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AMS Power & Industrial Engineering (Pvt) Ltd Lahore

14.5 MW COGEN Power Plant (HFO & Natural Gas Conversion Project)

Nishat Emporium Mall, Lahore

Surface Preparation & Painting Procedure

Equipment’s, Piping and Piping Supports

Revision Date Description Prepared Reviewed Approved

Mirza Awais M.Arman

00 04-12-2017 First Issue Tanveer Ali
Waseem Abbas

1. General
2. Scope
3. Reference codes & Standards
4. Responsibilities
4.1 Project Manager/Engineer
4.2 QA/QC Engineer
4.3 Painting/Coating Supervisor
5. Safety
6. Surface Preparation
6.1 Material
6.2 Equipment
6.3 Access
6.4 Pre-Start Inspection
6.5 Degreasing
6.5 Protection
7. Painting Application
7.1 Materials
7.2 Storage
7.3 Equipment
7.4 Environmental Conditions
7.5 Mixing
7.6 Primer Coat
7.7 Mid Coat
7.8 Finish Coat
7.9 Repair/Touch up
7.10 Inspection
7.11 Documentation
8. Proposed Paint Systems
1 General
This Specification gives requirements and recommendations for the external preparation and
Painting of all the Equipment’s, piping and piping supports work for (Natural Gas conversion

2 Scope
This procedure describes the minimum requirements for external surface preparation and painting
for the project.

3 Reference codes & Standards

SSPC-SP2 Steel Structure Painting Council Manual-Solvent Cleaning
SSPC-SP3 Steel Structure Painting Council Manual-Power Tool Cleaning
RAL Standard Colors

4 Responsibilities

4.1 Project Manager/Engineer

Project Manager/Engineer is responsible for planning and managing coating operations,
ensuring that procedures are adhered to and that coating personnel are familiar with procedures
and systems. Ensuring personnel are adequately trained and fully aware of any potential safety
hazards within the department.

4.2 QA/QC Engineer

QA/QC Engineer is responsible for controlling the quality of the work which includes but is not
restricted to, checking and recording environmental conditions before and during operations,
ensuring all appropriate clauses of the specification and manufacturers data sheets are complied
with and any deficiencies are immediately brought to the attention of the Project Manager or
responsible supervisor. Check all areas of the procedure have been completed. Carry out Stage
by stage inspection and testing.

4.3 Painting/Coating Supervisor

Painting Supervisor are responsible for controlling shop floor activities, monitoring paint
stocks, ensuring personnel are familiar with specifications and coating systems. Liaising with
QA/QC Engineer on all preparation and coating application activities.

5 Safety
Everyone working in site facilities will adhere to local and statutory regulations and company
HSE Manual. Paint manufacturers Safety Data Sheets will be available and instructions for
handling and storage will be followed. Fire extinguishers will be placed in accessible locations
close to the storage, application and mixing areas.
6 Surface Preparation
6.1 Material
For Equipment’s, Piping and Piping Supports Surface Preparation will carry out by Power
Tools/Manual Hand Tool.

6.2 Equipment
Power Tool: Grinder with Power Brush.
Hand Tool: Abrasive paper with abrasive paper holder and Wire brush etc.

6.3 Access
Wherever it is possible the scaffold will be erected so as not to impede or hinder access for
correct surface preparation and coating application.

6.4 Pre-Start Inspection

Prior to starting surface preparation all items will be checked for faults that could be deemed to
be detrimental to the paint coating i.e. rough welds, burrs, weld splatter, slag etc. Faults will be
rectified before surface preparation commences.

6.5 Degreasing
Any oil or grease will be removed by scraping off heavy deposits, brushing on degreaser or
emulsion cleaner followed by high-pressure fresh water washing. The use of solvents for
degreasing of large areas cannot be considered a safe practice however, solvent swabbing may
be considered for removing small spots of oil or grease.

6.6 Protection
Items attached to or in the vicinity of the surface to be painted, which do not require painting
will be protected during the whole operation i.e. finish coated items, flange faces, bearings,
nameplates, machined faces etc.

7 Painting Application
7.1 Materials
One manufacturer will supply all paint materials and thinners. Multiple coat systems will be of
a different color for each coat. Paint work shall be carried out in accordance with the procedure
established by this specification and by the paint manufacturer with particular attention to the
solvent, mixing operation, drying time before another coat may be applied and the tools
necessary for application.

7.2 Storage
All paint materials and thinners will be stored in the dry container, according to the
manufacturer’s recommendations and data sheets. Special attention will be paid to the safety
aspect of storing paints. The following will be monitored and recorded.

a) Shelf life.
b) Batch numbers.
c) Labeling of tins.
d) Condition of tins i.e. broken seals or damaged tins.
7.3 Equipment
BRUSH: Touch-up and spot priming only.
Roller: For all the equipment’s, piping & piping supports use a good quality synthetic roller.

7.4 Environmental Conditions

Application will not take place under the following conditions:

a) Rain, fog, mist, airborne dust or sand or moisture on the surface.

b) Steel temperature is within 5 deg C of the dew point.
c) Steel temperature is below 10 deg C
d) Steel temperature is above 50 deg C.
e) Relative humidity is greater than 80%.
7.5 Mixing
Paint will be checked before mixing for any deterioration during storage. Any doubts about the
integrity of the material will be brought to the attention of the manufacturer and advice will be
sought on the course of action. Thinning will only take place on the manufacturer’s
recommendation and to their specified maximum volume. Only a volume of paint, will be
mixed, that can be used within the pot life and paint that has exceeded the pot life will not be
used. Paint will be thoroughly mixed using mechanical power stirrers.

7.6 Primer Coat

Will be applied by experienced applicators within 4hrs of cessation of cleaning and before any
degradation of the surface preparation occurs. All painting will take place away from cleaning
operations to reduce the risk of airborne contamination.

7.7 Mid Coat

Will be applied by experienced applicators within the manufacturers recommended over coating
times. Each coat will be of a different color to the previous coat to identify the stage of the work
and aid the applicator.

7.8 Finish Coat

Will be applied by experienced applicators within the manufacturers recommended over coating
times. Attention will be paid to the opacity of the finish to ensure good finish and no grinning
through of previous coats.

7.9 Repair/Touch up
1. Before application of any coats, all damages shall be repaired.

2. Areas with inadequate coating thickness shall be thoroughly cleaned; abraded and
additional compatible coats shall be applied until they meet the required film thickness.
These additional coats shall blend with the final coating on adjoining areas.

3. Damaged area where steel surfaces are not exposed shall be washed with detergent /
fresh water solution to remove all contamination, then rinsed using clean fresh water
and is allowed to dry. The coating around the damaged area shall be chamfered to
ensure continuity; the applicable paint system shall then be applied.

4. Damaged area down to bare metal shall be surface prepared by re-prepared (depending
on area affected) or power tool cleaning to SSPC-SP 3 and coating shall be applied.

5. Surface preparation at defects or damaged areas shall be extended over the surrounding
sound coating for a minimum of 25mm on all sides and the edges shall be tapered.
7.10 Inspection
All inspection and testing will be carried out by qualified and experienced personnel.

7.11 Documentation
Painting Records will be made and all aspects of inspection and testing, as required by the
client, will be fully documented and recorded. The Painting Record will be filled in by the
QA/QC Engineer and presented to client’s representative for approval and signature where

8 Proposed Paint System