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aN ARC FIBREGLASS GRATINGS & STAIR TREADS ARC is an established name in composites and has been providing complete system of FRP gratings for walkways, platforms, stars, bridges, grids as tower packing supports, effluent trench cover, swimming pools & other allied usages of ‘moulded and pultruded type gratings, since a decade. ARC offers system flexibility to optimise cost. These are the ideal solution for corrosion problems faced in industrial environments. It forms the right replacement for steel or aluminium gratings used in highly corrosive atmosphere. The ARC gratings outlast stee! 20 to 1 times and itis a long term investment, where frequent grating and walkaway replacement costs are unacceptable, ‘There are 2 types of gratings; ‘Moulded Gratings & Treads Pultruded Gratings Pultruded and Moulded FRP Grating ‘Structure [Eccentric [Monolithic [Monolithic [Higher INormal [Corrosion Protection [Higher [Higher ‘Support Direction [Span Side Only [Both sides (Section Accuracy (Good [Normal Fire Retardency (Good (Good [UV Protection (Good (Good [Anti Skid Treatment [Possible [Possible [Scope of Construction Limited [Flexible [Glass Content [60% to 70% [40% to 50% Material Options ‘+ RESINS Resin Base | Resin Code Description ‘Application Orthophthalie ‘OP Moderate corrosion resistance and fire | This grating is recommended for use in Polyester Resin retardant, flame spread rating ASTM | water/wastewater or air-aging E84 Class 1, 25 or less. Operating _| applications, ight industrial temperature — 50°C - 70 °C, applications, and in the wave zone areas of offshore platforms where the environment is moderate. Although OP is the least chemical resistant resin, it still offers superior performance to traditional flooring products such as steel, aluminum and wood, and isthe ‘most economical resin available. Tsophthalic 1 Tndustrial grade corrosion resistance | This grating is recommended for use in Polyester Resin and fire retardant, flame spread environments of middle concentration rating ASTM E84 Class 1, 25 orless. | inorganic acid, inorganic alkali, etc. Operating temperature ~50°C - 105°C. Vinyl Ester Resin VE Superior corrosion resistance and fire | This grating is recommended for retardant, flame spread rating ASTM | use in environments with serious E84 Class 1, 25 or less. Operating | corrosion. temperature -50°C to 110°C. Phenolic resin PH Low smoke and superior fire ‘This grating is recommended resistance, flame spread rating for use in areas where fire ASTM E84 Class 1, 5 or less, smoke | resistance, low smoke, and low developed index 0. Operating toxie fumes are critical. temperature amounting to 180 °C. High flame HFVE | Superior corrosion resistance and "This grating is recommended for resistant vinyl ‘enhanced fire retardant, flame use in environments with serious ester spread rating ASTM E84 Class 1, corrosion requiring better flame 10 or less. Operating temperature resistance, =50°C - 110°C. + FIBREGLASS Ingredient Specification Property ‘Application E-glass 400TEX or Exeellent soaking ability | For environments requiring 4800TEX ensures solid combination | high strength and corrosion with resin, thus perfect resistance, physical property and anticorrosion property. * MOULDED GRATINGS & TREADS: ARC moulded fibreglass grating / tread is a strong mesh panel which is the chemical resistant flooring choice for many industrial applications. ‘The panels are moulded in one piece, which helps distribute the load to both bearing and cross bars. Continuous fiberglass roving ‘winding in altemating layers is thoroughly wetted with resi, ‘When the load is applied to the grating / tread bars, the weight is transferred to adjoining cross bars and bearing bars for even load distribution. ‘The cost-effective panels allow for efficient on-site cutting 10 minimize grating / tread waste and load bearing bars in both directions allow for use without continuous side support. ‘The ARC moulded fibreglass grating / tread is significantly lighter in weight than metallic gratings / treads and the high resin content provides long, virtually maintenance-free performance. A higher safety factor is achieved by designing higher glass content at the bottom of the grating / tread for greater tensile strength. ‘The moulded gratings / treads are © Corrosion Resistant Fire Retardant: available with Class I fire rating Bidirectional Load Bearing Electronically Transparent: does not affect electromagnetic or Radio wave frequency Lightweight Low in Conductivity Low in Maintenance Easy to Install Cost Effective Superior Ergonomics: gives comfort while walking or standing ‘The moulded gratings / treads are made up of fibreglass rovings combined with a choice of various thermosetting resins. All the resins contain a protective UV inhibitor. The gratings / treads have a concave profile on the upper surface, which is skid resistant. However, on request, additionally a slip resistant gritted top surface can also be provided. ‘The grating / tread shall be one-piece construction with the tops of the bearing bars and cross bars in the same plane, Avail ble in green, orange, yellow, black & grey colours. Accessories for Moulded Gratings & Treads a). Angle The ARCpultruded fibreglass Angle provides a strong, firm base for bearing bars. 1 Panel Installation ~ Typically all fasteners used, are Stainless Steel 316. The grating / tread fasteners have low profiles, which eliminates tripping hazards. We recommend using at least $ clips on a panel of size 1000 mm x 3000 ‘mm, Smaller panels must be secured with no fewer than 4 clips. seen ec T ‘Type J Clips For attaching grating tread to supports for moderate z Toads. ‘Type C Clips For joining two unsupported edges ifneeded. Available Moulded Grating Profiles ey r a A Pa