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Today, our economy is very consumer-centric. Consumers are quality conscious, selective, less brand
loyal than ever before, hard to please, and highly savvy. The public and the media are usually cynical
and have caused companies to lose their reputation based on issues and perceptions of characters.

Corporate Social Responsibility is the best solution to this uncontrollable changing global environment
that will answer for the transparency issues and community outreach activities, including all
customers touch points. This CSR program for winters is designed to meet the needs and goals of NBP
and will attract customer attention and help NBP improve its reputation amongst competition.

This proposal will demonstrate how NBP will improve brand loyalty, public perception, and bottom
line. At the same time, it will cater to the basic need of the underprivileged in winters 2017-2018.

As winter hits Karachi we can see a lot of underprivilege people without warm clothes. National bank
of Pakistan will distribute basic winter kits that will help them in winters.

The following are the project objective
- To improve NBPs reputation as a CSR driven corporation.
- Provide basic winter kits to the underprivileged through CSR activity

This project will be implemented in phases:

NBP will install collection depots at all NBP branches and second-hand clothes will be collected. Once
the collection date is over they will be washed and packed.

The packing will be done by volunteers for National Bank of Pakistan. And will be delivered to
distribution site. NBP will also involve its employees to pack the kits to promote the spirit of giving.

KIT Contents:
The kit will include sweaters, a blanket, warm socks, woollen cap. The kit will also include
moisturizing lotion and soap.

The lotions and soaps will be provided by UNILEVER/Proctor and Gamble through CSR activity.

Kit of various sizes will be packed and will be given to the beneficiaries according to their age and
Beneficiaries: The target beneficiaries are women and children. Children especially under the
age of 6.

National Bank of Pakistan will collaborate with AAB- the need of life to distribute the winter kits.
AAB – the need of life will chalk out the beneficiaries and arrange the area in their office to
distribute the kits.

AAB – the need of life has been providing quality education, health and human rights awareness
services in Karachi slum areas. NBP has worked with AAB in the past for different programs and will
continue to collaborate to improve living standers of the underprivileged.