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COACH Steps Summary

Part 1: Parent Interview

Introducing the Family Interview

Welcome the family, talk about the purpose, what curriculum will be discussed in the interview,
give them the estimated time sheet but explain that it is alright if they feel the need to go over time on
certain subjects, how this interview will be a key part in planning their child’s IEP, and explain that this is
a process so more reflection and decision making will come next.

1.1 Valued Life Outcomes

What does the family view as important? Where do they think their child is right now and where
they would like their child to be at the end of the year?
1.1.1 Safety and Health
1.1.2 A Home – Now and in the Future
1.1.3 Meaningful Relationships
1.1.4 Control Over Personal Choices
1.1.5 Meaningful Activities in Various and Valued Place
1.1.6 Rating Valued Life Outcomes of Concern This Year
Rate the importance of each comparatively.
1.2 Selecting Curriculum Areas to Explore During the Family Interview
There are nine curriculum areas in COACH, which four would they like to go in depth about today?
Which will be addressed later and what topics they would like to skip this year. Ask whether or not
they would like to answer questions about each of the topics, when they say yes, fill out the paper
that goes along with it. Communication Socialization Personal Management Recreation Access Academics Applied Academics School Community Vocational
1.3 Rating Learning Outcomes in Selected Curriculum Areas
For the four topics that the parent’s selected as a priority, we will fill out the sheet of paper with
learning outcomes, score the child, whether or not it needs work this year.
1.3.1 Area of Discussion 1
Fill out worksheet.
1.3.2 Area of Discussion 2
Fill out worksheet.
1.3.3 Area of Discussion 3
Fill out worksheet.
1.3.4 Area of Discussion 4
Fill out worksheet.
1.4 Prioritizing Learning Outcomes in Selected Curriculum Areas
Review the four filled out rating guides and for each one, have the family chose their top priority
when it comes to the learning outcomes. A maximum of four learning outcomes for each area.
1.4.1 Area of Discussion 1
Family chooses the four most important learning outcomes.
1.4.2 Area of Discussion 2
Family chooses the four most important learning outcomes.
1.4.3 Area of Discussion 3
Family chooses the four most important learning outcomes.
1.4.4 Area of Discussion 4
Family chooses the four most important learning outcomes.
1.5 Cross Prioritization
List all 16, if they chose four for each area, of the learning outcomes and talk with the parents about
which six they feel like we should intently focus on this year. Highly individualized, highly detailed.
Make sure to understand the intent of their selection. Reword the priority into a sentence and ask
the family if you are understand what they want correctly.

Part 2: Additional Learning Outcomes

The additional members of the team meet to discuss what was learned at the Family Interview.
Understand that although a lot is taken away from the family interview, not every aspect is addressed.
We have to insure that all standards are being discussed and ideas from educators are also heard.

2.1 Additional Learning Outcomes from COACH

2.2 Additional Learning Outcomes from General Education

Part 3: General Supports

Discusses what the student will need in order to reach these goals. Personal needs, physical needs,
teaching others about the student, sensory needs, providing access and opportunities.