confused trying to figure out what he did
experience. Was it actual or only a dream?
It was here where we met the German medical doctor, whom we referred to in our previous letter
from India.
After leaving Thailand we arrived in Singapore. Greeted by a monsoon rain the likes of which
we had never experienced before, it seemed that-the heavens poured down every available drop
of water. The water was so deep at some places in the streets that buses and autos were stalled.
Singapore is typical English inmitts Malaya. It was here that we met with Governor Romney of
Michigan, who was at that time a presidential candidate for the United States of America. The
rains kept us in the large mall surrounding the hotel most of the time. Only during intermittent let
ups, did we have a chance to go out and see what we could. Governor Romney, a golf enthusiast,
got cheated out of his round with the President of Malaya.
Our stay in Singapore was only for a few days. Then we flew to Australia. Our first stop was
Darwin. From there we went into the heart of the continent, to Alice Springs, where the world's
largest monolith is found--a monstrous piece of rock in the form of a mountain. The country
there is bare. Talking about our American desert in comparison makes it look lush. Surrounding
this oasis of Alice Springs is desolate country. Much of it the unexplored home of the aborigine,
the kangaroo and other strange animals. Primitive cannibals, experts with the boomerang, live
there unaware that their own advanced species are presently flying through space trying to
explore other worlds. Again the strange paradox present everywhere in the world: a continent
where aborigines live with the highest evolved(?) of his own kind.
In New Zealand we spent six weeks and we shall tell you more in detail about what transpired
here. It is a land of green, lush meadows and hills, Alps, fjords, geysers, white beaches,
wilderness and the most hospitable people that one can image. And, naturally, we shall tell you
what we experienced while here.
drove over two thousand miles by car
deserve special mention for their efforts to arrange our itinerary.
No more untiring, unselfish and altruistic individuals can be found.
underground temple in a beautiful, secluded and heavily landscaped place.
Not far from it is the affiliated
In its mystically decorated and furnished sanctum
with a fervent interest in perpetuating the work
Members of the B.O.T.A. also flocked to our lectures along with those belonging to other
esoteric bodies.
It is on the spacious grounds
The trustees and the committee are not sure how to bring about what the founders had in mind.
we should rank as ruling chiefs while three wardens acted as our deputies
without expecting to be spoonfed and coddled at every step
It was received with hostile feelings by those who would not let go of their complacency
the time had come for its commencement
A peculiar omen. Its scenic variety
After leaving New Zealand we came to Tahiti. Some have said that Tahiti is a primitive Hawaii It
is a beautiful island. We lived in a palmleaf thatched place for a few days until our once-a-week
flight to Acapulco in Mexico came in. The climate is very humid. The sun shines, in a moment
thereafter weather can change and a torrential downpour inundates the ground, only in a few
minutes to let the sun shine again, as if nothing had happened. Up on the hills, where the
rainforest begins, a constant haze covers the palms and other trees. Across the water Bora Bora,
another Tahitian island, shows its volcanic peaks through a curtain of clouds while sailboats enter
the harbor. When one has seen the small sailboats that have crossed the South Pacific, one can
not help wondering how they survived. To drink the water out of green coconuts and pick the
bananas, breadfruit and giant papayas from the trees that grow in great profusion everywhere is
an interesting experience.
It was in Acapulco where we were privileged to save a human hfe that was tossed around by the
waves in a secluded bay, where the force of the water dashed with great noise against the bare
rocks. The lady, a native of Estonia, one of the Baltic Sea countries, being grateful to be brought
to shore alive.
Majestic remnants of colossal edifices, different from those in Mexico await further excavation.
It has been estimated that it would take another hundred years to uncover all that needs to be laid
On another occasion we were driven to Puerto Cortez, the harbor city of Honduras. With many
beautiful lagoons abounding we spent some time in a coconut palm grove by the ocean, where
the trees grow right up to the waters edge. With swift strokes, using a big machete, coconuts
were cut from the trees. Drinking the water they contain proved very refreshing.
At the farewell we were honored with a banquet at a beautiful outdoor resort. With typical Latin-
American music and gay songs that soon turn into a longing rhythm of unfulfilled wishes, we
bade farewell to our lovely fraters and sorors who had gone out of their way to make our stay
most pleasant. We were presented with a genuine Mayan relic and a silver letter opener and other
mementos of appreciation. Everywhere we went, without exception, when the time came to leave
the parting words were the pleading question: "When will you come back? Come back soon,
please!" How can one not heed such words when they are spoken with tears in the eyes?
The streets were filled with armed militia and government buildings bristled with armed guards.
He had looked forward to being with us here in the mountains to study and had already booked
his flight for it.
we would rather give verbally than by the printed word
are making preparations for the classes to convene in the enlarged quarters
The average lifespan of the queen is one to three years.
Realizing that the Order in Egland would be mutilated by others who would come after him he
took with him what was permissible to transplant.
Soon it shall become a beacon of hope for those who look for the unfoldment of the laws as they
have been preserved in the archives.
Felkin brought with him as a symbolic ensign.
The brotherhouse, where he ruled, Deplore his bier.
He put the brotherhouse as inheritor
His home is, in some cases a hovel built out of cardboard and scraps of wood, large enough to
crawl under it with a raised cot to sleep upon and for the animals to crawl underneath.
But then it may be a venerated cow belonging to nobody, just wandering by to obstruct the traffic
on the street.
The constant tooting of the footpedaled taxis with their handpressed horns adds to the shouting
of the beggars. The cows and water buffalos sunning themselves on the street, obstructing the
traffic, are aware of their holiness, since they may at times deem it below their dignity to move
daubs of a brown substance in form of cakes or paddies are plastered upon it
When it has dried sufficiently in the sun it is peeled off
But still the government furnishes wood, free of charge, to cremate the deed.
In Calcutta riots were the order of the day.
A hectic search culminated in a telephone connection
Dr. B. arrived from his frantic attempt to catch up with us.
The tall coconut palms waved in the breeze and the other tropical trees swayed in the same lazy
Floodlights provided light for a game in the evening
Its water is reverently cupped into the hand, brought to the mouth and swallowed.
they climb up rickety, spindly built scaffolds constructed from swaying bamboo sticks
pedestrians walking
In the morning they are awakened by the harsh, cawking and shrill cries of the birds that
scavenge for food
The dazzling charms of the one thousand and one night Arabian stories are only too evident in
such beautiful edifices
Only hotels have such modern implements.
Everyone in the ashram treated us with the utmost courtesy.
He was the manager of a paperpulp factory and invited us all to his villa the next day for dinner.
his beautiful place on the banks of the Ganges river
As we sat on the veranda and watched a glorious sunset over the Ganges, my wife began to hum
the melody by Mendelsohn "On Wings of Song,"
He then took from a pouch a protractor and a square and he began to measure various arcs on my
hand, noting the results carefully on paper, rechecking them frequently.
What he said about the future will have to wait for its substantiation or refutal. Modesty forbids
me to even hint at what was said. This was not an ordinary gypsy palm reading; mathematical
laws were consulted and their accuracy was astounding.
Those who are informed say that the Brahmins, who are the priests and teachers to this very day,
have palm leaves handed down to them; upon which they will find written, a hundred and more
years ago, your horoscope for this life.
a venerable professor who is teaching at the University
This will give you an idea of the confusing paradox
who sent their emissaries many years ago
Pilgrims come to bathe in the river Ganges, or Ganga, as the Indians call it. Others come or are
being carted and carried there to die. The funeral piles on the Ghat, the large stairs that lead into
the river with its adjoining platforms, crackle with the fire as the corpses are cremated. No tears
are shed by the bystanders. Only joy prevails. The weary wanderers have reached their journey's
end. Misery, hunger, disease are now all a thing of the past. Nirvana awaits him who can bathe in
the holy river Ganges or who can be cremated there and his ashes strewn upon its waters, or
whatever remains of the not entirely burned corpse. Eternal bliss has been attained, so the
Hindoo believes.
Can you imagine me writing to you from a mountain retreat in Switzerland? We are alone, my
beloved companion and I. While writing to you the sun is shining up here, but down below a sea
of dense fog envelops the lake in the distance, and the towns and villages near by. Behind us the
verdant meadows stretch up to the forest. Swiss cows with large bells around their necks graze in
the lush green grasses and herbs. Their movements make the bells chime like a symphony. Some
of those bells are enormously large. Others are small. The tinkling and chiming can be heard
from far away. Some ravens are shrieking and fly up towards the dark pines that tower on the
crest of the next knell. The well water, that runs out of a pipe, fills the troughs to overflowing. It
trickles down the sides and finds a way through the meadows. The only other sound comes from
the cuckoo clock in the living room. Endless ticks the clock and ever so often the little door
opens and the head of a bird appears reminding us that time flies by sounding "Cuckoo, cuckoo,
Just now the noise of the carpet sweeper in the hands of the ever busy housewife disturbs the
tranquility. Yes, cleanliness is next to Godliness. While I am pausing for a moment to look at the
woodbeamed ceiling and the wooden walls, where, on the windowsills, the flower pots are in
competition with the floral painting on the wall, the dust cloth wipes over a piece of furniture and
all of a sudden music fills the room. A music box was moved and the zirp, zirp, kling, kling of a
lusty tune dances melodiously around me. When it ends the radio begins to play some folk
music. Out of nowhere, a voice, accompanied by a blockflute, flows to me clear as a bell. And
now the string music begins and my pen glides over the paper while our thoughts go to you.
The heavy planks on the floor creaked with every step. Even the carpet could not muffle them.
When going down the wooden stairs each step moaned when the weight of the body was felt. It
moaned and creaked as if it would say "Many steps did I carry in all those years. I am getting
old. It hurts." It announced every time with heavy groaning when someone down below raised
his foot on the first step. No bell was needed to announce a visitor.
The stairs moaned and the floors groaned and the heavy planks in the halls creaked when the
steps came close to the door. There was no need to knock. Even the hinges on the door and the
heavy lock, when pressed down on its handles, ached, when opened.
We each crawled under the feather billows that blanketed us.
Above it, enclosed in a small alcove, is a picture of early Byzantine origin.
His attire is a white frock and a red cassock and cap. He bows his head before ascending the
steps to the altar
His attire is a white frock and a red cassock and cap. He bows his head before ascending the
steps to the altar, then lights the candles in a particular order. After that he bows again before the
altar and disappears through a small gothic wooden side door. Then the deacon enters, also in a
white frock but with a golden yellow, three-quarter length tunic open on each side, tied with
braided golden bands.
the deacon has returned in front of the center aisle
She is garbed in white, her hair loosely hanging over the shoulders.
blue scalp cap
The book of the law is carried from the altar by the deacon and the altar boy extinguishes the
It was signed by him with the imprimature
What else could be done but to raise it in adoration to the Most High
think of the liquor and tobacco toll here among us
Every doctor knows they destroy health and every promiscuous person knows they abet
can only wash its hand and call itself an innocent bystander of our times.
with it the entire gamut of diseases related to it
Can we blame God for these modern pestilences as we bring them upon ourselves by our own
foolhardy indulgence
that will be obliterated when the day of atonement comes
Is yours the same shrill, soul-piercing cry of lust of the vulture or the light-evading bat as they
pounce upon their writhing prey
Why waste the time building an enclosure, erecting a bulwark, to hide our ignorance behind
Many a steady little light has endured over the whirling flames of a holocaust.
An unguided herd will stampede to its doom, trampling by sheer weight all that comes in its way.
Many a strong man parading his physical prowess is incapable of catching even a glimpse of
mental agility.
Not only laymen, but art connoisseurs alike.
It also ushered in a period of new concepts
Because a delegate can not delegate his powers
IT Is of LITTLE consequence in what station of life an individual finds its sphere of activity.
Performing the assigned task to the best of one's ability is of paramount importance. Whosoever
strifes to do his best, no matter what environment and circumstances prevail, has made a
contribution towards a better world to live in. The magnitude of an individual's accomplishment
will be measured by the service he has rendered. Honesty, sincerity, perseverence, pureness of
motive, and similar attributes are the results of a noble mind. Altruism is a way of life whereby
all will benefit that come in contact with it. Where self abnigation exists benevolence will reveal
itself. It is the will to do, to live a better life, and to be of service unto others, that lets the
consciousness of man rise above the every day battle cry of survival. This is exactly what he did
until the last breath of his mortal life was exhaled. With his quiet unassuming words and actions
he was always willing to help others in an unselfish way. May the Divine light engulf him further
in his present sphere of activity to help bring about the true brotherhood of man on earth, to
which he looked foreward with an unwavering faith.
Whosoever strifes to do his best
Does this mezlah mean anything to you? The seminar will tell.
You may obtain additional brochures on the books published
have been a deterrent to many researchers
deduct that amount from your total remittance
It will have to begin with the nearest of kin.
I live across the street from a creek.
he again takes an active part in the promulgation of practical esorteric teachings
In a state of stupor, having the faculties benumbed or dulled
their remittances of the donmitory fees
save fantasies and stagnated minds
A painful process at times, to be sure, but with elating results.
any sort of remuneration
its various ramifications
We have elevated the materialistic concept on such a high pedestal
how the negative forces were encroaching to envelope us
for study and dormitory purposes
This announcement of the preliminary itinerary is made early to allow individuals to plan ahead
His mental alertness and his zest and vigor that he showed during the ardeous study periods
would have put to shame a younger man
he had collected during his sojourn upon this planet
The nominal dormitory fees
who nonchalantly went through his mail
as if nodding to himself
life seems to be a big drudgery
She hummed a lullaby
only a mother can hum
are unknowingly entwined with prayer
the future will continue to evince
so we will not have to recall or rescind or rectify the commitments
then would have already started the process inaugurated
with a pure and contrite heart are striving to serve their fellow men and creatures
it has found its devout desciples and scroupulous charlatans
sincerity are forging along undeterred to bring about such relationships well know
In the last issue a correction had to be made as an error crept in
Please remit by postal coupons
let them gird their loins with strength, let them don the armour of purity and the helmet of
which gash their bleeding feet
where the flock may feed at peace than the arid heights, with their crevasses and their precipices,
with their shrouding mists and their crashing avalanches
None who has trodden part of the rugged way would seek to induce others to enter on it.
It was a happy moment. A moment of bliss. A duration of serene contentment.
in reality to become enshrined within
A little confidence can span the widest chasm and dispell the blackest darkness.
Those haphazardly searching for them may squander a lot of valuable time
however much you plume yourself on your red cap
as to become a most salutary medicine
Hence the universal outcry,
in towns the brethren of the profession warn kings, courtiers, and burghers not to have anything
to do with Antimony
while riding on swaying camels backs
He was equally at home with the natives in their primitive surroundings or with the intellectual
elite in marble halls. From the ice and snow of the north to the balmy breezes of the Riviera, the
Olive Groves of Spain, the ancient beauty of Greece or the mystic past of Egypt and the silent
desert of Africa, glimpses of the past would well up before him and he would find himself in
familiar places where the past would bring vivid flashes of former experiences alive again.
finding out how the other half of the world lives, or on an oxdrawn cart riding through territory
that left an indelible imprint on one's mind
Not all of those individuals are the flamboyant type.
cared very little about the frillies
Another remarkable incident about Paul Buecheler was his close kinship to his brother Joseph.
This greeting may still ring in your ears from the many well wishers who extended to you the
Season's Greetings.
The present of today is but a fleeting moment
But great accomplishments are not the results of leisure or reached at the spur of the moment
do NOT ask for alliviation of your troubles
who attune with you
when he swooshed through the sky and suddenly the sound like the shooting of a cannon boomed
through the air and broke its echo in the distance
There was much heralding about this feat
confidence can completely annihilate
Down the mountain side fallen trees lay prostrate among the towering pines and the quivering
quaking aspen
surely could have been the predatory animals laying in ambush for their prey
It rode the tiny waves of the murmuring brook and merged with the water to bring life to the
flitting trout
The warmth of the solar fire reflected from the barren rocks and made the warm air above them
quiver in a rhythmic motion
while the doe with its fawn was laying motionless
nodding towards his wife
laying prone on Our beds
it would elude him again and again
Only the ticking of the big, black alarm clock kept on with the rhythmic monotenous tick, tick,
we soon reached the summit
They both nodded their heads harly noticeable, more to themselves in an absent-minded way, and
looked straight ahead as we drove on into the Dusk of the Gods.
the writings of Paracelsus which we most emphatically endorse
all the tomfoolery for which you throw away your time and money
that man in her sometimes tempestous ways flayed certain religious dogmas was not so much the
rage of an individual.
One may well consider that the loftier one's ideals are, the lower are the lanes of matter and with
it those that revel in the sordid atmosphere of degrading minds
but was the energetic outburst against bigotry and shame of those, that knowingly and
maliciously decried her teachings and expounded through her as a mouthpiece.
that solely leaned in smug comfort on the teaching of their theologies
Protected by this unintented camouflage modern alchemists
A positive answer would jeopardize us immediately.
No one can rightfully infringe upon anothers belief.
Will you cull the most important items
If such a medication exists why is it being withheld?
This ought to be known, who it is that can rule and coerce the stars, and also who is governed by
the stars.
after varification of your statements, you may receive the "Bulletin" gratis
All this refurbishing from floor to ceiling
It would be a boon to mankind
It refers to extraordinary feats
First of all, one must clear up the bafflement that exists between the terms
who receives payment in money or receives remuneration in any form because of a legally
accredited status
most of all I shudder
hang out their shingles
professional astrologers are not bad and swindlers
forgive my contumely and my pride
We draw nigher to ourselves.
How vivid is the imagination! We are lifted above the tumult of the body.
In this hushed stillness can we hear the voice of the One that pervades all.
a discipline quite eclectic
he may have vacillated
This marvelous magic cannot be fathomed.
these recondite pursuits
This admonition was adumbrated centuries before in the Old Testament.
Yes. I consent to that.
Anyone can make any claim but to substantiate it is another thing.
Who authorized you to do this, or by whom were you commissioned? Let me say: By no mortal
who may not grasp the asdwer correctly
cuddle the young children
the Priest during the Offertory, goes to the Epistle's side of the altar
Separator of the noble life from the ignoble life
to help with the difficult alchemistical language barrier.
burial or cremation
find his pastime in them
"The word "discipline" means "to learn". A "disciple" is one who learns, not who conforms, not
who obeys; he is one who is constantly learning. And when learning ceases and becomes merely
accumulation of knowledge then disorder begins."
Please, with your special tact, can you go over with us the necessity of learning to coax results
gently with the fire.
However, one must make due allowance when it comes to interpreting alchemistical terminology,
as not every alchemist gave the same meaning to each allegorical expression.
it is essentially holistic
with arduous years of meditation of labour over the furnace
we shall here desist
"If a little does a little good - a lot will do a lot of good"
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
Would this process be similar, By analogy, yes.
Because of sects the true religion is smothered.
blowes the bellowes
such paltry stuff
an uncontional acquiescence in life
it will provide an impetus in the right direction
no fatuous, ignorant or inept person ye open this
one only epithet
the perpetration of sinful things
who are without self-control and benevolence
they grudge the truth to religious
to elucidate it i have been guided solely by personal predilection
occasion of delinquency
extreme tenuity and sublety
as a scintillating gem
It may be said that man,s consciousness has relegated to a sub-ordinate place the once proud and
divine universal spirit.
the unscrupulous charlatans whom we have seen were called puffer
we shall negligent in the examination of others
i think it is not amis to shew whereabouts we are
all that are depurated
for most of our apothecaries if not all who dispense these medicines are in a great mist
uncertainty and confusion about them.
by frequent irritations or provocations to vomit
it would prove to him a certain panacea
it always extraneous to its intrinsical nature
take such a strong whiff into his nostrils
either way proved but insipid
pricking of needles all over his body
who srabbing a daggar into his breast
if one puts into it a slaughtered fowl or a piece of meat.
At the end of the consummation of their union there appears a new being
actor is therefore necessary to calm their ardors and facilitate their concord.
Since Mary is immaculate in conception
that can show up in the morning in fields gorged with dew
the amorous passions are often submitted to tornadoes “bickering.”
This mention of the love bed is not trivial.
his presentation are quite reminiscent of the descent of the tongues of fire
We must always keep this nuance in mind.
The second distinction between the two is more pragmatic, but concords with the first.
Alchemists are quite evasive about it.
We must therefore be very vigilant regarding the context.
It is the prelude to the extraction of the solution
We can therefore say that the designation of this is a misnomer
these two principles being antithetical, it is difficult to harmonize them
Stabilizing it without using any adjuvant
This is a well-known sententious saying
in their frivolous and false recipes
if too slack, the same result ensues
you will treat and preserve this divine mystery in the most secret manner possible, for if you
tread it under foot, or scatter your pearls before swine, be sure that you will hear pronounced
against you the severe sentence of God, the supreme avenger.
Having first of all invoked the name of the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour
the Concupiscences or lusts
I have not so much affected the Curiosity of Language, or Elegancies of Style, as the denudating
the Essential Verity
being prudently pursued and sought after
I speak truly and fervently
made known to you the abscondite Paths of Nature
by adding Health and long Life, heaping up Treasures, and external Honours and Applause, in
the World
more straightly sequestrate them
this is done naturally and amicably
naturally abhors
Concerning the dens and caverns of the metals
No enervating nor engendering is done but after putrefaction
No enervating nor engendering is done but after putrefaction
Take a whelp dog
although the searching aggravates the searcher
I blot out their rustiness
thou will often bewail thy hard hap luck and lost Labour
O ye Sons of Learning who hope to gather the fruit before it be ripe, and hope to mow before the
harvest comes
a staid and upright mind
being loaded with gross and dull wit, or being sparing or covetous in his expenses
either over-happy or captious
that should do so would be accursed, and incur the indignation of the Lord and die with the palsy
so living in penury
Neither shall any man justly use slanderous and blasphemous words against me
obviates the error
the former it spurns and rejects
to burn, corrupt, and denigrate
I have not chosen here to delineate such meditative exercises in detail
which does not contradict his thesis, but amplifies and extends it
on examining we find this untenable
I should here have omitted one or other Circumstantial of the Work
all other Works being mere trifles in Comparison of it
Men generally are of such a Humour; that if they cannot have all without Toil or Labour, they
presently despond and give over; but they that persevere to the end shall obtain the Crown of
thou art not to be blamed for thy zealous inveighing against those Lazy Lubbards
Electuary or confections even as the physitian shall see it convenient
poison of the Fire against Nature put toit
Be thou therefore not solicitous or curious in choosing thine Earth
Men who toiled for years unsuccessfully until at last they sat down, and collated the writings of
many men, noting their agreements and apparent differences, and ultimately grasped the truth.
considerations far more cogent than those of space forbid
though presented in less poetic garb
Unless one is enthusiastic in a wise and enduring way, the philosophy of alchemy is dreary
reading, and is impatiently abandoned for practical work on immature ideas of the substance, and
hazy notions of the working.
what countries, goods, lands, have been dilapidated this way, I waive to discourse of... nature
having left a nearer way to keep, and to imitate that, that they also might take heed to fall into
such extreme and inextricable poverties
to specificate and expedite evolution in the required direction
Kellys' gratuitous addition
What! Is Nature Retrograde
let him seek out an ingenious and sedulous companion for himself
an apparent simplicity and candor
our attempts to probe these tergiversations
creeping things
the Rosicrucian cult
that similes are used such as the baking of bread
which saying should be indelibly written in the student's mind
cognizable by our senses
In nature it often happens that the obvious is false and the concealed is true.
The History of Chemistry is crammed full of blunders in nomenclature
he can reside, and travel, without a continual restraint upon his words and actions
the account of the persecution
These important points he apparently hinted at in a very circuitous way in his theory or
philosophy; and where for all I know to the contrary, he may have remedied the omission for
those who have patience and intuition.
He craves the society of those with whom he can converse freely of these wonderful things
I append this pertinent extract from the book
none of these modern critics, be he humorous, sarcastic, or more condescendingly pitiful than
alleging that this is not a true solution
the alchemists seem to have employed an oil lamp with a wick composed of amianth or flexible
none touches the hem of the mystery
This well-known extract is endorsed
some other nation domiciled
When we consider the paucity of their resources
the foundations of society might not be upheaved
Basil Valentine wrote the "Dedicatory Epistle"
This alters the standpoint to that of an honest man who is indignant with those who defraud
others by false methods, knowing them to be false and futile.
Those who pretended to know, abused and vilified those who differed from them.
It is necessary to lodge an emphatic protest against the unfairness, the scarcely veiled contempt,
that pervades the criticism of the claims of the alchemists. The criticism professes to be an
impartial and scientific investigation of the theory of the existence of a law of evolution. It is
neither impartial nor scientific.
he discredits Basil Valentine's assertion
It is not lawful, nor commendable to reprobate an art
supported by arguments and circumstances of incontestable force
The notorious Dr. Dee is said to have received immense sums of money from dupes for
imparting the coveted secret
not worth a mite
philosophy has been emasculated
to withdraw from his sacerdotal duties
in the direction of that star which beckoned to him
under the aegis of the Church
to veil certain tenets of religion
interests would be jeopardized by a discovery
by their slavering Venom, and mortal hurts, they be all of a gore bloud
creeping on the Earth
all together being killed with the Carion of the Carcasses
for then a large Harvest will abundantly recompence all thy toyl
accompt not tedious our long decoction
who ever have attained this Art have trodden
I shall not here repeat; to that I remit the Reader.
for many of them wrote very enviously, on purpose to ensnare
that it would be contemned
sufficiently dilated in the Water
otherwise brag not of thy skill
yet immoderacy now may and will certainly spoil all
nor despondent
their hands filled with sheaves
a terrile day
in the storm of the inraged Sea
the water shall intomb it
for whatever swerves from the temperate mean
droppings do mellow
which Love abhors
I trow that thou understandest it fully
for thou hast the Sun for thy Diadem, and the Moon Crescent for thy Garland
the Quadrangle is turned into a Circle
shall we go to the meadow
gnats attack
it will change the hoary head into a youthful colour
veiled their Work under several passages and overtures
an universal Deluge
its likeness, puffing and swelling, and rugged with bunches and blisters, and knobs.
as an Ass to his Crib
when they misconstrue our meaning most perversely
as much as will teyne it
which you shall discern by a spurtling noise
in our Tree there are Shoots and Sprigs
the Carrion of its Carcass shall kill the eagles
a Moorish low Bog
They have highly extolled
an earthly faeculent interposition between the fulgor and the superfluities
of our sordid Whore
who cannot make so great a clatter
They marvel at the uncouth difficulty of the thing
which was the Congest of mine own experience
we keep the heat a little slack
he that will cavil, let him cavil
when each of them has besieged its Companion
quality of washing and cleaning in a proper Laver?
you must imbibe or humect the matter
they also presage a new generation by the gnawing and dissolving of the perfect bodies
you manage these proud and haughty natures
have their Conummation
The names are innumerable, and often very arbitrary and contradictory
Keep therefore the vessel and its ligature
take heed, lest the spirit should exhale, lest it hurt the Operator --- to wit lest it destroy the work,
and induce many infirmities --- as sadness, trouble, vexation, and discontent
He forgets its pristine stubbornness in the fire
my words and ruminate on them one by one
purified from its terrestrial stench and filth
the solar scion is planted
as being reserved for the Grandees
made the work almost interminable
an opulent man
I durst not stay
administering the appropriate oath of allegiance
when the attack itself is allayed
the publisher sufficiently renumerates me. Vale.
Ogling also a beautiful woman
it is abomination and falsity
an envenomed worm
but not with pernicious, destructive things, whereby its noble, fruitful, teeming nature would be
to have servile
it is a veil and an evasion.
the nature of a sterile woman
For nothing can excel that which it contains within itself.
succour the poor
They beheld a man, as black as a Moor, stuck fast in a black stagnant bog, to whose assistance
came a young woman, beautiful of countenance, and clad in bright apparel.
whereby we might become heirs and sharers of His Kingdom.
the matter, having been duly boiled and simmered
the stoker
He who would reach the open sea must first pass through the narrow straits.
to take from the Lion nought but his rosy blood
let his palace be plundered
who stifle in their blood
hovers above the water
a red, thick, stagnant blood
the Spirit brooding
the Sol is trammeled by no body
the three principles are first enumerated
I have never yet heard of this phantasy.
more than the peasant
many more inept things of that sort
it was irksome to all
with great zeal
the ardor of those
So drastic
submitting to God’s sovereignty
destroyed in the abomination of desolation.
there were lamentation
act in concert
with the idea of usefulness and tranquility in mind.
who is known to give unworthy stewardship to this opportunity
Let him be accursed who misuses the greatest gift of God, who has shown us grace and mercy,
and instead resorts to a diabolical evil.
your wailing is without end
Many mens plagued day and night, for no purpose at all
from all kinds of spectral apparitions
even in this transitory life
bewail our transgressions of Your law
Your undergirding support
It is a delusion and a snare
the reality of our Art by incontestable ocular evidence
being wrought almost to an ecstacy he entered a certain verdant grove
inculcate on the student's mind
who sought our lives had been enclosed in the meshes of death
disappointment can result from a slavishly
it has already been as plainly delineated by the Ancients as is consistent with our vow.
If water predominate, temporal and corruptible things are produced
on their strife through the mediation of air.
oppresses the fire
with their mutual strife hushed in unending peace
the Sages have constructed conduits and aqueducts
the weltering mass
with sentient life
but scantily discussed in the works of the Sages
it therefore behoves us to speak first
conscientiously conceals what it should hide
preserves and fosters till the season of maturity
with constant reference to the utterances of other Sages
He despise the humble and contrite heart.
His wonderful power and ineffable goodness
He will grant this boon to you
you would at once be able to emancipate yourself from the tutelage of printed volumes
Who dares to rebuke so great a philosopher
Rather they clear away the impediments
I am swift to succour those who seek me
I must amuse them with promises
to be gulled by my promises
He impeaches the thankless operator
comes full of wrath to the Alchemist, calling him imperiously before her
I have submitted to be scourged and spat upon till my miserable plight might move a heart of
it is they that fare sumptuously in the palaces of the great.
Mercury indignant with our Alchemist
when the latter thus wrathfully accosted him
I am very languid.
Are you laughing at me, you false rogue?
most nefarious beast
Why dost thou trouble me
in his delirious visions he at last saw a phantom in the guise
the matter was so contemptible
I beheld a marvellous vision I saw ancient Neptune, with a trident in his hand
I should enjoy nothing so much as a solitary life, or to have joined Diogenes in his tub
I behold this world full of vanity, greed, cruelty, venality, and iniquity
there in too laconical a fashion.
but you will scarce find any which contain a more clear explication of the truth
importunate prayer after a repeated careful perusal of this Book.
over it broods the spirit of fire.
I am not so foolish as to enter into a controversy
the fire is kindled into a blaze
the earth would be parched up
according to the ministry of Nature
Everything depends upon the faculty of seeing
the fierce rays of the sun are tempered and assuaged by the air
judicious Artist
which are in vogue among the vulgar herd of modern Alchemists
An analogous case is that of the orange tree, which bears no fruit in northern latitudes
the one is second after the firmament
if you boast that you can do so, Nature will laugh at your pretensions
which have been too richly laden with fruit.
the two centrics.
What prerogative have vegetables
who beleive that metals are destitute of seed
when the pores are obstructed by heat or cold
their ingression being mutual
to pervade them with colour
especially in places where it has nothing to cling to.
as is more fully set forth in the Epilogue
the cognate seminal substance
Water on Powders will run all over the table in divergent rivulets
a sober study of Nature
Good morning, monsieur.
He puts the bar on the counter and frowns at
You can be
hung for this felony!
it is perfectly
natural and legitimate!
I have
the receipts for it in my
Frederick scurries away,
The goldsmith's scowl changes to a grin as he watches
Frederick from the window. He hefts the bar of gold,
Frederick slowly pumps the bellows of the furnace as he
stares into the fire.
thanks to the wickedness of men.
Francis puts down his quill pen
Frederick is sitting in a rowboat, preparing to cast off from
a small dock.
a bucket of
Jan unties the boat and gives it a shove away from the dock.
Frederick starts rowing,
a Protestant,
and a Jew walked into a tavern.
A priest entered
his fat donkey in a race.
And the town crier yelled, priest
enters fat ass! (beat) That
bothered the bishop,
Francis emerges from the fog and pulls alongside.
It's a metaphor.
Jan points to the boat, talking
incoherently. They clamber into a rowboat and cast off,
pulling hard and fast at the oars.
Sophia sighs and pouts.
Do hasten, dear. I await you!
shall come straightaway hence.
then leans back and gazes at it.

Seyler is carousing in bed with the WIFE of the GOVERNOR when the cuckold bursts in and
starts poking at Wenzel with a sword. The wife cringes under the sheets, and Wenzel tries to
protect himself with a pillow as he scrambles for his pants.
GOVERNOR Scoundrel! Lecher
A guard comes running in and corners Wenzel with a pike
a monk slams the gate shut behind them
two guard escorts
Wenzel stands at the door of his cell, crowded with a cot, table, and stool
a stern priest
my father pressed me to enter the Church
I will never inherit the family estate unless the plague takes my elder brothers.
I am mortally bored already. I feel trapped in limbo with a bunch of pompous celibates.
My sins are venial, so this is like purgatory to me
monks are digging up rocks and tossing them into a wheelbarrow.
The old chapel stands in the background.
After a year of probation, Wenzel Seyler took the monks' vows.
the Abbot will spend it to glorify the Church
Wenzel is alone in the cellar, dowsing with a willow branch.
The man had no scruples about using magic to help himself
Wenzel looks about furtively
he met an old woman who practiced witchcraft in secret.
Wenzel approaches her and begins an inaudible conversation.
Becher sips his wine
this may sound absurd to men of science
She hands him a cup.
Drink this potion, my dear.
He sniffs the potion, then quaffs it with a grimace.
He begins to slouch as the potion takes effect.
(slurring) What wash in that drink? Laudanum.
The old woman is kneeling on the floor. She lift's Wenzel's robe and apparently milks him,
cackling happily as Wenzel snores.
She begins to mumble an incoherent magic spell
Wenzel looks groggy, and yawns as she presents him with the wax ball. He peers at the symbols,
and sniffs it.
Wenzel, behold!
Wenzel watches in amazement as the ball wobbles
it is our custom for the old fathers to have a young friar assist them.
A winter storm rages
I should like to supervise them
several piles of cut stone lay about on the floor
the masons smash it with sledgehammers and wedges.
Wenzel hide the box under his cloak.
Wenzel looks around to see if he is being watched, then hides a pewter plate under his robe.
Wenzel starts to giggle hysterically.
Wenzel sits at his table, looking at his little pile of ducats while he munches on a roast chicken
leg and swigs from a bottle of wine.
I will allow you two crowns every week for your diversions.
the envy of greedy men may well get us killed.
Wenzel enjoyed his allowance for the next few weeks
Therefore he cogitated how he might get the box
Albert sitting on his bed, coughing, gasping, and clutching his chest.
Wenzel is rushing through the corridor with a cup of wine, holding one hand over it to stop its
Wenzel finds Albert sprawled on his bed, gasping, struck dumb with a stroke
He peeks out the door, then leaves.
the monastery held a solemn debate about alchemy
by chance friar Seyler was chosen to argue that metals can be transmuted! But he knew nothing
about it, so he was easily baffled
Wenzel swigs some wine from a cup.
He stops, peers at his notes in the candle light
Wenzel stands at the podium
The monks and priests in the audience begin to chuckle and laugh, and Wenzel loses his temper.
Wenzel is chagrined, but he remains silent as the audience continues to snicker at him.
Wenzel falls to his knees and clutches Francis' robe.
Brother Francis, I beseech thee
Give me your help, and when we flee from here
you must give me your most solemn oath of faith and secrecy!
I do swear my fealty to you
I dare not sell more of this gold myself, if I am under suspicion.
Wenzel and Francis are feasting happily on roast chicken and wine. They click their cups
together in a toast.
she is wearing a man's clothes, periwig, hat and cape.
Friar Wenzel arranged for a certain wanton woman to come into the monastery with him, dressed
in a man's clothes, and wearing a wig, on pretense of being his cousin
They look at each other with jaws agape, then scurry away.
Wenzel is climaxing with the woman.
He dons his robe and unbolts the door. The abbot shoves it open and enters, glowering. The
woman cowers under the blanket as the priests and monks gawk at her from the corridor.
the public noise of it will shame us with infamy!
The Abbot is sitting in a chair, spanking Anastasio across his lap. Her hands are bound, and she is
in her underwear. The abbot has an ecstatic expression on his face, his tongue is lolling, and he is
breathing heavily.
Please, no! Mercy!
Two priests are listening at the abbot's door. One of them stoops to peek through the keyhole.
They are breathing heavily, obviously excited.
Anastasio giggles as she exits the monastery, escorted by two monks.
Francis taps on the door of Wenzel's cell, then slips a note under the door
Wenzel hops out of bed
He groans as a priest whips him.
Francis was acquainted with his steward.
he grins with delight.
Prince Charles hands a small box to his steward KURT.
I enjoin you to return to Bruna.
Francis intercepts
Wenzel in an attic room with a tray of food and a bedpan.
then runs out and stumbles on the tray, spilling the water.
I swear to God, I will castrate that damned monk!
I am not so foolish as that, sir, but I protest, and I shall report your intrusion to Prince
It cannot be opened without incurring his most royal displeasure.
They smile, then gaze out the window at the passing scenery.
The Chamberlain PIETRO stands beside the Prince.
if his spies find you, they will obtain a mandate from the supreme Consistory at Vienna
Yes, thank you, my lord. You are most considerate and kind.
it would be wise of you to find lodgings in Vienna.
Francis casually leaves the estate on his horse.
Wenzel, startling him.
his clothes are scattered on the ground.
Your Highness,
Wenzel gesticulate as they discuss matters
Wenzel stands forlorn.
Pietro beats a hasty retreat.
You look terrible!
I am at my wits' end! Only the Emperor or the Pope can save us now.
afflicted with arthritis
leaning on his cane as he pleads his case.
your monk is a fugitive and leads a dissolute life.
There is great weight in the objections made by your Imperial Majesty.
ask you to deputize
I commend you for your eloquent discourse.
Emperor Leopold nods, and DePaar withdraws with a bow aside to the Secretary, who dictates
inaudibly to a scribe.
He is the personal confessor of Emperor
picks up a piece of the bottom and scrutinizes it.
I fear of magical enchantment,
His voice trails off into indistinct Latin mumbling
A crowd of courtiers look on.
A Jesuit priest stands among them.
your manners so as to satisfy the
Emperor Leopold nods and smiles benignly.
to vest Seyler with his Augustine robes once again
Then he picks up a glass of wine, takes a gulp, and slams it down.
I think you should remain incognito until we can act with confidence.
When Count DePaar enters, he rises and bows.
he gave me this sealed decree.
if you heed my advice,
Depaar grips his hip and grimaces.
The first part of the prophecy is fulfilled
the Spanish BISHOP CASTILLE and his entourage arrives in three carriages, accompanied by
several soldiers.
Ludwig is galloping to Peter
The flustered monk stares at the coin.
Father Dunell finally opens the door, yawning and squinting,
Now leave, posthaste!
Bishop Castille gestures to the monks.
Your Imperial Majesty, I bring you greetings and salutations from Empress Margaret of Spain.
I have a grievous complaint to make against your postmaster,
I humbly ask your Majesty to reprimand the Count.
you shall have his most humble apology.
The Emperor rises, and everyone bows as he and Bishop Castille leave with the two priests and
the desk in tow. The courtiers start gossiping indistinctly.
How had extorted the tincture from him
The Emperor pulls a bell cord to notify the guards outside
he was assigned lodgings
Leopold sent Friar to Rome to seek a dispensation from the Pope, to release them from their
monastic vows.
Cooing pigeons rustle about in their coop,
priest unties the message holder from its ankle
The Jesuit follows at a discrete distance.
Then some charlatans insinuated themselves upon him, and he learned many cunning frauds
from them.
The three men chuckle drunkenly and drink up.
The Count is frowning
many visitors soon became a noisome bother at the court
SAVONIUS hefts a small box onto the table
Angelique, my darling, you look
Wenzel suddenly begins to gasp for breath, clutches his stomach
in agony, and falls to the floor. The guests watch in horror and
look aghast at each other. comforting Wenzel in her lap as she
weeps for him.
The unscrupulous doctor
Angelique is fussing over
him. She kisses his brow.
He pulls her to him kisses her lips, and nuzzles her bosom.
She giggles and lays back in his lap, smiling lasciviously.
priest follows discretely.
returned from Rome with
the papal dispensation.
PIGEON lands at the rooftop coop in Vienna
Forgive me if I am less
than enthused
I exhausted my
relief in the indulgences of Rome
I think it would
be best for me to remain incognito
while I am in Vienna. Only you may
know where I reside.
He stands quietly watching as the others cheer and throw
flowers at the newlyweds.
Wenzel married a very
crafty woman
in Vienna
she was accounted as a common
he was visited by
persons of the highest rank, and
was mightily respected by the most
eminent ladies, countesses and
Wenzel and Angelique are celebrating their wedding banquet.
My friends, I do fancy that the
elements all conspire together to
make me happy! Eat, drink! Be happy
with me!
Francis manages a wan smile
As a spectator of the scene
squandered it all in debauchery.
Wenzel and Angelique are carousing in bed with a series of
women and men in orgiastic combinations, climaxing in a
chorus of passionate moans and cries.
They are covered with chancres, and their eyes are
doctor pulls the sheet over her head.
Wenzel Seyler exceeded all bounds
of modesty, and indulged in every
sinful excess. In three years time
he spent more than ten thousand
crowns in all manner of luxury...
Wenzel chooses from an assortment of fabrics as two tailors
fawn over him.
An effete decorator fusses about
Wenzel is posing for a portrait.
Wenzel is entertaining dozens of guests in the salon and the
Then I shall leave you to dote upon
in private
I do fear you are at grave
risk of losing your soul in the
abyss of sin.
I confess my sins and do penance, I
cannot resist the next temptation!
Your penis is your Achilles
I am only satiated, for a
little while at best.
life is a perpetual motion of wine
and women, music and food.
Perhaps I shall become a
Protestant, or a Moslem
Wenzel's voice sinks into mumbling, then a mild snore as he
pretends to pass asleep.
he sighs and frowns, closes his
eyes, and groans. After a long beat, he begins to snore
Damn it, Wenzel! You are
Wenzel, slightly drunk,
pulls a bottle of tincture from his pocket.
Wenzel advances, glowering at Francis.
I don't want another sermon
when you must come to your
senses, Wenzel. Your excesses, must
I am a dissipated, dis-,
dispensated monk, damn it, not a
Wenzel, you are totally debauched
and depraved, and your
embarrassment of riches is
I do not
object to luxury, Wenzel, but this
is wanton waste.
Let me know when you're ready
to be sensible.
chewing his nails as he worries.
puts the quill pen
in the ink pot, looks at his notes, scratches his head, and
bites his nails. He gulps some wine, and looks worried.
He foresaw that his supply of
tincture would not last long at
that rate.
He pumps the bellows a
few times, then peers into the retort. Suddenly it explodes,
and he runs out of the laboratory, coughing, choking.
he resorted to a fraudulent scheme
by means of this and other
watching from across the
room, and smirking at each other.
There is no gold. He frowns.
Baron is angrily confronting Wenzel
The baron storms out, and the three scoundrels snicker in
glee as they click their glasses together in a toast, and set
their glasses down.
Becher surveys his audience.
Serious alchemists
resented his prostitution of their
it was not safe to impeach him.
his infamy was so
convenient to have it suppressed.
He is slurring slightly.
am sorely irritated about it.
I humbly apologize to you,
my gracious sovereign.
who is placing a
medallion on a ribbon around his neck.
Wenzel rises to his feet, bows to the Emperor, and withdraws
as the audience applauds.
They are entertaining several
aristocratic guests.
He points to Robert BOYLE, who nods and smiles.
what a wonderment!
he has cut with shears
from a plate.
a dab of red paste
Then he sets the plate on a bed of red-hot coals in a
Boyle looks around at the others, and gestures as he speaks.
published at my behest
He furiously pumps the bellows of a furnace.
glass retort cracks ominously, and they cringe in fear of an
It always dismayed him
He is
dressed inconspicuously
Francis are perambulating past a pond and a
flock of swans.
you will be in
peril of your soul
I implore you to teach me
all you can about alchemy!
An unidentified ALCHEMIST holds the Philosophers' Stone up to
the sun, praying in a blissful mumble.
The alchemist has filed a bit of the Stone. He tastes it
tentatively. After a long beat, he dies, surprised.
watching through the lens, his jaw agape. Then he
grins with delight.
you can diagnose
their health.
They are clutching crucifixes. Their faces
are spotted with black buboes, and they gasp and moan weakly.
Frederick pockets his monocle, takes a bottle from his pouch,
and dribbles some Elixir into the man's mouth.
it is gratifying indeed
Yes, the elixir is a great gift of
God to suffering humanity. But it
is fraught with grave danger, as
you know.
A desperate of howling men
Frederick has changed clothes, donned on a wig and hat,
mob passes around the corner,
I fled the city.
Frederick staggers to an exhausted halt.
close enough to eavesdrop.
they're just shyte,
The kidnappers shove Frederick into the carriage, then
clamber in as Francis comes running.
Light flickers through the window of a large cottage behind
the Jesuit mansion.
The cottage is equipped as a torture chamber. Candles light
the interior. A coal fire burns in a brazier, with a poker
stuck in it. Frederick is strapped to a table.
Several men accompany them on
they stops and
who is grimacing and groaning. Francis produces a
small bottle from his pocket and dribbles the contents into
Frederick's mouth.
Let this be their Purgatory.
Flames from the burning cottage flicker in the background.
Wenzel and Francis sit together opposite Frederick, who is
inebriated with laudanum and wine.
Good shinking.
have also seen him in most elegant
attire, and speaking with inspiring
I am
very glad to help you in any way I
In fact, I seldom use common
mercury, except to make gold from
then scoops up the

Becher bows as he acknowledges each quest
He speaks with a German accent
a fixed gentle splendour of a white radiance
the continued genial influence of the fire
to avoid any ostentatious display
the inner gates of secret knowledge are flung open not to reveal this mastery to any unworthy
who have fondly staked their happiness
to men who smother the clamorous voice of conscience with the insolence of a wicked life
the only arbitress from whose
which embody the results of my experience
enter her inmost sanctuary
Let me therefore admonish the gentle reader
not so much from the outward husk of my words
our Art from appearing openly before the public gaze
guard against those depraved
I have here briefly set down are transcribed from that manual experience
The vainglorious desire for fame
I am only anxious to assist the lovers of philosophy
Heirs of Knowledge
I am sure that if death were a live body, he would laugh at our musings.
Nor will I gainsay that
Gualdus has to be especially reckoned.
it is far from being able to abolish Destiny or ward off those dangers
let totally go of all the utterances
whether they have to be kneaded together
the water inundated the earth
Your affectionate and devoted friend
the bodies of the mob are dead.
he had to do wit his assets.
Work of Art for which he had so zealously striven.
the above-mentioned cleric
he finally also decorated his residence magnificently, while at the same timer performing other
generous deeds.
for being raised into the Venetian aristocracy.
I have not given credence to one or another babbler
by unwise fools
I am in receipt of your letter
I cannot be hypocritical but am telling the truth
this time you will gratify a man
which he imparted without begrudging
Under God’s favorable protection commendation.
I had found it with the help of the lamp of Diogenes.
It is really an effect of your generosity and not of my merits.
Damascene Field
you therefore mix everything up so covertly
to cut off every further annoyance and quarrel, he consented to relinquish
honest testimony
Remedy must have a kinship and likeness
cause an extravasatum through the lung
which mixes with the chyle
seldom through defecating
the Scripture
the Apostles
serve in all cases of adverse happenings
a portrait
the renowned artist
difference posed an insurmountable obstacle
let these high nosed Scoffers Know
overcome the difficulty with humility, and become Victors
the latter with prided contend for lighter things and are overcome
these are the great Doctors, and wise Philosophers, and oftentimes the Expounders
Vain Ostentation! And foolish Ignorance of Man
fit to be banished
these are to be shunned more than poison
The ancient Philosophers out of a zealous Piety and Charity made light accomp of this Operation
abounds with it
you see the Manuductions to this practice
as he confuses in his Codicil and Testament
whose Superficies are of a green and livid colour, as the signs of a sick and languishing
For the Ancient and Modern Philosophers were as void of Charity as they were abounding in
the Spiritual Humidity will resolve the Earthy Siccity
a durable Matrimony
which savour of the nature of Fountain Water
puddle the water
not common ravenous culinary Fire
it is a rude, vile, abject, and undigested Mass
Our Body must be environed
Fire burns the Heterogeneous fetid and viscid parts, full of life, and so attenuates them
where if they are detained
Companion it be carried aloft
the chief Error of these Smatterers in Chymistry is, that they falsely persuade themselves
Men Elected by God.
That it be the place of residence
they have excogitated concerning it
the Almighty did grant and ordain means for performing of the same
do not meddle with them
their quibbles be guarded against
this is an infallible token of approaching Felicity
lead you from one Labyrinth into another, and still they write the Truth, but intermix it with
Where they speak too openly, there is Deception, but where they write enigmatically, there lays
concealed the Truth.
I knew his former Indigence
we cordially wish to all
the Sponsal Ligament of it cannot be actually performed, and when the Ferment is predominant
over the Elixir, all will be presently turned into dust.
Prodigy of Nature
Infallible Ways
who are rioting in extravagance
to banish them out of the earth
who are spurious
have an undoubted criterion
as writing by hearsay only
Eunuchs, because their genitals are cut off
some violence maimed or cut off
abolishes by his piercing power
There the same was erected as a monument for mortals.
he spews up again
So the husbandman do plough up first, then mattocks and afterwards harrow their green sward or
untilled lands and beat every clod asunder.
in the art of tillage or husbandry
the stones and thistles which lie separated from the matrix
a manual operation as volution or ejection
to generation by their incumbrance and abode in place
a judicious and discerning knowledge
for the separation of subtile delitiscent impurities
a frequent and wearisome attrition
very reason provident Nature does
the salt in it attenuated and rendered fit
that is within its own order or latitude
The virtues and propension of every seed
This undeserved malignity I suffer under
do defame my studies
any extraneous substance or ingredient
obstructing, discordant impurities,
transplantation and incision
expel and exterminate all the enemies
God never imparts it to any fraudulent Montebanks, nor to tyrants, nor to any impure, lazy
envious persons, nor to the effeminate and idle, nor to gluttons, nor usurers, nor to any
worshippers of Mammon: But in all Ages, the pious, the charitable, the liberal, the meek, the
patient, and indefatigable spirit, who was a diligent observer and admirer of his works, found it
Light of Nature has its invincible grounds
right and infallible cure of all diseases
you have cheerfully conferred upon me
I must entreat you to accept of this small Renumeration with your usual good will and benignity
obstructing, discordant impurities
pining with an insatiable hunger after Gold, do by most covetous
these lewd contenders and their verbosity
Medicines as will innoxiously and faithfully cure all diseases
to defend me from the calumnies and envy of the malicious
their general envy and opposition
entangling themselves and too credulous posterity in an inextricable Labyrinth of quarrels and
by this ridiculous continued feud
to refute and demolish the airy castle
each of them arrogating a kind of infallibility to his own Chimera’s or monstrous conceits
they only dispute and wrangle about Nature
cover them with the cloak of vigor
which might prejudice the tincture
It is the water of our sea, the philosophers sail on it prosperously, but the bellows blowers and
alchemists are shipwrecked there.
It is Nature's prerogative to make the first determination in the kingdoms
one must have a good ratiocination.
They will be like the poor strollers [or gypsies]
the wonderful perogatives of Nature
Of a thousand students, very few sound the bottom.
In these punctilios we soon see their end
as you see in rennet a drop of curdled milk shall convert an ocean of milk into true rennet
several imbeciles take their words literally
The last one needs a fixed agglutinate
the digestion according to their rudiments
without destroying the whole edifice
the bragging of all deceitful people
it takes its nourishment from this plenteous fountain
they lose and relinquish this potency
after twenty paces caught sight of some hermitages
He greeted me warmly.
they were only invented for the purpose of confounding the vulgar
Whenever you meet with a book full of these strange and outlandish terms and names
Whoever does not observe this my mandate, let his name be blotted out from the Book of Life.
the number of such names is legion
except to save it from penury and ruin
keep the secret from all greedy and nefarious persons
he gives liberally, and without upbraiding.
May this prayer be granted by Him who is enthroned on High
his mind, would move the most inveterate sinner to repentance
he should in person conduct a Crusade against me
A Tetrastich On This Work by me
It has more snares than the Chymistry.
I certainly believe he would call me a boaster, clown
Therefore God would watch over all pious hearts
they also become great bunglers
All impoverished and vulgar merchants ad tradesmen
they fall ever deeper into poverty as well as great infirmity
not only ennoble and increase it
which through its swift, even flying ebb and flood
Therefore, if you meditate with yourself in seriousness in your Oratory
Judicious Juice
beseech Almighty God
I found more elucidations here
comforting exhortations
Faithfully Written down at the Request and Petition
I fled and trembled from the fear
consecrated by necessity
which regulates the cessation
the removal and restitution of bodily nature
from poverty and straits to a free and ample fortune
banishes sorrow
Grace of consolation. Is deferred while sin hath domination.
I am a father of enchantments
your Majestie's accustomed clemency and prudent consideration
if better leisure had served
the green fruit of this my months travail
Majesty long life with prosperous reign
If they be talked withall touching the matter of the stone
Another infallible rule
The deluders always make it a matter of great cost
Indeed, deceivers are rife.
whom there is such contrarities and disseverance in nature
Insomuch that you shall feel your self surfeited with an inestimable knowledge of all things
hereunto annexed with a right censure of judgment
who produced this Manuscript, by his patronage
The Splendor Solis, apart from its magnificent Pictures of indubitable artistic merit, is the best of
those Alchemical compositions.
with the all but forgotten DOMINIE Sampson: ‘PRODIGIOUS!’ and pass on, hopin
tapped me on the shoulder
a weekly wage of two crowns
It was an Institution for destitute strangers
The Rector told me of a Hospital
there we got sumptuous food
he was haggling with the merchant
when used as a salve.
the stinking earth wins golden scintillations
neglecting to vote, was elected.
Just give me an intimation of one of the leading ingredients.
he could by no means have been thrust down to the infernals.
here a separation is made of the grime from the soul
nothing more foul than falsehood and deceit.
mediocre heat
This fire is the epitome and abridgement of the Work in its entirety
For the superfluous, unclean, foul, scurvy, miry
This much I had in mind to say, and admonish the prudent.
Take it, bruise it, and bring it down diligently by natural contrition.
Alchymist’s Enchiridion
Here ends the Chymical Axioms though we have omitted various things, to hinder Prolixity.
The Qualities of the Sulphur are commixed by Digression with this Argent-vive
Then is the true Sublimation of the Philosophers expedited.
Mercury or Hermes has always been regarded as the progenitor and teacher of the alchemists.
The industrial question is voluntarily put aside from my thoughts, for my only object is the
search for pure scientific truth.
the Emperor had reason to repent of his avarice.
dexterity recreate the apparatus described.
I'm just posting this for posterity
we still have a system of lords and vassals.
there is an elite club
"it would be wise to not believe but also un-wise to dis-believe."
this doesn't negate the fact that what you've revealed above is the source code for Our Work.
a looped mind to be a major impediment in The Work
Would it also be possible to stop this incessant bickering and nit picking of each other's post?
Please feel free to muddle and alter more things
all of our intentions interact with each other and battle each other for precedence on the playing
field of life.
It doesn't converge coherently (infinity in motion)
which I clung to so selfishly
banana peel
Take a CD with smudges and minor scratches.
This reminds me of the fable with the fox who had an appetite for grapes but couldn't jump high
enough to reach them, so it decided they were sour.
The fact that you aren't tall enough to reach the grapes doesn't mean they're sour. It just means
you can't rise high enough to find out by yourself :rolleyes:.

Like a child craving for the candy on that top shelf... He can cry and demand until some
immature adult gives in, or he can grab a chair, climb on it and get the candy himself. Of course,
he may fall off the chair a few times, but when he finally succeeds, the candy will taste SO
who had an appetite for grapes
they start calling names and jumping to conclusions without a parachute.
by stirring up some prevailing paradigms
if you folded a nice sheet of ledger paper several times
All have made up fictional lineages
All very discreet and not open.
Understand all the seemingly arcane words and phrases which have been spun out by the
weaving spiders over time.
Can you be any more cryptic?
It is only the alignment of certain events that make me say this.
Generally assumed democratic principles do not apply.
I'm glad there are still people who can vouch for ormus.
If we really want to make the world a better place, it doesn't hurt to have some moola.
It's in your blood ! That makes also the difference. 'Family karma'.
I'm of hispanic descent
If you're already in the gold biz you might be covered Otherwise sell it at pawn shops.
To long has man wallowed in the darkness, and lived as slaves to those in the know and those in
I believe it is my destiny to help usher in a new world of peace and light.
These risks could be triggered because, when all these things are so common, speaking out loud
and uncypher of that could be a habitude.
I wish I were fluent in French...
"Not much happens without any reason."
The Novelty of this Preamble having much suprised the Auditory
I am a member of Nick's conclave
All I see is a blur. can you post a good picture
omniscient, omnipotent
The astral is not the ultimate in any schema
we need to take in all the facts and then render our verdict.
especially with my excessive scientific baggage
I moved my question - my renovated question
Clearly, meteorites the size of these large boulders would explode into tiny fragments on, and
also leave a substantial crater.
Our monarchs still sit on
so it is not so unusual that after the advent of the telescope this practice fell largely out of
these stones were not worshiped for anything alchemical or archetypal
venerated by the ancient cults
The faithful attribute this change in colour to the belief that the stone absorbs the sins of the
As any non-moslem in the temple would be slain on sight, and photography is generally
prohibited, this stone is shrouded is mystery.
pilgrimage to Mecca
covered by an elaborately embroidered black drape
now by far the most revered
this then brings us back to our contingency of spirits
Do you not see that with man and with animals fecundation and generation take place
I adroitly decanted the liquid
They are the true instigators of all the physical metamorphoses
This is the true practitioner's response to allegations purely gratuitous pontificating idiots who
have never laid hands away from the pen to work in tight
I wish those of you would stop believing that they are victims of some petty tyrant or personal
hence it has no real atoms tethering it to this world
where much of what has been previously proffered
It's very easy to undermine a post or poster with some choice words
rejected as a foundation stone thrown out on the open path and trampled on
I took your stance quite advidly in the intrepretation of alchemy till the bitter end
no matter how fringe and innovative the science
poltergeists, ghosts, fakirs and tibetan monks levitating stones
Stop before you jump on a word and start pummelling it with your preconceptions
like a lack of imagination relagates it to
the heathens
oblivious of this fact
it is very difficult to overcome this valorous captain
wherefrom he gets his magnanimity and great courage.
its domicile has been consumed by fire.
No seat or refuge appears to it or is left to it.
since ravenous Saturn cannot take anything from it
the agglomeration of this spirit into a coherent, tenacious and refractory envelope, capable of
coating it, impregnating all its parts and quaranteeing it an efficacious protection.
instigate change from one metal to the other
they want so wise, is to prevent the abuses that the desecration of this science
some ingenious process of your own invention
This phenomenon is due to take effect and go farther than the rhetoric
the alleged wise men do not dare to approach, for fear of revealing their turpitude.
as we can glean from this excerpt
only mimicked other writers
I don't disagree with your dissertation at all.
tarried there all night
His winnowing fork is in his hand
We must therefore consider the several analogies and similitudes of things
not to deceive the simple but to hide it from the ranting, ill disposed crew.
not that of common water, but almost, as it were, pluvial.
I was considering the etymological relation between pyr-ite and pyr-amid.
I know from an incident that would take too long to narrate
omnidirectional vectors
divisive, disintegrative
I believe they mentioned the results were spooky.
they later "determined" that it was a fluke.
The Philosopher's Stone supplements our own ever dwindling supply.
"It was ever a sign of stupidity to depreciate something one does not understand."
As long as it is giving off snippets of info
When living out West I had two lively encounters with rattlesnakes
after a minute or so of tete a tete, to pin its head with a Staff.
large loaves of bread.
There were a great many things discovered by them, from mathematical conundrums to chemical
Your mind is unwittingly serving as the host/shell for a viral meme.
According to the logic of viral replication, our rational/critical faculties must first be bludgeoned
into capitulation by a steady stream of quotes from the "sacred" texts and their sanctioned,
supportive commentaries
the relief that accompanies the sense of being absolved from having to further grapple, in
individual dialectic, with the ambiguity, paradoxes, complexities, and multiple frontiers of life
since your status, trajectory, and responsibility as an individual does matter
the better part of you will eventually prod you onward.
I have an aversion to the use of dew. I've denounced it a number of times!
I've also taken a lot of flak for the denounce of it.
While I do like the hoarding of knowledge, and understanding.
I've only skimmed through it.
until you and Fulcanelli shook up my world
A lot of my peers like to scold me for this
through the grace of God a certain degree of serenity has passed over me
Let everything reach its predestined terminus.
let them then wither
his entrance appears in his sound and splendour
it is a congregating water
the fugitive servant accidental Mercury eating the Sun
the person is compelled to act out destructively
by means of the artist’s long and resolute patience.
It dwells in a great mountain which is encompassed by many flames.
goeth into perdition.
always with a predominant
'shift gears'
it was totally electrocuted on the moment
I am fallible and need a prod now
We have been circulating ideas and have not, as yet, formed a consensus.
I found the process to be extensive and powerfully cathartic and clearing.
which cannot be tainted
all this long posts are pretty heaps of nonsenses
The metaphor is 'Temple Dogs" who will growl and bark at you as you 'back in' to yourself (the
Temple of Self).
To allow our sanity to slip away into chaos, only to realise what we've
called sanity is insane...
the '1' has just been cleaved into multifarious parts
then the illusory barriers between self and everything disintegrate.
I had just woken up from a nap
It is in a ritual context to invoke the planetary flux.
I began the process in late spring and finally decided to check the progress after the equinox.
I felt very out of it and quite giddy.
it is also prolific in animals
No line on the horizon
I apologize if I moved you out of your comfort zone, or unsettled you unduly.
its so twisted a way of rehashing those things I did say
therefore anything goes is disingenuous and dissembling.
It's only an error in hindsight.
By saying that syntax or view is useful is simply my generosity or compassion.
I did four rounds before i got sidetracked with other things.
This is slander.
I never got in an altercation with him.
Belief MAY serve as a precursor to KNOWING, but not as a substitute.
It is a universal law you know: give in order to receive; do unto others as you would have them
do unto you.
To construe these words rightly
This requires constancy and patience.
however the term 'nitrous' appears vauge and arbitrary.
We just don't want it to become a political campaign against Weidner.
I would, however, refrain from telling people how much smarter than them you are.
this topic will be scrutinized
Sure, those images are great, but it's the ones you don't see. Just be careful, not all is as it seems,
and not all the bad are good & good are bad.
You beat me to it in a round about manner.
thus the paradox that differs it 180 degrees from normal water
if we listen to modern scientific dogma
chaos is used wrongly in all connotations
it is very easy to deduce from these clues , one the anagram KAOS
A very good synopsis of this method was given there
Reaction leading it to the methesis of the Compounds
Thank you I'm indebted to you.
a path that very few conquer in the millions
Should one align one's self with a particular path ignoring all others?
I am a jack of all but master of none.
Reading and reading I get snippets of realisation then read on to find contradiction.
Something inside makes a sound I presumed
afterwards you have deluge
Please don't turn this thread into a chit-chat spam-thread by posting nonsense.
the canonical preparation of the "secret fire".
I would think that if a substance was devoid of S.M. that it would make that substance a perfect
candidate as a magnet to draw the spirit.
Then by your own admission your logic becomes flawed
I am either a moron or trying to lead people astray
I apologize for any disruptions
all I keep hearing is what if? what if? Its like having a discussion with an irrational child who
keeps saying what if.
it is a fools path for a fools errand, designed by God to lead all those who lust for gold away
from the right road
I think just about everyone no matter how faithful or skeptical would have to concede that quartz
crystal is a pretty amazing substance.
Native peoples have also venerated it because when you bang or rub quartz crystals together they
will give off light.
This is already inpartial agreement
They don't mention horse poop
Looking at the mantle and watching it morph into the crust
if you had a flavored popsicle and you sucked all the flavor out and the popsicle was just white
ice - the juice is the basalt.
Leon Sprink seems to have demonstrated the veracity of this already with his experiments.
light which is everywhere, ubiquitous
the silver emulsion is affected by the light
you are simply arbitrarily trying to push a particular perspective here to emphasise the paradox
of light versus darkness
In the final analysis, he was a spagyrist confined to the mineral realm and who voluntarily
neglected animal quintessences and vegetable alkaloids.
have pretended that the greatest operatory artifice consists in capturing a solar ray
what really is the light if not darkness wound up to the point of incandensence?
people put the emphasis on the wrong place.
It seems a deviation to me.
I knew that if we dangled the worm long enough that the fish wouldn't be able to resist taking a
I really loathe to get bogged down in a lengthy argument when clearly you have already made up
your own mind, I have no reason to convince you otherwise.
they are not prevalent enough to be true matrices.
gold be a magnet for the Quartz, as found in the mine seams
if you've already cracked them, feel free to beat me to the punch
I'm pretty stunned that you can clearly see the peacocks tail connection.
a hunk of gold from lead
pigs are often found wallowing in their own excretion...Perhaps the quartz is the defecation of
A monument now marks the place of the discovery
It was rumored at the time that the nugget was exposed in a rut made by a digger's cart
It was resting upon red clay, rubbly rock and quartz
I can not believe that they were charlatans or impostors.
Which is of course why I am doing this, if I knew the actual starting substance for a fact, I would
probably not be so bold.
so openly and in a public arena.
sharing is awesome or impressive
he was put-out with the communities, and was going to try his hand at being a hermit.
you are so generous person
when some of his fellows hauled gold bars in an armored van and they open the vehicle to
disembark the commodities turned out to become volume of black mud.
this is an extra-curricular activity
this is the biggest obstacle that stops people from being successful
they all seem absurd
what I love is how all the smug bastards who think they are such learned men will never even try
I'm skeptical of one ounce of mercury to saturate the insulating sulfur for conduction.
Why strangle himself in such an unusual manner?
The operation to help him with his back pain did not aleviate the pain
So he says bluntly that he is tricking greedy people to get involved in alchemy
as you insinuate
is there an easy way to notch a hole on the rim
I will be highly obliged if you can tell me this,,,
But I love your attitude, that's the right mindset to have, that's why I put my work out there, so
that someone can improve upon it, that is how evolution of thought and advances proceed.
I wasn't aware that there were others here that were already conversant
with this technology
the waves propagate at right angles and impinge upon metals
submerge it in water
the discussion of the principles of flight in the text were largely perfunctory and incorrect
I hope that was not complete gibberish
Tesla coils mainly shoot fractal chaotic streamers out into space
You cannot refute the multitudes of people
It appears to be leaning towards fiction at the moment.
I posit the fool would be the one who throws it away.
the gold seed is being refracted by the crystal lattice
Mostly because at one point the flask has to be broken to reveal a hollow abcess in the center
sounds like the kinda project that id hook up, and by the end of the day the back acre would be a
nice sizable crater.
the universe will reward your prudence with abundance
it is these qualities that makes their levitation possible
who carved mammoth stones of limestone
i leave you to your tinkering
the ONE THING manifiest it self in a myriad of different forms
I think we are saying the samething but with different semantics
the Universal Spirit, which permeates EVERYTHING
so all things owe their birth to that which they are like
it also contains a great truth for those able to discern
and appear from the outset as impossible because of linguistic misunderstandings
Dr. Kerckring proved in his medical practice that much of the suffering of mankind can be
alleviated by antimony.
the modern researcher was not able to fathom the true meaning of the original concepts
Contemporary research has established the fact that to unravel some of the alchemistical jargon
requires a deep insight into the thought-world of the former alchemists
There is actually a tree which is also known by the name Chinaberry of astounding phonetic
similarity to Cinnabar...
So in order to garner your respect that means that I should remain silent? So be it
See..... this is a common human trait
if it is the wrong stuff?/and its a poison this perplexes me:confused
tartar emetic
So prudence here bears that I should hold my tongue
I would like know, how to atone this
in which the sap is taken, V.I.T.R.I.O.L., is the acronym descriptive of this
a word that was descriptive of the actual materia prima and was perverted a bit to sound like the
By the way you're awful new here to be telling us what this site should or shouldn't be about
we don't plagurize, period cause it would be quite embarassing that someone has maybe read
what we are plagurizing, no?
this could be considered a type of copyright infringement, right?
There is not need for this type of assault
I always use "we" as "I", dont like "I", am a more impersonal being.
are you simply using the majestic plural
The Philosopher's Stone is not a myth but a real and physical thing.
I must state that I subscribe to the dogma of the Hermetic Qabalah.
I could be barking up the wrong tree with these meanderings though.
The effect of capturing the secret fire should coincide with the salts ability to rapidly absorb
moisture from the air
I believe an oracle at Delphi was asked a question about who/what entails a philosopher.
any scum which arises must be removed by ladles
When the glass is perfectly melted, the glass-blowers commence their operations.
After sifting out the coarse parts, the proper proportions of silex and flux are mixed together
white sand is most in repute at present
while mere washing in water is sufficient
its as deranged as saying those words
An man is alive in earthquake rubble.
It's also something else to consider when brainstorming about metallic sulphurs.
I'm having a difficult time recalling the thread it's from. Ah, it's this thread
Nature follows natural laws, and not dogmatic artificial perceived laws.
Indeed, it seems to be a subject ripe for nitpicking for all artists.
culminate in a black tar-like substance.
I'm not really trying to goad you, but just mentioning some things that might be useful to you.
The words of another can be so easily discarded, but proof gained via experimentation is
It packs a punch.
I've basically just stopped calling myself an alchemist, partly out of spite
I'll retract the statement since I know very well how it feels.
I'm not saying these things to provoke any single person.
Just trying to shed light on this hobnobbery.
It's been bugging me for a while.
the body stays behind as an inert dead material.
whereas many humans couldn't help but divide nature until it forms a nice little neat pile of
I've really never been considered an alchemist by most of my peers.
Heck, they'll even start throwing the words of our former brethren at you as if it's some sort of
I'm curious what is the reserved territory for the true alchemical work?
Nature follows natural laws, and not dogmatic artificial perceived laws
I'm impatient
I'm tempted to try that.
You'll need all the help you can get with that hospital bill looming.
We're venturing into high spagyrics here if I understand correctly.
I think that dissolution is a legitimate alchemical concept though- both metaphorically and
I enjoy having my conceptual view challenged, or better yet annihilated. I really do-I'm not be
I went off on a slight tangent!
he realizes the concord, unity, and perfection
Remember that the ram is the image of the water of the sages, just as the solar disk, with or
without the uraeus
This god, to whom the ram was sacrificed, had a colossal temple in Thebes (Karnak); one
entered it by following an avenue lined with crouching rams.
the seal that reveals to man the intrinsic virtues of the prime philosophical substance through
certain superficial lineaments.
Though vague in the descriptions
The divergence which is interesting are the metals dissolved in "strong vegetable alkali
this guy is a complete hack and a half.
Hi, no no, I wasn't fussing at you. Don't worry. It was a general rant.
this is the consequences of what I spew forth.
there are lots of things they can do without in the interim to keep them occupied(regardless of
your alchemical goals or leaning).
I'm not too sure what your fuss is about.
Saturn eats his progeny.
these lofty goals will also breed shadows
That's why it's necessary to become a hermit for the most part. Also, do not throw pearls before
swine: they will mock you, and this will fuel your darkness.
allows us to see through the delusions cast forth by the false notions that skew forth from the ego
you'll never be able to gain a complete unified theory of everything without blending all forms of
some has been hidden, subterfuged
Adds wood to the fire, and prepares to stoke it
Yeah, I just woke up, and I bite even harder when I haven't had any caffeine in my system.
I recommend buying the proper gear.
go puff away with that castration - let's see how far that gets you
You'll only experience more toil than is necessary trying to half-ass it with inane equipment such
a jars, pots/pans
Basically, you need to read until your eyes bleed, or until your brain turns to mush
Yep, fiction can be fun, but it really causes a lapse in judgement when trying to understand
your dedication at your age is a rare privilege. expect most of the people to look at you as a fool,
so your mother's opinion is not so uncommon.
I am 13 please don't discriminate against my age it's happened before
Well, this is a sweeping statement
Alchemists generally scoff at those that carry out this kind of work
as if it's something to be disdained.
I see no reason why anyone should disdain the experiment itself.
Are you willing to elaborate on what this liquid is?
The crap he's trying to pawn off
Too many people out there like to hold their tongue & keep their silence all in hopes of
preventing schisms from occurring, and to keep "the peace." Unfortunately, what these
individuals do not realize is that the said peace they're trying to keep is only an illusion of their
misguided notions. It's like those passive aggressives out there. Don't keep it bottled inside. Let it
out. Repression is the fertile soil upon with all sorts of maladies take root. It's worse to repress
the ego when it is clearly not ready to be calcined than it is to let the ego flow forth.
I like how you think - my view on this is the exact same. You often read in the newspapers about
a severe mugging with many bystanders watching, all unwilling to get "involved" and help the
victim. Chivalry is dead and "political correctness" is the new evil. It's another excuse for "lack
of commitment". So many feel that someone else will always be there to look after them or do
the dirty work. Being gentle is a good trait, but there is always a time and a place where one has
to put that aside and get involved.
I find these individuals to be much worse than those with egos. Sorry, going a bit off topic here.
They represent the two extremes. Yeah, I guess we are drifting a little, but it does seem to apply
to how forums work. You have the super egotists who like to bully the novices, and the lurkers
who don't like to get involved, and expect the participants to do all the research, thinking and
work for them. That's human nature.
I suppose they were seeking some type of recognition, or fame for their achievements.
this is the reason why the Templars were so brutally extinguished by the evilness that is the RCC.
Any wise individual would cringe at the thought of this.
I understand that it was likely faked to dramatize the story.
I was taken advantage of by egotists when I was still naive
It's like someone very gentle being taken advantage of by a bully.
we had a number of new members that started quabbles with me about this lunatic
I didn't mean that as a prod, or goad to prevent you from speaking about him.
I suspect that he started out seriously, but then deluded himself
who would be part of his clinetelle.
with all the strife he receives
he'd try to find new ways to exploit neophytes.
We always need to have discretion when verifying such claims. Proof is key.
I'm afraid most think he's just delusional, and nothing more
He's become the exiled one of the alchemy community
they are all thriving
you are tied into a predetermined, or biased way of thinking.
vlaues may have deteriorated over time
it intersects with the Masonic lore
these matters are bound to the same vow
upon the pain of a very brutal death
Adept would use his Elixir with utmost discretion
Many of our former brethren have died seeking the Stone. They've toiled until old age
to drastically change one's way of looking at things
they become blinded to the devious machinations of the human Ego
Alchemists with the Stone should not require compensation of any sort.
While he does sell his product to the gullible
He has basically deserted his followers over the past few months
i am researching a little bit all illegal possibilities of his deed and they are numeruos this time.
that is what i see in it. Filth
the Sun can't discard its body
He has a disclaimer so I'm not sure how it would go.
I think the process doesn't have many hopes to be economic viable.
It might be anathema to state a detailed method out in the open.
I'm a little skeptical I suppose.
contain psychoactive substances such as phenethylamine and DMT.
the allusions that Maria makes in regard to the two gums
Australia has several indigenous plants
this the substance needed to activate it to open up portals
with the exception of maybe one or two
I have personally succeeded in transfering the vital, life energies
How do fur bearing animals shed coats in the spring, and get thicker ones in the fall, all in
preparation for the coming season
How does movement of sap take place in the absence of transpiring leaves
I think the same goes for the deciduous trees
when we physically die (departure).
We have to consider that there are actual energies coming from the constellations
that impregnate our matter in fortuitous ways.
it would spring the refulgent and glorious envelope in which the Spirit-Soul (Ka) would take it's
sheds tears
which are so evident here that they surely must seem as the highest Wisdom to those espousing
them), emptying the vessel of briars and poison metallic mercuries (those that cling to the teeth
of the frail and deranged), elevating the Artist to that Point of perception which unifies and
transmutes all into the Irreducible, the Veritable Atom, place of beginnings at the same time place
of departure, Hele the Root.
freeing one from the incessant need for mental masturbations
it cast aside the vain and vile lesser works, if you seek the Truth
Aside from the apparent proximity
the heat it gives off, coupled with the tilt of earth's axis
which converses passes through a "dead zone" that causes dormancy and decay
While allowing others coupled with incidence angle of sunlight
I am sure as every one knows, the orbit of the earth around the sun is not circular but highly
elliptical but also eccentric, otherwise summer and winter, the two apparent solsitces would be
identical in nature, and they are not this being due to the eccentric nature of earth's elliptical
orbit, the same goes for the two equinoxes.
i would wager that it is due to the cyclical temperature change
I thought it impolite that you would comment in his stead to a question I posed to him, but
anyways the impoliteness and arrogance seems to be your nature.
Both now deceased.
Nope, I didn't contact him
your mileage may vary
I had inadvertently created a form of gold in the solution that would not precipitate using
conventional methods
your momentary state of blindness clears
this will force carrier particles to re-constitute the metallic lattice
It is utterly non-reactive
I will not dispute this claim
This statement will get everybody in an uproar!
I decided to dump it down the drain
The little bubbles are trying to rise but are caught in the snot and so stretch it.
this clear oil fits the bill from so many vantage points as the mercury of the philosophers
who knows what great discoveries may be flowing down to the sewer
what I have here could be a step closer to what is sought or a leap in the wrong
direction. It has all been carried out by curiosity and happenstance.
white needles after they were painstakingly picked out with a pair of tweezers
They seem to have clumped together
I would be bankrupt in a week if I started.
I prodded it with my finger
This was siphoned off regularly
Those Principles which are mostly common & incoherent need to be separated, purified and
skillfully recombined by Art
they appear in diverse forms and must be discerned from a higher perspective.
that was mined with pick and shovel
its like badly prepared pap or like a mealy dough
the Earth's surface eruptions, forming hill and dale
grapes are too meagre and dry which has not received enough moisture
a moist gur which lies between the rocks and the earth like meat interlarded with bacon
there would be a liquor spurt forth bright and shining
i find a white powder under large rock outcroppings
If this thread becomes dominated by posts about - say the white matter - I'll
collect them and make a thread of its own.
One can catch hold of this splendid Matter everywhere
the Wateriness may lose its Dominion
this unctuous moisture
it will get us a step closer to decyphering the puzzle.
metallic ores in a vug
it can be scavenged
It looks rather ghostly and has a sprite like appearance.
Speaking of liquid ozzing from mountains, I find it appropriate to share these pictures at this
time. They are from a gold mine on the island where I live. The shaft goes back about 130 feet
and you have hunch down to get through the entrance, but once inside you can stand up in it. The
mine is right above high tide on the sheer side of a cliff, that rises about 800-1000 feet above.
a small falling stream of water from a faucet
Thanks Leo, for the really comprehensive reply.
Thank you both for your amazing contributions to the Work, and your enlightened flashes of
encouragement to the apprentice.
i was vigiling a movie in theater
the entire cycle of any expressed idea is voided in its completion
Chaplin's postulates that water clathrates can hold various gas atoms.
he perhaps met the Alchemical Tradition or its Custodians, maybe
This is not hearsay.
in agony
He died “disappeared” or “departed"
He was an aristocrat
He had a strange, eccentric appearance
He had a dignified, noble face with a beautiful smile
It is possible that he died in the vicinity of Paris
the Egyptian monuments made through the intelligence of the heart
I presume you have something
He just usurped his identity after Fulcanelli has disappeared
I am mightily biased by him
His integrity is much greater
I truly believe that your posts were less sarcastic and less overwhelmingly cryptic
His speech was barely intelligible.
you are not necessarily deteriorating the effects of the stone
its strictly prohibited
its may result in criminal liability
man will be raised to levels far beyond these petty concerns
putting myself up on a pedestal above the ones
those that have it hoard it
That includes all your esteemed adepts you take to be so holy
As well as curing any diseases or ailments that might doom such endeavours from the beginning
or along the way.
its is by no means just a venture to make myself financially secure
I found that an overwhelming majority responded with the same answer as me
how can the human race sustain another 100 years?
Logic and reason are my swords and I seek to cut away ages upon ages of deceit and infidelity to
I don't feel obliged to keep them secret
Be careful that you do not become one of his minions.
to help free mankind from the snares of deception laid by Satanas, the Adversary
True evil is the antithesis of truth and light
But they write without logic and reason and with this perversion of rationality in hand they
present quote after quote trying to force the written word to conform to their dogmas
whom they themselves initiate with much nostalgia and prestige and so the deception begins in
guise of illumination
I realize this is a rather opaque way of speaking
Happenstance turns. The matter approaches ripeness. Decay inevitably follows the peak of
Navigators use the spice melange
Which, "gives those who ingest it extended life and some a prescient awareness."
I believe is the synchonicity of ones thoughts with those of others, in that we are being lead to
something through a common mind
there is no such thing as coincidence, everything happens for a reason
I am not a believer of weaves ones own destiny...
Was I preordained to say that?
I hope this leads someone closer rather than further astray.
so long as your focus is merely on chemistry or physics you miss the mark
If you have to journey far in physical terms, you seek erroneously, although there are certainly
places where this ore is more abundant, and places where it is quite scarce.
The ancients said that it is "set up for the ruin of the many, and the salvation of the few."
That is all I will devulge about the process
It was an improvise version of the GW method
feed to the seeds to give them sustenance
I admire very much Dr. Nikola Tesla
a point where it will no longer be discernable as its former self
I am being too vague in my question
The Master assembles the Mercurius into one singular example without any renegade droplets....
all is one.
the apprentice alchemist will eventually notice
With your kind indulgences please allow for an interpretation of 'philosophical mercury'
we must know differentiate the "intent" of words and concepts from teachers to interpret them
the result (intuitions/realizations/insights) is astounding.
Hehehe, that's hilarious!
Philosophical Mercury is used to make the confection of the Stone
it conveys additional information to the masters of the craft
water is flowing from the faucet
before distillation it smells like puke
the leaf peels off the paper
I wield the lovely ban hammer.
I 'll try to disentangle this
The whole issue requires its own thread with the accompanying experiments, but I just mention it
here for imagination triggering purposes.
we have to bring about the latent evolutionary changes within matter
This is a good thread regardless of my odd ramblings
And the longing/desire to unite with this Universal Energy, even to the degree of making it
TANGIBLE in the world of Matter
Many pioneers who where NOT practical Alchemists communed with this energy
Many geniuses/explorers of the unknown and of the unseen (to most) are often of the more
'introvert' type...
We know that people are inquisitive
Glauber is often eccentric about his discoveries, but maybe he's also leaving out
some details for the layman.
I'll do my best to accommodate..
I had been working with that seemed to involve aliens and an attempted abduction, which was
both exciting and fear inducing.
i was perfectly sane
Thank you very much for your testimonies, it's very interesting.
Ascertain that this endeavour is solely an act of fervent love and foolish mercy, and it is such
because I love all who seek after my father's work; I will employ the sum of my intellect to
render the working of mortality plain unto the wise. Young and beloved brothers and sisters I
proclaim to you that unless you heed these idle and beguiling words... you will never obtain what
so many seek. Fret not at my language for soon you will ascertain the reasoning, if not already. I
will labour to slay inanity and shew the most elementary and most president study of our art.
Heed all who have ears, that I will not waste breath but give unto you an exact parable of what I
have done with my own hands. Ascertain this, that I only speak of my own labours. Ascertain
this, that unless a man be born of water... and of FIRE you will never see the kingdom of God the
father God the Son and God the Holy spirit Amen Amen Amen.
My Bride
She is beautiful beyond all other things... for she knows only her father's works, and she is the
mother of his only son, who also is her mother. With wind she takes the moisture of water and
wets the earth; then fire warms that foul thing and accrues life. Air
and water must first be join as the clouds that distils rain, then can fire and earth merge into one
What is most important is the template, if I can call it that.
Grasp that and you can create your own path because of your understanding of Nature.
I hope that other will learn a lesson from this and not to clinge on other peoples work without
any concrete proof and their own experience.
I think it still led to a very worthwhile discussion, even though your prime point appears to have
been mostly disregarded.
Thank you very much for your well articulated clarification.
I can see why you regretted how your initial discovery and revelation of that discovery was
subsequently misinterpreted.
you can find some allusive references
it is not to be considered as the valid only one to the detriment of the other protocols
who wanted naively to give a different vision to look to provoke a reflection to some.
to keep a degree of ethical transparency
Thank you for saying this, as a newcomer, I was perplexed these separate camps.
Even though I am firmly entrenched in the classical one.
I don't wish to divulge what this menstrum is that is able to do this.
Nitric acid is a potent oxidant
I understand all physical lab work done in solitude
I confine my discussion to ideas and philosophy, not lab procedures
If someone has this book we can negotiate, I have several books to exchange.
Asherah functioned as a goddess and consort of Yahweh
around which is a trench possibly used for holding water
A tree, particulary the oak of the druids and alchemist
this knowledge which can be seen in what were technical innovations of the day
Sulfur can be used to collect those mercury remnants
the atmosphere in the room became stifling
So I decided to work using the hood of my kitchen as a ventilator for the nitrogen dioxide gas.
to mercury even though we used to poke it with our fingers as kids
I would not expect that the above process implies in any way that limestone is a precursor to
making the fabled philosophers stone.
Australian farmers rave about it, and liberally apply it to their soil
I can only reiterate from a previous post
the solution in the test tube was heated to ensure the complete expulsion of ammonia
Some tests were conducted on samples of the aqua regia to try to ascertain its composition
it tends to be much more sensitive to friction than to impact
the special burn effect of nitric acid will be greatly exaggerated by the acid mixture
There will inevitibly be some loses of nitrogen oxides
Conspicuous in this respect were the districts
He has emigrated since then, and now lives in Germany.
Thanks in anticipation of my answer
ts sensate qualities could certainly have elicited Awe and wonder
it could be contemplated from the perspective of alchemical theory
Chemical phenomena have been for me, in my childhood, events which evoked the primal
religious emotion
bombs and other wartime incendiary devices
On the other hand, one can marvel at the energy that is inherent in 1/2 liter of common urine
you see the alchemist kneeling in prayer before a luminous receiving flask
it made me feel nauseous after awhile
He claims that he is collaborating with the state
A final word of imperative caution
its living as opposed to processed commercially procured lime
He despite to have received the recipe wanted me to do the experiment
Those who want to dispute the maturation of metals have to repeat the experiment
I may affirm you
It's possible their technique was flawed for making the elixir of life.
The amount of fermentation time a wine spends in contact with grape skins is an important
determinant of its resveratrol content
If a there is a glut of diamonds on the market they depreciate in value.
without intake of calcium, calcareous egg shell are utterly oblivious to the constraints of the laws
of physics
Kervran initiated his fascination for science with the apparent enigma of eggshell
This treatise seems to have been plagiarized, it does draw from some reputable sources.
You cannot run without learning to crawl, then stagger, then walk, etc.
nothing is more dangerous than certitude in alchemy, always embrace the paradox in your vision,
because sometime you'll need to embrace both possibilities, and both are right
The Mercury is its tangible form
I suggest an exercise that is taking into account the most universal precepts of the old masters
When smashing them, the main problem would be with the sharpness of the shards/fragments
No bites? Need better bait I suppose.
I have always been a sceptic regarding the alchemical value of M-States.
a volcano erupted in my home country
Rationale for Water as the First Material Principle
i was musing about the equilibrium that eventuates between systems
Perhaps Thales believes that, as divine, water is permeated by mind or god
"Thales said that the mind in the universe is god, and the all is endowed with soul and is full of
spirits; and its divine moving power pervades the elementary water
Thales extrapolates from his experience of the centrality of water
He seems to conceive as heat as produced by water somehow
Thales postulates that water is the first material principle
it becomes a matter of conjecture
From Hippolytus' statement, it seems that Thales explains the emergence of all things as the
solidification of water to become the basic elements from which all things are then compounded;
when things revert to liquid form, however, they pass out of being. Somehow this process of
solidification and liquidification cases earthquakes, whirlwinds and the movement of the stars.
when things revert to liquid form
No one would think fit to include among these thinkers, because of the paltriness of his thought.
How did you connect the seam of the copper cones? Rivets?
The effects of the cone seem rather similar to the effects of analogous pyramid structures that I
have built.
The 60 degree cone shows up again rather spectacularly in the mutus liber.
this grinder can reduce any stones or any metal to impalpable powders
I've read place more emphasis on venus
I've uncovered something interesting pertaining to this thread.
Offense and defense. Aggressive and protective.
an alloy of different metals was of a certain relevance
if you catch my drift.
the idea of an inconspicuous thing
I made when contemplating the leopard spots
presents a dazzling appearance
bodies susceptible to evolve by fiery rotation
I strongly encourage you to browse the forums for a while to get the general vibe
I suppose tail-chasing is sometimes inevitable in the un-learning process
I believe that only a minority of alchemists out there know the truth
I'm just a somewhat annoying knowledge hoarder.
maybe its due to the magical metallic sulphur harnessing some sort a cold energy that
cancels/neutralized the heat
This meaning pertains to all kingdoms
The animated spirit takes on the cloak of varied meanings
I will also reiterate a very important point.
You know me: knowledge hoarder extraordinaire.
The Truth resounds loudly with this process to my intuition.
It is most important to remove an afflicted specimen from other minerals
Little is known about this detrimental condition.
This disintegration of marcasite in mineral collections is known as "pyrite decay"
But [since] her body is leprous and sick and affords no permanent substratum to the fixed
tincture, when the body perishes, the tincture perishes with it, unless it is joined to a fixed body,
in which it could elect its seat and dwelling in a stable and permanent fashion
I use edible gold flakes
one must gain experience by making first the plant stone (minor opus) before embarking to this
resources and time consuming process
we must redouble precaution and prudence in the application of fire
this vessel was destined for coction
the seal that reveals to man the intrinsic virtues of the prime philosophical substance
the adepts in alchemy are enabled to fill their veins with the veritable elixir of life
a great number of essences which are of inestimable value
Most of his contemporaries believed that he was guilty of a gross practical joke.
who promised to show the faculty of a university the Elixir of Life
relation between laboratory and lavatory is also interesting
I consider both as viable paths
will it be meager
as everything he touches and every
he embarks upon has the potential
do not fret
I say a special prayer, called the light invocation
sometimes we misinterpret things
By a kind of instinct, one feels it to be the home of spiritual existence
It permeates and controls and dominates all. It eludes the human senses and can only be
envisaged by the powers of the mind.
Science postulates that all matter is composed of atoms
all depend on the relative proportion of ethereal and ponderable matter of which they me
This primordial fluid or fabric of space pervades everything and all matter
I am not trying to bite
have largely expounded my concept and perception of the Universal Spirit/Common Mercury
throughout many posts
it seems to be erroneous
it doesn't 'pop in and out', but rather omnipresent on all levels of reality
although it does permeate all
It is this in which all matter partakes.
i especially concurs with some of these
which lies between the rocks and the earth like meat interlarded with bacon
the Word engendered a vapour, a mist or great smoke
which has become tangible in the form of water.
They are led astray in their researches, to the detriment of their good health and fortune.
people seem to despise the study of such a simple thing as natural generation
What constitutes the vital principle that causes them to change.
Thus the credulous world is imposed upon and cheated, while, instead of most noble remedies
(in name promised), adulterated trifles are produced, to the disparagement of art, and the scandal
and reproach of the professor's medicine."
it alleviates the bumping / micro-explosions
the spirit becomes tangible only through putrefaction
Here we got interesting connotations to glass coffins
Well, reportedly except the stench, but which is maybe not smellable
I was only exploring that avenue in an effort
but I went off on a totally different tangent than you it seems
I want to encourage you to joyfully persevere. Alchemy is real.
After a huge amount of reading and correlating very old texts
Governments might get nosy if they didn't have an income source on paper.
Wrong books searching for the secret of the Stone make seekers very gullible
luckily i was not near the boiling liquor that spewed out
this one took a minute before reacting, so it snuck up on me
they stabilize and then the sun wont hurt it
if you do, filtering it can salvage it
the vapor escaped quite viciously
It appears that no one has had any mishaps
The experiment is something stinky
I read that a dose of 19 grams is considered lethal
do not smell it otherwise you will end up with pulmonary damage
In this forum there are true erudits in chemistry, physics, metaphysics and Alchemy practices.
Do not feel intimidated by the talent
to avoid that they begin to realize that in fact, we are a pest –potentially at least
to avoid as far as possible to clog oneself unnecessarily in irrelevance.
As a novice in Alchemy, I have an enormous amount of questions
The resultant Iron, probably is due to the inadecuate coction of the matter
any steel will do with ample heat
I am helping to eliminate all the superstition behind alchemy...
Anyway It is not my intention to divulge my opinions, but to provoke thoughts and discussion
about this topic.
oh dear thats horrible to hear
I'm not very technically inclined
With Leo's gracious posts and some contemplating
I always rationalized it by saying
I would find small puddles on our land with minnows swimming in them.
creating a bit of a whiff
I conceived a method
When oak is incinerated its ash contains copious amounts of potassium salts in the form of
potassium carbonate. Potassium salts are one of the most hygroscopic salts available.
All of the philosophers have been reticent on this point of Collecting Water.
It all comes down to the simple and undisputable fact
Let everything reach its predestined terminus.
Some good points here. Let's also remember that quoting texts does not make one an alchemist,
any more than hovering over a piece of glassware does.
the sophists take occasion to persecute Mercury himself with various torments
All these erroneous ways should be avoided
he's not exactly reaching out to the science community to refute or prove his claims
I find that disconcerting
you demonstrate a lack of intimate aquaintance with this Universal Magnet
many other innumerable operations of artists
By a prudent increase of temperature, make it boil gently in a fixatory furnace
I urge you to go through all of them
It should acquaint you with my view on these things
Hopefully its not sacrilegious to resurrect this apparently dead thread.
You can find citations to either defend or contradict any possible statement.
As I stated elsewhere in this forum, to me the Great Work pertains to the mineral kingdom. The
idea that alchemical path starts from work in vegetal kingdom, than moves to mineral and finally
to animal, is a modern invention - as spiritual alchemy is- and don't find evidence in classical
I've pondered that question before.
I,d speculate the decomposing enzymes and bacteria work toward this end along with bodily
It is a cascade of processes that go through distinct phases.
Don't pawn it off on me.
take away the venomous indisposition of the Sulphur
It is a noble, safe and pious course we examine
But, even a dangerous metal can be tamed with ease, we just have to know how.
then forced through the water scrubber.
Here are some images for your scrutiny.
it could infact more then compensate for itself
I am atrocious at remembering abbreviations
what an adorable chick
it will blister the skin as well
Siphon the excess down and leave about one inch of water over the precipitate
Maybe one could get a cheaper one in the quicky mart
when this transition happens so you know
I presume that half of it was alcohol and half water.
this experiment is the result of a great intuition and knowledge
because your proface & ignorant you can,t deserve it
here you stand with all your lore fools to wiser than before
Adepts agree that Stone can prolonged life, but can not defy death.
dangling carrots when in reality they know it all to be false
others still stumble on his achievement by lack of knowledge of a simple sleight of hand
they are often envious
The secret was known only to masters of alchemy, who bequeathed their knowledge to their ...
Sorry for the broadness or tendency to tangent in the topic, but they were relatedto me.
it would give credence to the facts
still have trouble finding places to procure natural
I apologize for my grammatical mistakes in english language.
The sal ammoniac especially is able to elevate the higher, volatile parts of metals.
By which to delve deeper into the complex symbolism of the plates.
By inadvertently I forgot
Alchemy: Now, there is a sticky post defining Practical Alchemy that states the following:
"In short practical alchemy is about transmuting lead into gold, by heating and refining the metal
in various chemical processeses – and under certain astrological conditions."
Isn't this a bit restrictive? I mean, this is how the majority of (profane) people would define the
goal of an Alchemist - but why is this defined to Alchemy-educated people?
To me, Practical Alchemy is the science of producing the different types of Stone (White Stone -
or Philosopher's Stone - Green Stone and Red Stone).
I have had the chance to learn from an Alchemist how to produce the White Stone - and I can tell
you that I have not once put my hands on lead whatsoever.
Now I don't pretend to master the science of Alchemy - but I know that a restrictive definition
can bring unnecessary misleading boundaries...
Heck, it might also smell
kneading into balls with clay
There is still a quite acrid smell coming from the glass.
I smudged this out on my finger it looked dark purple
I was pretty much confined to distilling plant stuff - water and alcohol - in the kitchen.
I'm a little envious.
For Sweat you could put some wellys on. If it doesn't work at least you will have a good laugh
I just wanted to mention this tidbit.
I'm probably being annoying here
Tempting fate is my specialty.
I will take a look at the feasibility of this
If you never do this then I'm stumped
A brief tantalizing account of a scientist's
"Palingenesis...the re-individuality of an incinerated plant..."
it has to be achieved by dint of great effort and care
his acquaintance
that is having the appearance of moss, fern, or twigs
These things will be all out of wack
Whence came the metallic gold of our reefs and drifts
that's a very good pun
Queens are seated firmly upon their thrones
Yes I will read that book and continue to contemplate these matters
There are a lot of ambiguities in this recipe.
Paracelsus' recipe has quite a bit of notoriety.
I'm excited about the ears, anticipating the sound of the auric fields
I am also planning to omit antimony from it; except you can persuade me by some facts
He was reluctant to answer but when pressed he said
monk man living in religious community: a man who withdraws entirely or in part from society
and goes to live in a religious community to devote himself to prayer, solitude, and
The alchemist last time I heard, became a monk and a recluse.
swirl the water every day
Today when I went to dump it
How Wyrd indeed!!!
please use certain discretion when trying to hint towards this secret
Not allow the malicious and puffers confuse us and deceive us for their own benefit.
Peace and prosperity to all people of goodwill.
That's a very concise explanation of our work.
high temperatures may be eligible for the work
other type of circulation device is quite akin to multiple distillations
Only the native minerals and metals can be treated alchemically, if they have not felt the severity
of the gear fire.
but their nature is shrouded in mystery. The secret fire is totally obscured
worked and ready to commence
It's taken a while for me to understand what the alchemists were referring to when they
referenced the first matter
till satiated
It might be wondered why everything was good when it was created and yet not everything
remained good. The key lies within 'The Evil' or better said 'D evil'. Devil in reverse spells
'lived', the past tense of life. Those who thus desecrate their body which is the holy temple of
God, desecrate the Temple of Life (Islam offers good examples of the importance of keeping the
body pure, although being worth little nowadays due to being stripped out of their original
context). These are thus considered sinners and for this they are punished by being sent to hell
which is better known as death. Their death is the life of others who are offered a chance to do
what their predecessors could not do: acquire the knowledge to vanquish death and thus go to
This salt should function as an interesting hybridized magnet for the secret fire
I remain of the opinion that a different land of milk and honey is envisaged
there are wonderful things inherent in honey
From my perspective, you're exactly right in many of your assertions.
laying plates of copper upon husks of grapes
This device become clogged and need to thorough Cleaning & Constant Calibrations.
Sometimes our philosophical substances are often a conglomeration of various
it's not a degradation, but a philosophical graduation
The universal Medicine has become the inextinguishable Light; the light giving product of those
perpetual lamps, which certain authors have mentioned as having been found in some ancient
I'm leaning toward
ready to commence the alchemical work
Mars is thus an arbitrary name
the original Mercury is also often portrayed as a moon or Diana
Urine -- "Held in contempt by most people, but esteemed by the wise."
Phosphrus just thought that it gave you a good woosh when thrown on the fire.
In retrospect
Many definitions even contradicted one another.
Death is very likely in worst case scenarios.
but I've often contemplated carbon as a prima materia since all organic
Recent speculation suggests that the innermost part of the core is enriched
while this may not be exactly what they were alluding I still believe it's highly relevant.
You can find stainless steel bowls at a thrift store for a couple bucks.
This can also be manipulated through speed and time deviation.
It is a wonder that this thing is sought by many and found by but a few - this thing that is
everywhere and most do not know it. There is a reason for that - regardless of whether the
alchemists write cryptically or plainly.
photography would be an interesting avenue to pursue in order to take a snapshot of an object
it is something more substantial
we can all make erroneous claims like the earth is flat
We want to set a precedent to all the others
you start seeing all the internal strife and conflict
Nature must perpetuate itself and maintain its own survival.
It is one of the most potent thing
that stone didn't have any ingress just tinged the surface
I'm pleased to make your acquaintance.
it only asserts the fact that the human race often get distracted by that which glitters rather than
that which is useful
we have succumbed to a police-state mentality
I also think that all the elitist secrecy surrounding european alchemy has been a devestating
miscalculation and in any case it doesn't work in the information age.
We're still wasting time trying to decipher this damned stuff
This is just one chapter. I haven't had time to peruse others.
Very interesting perspectives about the works of nature, written in less archaic language.
I understand this may sound strange, and suspiciously convenient
I give no personal opinion - no negation and no endorsement either.
Reader's discernment required
Firstly, let me apologize because of my horrible English.
That's no problem at all, as long as content coherence is maintained.
In a factual, dogmatic, egotistical fashion rather than as a considered premise or belief open to
challenge and change
Do we need the internal fire/latent light
the crude materias fumes were liberated in the form of flowers
I realize that these are not the best of reasons for the discrepancy between the two books
the golden sparks emanate from the six pointed star
Fulcanelli continues with his admonishments and perhaps rightly so because the Short Way does
not appear to make the Universal Panacea
Using the clay from a gold mine. Also, red clay, iron oxide rich clay, signifies to prospectors that
gold should be close by.
Now, there's only need for an appropriate translation of the relevant passages
I want to pass the time in profound contemplation
I am not that eloquent in English
There you might find all facets of alchemy of a more scholarly way
Anyway, the implications are profound.
he tests subjects, or their photos, to evaluate their condition
Writing an essay on collage in Art I stumbled upon this
I beseech you to understand
hath been profaned; as it is written
The twins of Set-Isis, harlot and beast, are busy with that sodomitic and incestuous lust which is
the traditional formula for producing demi-gods, as in the cases of Mary and the Dove, Leda and
the Swan, etc. The card is XI, the number of Magick AVD: aleph "The Fool" impregnating the
woman according to the Word of yod, the Angel of the Lord! His sister has seduced her brother
Beast, shaming the Sun with her sin; she has mastered the Lion, and enchanted the Serpent.
Nature is outraged by Magick; man is bestialized and woman defiled. The conjunction produces
a monster; it affirms regression of types. Instead of a man-God conceived of the Spirit of God by
a virgin in innocence, we are asked to adore the bastard of a whore and a brute, begotten in
shamefullest sin and born in most blasphemous bliss."
I personally feel that I must do everything in my will to find a way to slay the ravages of time.
sometimes its obscure oracles demand deep knowledge of the Qabalah for interpretation
I felt I had little to contribute, but your generous sharing of experience and understanding has re-
enlivened my praxis after many years probing in the semi-dark.
destined by divine will
When the vapors rise into the cracks and crevices of the rocks
by the decree and ordinance of God
you should not devote yourself to the study of philosophy
as those intricate deceitful processes do
to use it with discretion
the revelations that God has encoded therein for the discernment of the lucky and studious
it is almost unanimously held in contempt by all the others
among miners iron pyrite and brassy marcasites are held in very high contempt even to this day
entities are likely to risk those mistakes
it appears to have been a valid assertion
I was a member that got banned for posting something 'off topic' which violated the forum
If the text is merely preposterous, no one is the worse off for having been momentarily
Members of this forum are welcome to point out any misstatements or incorrect premises
You shall then make the following invocation on the side where the sun
rises, prostrated upon the ground.
separate the wheat from the chaff
Well, I believe that Alchemy demands a certain degree of maturity and prudence.
his language is very deliberately abstruse in places
Don't interpret my posting it as an endorsement.
Such eminent arguments for debate!
This sort of behavior is not condoned on Alchemy Forums
.I am very lucky to speak and read German fluently
I'm perusing the forums
least ambiguity
latent & periphery
causing the rupture of egg
A simple manipulation which is repeated a great number of times on the same substance and
which provokes the appearence of unanticipated (unexpected) properties.
as it's use is merely to lend
he may well have been alchemically inclined
I've just studied. Like I said, it's unanimous.
Well it's up for debate
All their efforts to purify it, however, were doomed to failure
it was indispensable that it should itself be pure
they first sought a simple exaltation of imperfect metals into regal perfection
There are those who think that this Art was first discovered by Solomon, or rather imparted to
him by Divine Revelation. But though there is no reason for doubting that so wise and
profoundly learned a sovereign was acquainted with our Art
That could be highly plausible
for those poor souls missing out on this fascinating book because of its unavailability.
this book is filling and fluffy
but of course it contains also flaws and so forth
If one can accomplish this, I would venture that they would have no difficulties in
comprehending nature, alchemical texts or being fluent in the language of the birds.
He's a prolific author
seem to resonate very strongly inside
you have read pertaining to Alchemy
Sometimes other things must take precedence over alchemical studies...
It is one of my few flaws that I like to be clear and precise about everything
The extraordinary level of abstraction
a concise and elegant treatise on occultism
intervening media
it is a great allegory or fable which must give place to a grand morality
I can bearly wade through this
I really became intrigued with this stuff
People, would it be possible to convert your argument to that which I may fully comprehend?
I am slightly intrigued to see
God is omnipresent
I wanted a place where i can compile these under one heading
I'm contemplating it myself.
All the truth we've been yearning for.
Life is our saviour.
Maybe one day i'll join that Guild
If one's Spirit is not enticed, it simply is not ready.
as it challenge my previous notions of the Work as I interpreted it.
i already made small concessions to this plea
I have delved much more deeply into the alchemical texts
religious doctrine
pursuing the covert art of alchemy
the recurring part
which has definite correlations to the white stone
Forgive me for meddling,
Most people think it is inevitable
from a father to his son, from a master to his disciple, a teacher to student.
Calcination is usually a natural humbling process as we are gradually assaulted and overcome by
the trials and tribulations of life, though it can be a deliberate surrender of our inherent hubris
gained through a variety of spiritual disciplines that ignite the fire of introspection and self-
just trying to decipher these books and coded messages they contain
It was about this time [the 13th century] that the science fell into grave disrepute, for the
alchemist's claim to transmute metals offered great possibilities to any rogue with sufficient
plausibility and lack of scruple to exploit the credulity or greed of his fellow-men, and there
proved to be no lack either of charlatans or victims.
which, I also believe alludes to this notion
Congratulations! You freed the genie from 'the bottle' and you now, as a result, receive the
fulfillment infinite 'wishes'!
Wow. What I wrote above is really potent
She quickly became my lover, consort, and colleague
Sure there are woman striving and urging for 'Gold'
I might venture a guess
I'm really pondering this because relationships fascinate me
that one might have underlying
I'm getting more and more intrigued by the emotional logics
It's a good prose
I'd been contemplating
these are not my words, just some really inspired visions I read somewhere

by a tedious discourse to weary the reader

by which the tongue of the orator will be loosed


which will be a necessary consequence of the gratitude of my disciples

with their understanding comprehend

have declared to them the very truth without deceit and made them the heirs of a memorable

dung heap
how fortunate 'the present-day alchemistical aspirant is
Because in a homeopathic preparation you find hardly any chemical substance by analysis but
there is in it the inherent dynamics too subtle to detect by conventional means

These allegories were vague to purposely hide this sinister side of nature which many alchemists
failed to comprehend.

it yearns to be liberated
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.
You have to crawl before you can walk.
Rome wasn't built in a day, but look how much is left.
Yea were lovers, we snatch a kiss every chance we get.**soft womanly voice(OOHHhoooo)**.
And vise versa.
It's better to have had money and lost it than to never have had it at all.

V. vinifera is more susceptible to damage from winter conditions than is V. labrusca.

are considered too pronounced by some consumers. This flavour, especially prevalent in wines
made from the Concord-type varieties,
(mildly acid)
less mildew damage to grapes.
Pasteur also identified the bacteria that spoil wine and devised a heating method
disguised spoilage by adding such flavourers as honey, herbs, cheese, and salt water.
Stipulated the conditions of the purchase and sale of wines and described the punishment
inflicted on any wine merchant caught cheating a customer.
Karachi : Since the 1980s the city has been the site of violent eruptions between the rival
political, religious and ethnic groups.
Wood Buffalo National Park in north central Canada has one of the largest free-roaming herds of
bison in the world and provides nesting habitat for whooping cranes. expansive boreal wilderness
were additional factors that contributed to its selection as a World Heritage Site in 1983.
Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
chin a Chinese dynasty that ruled during the 3rd century bc.
above sea level; great stretches of barren lava beds; golden beaches rimmed by palm trees;
magnificent cliffs and brightly colored canyons; dense rain forests and arid thorny scrublands;
and a multi-hued patchwork of field and forest.
Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
a contrast reflected in its architecture
Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Colombia is the only country in South America with coasts on both the Caribbean Sea and the
Pacific Ocean.
Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Colombia has one of the most rigidly stratified class systems in Latin America.
Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Colombia has also been plagued by an illegal drug trade that flourished in the country as a
consequence of the growing demand for narcotics
Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
however, Colombia still experienced upheaval
when Soviet troops invaded the Czech capital to quell the reformist movement.
Into its trust they rightly pledge all nature.
uses his skill in speaking to conceal his true meaning.
for we must not pervert nature but imitate it accurately to the best of our abilities
Who will be another's servant for no wages? Will a lawyer plead without his fee? Neither is there
any injunction or law to command and oblige a Doctor to cure for nothing.
the enemy gets strength and makes use of their weapons to slay them
But this I don't at all deny
but has more of the attitude or stance of an overseer.
Alchemy is linked to salvation by another pillar in Bacon's intellectual structure: his medical
ideas on the elixir of life.
will grant me with their forgiveness
lispy & stummer
with the Christian mystery of the Resurrection. At the apex of the pediment above the sanctuary
Bloomfield's Blossoms
the knowledge of which ways hath not been despised by Chymists
You know who you are, and so does God....
and died of injuries sustained in an extravagant escape attempt.
There is little need to say in the first place, that the spiritual alchemists made no researches and
could have had no findings in the world of metals and minerals.
Well, I think it's because alchemy has been portrayed as the epitome of irrationality and a sort of
avaricious folly.
while by contrast we have night, darkness, clouds, rain, mist and smoke
His wooing of the Virgin Sophia did not play itself out only on the solitary, abstract stage of his
own mind.
I freely consent never to mount a wife
Crave wisdom of God, the sense to understand,
Else meddle not herewith, nor take it in hand.
For it will cost thee much wordly wealth;
But trust not to other, but do it thyself.
Learn, therefore, first to cleanse, purify and sublime,
To dissolve, congeal, distill and sometime
To conjoin and separate, and how to do all,
That when you think to rise, thou do not fall,
Trust to thyself and not to another;
I can say no more to thee if thou were my brother.
so I'm happy to take the opportunity to comment on this peculiar and elusive work.
The sacred consciousness that prevailed in antiquity is the key to unlocking our future.
Our Lord, divine fire, help our hearts, that we may be able, to your praise, to expand the
sacraments of the art, have mercy.
During his tenure as Provost, he continued to teach and write.
What may be said of such Beings?
His reading was extensive, and his memory extraordinarily tenacious of the slightest
Her walk was green, being furred with a fine, small grass which felt like plush, for it was very
soft, and pearled all the way with daisies and primrose.
The difference was in their interpretation; for example, craftsmen considered the alloying of gold
with copper as debasement of the precious metal, while alchemists interpreted the same process
as transmutation leading to increased amount of pure gold.
continues with the meeting of the King and Queen, first fully clad and later having relinquished
their garments
as a Bride adorned for her husband
lest I break my vow and oath
from thy slumber
It were worth the while to know the true reason
Principe wonders what else might be waiting for the right pair of eyes to turn it up. He is
tantalized by the thought
you will repent, and your repentance will never be of avail
'Clean up your work, get rid of the vestiges of Hermeticism and Alchemy, publish it as pure
theatrical managers steer clear of this classic work
Alchemy is so multifaceted that any definition restricts alchemy to a particular view or excludes
aspects that should come within the realm of the alchemical.
they did not rely merely on belief
To cleave to the course of usual conditioning is to be ensconced in the mundane which doesn't
know its own beauty.
The melancholy, introverted Moon Queen holds the reins to a great fish
there's always a handy counter worker to spew the most amazing nonsense about what each herb
is good for.

She could cause earthquakes by stamping her feet and volcanic eruptions and fiery devastations
by digging with the Pa'oe, her magic stick.

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. Albert Einstein

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.
You have to crawl before you can walk.
Rome wasn't built in a day, but look how much is left.
Yea were lovers, we snatch a kiss every chance we get.**soft womanly voice(OOHHhoooo)**.
And vise versa.
It's better to have had money and lost it than to never have had it at all.

when some one yelled at me.

I would like to dedicate it to all of you Seekers out there, in whatever Tradition that you may
alchemy describe as 'the mightiest secret that a man can possess'
A superb web-site devoted to the subject
this is a more difficult problem to reconcile.
We are moving into mysterious, and heretical, territory.
What must I do to get it?
Germain presented a lady of his acquaintance
When the lady summoned her servant next day
the servant would have answered her mistress with infantile screams
Only they with the ropes were in evil plight.
stammer guy
Anytime is a good time to hear your vioce sir.
I can,t help it.
Thus, to avoid wasted labor and tiresome mistakes, one either has to read the originals of the
Hermetic texts, or translations made by persons whose diligence is above question.
The list is incomplete in some places, and I will endeavour to update this when time permits.
herself acts and works in the mines and caverns of the earth
I solemnly promise
practitioners of alchemy
The idea of transmutation was correlated with the idea of a 'primary matter' from which all things
However, these were vague and not defined systematically. Interpreters were free to interpret
them to suit their own whims.
It is utterly unjust to confound it, as is generally done, with the gold-making of the sixteenth and
seventeenth centuries...
But it is precisely in this that we perceive the almost miraculous influence of the idea.
It is to be emphasised
the collection does not exist or is misspelled
They're shedding light on a time when science, religion, superstition and mysticism were all one
big gloppy mess.
In the 16th century, Alchemy was all the rage. But these days, only about 100 people in the world
study it and most of them are drinking coffee and nibbling on muffins in a small Philadelphia
conference room.
the brims of them were enclosed in pure gold
besides he left me a legacy of 600 golden ducatoons as an acknowledgement of my fidelity.
considering the strides science has made since then
he truly felt that he had made strides.
So the fact that Newton had been a serious student of this obsolete and idiotic field was really
Its time for you to go
i would love to go through it
amendments or additions to this listing
The redemptive process as a perfecting power
through the cathartic potential of suffering,
a state of harmony
portray them in images true to their nature
imagination is integral to the formation of the Philosophers' Stone
a work of reconciliation
so through the imagination the self assimilates the conceptual dualities of experience
"I shall learn poetry here . . . for the abstract endeavour of being able to add a mite to that mass
of beauty which is harvested from these grand materials by the finest spirits
The Romantic correlation between "beauty" and "harmony,"
which are conspicuous in Romantic poetry
In accordance with the principle of compensation
there is deep knowledge built into these edifices
Was it true that cinema was just too profane a medium to attract anyone with the caliber of mind
and spirit to do this kind of film?
It is directly intervening with our history.
extremely pertinent to the argument
It's light strikes the black monument for the first time
hangs together in a comprehensible narrative
on the one hand, giving up on it with a shrug, or, on the other, pursuing it under the assumption
the self, reveals it as a source of ambiguity and conflict
alchemy’s emphasis on the opus
“The elusive, deceptive, ever-changing content that possesses the patient like a demon now flits
about from patient to doctor and, as the third party in the alliance, continues its game, sometimes
impish and teasing, sometimes really diabolical”.
(Jung is always reminding us that the human mind is always implicated in the reality that
consciousness apprehends as independent of itself)
in which spirit must be redeemed from matter
which god has bestowed upon him
As he points out, one of the problems which has bedevilled
windy abstractions of theory can allow
alchemy is both linguistically precise and metaphorically rich
This image of the fountain has been described as containing in nuce the whole alchemical opus
I make no claim to exhausting the possible symbolic contents of such a fertile image
all-pervading essence
Finally, he provides the nourishment for the infant stone
dynamic energetic substance correlated with other aspects of energy composing the cosmos
He appears in the discriminating
all leading to the invulnerable conviction of the primacy of psychic reality as another world apart
form this world
This substance is then something which transforms the opposites, transcending their inevitable
pursue an analysis
a reintegration into the formlessness of pre-existence
then exert their compensatory effect
Alchemy is steeped in mysticism and mystery
to embalm the dead
but conceivably somehow related to alchemy
for on sublimation it dissociates into antagonistic corrosive materials
But the first ventures into natural philosophy, the beginnings of what is called the scientific view,
also preceded alchemy.
purely domestic affair
It emerged during a period of political turmoil
Its relationship to chemical practice is tenuous
through chemical manipulations.
to tabulate a series
Mercury, which was so vital to alchemy everywhere
became part of the Tantric rite
but not "resurrected
he is obsessed with "spirits
in deciphering
sworn enemy
Paracelsian pharmacy was to lead, by a devious path, to modern chemistry
it appears that innovation owed more to nascent medical chemistry than to alchemy.
Charlatanism was a prominent feature
monarchs as Rudolf
an eminent theologian who was permitted to study alchemy before it was condemned by the
To make matters worse, those who fully immerse themselves into alchemy can be driven insane
by it.
a dragon devouring a sun
Alchemy implemented Allegory
human pride and arrogance versus nature