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Kinsight News

Autumn Equinox 2008

News and information from the Sun & Serpent

Maya Mysteries School
A Blend of Spiritual and Eco news from
The Lands of the Condor, Quetzal and Eagle

This edition of Kinsight is being prepared in the Northern hemisphere (we are located in
Spain), but a good number of our readers are in fact in the southern hemisphere where it is
the spring equinox.

Interestingly the website springs to mind, not only because the
website gives up to the minute social / political reportage on Latin American countries but
because it draws attention to the human assumption that the northern hemisphere is not on
top but just one part of Mother Earth.

This year the equinox point, mathematically occurs at 1540 on 22nd Sept, but day and night
are not equal in length at this time due to our elliptical orbit around Great Father Sun.

We add our voice to the worldwide call to focus your prayers and meditations on September
21st, United Nations Day for World Peace, in our desire for world peace. We can each
contribute by choosing to include peace in our meditation, thus projecting outwards,
thoughts into the collective consciousness of humanity to redouble the desire for an end to
wars and violence. We also invite you to choose that day to live peaceably within your self, as
well as with each person you meet. No angry words, no angry thoughts!, for they even
influence the chemistry in your body - blood and lymph liquids.( see Professor Emoto´s

We have a call from our dear sister Aluna Joy to join with

THE 14th Annual SOLAR WAVE

2008 ~ Phase Two
The Living Gaia Prayer Wheel Activation!
Equinox ~ September 22nd, 2008
1 to 3 PM your local time all across the Earth.
This is a Joyful Invitation to the Awakening Masses of Gaia
to come together in ONE UNIFIED HEART to
Activate our Planet as a LIVING GAIA PRAYER WHEEL!
We Invite all to join together with like-minded, heart-centered souls to
create an Unstoppable Tidal
Solar Wave of Light and Positive Mass Awareness,
to harmonize all discordant energy on Gaia,
and to initiate a spontaneous Awakening of Humanity!
With the Power and Light of the Creator
that is within each of us, we can usher in the age of
been prophesized by many ancient traditions. This will all occur during
the powerful window of unlimited opportunity at Equinox, and is
combined with the multiplying potential of 13:30 LOCAL SIDEREAL
TIME, and the grace filled rotation of the Earth as a living Prayer

Your help is needed

Please network this event!

Please send this invitation to all your relations everywhere.

Network the Solar Wave. Talk about the Solar Wave. Plan an event in
your living room, or fill a stadium! Remember we are only separated
by 6 degrees of separation. So if you send this to 6 people, we can
reach the entire conscious community of the planet! Or if you are a
hard core net worker, and want to leave no room for doubt, send this
to everyone you know, and let's get the entire world unified and
working together to reclaim paradise! Remember . . . when two or
more are gathered together in a common focus, the power to change
the world is multiplied a thousand times more than if one person was
doing it alone. Dream BIG!

Now we present you an exclusive interview with Patricia Mercier, author

of ‘The Maya End Times’ and the enigma of 2012.
Patricia Mercier, author of ‘The Maya End Times – a Spiritual Adventure’, published
by Watkins, UK./Sterling USA, was interviewed on 28th July 2008 by Alice Friend,
Medicine Woman and Peace Pipe Carrier.

Alice. You have written a number of books as well as this one. What I would
like to ask you please, is about yourself, your experiences in your personal life,
why you have written this book and how you have got to this point in your life
to share what you have done.
Patricia. Well, for this book The Maya End Times I was guided to collect
together a number of prophesies from the whole of the Americas, that´s the
North and South as well as Central America, because these prophecies have a
profound effect on the way we might choose to live our lives today.
A. And where exactly have these prophecies come from?
P. The ones that I focus upon are from the Maya people of Central America,
although, as I say others have come from the rest of the Americas. You see I
was invited in 1995 to undertake Solar Initiation with the Maya Elders and
wisdom teachers and they used crystal skulls in these initiations. These high
energy initiations opened something up in me that I could tell other people
about in my books.
A. Why did you get invited to these initiations? How did that happen for you?
P. Because I was traveling in those lands and met a number of elders and
decided to ask them if I could study further with them. Some of that
information went into my first Maya book called ‘Maya Shamans Travelers in
Time’. Now in this latest book, I was honoured to be able to include words by
Chief Sonne Reyna, who is a Sundance Peace Chief, Yaqui-Carrizo-Coahuilteka
Nations and Hunbatz Men a Maya elder of the Itza Maya tradition, who wrote
the foreword and preface respectively. Other respected teachers, who are
working in their own ways with many different Maya traditions, such as John
Major Jenkins, José Argüelles, Lionfire and Ariel Spilsbury also assisted me.

A. Tell me Patricia, how have these experiences and prophecies changed your
own personal life as we live it here in Spain, in England, in Europe, in the
western world? How have they changed your life?
P. I think the way they have changed it is to make me feel more present, to be
more in the moment because if we really do have only about 4 years left we
don’t want to go down that dangerous slope of ‘eat, drink and be merry for
tomorrow we die’, but we need to be fully present with the life we have now,
fully present within our hearts and minds and conveying this to as many people
as we meet.
A. What do you mean by saying that we have only got 4 years?
P. Well, because the Maya prophecies are linked into their count of time and
the end of the 13th Baktun, it has been calculated that Dec 21st 2012 is the end
of the end of the 13th Baktun and from that time onwards a new count of time
will start which is called the Fifth Age or Creation of the Maya.
A. Can you go into a little more detail about this please? How will this affect all
of us?
P. How it will affect all of us? I am not the one to say! Maybe it is the speakers
of the prophecies who could tell us more about that and you see that is why I
put the prophecies into the book but didn’t interpret them. I wanted the
prophecies to stand in their own right so that people could read them and try
to understand them their selves. As the Inca chasqui say, ‘I am only the
messenger.’ So as to what is going to happen well, lets wait and see.
A. Your book , which I read, and I loved, was interesting for this reason; you
see it took a little while for me to actually get into the book, then as I got drawn
into it more and more I felt it was seeping into me in an interesting way. You
drew the reader in as if it was a type of dreamtime space, as if the everyday
world was blocked out and I went into a space where I kind of knew, but
forgot that I knew, and I thought, were you doing this on purpose?
P. I was very much doing it on purpose and I am delighted that it has worked
in that way for you. I know that it has worked in that way for other people who
have read my book and have contacted me. It was written by me to be read and
understood on many levels, from the level of the prophecies themselves, as an
adventure story with the crystal skull, as a travel story touching on
environmental and social issues in the lands I went to, and to encapsulate the
teachings of those indigenous people and their ancient wisdom. But more than
that, it was written so that all these things together would collectively wake up
the person who was reading it. Wake them up to their own understanding of
these times, these potent times we are living in, for we are now undergoing a
profound spiritual revolution that has been happening since 1987 when the
Harmonic Convergence brought together many diverse groups of people for
the first time and the intensity of the global meditations raised the Schuman
resonance of the planet to an unprecedented level.
A. Do you think, from the knowledge you have gleaned and been taught from
your shamanic wisdom teachers, that this whole change in the world and the
environmental difficulties we are all going through is all a positive thing, is
meant to be, is part of something bigger, so that something can change, or is it
as everyone says ‘doom and gloom’ and all that kind of negative thing?
P. I am very much not into the doom and gloom prophecies and I see that
what is happening to us in the world now is a wake up call for all of humanity.
If we want to leave a good legacy for the future and our grandchildren we have
got to try to find a balance in the way we live. For example, not suddenly all
switching to trying to produce bio fuels at the expense of food crops, which is
having a really adverse affect on the planet at the moment. Things like that
which we can look at and improve upon, so we can learn from the wisdom of
the indigenous peoples who have been looking after and farming the land in a
sensitive way for millennia. If we can in some way meld their everyday and
cosmic wisdom with the inventions and mechanical minds of what we could
call the western/northern people, who for the last two thousand years have
been locked in a matrix of control leading to what I call cultural hypnosis, then
there is hope. It is my belief that eventually these two parts of the human
family will together find a way forward for the Earth herself to live in a much
more harmonious way and for us all to live on it in a much more harmonious
A. Wouldn’t you say that this has to do with motive? Some people’s motive is
sheer profit - and money. Other people’s motive is actually to live in harmony
with the world, so how do these two actually come together in a good way that
can really help all beings?
P. We can listen to the indigenous peoples of the Americas who say they want
to leave the world a better place for their children, their children’s children and
their children’s children’s children and seven generations into the future.

A. Wow. It certainly isn’t happening in certain parts of our society like that now
is it? What kind of place are we leaving our children in the West?
P. Of course we need the environmental lobby to bang the drum but I believe
we can all do our own little bit even within our own family or workplace. If our
own family lives in the right way then what we pass on to our children and our
children’s children will be good. In the workplace we can be examples of
environmental and ethical behavior that takes us towards an altruistic or heart-
centred mode rather than always being in a mechanical analytical mindset.
A. Can you tell me a little bit about some of the prophecies that might be
relevant for our readers at the moment?
P. Yes, there are a number of prophecies that I can quote to you, for example,
Don Alejandro, a Maya, whose spiritual name is Wandering Wolf is a very wise
man and head of the Priests and Elders of the Maya, Zincas and Garifunas of
Guatemala; he has even spoken to the United Nations and N.A.S.A. about
Maya cosmovision and the way that they count time. In 2004 he said…..
‘Everything has its time, everything has its end and there is a time for
everything. Now we are still in the Fourth Creation. Its ending is going to be
different to the ending of other Suns (or Creations), due to the contamination
and warming of the planet. Our mountains have little vegetation; it will make it
more difficult. So let’s see how the Creator is going to take care of his children.
Blessed be my children who listen to my messages that are from our Creator.
Blessed be you who are listening to these messages, as you are looking for the
divine laws and for what we can do when that End Day approaches. These
messages are not mine, they are from my ancestors.’
And then of course there is the famous speech of Chief Seattle, which was
prophetic in nature. This is part of what Chief Seattle said to a great gathering
of his people in 1854….. ‘Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the children of the
If men spit upon the ground, they spit upon themselves. This we know ~
The Earth does not belong to man; man belongs to the Earth. This we know.
All things are connected like the blood that unites one family.
All things are connected.
Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the children of the Earth.
Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the web he does to himself.’
A. You know I get a feeling, not just in my ears when I listen to this, but in the
‘ears of my heart’ when I hear this because somewhere deep inside my soul it is
familiar, but the way I have been educated and the way society is today, not
only says all this kind of thing is trivia, but it actually almost denounces it all.
P. Yes that’s right. But what we see around us with materialism isn’t actually the
real world. Let me explain how the Pueblo peoples, including the Hopi Nation
in the United States understand themselves in the bigger picture, as described
by historian John Upton Terrell. ‘They see themselves as being inextricably
woven into the natural scheme of the entire universe. They are not simply
pieces of bone and flesh. They are these things but they are also of the sands,
the winds, the stars, the plants and grasses, the thunder, lightning, Sun, Moon
and the seasons – everything that is born and lives and dies in the great cycle of
life.’ They are part of all this and so are we when we start to clear away the
clutter of our materialistic lives and live with a positive respect for Nature.
A. These teachings, Patricia, have been around for thousands of years and what
you have shared has been given by Christ even, and other great teachers,
talking about the oneness of all things and so now more than ever it seems very
important to understand this – that what we do to others we do to ourselves,
and what we do to a small part of the planet we do to the whole.
P. Yes, I agree with that Alice.
A. Now can you tell me anything more about your book, how important it is
for our times and how timely it is that it has come out now?
P. Well right now we have four years left until that end date of 2012, although I
have to say that the end date is not absolutely fixed in stone. The end date may
be a little flexible because, for example, the Maya Timekeepers who kept the
count of Ages had their timekeeping and their abilities to track time severely
disrupted by the conquistadors who ravaged their lands of Central America way
back in the 16th and 17th centuries, and they are recovering from that even now.
Present-day elders and teachers are picking up the threads of time and working
again with the traditional calendars and trying to make sense of that great
wisdom and legacy that was left to them by their ancestors. They all agree that
we are starting to get into these end times that are going to be critical. These
last four years in the 13th Baktun are really critical times. We know that many
things change and happen on a global level at the end of a Baktun. The Maya
say that the last thirteen years of this Baktun, which we are already into, are
decisive because they set the scene. Let me explain that they call it the ‘seating
years’ since what we do in this time period sets the scene or the picture for
what it is going to be happening in the future. We all contribute in this way to
the future. We can all help to envision the future. Envision it to be a positive
future, not a negative one.
A. Thank you Patricia, that’s very empowering.
I know that you live in Spain sometimes and it is interesting that you have just
been talking about the Conquistadors. Do you find it ironical that you live in
the very country that many hundreds of years ago actually tried to destroy the
very things you are talking about now?
P. Yes, its very interesting that I live here now, but this is the time of
reconciliation. Many races, who have historically been adversaries, are now
coming together and trying to live in a much more compatible way. So there
have been attempts over the years, I do know this, from the lands of Central
and South America and the lands of Spain to try for reconciliation. There has
also been reconciliation for example, with people’s families who historically
were involved in the slave trade in Britain, and other countries of Europe with
the black population of the United States, the Caribbean and Central America.
So NOW is the time when we need to clear out these old things that have been
holding us back from our true potential and once those things are cleared out
then possibly we will be able to go into the predicted new Golden Age.
And to just to comment again about living in Spain; it was for a very practical
reason that I came here, it was to learn Spanish so that when I went to travel in
Central America I would be able to communicate better with the people. And
that’s good, it has enabled me to understand a bit more about the Spanish mind
and how that works in relationship to the way my mind works and my
understandings of life, because each race and the influences brought about by
the Spirit of each Land is quite different to another. We also all have our
inherited patterns. Sometimes those patterns need to be looked at very closely,
put under a microscope, examined, and then decide if we want to keep parts of
that pattern or if we want to discard it.
I am looking at this moment at one of your paintings, Alice, it is of a spiral and
this reminds me to say that Time is a spiral, it is not a straight line. We are
coming around in a spiral of creation and re-creation all the time, so that with
patterns we created in the past, we can start to clear them and come into a
positive aspect of that spiral. Maybe we will meet them again, those same
problems, those same things, but we will be on another loop of the spiral when
that happens and we will have more understandings in our minds and the
minds of those people whom we come into contact with, whatever race they
A. You know you talk about reconciliation and I am a great believer in
forgiveness. I had a teacher who is not with us anymore in the physical world,
and he said the reason why we are here is to ‘Redeem our Ancestors’, and I
have never forgotten him saying that. Our Ancestors are not just those people
we are related to in our own bloodlines, the Ancestors are the very prophets,
the very people you are talking about in Guatemala, maybe even the aboriginal
First People in Australia, the Africans, the Native Americans, I mean these are
all our ancestors, so redeem them - to forgive, to help them to forgive. Surely
somewhere along the line, the very people that were destroyed by the Spanish
conquistadors are now incarnated in Spain itself.
P. That’s an interesting thought isn’t it. Reconciliation is needed on both
governmental and personal levels for these issues, as well as us forgiving
ourselves. And yes, even more, I absolutely agree that work in a shamanic sense
with the Ancestors is vital in these times to clear the timelines of negativity that
still hold people in these patterns, so that when we choose our futures the
timelines will be clear for us to go into. You see they way that the Maya explain
this is that Time is like a great woven mat upon which we sit. Behind us,
coming into us through our backs are the timeline threads from the past,
including all those things connected with our ancestors, both good and bad and
that means ancestors on all different levels, as you say. Then stretching out in
front of us are the timelines of the future and these give us many choices for
there isn’t just one timeline, but many timeline threads to choose from. We can
make conscious choices as to which time and which line we will take, and
which color and which flavor and which purpose we will take up in our futures.
And if we do that consciously, maybe there will be a new positive and evolved
golden future for us all.
A. At the end of the book you go back to Central America with your crystal
skull, go into a cave and something you said made a very deep impression on
me. You said its best to go to sleep during those predicted three days and three
nights of darkness. Usually in our everyday, or spiritual, world we are asked to
be woken up, but as we said earlier, this book takes you into a type of
Dreamtime place in yourself so you can understand things from a different
perspective in your mind, your brain and your heart. So I thought to myself,
well, it is a wonderful thing to give permission to hibernate, to go to sleep
consciously during that time of darkness and change.
P. Yes indeed, when we go to sleep we do consciously make a choice to tap
into our dreamtime, the dreamtime that is so special to us and of course with a
period of darkness like this being predicted, many people would go into fear.
As you know fear is used to manipulate and control people and fear is the one
thing that would stop us from reaching higher states of consciousness at this
time of transition through our dreamtime.
A. This is very important – what you say about fear. Because at this time
instead of being frightened of something we don’t really know, and because
this is what people do, they are frightened of the unknown, the empowering
alternative is that we can really go in to a type of abandonment to something
higher than ourselves for we know that we are loved from that place.
P. Yes, I see this as the next great adventure for humanity, the next step, the
one small step, taking us out into other dimensional worlds and other
understandings. Most importantly, as we live harmoniously on our own planet
we will grow, as humans we will change, for a new humanity is predicted to
start to flourish on the Earth. This is an evolution, but not in Darwinian terms,
of humanity from Homo Sapiens to ‘Homo Spiritus’.
Thank you Alice.
A. Thank you Patricia for your wisdom, your experience in life, your destiny,
and your destiny in what you are doing with the indigenous people of
Guatemala and Central America and how you are giving it out to us all in your
books. I hope that many, many people can read and remember and understand
what you are sharing. Thank you so much.
About the author: Patricia Mercier (spiritual name Alloa) is author of the recently
published 'The Maya End Times – A spiritual adventure', ‘Secretos de los chamanes
mayas’, ‘Maya Shamans Travelers in Time’, and books about the Chakras and healing
including, ‘The Chakra Bible’, ‘La Biblia de los Chakras’. Maya Elders and Shamans
gave her Solar Initiations in Mexico and she has traveled widely throughout their lands. She
co-founded the Sun & Serpent Maya Mysteries School and runs shamanic retreats in
southern Spain with Mikhail her husband as well as being available for workshops and
teachings internationally.
© Patricia Mercier, 2008. Patricia Mercier asserts her right to be identified as the author of
this written transcript of her interview.
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A participatory workshop with Mikhail Baker, Maya Solar Initiate, Co-director

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Alozaina, near Coin, Andalucia, Spain

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News items from the Lands of the Quetzal.


Guatemala City, Guatemala August 9, 2008

Speech by President Alvaro Colom Caballeros

Honorable representatives of the Council of Elders of Guatemala, Vice president of the Republic,
Ministers, Diplomatic Body, friends of the Republic that accompany us today. In this day, most
likely, not all of us who are here present in this plaza can comprehend the significance of this
event. Today I come dressed in Kashlan because I come from a Kashlan family, I didn't have the
honor to be born into an Indigenous village.

In June of 1994 I was honored and blessed by the Heart of the Heavens to meet Don Alejandro
Cirilo Perez Oxlaj. He has had the patience to teach me, to teach me those principles, the 20
days of the Mayan calendar, that ancestral wisdom. I continue to be his student. Because I was
not born into an Indigenous village, I didn't received the Mayan education from my birth, instead I
entered into it in my later years. I have had the honor to meet many of the Indigenous Elders that
are here today. We have shared many things together in these past 14 years. (The president
addresses some Elders here and mentions specific memorable incidents he had with them in
places like Iximche, Peten, etc.)

It is this connection with them, this walking at their side, learning from them, this is what has
transformed my life. It transformed it so much that it has made me the President now.

Today I can say this, in 1999 (referring to his running for the presidency for the first time)
Grandfather Alejandro Cirilo told me: Go ahead, try it, learn thru breaking your teeth against
those political parties, but you will not win. In 2003, running for the second time, I still was short
by a few months of being 52 years of age, In the Indigenous tradition, if you are not 52 you are
not ready, and you should not be governing your pueblos, not until you reach the age.

Today we respect the way, the traditions, the wishes and desires and the visions of Don
Alejandro to do this event like he wanted it to be. Today is a moment for all of us; and especially
for the media today I am going to transmit a clear message: The cosmovision of the Mayas is not
by the number of Indigenous ministries. The cosmovision of the Mayas is not how many folkloric
acts the government presents. The Maya Cosmovision is lived, every minute and every day,
under the 20 basic principles of life. You live life with a profound respect under a system of
consensus and councils.

I have decided to govern for the Indigenous pueblos and villages; it is there where in reality the
Maya cosmovision is consolidated. That communitarian solidarity, that solidarity with the
mountains, that solidarity that allows for each village, each municipality to have their own council
of elders. The National Council of Elders has existed among them for thousands of years. I had
my first encounter with them on June 9, 1994; at that time they were able to gather 372 elders,
and in 1995 we were able to bring about a historical gathering that was held in Huehuetenango,
there were 440 elders gathered together. At my Presidential Inauguration, the National Council of
Elders was invited, for the first time, to participate in a presidential inauguration.

I come as Kashlan because I come from a Kashlan family. One day, teasingly, I said to the
Maestro (Don Alejandro Cirilo): "Look, whenever I am with you, I steal a piece of your culture".
Today Don Alejandro not only has an inauguration ceremony, he will continue like we all have
known him, this Wandering Wolf. He who has wandered to many countries, has been the
messenger of the Mayan Elders. Today he simply has an official title. But what I can assure you
of, Don Alejandro, my maestro, is that you have a commitment from me, that these paths that we
have walked together and thousands of paths that you have walked with many friends that I see
here today, like Rolando, forever with his cameras, so many years to now. Today is the time of
Pullchij, today is the time of Kayub, today is the time for Tikal, Waxactun, El Mirador. Today is the
time for Nimajay! Today is the time for you! Let us take advantage of this.

I also want to share that on Monday we will recognize the new council of FODIGUA, a Foundation
for the Development of Indigenous Programs, a foundation that was created in 1995 by many of
us who are here present, but that throughout the pass of the years its objectives and original
intentions were changed. Now we are going to have a foundation dedicated to the Indigenous
issues, a foundation dedicated to the preservation of the cultures, the preservation of the
languages, and the establishment of the "Casas Grandes" (Nimajay, the house of knowledge), for
the guarding and preservation of the knowledge and wisdom of the Elders, a foundation that will,
in reality, support the Council of Elders and execute their visions, their prophecies, and the love
for their people.

I know why we took a long time to celebrate this inauguration ceremony, it is because the
Indigenous people don't speed things up, nor obstruct them either. They consult first and go from

My Maestro, today is the day of the Big Melodies, the day of the Short Melodies. May the Heart of
the Heaven illuminate you and that you may always have the wisdom and strength to present
yourself to your Indigenous communities as beautifully and with dignity as you have always done
it in your travels around the world. May the Heart of the Heavens continue to guide you,
Grandfather Cirilo. It has been a great honor as President to incorporate you into my Colom
team. Today I have a gift for you, master, it is not a physical gift but yesterday I was in El
Mirador, less than 72 hours ago they discovered a new area there. There are some sculptures,
Master of extraordinary beauty!

There is Jun Junajpu carrying the head of Junajpu and, or Ixbalanque. That was just less than 72
hours ago. I believe this to be a message, because today is 8 Kan in the Mayan calendar, and the
Mirador was the Kan Empire. So, for this to be discovered yesterday and today being the
Maestro's inauguration ceremony, this is great, and a great inheritance. This is an important piece
of the culture. This is not of the past, this is of the present. Some day, Grandfather Cirilo, we will
understand how the Mayas would come and go and keep their permanent presence in these
marvelous lands of God. Welcome to our working team, Maestro, knowing that we will always
treat you with respect, with admiration, and with a profound admiration to the Council of Elders.

Truthfully I do believe this is a great day of festivities for the Maestro and his family, I saw his
daughter Suli and Elizabeth, thank you for providing solidarity. And now my Master, go on and
continue traveling the world in benefit of the Pueblos Mayas, Xinca and Garifuna as you have
always done it. Thank you very much.

Grandfather, Ambassador Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj speaks:

Your excellency, Mr President of the Republic, your excellency, Mr Vice-President, honorable
First Lady, you are not here today, but likewise thru the media greetings from my people.
Distinguished Ministers of the Catholic and Evangelical Churches, because for us you all are our
brothers and sisters and as such we must walk together in search for peace. Honorable Ministers
of State, Honorable Military and Diplomatic Body, Consuls and Ambassadors of different
countries that are here present. Honorable Mayors of all Indigenous communities, you who have
preserved our culture and ancestral traditions.

First and foremost thanks to our Creator for keeping our culture alive, for the creation and revival
of Nimajay, la Casa Grande, the home of wisdom; the home from where all of our great people
have come from, like my ancestors. It is from here that our greatest astronomers, greatest
archeologists, greatest astrologists have come from; those who traveled in their space ships
reaching the stars and nowadays we find their work in our observatory centers; like our President
just announced, they recorded their findings and left them engraved in stone for us, now we find
them in the great ancient cities; for us they are our writings, our school, they are not for
entertainment. Here we learn how to live in peace, and also know why and for what are we here.
So, today, in this moment I will mention the names of some of the greatest elders who are now
part of our history. They were great authorities who gave their lives for their country, for their
children, for their people, for their culture. (Grand Father names many of those Indigenous
heroes from Guatemala and from other parts of the continent). They were killed in different ways,
mutilated, decapitated, hanged, and in many other horrible ways. But they left us their great
teachings that are still alive today. It is for that that we are here today.

This assignment that I have received today is a load that has come to me. This is a load of
responsibilities. In the Maya tradition this are the carriers of time, (Los Cargadores del Tiempo). I
want to tell to all my con-nationals and members of different organizations, I have not invited you
before because I was not an authority. Now, today, I tell you: Come! let us unite!, let us come
together all into council, without distinction of color or creed. Let us do something for our
Guatemala. All of you, welcome!. With the strength of all of us together lets do something for our
Guatemala. We can not blame the President. One person can not attend to everything. That is
why this Institution for the Indigenous Pueblos has been created.

This Institution is not for competition with any one; on the contrary, it gives relief to the Ministries
of State, because we the Indigenous people will always move under the laws of our culture, we
will always have our traditions, we will always have respect in the way we know it. And we know
how the world is, how our life is. For example like with my brothers from the area Mam and the
area Canjobal, we know how they have been treated. For example they have their names
differently than ours, so when they want to register the names of their children they are rejected
and they are treated badly. I ask of you, Ministers of State, let's forget about racism, let's walk
together, we are beings of equal value.

To the people: I am at your service. I don't have one day of school, even less college or
university, but that is not that important; the Mayan life is different. Only remember that my
ancestors, those great beings, those discoverers of time, they never had knowledge of an
occidental education, yet today you can still see the marvels that even in present time continue to
be exploited by the department of tourism. It is in the path of our Ancestors that we are walking. I
am following the steps of my Ancestors, without violence, without hatred, without intrigue because
the Mayas know that valiant men deal with dialogue, while the cowards with their weapons.

What we need now, without distinction of race, color or creed, is to understand that we are all
humans and we have the same necessities; your hunger, your sadness, your pain, your
loneliness, we have it too. Many of our brothers have things in excess, they are accumulating
money in foreign banks that has been received in the name of the Mayan Pueblos. Now is my
turn to be in the front, I ask you before God and our Mother Nature, Honorable Ambassadors of
International Countries, help us, give us a hand so that we can get going and be able to
accomplish our goals, those goals that we are here to do. Our previous government officials have
only used us to ask for money in our behalf, have received money in the name of the Mayan
pueblos, but that money has remained on paper and finally having another destiny. Now, I ask of
you honorable Diplomats, do something for us, and you will see that everything that we receive
will be invested in those things that the people so much need.
The work that we are to do now is no more than a support for the government, it is like putting an
additional arm in the President, because we know how far we are going to walk. The story of the
past, has been that where a vehicle was able to reach, that was as far as they were willing to
travel, and those who live beyond that point, they were left abandoned. This is the image that still
remains. We have walked with our elders and we have traveled to those furthest distances and I
know for a fact that it has been done without any financial help.

Many thanks for your attention. With due respect I ask of you, Honorable President, and I hope I
don't offend you, but what I stand for today is not to be a worker of yours, rather I am to be a
worker for the Mayan, Xinca and Garifuna Pueblos. !Arriba Guatemala!!!

News items from the Lands of the Condor.

Environmental support - we ask for your help by participating in International Rivers' call to support the people of the Amazon's Xingu Basin in their
efforts to stop the building a series of environmentally destructive dams.
Take action to protect the rivers of the Amazon and to stand in solidarity with the people
who depend on them.

Xingu again!
'Lost towns' discovered in Amazon
The Upper Xingu, in west Brazil, was once thought to be virgin forest, but in fact shows
traces of extensive human activity.
Researchers found evidence of a grid-like pattern of settlements connected by road networks
and arranged around large central plazas.
The ancient urban communities date back to before the first Europeans set foot in the
Upper Xingu region of the Brazilian Amazon in the 15th Century.
Each community had an identical road, always pointing north-east to south-west, which
were connected to a central plaza.

The roads were always oriented this way in keeping with the mid-year summer solstice.
Evidence was found of dams and artificial ponds - thought to have been used for fish
farming - as well as open areas and large compost heaps.
The people who once lived in the settlements are thought to have been wiped out by
European colonists and the diseases they brought with them.

Indigenous Indian Land Rights in Peru

Under Peruvian Land Rights decrees, a legal mechanism created in the 1990s, indigenous
communities were allowed to sell or lease collectively-owned land to third parties if
approved by two-thirds of the members of a community assembly. It was modified by
presidential decree to permit sales with the votes of just 50 percent plus one of the assembly

The government’s "arrogant attitude" fuelled the indigenous protests held in different parts
of the country’s Amazon jungle region from Aug. 9-20 this year, where they occupied energy
industry installations and took police officers hostage.

2300 year old astronomical observatory discovered in Peru.

Archeologists from Yale University and the University of Leicester discovered that a line of
2,300-year-old stone towers at Chankillo, in Peru, form the (so far) oldest known solar
observatory in the Americas.
Iván Ghezzi of Peru's National Institute of Culture and Clive Ruggles of the University of
Leicester reported in an article in the March issue of Science that the arc of the so called 13
Towers of Chankillo, built by a still unknown culture, corresponds to the rising and setting
sun's range of movement over a year.
(Thirteen towers suggests a much deeper significance – Mikhail)
New Paraguay President.
Paraguay's new president, 57-year-old Fernando Lugo, is unusual in all sorts of ways: he is
the first former bishop to become a president in Latin America.
In an unprecedented move, Pope Benedict XVI personally agreed to his resignation as
Fernando Lugo has promised to tackle corruption. He won elections in April this year as
head of the Patriotic Alliance for Change (APC), bringing an end to 61 years of rule by the
right-wing Colorado Party.
For his inauguration ceremony, Mr Lugo said he would wear a new pair of sandals - a
symbol of his relaxed style and commitment to the poor. But his simple footwear is in sharp
contrast to the complex and monumental task of bringing change to a country weighed
down by decades of corruption, poverty and inequality.
Lugo summed up the sentiments of his supporters: "I refuse to live in a country where some
can't sleep because of fear and others can't sleep because they're hungry."
He needs our prayers and support, for he has already had to deal with one attempted coup

Bolivian President Evo Morales has called a referendum for December 7 to rewrite the
constitution, sharpening a political struggle with rebel governors opposed to his sweeping
socialist reforms.
"This is a historic day," he said late Thursday, announcing from his presidential palace in La
Paz a decree setting up the plebiscite. "This is to deepen democracy."
Bolivia was once described as a pauper sitting on a throne of gold

Regional authorities in the eastern state of Santa Cruz heads the rebel governors ranged
against President Morales who became the first indigenous leader of Bolivia in 2006.
Governors from five of the country's nine states are blocking his attempts to redistribute
more land and national wealth to the indigenous majority. The states of Santa Cruz, Beni,
Tarija and Chuquisaca all have populations of mostly European descent.

Brazilian Government and High Court facing tough decisions on

indigenous land rights
Brazil's Supreme Court has begun considering the future of one of the country's biggest
indigenous reserves.
The judges will decide whether the Raposa Serra do Sol reservation should remain a single
unbroken territory.
Indian leaders believe the case will set a crucial precedent regarding the protection of their
rights and land.

Indigenous groups arrived in the capital, Brasilia, to make their voices heard, staging a
traditional protest just across the road from where the Supreme Court judges will reach their

The Indian reservation known as Raposa Serra do Sol is home to 19,000 people and was
given official status in 2005.
Indian leaders want the court to confirm that the reservation, which stretches over 1.7m
hectares (4.2m acres), should be preserved as a single unbroken territory.
They say if the court decides against them it will send a signal to land grabbers, prospectors
and loggers that it would be acceptable to invade indigenous territory.
However, about 200 non-indigenous farmers who live and work in the area say if the court
upholds the reservation's status they will be forced to leave, harming Roraima's economy.
Non-indigenous farmers are demanding the right to remain in the area and say that if they
are evicted it will harm the region's economic development.

The issue has been the subject of growing tension and conflict between the two sides.

Julio Macuxi, an Indian leader who has come to Brasilia for the decision, expressed
optimism about the decision.
"The communities are very hopeful - that is our expectation," he said.
"We are gathering not in a sense of celebrating but as a way of saying that from today
we will be building our peace and we will have our dignity and our happiness which
is what I believe the Supreme Court above all cares about - the peace and happiness
of the community which they haven't had for a long time, because there are still
invasions of our land."

There is only one issue on which all sides in this argument are agreed, and that is over the
importance of this judgment and its longer-term implications.

Lol Be -The Path of Flowers.

Itza Maya Elder Hunbatzmen acquired land and a house with the intention of providing a
centre for his Mysteries School. It is a short distance from Merida City in the Yucatan.
We have just heard from our old friends Star Johnson-Moser & husband Rob that they have
moved from the U.S.A to Mexico to be with Mayan Elder & Daykeeper Hunbatz at Lol Be.
Please bookmark their website for events and information.
Schools for Chiapas.

As well growing & distributing G.M. free corn seed, Schools for Chiapas now
have another project underway - planting and growing on young Neem trees.
Apart from the oil, Neem is a sustainable forest product, anti bacterial, anti
fungal, providing animal feed, lubricant and insect repellant.
Schools for Chiapas need support because Mexican para militaries regularly
hassle the local population in this Chiapas region of Mexico.

As a grassroots organization, not only do they provide opportunities for work

and study in Chiapas, but they are also seeking support for the local
indigenous population.
For example:-
$10.00 puts a dictionary AND a songbook in a classroom.
$25.00 grows 10 fruit & rainforest trees in a nursery
$35.00 buys seeds & tools for a school garden.
$60.00 test 48 corn plants for GMO contaminations.
$100.00 installs one blackboard. $5 more buys chalk.
$120.00 ($10/mo) basic supplies in one classroom.
$360.00 ($30/mo) trains a women's health promoter
$600.00 ($50/mo) supports a Mayan teacher.


News Items from the Lands of the Eagle.

The Havasupai
Havasupai Indian Elders who are keepers of the Blue Green waters in the
Grand Canyon were forced to removed themselves for a few days whilst
Mother Earth carried out a thorough cleansing of the waters.
About 300 other people including tourists were evacuated as 4 inches of rain
dropped from the sky. The tribe accepts this recurring event as a part of life for
them and just set about rebuilding after the storm´.

Navajo Nation
President Joe Shirley Jr. received the highest honor in all of Indian Country.
Chief Arnold Big Plume and the Seven Chiefs of Canada transferred rights to
possess, wear and dance with the chief's bonnet both in and out of the arena.
Shirley was blessed with the rights of the bonnet for Strength in Leadership,
Speech, Thought, Sight, and Ability to carry forth the task of a true Native
American leader.

End of 2008 Autumn edition of Kinsight

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