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Project-Based Learning UNIT PLAN

*This is a general PBL planning sheet. Adapt the boxes to fit your specific project!

Name: The Great Gingerbread Man Boat Race

Grade Level: Kindergarten
Subject: STEM, SCI, LA


Students will act as boat designers and build a boat to carry the Gingerbread Man across the river to safety.


Science: Student will demonstrate an understanding of scientific reasoning, logic, and the nature of science by planning and
conducting investigations in which basic characteristics of properties of objects are identified.

POG 21st Century Skills (Growth Mindset)

Language Arts- Listens and speaks for specific purpose, Planning, Drafting, Editing, Revising


How can you, as a part of a design team, create a boat that can carry the Gingerbread man across the river safely?


Which will be focused on? How will they be grouped?

Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking Teacher will pick groups of 3-4 students based on student input
and knowledge of skill level.

What roles will students have in groups?

What strategies will you use to explicitly model and assess
them? Every student will work on the planning, design and building
process. 1-4 student(s) will present final product.
Observation and teacher notes of group work participation
How will you have collaboration if it is not a group project?
Class brainstorm of ideas and materials to be successful
What special supplies will be needed?
What will excite students and introduce the project?
Students will be shown a video of the “gingerbread man” Collect recyclables the week before (tissue boxes, cereal boxes, paper
running away from his captors and reaching a river. At the towel roles, water bottles. Materials will be based on student input
from brainstorm session.
end of the video the “gingerbread man” will ask the
students for help with designing something to help him get What technology will be needed?
across the river.
iPads if necessary for filming presentation.

What storage needs do you have?


How many sessions will the project take to complete?

2 week timeline including preliminary sink/float science lessons, brainstorming session, planning, building and final authentic presentation

Day 1: April 20th Sink and Float Science Lesson

Day 2: April 21st Entry Event and Need to Know
Day 3: Boat Research (complete KWL- fill in the L)
Day 4: Individual Plans and Group Request
Day 5: Group Planning Session
Day 6-9: Testing actual boat building materials and building boats, revision and reflection on initial design ideas
Day 10: May 5th Presentation to Community and Final Test

What do you have to do before to make this fit into your class time?


How will students share?

Students will create filmed, in-person, or print “ad” to sell their idea to the Gingerbread Man

Who will students present to (real-world connection)?

Parents, Teachers and Administration

“Gingerbread Man” will be projected on the screen asking students to show him what they came up with

What do you have to schedule in advance?


What will other students do during presentations?

Think about “I like, I wonders” for other groups to share after presentation