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Bretten Allen

Carson’s Instructional Program for Behavioral Chain

Student: ______Carson Hoskins__________________________ Date: ___11/15/16_____________

Objective Reinforcement
Objective: IEP goals – “Carson will role play with Social praise – “Way to go!” “That’s right, good
familiar people (ie: peers, staff) situations he job!” “Thank you for pointing!”
might be in where he will need to advocate for self Tactile reward – Gets to hold his small Jazz
needs…” basketball
Getting to go where he wants to go.
When Carson hears the bell to go to his next class,
he will ask an aide or peer tutor to push his Schedule of delivery:
wheelchair and direct them through the hallways After each attempt = positive comments; then after
to find his next class (variable). each successful trial = tactile reward; Over time =
move towards intrinsic motivator of getting to go
Functional Routine: The skill will be used where he wants to go.
throughout the day. However, will be practiced
during 1st, 4th, or 8th period when Bretten comes
during the week.
Program Steps Error Correction
Select one:
Forward Chain Stop:
1) Acknowledge 5) Direct them to “Hold on. Let’s think about that.”
that the bell go left, right,
rings. or straight Back-step:
2) Ask for (with pointing “That won’t take us where we want to go. Which
somebody to or verbal) for
way should we go?”
push his each new
wheelchair. hallway they
3) Tell them which come across. Prompt:
class he is going 6) Step 4 will “You did great with the previous step! High five!
to. change Where do you go now?”
4) Direct them out depending on
of the classroom which class he
doorway. is going to.
7) Tell them when
they have
arrived at the
Location/Setting Criteria for Moving to Next Step

Hallways at school. Not applicable.

Materials Needed Prompt Strategy

Student. Least to most because he already has taken these

Individual to push wheelchair. paths to each class before.
Small picture class schedule. Gestural and then verbal prompts, if needed.
Schedule on the wall of his homeroom.
Instruction Generalization
Bretten Allen
Instruction/Cue: Stimulus Factors:
The class walks to the bus stop and/or the train
“How do we get to your class?” station when going on field trips.

Naturally occurring cue for the behavior: Response Factors:

Carson pointing out which way to go to get out of
The school bell signaling the change in class the school and then directing peers how to get to
periods. the bus stop or train station.

Student Response/Behavior Special Considerations

Follow each step correctly or ask for assistance Another individual does need to be present
from the peer/aide, if he cannot remember. throughout the process to push the wheelchair;
parents have deemed an electric wheelchair a
possible safety hazard