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Bretten Allen

Carson’s Instructional Program for Discrimination

Student: ______Carson Hoskins__________________________ Date: ___11/12/16_____________

Objective Reinforcement

Objective: When Carson has a set of written name Type:

cards placed in front of him, he will identify and Social praise – high fives
choose his own name from the group. Musical reward – “Star Spangled Banner”
Getting to participate in activities where the names
Functional Routine: The skill will be used of people in the group are listed on the board.
throughout the day, names written on the board
for assignments. However, will be practiced during Schedule of delivery:
1st, 4th, or 8th period when Bretten comes during After points to correct name = high fives; then after
the week. each period of class time that he completes 6 trials
= Star Spangled Banner; Over time = move towards
intrinsic goals of being able to participate more
fully in class.

Program Steps Error Correction

1) Jena, Kylie, Angela, David, Wilson, Hoskins, Stop:

Bretten, and Carson. “Hold on. Let’s look first.”
2) Random combination of names: 3, 4, 5, etc.
until Carson can distinguish his name from the Back-step:
entire group as a whole.
“That name is ____ (not Carson).”
3) Cindy, Coby, Courtney, Charlie, Cora, Connor,
Crystal, and Carson.
4) Random combination of names: 3, 4, 5, etc. Prompt:
until Carson can distinguish his name from the “We looked first, now tell me where your name is?
entire group as a whole. High five!”
5) Chris, Carla, Caleb, Christian, Caitlin, Clayton,
Cameron, Carlton, and Carson.
6) Random combination of names: 3, 4, 5, etc.
until Carson can distinguish his name from the
entire group as a whole.

Discrete Skill

Location/Setting Criteria for Moving to Next Step

Practice in the classroom. Successfully doing a step three consecutive times.

Materials Needed Prompt Strategy

A list of names ranging from very similar to very Least to most.

different. The student does not need hand over hand to
Bretten Allen
Printed and cut out name cards for all three groups point, he knows the individual letters of the
of names. alphabet, and knows that his name is Carson.
Finding his name is not an entirely new concept to
Direct verbal prompts and indirect verbal prompts
will be needed.

Instruction Generalization
Instruction/Cue: Stimulus Factors:

“Where is your name? Where is Carson?” Sees one of the blue folders that all of the students
have with his name on it.
Naturally occurring cue for the behavior: Sees a class assignment with his name on it.

The name cards laid out on the table. Response Factors:

Knows that the folder is his.

Knows that the assignment is his.

Student Response/Behavior Special Considerations

Carson will select his name correctly from a set of May need to review what letters are in his name if
cards. If the student can’t fully remember on his he is struggling at the beginning of the trial period;
own, he will make an attempt to point to a name long pauses, won’t reply to questions, won’t pay
card or ask for help. attention, etc.