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Bretten Allen

Carson’s Instructional Program for Motor

Student: ______Carson Hoskins__________________________ Date: ___11/15/16_____________

Objective Reinforcement
Objective: When Carson is presented with a cell Type:
phone, he will use a sheet of paper with his mom’s Social praise – high fives
name and phone number to correctly touch each Musical reward – “Star Spangled Banner”
number on the paper, then dial each number Getting to talk to people he cares about.
button accurately, and press the green call button
to call and talk to his mom. Schedule of delivery:
After each attempt (moving pointer finger towards
Functional Routine: The skill will be used paper and then towards the phone) at an
throughout the day. However, will be practiced individual numeral = high fives; then after each
during 1st, 4th, or 8th period when Bretten comes successful attempt at the whole task (moving
during the week. pointer finger towards paper and then towards the
phone for all numerals) = Star Spangled Banner;
Over time = move towards intrinsic motivator of
getting to talk to people he cares about.
Program Steps Error Correction

Total Task Stop:

1) Dial phone 3) Dial phone “Hold on. Let’s look first.”
number with number with
physical, verbal, gestural Back-step:
and gestural prompts.
“That isn’t the next number, what comes after
prompts. 4) Dial phone
number with no ____?”
2) Dial phone
number with prompts.
verbal and Prompt:
gestural “Show me how to dial your mom’s phone number.”
Location/Setting Criteria for Moving to Next Step

Classroom Successful completion of a step during 6

consecutive trials.

Materials Needed Prompt Strategy

Paper with Mom’s phone number. Most to Least prompting to learn chain without
Cell phone. errors.
Physical prompt (hand over hand). Verbal prompt
(“What button do we press now?”). Gestural
prompt (gesture to the paper first and then to the
telephone). Independent (no prompts).

Instruction Generalization
Instruction/Cue: Stimulus Factors:
A push button cell phone is available.
“Call your mom.” A desk phone is available.
Bretten Allen
A different telephone number is given.
Naturally occurring cue for the behavior:
Response Factors:
A cellphone is available.
Feeling as though he needs to speak with his mom. Dials phone number correctly and calls.

Student Response/Behavior Special Considerations

Follow each step correctly or at least make an Bretten will bring an old cell phone, if others do
attempt if can’t fully remember on his own. this, they will need to supply a phone.